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Reviewed: 10/23/08

Welcome to the reapers game. Survive seven days and you win. Fail and face erasure

The World Ends With You

Welcome to the reapers game. Survive seven days and you win. Fail and face erasure.


The game is set around emo fourteen year old Neku Sabaruku and the conflicts of the reapers game. It’s the typical RPG story, teen wakes up somewhere no idea what’s going on and has amnesia. This game is set in modern day Tokyo in the Shibyua district except its not Shibyua, it’s a place called the under ground or the UG and the real Shibyua is the real ground or the RG. The players in reapers game are invisible to the RG and the reapers can choose to be seen in the RG. The players (like Neku) of the game all get a pin that recognizes them as players of the game. They all play for one thing in common, a second chance at life. The players have one condition though; they are forced to give the thing that is most valuable to them. The villains of the reapers game are reapers that have many powers over the players like summoning noise (the games enemies). This games story is nothing like you have ever seen.


The games controls are fairly simple and fun. To move on the map you use the touch screen or the directional pad (abxy for lefties). For the battles you use the directional pad or abxy for your top screen partner Shiki, Joshua, or Beat. For attacking with your partner there is a combo map where you either press left or right to start the combo and press either up down or the direction you have pressed first. For Neku on the bottom screen you can do a wide variety of ways to attack like slashing (quickly drawing and lifting the stylus) the enemy to make Neku slash them with his finger or simply tapping the screen once

The World Ends With You has a multiplayer mode which you can buy in the game that is called Tin Pin Slammer which is multi card play, which has you with the pins you have equipped (the weapons Neku uses in battle) by slashing or dragging the pins around the field to knock the others off the field.

Replay Value

The World Ends With You has lots of replay value such as around 400 items and 96 noise and four rewards from all of them on the different difficulties. There is also a secret report for every chapter with usually four challenges to unlock one secret report. There is also a day centered around Tin Pin Slammer that you unlock by beating the game. If you get every secret report then if you beat the final boss again you can see a special scene after the credits

Story 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Multiplayer 8/10
Replay Value 10/10

Final score 10/10
This is my Review of The World Ends With You

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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