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Reviewed: 07/16/07

This isn't what you're expecting...

Some time after the arrival of this game's first screenshots, it would turn into an infamous title. Back then, you could see a simple interface where players would be able to touch girls via the tactile screen, hinting that this game could be some sort of hentai title. While the final game retains the ability that made it famous, that feature is secondary to the rest of the title, which may disappoint many of those who were originally interested in it.

In order to further comprehend the concept, you'll have to know the storyline behind it all. Controlling Akuji, an high school student who was visited by an angel named Lulu, you'll have to find a witch who is hiding in your school. Now, in order to find her, you need to gather enough evidence to corner your opponent and then "touch her", until you find a strange mark. I'm sure this may sound pretty weird and makes no sense whatsoever, but that's exactly the task you're given.

Be aware that this exploration has nothing to do with more realistic ones, seen in games such as "Gyakuten Saiban". Instead, playing in an interface that resembles the one usually seen in dating simulations, you just have to pick the location where you want to head to, where your adventure may continue, or not, depending on the presence of any relevant character at that particular spot. Most locations are placed inside school, but there are three or four small scenarios placed outside of it, which you'll have to visit in order to complete your adventure.

Later, when you acquire all the required items and information (and no, there's no way you can miss them), you'll face a boss battle, where you'll have to defeat an opponent using the stylus. There are a few characters to unlock during the game that grant you extra abilities when it comes to battling, but usually you'll have to stick to the stylus, taping energy balls to deflect them or pressing your accessory to unleash stronger hits, among some other techniques.

Finally, after exploring and fighting a character, you'll get into the "touching" part. You can flirt with those characters and show them particular items, but you'll more often touch, look or simply kiss them in particular spots. Depending on who you're looking at, some spots will be more effective than others, and while most girls seem to dislike it when you jiggle their breasts, it is up to you to find what spots they prefer. Keep on doing it until a strange mark shows up and you'll be done.

Since the game contains only eight characters to play with, one of which is a boy, it turns out being quite a short product. You can collect a certain number of black pandas, who tend to appear in the middle of different scenario sets, in order to unlock new gameplay options, but those aren't that important and appear to have been added just to try to increase the replay value, a task that they seem to fail at. More often than not, you'll play across the main storyline twice and then put the game down, upset with its repetitive gameplay.

While the sound isn't noteworthy, sticking to occasional girly voices, sound effects and pretty basic songs, graphics are slightly better, with characters drawn in a way that makes them look like characters from an anime or manga series. Battles are less pleasing, presenting you with pixelated characters and uninteresting details, who look even worse as they come close to the screen.

Some knowledge of the language is surely helpful when it comes to playing this title, but it is also possible to escape without it. Bearing in mind its lack of replay value, along with its other problems, I have to state that this game is aimed at those players who want to have some quick fun, without expecting to stick to the game for more than a couple hours. If that's your case, go ahead, buy it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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