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  • The in-game band, "Death March", became the name of an actual band, "The Death March", starring many members of the OST's production.

    Contributed By: Hanekoma.

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  • The World Ends with You had little to no advertising for its North American release, but word of mouth made it the top selling Nintendo DS game its first week in North America. The only reason it didn't stay that way for the next few was because the stores literally ran out of copies to sell almost overnight and would be back-ordered for quite a while. Even today, it still gets rather high on Amazon's best selling DS games, coming after new releases and Nintendo's cash cow franchises in sort by best selling. It even gotten an iOS port, followed by a 2018 release on the Nintendo Switch.

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

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Famous Quote

  • Sine!! Cosine!! Tangent!!

    Minamimoto Sho

    Contributed By: tenma21.

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  • Hanekoma: Listen up, Phones! The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.

    Contributed By: th3l3fty.

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  • Hanekoma: Enjoy the moment with all your might... whether it's gloomy, whether it's bright!

    Contributed By: Hanekoma.

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