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Reviewed: 06/24/08

The World Begins With You

Look. I never trust reviews. Because my principal is, everyone should experiment the game themselves instead of getting influenced. But I really can't resist. First off, I'm bored. Secondly, I have this passion for TWEWY so much that I really think I should review it, share what I think.

Moving in, I'll have to say the main character's personality may reflect on a lot of people, specifically the teenagers nowadays. What I like is, I find that I somewhat resemble the main character a little, which is what most people would classify now as -emo-. However, I won't step into that in case I rant too much(I hate the word emo even though I use it sometimes. It's overrated.). Basically, my point is, players who can relate themselves to this particular main character would find themselves loving the game. Also, if parents out there are reading this.. planning to get it fer your kids, don't worry about the emo thing I just mentioned. The character grows. Not to mention I find a lot of moral values in the story; mainly about positive socializing, trust etc

That aside, we'll talk about the story. Basically, I wouldn't want to include spoilers in this review but I guess minimal spoilers are inevitable. You're stranded in Shibuya. You find yourself in possession of a weird pin. You receive a message -- Survive Shibuya for 7 days or face erasure.

So well, are you interested? I don't know about you, but I liked the idea. Overall, I would give the story a 4/5. Why? Because nothing is perfect and not everything is explained if you only complete the story itself but yet, it's an indulging story. If you like the idea of the story, you'll find yourself hooked, unable to get away from your DS. However, it's also due to the fact that not everything is explained that this game has a great replay value.

Next.. on to the gameplay. If you're an avid DS fan who loves utilizing the features of the touch screen and microphone; you'll be glad about this game. The battle system utilizes a pin system and there are various ways to utilize them; touch, press, scratch, slash, blow, shout. I don't know if I've missed any but that's about it. Of course, if you use your pins, they level up and you'll get really happy when you do it through chain battles. Chain battles are the number of times you get engaged with the Noise(your enemy) consecutively and they net you a whole lot of PP(Pin Points). Other than leveling your pins up, your characters do too.. duh! But the unique thing is that you can alter your level at any point of the game to determine your drop rate. Also another plus point to the replay value if you're the insane player who's about to kill every single noise in at level 1 in Ultimate mode to complete your Noise Report. Yup. Notice I'm hinting at a challenge here.. lol.

Ah yes. Modes. Basically the difficulty mode. As you progress in the game, you are allowed to alter the game's difficulty to yet again, complete your Noise Report. We.. They have Easy, Normal, Hard and Ultimate modes. You begin with Normal.

Finally! The last thing I'm gonna talk regarding the gameplay: the Food&Thread system. Yes, people. You eat in this game. It's vital. You eat to increase your status. Threads.. I really mean clothes. Yes. You have to dress up in this game. Yes, you can even make your characters wear girl's clothes if your character has high Bravery because you see, the game doesn't discriminate. No, their clothes don't change in the game. Clothes are vital because they contribute a lot to status. When I first played I thought I wouldn't bother with wearing clothes. But as I progressed I realize I have to.. unless I want to get the Game Over screen over and over again.

Clearly, this game has many .... elements in its gameplay. It might seem to be a lot of things to cover but once you grasp it, it's as simple as ABC. Gameplay: 4/5.

The next one would be... the music. Well, I'm not gonna rate this. I believe everyone has a different taste. You either love it or hate it. I can only say to me, it sounds pretty good and I don't have a problem with it. For the sound aspect, you do get some "Hmm?" "Ah!" "Urgh!" during the dialogs as well as a short expression on what the character thinks about the food you just fed them with. Also, they do talk during battles, and the VAs are actually bearable... pretty good(I don't take much liking for English VAs).

For the graphics; they put a lot of efforts. This is a SquareEnix game from Nomura's team afterall. It's beautiful enough for the DS. Basically, no CGI. Instead, we have manga-style graphics. Ah, why don't you just go over to the Images section for this.. I'm sure they have tons; judge to it yourself whether you like it or not :P

That's pretty much all I have to say.
My last words are: if you're looking for a game with high replay value, you have it here. Yet I would recommend getting it even if you're not interested. BECAUSE it's a really rare game and even if you don't want it, there's is bound to be someone else who wants it. Sell it to them at a high price :P

Get it. Even if you don't want it. Yes. This game is that great. *biased comment alert at the end of statement*

Yeah, you done your reading.. go back to your life and decide.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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