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Reviewed: 07/28/08

An RPG for the DS


But not JUST a RPG for the DS but a GOOD RPG for the DS. I'm not bashing the DS's RPGs, I'm just saying its always good to have another. And the more the better in my opinion. If your in need of a good RPG for the road (or just need a good RPG) then this would be a good choice. With a great story, great music, and tons of replay value it should keep you playing for a long time. Alright! Now to the rest of the review.


One of the unique things about this game, the battle system. You control the main character on the bottom screen, running around and setting fire to enemies all using the touch screen. Meanwhile, your partner is on the top screen laying waist using the D-pad. Sound tough? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. And the game will help you along too. There are a couple ways to handle this battle system. One is that you could forget about your partner and let your partner run on auto play. The other is to follow the 'light puck'. This is a green orb that floats between screen. When you perform a combo finisher on the bottom screen, the light puck will float up to the top screen. And when you perform a combo finisher on the top screen it will float down to the bottom screen. But this isn't JUST for helping the player. It also multiplies how much damage you do by X# every time you pass the puck to the other screen. Cool right? But since there's more to the gameplay then just the battle system I'll quickly sum up the food and equipment system. You have a chart with 24 slots in it. Each time you eat, some of those slots fill up. Depending on what you eat, the number of slots that are filled up when you eat goes up. Like say you eat a hot-dog. It will take up 6 slots (This isn't the actual number in the game, I'm just giving an example). When you fill up all the slots in the chart, you can no longer eat food until twenty-four hours (in real life) have gone by. Now for the equipment. Depending on what you wear in battle, it will set the trends in the area you are battling in. So say you were all Hip Snake (*shuddershudder*) in battle. After a couple of battles Hip Snake will be the leading brand in that area, giving you bonuses if you wear it into battle. 9/10


The story is well written and is full of twists. The dialogue is well written and the character are fleshed out throughout the game. The story itself makes the game worth it. But, Square Enix decided to give us more than just a story, so that why they added the awesome gameplay with it. I can't say to much about the plot because I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I will say it will keep you guessing. Good job Square Enix. 10/10


The graphics are very nice and very fitting. The backrounds are beautiful, and the streets are thriving with people going about there every routine. Its cool to walk into a street and see people going into stores and lining up at shops. Overall the graphics are very well done, they fit right in with the rest of the game and they help make the streets come alive. Not to mention, there are cut-scenes that are sprinkled about the game that look beautiful. Very nice. 9/10


The soundtrack in this game is excellent. And while I don't normally like J-pop, this is good stuff. Every song fits right into the streets of Shibuya just right. The first time you turn on your DS and come to the title screen, you might just look at it and listen. Every piece of music is used for a unique situation. Its perfectly woven into the dialogue and helps bring out the mood of the moment. You might want some headphones though, because the DS speakers aren't that great. The first time I listened to it with headphones I was stunned on how much I was missing. Great soundtrack. 9/10


After you beat the game (the main story is about 20 hours if you don't rush it), it gives you the option to go back and play each day again. But now when you re-play each day you can accomplish certain tasks that (if you complete all of them) will score you a 'secret report'. These help flesh out the story a little bit more and go a little deeper into certain characters story through that day. Not to mention, after you beat the game you can play 'another day', which is a separate story, having nothing to do with the main game. All in all, you'll be playing this for a looong time. 9/10

Final Recommendation-

Get it. If you up in the air about this, don't think just get it. You'll thank me later. With the great story, fun gameplay, and hours and hours of replayability, its worth every penny. 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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