1. What can you miss in this? I read Cecille's intermission has to be done before a certain point, and you can't re do it in New Game +? What about the side quests? Does New Game + work like most other games, keep items/money/etc and I can just go and get the stuff the second time through that I missed?

    User Info: Velenos

    Velenos - 8 years ago

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  1. Some of the sidequests are missable. A sidequest with Cecille beginning at Industrial Village Dotruvar is only available from Chapter 9-12. Another sidequest involving various characters beginning at Holy Congress, Eastern Branch is only available in Chapter 22.

    As for Cecille's intermissions, you must complete them before a certain event in the game takes place. After the event you will get new intermissions for Cecille and the old ones are not available.

    For New Game +, everything carries over - money, items, levels, magic. A character's affection for you carries over as well, so if you didn't max out a character's affection the first time around you can do so in the plus game. You can also get all of Cecille's (missable) earlier intermissions in the first part of the plus game if you missed them in your first playthrough.

    User Info: tecarmel

    tecarmel - 8 years ago 2   0

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