Review by orkyjork90

Reviewed: 06/17/08

Hopefully the world wont end with this game.

Now, I don't claim to be a video game expert. In fact, I consider myself a casual gamer. This game was one of the rare occasions where I completly sacrificed all free time in order to play.

The story was magnificent. I personally believe that story is just as important as gameplay in an RPG. There was little predictability found throughout this game, which is always good. The story is so good that if the game were to be transformed into an animated series, it would not only be watchable, but enjoyable, as opposed to many anime-video game relations.

I was really fond of the character portraits. Tetsuya Nomura is a genius, and deserves solid gold everything. The battle sprites were a tad pixely, which is moderately unappealing, but not that big of a bother.

The voice acting for this game wasn't the greatest aspect of the game, but it wasn't horrible enough to bring down it's score. Besides, I was more content on listening to the excellent soundtrack. This soundtrack of a game I have ever purchased. The song, "Calling", is still in my head, and still hits my playlist every time it possibly could.

At first, the controls seem a little unnerving, but the hour long tutorial (which if I hadn't just said that, you wouldn't have even noticed it was a tutorial) was more than enough to allow the player to adjust. Not only this, both right and left handed people can enjoy the game, which is more that I can say for other Nintendo DS games. However, the stylus fighting on the lower screen takes away one point from the games overall score. It is very easy to make mistakes when using skills and running. There are often key moments between life and death, and I often die if said problems occur. However, these occur very rarely.

The gameplay is quite enjoyable. It is very involving and at the same time quite easy. If you want, you can just spam the over arrows to make your top screen character attack while paying full attention to your bottom screen. Or you can be more ballsy and pay attention to both screens, which requires a great deal of focus and attention, but is well worth it. The Pin system is also very nice. The evolution allows more ways to battle and play, as well as an incentive to put down the game once in a while. There are over 300 different pins that can influence the way you battle. A great deal of skill can be put into developing your fighting style which is something I've always found very appealing.

All in all, this is a fantastic game. I do believe it is the must have game for the DS. There is very little wrong with this game, and is guaranteed to offer hours of fun and many secrets to be unlocked.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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