Which class is the best?

  1. Out of all of them, including the ones you get from quests, which is over all best? I play in a party of 1, and right now I'm a lv. 40 martial artist, but I use a sword and shield becuase I got 100 skill points on them so now any class can use them. I like this a lot, but I'm wondering if it's worth completly switching to another class. Help me out here.

    P.S. The only extra classes I have are paladin and armamentalist; if you suggest a class that I don't have, please explain how to get it. Also, in case it helps, I am about lv. 30 as a warrior, 30 as a minstrel, 20 as a mage, 20 as a thief, 1 as a priest, 15 as a paladin, and 20 as a armamentailst.

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    zackbonder - 11 years ago

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  1. Paladin is a great class for solo as you can heal yourself, of course you might want to increase thief and martial artist so you can have some agility as paladins are slow buggers. Also leveling up cleric and mage to get magic boosts helps as you'll have low mana, and it'll help protect you against magic, as a paladin with good gear though you should be all but immune to physical attacks and if you wear sacred armor or use a miracle sword you can keep your hp up without trying.

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    Shaddowval (Expert) - 11 years ago 6   1


  1. Personally, I prefer a gladiator, though I still use a 4-person party for the Co-op de Graces and to avoid 15-minute long battles due to Confusion/Paralysis Fuddle-lock. If you want to solo as paladin, I agree for the most part with Shaddow about the way to go with them; however, consider spending some time in gladiator, mage, and ranger/sage/luminary.

    At Guts lv. 22, Gladiators learn Double Up, a 0-MP skill which sharply boosts attack power (like casting Oomph) at the cost of slightly decreasing defense (like a single dose of Sap); the defensive drop can be countered by casting Buff, either before Double Up or after. Guts Lv. 55 grants a permant strength boost of 30, and Double-Edged Slash (Guts Lv. 42; Deals heavy damage to an enemy, but also damages the user) and Blind Man's Biff (Guts Lv. 68; looks cool and delivers a lot of damage, but still unsure of the specifics) make great all-or-nothing attacks.

    At Spellcraft Lv. 46, Mages learn the Focus Pocus ability, which acts as an MP-Regen for seven turns, restoring 3 MP each time. This skill can cut down quite a bit on Magic Water/Sage's Elixir/Elfin Elixir costs, at least until the higher levels where the Paladin's MP pool begins growing faster.

    Rangers, Sages, and Luminaries/Superstars can all access Boomerangs, which, except for the ultimate skill Gigathrow, and Firebird Throw (Boomerang Lv. 58; Randomly attacks a number of enemies multiple times), hit all enemies on the field (instead of just the group, like whips), with slightly decreasing damage (the leftmost enemy receives the most damage, while the second receives a bit less; the third down the line receives a bit less than the second enemy, and so on). Crosscutter Throw (Boomerang Lv. 3) hits the first enemy a second time after hitting the others first. Power Throw (Lv. 7) removes the decreasing damage amounts that the boomerang has, hitting all enemies for roughly the same damage. Ooze Bruiser (Lv. 22, deals more damage to slime-type enemies) and Firebird Throw I don't much bother with, and Metalicker (Lv. 88) is like spending a few MP to hit all enemies with Metal Slash (I've also never seen it do 1 point of damage; it always seems to do 2 points). Starburst Throw (Boomerang Lv. 42; Showers all enemies with burning light) is easily one of the most broken skills in the game when in the hands of a class with high attack power like Warrior, Gladiator, or Martial Artist, and even more so when used in combination with Double Up, Oomph, or a high Tension level (plus, it's got an awesome animation).

    Since my idea of a "Best Class" is heavily based in the skills, techniques, and abilities I can access, consider these as well:

    Thunder Thrust (Spear Lv. 58): Either fails absolutely, or delivers critical damage to the target.

    Counter Wait (Staff Ultimate Skill): Puts the user into a counterattack stance.

    Rake'N'Break (Claw Lv. 88): Deals damage, and removes all of the target's special status effects

    Hallowed Arrow (Bow Lv. 88): Deals damage and restores a bit of MP

    Multifists (Fisticuffs Lv. 58): Deals four hits of physical damage. Costs 0-MP

    Miracle Moon (Fisticuffs Ultimate Skill): Damages all Enemies while restoring the user's HP

    Morale Masher (Courage Lv. 70): Attacks and lowers/Removes the enemy's built up tension

    Attack Attacker (Courage Lv. 100): Attacks and lowers the target's attack power.

    Divination (Faith Lv. 8): Like the Church's Divination, except you can use it anywhere

    Alma Mater (Faith Lv. 70): Protects the user from OHKO skills

    Mens Sana (Focus Lv. 32): Removes all negative Status Effects from the user

    Feel the Burn (Guts Lv. 100): Causes the user's Tension to go up from taking damage

    Jack's Knack (Enlightenment Lv. 10): Allows you to change vocations anywhere (Get This!)

    Disruptive Wave (Enlightenment Lv. 42): Removes all magical effects from all enemies.

    Twocus Pocus (Enlightenment/Sage Ultimate): Makes it possible to doublecast spells.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. It really depends on what your into.Here, ope it helps you out:

    Warrior:Great attack and defence potential.
    Priest:The best healers.
    Mage:The best magic attackers.
    Martial artist:Good attack and amazing speed.
    Theif:Amazing speed and they can steal.
    Minstrel:The best all-around class.
    Gladiator:The best attackers with decent defence.
    Paladin:The best defence with decent magic.
    Armamentalist:An all around-class with best support magic.
    Ranger:An all-around class with helpful skills and magic.
    Sage:All-around with all magic.
    Luminary:Weak but good support.

    Oh and nickweb99, there is no superstar class in this game.

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  3. Gladiator has the most physical strength, Sage has most magical strength, and Paladin has most defense. This is just my opinion

    User Info: marsofthefire

    marsofthefire - 11 years ago 6   4
  4. Any class, but the best is superstar even though you didn't unlock it yet it can use all weapons.

    User Info: nickweb99

    nickweb99 - 11 years ago 0   14

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