Unlocking Diner/Cafe?

  1. I've heard of it several times but I can't seem to find out how to unlock the diner or cafe.

    I'm half way through the first Spring in the game and I'm nearly starving. I've started giving Taro herbs so I can get the fishing rod, but even if I do, I'll still need to cook the fish, and I have yet to get a kitchen.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Yethi - 10 years ago

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  1. You definitely do not need to build any bridges in order to get the Cafe or Diner. Gannon automatically arrives on the island around Spring 11th. He will automatically get rid of the giant boulder that blocks West Town (area below your farm) from East Town (area where Diner/Cafe will be & you can build 1st bridge that leads to Festival area).

    The Diner & Cafe will set up shop in East Town after you have 10-15 sub villagers. Sub Villagers are people visiting your island & listed in your "Inhabitants List", but have no portrait next to their name. Anyone on your Inhabitants List with a portrait next to their name are "Main characters" & do not count towards the expansions/upgrades of existing buildings or shops.

    The Cafe & Diner will expand/upgrade once you have 20-25 sub villagers AND have upgraded your house once (to Medium), bought a refrigerator & then kitchen from Chen.

    The quickest way to get more sub villagers on your island is to fish a lot. I got 5 of the 7 Angler/Fishermen by the end of my first Spring simply by fishing from any of the rivers. I then got the last 2 by catching 100 ocean fish at the beach, & even got the "Pond fish" fisherman, Kent, without ever fishing from the pond/HG pond. You get other sub villagers simply by keeping busy & making progress in your game. Upgrading roads will always bring one sub villagers, but I'd strongly suggest you first build at least the first 2 bridges, upgrade your home once, & build a chicken coop & barn before spending your money on roads.

    Ushi No Tane's Island of Happiness
    Villagers" section ( http://fogu.com/hm7/ ) lists all the villager requirements, but they're broken into sections which can be a little confusing. So, I made a single list of all main & sub characters here:

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  1. Cooking and getting the diner and cafe will take some time. To unlock the Cafe and Diner, you have to have Ganon build the bridge to E. Town. Then you need to collect 10 or more sub-villagers. The sub-villager Luke owns the Diner while sub-villager Madelynn owns the Cafe.

    After they move in you'll be able to buy food from them, but you can't give them items to get recipes yet. You have to unlock 20 sub-villagers for the Cafe to upgrade and then another 5 sub-villagers for the Diner to upgrade. Now, if you give Luke or Madelynn certain items they will give you recipes in return.

    To get the kitchen to cook you need to have Ganon upgrade your house. Then Chen will self the shelves, kitchen and fridge. However, you can't start cooking right away. You can only cook dishes you have recipes for.

    To cure your hunger, chow down on the other herbs you collect. Green and indigo grasses refill your fullness bar more than blue, which refills stamina more. So eat the grasses instead of shipping them for the time being to keep your hunger and stamina bars in check.

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