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Guide and Walkthrough by Robo_Mike

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 02/21/2007

Yu-gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller Event Walkthrough
by Robo_Mike

If you have any further questions, please post at the GameFAQs
message board for YGOGX Spirit Caller and someone will answer your
question. Or refer you to this guide. Either way, moving on...

Section 0
Table of Contents [TOC-]

[DISC] 01 Disclaimer
[INTR] 02 Introduction and Credits
[VIEW] 03 Event Overview
[MAIN] 04 Main Event Details
[SIDE] 05 Side Event Details
[FAQ1] 06 Frequently-Asked Questions
[FAQ2] 07 Stuck? The events most people get stuck on.
[HIST] 08 Revision History
[MAIL] 09 Contact Info

* To jump directly to a section, you may search for the four-letter
  code including the [ ].

Section 1 [DISC]

Yu-gi-Oh, Yu-gi-Oh GX and all related characters are the property
of Konami.

This document is (c) 2007 Robo-Mike. All rights reserved.

You may download and print this file for your personal use but you
may not profit in any way.

Because I am lazy, only gamefaqs.com is allowed to "host" this
guide... for now. If you are not a commercial website (that is if
you're from a YugiOh fansite or something that doesn't make money)
you may contact via the email address in the contact info section if
you want it hosted.


This document is best viewed with a monospace font (e.g. Courier).
Your standard web browser will do, but just in case your browser's
settings are weird, here's a line of 70 numbers followed by a line of
70 hyphens.


If they're not aligned, then you better change some settings. Now.

Section 2 [INTR]
Introduction and Credits

              *** *** WARNING *** ***

This is NOT a spoiler-free walkthrough. But then again, if you've
watched the GX Anime, you should be familiar with these events.
Except that it's mostly Jaden doing them and not your character.

              ___ ___ WARNING ___ ___


This walkthrough goes by the English version of the game and thus
the dubbed character names. Apologies to the people used to the
Japanese names.

Some examples:

             English    -   Japanese
            Jaden Yuki  -  Judai Yuki
       Syrus Truesdale  -  Sho Marufuji
         Alexis Rhodes  -  Asuka Tenoujin

A comparison of English and Japanese character names can be found
in Wikipedia:


This walkthrough is not possible without the help of Akuma Hokoru,
who compiled a detailed step-by-step guide for the mid-to-late-game
as well as TimmyCartm who started the event thread as well with his
early-game event list, and WingedMagician for compiling a list.

Actually, I have to thank everyone who have participated in the
event thread. Without that thread I would be stuck in this game

I am, however, writing this from my own playthrough of the game, so
consider this as confirmation that all the hard work done in the
event thread is accurate.

Event thread "Old" credits:
Akuma Hokoru (did most of the work)
everyone on the Yu-gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller board who has contributed
   to the event thread

"New" credits:
chris green - Some clarifications about early game random duelists.
Chamelion - He figured out what starts Blair Sub-event! Very useful
            info! He's also one of the people who said Chazz event
            comes after Paradox Bros. I noted that too!
Gamer_Gav - Said you can save in-between bastion and jaden school
            field duels. Good find. I wouldn't have been able to test
lorddractavios159 - Chumley returns on a Ship Weekend.
nintendotaku/Joseph Lee - Proposed changes to the duelists unlocked.
            Thanks, but when duelists become available
            is truly difficult to determine for sure. :)
numba1_gamer - Figured out that you need to encounter Chumley around
            the island before the ghost stories event.
Resso Sierra - Proposed that Blair is a required, fixed main event
xD.D.Warriorx - Fixed a couple of level requirements.

Section 3 [VIEW]
Event Overview

Sometimes you may experience events out of order. This is the order
I have gotten the events. If you skip an event somehow and can't
advance the game, try going back to events that haven't happened, or
try the side events.

Also, some events happen only on weekdays or on specific days of the

Note that unlike Nightmare Troubadour where you can rush through the
story without leveling, in this game events have a level requirement.
If you can't get the next event to trigger, simply level up. I am
overleveled during these events, so I will use Akuma Hokoru's level
requirements. See individual events for details.




To jump directly to a section, search for the code number along with
the brackets (and spaces). For example, search for "[ 7]" for the
first Chazz encounter, or go to "[S1]" for the Blair side-event.

Main events:
[ 0] Begin the game...
[ 1] Duel the Red students and register at least one of them.
[ 2] Go to the lighthouse in the evening
[ 3] Jaden will duel you at the dorm
[ 4] Fight both of the Yellow students (during the weekend)
[ 5] Crowler will ask you to investigate a criminal that attacked
     Blue students
[ 6] Duel the Obelisk boys
[ 7] Email telling you to proceed to the lake
[ 8] Duel the Obelisk girls
[ 9] Email telling you to proceed to the blue girls' dorm
[10] Earn your first Duel Spirit!
[11] School Field Duel vs Chazz
[12] Go to the yellow dorm to duel Bastion
[13] Blair event
[14] Bastion will appear and duel you at the red dorm
   (This is when I got the Chumley sub-event)
[15] Ghost stories (automatic)
[16] Jaden invites you to go to the Abandoned dorm
[17] Duel against the Paradox Brothers
[18] Chazz at the lake... again!
[19] Alexis talks about Chazz leaving (lighthouse at night)
[20] Dimitri and Yugi's deck saga
[21] Jinzo event
[22] School Field Duels vs Bastion and Jaden
[23] School Field Match vs Chazz
[24] Seven Shadow Riders
     a) Nightshroud: Volcano
     b) Camula: Lake at night
     c) Tania: Eastern part
     d) Don Zaloog: Automatic, just go to sleep
     e) Abidos the Third: Lighthouse
     f) Titan: Medical Office in School (day)
               then Abandoned Dorm (night)
     g) Amnael: Abandoned Dorm at night
[25] Duel Atticus and Chazz for Alexis' love
[26] Sacred Beasts
[27] Chumley leaves the island
[28] Zane's Graduation Duel
[29] Duel Aster Phoenix at the Red Dorm (among other things)
[30] Dark Zane Saga and School Tournament
    a) Duel Atticus
    a) Duel Dark Zane
    b) Duel Aster Phoenix
    c) Duel Jaden
[31] THE END

Side Events:
(When they interrupt the main story, you must finish these events
 before you can move on)
[S1] Unlocking Chumley as a duelist
     a) Find him randomly around the island
     b) Duel him at an event marker on the east side
[S2] Tyranno events
     a) Duel at the red dorm (automatic)
     b) Duel him at the event marker near the red dorm (automatic)
     c) An event marker appears outside the red dorm (randomly)
     d) Tyranno returns!

Section 4 [MAIN]
Main Event Details

Extreme spoilers here. This is already like, a summary of the plot.
So if you don't want to be spoiled, only read when you're STUCK.
To jump directly to an event, hit Ctrl+F and input "[##]", replace
## with a number from the event overview.

If you are stuck and events aren't happening, definitely check the
side events. Or try events out of order.

[ 0] Begin the game...

(Required Level: 1)

It's the day of the entrance exams for Duel Academy. You're late and
so is Jaden. Crowler gives you two a second chance to enter if you
beat him in a duel (automatic, no actual duel).

Soon you find yourself on the ship to the island of Duel Academy.
And you are introduced to Syrus and Chumley and to your room in
Slifer Red Dorm.

(DUELISTS UNLOCKED: Syrus, Tanaka, Katou, Beauregard, Brier)

[ 1] Duel the Red students and register at least one of them.

At this point, only Katou, Tanaka and Syrus will duel with you. Find
them and duel them around Red Dorm.

With your starter deck, Syrus' deck is tougher than the pushover
decks of the other two students, so try to avoid him (not that you
can because battles are random).

You need to register one or two of them before you can move on.

[ 2] Go to the lighthouse in the evening

(Required Level: 1)

You will eavesdrop on a conversation between Alexis Rhodes from the
Blue Girls' Dorm and a mysterious male Blue student.

There's nothing more to do here.

[ 3] Jaden will duel you at the dorm

(Required Level: 2)

Once you try to hit the sack, Jaden will barge in and ask for a duel.

I don't think it matters if you win or lose. Of course you get XP
and DP if you win so try your best.

[ 4] Fight both of the Yellow students

You should duel Beauregard and Brier, two Ra Yellow students.
They can be found on the south area of the map, most commonly
during the weekend.

Sometimes Sartyr, Alexis or random Obelisk Blue students may
interrupt you and waste time, but don't give up! You should win
at least once against the Ra students, as they are important for
the next event...

[ 5] Crowler will ask you to investigate a criminal

(Required Level: 2)

Crowler will try to get you and Jaden killed by siccing you on
the criminal that is responsible for the recent rash of crimes
against Obelisk Blue students.

After Crowler gives you the mission, go to sleep. Jaden will wake
you up to search for the criminal. Now prepare to experience your
first "Endless Night".

Note: "Endless Night" is our affectionate term for when the game
      refuses to go to the next day because you need to perform
      some event. This is a good time to level up and acquire
      contacts, cards and spirits, because you will not be
      interrupted by having to go back to the dorm. During an
      Endless Night, the card shop will always be open.

(DUELIST UNLOCKED: Torimaki, after you talk to Mototani)

I don't know if it's necessary, but I first checked on the
Obelisk Blue students. Raizou Mototani can be found on the
eastern part of the island. Taiyou Torimaki is on the central
district, but he doesn't care about the criminal and will duel
you. Now's a good time to level up on him and register him.

After that, look for a random encounter somewhere on the island.
I found the unmarked duelist on the south part. You will randomly
encounter the masked criminal. Duel him in a Shadow Game.

Once you beat the criminal it will be unmasked as Beauregard.
Brier will also appear and explain why they are doing this. Jaden
tells them to have more confidence and promises not to rattle
them out to Crowler.

The next day at school, Crowler will hear the details of last
night's encouner from you and Jaden. He will be disappointed that
you and Jaden didn't get killed or something.


[ 6] Duel the Obelisk boys

You just have to fight them a couple of times. Don't hold back.

Now, on to a pressing matter: Raizou Mototani. His deck is very
annoying to play against, and takes too much of your time to
beat. I suggest you go out of your way and make a deck that
counters his deck and fight him until you get him registered,
so you can avoid him in the future.

[ 7] Email telling you to proceed to the lake

(Required Level: 3)

Crowler will send you an email to head to the lake at night. This
is another Endless Night like many other events, so level-up as
you please.

Once you're ready, head over to the south side of the map where
you see an Event Marker.

NOTE: The "Event Marker" is a red exclamation point (!) you see
      on the map.

But it isn't Crowler. It's Chazz and the other Obelisk Blue male
students! Duel Chazz and humiliate him in front of his peers to
finish this event.


[ 8] Duel the Obelisk girls

For Obelisk Blue students, they have crappy decks. It won't be
long until they give you their number. Just hang around the Blue
Girls' Dorm sunset or night. They can sometimes be found on the
east side during the afternoon, but you may be interrupted by
Chumley or Fontaine who won't duel with you.

[ 9] Email telling you to proceed to the blue girls' dorm

(Required Level: 5)

Alexis invites you to go to the blue dorm so she can play a
game with you at night (it's not what you think, boys). So
impress her and the other Obelisk girls with your... skills...

[10] Earn your first Duel Spirit!

(Required Level: 5)

If you think you can sleep soundly with a smile after that
"game" with Alexis, think again. Your gut feeling tells you that
there is something creepy on the north side of the island. Whoa.
Do we really have to go?

Head over there and you should spot a dried well. You may also
find Chumley there outside. Head into the well and you will
battle and register your first duel spirit!

You may face:
Oscillo Hero #2 (the one I had in my game)
Adhesive Explosive
Jerry Beans Man

1. If you lose, you don't get a spirit and get a chance to try
2. You can lose/reset if you don't see the spirit you want. I
   highly recommend Jerry Beans Man for the cuteness factor (and
   the fact that at this point in the game the only deck you can
   make is a standard monster beatdown deck).

Once you win, the spirit will join you automatically!
Unfortunately, any spirits you face in the future have a chance
to run away after losing to you.

Head back automatically to your dorm and Jaden will brag about
his ability to see duel spirits. He will introduce you to his
Winged Kuriboh spirit pal. Once he leaves, you can finally go to


[11] School Field Duel vs Chazz

(Required Level: 6)

On Monday after the exam, Crowler will announce a dueling quiz for

So head over to he Duel Field (a new area inside the school) on
Tuesday and prepare to face Chazz again. He has a better deck than
the last time, so beat him, or risk getting sent back to the dorm
leaving you to try again. It's not that easy if he has a good draw,
he is fielding an XYZ Union deck. Watch out for fusions and bring
more monster removal than you usually pack.

[12] Go to the yellow dorm to duel Bastion

(Required Level: 7)

One time only, you can go to duel Bastion at the Ra Dorm. He will
let You pick one of his elemental theme decks to fight. (Some people
may not have a choice and Bastion will immediately use an aqua deck.)

[13] Blair Witch Project

(Required Level: 7)

You know you have triggered this event if Jaden wakes you up and
Banner has a meeting in the cafeteria. There, Blair mentions Zane,
getting Jaden interested, and Syrus mentions where he lives.

After that, you should proceed to the Blue male dorm. You and Jaden
will follow the mysterious red student inside as you all sneak into
Zane's room. The Red student makes a break for it upon being
discovered, so you and Jaden give chase. Zane and some Blue students
show up but let you go.

Chase the Red student to the north part of the island, look for a
random encounter. The hat comes off and it's a girl! You have to
face her deck. Win or lose, she tells you to keep her secret.
Unfortunately, Jaden shows up and she decides to leave the island
because her secret's out. You automatically head over to the harbor
to watch her go. Aww... that's sad.

But... "Hee hee, I secretly came to visit!"

(DUELISTS UNLOCKED: Blair, during ship weekends)

[14] Bastion will appear and duel you at the red dorm

(Required Level: 7)

Randomly while you are inside your room, Bastion will appear and duel
with his Protoype Deck. Show him who's boss. Whether you win or lose,
I don't think it matters.

[15] Ghost stories

(Required Level: 8? 9?)

NOTE: numba1_gamer found out you need to get the random encounter
      where Chumley dropped his cards before you see this event.

Randomly when you go back to the dorm (or if the day ends), you will
all be at the cafeteria telling ghost stories. Syrus' story about the
Shadow Game didn't scare anyone, so Banner tells a story about the
Abandoned Dorm. Jaden gets excited and invites everyone to go there.

Go to sleep.

[16] Jaden invites you to go to the Abandoned dorm

(Required Level: 8? 9?)

The night after the ghost stories, Jaden leads everyone into the
Abandoned Dorm. May I remind you that this is another Endless Night
so go spirit hunting, or duel Chumley until he registers and coughs
out his deck recipe (I don't think you can get his special outfit
at this point).

There is a new area at the north side, enter the Abandoned Dorm when
you're ready. Alexis has gone ahead of your group, so head inside.
You find she's passed out... but unfortunately it has nothing to do
with Titan who doesn't even notice her. Titan wants to suck out your
soul so he picks on you in a Shadow Game.

Lose the duel, and you lose your soul... whoops! Game over!

Win the duel and Titan escapes. Alexis comes to and apparently she
has no idea of what happened. Too bad, you could've been the hero.

[17] Duel against the Paradox Brothers

(Required Level: 9)

Crowler finds out you and Jaden went to the Abandoned Dorm and tries
to expel the two of you... unless you win in the duel field tomorrow.

After class tomorrow, go back to the dorm to save the game!

Crowler and Sheppard watch on as you and Jaden are forced to take on
Para and Dox.

Para packs high attack effect monsters with penalties to make up for
their attack, such as Jirai Gumo, Zombyra and Goblin Attack Force.

Dox runs a tribute deck; watch out for the field spell Mausoleum of
the Emperor--that's when all his bad boys start coming out.

Jaden will ask you to modify his deck, DO IT! His deck is PATHETIC
unless you do something about it.

1. Remove all Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh LV10,
   Transcendent Wings
2. Remove weak heroes like Avian, Bubbleman, Neo Bubbleman... maybe
   Burstinatrix if you're not confident about her being there for the
   Fusions. Add good heroes like Wildheart, Airman etc...
3. Remove all the hero-specific equip cards. (Such as Sparkman's
   Blaster, Bubbleman's spells...)
4. Add all the good equip cards (I think there's one Axe of Despair
   and Sword of Deep-Seated there)
5. Add all H. E. R. O. spells. (except HERO Flash... maybe don't add
   H as well)
5a. If you add both O's, consider saying goodbye to Premature Burial
    and/or Call of the Haunted.
5b. If you add both R's, you may omit Heavy Storm.
5c. You should ALWAYS add E.
5d. H can be useful at times for Jaden to kill that monster that's
    only slightly stronger than his Sparkman.
6. Keep 2 Skyscrapers.
7. Add all the Fusion monsters.
8. 2 Polymerization, 1 Future Fusion, all Miracle Fusion
9. Add Mystical Space Typhoon and Heavy Storm
10. Add as much (good) monster removal as you can
11. Optionally, add Exiled Force, D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Assailant
Remove more cards until you have a 40+ size deck.

Now Jaden will battle with one of the brothers (I think it's random
which one he fights).

You have to watch this automatic battle (you can't touch any cards).
Pray he has a good draw and doesn't make any dumb mistakes... because
if you lose, you have to redo Jaden's deck! (...and you can't save a
recipe of it, making losing doubly frustrating)

Once Jaden finally wins, SAVE THE GAME!

If you don't feel confident, it's another Endless Night so you can
level up and buy packs from the store to get new cards.

When you're ready, head back to the Duel Field and face the other
Paradox brother. Be prepared for a tough fight, but you should fare
better than Jaden did.

After you win, Sheppard congratulates you. Crowler is shocked that
he failed to expel you and Jaden again.

[18] Chazz at the lake... again!

(Required Level: 9?)

NOTE: Sometimes this event won't happen yet for some unknown reason.
      The Chumley side-event seems to be a workaround. Or sometimes
      you have to finish fighting the Paradox Brothers first, so head
      over to the Ghost Stories [16].

Chazz wants one more shot at beating you. There will be an event
marker at the lake. You must win this one. I hope your deck has
improved since he's still using the same Union Deck. After losing,
he will disappear...

[19] Alexis talks about Chazz leaving

(Required Level: 9?)

Alexis can normally be fought at night in the lighthouse. But if you
did this right (and encounter her late enough at night), she will
just chat about how Chazz has left the island.

I don't know what triggers this, I think you need to battle the
Obelisk boys first (they will say something about not being able to
find Chazz).

NOTE: You may encounter either the Dimitri event or Jinzo event
      next. Head over to the appropriate section.

[20] Dimitri and Yugi's deck saga

(Required Level: 10? 12?)

You can encounter Dimitri, a Ra Yellow student, randomly outside Red
Dorm. He packs an Ancient Gear deck, a watered-down version of
Crowler's Deck. Beat him (not too difficult) and he will be depressed.

Soon Yugi's deck, which was on display, disappeared, and Crowler
asks you and Jaden to track down the crook.

Return to the area outside of the red dorm, and randomly encounter
Dimitri who is now using Yugi's deck. Teach him a lesson.

Once he loses, Dimitri will wonder why he can't win. Jaden will tell
him that he lost because he lacked heart--the deck wasn't his. Jaden
encourages Dimitri to make his own deck.

[21] Jinzo event

(Required Level: 10? 12?)

You can encounter Torrey randomly around the island; he invites you
to join his club. (No duel.) I don't know if it's necessary, but
maybe you need to meet him at least once.

After class, Torrey, president of the Seance Club, will approach you.
He says he fears for his life as all the other members of his club
have vanished without a trace and that it may have something to do
with a duel spirit.

Try to go to sleep for the night, but you will be awakened. Head over
outside of the dorm and into the power plant, where Torrey is being
attacked by Jinzo. Duel Jinzo and save the sissy!

Tip: Run less traps in your deck.

After you win, Torrey will thank you. The next day, all the members
of his club have mysteriously returned.

(CHANGED DECKS: Torimaki, Mototani, Tanaka, Katou, Syrus, Alexis,

[22] School Field Duels vs Bastion and Jaden

(Required Level: 12)

NOTE: If you haven't done the Dimitri event yet, go back to [20].

After class, Crowler will announce that Duel Academy will have a
friendly match against the North Academy. They will have to choose
between you, Jaden and Bastion.

So when you're ready (or when you're finished abusing the endless
night) head over to the duel field to battle.

First match is against Bastion. His deck is an improved version of the
one before, but you shouldn't have any trouble.

After that Jaden will duel Bastion (automatic, no on-screen duel) and
Jaden will emerge victorious.

You will have to face Jaden next, but you can go back and save (or
continue the endless night) if you want before dueling Jaden, just tell
Crowler you're not ready.

He is sporting a highly-improved Hero deck. (I don't think he uses the
deck you made in the Paradox match; he had Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
in this deck despite me taking her out.)


[23] School Field Match vs Chazz

(Required Level: 14)

You get to hear the famous (infamous?) quote: "Chazz it up!"

After class, Crowler will tell everyone to go to the harbor to meet
the North Academy ship. To everyone's shock, Chazz is now wearing the
black outfit. After some conversation, you are told to go to the Duel

So save the game, be prepared, take advantage of the endless night.

NOTE: Sorry, no Ship Packs at the store today. The North Academy ship
      doesn't count. :(

Once you're ready, head over to the Duel Field and face Chazz in a
match (best 2 out of 3 duels). He is using an Armed Dragon/Level Up
deck so bring a lot of monster removal.

Once you humiliate Chazz, the North Academy ship leaves but Chazz
stays on the island. Sheppard forces him to stay in Slifer Red Dorm.

Jaden: "Whoa, we finally get to be neighbors... we can even share

(DUELISTS UNLOCKED: Fontaine, Dimitri)
(CHANGED DECKS: Jasmine, Mindy, Sartyr, Beauregard, Brier)

[24] Seven Shadow Riders

(Required Level: 15)

The first Monday after the previous event or when you hit level 15,
your spirit will interrupt you before you go to class. I wonder why.

On Tuesday after class, Sheppard will gather some duelists in his
office (yourself included; Zane is there too) and talk about the
Three Sacred Beasts... cards protected by the Duel Academy that can
destroy the world when released.

The Shadow Riders are now on the island and hunting the seven keys
required to unlock the cards. Since "ancient edicts" give everyone a
cheap excuse to engage in more duels, Sheppard entrusts the keys to
Crowler and six Duel Academy students.

[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** a) Nightshroud

(Required Level: 15)

Around sunset, look for an unregistered duelist outside the Slifer

Jaden and your spirit will interrupt you. You two will be warped to
the volcano where a mysterious man is putting Syrus and Chumley in
hot water (not literally).

Nightshroud engages you in a Shadow Game in exchange for the freedom
of the two other boys. Beat him to a pulp, he even goes unconscious
after you win.

Zane and Alexis appear and unmask the guy. It's Alexis' long-lost
brother, Atticus! Who would've known? They take Atticus to the
school's medical office.

After that you are warped to the dorm. From that point you can enjoy
the Endless Night, or return to your dorm to end it.

After a conversation with Jaden at the dorm, you can finally save the
game and go to sleep.

(You will not be able to duel Alexis for a while.)

[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** b) Camula

(Required Level: 15)

After class, Katou and Tanaka will talk about a girl with fangs
around the lake. Then Jaden asks Alexis about Atticus, he's doing

Your group assembles at the Chancellor's Office again. Sheppard
reports a vampire is around, it's probably the second Shadow Rider.

Enter an Endless Night event. The night will go on until you go to
an event marker in the lake. Whoa, I didn't know there was a freakin'
castle there!

Your group attempts to enter but you are stopped by Camula who is the
mistress of the castle. Zane tries to defeat her in a duel but loses
and gets turned into a doll. (And there is a special graphic for
this too!)

Your group is ejected from the castle and you must go to sleep.

After that, the castle in the lake will be available at night. You
can go there anytime you're ready to duel Camula and her brutal
Zombie Deck in a Shadow Game. (No more Endless Night, boo!)

Camula dissipates after the duel, and Zane returns to normal...
FOR NOW! Mwahahahaha!

[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** c) Tania

(Required Level: 16)

On Monday, it's the Chancellor's Office again for your group. You
don't automatically go, so you can enjoy the Endless Night if you

Go inside and find out students have gone missing again. It's clearly
the work of the Shadow Riders!

After you leave the office, look around the island for a new
building: a colosseum on the east side of the map. Tania, an amazon,
tells you that she forced the missing students to build the colosseum
(wow, that was fast) and she's already sent them home. Now she's
ready to duel anyone. Bastion steps up and says he can handle it.
Now go to sleep.

After that, you can go to the colosseum anytime you want to move the
storyline. You can level up and buy cards if you feel the need to.

You enter the colosseum and find Bastion has lost! But his soul
didn't get taken or anything. Tania turns on you and challenges you
to a Shadow Game. Tania is running a mean beatdown deck... so grab
your Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute... or make a stall deck...

After you beat her, Tania congratulates you for winning. She really
isn't that much of a villain at all. Just a competitor.

And Bastion seems in love with her, so...


[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** d) Don Zaloog

(Required Level: 16)

The next day, you go to school, the usual. After class it's time to
head to the Chancellor's Office again (or don't, for Endless Night).

Chancellor Sheppard introduces you to Detective Magure, a police
officer who urges everyone to hide their keys in their rooms.

So they all do it, except you.

You can now sleep soundly afterwards... YEAH RIGHT!

Jaden wakes you up and says his key was stolen. Chazz' key is gone
too. Go outside the dorm and you see an event marker.

You all head into the cafeteria and wonder what is going on. The
detective is there too... Chazz accuses him of stealing the keys!

It's Don Zaloog, leader of the Dark Scorpions... and of course, his
deck is about the Dark Scorpions. Beat him and close the case!

You get all the keys back... and Don Zaloog is a duel spirit, so
he disappears. Phew!

[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** e) Abidos the Third

(Required Level: 17)

Banner holds a lecture on an ancient Egyptian pharaoh... NOT
PHARAOH ATEMU, you Yugi fanboys and fangirls!

Abidos the Third never lost a duel, Banner says. End of class.

Now go to the lighthouse at night to watch a conversation
between Alexis and Zane about Atticus... when Abidos the Third
and his Solid-Gold Egyptian Arena of Doom (tm) appear out of
nowhere. Another Shadow Game! Watch out, he has a lot of good
cards like Heavy Storm and Nobleman of Crossout. Most of his
creatures are deck searchers and his Pyramid Turtle is able to bring
out his star player, Vampire Lord!

After you put Abidos in his place, he claims he hasn't had this much
fun in centuries... he's never lost since his opponents always let
him win. Ahh, another competitor.

[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** f) Titan

(Required Level: 17)

After class, head over to the Medical Office inside the school.

Atticus is still out cold, and of course Alexis is there checking
up on her brother. Suddenly Titan appears! He tells Alexis to come
with him... if she wants Atticus back! Alexis apparently didn't
recognize him from the previous encounter when you first went to the
Abandonded Dorm... but you all leave just as Atticus wakes up!

Something fishy's going on here.

Try go to back to the dorm... and Chazz and Jaden say they couldn't
find Alexis!

Head over to the Abandoned Dorm at night to duel Titan, with new
improved underworld deck. He has Breaker the Magical Warrior! And
watch out for his trap card that seals two of your face-down spells/
traps. Pray that you top-deck your Mystical Space Typhoon!

After you crush Titan and force his soul back into the Shadow Realm,
Alexis congratulates you. Atticus shows up and explains how he became
a Shadow Rider... he was studying Shadow Games, which caused him
horrible nightmares.

Someone else was studying Shadow Games... Professor Banner!?

Now Alexis wants to investigate... but you need to get some shuteye.


[24] Seven Shadow Riders
**** g) Amnael

(Required Level: 18)

Once again, you are told to go to the Chancellor's office.

No one has seen Professor Banner since yesterday... I wonder if
Alexis had him assassinated... no..?

Go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning... Mindy barges in to
your room... :)

Ok, she tells you that Alexis has been missing... again!

Torimaki adds that Atticus and Chazz are gone as well. Say YES to
help search. But you have to go to class first. After class, Jaden,
Syrus and Chumley help you out. You may notice that the music outside
is night music even though it's broad daylight.

Head over to the Abandoned Dorm at night. The sinister Amnael lures
you and Jaden into his lab... just like he did the three missing
students... and you duel..! It's a Macro Cosmos deck. You must beat
him twice in a row. NOT A MATCH DUEL. YOU CAN'T SAVE IN BETWEEN!!!

When you win... Amnael is unmasked as Banner... he claims he was
training you to prepare for a disaster... then his body breaks up
and he is no more... what now?

[25] Date to Dismember

(Required Level: 18)

Oh great. The Chancellor's Office again after class. I guess we're
getting expelled for killing off Banner...

What!? Just a warning? Phew... wait a minute, there's an event marker
at the harbor near the red dorm...

You and Chazz eavesdrop on a conversation between Zane and Alexis.

Afterwards, head over to the east side of the island for another
event marker. OMG... Atticus is being "harassed" by the Obelisk Blue
girls... then he spots you and challenges you to a friendly duel.
He sports a similar deck to when he was still Nightshroud (a toolbox
swarm deck).

You can save at this point, then head back to the same event marker
on the east side.

Alexis shows up, so does Chazz. Atticus says Chazz and you should
duel to see who's going on a date with Alexis. :|

Chazz uses a mean stall deck. Trap and spell destruction should be
your main priority if playing creature beatdown... or run your own
stall deck.

After beating Chazz, you don't have an opportunity to move on to your
promised date, because...

[26] Three Sacred Beasts

(Required Level: 18)

...there's an earthquake! Your spirit keys are flying away!
Sinister music plays! Hold on to your seats, people! Investigate!

But first... endless night time! You can save or level up or go
spirit-hunting at this point.

When you're ready, head over to the Seven Spirit Gates, a new area
on the east side of the map.

Superintendent Kagemaru is behind all this. He's the one that sealed
the Sacred Beasts but now he needs the power for world domination and
eternal life.

Sheppard will warn you that Kagemaru must summon the sacred beast
first before you beat him (you don't have to destroy the card before

All of the matches here are Shadow Games.

If you didn't let Kagemaru summon the sacred beast, you can defeat
him for experience but the story will not go on. This is a good
way to rack up experience.


Head back into the gates when you're ready.

First face his Hamon deck. Watch out for MULTIPLE Wave Motion
Cannons and tons of continuous spell cards. Have him summon Hamon
first by keeping his spell cards in play (destroy the Wave Motion
Cannons if they will kill you though). Watch out for Royal Decree.
You can kill off Hamon after he comes out, using any removal spell.

Once you properly win the match, Kagemaru isn't defeated yet. He
absorbs the duel energy and becomes young again!


You are allowed to save at this point, so do it. Head back in and...

Face off against the Uria deck. This deck relies on tons of
continuous trap cards, so Royal Decree or Jinzo are good choices.
Uria enters the field with at least 3000 attack (1000 ATK/DEF per
continuous trap card in the graveyard). Uria destroys one spell or
trap per turn as well, so don't rely on them. Use Exiled Force and
other monsters with kill effects.

After the duel, Kagemaru absorbs more energy and becomes younger
again! It's not over yet!


Save again before you re-enter.

The Raviel deck consists of fiends. Lots of them. Let him summon
three and the big boy will come out. Raviel isn't anything special,
he just has high attack power. So stall or destroy him by any means

Once you put Kagemaru back on life support, Sheppard will lock up
the keys somewhere safe (isn't that ironic?).

(CHANGED DECKS: Crowler, Bastion, Torrey, Dimitri, Torimaki,
                Mototani, Erishi, America, Tanaka, Katou, Chumley)
(Heh, Dimitri is using Yugi's deck again.)

[27] Chumley leaves the island

During class, Crowler announces that Chumley won a card design
contest run by Industrial Illusions.

The day goes by normally until nightfall. Jaden and Syrus say
Chumley has disappeared! Head outside for an event marker and endless
night. (This is a good time to fight Chazz, meet him in the north

Head over to the event marker and Chumley will duel you with a new
beatdown deck. After the duel, Jaden and Syrus join Chumley in a
conversation... Chumley was invited by Maximillion Pegasus to work as
a card designer, but he has to leave Duel Academy. Good-bye!

The next weekday after class, you head over to the harbor
automatically and send Chumley off as he leaves on a ship.

(You will not be able to duel Chumley for a while.)

[28] Zane's Graduation Duel

(Required Level: 19)

After class, Crowler announces the graduation of the upper class.
Zane is the valedictorian so he gets to duel anyone he wants in the
honorary duel.

Go back to the dorm and... Zane comes in and says he wants to duel
you in his graduation duel.

The next day, you are told to enter the duel field. Enter anytime
you feel like it.

Everyone will talk about how you are a miracle worker, before
Crowler orders the match to begin. Face off with Zane's machine
deck. Win or lose, Zane will say he can graduate knowing the school
is in good hands. Also, you spot Syrus in Ra Yellow clothes. He got
promoted there due to his good grades.

[29] Duel Aster Phoenix at the Red Dorm (and other events)

(Required Level: 20)

You can trigger this event anytime. Just walk into the Red Dorm.
(click on the building, don't use your handy dorm icon)

Aster Phoenix will challenge you to a duel with his E-Heroes deck.
After you win he runs off. Syrus and Dorothy show up and claim that
Aster is actually a professional duelist!

At this point, Tyranno will show up at an event marker outside your
dorm. Beat him again!


After class next day, head back INTO the school. You should meet
Aster Phoenix who claims he beat Zane in the pro dueling circuit.
Syrus is there, and is surprised that Zane lost.

Once you are back in your dorm at night, Jaden barges in and says
Syrus is coming back a bit too late. Jaden wants you to help you
search. ACTIVATE ENDLESS NIGHT MODE. Head out to the east side of
the island for an event marker.

Syrus is at the shore wondering where Zane went, because he has
been missing for days, and Syrus can't contact him.

(PACK UNLOCKED: Sword and Sorcery Combo)
(CHANGED DECKS: Dimitri, Fontaine)

[30] Dark Zane Saga and School Tournament

(Required Level: 20)

After class the next day, Crowler will tell everyone to go to the
Duel Field.

Sheppard announces a school-wide dueling event where upperclassmen
get to 'school' the new students. In addition, Sheppard is also
inviting guests to participate in the tournament.

Crowler orders all the students in his class (yourself included) to


On Sunday, the ship will arrive and Chumley is back on vacation!
And he's wearing his new suit. Leave the room and you all head into
Jaden's room.

You, Chumley, Jaden and Syrus engage in a conversation about Zane,
mostly about how Zane humiliated someone in a duel recently.

Syrus: "That doesn't sound like something Zane would do!"

Note: This occurs on a Ship weekend. If the ship doesn't arrive
      this week, you unfortunately have to wait one more week.


On Monday, Chazz will report that Zane is on the island. That can't
be good.

Head to your room anytime and Torimaki says: Chazz is going to duel
Zane! Mototani comes out and asks you to interfere. This can't be

Head outside to the event marker, and it's too late, Zane has
escaped. Chazz claims Zane had changed for the worse, much to the
chagrin of Syrus.

Head over to the event marker on the east side of the map at night.
Atticus pops up and tells you that Sheppard told him something is
wrong with Zane. "His deck is completely different... I sense dark
energies from his deck." Since Atticus is his best friend, Atticus
has been tasked to stop him. Atticus wants you to practice dueling
with him so you are told to go to the volcano...

Head to the North side of the map at the event marker near the
Volcano... OMG that place is huge... anyway, enter and it's a trap!
Atticus resumes his secret identity of Nightshroud. Is that a good
idea? Is it a Shadow Game?

After you beat him, Nightshroud says the dark powers are coming
back to him so he can try to beat Zane. Alexis shows up and is
worried about losing Atticus again to the darkness. Nightshroud tells
her not to worry. Go to sleep then.

On Thursday, Crowler will announce the finals of the tourney will be
happening tomorrow. The finalists are: Alexis, Aster Phoenix, Jaden
and you (ooh what a pleasant surprise!).

Go outside and look for Alexis (you can use the Friend Search). She
will make a few comments about Atticus and Zane, then leave.

When you try to go to sleep, you will have a gut feeling that
something's not right. So head outside and look for Syrus. He will
tell you to head to the volcano pronto! Do it and Atticus was just
reeling from a battle with Zane. Zane had absorbed all of Atticus'
dark powers, so he's all clean. Syrus and Atticus can tell that
there's still a part of goodguy Zane remaining, so they want you
to duel Zane in a Shadow Game to rekindle his respect for the

Dark Zane: "I only care about victory!"

Depending on your initial hand, Dark Zane can kill you within 1-3
turns or can be downright pathetic.

* Try to go second, unless you count on having a set flip monster
or trap or spell that can kill a monster on your starting hand.
* Zane will often start with Future Fusion to dump all his machine
monsters from the deck onto his graveyard, then Overload Fusion to
remove all those machines and summon a fearsome 10000+ ATK
Chimeratech Overdragon with multiple attacks per turn. When it's
your turn, KILL IT with any means necessary.
* After the death of the first Overdragon, set a trap and anticipate
its return (Zane may try to re-summon it using cards in his hand, if
he has another Overload Fusion), then kill it again. Afterwards,
you may now destroy Zane however you please.

After the duel, Zane escapes but everyone knows he will be back...
and they are confident they can return Zane to his rightful self.
Unfortunately, this plotline is left unresolved in this game.

(From now until after the end of the game, you will not be able
 to duel Alexis.)

Go to sleep. On the next day, Crowler will remind everyone to head
over to the Duel Field to watch/participate in the tournament.

Now all you have to do is bring your deck and your duel spirit to
the duel field and beat Aster Phoenix' Destiny Heroes deck and
Jaden's Elemental Heroes deck to finish the story.

Or don't. This is the last endless night you will encounter. After
you defeat the tournament finalists, you will never experience any
more long and fun nocturnal spirit-hunting excursions.

Whew! This game's long. Congratulations!

[31] THE END

After the credits roll, save your game. You can reload and continue
the game.

Bonuses for beating the game
1. All map locations (such as the castle in the lake) are unlocked
2. You can now duel many storyline figures like Tania and Camula.
   Even Dark Zane and Kagemaru! Shadow Games abound!
3. Speaking of Kagemaru, you can duel him for the Sacred Beast cards.
4. Some duelists now use a forbidden card. You have been warned.
5. ...at least you are able to use one forbidden card in your decks.
6. More spirits are available.
7. The Temple of Kings booster pack is now available at the store.

Section 5 [SIDE]
Side Event Details

[S1] Spot Chumley randomly around the island

(Required Level: 1)

He can be found all over the place, but reliable places I found him
in during the Weekdays include around Red Dorm during the afternoon,
and on the north side at night (when the arrow is almost to the end
of the time bar).

You will see him drop his cards. Whether you answered yes or no hardly
matters. You can even encounter him repeatedly before the next event
will occur.

(Reqired Level: around 8)

A red event marker will eventually appear on the east side. This is
not an Endless Night event, but you can do this on the next day if
you have to. Encounter Chumley. Whether you win or lose, his duelist
soul will be rekindled and you can finally duel him...


[S2] Tyranno events

(Required Level: starts at 11)

NOTE: The Tyranno matches do not happen one-after-the-other.
Sometimes the matches happen over time in-between many other (main)

First Match: A Ra Yellow student, Tyranno, barges into your room
   and challenges you to a duel!
Second Match: Tyranno barges into your room and challenges you to a
   duel... again! This time, Syrus shows up to cheer you on. An
   Event Marker appears outside the dorm, engage Tyranno when you
   feel you're ready.
   Once you win, Bastion (who is a Ra Yellow) claims he's never seen
   Tyranno before. Tyranno runs away before any more questions are
Third Match: An Event Marker pops up randomly outside the Red Dorm.
   It's Tyranno again! Beat his deck one last time, and he confesses
   that he's not really a student but a soldier who wanted to test
   Duel Academy before he will enroll. He decides to return next year
   but for now, he leaves the island.
(And then, after a large chunk of the story...)
Fourth Match: After dueling Aster Phoenix for the first time, you
   will see an Event Marker outside your dorm. It's Tyranno, who had
   just enrolled in the Duel Academy. Duel him again!


Section 6 [FAQ1]
Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Can I change dorms?
A: No, you can't. You are always in Slifer Red. But you can eventually
   get Ra Yellow and Obelisk Blue outfits, which is the next best

Q: Then what is the quiz on Monday for?
A: It's mostly just for fun. Oh, get a perfect score to earn the
   title of "Study King" (go to your closet after getting the
   perfect score).

Q: What happens when I lose a Shadow Game?

Q: What happens when I lose a storyline duel that isn't a Shadow Game?
A: Some duels don't matter. If you lose, the game goes on.
   Other duels (such as Paradox Bros.) matter. If you lose, you wake
   up at the dorm. ("I was dreaming!")

Q: How do I get spirits?
A: I will leave the opportunity for someone to write a detailed
   Spirits FAQ. But here's an overview: after your first spirit, you
   have to encounter the others randomly during sunset or night. You
   scan for them with the Duelist Radar like with other duelists.
   Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't, so just leave/re-enter
   a map until one appears.

   Initially only the North Side spirits will appear. Other spirits
   begin to appear as you progress in the story.

Q: Can I duel Jaden?
A: Not until the end of the game will you find Jaden and other
   important storyline figures wandering around the island.

Q: Can I duel Zane?
A: Only Dark Zane, and only after the credits.

Q: Why is the Submarine and/or Ship not appearing?
A: If an event is going on and it somehow spills over into the
   weekend, it will cause the ship/sub not to appear.

Section 7 [FAQ2]
Stuck? The events most people get stuck on.

Here are the popular thread posts recently at the GameFAQs forums,
and where I personally got stuck.

1. Blair Event
A: Head to the blue male dorm instead of waiting for Bastion to show
   up at your dorm.

2A. Chazz at the lake
A: Level up and see if Jaden starts telling Ghost Stories. If so, you
   may encounter Chazz at the lake after the Paradox Bros. school
   field event.

2B. Alexis at the lighthouse... she won't talk, she just duels me!
A: After "The Chazz" loses at the lake, battle the two Obelisk blue
   students (Torimaki and Mototani) and they will say something about
   not finding where Chazz is recently.
A: I also got her to talk when it's later in the night. (I fought one
   duel early night, but the night wasn't finished, so I tried to
   talk to her again.)

3. Jinzo and Dimitri events
A: Level up. I don't care how high your level is, sometimes this
   game sucks and wants you to grow one level.
A: Try to randomly encounter both Torrey and Dimitri outside.

4. Chumley's return (after events with Aster Phoenix)
A: Wait for a Sunday when the ship arrives. Chumley should
   automatically talk to you after you wake up.
   If the ship isn't coming this week, wait until the next!

Section 8 [HIST]
Revision History 

v1.6 (February 21, 2007)
* Moved Blair to main events!
* Since more people seem to have found Chazz after Paradox Bros., I
  moved that event

v1.5 (February 14, 2007)
* Fixed up credits section
* Minor updates and interesting clarifications from contributors

v1.4 (February 7, 2007)
* Major updates from email

v1.3 (February 7, 2007)
* More updates and clarifications
* Miscellaneous grammar and spelling corrections
* Added clarification on some events before the final tournament
* Changed some level requirements

v1.2 (February 1, 2007)
* Walkthrough complete
* Fixed Jaden deck-fixing tips in Paradox event
* Added details to "Nightshroud" event
* Dimitri and Jinzo order swapped
* Added "you can use a Forbidden card" to what you get for beating
  the game

v1.1 (January 27, 2007)
* Walkthrough for Shadow Riders and Sacred Beasts complete!
* Added level requirements

v1.0 (January 25, 2007)
* First release
* Walkthrough up to first Shadow Rider complete

Section 9 [MAIL]
Contact Info

My email address is mercenary_badger (at) y^h00.c0m --

Please put something like "YugiOh GX SC Walkthrough" or whatever that
would help me tell which is spam and which isn't.

Please do send any:
    1. contributions
    2. corrections
    3. donations

Please don't send:
    2. flames 
    3. bad grammar or leetspeak... English need not be perfect; as
       long as I can understand you it's ok

Thank you for reading my guide!

If you have any questions, please post at the GameFAQs message board
for YGOGX Spirit Caller and someone will answer your question.

Final Words

"I can tell that you love dueling. Never lose that feeling."

        -Sartyr, in-game mail

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