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Welcome to Shibuya! You have 7 days. 05/08/08 9NineBreaker9
A game that's sorta fun to begin with, but soon becomes as awkward and annoying as its acronym 05/07/08 Chaotic_Fusion
Your annoying little brother that rushes you past the lions at the zoo to spend an hour with the dung beetles. Except, a game. 10/08/09 DDJ
Under Pressure... 03/07/08 discoinferno84
Pretty, Shiny, Shallow. 04/29/08 djinni204
When You Give Up On Yourself... 04/30/08 Kilaybay
Let the game begin. 06/02/08 AK_the_Twilight
Not the best RPG I have ever played, but it's damn close. 06/22/09 Bearissoslow
Can You Master Two Screens at Once? 06/30/08 bigfoot12796
The definitive DS RPG and possibly the best game on the system 07/28/08 bluej33
Original, innovative, and simply magnificent! 09/15/08 chelseaboy12
The world ends with you, you and you. 09/08/08 Chocobahn
Peripheral Vision Quest 03/23/18 comicfire
Innovative in both its setting and gameplay 02/01/13 Crono09
Watch it, or it'll be Game, set, match for you. Reaper's Game, that is... 01/14/09 Dawngarde
Will you be erased? 05/05/08 De5
Who knew a game about 7 days could be so interesting? 12/08/08 DEEM0
Seven days 06/02/09 horror_spooky
"Work for you?" "What do you think?" 06/02/10 Joe the Destroyer
Innovative combat, hundreds of collectibles and a brilliant story make for a wonderful experience. 02/06/09 Kaas
Creative and fun, one of the better new IPs for the DS 01/03/11 LegatoBluesommers
Still one of the best handheld games, even years later 06/12/19 mageknight14
The World Begins With You 06/24/08 maxim84
It's a Wonderful Game 06/09/08 Mykas0
The World Ends With You - It is a Wonderful World! 09/14/12 NettoSaito
Step Aside and See the World! 07/07/08 NinjaZidt
A Breath of Fresh Air 07/16/08 PaperSpock
Play this game or face erasure. 04/30/08 Radical Edward 116
A unique, modern RPG that you simply should not miss. 01/04/12 ScrawlKnight
Shutting down the game earns EXP, too!-- that is, if you could stop playing. 04/30/08 SoreThumb
It's a Wonderful Experience 06/01/09 Sui89
Rock My World 06/03/08 SuperPhillip
Easily one of the very best DS games. 10/06/08 The_Bear753
An astoundingly original and unique gem of a game. Plus, Sho! 06/22/09 TheRomanDisease
More like "The world is loaded with terrible game design". 03/15/17 UltimaterializerX
An addictively fun and fresh start for Square-Enix 07/01/08 zeshin_reloaded

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