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Reviewed: 05/19/08

It's like a party in my DS!

Games like this couldn't be beat by any game you could play because this game is one-of-a-kind and pretty elusive if you ask me!

Graphics of this game is pretty good actually. Not too deep, not too shallow at the details and the backgrounds are simply phenomenal and outstanding at battles in this game. Graphics I would give: a 8.5/10 points!

The sound is cool and the music is pretty decent and overall, there are about 34 CDs(in-game of course) to be bought at stores at decent prices, yet some CDs are quest items. Music is pretty much a mix of Japanese pop genre and American rapping style of music. As you pop in and out of the story, music changes to fill the background some meaning to it such parts that are saddening: slow and melancholy music is playing in the background to fill in the effect getting in the game.

Gameplay of this game is kind of confusing but actually fun and enjoyable! You see, the main objective is to fight physical manifestations of the negative thoughts of humans that take form of everyday animals such as frogs, elephants, penguins, or even rhinos. To destroy the noise, you and your partner must work together by:

Neku: using a deck of pins, you fight the noise by scratching them, making a circle, dragging the stylus around the touch screen, blowing on the microphone, or even touching the pin it self to make action on the game. Though pins are supposed to be used in battle, some pins are money pins( for yen and shop quests), gem pins(used in shop quests), and Tin Pins(Minigame played in the game gives you pins called tin pins).

Partner: by using the D-Pad(or ABXY if left handed), you fight the noise with random items such as a plush cat by using telekinesis, an extraordinary cellphone, or even a skateboard.

In the game there is a "fusion" system that occurs when you reach enough fusion stars by matching the right tarot cards(a circle, a plus sign(not a cross), and something that look like wave lines), inputting the right number, but the third one is a little difficult because you need to start a chain reaction when destroying the right poker cards.

Fusions are divided into three levels: Level1, 2, and 3. You need to buy stickers, to maximize the level of your fusion attack, which can be bought in stores in-game.

Brands are also important in this game. There are a total of 13 brands in this game( one example is called Gatito(Ga /ti/ to= Gato meaning cat in spanish)) which each brand can strengthen or either weaken a pin depending on the popularity of that brand of the place where the characters are in.

The story of the game is about Neku Sakuraba, a 15 year old boy, who discovers himself in Shibuya(popular district in Tokyo, Japan), having amnesia. He then discovers he is in a game called the "Reaper's Game" which all includes dead people playing for them to survive within 7 days or they will be erased from existence forever. Missions are given out everyday for the player to complete. If failed, they will have to face erasure of their existence forever.

Playtime of the whole game(w/o completing anything else) is about 20-25 hours. But the completing the game after finishing it will take about +100 hours of playtime. It's completely worthy to play the game again to collect the "Secret Reports" to understand the what the whole game is all about. other than that, you could also try to collect every item and pin.

Since this game is pretty popular, I suggest running for your life catching the game itself to buy it!!!

Now that that's done, I would like to say this game is pretty cool, and fun to play. Story is great, music is popular to me, gameplay is above the coolest of all, and playtime is not too short. Flawless game to hit the shelves.

Well, that's about everything I could say about this game. Wish I could say more that is. Still, hope you enjoy it as much as yours truly did!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The World Ends with You (US, 04/22/08)

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