I am stuck on Ratatouille?

  1. Has anyone completed this game. I am 87% through, and have to collect 20 items for the rat colony. I can find the first 10 in the cold store and the fridge, but where is the exit to get into the other bit of the kitchen to get the next 10 items. It is driving me crazy, I have been trying to do this for the last 3 months. Somebody must have the answer.

    User Info: poshypaws

    poshypaws - 10 years ago


  1. I'm on the same mission, and stuck as well, have you figured how to get past that level yet? i have used the y button for the sence and it sends me to the cold store exit to inside walls.

    User Info: migs123

    migs123 - 10 years ago 1   0

    BTW. i beaten the game but there are 2% missing. where can i find the last 2?

    User Info: Olafur999

    Olafur999 - 10 years ago 1   0
  3. Hi, you should not use that word. Anyway..... all you have to do is use Remys smell. Also you need to hide under cups, and stuff. To hide from the lady, or if there is any humans aroud... before they see you. They sometimes through tomatos at you, or any food. Just try your best and keep trying. Ok???

    User Info: madisenfrk

    madisenfrk - 9 years ago 0   0

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