How do I find Tsugmi? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  1. Ok, so I got to Izoyio's castle and she told me to find Tsugmi in the village so I did like the faq walkthrough told me to do and talked to everyone and went back to the castle and (like the walkthrough said) it was on fire. But now the walkthrough says I'm supposed to "keep left then up and when you see a rock in the middle of nothing, then go up and you see kamui meteor shower being used by Tsugmi" but I can't go left cuz there's a wall, so I tried going right and I saw plenty of rocks but no Tsugmi! So I tried going into the house and the "left then up" thing worked until a flame was blocking the way so I found a different way to the next room, and there's no way to go any farther!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

    User Info: kaylaaisha

    kaylaaisha - 9 years ago


  1. This one had me stumped as well, but I got it. Go into the mansion and head down the middle path. From there you go right and you should find an entrance leading to a new section. Then head left and down the stairs. All you have to do then is "keep left then up" and there she is with princess izayoi.

    User Info: kimmycub349

    kimmycub349 - 6 years ago 0   0

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