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World Ends With Me? No it ends with the one who plays this.

World Ends With You

World Ends With You was developed by our best friend, Square Enix and Also the very same team who made Kingdom Hearts. World Ends With You also have the same battling style as Kingdom Hearts have so don't worry it is not turn based. World Ends with You have many features including the food system and even an exercise system. Want to discover a new World? Then Discover the World Ends With You.

Story Plot is quite complicated, you play in the game and your job is to survive this for seven days and after winning you can go back to the real grounds which is the real world, that means you must be dead before joining this so called game of life.

The World where you play the game is simply called as Underground, a place where people cannot hear, talk or help you. Sad life under there huh? Don't worry you can read people's minds who are still living and sometimes then can help you too by giving clues. Other people can also see and talk to you if you enter a room with a reaper decal it is created by the Composer to help you progress throughout the game.

Don't worry there are also other players like you who play for another chance on the Real Grounds and one of these players must be your partner or else you cannot battle. The Underground is also being composed of Noise, these noise are also like Kingdom Heart's Heartless. Noise stop you from going back to the Real grounds by means of attacking. Noise are created by Reapers who are being tasked to prevent you from coming back and without Reapers there are no more fun that is why the Composer made them. The Composer is the one who created the game and everything starting from the rules up to pins. Composers assigned Game Masters or GMs to become the Game Master on that whole week.

Game Play
The Game Play is hardcore, you choose Pins that can be collected from shops. These are your Weapon on the game and battling itself. Each Pins have different powers and very unique mechanics on how to use it. Even weak Pins can become destructive on the hands of a skillful master. Pins also evolve on how you get experience from enemies like if you defeat Enemy A you get A experience and If you defeat Enemy B you get B experience, the Evolution of Pins depends on how you level them up and if you got the wrong experience the pin will not evolve so be careful. Pins can be used depending on their command namely Slash, Draw A Circle, Tap, Press and Shout. So with the wrong command you do on your DS the Pin will not work.

On the very battle itself you play as either Neku, which is the Main character or your partner that is varying from time to time but of course if you are an expert you can use both of them on the same time for a clean sweep.

There are also other things on World Ends with you which are the Food System, Exercise System and the Friendship Gauge. On the Food System you can consume up 24 bytes of foods per day (Real Life Time) and by means of Exercising you can digest these foods you ate that gives a permanent effect like HP up or a Temporary effect which is Sync Rate Plus. The Friendship Gauge is your relationship to the store owner and because there are a lot of shops this will never go down but this will never go up if you don't buy to the owner. Buying items and gaining Friendship gauge or simply FSG means unlocking new quest items and these quest items are very rare and strong. These three are just one of the factors that make World Ends with you a great game.

Graphics and Sounds

Graphics are very artistically designed in 2D because DS can't handle 3D but 2D isn't bad at all because they look very alive and I'm impressed they even look better than 3D so Square just got to stay on 2D graphics. Modern Tokyo setting is colorful but can be dull sometimes because of the road color. The streets are just like full of paintings and modern places are very colorful with lots of billboards and of course the human's clothing’s that makes Tokyo very alive and I'm happy that it does not give off any dark aura setting.

The Sounds on the menu can be changed anytime as long as you own CDs of them that can be bought on music stores. Simply tap the CD and it will now play the music. The music is very relaxing and you can find all sorts of Genres of on shops but to get rare CDs you must also have a high FSG with the owner.


It will really take some time to go through the Learning Curve and it is about 3 hours. Imagine that 3 hours just on the Learning Curve. The story is very long and Collecting all pins and playing Tin Pins are also the factors which make this game long and good thing it also have a new game plus.

Final Recommendation

If you own a DS you must get this game, why? Because you cannot do your assignment anymore because this game sucks you in to the World Ends You.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: The World Ends with You (EU, 04/18/08)

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