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Reviewed: 09/26/08

the world ends with the this DS game!

People always thought that the DS lacked RPG games, witch was kind of a fact. But when I bought the world ends with you in my local game store I already knew that the DS was really capable of making great RPG games. This is it! This is the time where the DS would shine all year round. The world ends with you will certainly be in the top 10 DS games of the year. And This review would prove it.

Even with the simple graphic engine of the ds we could say that even if the world ends with you is not 3D the game still has a very cool style the 2D-ish graphics are made better with realistic looking character models and structures. And not only that, the in-game battle graphics are superb with the great looking noise (monsters you fight) and the background detail is also well done. The reason this game got a 9 is because the attack animation looks to plain and if you look closely there are a loot of pixels to be seen. But overall the graphics do the job well.

When you play this game be sure to turn the volume on full because the music and sounds are GREAT. The game combined different J-pop music with English music to make around 30 different tracks witch you can even buy in the game.The sound effects of the game are good and lively than can put enyone is a good mood to play The only down side that the music changes quick, like when you having fun listening to a certain track when it stops and been replaced buy a new song. This really bugs me that's why I gave the music/sound a nine.

Game Play/Replay Value:10/10
Gamplay rocks!! Standard RPG stuff combined with new DS touch screen combat. It is the first time to use pins as a weapon(most of the RPG games I play use deadly weapons like swords, ax, hammer and etc.) it would seem strange but it is actually a good idea. You start of with only a few pins but you eventually get new ones and you can also these pins have levels that can add to the game play mechanics. As for the replay value, the game is long and could take about a month or two. You also heve a chance to go back to the previous chapters and play the all over again. (I cannot give spoilers for now just buy the game to learn more about it).

I would think everyone would like this game for its cool setting and new style of game play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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