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Fortune Street DS is a sugoroku-type board game that anyone can play easily and enjoy. First, roll the dice and proceed through the squares, then buy a shop in the square where you stopped. If your rivals stop at your store, you will get money, so if you invest the money you got and make the store bigger, you will get more money next time. Grow a big store that is second to none and get a lot of money from your rivals!

This game also has a full range of communication functions. Everyone can also play with the Nintendo DS. With only one software, up to 4 players can play at the same time. Of course, it also supports Wi-Fi communication. It's fun to play with Mario and Slime! Playing against friends is entertaining! Anytime, anywhere, with anyone, Fortune Street DS!!

Super Mario & Dragon Quest, two national icons miraculously co-star! You can enjoy a hot bargaining board game battle while having humorous conversations with Mario and Slime. Complete with an abundance of collectibles and great music!!

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