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Reviewed: 06/30/08

Can You Master Two Screens at Once?

The World Ends With You (TWEWY) is once of the newest franchises released by Square Enix and is called by many as one of the best DS games ever made. The game has been called by many as "innovative" and "original." While I personally think that this game does fit for the most part in all of those catagories for gameplay the game DOES indeed have its fair share of flaws. In this review I shall cover what my encounter and opinions are of this game. Let the review begin!


The first thing of course is the graphics as that is what you will first see when you turn on the game. This game has a beatiful art style to say the least and is gorgeous in the cut scenes. The detail put into the game is simply just amazing as it looks hand drawn. If you have played Kingdom Hearts before then I find the art style to be somewhat taken after that series. The graphics are eye candy to say the least and the game is in 2D.


Now here comes the music in this game which many will either love it or hate it. In my case though I was in between. The game consists of J-Pop, Hip Hop, and Rock music. When the characters talk to each other the music track loops a lot and you will find yourself listening to the same music over again. However, if you go into the menu selection and then exit the track will change. But for some areas in the game the music will automatically change to the situation you are in. Overall I would have to say that I found the music to be enjoyable minus the hip hop. If you hate the music hough there is always the option of having no volume.

It should also be mentioned here that when the characters are talking they sometimes have little remarks of noise i.e. "uhhhhhhhh" This happens a lot and that is the most you will get for voice acting. Although on the RARE occassion there is voice acting which I must say is pretty well done. While battling also you will hear the characters say little sayings many times.


Now this is where the game really becomes a truly and innovative piece of work for better or for worst. To put it simply you will be battling with a partner and you yourself as the protagonist Neku will be fighting on the bottom screen using the stylus pen. You will be fighting using "Pins" and each pin has a different ability although some are almost clones of each other. There is over 300 coins to collect over the course of the game which can be aquired in many different ways as you progress through the game. The pins you use are what you will be attacking with more or less and having to make specific stylus strokes to activate them. Some pins require you to actually shout into the microphone as well. You must move on the battlefield as well as attack using the stylus pen while battling and then you have your partner on the top screen.

You have the option to control your partner on the top screen or just leave it to the computer. The way you control your partner at the top screen is by either using the D-Pad or pressing "A, B, X, Y" depending on wether you use your right or left hand using the stylus pen. Your partner has a different way of fighting then yourself and you push the direction of buttons for your partner depending on the arrows you see at the top screen. It is kind of like a Dance Dance Revolution scheme.

Having a partner is very important in this game as you will benifet off of them. Having them allows you to gain more power if you utilize your partner correctly making it more easier to defeat foes. However, it takes awhile to master this system since you have to pay attention to the top and bottom screen at the same time.

I found this system hard to follow at first but over time I got used to it. The system isn't perfect but it is a very innovative and original way of battling.

As you play the game also you will be traveling around the city of Shibuya doing different things as you will find out as you play the game. As you get furher you will find out more about the game as its an RPG.

As I mentioned earlier this game lacks voice acting and there is a lot of reading in this game. You can move the voice bubbles fast though by hitting any button (aside from shoulder buttons, and start and select) or by touching the screen). This game being an RPG though it is expected to have a lot of reading which I found got annoying at times.

The one good thing about this game though is you have the ability to actually save anywhere when you are on the field map.

The gameplay works for the game well but it does have some issues which I will mention in the controls section.


As I mentioned above about the controls you use the stylus to control Neku and the D-Pad or standard buttons to control your partner. The system is very responsive and works well especially if you use your left hand for your stylus pen. The controls are extremely simple to use and are fast to learn but it takes time to master the battle system.


The games difficulty depends on how far you are in the game and what pins you are using. Also on how well you have mastered the batltle system itself. The game does get tougher later on though and it makes it more important to pick your pins more strategically.

Rent or Buy

I rented this game even though I was about to buy it. I am glad I rented it as for myself it was fun to play through once but not again. I would recommend renting this game first as it is a fresh new battle system and you might not like it. However, many people like this game so you can buy it but I would say rent first.


TWEWY is a good game but I wouldn't say its as hyped up as it comes out to be. The game does have its flaws and the battle system while innovative is hard to get used to since you are playing two characters on two different screens. The long text speeches get kind of boring to read afterawhile but the characters do have personality for the most part to keep you interested.

Even though I give this game a 7/10 from the DS games I have played this is one of the better ones. And for that reason I would say give this game a shot especially if you are an RPG fan. Just be ready to not have a classic battle system and something new and original.

The true question is do you have what it takes to master two screens at once?

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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