Review by Wildcard94

Reviewed: 06/09/08

Serious emotionall Issues there Neku?

Gameplay - The gameplay aspect in this game is hit or miss with alot of people. I for the most part love the battles , by the way random battles are not in this game unless you count the sometimes out of no where boss battles. The battle system is different then games I've seen before. You press the 'pin' in the lower right corner to scan an area. Scanning can be used to find out information from certain players or to encounter enemies. The battle system is strange in a way that if you dont mix the right pins together you could have alot of awkward battles that leave you staring at the hated game over screen. Most pins can be bought in a variety of forms using the Yen you find from battle, or you can find them in battles themself. The shopping aspect of this game might not be as valuable as in some other games, but with the right 'threads' and food in your stomach you could have very very good stats. The controls are very simple and explain themselfs as the game progress's and you shouldnt have too much trouble with the fetch quests.

Story - The story is well thought out as well as the characters, most of it cant be fully understood untill you beat the game. The game takes place in the Shibuya district of Japan and you can travel to the various places inside of that district the game never has you stay in one spot too often so you cant get bored very easily unless you find the traveling back and forth repetitive.

Characters- Neku is the main character of this game and doesnt really like people that much untill a change of heart mid-game. He is possibly the most average emo kid in a game that I've seen. He hates others and doesnt really get other people. The other characters are well thought out and have a decent back story. The Main character's, Neku, backstory is revealed as the game progress's

Graphics - The graphics for this game arnt the greatest D/S graphics around but its not like the graphics burn your eyes just staring at it.

Sound- The music in this game, is VERY hit or miss. Its a mix of techno and some rappish type music that is very likeable and can get stuck in your head easily. There are plenty of different battle themes, but the music you here while walking through shibuya can get very repetitive. You can buy various tracks to listen to in shops all around shibuya, so if you get tired of kicking some noise in the defocating oriphus just open up your phone menu and pick the track you like then just jam out. The music is easy to just jam out too even while your mid battle.

Play Time/Replayability - The average time in this game is about 30-40 hours depending on what you do with your time, such as wanting to max out every pin or trying to find all the secret reports. This game is very enjoyable and with the ability to skip through text you dont want to read you can replay this game again and again to finish all those little must do's in the game.

Rent or Buy- I recomend buying this game NOW, AS SOON AS YOUR DONE READING THIS BUY IT NOW. But really if your not the person who likes to buy a game just because someone you dont know on the internet tells you too then dont buy it, and try to rent it from a friend or your local video store.

Final Comments- I personally loved this game and I believe other people should get to enjoy being a pissy emo kid aswell. The characters are fun to watch freak out, but the lack of voice overs can get a little dissapointing seeing as how it would set the mood SO much better. Please buy this game or atleast rent it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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