Review by Dvader757

Reviewed: 08/20/08

Handheld answer to Kingdom Hearts

Hey guys it is Dvader757 here I recently have purchased a game that I thought was one that I would love to write a review on so here is my review on The world Ends With You.

I was reluctant to get this game at first because as I looked at the back it looked complicated you have to focus on to screens while having to control your partner simultaneously Later I figured that you auto play so it was all good.

Ok I just got my pay check when I go to game stop and get two games one of them being The World Ends With You, I was going to get harvest moon but they didn’t have it and I’m sure lucky they didn’t cause I would not have given this game a second glance. Another reason I got this game was because of the Label Square-Enix HEY!!! Hey make Kingdom Hearts!! Worth checking out and well like I said I’m glad I did know on to my review.

Sound- 10
This is what is really awesome about this game is that it will play music while your playing and not bad music at that. Plus the sound effects in battle are not bad and you have voice-acting.

It is a handheld game but it feels like the graphics are done maybe a little to sloppy but the cut scenes at just brilliant. I also like how they made even the people walking around there own little avatar that’s what makes me like a game when a developer goes that little extra mile stuff like that just makes me have hope for video games and Developers are not just rushing through the game to make a quick buck.

Replay Value- 8
There is another walk through but just to collect pins and stuff there is really no reason why you would be any more entertained. But those difficulty settings are neat try to beat the whole game on hard.

Wireless/ online play- 7
Ok its not really that fun but if u have friends you could tin battle them it kind of reminds me of bey blade and I used to play that all the time so I think that’s fun plus I have friends ha-ha.

Ok so that is my short review on the game The World Ends With You.
I hope you guys get this game it kept me occupied for 60 hours well worth the thirty bucks so please go get this game!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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