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Tosen Guide by Batigh

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/30/2007

Tosen Character FAQ for Bleach DS 2nd
v1.0                    July 30, 2007

To use the table of contents, do a document search for the key on the right,
with brackets. It should return two results - that of the table of contents,
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Table of Contents........................................................[KEY]

Command List Analysis....................................................[CMA]
	Normal Movelist..................................................[NML]
		Crouching Normals........................................[CNM]
			Crouching Light..................................[CLT]
			Crouching Medium.................................[CMM]
			Crouching Heavy..................................[CHY]
		Standing Normals.........................................[SNM]
			Standing Light...................................[SLT]
			Standing Medium..................................[SMM]
			Standing Heavy...................................[SHY]
		Aerial Normals...........................................[ANM]
			Aerial Light.....................................[ALT]
			Aerial Medium....................................[AMM]
			Aerial Heavy.....................................[AHY]
	Special Movelist.................................................[SML]
		Special A................................................[SPA]
		Special B................................................[SPB]
		Special C................................................[SPC]
		Special D................................................[SPD]
		Special E................................................[SPE]
	Super Movelist...................................................[SUM]
		Super A..................................................[SUA]
		Super B..................................................[SUB]
Combo Section............................................................[CSN]
	Basic Combos.....................................................[BCB]
	Advanced Combos..................................................[ACB]
Playstyle Guide..........................................................[PSG]
	Basic Playstyle Guide............................................[BPG]
	Advanced Techniques..............................................[AVT]
		Versus Tall Characters...................................[VTC]
		Versus Short Characters..................................[VSC]
		Versus Tosen.............................................[VTO]
Legal Stuff and Contact Info.............................................[LSN]


Tosen has fallen on hard times since Bleach DS 1st. His most damaging combos
from 1st are now outright impossible to do, with no real replacements.
Nevertheless, Tosen is still a workable character, able to hang with the rest.

If you have something you'd like added to this FAQ, please let me know.
Contact info is in the Legal Stuff section at the end of this document.

COMMAND LIST ANALYSIS====================================================[CMA]

This section details the mechanics of all of Tosen's commands with commentary.

NORMAL MOVELIST                                                          [NML]

Tosen's normals are nothing to write home about - both his light and medium
normals of all varieties are some of the worst in the game.

CROUCHING NORMALS                                                        [CNM]

Out of the three normal categories, his crouching are the best at their
intended purpose, since vertical area coverage isn't an issue.

CROUCHING LIGHT                                                          [CLT]

Tosen thrusts his sword quickly along the ground.

1 hit, 4 damage.

Up from two damage in 1st. This normal is fast and has adequate range, but if
starting a combo from close to max range, be careful you don't try to continue
with more normals without closing the distance with a shunpo first. If you're
not careful, combos started at range will end almost before they're begun due
to pushback. Tosen seems to have more trouble in this area than other

CROUCHING MEDIUM                                                         [CMM]

Tosen thrusts his sword along the ground as in his Crouching Light, but more

1 hit, 6 damage.

Deals the standard amount of damage. Pushback is more severe than light, but
less than heavy.

CROUCHING HEAVY                                                          [CHY]

Tosen swings his sword in an upward arc, sending his opponent into the air.

1 hit, 8 damage.

Tosen's basic launcher, deals standard heavy damage. Actually has good
horizontal AND vertical area coverage. Still, don't try to start a combo with
it. Counts as a standing hit, meaning it will not break the guard of standing
opponents, whereas the other crouching normals do.

STANDING NORMALS                                                         [SNM]

Tosen's standing normals are terrible any way you look at them. Others might
have a worse light or a worse medium, but their other normals help make up for
this. Not so in Tosen's case.

STANDING LIGHT                                                           [SLT]

Tosen thrusts his sword straight forward at (his) head level.

1 hit, 4 damage.

Considering Tosen is stabbing his opponent in the face, the damage output of
this move is rather silly. Can't hit a standing Yachiru, Kon, or Ririn at all,
and whiffs most crouching opponents.
The following characters can be hit by this while crouching: Komamura, Aizen,
Orihime, Genryusai, Grand Fisher, Kyoraku, Bonnie, and Menos Grande.

In general, try to start your combos with a crouching light. It is far less

STANDING MEDIUM                                                          [SMM]

As in standing light, Tosen thrusts his sword straight forward at head level.
More powerful and slower than standing light.

1 hit, 6 damage.

Suffers the same problems as standing light, but is safer to use more
frequently if you catch them in a combo while they stand. Interesting to note
is that, while it shares the same animation as standing light (albeit slower),
it can hit some crouching opponents that standing light misses completely.

STANDING HEAVY                                                           [SHY]

Tosen swings his sword in an overhead slash.

1 hit, 8 damage.

Standard damage for a heavy and great area coverage. Hitbox extends overhead
and behind him a little. Does not count as an aerial attack.

AERIAL NORMALS                                                           [ANM]

Tosen's air normals aren't bad, but again, area coverage is severely lacking.

AERIAL LIGHT                                                             [ALT]

Tosen thrusts his sword directly in front of him. Can be chained into itself

1 hit, 4 damage.

You'll use this a lot in air combos. Again, while area coverage is absolutely
terrible, it is one of the faster-chaining aerial lights, allowing more hits
in a given combo. Since it hits so high, it is difficult to get a
clean hit on a standing person to start a combo, let alone crouching.

AERIAL MEDIUM                                                            [AMM]

Tosen swings his sword in a horizontal arc.

1 hit, 6 damage.

This has the same horizontal coverage of his aerial light, but much, much
better vertical coverage both above and below the light. In 1st, it had some
limited crossup ability, but no longer.

AERIAL HEAVY                                                             [AHY]

Tosen swings his sword in a downward arc from over his head.

1 hit, 8 damage.

Excellent area coverage. Also used to have some crossup ability, but it was
also removed.  By far the best vertical coverage of his air normals, it is
easiest to hit a crouching opponent with this. Still not easy compared to many
other characters, though. See 'Controlled Falling' in the Playstyle Guide for
some practical uses.

THROW                                                                    [TRW]

Tosen tosses his opponent from the hip, putting the opponent into a wallbounce

2 hits, 6 damage.

Tosen's throw is pretty fast. It isn't possible to land an OTG after a throw
when touching the corner you're throwing to, but it is possible to land an OTG
only a few character lengths out of the corner. A good super A setup if
done from the right distance.

The aerial version of this throw behaves exactly like the vast majority of air
throws: 2 hits for 6 damage, spikes the opponent with no combo opportunities.
Use it on air-guard-happy opponents.

SPECIAL MOVELIST                                                         [SML]

Tosen's specials are a mixed bag, but on the whole they are above average.

SPECIAL A                                                                [SPA]

Nake, Suzumushi!

Tosen uses one of his Shikai abilities, creating an expanding ring that
paralyzes all it touches.

Command Input: Down Down Y/X/A

General: 3/4 screen radius, 1 hit, 1 damage, 1 second stun.
Light: Fast startup, slow recovery.
Medium: Slow startup, fast recovery.
RF: Fast startup and recovery.


This special was hurt pretty badly in the transition to 2nd. While it is
possible to combo into the light version, the stun actually ends before your
recovery animation does, making it absolutely worthless. Medium retains the
startup from 1st, but with quicker recovery, making followup possible (though
difficult). The setups for a medium version that worked in 1st have been
removed, so it is almost as worthless as the light version.

The RF version can be comboed into by way of either RF C (at the exact right
distance) or a simple crouching heavy. Either way, it is not worth the meter.
The stun length is the same as the light and medium versions, down from almost
four seconds in first.

Chaining this special into itself will knock the opponent down, ending the
combo. Can be used as wakeup pressure, but be careful of spacing
if used in such a manner - they can and will guard cancel into shunpo, and if
you do it too close to them, they'll have enough time to start a combo on you.

The RF version is good in four player games, as it is possible to catch
everyone at once in it. Also of use if you mess up a combo while your Bankai
is active. Most players don't crouch and block, but instead jump around
throwing out normals and specials, hoping to catch you in a combo.

In two player games, RF-A is an option for catching shunpoing players, due to
the new RF mechanic discussed more fully in the playstyle guide. The light and
medium versions should never be thrown out randomly.

SPECIAL B                                                                [SPB]

Benihikou (Red Locusts)

One of Tosen's Shikai abilities, Benihikou creates a wave of steel needles
that travel at high speed.

Command Input: Down Forward Y/X/A

Light: One wave, low velocity. 8 hits, 7 damage.
Short startup, long recovery, minor slideback.

Medium: Two waves, first high velocity, second low. 16 hits, 14 damage.
Long startup, short recovery, slight slideback.

RF: Two waves, first high velocity, second low. 16 hits, 14 damage.
Short startup and recovery, slight slideback.

Air light: One wave, high velocity, horizontal trajectory. 8 hits, 7 damage.
Major slideback.

Air medium: One wave, high velocity, diagonal trajectory 45 degrees down from
horizontal. 8 hits, 7 damage.
Minor slideback.

Air RF: Two waves, high velocity, diagonal trajectory 45 degrees down from
horizontal. 16 hits, 14 damage. 
Minor slideback.

Formerly the single best projectile in the game, complete with short recovery
time and variable speed for quick damage, combo applications or pressure. Now,
only the ground RF version has real combo uses. The light and medium ground
versions both keep you planted on the floor for too long to be useful. Air
light and medium are both viable for pressure. Light is particularly good,
since the slideback function makes the move difficult to punish at close range
and nearly impossible for most characters at long. See the playstyle guide for
useful techniques in 2nd as well as tricks removed in the transition from 1st.

SPECIAL C                                                                [SPC]

Muda da! (It's futile!)

Tosen charges his opponent with a head-height thrust, dealing damage and
putting the target in wallbounce state.

Command Input: Back Down Forward Y/X/A

Light: Short distance, long recovery. 1 hit, 8 damage.
Medium: Long distance, short recovery. 1 hit, 8 damage.
RF: Long distance, short recovery. 4 hits, 10 damage.

Much reduced in usefulness from first, the long recovery on the light is now
even longer, making infinites not even remotely possible. This is a good thing
for game balance on the whole, but as a side effect also kills useful special
A setups. Previously, the RF version had no cooldown at all, but there is
sufficient cooldown now to prevent OTGs when done in the corner.

Despite the nerfs, medium and RF are still useful - OTGs are possible if done
such that the attack ends near the corner as opposed to in it, such as from
one corner to another. See the combo section and playstyle guide for more

SPECIAL D                                                                [SPD]

Vibration Edge

Tosen stands still and stabs extremely rapidly in front of him for as long as
you hold the button used to perform it down.

Command Input: Down Up Y/X/A

Light and Medium: Relatively low damage per second. About 13 hits, 11 damage
before pushback mechanics end damage output.
RF: Doubles damage per second. Results in about 19 hits, 16 damage by the time
pushback separates you enough to end damage output.
Air Light and Medium: Low damage per second, dealing about 25 hits for 21
Air RF: Best damage, deals about 30 hits for 27 damage, depending on spacing.

Most similar to Chun Li's (of Street Fighter fame) Lightning Legs.
Performing this move as close to the ceiling as possible increases the time
the opponent is caught in the move, resulting in more damage than an aerial RF
B, making this the air combo finisher of choice. Causes knockdown state if
done in the air and ended prematurely. Has limited usability in ground combos,
but the effort vs. reward is not at all worth it.

This special was indirectly improved from 1st, due to the new RF mechanic
discussed in the playstyle guide. Catching a falling opponent in an RF special
D, even if they block it, deals a surprising amount of chip damage, and trying
to escape will only make them take more damage. Eyeballing it, it looks like
blocking the whole thing in the air results in 30 damage or more - nothing to
sneeze at. Use it as often as possible - free damage like this is hard to come

Yes, I made up the name. I don't know what it is actually called.

SPECIAL E                                                                [SPE]

Whisper Strike

Tosen whispers, becoming invisible and charging. If Tosen passes through the
opponent, multiple lasers will strike Tosen's victim.

Command Input: Forward Down Forward Y/X/A

Light and Medium: Short distance. 9 hits, 11 damage.
RF: Long distance. 13-16 hits, 14-16 damage.

Overall the least useful of Tosen's specials. While it does make you
invisible, it does not make you invulnerable, and it is very easy to guess
your position and start a combo on you before you hit your intended target.
Still, it moves quickly enough that RF can punish a distant opponent's
mistakes, if you have the reflexes. Barely possible to continue an air combo
after an RF from the right (read: far) distance, but the window of opportunity
is only two frames at most.

I made up the name for this one, too.

SUPER MOVELIST                                                           [SUM]

Tosen only has two supers, both situational. This is not necessarily a bad
thing - since supers aren't an integral part of his gameplay, he can afford to
damage cancel more often.

SUPER A                                                                  [SUA]


A powered up version of his special B, Tosen fires wave after wave of needles
at his opponent.

Command Input: Down Forward Down Forward Y/X/A

Ground: Fires the waves at a slight upward angle. Remains stationary.
Air: Fires the waves at varying downward angles, averaging 45 degrees from the
horizontal. Tosen moves back and up slightly with each wave fired.
Both versions deal 144 hits, 35 damage.

Deals alright damage for a single stock super. Be careful to set up the super
from the right distance, as the needles spawn further in front of Tosen now.
Because of this, it barely hurts some characters (like Ichigo) if done on the
ground while touching them. Its main disadvantage is how long it takes to
execute in full - if it whiffs or is blocked, your opponent has all the time
in the world to get behind you and have their way with you. Make sure it hits.

This super is extremely unsafe in four-player matches. Only use it after an
air combo to minimize risk. Remember, though, that characters like Ichigo and
Rukia don't really care how high you are, and both can catch you in a pillar.

SUPER B                                                                  [SUB]

Suzumushi Bankai, Enma Koorogi

Tosen's sword's final stage of release, Enma Koorogi creates a hellish area
without light, sound, or even smell.

Hits/Damage: N/A

Everyone but Tosen cannot see their opponents and their projectiles until the
Bankai ends. Useful in both two-player and four-player games, though three
super A's can be more effective damage-wise in two-player games. Nicknamed the
'Funhouse', often results in hilarity in four-player free-for-alls.

While the sense-deadening effect is more useful in four-player games, its main
function is increasing the damage of Tosen's attacks. While Bankai is active,
direct damage scaling on Tosen's normals is completely removed (low-health
scaling and direct special scaling are still in effect, though). This makes it
possible for Tosen to break 200 damage combos with the right setup.

During the duration, no players can damage-cancel normals, but for some reason
damage-canceling on specials is still possible. In actual matches, try to find
combos during Bankai that do not involve his specials. In four-player games,
it can be advantageous to extend the length of the Bankai. To do this, simply
stay in the air as long as possible after the duration bar empties, and
perform a maximum-length special D just before hitting the ground.

COMBO SECTION============================================================[CSN]

Here, I will list some of Tosen's more useful combos, along with damage and
hit numbers.

LEGEND                                                                   [LGN]

Copied directly from the Advanced Combo FAQ, which I also wrote.

Quotations (") separate individual actions.


For infinite combos, long arrows (------>) denote the point to loop from once
the end of the combo is reached.


Double vertical lines (||) denote the point at which to go back to the start
of a loop in infinites.


The term 'pseudo-infinite' means a combo string which is very long and likely
to kill or almost kill a target with just that one string. Not classified as
true infinites because a perfectly done combo would end at some point if the
target had infinite health.


Jump cancels in combos are implied.


xN indicates N repetitions of either a single action or a group of actions in


Square brackets [] denote optional parts of combos.


s indicates done standing.


c indicates done crouching.


a indicates done in the air (jumping).


L indicates Y button (light attack).


M indicates X button (medium attack).


H indicates A button (heavy attack).


S indicates the move is special, performed with arrow key inputs.


RF indicates the move is ReinForced, and thus takes one Reiryoku gauge.
Performed with A button when applicable.


SU indicates the move is super, and takes one or three Reiatsu gauges.
Performed with arrow key inputs and any button.


A, B, C, D, E indicate special or super inputs. These differ with each


G indicates use of the Guard button (R). Not currently of use
in any long combos. Some specials and supers require it.


TAFS indicates diagonal Shunpo usage (B plus arrow keys).


BOFS stands for Behind Opponent Flash Step. Horizontal Shunpo usage ending
behind the target.


FS is the all purpose term for Shunpo (Flash steps). Instructions
to FS behind mean behind the target, not the attacker.


OTG indicates the attack must be made just before the target
hits the ground after a wallbounce. If successful, the target
will count as on the ground and will receive horizontal pushback.
If too early, the target will receive vertical pushback, ruining
the combo. If too late, the target will hit the ground and the
combo will end.


Dash in indicates one must double-tap the D-Pad in the direction
of the target to close the distance. The next attack must be 
made quickly, else the target will break out of hit-stun.


IAD stands for In Air Dash. Performed by double-tapping left or
right while in air. Generally done as low to the ground as possible.


When just 'Air Dash' is written, it means one must perform an air dash high
in the air while in the combo string. It is usually only possible to continue
a combo after an air dash if the opponent is wallbounced.


J^ means jump straight up.


J^> means diagonal jump, towards opponent unless otherwise stated.


Commentary written for the author's own combos is written by him.
Combos submitted by others include commentary written by submitters and
commentary written by the author in parentheses.

BASIC COMBOS                                                             [BCB]

Nothing too fancy here, just basic combos to help you work your way up to the

Combo 1 (12 hits, 35 damage)

Anywhere on screen: (sL " sM " sH " FS)x3 " sL " sM " sH

Tosen's basic light, medium, heavy string. Can be easily expanded upon.

Combo 2 (23 hits, 47 damage)

Anywhere on screen: (sL " sM " sH " FS)x3 " cL " cM " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4
" aM " aH

Tosen's basic string extended into an air combo.

Combo 3 (31 hits, 62 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3 " aM
" aH " Dash in " sL " sM " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4 " aM " aH

Tosen's basic string with to-air flash steps.

Combo 4 (34 hits, 66 damage)

In Corner: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " cM " sH " TAFS)x3 " aM " aH
" Dash in " cL " cM " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4 " aM " aH

Tosen's best normal-only damage. Only possible on the tallest of characters,
though loops with less cM are possible for slightly less damage on shorter

Combo 5 (159 hits, 79 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3 " aM
" aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " SU-A

Combo 3, minus the air combo with a super A finisher. Super A is unsafe. The
Super A is not guaranteed to link properly on thinner characters, especially
out of the corner.

Combo 6 (146 hits, 87 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3 " aM
" aH " Dash in " sL " sM " cH " aLx3 " aM " aLx3 " aM " aSU-A

Combo 3 with Super A tagged on. The super A is safe, though super A's air
mechanics reduce the damage potential. Make sure to do less aerial lights, as
too many will push the opponent too far up relative to Tosen and kill Super A

Combo 7 (164 hits, 85 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS " aM
" aH " Dash in " (sL " sM " sH " BOFS)x2 " RF-C " Dash in " SU-A

Combo 5 modified to incorporate a wallbounced Super A. The spacing is strict.

Combo 8 (141 hits, 68 damage)

In Corner: cL " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4 " aM " (FS " aLx2 " aM)x2 " FS above and
behind " aL " aM " aSU-A

Basic launcher to super. This has a great effort vs reward and is rather easy
in spite of lag, so you'll see it a lot online. The FS behind near the end is
to pin Tosen in place and make sure your target takes as much damage from the
super A as possible.

Combo 9 (157 hits, 86 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x2 " aM
" aH " Dash in " sL " sM " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4 " aM " FS above and behind
" aLx2 " aM " aSU-A

Combination of combos 7 and 8. Still relatively easy to do for the damage.
Only trip-up is remembering to save a shunpo for the air portion of the combo.

Combo 10 (197 hits, 115 damage)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3 " aM
" aH " (Dash in " sL " sM " RF-B)x2 " Dash in " cL " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4
" aM " FS above and behind " aLx2 " aM " SU-A

Combo 6 with the addition of two RF moves. Easiest combo of Tosen's that
breaks into triple-digit damage.

ADVANCED COMBOS                                                          [ACB]

These combos will utilize advanced setups and more specials than the basics.
Most of these don't work in 2nd, but they are included to show just how much
Tosen's game was hurt.

Combo 1 (52 hits, 69 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3
" aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " sH

The basic 'Single Needle Loop' (SNL). Spacing is such that it can be started
at any place in the level, though the timing for the aerial light special B
requires finesse.

Combo 2 (62 hits, 76 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3
" aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " cH " aLx3 " aM " aLx4 " aM " aH

SNL modified to end in an air combo.

Combo 3 (88 hits, 79 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x3 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH

The base part of Tosen's best meterless damage - the Double Needle Loop (DNL).
Be careful to not accidentally do a special E when you're trying to do a light
special B on the ground.

Combo 4 (138 hits, 94 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x3 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" cH " J^ aLx3 " aM " aLx4 " aM " FS straight up " aL " aM " aRF-D

DNL with an added air combo. You regen enough shunpo meter while ending the
ground portion of this combo to get the final shunpo off. J^ is specified
because jumping towards the opponent will cause your RF-D to deal almost no

Combo 5 (233 hits, 120 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x3 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sM " sH " RF-C " cL " cH " J^ aLx3 " aM " aLx4 " aM " FS above and behind
" aLx2 " aM " aSU-A

Combo 4 with a super A finisher. The super is safe, but DCable. The cL should
be as close to an OTG as you're comfortable going, but not an actual OTG.
Remember to jump straight up after the launcher instead of diagonally towards
your opponent.

Combo 6 (197 hits, 113 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

Anywhere on screen: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " TAFS)x3
" aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " sH " RF-C " cL " cH " J^ aLx3 " aM
" aLx4 " aM " FS above and behind " aLx2 " aM " aSU-A

Single needle loop ending in a super A. As before, safe, but DCable.

Combo 7 (11 hits, 54 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

This combo is an infinite.

Copied directly from the Advanced Combo FAQ, which I also wrote. The damage
listed is the string up to the end of the first rep.

In Corner: cL " sH " BOFS " cL " sH " cH " LS-C " MS-C
------> Dash under " OTG cL " cH " LS-C " MS-C ||

The basic setup is:

[connect any], cH, L spC, [dash] OR M spC (depending on distance from wall),
cL [OTG]

Submitted by Zhaoyun91

(The cL hit should not be OTG; a bug causes the LS-C to hit, even
though the target is far over Tosen's head, as long as it is reasonably close
to an OTG hit. An actual OTG hit will push the target too far back for the cH
to connect. Further, in the opening launcher, try to do the LS-C as late as
possible to put the target higher into the air. If done correctly, the dash
under will be very simple and the aforementioned bug will manifest if you dash
to the right distance. Once you start the infinite, it is pretty easy to keep
up, as long as you pace yourself.
The dash under is the difficult part to pull off: too slow
dashing and your back will not be to the wall, too fast on the cL and you'll
stab the wrong way. If you fail to dash under the target, it is possible to
use the opening string (cL " sH " BOFS " cL " sH " cH " LS-C)
to get back on track. If out of shunpo and you fail to dash under the target,
it is possible, though difficult, to perform (OTG cL " cH " LS-C
" OTG cL " cH " LS-C) and resume the combo, but the window for
hitting the second cL is very narrow.)

Combo 8 (22 hits, 83 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

This combo is infinite.

Copied directly from the Advanced Combo FAQ, which I also wrote. The damage
listed is the string up to the end of the first rep.

In Corner: cL " sH " BOFS " cL " sH " cH " LS-C " pause
" RF-C " LS-A " Dash in " cM " sH " BOFS " cM " sH " cH
" LS-C " [SU-B] ------> MS-C " LS-C " OTG cL " cH
" LS-C ||

Submitted by Zhaoyun91

(Combo 7 with a more complex opener. Better for matches, as your opponent
probably won't realize you are setting them up for an infinite until after
you've dealt a hefty chunk of damage. Timing the cM " sH " BOFS " cM properly
so that you end up behind them while keeping the opponent in hitstun is the
hardest part of this. Damage listed is without taking SU-B into account.
See Combo 7 for further comments.)

Combo 9 (215 hits, 113 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

Proper spacing: RF-E " LS-C " Dash in " OTG cL " cM " (LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM)x2 " LS-B " sL " sH " RF-C
" cL " cH " J^ aLx3 " aM " aLx4 " aM " FS above and behind " aLx2 " aM " aSU-A

This combo uses the technique referred to in the description of RF-E. Don't
sweat it if it is hard to go from RF-E to LS-C; whether the RF-E works fully
seems to depend a little on the distances involved and a lot on luck. Not
something to rely on.

It should be noted that this combo is long enough that only one RF bar is
actually used - the stock you used for RF-E will regenerate by the time you
use the RF-C.

Combo 10 (186 hits, 115 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In Corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x2 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " (TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM
" LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH)x2 " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " TAFS " aM " aH
" aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH " RF-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " LS-C

This combo deals well over one hundred damage with no supers used, with the
100 mark reached just after the second RF-B. Extensions to this combo are
found below.

For slightly more damage on this and the following 3 combos, insert a light
special A before the IAD, but this is only really worthwhile on Komamura.

Combo 11 (299 hits, 135 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In Corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x2 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " (TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM
" LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH)x2 " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " BOFS " cL " cM " cH
" aLx2 " aM " aLx3 " aM " aSU-A

As before, deals over 100 damage before the BOFS, for only two RF bars. Next
to impossible to pull off with the normal amount of lag present in most
matches, but if Tosen can pull this off consistently, his opponent is in
serious trouble.

Combo 12 (308 hits, 139 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In Corner: IAD " (aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS)x2 " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " (TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM
" LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH)x2 " RF-B " Dash in " sL " sH " RF-C " SU-A

The most damaging Tosen combo outside of Bankai. Uses all three RF bars, but
the RF-C that uses the third bar sets up for an un-DCable super A, so
depending on the situation, it might be better to use this. Remember that if
this does not finish off the opponent, you are extremely vulnerable without
flash steps. Since this combo deals about 110 damage before the RF-C, there
are no situations where you are guaranteed to finish this combo before they
regain enough meter to damage cancel.

Insert a small air combo after the RF-C for slightly more damage, at the cost
of the unDCable setup. Maximum damage achieved on Komamura is 149 with this

Combo 13 (149 hits, 191 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

In Corner: IAD " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " BOFS " cL " cM " cH " LS-C " SU-B " MS-C " OTG cL " cM " LS-B " Dash in
" sL " sH " TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL
" sH " TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH
" TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH " RF-C
" OTG cL " cH " j^ aLx3 " aM " aLx4 " aM " FS straight up " aL " aM " aRF-D

Far easier than Combo 14 and more damaging, but less technically impressive.
Too hard to use in a match except in desperation, especially in lag. This is
Tosen's single highest damage combo and, coincidentally, the next-to-hardest
non-infinite in the game to pull off. The hardest is Combo 14.

Combo 14 (242 hits, 186 damage) (BDS 1st ONLY)

Copied from the Advanced Combo FAQ, which, as you well know by now, I also

 Back to Corner: cL " cH " LS-C " SU-B " MS-C " OTG cL
" cM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH " TAFS " aM " aH " aLS-B
" Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH " TAFS
" aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B
" Dash in " sL " sH" FS behind " cL " cM " cH
" LS-C " wait a moment " RF-C " RF-A
" regain one FS " IAD " aH " aLS-B " Dash in
" sL " sM " LS-B " Dash in " sL " sH " TAFS
" aM " aH " aLS-B " Dash in " sL " sM " LS-B
" Dash in " sL " cH " aL " aL " aL " aM " aL " aL " aL 
" aM " FS behind and above " aL " aL " aM " aSU-A

Extremely difficult to pull off in full. The OTG hit will
cause most people the most trouble. Be careful of hit-stun lengths
- there is extremely little room for error. This combo is not damage
cancellable while super B is active, though it is possible to damage
cancel out of while special B is hitting them, for some reason. The
bulk of the damage is dealt before the RF special A.

Combo 15 (36 hits, 155 damage) (BDS 2nd)

In Corner: IAD " aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " SU-B " (Dash in " sL " sM " cM
" sH " TAFS " aM " aH)x3 " Dash in " cL " cM " cH " aLx4 " aM " aLx4 " aM " aH

If your opponent doesn't know you can damage cancel on specials during Bankai,
use Combo 16 instead. This is the most unDCable damage Tosen can deal. Use
this on the tallest characters, and cut out some of the cMs on shorter ones.
Alternatively, end in aLx3 " aM " aLx3 " aM " aLS-D if you suspect they're
trying to DC like mad.

Combo 16 (94 hits, 202 damage) (BSD 2nd)

In Corner: IAD " aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " SU-B " (Dash in " sL " sM " cM
" sH " TAFS " aM " aH)x3 " (Dash in " sL " sM " RF-B)x2 " Dash in " sL " sM
" sH " TAFS " aM " aH " Dash in " sL " sM " RF-B " Dash in " cL " cH " aLx4
" aM " aLx4 " aM " aH

Tosen's single highest damage combo in 2nd. Use this if your opponent doesn't
know you can damage cancel on the RF-Bs. As before, cut out some cMs against
shorter opponents. 

PLAYSTYLE GUIDE==========================================================[PSG]

Here, you'll find general tips and tricks, both for Bleach as a whole and
Tosen specifically.

BASIC PLAYSTYLE GUIDE                                                    [BPG]

This section will contain general tips relevant to Tosen, a lot of it copied
from the Advanced Combo FAQ.


Most advanced players take it for granted, but this is a trick that took quite
a few months for the community to discover. After a wallbounce and before the
player who was wallbounced hits the ground, he cannot damage cancel until hit
again. This doesn't mean much for comboing out of the wallbounce with normal
or special attacks, but it guarantees supers will land. This trick is
essential to high-level play, and without it the tier list would be completely

In 2nd, supers are normally impossible to DC, so the wallbounce trick does not

Damage Canceling Supers

Another trick not obvious to beginners. While you are being comboed, it is
possible to damage cancel out of a combo after the opponent uses a super, but
before it actually hits you. Like the wallbounce trick, this changes the tiers

This doesn't work in 2nd under normal circumstances.

Throw Traps

For whatever reason, this still doesn't get a lot of use outside of Soifon and
Yoruichi players. While those two characters (and Hitsugaya) rely on their cH
normal to get in close, it is possible with most characters with shunpo.

To perform a throw trap, do a ground combo as normal, but instead of using a
shunpo to continue the ground combo, shunpo right beside them and wait for
them to get out of hitstun. It leaves little to no opportunity to escape. This
is essential to Komamura's game when used in tandem with a wallbounced super A
string or a straight super B.

Tick throws are much more difficult to perform in 2nd - there's a window of a
second or two when coming out of hitstun during which you can't be thrown.
Tick throws still exist, but in a much tamer form. Tosen doesn't have much use
for them.

Comboing from Knockdown state

Some examples of knockdown state include those hit by the damage cancel
burst, Ichigo's specials A and C and supers A and B, and Kyoraku's non-RF
special B, to name a few. It prevents recovery (except by damage cancel) and
grants invulnerability until the character in question hits the ground and
gets up. Almost invulnerable, that is. There are a few frames of vulnerability
after the state-inducing move connect, making it possible to combo out of
knockdown-inducing moves. This is particularly useful for those supers that
'come out' quickly, like Chad's super B, Renji's super B, Mayuri's super A,
etc. It is possible for the aforementioned characters to damage cancel and go
directly into an instant super; this is risky, though, as it is possible to
damage cancel out of a damage cancel.

Damage canceling out of a damage cancel verified by Hayato118.

Do's and Don'ts of Damage Canceling

Damage cancelling is an excellent gameplay mechanic, but it should not be
overused. Managing both your own and your opponent's super meters is an
important part of the game, and damage cancelling every time you're hit is
just asking to eat a 3-stock super. Try to limit your damage cancels to only
the following situations:

-Enemy begins a solid combo on you
-Enemy sets you up for an easy infinite combo
-Enemy uses a wallbouncing move on you and is in good position to follow up
with a 3-stock super for massive damage
-You have very little health and your opponent catches you in a combo

I've seen far too many players online who damage cancel the moment they take
damage. Hopefully, they read this and learn from it.

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES                                                      [AVT]

Ground canceling

This technique can be used by most characters with aerial specials, but is
especially important for Tosen. His Single and Double Needle Loops rely on it.
To do this technique with Tosen, simply do an LS-B as close to the ground as
possible without actually being on the ground. If done right, there will be
only two or three frames after the LS-B where tosen is still in the air -
barely noticeable. Tosen will appear to have gone straight from the LS-B to
being on the ground. You can follow this up with a dash and nearly keep up
with your LS-B (at least for the first half-second, which is all you need).

Tosen can't use his needle loops any more, so the technique is no longer
important to his game.

Single Needle Loop (SNL) (BDS 1st ONLY)

A combo utilizing ground-cancelling of aLS-B to dramatically increase
meterless damage output. The basic string is shown in Advanced Combo 1.

Double Needle Loop (DNL) (BDS 1st ONLY)
Combo utilizing both ground-cancelling of aLS-B and a ground LS-B. Forms the
backbone of Tosen's best meterless damage output. The basic string is shown in
Advanced Combo 3.

Comboing from RF-E

There are two ways to combo out of this - you can do it with an aerial or
standing light or with a light special C. This requires proper spacing and
a fair amount of luck, but you might as well go for it if given the
opportunity. A combo using this technique is shown in Advanced Combo 9.

Comboing into S-A (BDS 1st ONLY)

There's only one way to combo into LS-A. After performing a launched special C
(for example, cL " cH " LS-C) to a far wall, one must wait a moment until the
target has almost, but not quite, hit the ground and hit them with an RF-C. If
done too early, the multiple hits of the RF-C will push the target up too far
and not wallbounce him. At the right time, and the target will wallbounce
relatively high in the air, and most importantly, Tosen won't have any
recovery frames.

An alternate way of comboing into RF-A is to do a regular, non-launched RF-C
to the opposite corner and immediately follow up with RF-A. If done right, the
RF-A will barely catch him. This, of course, uses up two RF stocks. A
combination of these two techniques is shown in Advanced Combo 14.

Instant aLS-B

Performing LS-B on the ground is asking to be punished. The slideback mechanic
barely moves Tosen at all, leaving him wide open to a counterattack. The
aerial version is much better, since the projectile travels much faster and
the slideback is much greater. The only problem is needing to be in the air to
do it. Normally, this means that Tosen's rate of fire with aLS-B will be
reduced a great deal - not to mention often passing harmlessly over the
opponent's head. There is a method, though, of performing aLS-B extremely
close to the ground.

To do so, do a hadoken motion as usual (down, down-forward, forward), but
instead of stopping there, continue the motion into an up-forward. The game
counts this as both a hadoken motion and a jump, allowing you to fire off an
air projectile millimeters off the ground, if your timing is good. Keep in
mind that Tosen takes a moment to actually jump after hitting the up-forward.
Practice the motion in training mode until you get the timing down.

As an alternate means of visualisation, use the number pad on your keyboard-
the hadoken motion would be written thus as 236, and the instant aLS-B written
as 2369.

Controlled Falling

With this technique, it is possible to fall straight down on command. Without
utilizing this, one has to jump straight up in order to fall straight down.
At any time in the air, if you want to drop like a rock, input an air dash
command and immediately cancel that with the guard button. You'll notice that
an air dash always begins with a moment of immobility, and we use that to fall
straight down. Using this technique, you can perform short hops, jumping off
the ground less than a meter and quickly falling right back down. Controlled
Falling helps you get to the ground more quickly, as well as augment
air/ground mixup games. Cancelling a jump into a controlled fall and using
an aerial heavy before you hit the ground is a good, meterless method of
getting a near-instant aerial attack in. Additionally, if they expect it, you
can perform the aerial heavy late - Tosen will still do the animation, but it
won't continue long enough for the hit to go through, opening the opponent up
for a crouching light.

MATCHUPS                                                                 [MTU]

This section documents Tosen's good, bad, and ugly matchups.

VERSUS TALL CHARACTERS                                                   [VTC]

Tosen plays his best against the tall characters - basically, anyone that can
be hit by his standing light while crouching falls in this category. This is
why Tosen can actually be a good pick against Aizen, since Tosen's greatest
weakness is alleviated by the fact that it will only whiff if Aizen both
crouches and guards simultaneously. Tosen has the easiest time against
Kyoraku, Orihime and Komamura.

VERSUS SHORT CHARACTERS                                                  [VSC]

Small characters are why Tosen is generally considered low tier. The
difference in performance between tall and short characters is nowhere near as
pronounced as in 1st, since his needle loops don't work either way now.
Nevertheless, short characters still give Tosen a beating, since it is
extremely easy for them to duck under his standing attacks.

When fighting short characters, it is best to forget standing light and medium
exist entirely. Instead, use cL " cM " sH reps, and don't use TAFS on them
while they're grounded, either. Simplicity is the name of the game - launching
into air combos that end in aSU-A are your best bet.

VERSUS TOSEN                                                             [VTO]

Tosen's biggest weakness is his terrible standing light, so use this to your
advantage at every opportunity. Never try to start a combo with a standing
light, even if it means losing a bit of damage - a crouching light instead
will at least guarantee weapon clash if he attacks at the same time; more
often, your opponent will do a standing attack to go over your head. Only
going for crouching openers has the added bonus of making it difficult for him
to start a combo with an aerial attack.

Tosen's projectile is very tough to punish when used well. Only attempt to
punish the air versions if he does them right next to you (in which case, he
shouldn't be using them anyway). Definitely go for the punish on grounded, non
RF needles, though.

Special D is a little easier to punish, and it is not uncommon for Tosen
players to accidentally perform the command input for it while transitioning
to an air combo after a launching crouching heavy. If you are quick enough and
they are slow enough on the uptake, it is possible to use flashsteps to start
your own combo before they can rectify their mistake.

Remember that Tosen's special C's extremely high attacking area makes it easy
to punish - this goes back to the first paragraph, only starting combos with
crouching attacks. If the Tosen player throws out a medium special C randomly,
there is plenty of time before damage is dealt to throw him out of it.

Tosen's special A seems very easy to get past, and it can be, but the ring has
a deceptive hitbox. Most attempts to flash-step past it that aren't guard
cancelled will be stopped by the portion of the ring that touches the floor.
If you go for the punish, make sure to guard cancel the flash step, or there
is a very good chance you'll be hit anyway. Practice this on the AI in
training mode or vs. CPU if you find yourself getting hit by it often.

Special E is exceptionally easy to punish. Tosen is invisible, but his
approximate trajectory and starting point is known, making it easy to hit him
out of his move with projectile attacks. Melee attacks are riskier, but
continuing the normal into a combo yields far greater reward.

Super A is Tosen's most easily punished move by far. If he messes up a
wallbounce setup or performs it too far from the opponent for a damage cancel
to knock Tosen down, the opponent has plenty of time to start his best combo
string. Do not move in for a throw, however - some of the needles that Tosen
fires start slightly behind him, and will damage anyone going in for a throw
from behind. I've been saved more than a few times by this. (Note - in BDS2nd,
the needles no longer start slightly behind him)

Finally, Super B. The most common response for a player caught in another's
Enma Koorogi is to guard and crouch; it's what the AI used to do. While it is
true that this makes it very hard for Tosen to start a combo with an aerial
attack, he can still very easily throw you and get a combo started on the

Instead, try to get into Tosen's head - remember where Tosen was when he
activated Bankai, and going by his behavior earlier in the match, try to guess
how he'll try to start a combo. If he likes to do lots of IADs, it's a safe
bet that that is what he is doing now, so jump towards him and throw out your
longest-range attack. Tosen doesn't have many options to punish even a whiffed
attack like that, and probably won't be expecting it. Be unpredictable while
limiting yourself to your lowest risk, quickest recovery options. Don't be
afraid of Tosen's projectiles while in Bankai, they aren't easily comboed out
of and it is only 8 damage max if they connect.

Possibly the best thing to do is jump in place, holding guard the whole
time until you hit the ground, leaving off only long enough to jump. A smart
Tosen will see what you're doing and move in to throw you, so throw out some
aerial lights and direction changes after a few repetitions.

A few characters have good offensive options while in Tosen's Bankai. Byakuya
in particular can still fight well while blind. Incorporate his special B into
your keepaway game, and if it hits, combo out of it with Super A and an air
combo. Basically, any character with auto-targetting specials and supers have
a lot of potential to make Tosen take more damage while in his Bankai than
you take.


Even in BDS 1st, most people never gave Tosen a fair shake. Now, most of the
tricks that made him worth playing are gone. Don't let all of the nerfs
discourage you from learning his game, though - he still has a trick or two up
his sleeves.

LEGAL STUFF==============================================================[LSN]

This guide was written by Jesuits, AKA Batigh, for the express purpose of
being posted on GameFAQs. Feel free to disseminate portions of the work, or
even the whole thing - just please give credit where credit is due. Contact me
in the IRC channel, mentioned in the next paragraph, or at my email, which is
Batigh AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks go to Treasure, first and foremost, for creating this wonderful game;
645, for writing his excellent FAQ and influencing me to write some of my own;
the GameFAQs community for being an all-around great place for Bleach DS
discussion; and, last but certainly not least, the community on #bleach_ds on
the Rizon network. You guys are the primary reason I've played this game as
long as I have and will continue to play it. Here's to many future nights of
Wifi fun.

v1.0 - January 03, 2007. Initial release.
v1.1 - January 04, 2007. Included a lengthened version of Tosen's infinite
combo from the Advanced Combo FAQ. Fixed Throw information to be entirely
accurate. More commentary for Advanced Combo 7. Included previously forgotten
contact information.
v1.2 - January 09, 2007. Added several more advanced combos. Added 'Versus
Tosen' subheader under Matchups.
v1.3 - January 10, 2007. Fixed the descriptions of several advanced technique
entries when referencing combos. Also fixed Combo 13's description to properly
reference Combo 14. All instances of Tosen written as 'Tousen' have been
fixed to follow the game's romanization. Credit goes to Drantin for noticing
the error.
v2.0 - July 30, 2007. (Finally) updated for Bleach DS 2nd.

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