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by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 03/10/2019


This walkthrough has been written to accompany the English fan-translation patch of the game, created by Phantom & Supper.

It covers the basics of how to play. Try to use it as a guide rather than an instruction manual, as there is more than one way to go about each chapter, and all ‘non-essential’ scenes have been skipped.


  • There are three possible endings. Details on how to reach the ‘true ending’ are covered at the end of this guide.
  • None of the decisions you make during dialogue will cause you to fail a chapter, although they may change how the story plays out.
  • You’ll always be paired with Kanda for your first mission. Make your choice carefully, so you can unlock the other characters on the way. Some items will disappear from you inventory between replays.
  • Each enemy has a specific weak spot you should target to land damage. (It’s usually the head.)
  • You must have a character’s ‘Level 2 Technique’ before you’ll be able to obtain their 'Level 3 Technique'.
  • The main walkthrough follows the first playthrough, in numerical order with the canon partners. You can substitute their names for whoever you choose as a partner. Use the item summaries after each chapter to help you on replays.