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Ukitake Guide by Basel

Updated: 08/02/2007

Juushirou Ukitake (or Jushiro Ukitake)

A Must Read:
  What you will read down is my strategy, which means.. it might not work with
you as it does with me and may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) 
asking: "What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about everything. Hope
the FAQ will somehow be useful to you and lead your play or skills to a higher

  You will notice that some things (actually many) are unchanged from the 
Bleach DS FAQ, but that is because they are not changed in Bleach DS 2nd
as well. To be honest, if you have not played Ukitake well in the first game
then you will not be able to notice any difference in the second game. If you
have, then you will easily notice the slight, yet important changes. Anyway, 
I will write "NEW" to any new things so you can check them out, just in
case you want to know. Unfortunately, some things will remain in the first
FAQ (like combos explanation and coughing problems), so you have to refer to
it... unless I feel like including them... which I don't.
  This FAQ will remain clear of any Card/Gem tactics or combos. If you have 
anything to say to help make the FAQ better for the gamers, you are more than
welcome... other than that, sit back and relax.

  Be a "gentleman/lady" if you have anything to say or Mr. Geese Howard will 
get mad and perform "Shinku Nage." Now we do not want him to do that, do
we? ^_^


Table of Contents

1. Character Background
    - Tidbit
    - Pic
    - Seiyuu

2. Why Ukitake?

3. Why Not Ukitake?

4. System Explanation
    - Super Guage
    - Power Guage
    - Cards & Gems
    - Touch-Screen    
    - Shunpo
    - Plane Change
    - Combos
    - Ground & Air Throw
    - Super Cancel
    - Guard Cancel
    - Damage Cancel
    - RF Special Moves
    - Double Jump & Air Dash
    - Guard & Run
    - Jump Cancel
    - Taunt
    - Side Note

5. Legends & Command List
    - Legends
    - Command List

6. Moves Analysis
    - Standing Y
    - Standing X
    - Standing A
    - Crouching Y
    - Crouching X
    - Crouching A
    - Jumping Y
    - Jumping X
    - Jumping A
    - Special Move A
    - Special Move B
    - Special Move C
    - Special Move D
    - Special Move E
    - Super Move A
    - Super Move B
    - Super Move C
    - Ground & Air Throw

7. Strategy Section
    - Cough Cough
    - Pressure Game
    - Traps/Setups
    - General Strategy

8. Contributers Section
    - SS.OTN
    - Freenhult
    - Gichin
    - KOFan

9. Combination Attacks
    - Normal Combos
    - Super Combos
    - Throw Combos
    - Side Note

10. Charts
    - Consumption Chart 
    - Damage Chart 1
    - Damage Chart 2
    - Cough Chart 1
    - Cough Chart 2

11. Questions & Answers
    - Combing
    - Stuck
    - Version & Same Character
    - Bad Player
    - Infinities & Tier List
    - No Damage
    - Abbreviations
    - Bad Game
    - Part D, Mission C-3
    - Online/IRC/Message Board
    - Poor Ukitake
    - This or JUS?
    - Characters

12. Credits & Acknowledgement 


1. Character Background:
  Just a little tidbit about him...



|                                                                             |
|                           Hideo Ishikawa (Seiyuu)                           |
|                                      |                                      |
|             Animes                   |              Games                   |
|                                      |                                      |
| - Itachi Uchiha      - Naruto        | - Itachi Uchiha     - Naruto games   |
| - Juushirou Ukitake  - Bleach        | - Juushirou Ukitake - Bleach games   |
| - Fullbody           - Fullbody      | - Ogami Yugo        - Blody Roar: PF |
| - Akira (OVA)        - Weiss Kreuz   | - Auron             - Final Fantasy X|
| - Hideo              - GTO           | - Katou Yuusuke     - Kekkon Marriage|
| - Tatsuha Uesugi     - Gravitation   | - Taylor            - Langrisser I&II|
| - Iwan               - Gravion Zwei  | - Squall Leonhart   - Kingdom Hearts |
|                                                                             |
|                              Pics & Information                             |
|                                                                             |
| - http://www.seiyuu.info/extendedlisting.php?seiyuu=Hideo+Ishikawa          |
| - http://www.seiyuu.info/pics3/hideo-ishikawa.jpg                           |


2. Why Ukitake?
  If you have enjoyed this character from the 1st game, then you will surely 
keep enjoying. 

  The coughing issue is not VERY strict as before. It is a little bit more
forgiving than before. I have not seen many people talk about it... which is
surprising. I guess a few people use him in the US (since most of the MB guys 
are from there)! But it is understandable, this cannot be noticed except for 
those who really understood the coughing problem inside out. Others who merely
used him just to have fun or did not give it a serious thought... they would 
never even notice their own flaws when they suck bad with him. ^_^

  He plays about the same with slight differences to his Normal Attacks, 
Special Moves and Super Moves. The tactics will not change much, but this time
around you will have to strengthen your strategy a little bit more since he got
screwed damage-wise.

  Other than that, this kind-hearted captain is still about heavy trap/mind
games that will keep you happy, I am sure. There are some characters in 
fighting games when you use them, you get some respect. Unique characters that
need some skills, good strategies and patience. Ukitake happens to be one of 


3. Why Not Ukitake?
  The coughing problem is still in the 2nd game. You cannot abuse his Special
Moves and Super Moves without focusing. They also adjusted the damage he can
deal as well. If you liked him before because of the massive damage he dealt,
then you will be a little bit disappointed here.

  You will still need to focus one of the there things when you use him: 
- To setup traps. 
- To be prepared to "what to do" when he coughs. And that is explained in
  the "Cough Cough" section.
- To try as hard as you can to not make him cough AT ALL. And that is explained
  in the "Charts" section.

  He takes about two/three full seconds when he coughs. So the opponent will 
not think twice to punish you. There ARE many ways around it and YES, you can 
avoid making him cough. But you really have to think a bit and not just mash 
your way through and hope for him not to cough. So, if you are hot-blooded and
get mad fast, keep Ukitake away from your favorite list.


4. System Explanation
  If you do not understand the game mechanics, then you will most likely miss
many things. If you need a full list to what consumes what then check the 
"Charts" section.

  NEW means a must read for old timers (1st game players).
|             |
| Super Guage |

  The Super Guage can be filled up by either taking damage or dealing damage.
Taking chip damage does not count. Missing the opponent will not count as well.

  The max stock is 3. Some Super Moves use one stock and others use 3 stocks. 
It depends on the character you are using. Ukitake uses one stock for his A 
and B Super Moves... but uses 3 stocks when he performs his Super Move C.

  Some characters fill up their Super Guage faster than others and some others
can hit their opponent with their Special Moves and still not make the 
opponent get anything of his/her Super Guage filling. Like Ukitake's Special
Move A (d, f + Y/X/A).

  Moreover, some characters perform Ban Kai or Shi Kai (like Aizen), so then
the Super Guage will turn to a time guage and will deplete slowly... then 
when it depletes to zeros, the characters return to their regular forms and
so the Super Guage.

  If you do the First Attack (like some 2D fighting games), you will get one
stock right from the start. And that means a clean hit.

NEW: The Super Guage fills up faster than before. This helps to depend on 
Damage Cancel more often and stop the long combos.

|             |
| Power Guage |

  Its max is 3 stocks. This is a very useful feature. It fills up 
automatically. You will get max right from the start.

  Guard Cancel into Shunpo consumes one stock. RF Special Moves consume one 
stock as well. The difference is, if you Guard Cancel, the Power Guage will 
fill up VERY fast... but if you defend, it will fill up slowly. If you defend 
while being attacked, it will still fill up fast. On the other hand, if you use
RF Special Moves, the Power Guage will fill up rather slowly.

  Power Guage has two different guages. Grey and yellow guage. If you do Shunpo
it will take one yellow stock but will leave a grey guage. That means, when you
do RF Special Move, it will take one from both grey and yellow guage. Let us 
say you did Shunpo three times in a row, three yellow stocks will be depleted.
But will leave three grey stocks on for the RF Special Moves. So you will still
be able to perform three RF Special Moves. But if you do RF Special Moves three
times in a row, the three grey and yellow stocks will be depleted and you will
have to wait until it fills up again. Moreover, when you use Shunpo and thus
use a yellow stock and leave grey one, it will refill faster, unlike when you
use RF Special Move.

  In short, the Power Guage will fill up fast when you use ONLY the yellow 
stocks, but will fill up slowly when you use the grey stocks (which means 
yellow and grey stocks).

New: The Power/Energy Guage is visible to you and to your opponent. Thumbs up
to Treasure. Really. 

|              |
| Cards & Gems |

  Never used them. Go figure.

|              |
| Touch-Screen |

  The Touch-Screen can be used for using cards or to perform your Special and
Super Moves without doing the motions.

  I never use it. Not to be proud or anything. I myself never was used to 
anything other than joysticks. But then again, I had to get used to the
GBA, DS & PSP to play fighting games. I like to do everything by myself.

  Then again, the Touch-Screen can help with only one thing. And that is when
you want to connect two supers... like Ukitake's Super Move B then Super Move
A or vice versa. You will only have to perform the first Super Move and then 
mash on the Touch-Screen to connect the other one. Mmm... good if you are 
slow or do not want to miss a good combo. ^_^

NEW: You cannot abuse this anymore. A guage will show up once you use a Special
or Super Move and it will deplete slowly (about 2 seconds). So you have to wait
to use the same Special or Super Move. But this is not where it shines. You can
no longer use Guard Cancel using the Touch-Screen. B-R-A-V-O Treasure. ^_^ The
only drawback with the Touch-Screen is most of the characters' moves will be 
limited. If they want to add anything new, they will have to ditch the other
old ones to fit in the new ones. I was not sure about it before, but now I am.
How sad! I say get rid of the retarded Touch Screen if it is getting in the 
way. This is a fighting game after all.

|        |
| Shunpo |

  You will use this a lot. This is a major help for long combos. 

  The thing is, it is not so for everyone. Some characters can cancel their
Normal Attacks by doing Shunpo and then continue with their combos while some
others don't. Many characters (mostly joke characters) cannot Shunpo. They can
run or dash or anything. Like Orihime, she protects herself while dashing. You
can Shunpo to all directions, but not all of the characters can do this. MANY

  You can Shunpo in the air as well to do more aerial combos. Shunpo consumes
one stock from Power Guage. Also, there is invincibility in the Shunpo. So you 
can use it when you want to avoid projectile traps.

  You can do it by pressing the B button.

NEW: Shunpo has recovery time. You can be EASILY punished if you abuse this 
without focusing. Also you cannot go through some Special Moves using Shunpo. 
Like Byakuya's Special Move C. Bonnie can use Shunpo now (more like running).
Also Chad does not hop backward when he dashes (using B button for Shunpo).
|              |
| Plane Change |

  You can do it by pressing the L button.

  This is exactly like Fatal Fury games. You can simply change levels 

  As expected, this feature still has 0% depth. I guess it was made only for
4 players. The option to choose one or two planes is neat for a good solution.
But you will be forced online to make it random if the other opponent refuses.
So much for an option! ^_^

  There are new and old backgrounds. The BGMs are very much improved. Also some
old backgrounds have new BGMs like Soukyokuno Oka while others still have their
old BGMs, like Sanbantaisyamae.

NEW: Sisinrouwatarirouka was the only place with one line, but now you can 
choose to play on one or two planes. So you can play using any stage... like
Rukongai. ^_^ Also, you can now punish those who abuse it. Many have not 
noticed, but while the opponent changes the plane, you can still punish him/her
before he/she completely changes the plane. Changing planes consumes nothing
now. Aizen's Super Move A and Soi Fon's Super Move B no longer aim for the 
opponent when he/she is on a different plane. BANG!
|        |
| Combos |

  The combo system is like the Guilty Gear series. You can either chain or not.
All you have to do is time your attacks. And sometimes mashing works.

  Some characters can "cancel" their Special Moves into Super Moves (ala Street
Fighter EX series or Third Strike) and some characters hardly have any. Like 
Ukitake (he has only one). But he can instead "connect" a Super Move after 
Special Move A/B. Or can do Super Move A after Super Move B and vice versa.

|                    |
| Ground & Air Throw |

  Throws have their own use as well. You can do combos right after you get the
opponent with a throw (ala Guilty Gear or HNK/Fist of the North Star). Most of
the characters can take full advantage of this.

  Against some characters, it is better not to turtle as their throw combos are
very deadly/damaging. 

NEW: You can now throw while jumping. Chad is the only one who can combo after
throwing from the air. Also, you can throw by approaching your opponent and 
then hit either YX/YA/XA at the same time while doing left or right. 
Menos-Grande is the only character who cannot throw or be thrown. Even if you 
use special grabs. Also, Special or Super Moves that require grabbing your 
opponent are now unblockable. GOOD move, Treasure. You should have done that
since the first game. Ahem, throws have a missing frame/animation if you miss 
the opponent.

|              |
| Super Cancel |

  This means canceling a Special Move into a Super Move. All characters can do
this. Super Cancel is well-known to fighting games now (KOF games, SF Third 
Strike and so on), so no need to explain anymore.
|              |
| Guard Cancel |

  This feature helps A LOT. This is a must if you want to avoid being attacked

  You can either Guard Cancel to Shunpo or like Garou Mark of the Wolves... 
Guard Cancel into Super Moves or Special Moves. Just guard and then do the 
motion for the Super Move/Special Move. Just try to know when to Guard Cancel
to Super Moves, because most of the Super Moves hardly have starting 
invincibility (which is a good thing).

  Either way, it will consume one stock from the Power Guage if you Guard 
Cancel into Shunpo. Needless to say, if you Guard Cancel into a Super Move it
will consume one stock from Super Guage only. If you Guard Cancel into Special
Moves, it will consume nothing at all.

NEW: You can only Guard Cancel by doing them manually (doing the motions
after blocking). You cannot depend on the Touch Screen anymore.
|               |
| Damage Cancel |

  This is like Rage Explosion in Samurai Spirits or Burst in Guilty Gear 

  You can interrupt your opponent's combos by pressing any button with the B
button at the same time. You cannot Damage Cancel Super Moves though.

  What most of the players do not know (about 80%) is you can combo after you 
Damage Cancel. Example Ukitake... when someone jumps and hits you, do Damage
Cancel and fast do this:

- Standing YX, Super A

  By that, you will be able to take full advantage of this feature. Hell, those
with air Special or Super Moves can take 100% advantage of this... 
coughUraharacough. Anyway, I will talk about it in depth and how to take 
advantage of it in the Strategy Section.

  Damage Cancel deals some damage and consumes one stock from the Power Guage.
You can do it so long as you at least have one meter filled.

NEW: Before you cannot Damage Cancel when someone uses the Super Move without
doing anything (Normal Attach or Special Move) before it. But you can Damage 
Cancel a Super Move (when the screen pauses) before by doing Damage Cancel
right after the frame hit of the last Normal Attack/Special Move done. Now
once the Super Move is performed, you will not be able to do jack. Even if
I do ANYTHING before it. You have to Damage Cancel before the pausing occurs.
|                  |
| RF Special Moves |

  The best way to know this is if you have ever played Samurai Spirits 4 (but
Bleach's is not as powerful though).

  Simply put, a powered version of the Special Moves + A button. It makes them
come out faster and hit more... and some of them can make you juggle your 
opponent... like Kyoraku's "b, d, f" Special Move. Your character will flash
once you use RF moves. Hinamori's "b, d, f" (RF) does not come out fast, but 
hit better and has a very good range. Moreover, they are SCable (Super Cancel).
Only Kanonji's RF Special Moves are not SCable. His normal Special Moves are

  some characters can cancel their Special Moves (not only RF Special Moves) 
into Super Moves, like Abarai-kun and Kanonji.

  RF consumes one stock from the Power Guage.

NEW: Aizen can use RF Special Moves as well now.
|                        |
| Double Jump & Air Dash |

  Here, all the characters can double jump and Air Dash "twice."

  Double Jump helps to extend your combos or avoid projectiles. Air Dash is
good for pressure tactics.

  Kyoraku is the only one who can triple... hell, he can jump five times in a
row and then air dash twice without using Shunpo. He is the best character when
it comes to aerial combos. But, when he triple jumps, it will consume one stock
from Power Guage. That is why he can jump five times in a row.

|             |
| Guard & Run |

  You can guard by either pressing the R button or like all the 2D fighting 
games, hold backward or down-backward. Your character will face left but will
still guard. This includes guarding in the air.

  You can run forward or backward (ala King of Fighters'96 or YYH) by doing 
double forward or backward and hold. There is only high jump but you can make 
it short (not really hopping) by doing Air Dash or Shunpo.

|             |
| Jump Cancel |

  Well-known to those who played HnK/FotNS, Guilty Gear series or Melty Blood.

  It works the same way. You can Jump Cancel out of Normal Attacks. Example,
Ukitake can do this:

- Standing A, RF Special B, jumping YX, Jump Cancel (tap up), jumping YXA

  Since most of the characters' A normals knockdown the opponent, you will stop 
at this point. Some characters do not, so they can do wonders. It does not 
consume anything, but in Kyoraku's case, it will consume one stock from the
Power Guage once you do triple jump. You can basically do this with him (having
three Power Meters):

- Throw, jumping YXA, Jump Cancel, jumping YXA, Jump Cancel, jumping YXA, Jump
  Cancel, jumping YXA, Jump Cancel, jumping YXA, Jump Cancel, jumping YXA, RF 
  Special B, Super A, jumping X, Super A, jumping X, Super  B (opponent a bit 
  near the corner)

  And can then be creative and do your own combos. This helps greatly with
some characters while it hardly helps with others. Also, you can Jump Cancel to
not only Normal Attacks, but aerial/air dashes. This is great for Pressure 

|       |
| Taunt |

  This is new to the game. 

  Like almost ALL fighting games... you can taunt your opponent.

  The only one who can take advantage of this feature is Kanonji. He can make
the rating go massively up by doing Taunt. He can even hit the opponent with 
it. But his laughable Taunts are really long. ^_^

Side Note:

  You can face left or right (give your back to your opponent) and do the 
Special Moves either right or left. Some characters take advantage of this 
feature to do some set-ups (like Orihime) or combos (like Kyoraku) while it is
useless to others in 1 Vs. 1 matches. This is perfect for 2 Vs. 2 though (the 
facing is not as bothersome as in Guilty Gear Isuka fortunately).

  There is actually a good use for it when someone abuses Guard Cancel into
Shunpo. You just do Normal Attacks and then when the opponent Guard Cancels 
into Shunpo, do any move to the other side and you will still keep your 
pressure game, but you have to focus a little bit and not mash everything.

  Moreover, it can be used for combos. Mainly Ban Kai Super Moves. Mainly they
throw then perform their Ban Kai to the other side and bang. Like Mayuri and 
Abarai... especially Abarai-kun. He takes full advantage of it. Most of his
"simple" yet "damaging" combos could not of been possible without this feature.
Example for one basic yet damaging combo:

- Standing YXA, Special A (Y), Ban Kai (Super C)

  Very simple, right? 214 hit and 140 damage (toned the damage down from 
before ^_^). That means it will take 55% of your Life Bar. A very damaging and
useful combo to a fighting game with only one round. And it can be done 
ANYWHERE. You only have to do the Super Move reversely. Which means, instead of
doing "F, HCF" do "B, HCB."

NEW: If you play 1 Vs. 1, you will no longer be able to do your normals to the
other way. You will be forced to hit where your opponent is. VERY GOOD for not
messing up. But you can still do your Specials and Supers any way you want.


5. Legends & Command List:
|                                                                             |
|                               1. Legends                                    |
|                                                                             |
| - Y button = Light Slash                                                    |
| - X button = Medium Slash                                                   |
| - A button = Hard Slash                                                     |
| - B button = Shunpo                                                         |
| - R button = Guard (also done by holding backward or down-back)             |
| - L button = Change Plane (foreground/background)                           |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
| - d   = down                                                                |
| - f   = forward                                                             |
| - b   = backward                                                            |
| - u   = upward                                                              |
| - QCF = quarter circle forward                                              |
| - HCF = half circle forward                                                 |
| - QCB = quarter circle backward                                             |

|                                                                             |
|                              2. Command List                                |
|                                                                             |
| 1. Special Moves                                                            |
|    -------------                                                            |
|                                                                             |
| Special Move A                          | -O + Y/X/A           (d, f)       |
| [RFable]                                O                                   |
| Special Move B                          | | + Y/X/A            (d, d)       |
| [RFable & SCable]                       O O                                 |
| Special Move C                          | O + Y/X/A            (d, u)       |
| [RFable]                                O |                                 |
| Special Move D                          O- | -O + Y/X/A        (b, d, f)    |
| [RFable]                                   O                                |
| Special Move E                          -O | -O + Y/X/A        (f, d, f)    |
|                                            O                                |
|                                                                             |
| 2. Super Moves                                                              |
|    -----------                                                              |
|                                                                             |
| Super Move A                            | -O | -O + Y/X/A      (d, f, d, f) |
| [1 stock]                               O    O                              |
| Super Move B                            | O- | -O + Y/X/A      (d, b, d, f) |
| [1 stock]                               O    O                              |
| Super Move C                            -O O- | -O + Y/X/A     (f, b, d, f) |
| [3 stocks]                                    O                             |
|                                                                             |
| *It can only be performed in 2 Vs 2 and the partner must be Syunsui Kyoraku | 
|                                                                             |
| 3. Throw                                                                    |
|    -----                                                                    |
|                                                                             |
| Near opponent (ground or air)           O- or -O + YX/YA/XA     (b or f)    |

  To do the Special and Super Moves fast, do the followings:
- "d, f"            ======>   QCF 
- "f, d, f"         ======>   f, QCF
- "b, d, f"         ======>   HCF
- "d, f, d, f"      ======>   QCFx2
- "d, b, d, f"      ======>   QCB, HCF
- "f, b, d, f"      ======>   f, HCF


6. Moves Analysis:

  This is basically the standard of fighting game FAQs. This is helpful if you
know jack about Ukitake... or if you want to learn something you missed.

  Again, NEW means you have to read what's been changed. Also, I have made some
slight changes to some normals since the speed of the game is faster than 
|            |
| Standing Y |

  Very fast and good to abuse for combos... or to start combos. 

  You can do up to four times so that leaves some room to standing A then 
up-forward Shunpo and continue the combo or pressure game. Also, when you go up
against ground fights, this Normal Attack can be pretty good not get punished 
after Guard Cancel or Damage Cancel. Just be sure to give some distance and use
it whenever you can. Doing it up close is good as well.

  This is a must in your fights. Never overlook it. Once you get the opponent 
with it, do YXA or YA then Special Move D (HCF + Y). This is for basic combos 
of course or you could say his basic BnB.

|            |
| Standing X |

  This does two hits. You can either cancel after the first hit, or wait until
the second hit and then continue with your pressure/combo.

  This Normal Attack does not come out as fast as standing Y, but it can still
be used for combos. Just in case you get the opponent with standing Y, do this.
And since it does two hits, if the opponent abuses the Guard Cancel, you can 
cancel after the first hit or let the second hit occurs and then stop to not
be easy to read.

|            |
| Standing A |

  This is a good Normal Attack. It hits those who jump as well. Just have a 
good reaction/reflex once the opponent jumps. Then once you get the opponent
with it, Shunpo upward and fast do YX, YXA. Good damage for a very easy and
basic combo. Ukitake is STILL about damage so that helps.

  This is a must to every combo you do and especially after Special Move A with
the A button (RF). You can mash the button up to five times to get a really 
heavy damage and then do whatever you want next to finish your combo.

  It comes out fast, but the recovery time is not as good as standing X's. So
you can simply cancel to anything safe.

NEW: Now Ukitake takes a little step forward while slashing, making his combos
easier to connect than before. You can even take it easy connecting anything 
after it (like shunpo). So you can do this easily:

- Jumping A, standing YXA, crouching A, Super B, Super A

  But be careful. If you only do standing YXA then Super B, Super A will not
combo since you will be very close to your opponent. That is why I put 
crouching A after standing A... to give you space. Or you can make X hit twice
and then do standing A then continue with the combo. You have been warned.

  Remember, the aformentioned statement does not apply with everyone. Against
Komamura or huge characters you do not have to add crouching A. Also, When you
begin the combo from afar (not close to your opponent), you will still be able
to connect Super A after Super B without adding crouching A. It depends on your

P.S. Aside from the coughing, this Normal Attack was taken from the Anime
     as well. It was shown in the fight between Ukitake/Shiba/Rukia and a 
     stupid hollow (his name escapes me). Ukitake slashed the hollow with
     this Normal Attack and then began to cough (poor thing). ^_^
|             |
| Crouching Y |

  This is as good as standing Y.

  This is good for combos starter. Just like standing Y. If the opponent 
defends low a lot, Shunpo fast up-forward and then get him with a good aerial 
combo and then he will most of the time focus on your movement. So next, jump
but do not attack, when you land fast do crouching Y and continue with your
favorite massive combo. This is just to trick your opponent.

  It does not always work, but you can still get some players with this trick.
A very old trick. Mix it up with pressure/corner/wakeup games and it will work
|             |
| Crouching X |

  Out of all his Normal Attacks, this is the worst one compared to the others.
Not to say it is completely useless, but it has recovery time and comes out
slower than the others. 

  Only use it for combos or when you connect Normal Attacks (like crouching 
YXA). Its range is better than crouching Y and crouching A.

|             |
| Crouching A |

  This also has recovery time... so cancel it when you use it. Also, try to
combo to make good use of it as it is not that special once used alone.

  The damage is pretty decent, but most of time you will use standing A 
instead because it is better and the range is greater. So let us say you do
crouching Y... continue crouching X then standing A. That should help as well.

  Or crouching Y, standing A, crouching A, then anything. You can connect it
easily since standing A takes you closer to your opponent.

|           |
| Jumping Y |

  This Normal Attack can be ABUSED easily due to its great speed and there is
hardly any recovery time. You can jump and mash the button and land and still
continue mashing your combo through by the Y button. Pretty good.

  But the main use for it is after either fast up-forward Shunpo as an overhead
or combo starter. Best to follow-up with jumping A since it has a greater range
than jumping X... and you can easily continue your combo after it when you 

  This is a must for your fights. For some good combos, look at the Combination
Attacks section.

NEW: Unlike before, if you do not hit the opponent with it, you can hardly do
it twice (because the gameplay is faster than before). But not to worry, it 
makes no difference. It is still good.
|           |
| Jumping X |

  Did you notice that Normal Attacks with the X button are always the lowest
ones compared to the other ones? And I am talking about Ukitake. ^_^

  Anyway, this is good as an anti-air Normal Attack. To use it effectively,
when the opponent jumps, fast jump either backward or forward and then hit him
with it and continue your combo. But that does not always work because its 
range is very short. The traps will cover you up... that is for sure.

|           |
| Jumping A |

  As I said in "Jumping Y." The main use for it is after either fast up-forward
Shunpo as an overhead or combo FINISHER. Best to follow-up after jumping Y with
jumping A since it comes out fast and easier to combo after... and you can 
easily continue your combo after it when you land.

  This is a must for your fights. For some good combos, look at the Combination
Attacks section.

|                |
| Special Move A |

  This is a very useful Special Move that you will want to always use it. This
not only makes you good, but makes your whole mixups or combos work like a 

  The recovery time is great but there is a little startup. So do not make
your opponent read you and then punish you. Instead, do some traps and then 
perform it. Or do YXA then perform it with either the Y button or RF A buttom.

  You can easily cover yourself up or protect yourself once you perform it. The
only downside is that it deals zero damage... no damage at all. Its purpose is 
to only get in your opponent's nerve. And to make good use of your traps and
combos. One of his BEST Special Moves.

  Actually if Ukitake did not have the coughing problem, I would have written
a very easy infinite because of this Special Move. But well, the coughing will
ruin it. ^_^

  It will miss crouching opponents (not all of course), so be ready to attack
those who crouch with fast up-forward Y and then get them with a good combo.
It is all about tricks, I tell you.
|                |
| Special Move B |

  The only SCable Special Move.

  This is a pretty good Special Move due to the lack of any juggling Normal 
Attacks. This Special Move juggles the opponent and makes you continue with
aerial combos. 

  Also, when you perform Special Move A, perform this Special Move... if the
opponent is not near, this will be a set-up and once the character approach it,
he/she will get juggled. The downside is that the set-up disappears after four
seconds tops... not like Special Move E.

  Still, it can be easily combo(ed) into anything. Can air dash then YA,
standing YXA, RF Special Move B, Super Move A. And this is just an easy 
example. Good to use in your battles.

  You can drop as many as you like. I advice you to drop a trap behind and a
little bit in front of you. Or when you perform Special Move A, drop this
trap behind you and fast either cover yourself up in the middle of this or
Special Move A. You will be very safe and ready to punish when something
happens to your advantage.

|                |
| Special Move C |

  What can I say. This is the least used Special Move due to many things. But
it has its uses though.

  It has zero range... that means the opponent has to be SO VERY close to you
in order to get him with it. And that means when the opponent jumps as well. 
Moreover it has recovery time. But it comes out pretty fast. 

  The main use for it is when you setup AIR traps with the Special Move E 
(f, d, f + Y or X). Just position yourself under the light ball/orb and perform
the Special Move C to activate the trap. VERY GOOD as an anti-air "trap."

  Also, this comes out VERY fast. So when someone jumps and attacks you, punish
by doing Guard Cancel. But make sure that the opponent is near.
|                |
| Special Move D |

  This Special Move is good against some characters and not so against others.

  Good for combos and it comes out pretty fast. You can use it to activate 
traps as well (A button traps). You will use it a lot to attack your opoonent
and make good use of your set-ups. He also attacks both sides, left and right.
That is a plus since you do not have to turn to perform the Special Move.

  The downside is that against small characters like Kon, Yachiru (hell, many
Special Moves miss this cutey) Hinamori, Shibata, Ririn, Shibata... hell this 
game has many small characters... anyway, it does not reach them and they 
will easily punish you. So the only use for the Special Move will be to make
use of your traps.

  The Special Move has recovery time, but not that long. Very little. Do not
abuse it. Use it when you get the opponent with your combo or when the opponent
is abusing projectile moves from distance. This will go through almost 

NEW: As you have noticed, the damage has been toned down, unfortunately.
|                |
| Special Move E |

  The traps/orbs will only be visible to you and invisible to your opponent.

  This is basically trap lightning balls:
- Y button = set-ups an orb high in the air.
- X button = set-ups an orb in mid air.
- A button = set-ups an orb very low in the air.

  The first two can be activated by Special Move C while the last one can be
activated by Special Move D. If you perform all the traps, you can activate
them by either Special Move C or D. You just have to activate one of the traps
and you will see wonders.

  They deal okay damage and make you do any combo while the beam launches. 
There are many mind games revolving around it. There is start-up when you
perform Special Move E, so be warned.

NEW: The damage for this Special Move has been toned down GREATLY, 
unfortunately. This saddens me... really! Moreover, you can perform more than
6 lightning orbs now. ^_^
|              |
| Super Move A |

  This Super Move can be used as an anti-air, but since you can air guard as
well, then you have to do it with combos or when the opponent does a fatal 
mistake in the air... get ready to punish. There is no invincibility when you
perform it... like most of the Super Moves.

  So be very sure to get the opponent with a nice combo and then bang him/her 
with this Super Move. Like air dash YA, crouching Y, standing XA, RF Special 
Move B, Super Move B, Super Move A (OUCH). Pretty basic and "deadly" combo.

  DO NOT think of performing it twice in a row because Ukitake will cough most
of the time. You have been warned. You can do Super Move B insead and then 
STOP... do not perform any Super Move right away or he will cough.

NEW: As you have guessed... they toned down the hell of this Super Move. It
deals good damage... but compared to before, it is laughable. If you do this
Super Move and you get a trade-hit with the opponent (attacking in the air),
get ready to continue with a powerful combo. Ukitake Super Move A will be
performed, but Ukitake will not do the animation stance for the Super Move.
Which means, you will totally be free to move. ^_^

  Also, since the coughing program is a little bit more forgiving, sometimes
doing Super Move A twice in a row will not get Ukitake to cough. But you will 
be very lucky as to see such thing. Most of the time he will cough, so be 

  Lastly, the Super Move has been redrawn.
|              |
| Super Move B |

  This is like Super Move A. It can be used as an anti-air Super Move. But 
well, the opponent can defend in the air so be sure when you perform it. Or
do it when the opponent does a mistake in the air. Or when you want to do
a deadly combo. 

  The thing is this Super Move can be performed after Special Move A. Just
cancel Special Move B into this Super Move and good morning to damage and 
great/extended combos. 

  The Super Move also juggles the opponent so you can do Super Move A right 
after he/she gets juggled. Pretty nice damage with so little effort. Also, 
Ukitake actually hits anything on the ground... the range is very long so when
the opponent performs anything from distance... fast use this Super Move.

NEW: Again, and again and again... the damage is lower than before, but not
that much. Actually this Super Move B escaped the suffering... damage-wise.
It still does good damage, but not as great as before. Still good enough. And
it has more priority than before... but still, no invincibility what-so-ever.

  Also, since the coughing program is a little bit more forgiving, sometimes
doing Super Move B twice in a row will not get Ukitake to cough. But you will 
be very lucky as to see such thing. Most of the time he will cough, so be 

  Lastly, the Super Move has been redrawn.
|              |
| Super Move C |

  It can only be performed in 2 Vs 2 and the partner must be Syunsui Kyoraku.
And you need full of three meters. This STILL does MAJOR DAMAGE. About half of
their Life Bars. Actually more than half of the opponent's Life Bar.

  You do not even need Kyoraku to have three Super Meters. As long as you have
three then you will be able to perform it. Once Kyoraku gets the opponent with
any combo or any Super Move, perform this Super Move and look at their Life 

  A pretty good Super Move to finish off your opponents with very little 
effort. And it has very long range. So do not worry about missing the opponent.
Your job is to hit and that is it.

NEW: There is no invincibility what-so-ever. Be careful not to waste it. When
the opponent is very near and mashing very hard, try to not call Kyoraku until
you combo. Because Kyoraku will stand before Ukitake and will welcome anything
before he performs the Super Move.
|                    |
| Ground & Air Throw |

  The best thing about throws in this game is that you can combo once you get
the opponent with them. So, it is hard to turtle here. I mean, let us do one
VERY easy and simple combo Ukitake can do after a throw:

- Throw, Super B, Super A (a bit far from the corner)

  Damage? 70. (in Bleach DS, it was 132 damage lol). ^_^ 

  Whenever the opponent turtles... go for heavy punishing combos after throwing
him or her. And just so you know, the only character you cannot throw is 
Menos-Grande. You have been informed.


7. Strategy Section:
  This is the most important section. This is what matters the most in your
fights against your friends or online players all over the world. How to make
your character effective.

  I have made some slight changes here and there. The "Cough Cough" section is
completely new though.
|             |
| Cough Cough |

  For the full explanation check the 1st FAQ. I will only list the new things.
New players might want to check the other FAQ. Thank you!

NEW: It seems the coughing issue does not occur that much (more forgiving than
before). To add to the old explanation, now if you wait for let us say 2
seconds before performing any Special Move, you will be able to do anything
again without risking yourself.

  For slow people, try to perform Special Move A/B/C/D/E repeatedly but be sure
to wait for two seconds before doing anything again. To make it accurate, try 
to use the Special Move repeatedly with the Touch Screen (that way, the game 
will not let you use the same Special until after two seconds). Noticed how he
does not cough at all?! But if you do them fast, then good luck.

  Now this is kind of new... even sometimes it IS possible to do the same Super
Move twice in a row (was not poosible in the 1st game). But do not risk it. 
Keep it safe like before. 

  Take full advantage of this. This is really good. If your timing is bad
then use the Touch Screen until you get used to the timing. Other than that,
take a look at the charts. Some things have been changed to the best. With mix
ups (doing different Special Moves), it will be impposible for Ukitake to cough
even if you are not focusing as much as before. I'd say this is SUPER GOOD.

  Sometimes it is good to let Ukitake cough when the opponent has little Life 
Bar left and he/she has no stock for Super Moves at all. Most of the time the
opponent will rush at you and try to combo. THIS IS YOUR BEST CHANCE. If you 
have at least 2 stocks, you will punish the opponent heavily. How?! Easy, most 
of them start their combos by jumping. The moment they hit you, Damage Cancel
and then combo right away:

- Standing YA, Super A

  I swear that I have tricked MANY players with this risky yet lovely trick. 
The trick begins when Ukitake coughs... it is like; "OHH, he is coughing. FULL
POWER AHEAD." But then the counter makes them wonder in stupidity. Now the guys
do not do anything when I do this trick. Most of the time they throw something
from afar. But it works perfectly on many... especially when you do it in the
right time. Like keeping your keep away game very good... then the opponent 
will be eager to attack. The coughing gives the opponent the green light to
hell. ^_^

 Remember that you have to make sure of two things:
- You have 2 stocks
- Opponent has no stocks at all

  With Kira and the like, it depends on your Life Bar. See if you have 
enough or not and then judge.
|               |
| Pressure Game |

  When you mix up your traps and abuse your Special Move A, you will get a 
very nice pressure game and you will force your opponent to Guard Cancel.
Here you have to be ready to throw then do the usual combo (see Combination
Attacks section). Some of the pressure games go like this:

- Jump YA, standing Y, crouching X, B, standing YA, up-forward B, standing A,
  Special A

  This is just a pressure example to mix up your Normal Attacks and change your
style. If the opponent defends the Special Move A low, then up-forward Air Dash
and fast do Y then A and continue your combo. If he defends mid then go for low
attacks and if he Guard Cancels then get ready to either defend or throw. It
depends on what the opponent will do. Try to not abuse your Special Moves to
not make him cough. Also, once you get the opponent with any simple Normal 
Attack, always go for Super B then Super A to not make him Damage Cancel and to
fast inflect heavy damage. If you have only one super stock then do RF Special
Move B then Super Move A since it does better damage than Super Move B.

  The good thing is Ukitake does not depend on up close combos or air combos
that much. Most of the combos his does... are from long or mid range. He does 
not use anything risky so that the opponent can Damage Cancel and punish. If 
you get the opponent with the Special Move A, try to keep yourself a little bit
far and do your combo. Just look at your opponent's Super Guage, if he has any 
or not. If he does not then go for it, and if he does then do as I said.

  The opponent will try to change the plane once you try to work out with your
traps or pressure game, so be sure to unleash some here and there to not make
him get free air. The most important thing is to focus and not get hastey. 
Flashy long combos will not get you anywhere since he will cough and screw you
up real good. So as I always say, keep it nice and simple. Substance over 
  Overall, Ukitake's Pressure Game is not ground breaking, but still good. Even
if you cannot play it right, your defense should be 2x twice better than your
offense. You have great traps and mind games, so do not panic when you get 
attacked. Just defend and then do the strategy.
|               |
| Traps/Set-ups |

  Special Move A, Special Move B and Special Move E. These are the Special
Moves that you will need to use your traps. 

  While his trap games are good, still sometimes they will not be as effective
when you go against small characters since most of your stuff will miss. So you
will have to change your whole strategy. 

- Big Characters - You can set-up some nice traps. Use your Special Move
A and then perform Special Move E but watch your opponent carefully before 
doing that. If the opponent does Shunpo, fast do Special Move B to the other 
side to protect yourself and then run behind the moving light ball and set-up
another trap near you. The good thing is that they will not disappear for quite
sometime. Then just advance and use your Normal Attacks and when you get the 
opponent, do any simple but damaging combo and then activate the traps to keep
your pressure game up.

- Small Characters - Kon, Yachiru, Hitsugaya, Hinamori, Shibata, Ririn, 
Tsukaima and the list goes on and on. Your Special Move D will miss them and 
most of your stuff will miss Yachiru. Here, you will have to ditch Special Move
D and only use it to activate your traps. Still most of the combos will work on
Hitsugaya and Hinamori... but Special Move A will miss Yachiru, Kon and Ririn. 
With all of them, try to depend on basic and damaging combos. Use your BnBs a 
lot as they will be very useful to you and keep your distance. You can use 
Special Move A to protect yourself from air fights. Combos like crouching A, 
standing A, Special B then Super A or B work wonders. They keep you strong 
and still capable of punishing them. Just because some of your Special Moves
do not reach them does not mean they will be invincible. Ukitake is good with
damage and that is a plus. So you can still scare them with your little effort
but nice damage.

  As I said above: "The opponent will try to change the plane once you try to 
work out with your traps or pressure game, so be sure to unleash some here and
there to not make him get free air. The most important thing is to focus and 
not get hastey. Flashy long combos will not get you anywhere since he will 
cough and screw you up real good. So as I always say, keep it nice and simple.
Substance over flash."

|                  |
| General Strategy |

- Keep your distance. 
- Always be sure to have an extra stock just in case Ukitake coughs. 
- Use BnBs against small characters. And ditch the useless moves.
- Stick to damaging and basic combos at the same time. 
- Never use the same Super Move twice in a row to not make Ukitake cough.
- Do not abuse your Special Moves and especially Special Move D.
- When the opponent turtles, go for throws and then combos.

  Learn your opponent's character if you have trouble beating it. This is a 
must in all fighting games. You will know the weakness of that character, if
there are any. And you will know what makes him good to try to avoid them when
you play against that character.

  Try to not depend on only one tactic/strategy. You will be easy to read and 
thus will be beaten fast. When you perform Special Move A, let it either 
protect you or to make your offense better by attacking your opponent from 
different "angles."

  There is nothing as good as defending when you are in complete danger. Just
while you are defending, think fast of what to do next and always keep an eye 
on your Super and Power Guages. 

  Do not always depend on Shunpo Guard Cancel because Special Moves and Super
Moves Guard Cancel are way better and more effective to punishing. If the 
opponent is very far and abusing something from a distance, then either use
your Special Move D since it goes through almost everything... or Shunpo (B)
Guard Cancel.

  Do not limit yourself in one or two BnBs or good combos... try to know and 
perfect as many as possiple. Just so that you could make yourself better in 
any position you do your combos. Some combos need your opponent to be cornered
while others not. So when you know them all you will not limit yourself to only
corner combos or not... and thus you will also limit your Ukitake. Expand your
perfection. ^_^

  Super Move B is good because it has full range. So it is good after a throw
or when the opponent is abusing something from afar. But, Super Move A deals
a bit better than Super Move B. So when you have one Super Meter and you 
managed to get your opponent with a combo and you have to either do Super Move
A or Super Move B, then Super Move A is your choice. Super Move C is better 
than both of them combined.

  If you are doing a combo and the opponent has half of his Super Guage filled
(not 1/3, I mean half a stock) then try to finish the combo as soon as possible
to avoid Damage Cancel. Mostly, Super Moves will do the job well done since the
opponent will not be able to Damage Cancel. This is a bit hard to do with fast
matches, but you will get used to it once you get bored of how many times you
get interrupted by Damage Cancel. If one of his/her Super Meters is about to
get full (one stock), keep your combo very, very simple with Super Move 

  If the opponent is abusing his Special Moves and Super Moves blindly, then
always... always change plane (L) and try to punish or re-adjust your whole

  That is about it, folks! I will try to update the FAQ when I have anything
new to say.


8. Contributers Section:
  For Ukitake players all over the world. If you have anything to add or you
think that you have another strategy or anything at all. Share it with us, 
please! ^_^

  This might help those who did not find anything helpful in my FAQ and want 
another tactics/strategies. Just please make your strategies/tips or anything
readable. Thank you!

  You forgot to mention one thing, Basel. 

  It's better to save the Shunpo Guage for Shunpo and Special B. The other
Specials can be done normally without using their RF version since Ukitake 
recovers fast and performs them fast as well. That way, you can depend on the
Shunpo when you Guard Cancel or when you want to use RF Special B to juggle
and then do Super A.

  Also, with tall characters, you can do Super A without juggling them.

- Jumping YA, standing YXA, Super A

Comment: Thanks for the tip. I think you need to use RF Special A as well,
         because it will have more range, faster recovery and stays out longer.
         Other than that, I got rid of the abbreviations in the combo (and 
         some little notes) to match the FAQ. Sorry!

  You cannot Shunpo through an RF move. This includes Ukitake's Special A. So 
while doing a ground combo, sometimes it is just worth it to do RF Special A 
and refill Shunpo, then to RF Special B and aerial. Plus, if they are stupid,
they will DC and waste a stock. 

  A personal favorite combo. You need 2 Laser orbs already out. One behind and
forward, the light kind. Trap the preson in Special A. RF is not necessary, but
it is more damageing. Once they are trapped, tap dash back and then use light 
Special D. The horizontal beam, knocks them into the air, and the orb catches 
them. Then stab them with light, as the lasers hit them. They should float into
the air, where a star will form on them. :D Good damage, 'specially in first. 
This can be improved on by running back farther, and skipping the light pokes, 
and doing a Super B, Super A combo. I do not usually do it, it seems to fail 

  A side note, even after doing say... RF Special B, Super A, setting this up 
and doing it with a bit of delay, will work. So you can over 50% of the time 
double star. Even if you cough, the RF Special A or lasers will be hitting 
them, so you can just DC out if they get to you. The damage is worth it in 
1st, not so much in 2nd.

Comment: Thanks for the tips. You seem to be using other tactics than mine.
         Shows how much a character can change from one person to another, eh?
         Good tips, nonetheless. ^_^

  I thought it'd be good to join the club since I have noticed that you skipped
mentioning a few things... and you still actually use them, Geeseter.

  I think it is better to save one stock for the super if you have two. Since 
Ukitake is not as good as before damage-wise, it is better not to do the usual
combo "Super B, Super A." Go for RF Special B then Super A and keep the other 
stock for something else. Use Super B for other combos, like:

- Throw, Super B

  Or when you get the opponent again with Special B, do Super A. Or for DC 
(Damage Cancel). Or for the funny trick you have mentioned (risky but great
and many players feel stupid when you get them with it). 

  Since most of the players (especially online players) depend on Guard 
Cancelling into Shunpo or BnBs, it is good that you only depend on light 
attacks and not include heavy ones unless the opponent is wide open for any 
combo. Many players turtle just to GC into Shunpo and then fast do their combo,
but when you use light attacks (jumping or crouching Y) you will be very safe 
and you can counter with anything when you block.

  Since the coughing problem is not as strict as before, try to do Special E
whenever you can. Just do not over do it to avoid coughing. With Special E, 
there are some great tricks invloving them. You mentioned some, Geeseter. I
will just add on a few other things. Special E will make performing Special D
safer than before. The opponent cannot see them, so you can abuse Special D.
The opponent will defend most of the time when you do Special D, because he is
expecting Special E to connect. That way, you can actually trick the opponent.
If the orb is floating up, go a bit near it and do Special C. Make sure not to
make it connect with Special E. Now the opponent is expecting the beam, run 
fast and then throw the opponent. This trick is very nice and works a lot. You
abuse it a lot in our matches, Geester.

  The opponent will make sure that you do not do this trick again. Do it again,
but make sure that you connect it with Special E, and run to your opponent to 
throw, if the opponent defends, you will do a nice combo after throwing. If the
opponent tries to hit you, let him. He will be happy to combo, but then the 
beam will hit him and you will do wonders. Try to not rush things when you do
Special E, because they stay out very long, and as you said, you can do more
than 7 orbs, which is great for mixups.

Comment: Ladies and gentlemen... Gichin. One of the GOOD players. ^_^ Doing 
         Super B then Super A is indeed not as damaging as before, but you 
         could do the combo when you have nothing else to do. That means no
         RF Special Move B. You will have to do the combo to take advantage of
         it. The other tactics are very good and well written. Yup, Special
         Move E tricks are useful and I always use them. Good that you 
         mentioned them in detail, Gichin. Thank you very much for the inputs.

  I always use Special B (either normal or RF) when someone jumps a lot. I try
to perform it once he jumps. The point of doing it is, when he tries to attack
me, he will get hit by the Special Move and make me combo with Super A after 
it. That means, it is good even if we get trade hit. I could combo with 
whatever I like (mostly Super A).

  I always do it and it seems to work just fine. I do not think there is any 
drawback in doing it. All you need is a good reaction/reflex and that's that.

Comment: It is nice to see players from KOF. Gives me a very relaxing feeling.
         Ah, Shin Nihon Kikaku... the good old days with the sweet company...
         ^_^ The tip you mentioned is good, however, you should be really 
         careful against characters with air Super(s)... like Urahara. If the
         opponent is careful, he/she would counter with a Super Move. Which 
         means, once you perform the Special Move while he/she is jumping 
         towards you, the opponent can do jumping A/Y/X then any air Super. 
         Urahara's Super Move has priority, so you might not be safe. Anything
         else is as good and useful as you said. Very neat and helps to take 
         advantage of such a "good" setup. ^_^ Thank you for the tip, KOFan.


9. Combination Attacks:
- "Normal Combos" means combos without using Super Moves. 
- "Super Combos" means combos using Super Moves.
- "Throw Combos" means combos after throwing your opponent.

  I have made some adjustments since it is hard to do some of the combos
without going around them (if you get my drift). Also, I have cleaned this 
section and made it more readable. Most of the old combos remain in this game
so do not worry about it.
|               |
| Normal Combos |

- Jump A, crouching Y, standing XA, crouching A, Special D

- RF Special A, Special B, Special C

- Air Dash, YA, Special C (corner and only on big characters)

- Air Dash, jumping XA, crouching YA, RF Special B, jumping YX, Double Jump,
  jumping YXA

- Special E (A), RF Special A (no hit), throw, standing YA, Special D, standing
  Ax2 (corner)

- Air Dash, YA, standing YA, RF Special B, jumping YX, Double Jump, YX, B, YX, 
  upward B, YA

- RF Special A, standing Ax5, Special D

- RF Special A, standing Ax5, B, standing YX (one hit), standing A, up-forward 
  B, YA, standing YXA, crouching A, Special D

|              |
| Super Combos |

- RF Special A, Super B, Super A, standing YA, standing YA, upward B, YX, 
  Double Jump, YXA

- Air Dash, jumping XA, standing YXA, crouching A Super B, Super A

- Special E (A), RF Special A, RF Special D, Super B, standing YXA, Super A

- Special E-x6, Special A, Special D, Special A, Special D, Special A, Special 
  D, Super B, Super A

- Special E (A), RF Special A (no hit), throw, standing YA, Special D, Super B,
  Super A (corner)

- Air Dash, YA, crouching YA, B, standing YX (one hit), standing A, up-forward 
  B, YA, standing YA, B, standing YX (two hits), standing A, Super B, Super A 
  (corner, on BC characters)

- RF Special A, standing Ax5, B, standing YX (one hit), standing A, up-forward 
  B, YA, standing YXA, crouching A, Super B, Super A

- Jumping XA, crouching YX, standing A, up-forward Shunpo, jumping A, Shunpo, 
  jumping A, crouching YX, standing A, Shunpo, crouching Y, standing A, RF 
  Special B, Super A

- Jumping XA, crouching YX, standing A, up-forward Shunpo, jumping A, Shunpo, 
  jumping A, crouching YX, standing A, Shunpo, crouching Y, standing A, 
  crouching A, Super B, Super A

- Special E (A), RF Special A, standing YXA, Special D, Super C

|              |
| Throw Combos |

- Throw, Special D (everywhere)

- Throw, RF Special B, jumping YX, Double Jump, YXA (corner, good combo for 
  those who cannot time crouching Y after a throw)
- Throw, crouching YA, RF Special B, jumping YX, Double Jump, jumping YXA 

- Throw, crouching YA, B, standing YXA, up-forward B, YA, standing YA, 
  up-forward B, YA, standing A, Special D (corner)

- Throw, Super B (everywhere)

- Throw, RF Special B, Super A (corner, good combo for those who cannot time 
  crouching Y after a throw)

- Throw, Super B, Super A (a bit far from the corner)

- Throw, crouching YXA, RF Special B, Super A (corner)

- Throw, crouching Y, standing XA, B, standing YXA, up-forward B, YA, 
  standing A, RF Special B, Super A (corner)

- Throw, crouching Y, standing XA, B, standing YX (one hit), standing A, 
  up-forward B, YA, standing YXA, B, standing YX (two hits), standing A, Super
  B, Super A (corner)

- Throw, Super C (everywhere)

Side Note:
  As I said in the "General Strategy" section (in case you did not read), "If 
you are doing a combo and the opponent has half of his Super Guage filled (not
1/3, I mean half a stock) then try to finish the combo as soon as possible to 
avoid Damage cancel. Mostly, Super Moves will do the job well done since the
opponent will not be able to Damage Cancel. This is a bit hard to do with fast
matches, but you will get used to it once you get bored of how many times you
get interrupted by Damage Cancel. If one of his/her Super Meters is about to
get full (one stock), keep your combo very, very simple with Super Move 

  If you want an in-depth explanation for the combos and when to use them or 
will you risk yourself when you do them or not (cough) then read in the 
"Combination Attacks Explanation" section in Bleach DS FAQ. If not, then make
sure you practice all the combos that do not have many of the same Special Move
combinations in them. Combos with a lot of Normal Attacks are very useful since
Ukitake does not cough when he uses Normal Attacks and they reduce the odds of
making him cough when you use Special Moves or Super Moves.

  I tried to mention many combos that revolve around Normal Attacks then a 
simple Special Move or two Super Moves so that you could at least lower the
percentage of making him cough.

  Whether to use them or not... it is your call.


10. Charts:
  Simple charts to understand what consumes what, the damage dealt by his 
Normal Attacks, Special Moves, Super Moves and Throw. Also to understand when 
he will cough most of the time.

  This section is 80% changed from before... you might want to take a look.

                           |                       |
                           |   Consumption Chart   |
|                          |                       |                          |
|     Name                 |    Super Guage        |        Power Guage       |
|                          |                       |                          |
| Guard Cancel to Shunpo   |       None            |    One - Yellow Stock    |
| Guard Cancel to Supers   |     One Stock         |           None           |
| Guard Cancel to Moves    |       None            |           None           |
| Guard Cancel to Cards    |       None            |           None           |
| Damage Cancel            |     One Stock         |           None           |
| RF Special Moves         |       None            | One - Yellow/Grey Stock  |
| Plane Change             |       None            |          None            |
| Shunpo                   |       None            |    One - Yellow Stock    |
| Extra Jumps (Kyoraku)    |       None            |    One - Yellow Stock    |
| RF Move Cancel to Supers |     One Stock         | One - Yellow/Grey Stock  |
| Super Cancel             |     One Stock         |           None           |
| Ban Kai/3 Stocks Supers  |    Three Stocks       |           None           |
| Partner Supers           |    Three Stocks       |           None           |
| Cards                    |       None            |           None           |

  Up next, Damage Chart 1. It goes like this:

Komamura - The best defense in the game. 
Normal   - Menos-Grande, Grandfisher, Byakuya, Genryusai, Yoruichi, Ganju, 
           Mayuri, Nemu, Kira, Ukitake, Urahara, Ishida, Ikkaku, Hisagi, 
           Matsumoto, Kyoraku, Chad, Ichigo, Abarai, Kenpachi, Rukia, 
           Hitsugaya, Hinamori, Soi Fon, Bonnie, Kanonji, Aizen, Gin, Tousen 
           and Kukaku
1.3 DMG  - None other than Ikasoruk Ogihci
1.6 DMG  - Hanataro, Yachiru, Inoue and Ururu
1.7 DMG  - Fly away... Shrieker
x2  DMG  - Shibata, Goteitaishi, Tsukaima, Kyugohanin, Ririn, Tatsuki and Kon
                                |                |
                                | Damage Chart 1 |
|                      |                                |                     |
|       Move Name      |       Normal Characters        |      Komamura       |
|                      |                                |                     |
| Standing Y           |          4 Damage              |     3 Damage        |
| Standing X (1st hit) |          6 Damage              |     5 Damage        |
| Standing X (2nd hit) |          4 Damage              |     3 Damage        |
| Standing X (2 hits)  |          9 Damage (DMG scale)  |     8 Damage (DS)   |
| Standing A           |          8 Damage              |     7 Damage        |
| Crouching Y          |          4 Damage              |     3 Damage        |
| Crouching X          |          6 Damage              |     5 Damage        |
| Crouching A          |          8 Damage              |     7 Damage        |
| Jumping Y            |          4 Damage              |     3 Damage        |
| Jumping X            |          6 Damage              |     5 Damage        |
| Jumping A            |          8 Damage              |     7 Damage        |
| Special Move A       |         No Damage              |     No Damage       |
| Special Move B       | 12 Damage (N) -  13 Damage (RF)| 12 (N) - 13 (RF)    |
| Special Move C       |          8 Damage              |     7 Damage        |
| Special Move D       | 12 Damage (CR) -  8 Damage (LR)|    13 Damage        |
| Special Move E  (Y)  |         10 Damage              |     8 Damage        |
| Special Move E  (X)  |          5 Damage              |     8 Damage        |
| Special Move E  (A)  |          5 Damage              |  13 (CR) - 7 (LR)   |
| Special Move E (mix) |         10 Damage              |     8 Damage        |
| Super Move A         |         41 Damage              |    39 Damage        |
| Super Move B         | 31 Damage (CR) - 29 Damage (LR)| 39 (CR) - 28 (LR)   |
| Super Move C         |      180-183 Damage (NA)       | 175-179 Damage (NA) |
| Throw                |           6 Damage             |     5 Damage        |

                                |                |
                                | Damage Chart 2 |
|                      |              |              |              |         |
|       Move Name      |    Ogihci    |     1.6      |   Shrieker   |   x2    |
|                      |              |              |              |         |
| Standing Y           |     5        |      6       |      7       |    8    |
| Standing X (1st hit) |     8        |      9       |     10       |   12    |
| Standing X (2nd hit) |     5        |      6       |      7       |    8    |
| Standing X (2 hits)  |    13 (DS)   |     15 (DS)  |     16 (DS)  | 19 (DS) |
| Standing A           |    11        |     13       |     14       |   16    |
| Crouching Y          |     5        |      6       |      7       |    8    |
| Crouching X          |     8        |      9       |     10       |   12    |
| Crouching A          |    11        |     13       |     14       |   16    |
| Jumping Y            |     5        |      6       |      7       |    8    |
| Jumping X            |     8        |      9       |     10       |   12    |
| Jumping A            |    11        |     13       |     14       |   16    |
| Special Move A       |    No        |    None      |    None      |  None   |
| Special Move B       |    15        |     18       |     24       |   27    |
| Special Move C       |    11        |     13       |     14       |   16    |
| Special Move D       |    11        |     13       |     14       |   16    |
| Special Move E  (Y)  | 19(CR) 13(LR)| 22(CR) 16(LR)|     17       |   28    |
| Special Move E  (X)  | 19(CR) 13(LR)| 22(CR)  9(LR)|     17       |   28    |
| Special Move E  (A)  |    13        |     16       |     17       |  16-20  |
| Special Move E (mix) |    13        |     16       |     17       |   28    |
| Super Move A         |    60        |     63       |     80       |   90    |
| Super Move B         |    44        |     47       |     65       |   75    |
| Super Move C         |   200-210    |   240-250    |   246-253    |  255    |
| Throw                |     8        |      9       |     10       |   12    |

  That's about it!

  Now to the Cough Chart. The percentage is not 100% accurate but I gave it my
best shot after many and many tries. If you have anything better, share with us
(Ukitake fans/experts only... scrubs and card-users, sho), please! This chart
will at least help you not make Ukitake cough a lot. 

- 0%    === He will not cough no matter what.
- 5%    === The odds for him to cough is very low.
- 20%   === The odds for him to cough is low.
- 40%   === The odds for him to cough is average.
- 70%   === The odds for him to cough is high.
- 90%   === The odds for him to cough is very high.
- 99.9% === The odds for him to cough is extreme (luck is a BIG factor here).
- 100%  === He will cough once you perform the Special or Super Move. You MUST
           stop at once or you will get screwed by your opponent.

  The percentage differs from one combination of Special/Super Moves to 
                           |                       |
                           | Cough Chart 1 - Moves |
|                      |                                |                     |
|    Move(s) Name      |      No. of Times in a Row     |     Percentage      |
|                      |                                |                     |
| Standing Y           |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Standing X           |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Standing A           |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Crouching Y          |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Crouching X          |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Crouching A          |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Jumping Y            |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Jumping X            |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Jumping A            |          Anytime               |        0%           |
| Special Move A       |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Special Move A       |          Twice                 |       40%           |
| Special Move A       |          Thrice                |       70%           |
| Special Move A       |          Four Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move A       |          Five Times            |      100%           |
| Special Move B       |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Special Move B       |          Twice                 |       20%           |
| Special Move B       |          Thrice                |       70%           |
| Special Move B       |          Four Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move B       |          Five Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move B       |          Six Times             |      100%           |
| Special Move C       |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Special Move C       |          Twice                 |       20%           |
| Special Move C       |          Thrice                |       70%           |
| Special Move C       |          Four Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move C       |          Five Times            |      100%           |
| Special Move D       |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Special Move D       |          Twice                 |       40%           |
| Special Move D       |          Thrice                |       70%           |
| Special Move D       |          Four Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move D       |          Five Times            |      100%           |
| Special Move E       |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Special Move E       |          Twice                 |       20%           |
| Special Move E       |          Thrice                |       70%           |
| Special Move E       |          Four Times            |       90%           |
| Special Move E       |          Five Times            |      100%           |
| Super Move A         |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Super Move A         |          Twice                 |     99.9%           |
| Super Move A         |          Thrice                |      100%           |
| Super Move B         |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Super Move B         |          Twice                 |     99.9%           |
| Super Move B         |          Thrice                |      100%           |
| Super Move C         |          Once                  |        0%           |
| Throw                |          Anytime               |        0%           |

  The aforementioned chart is when you only perform the Special Moves as said
and not include anything at all. If you want to mix-up the Special Moves & 
Super Moves then look at the below chart. Take my advice and do not abuse
the same Special Move more than twice... thrice tops. Keep it at twice tops 
then go for mix-ups. 

  The below chart differs a lot from the aforementioned chart. It is the one
you will use in your fights more than the above one since the above one is
well-known to Ukitake experts.
                           |                       |
                           |  Cough Chart 2 - Mix  |
|                                                          |                  |
|     Series of Special Moves or Super Moves               |   Percentage     |
|                                                          |                  |
| Super B, Super A                                         |        0%        |
| Super A, Super B                                         |        0%        |
| Super B, Anything, Super A                               |        5%        |
| Super A, Anything, Super B                               |        5%        |
| Super B, Super A, Super B                                |      100%        |
| Super B, Super A, Super A                                |      100%        |
| Super A, Super B, Super A                                |      100%        |
| Super A, Super B, Super B                                |      100%        |
| Super B, Anything, Super B                               |      100%        |
| Super A, Anything, Super A                               |      100%        |
| Super B, Super A, Anything, Super B                      |      100%        |
| Super A, Super B, Anything, Super A                      |      100%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E (in any order)    |        0%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, Move A           |       40%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E,  Move A & B      |       40%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, Move A, B & C    |       70%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, Move A, B, C & D |       70%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, x2 (all)         |       70%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, X3 (all)         |     99.9%        |
| Move A, Move B, Move C, Move D, Move E, x4 (all), Move A |      100%        |

  Anything has either "0% or 100%" is accurate. The other percentages are the
best I could come up with from many tries. 

  For the new people, you might want to check out the first FAQ for the 
explanation about the charts. I will not include them here as well.


11. Questions & Answers:
  Have a question? Ask right away (no moronic/stupid questions, please):

Q: I have a problem doing "crouching Y, standing XA, Shunpo" repeatedly. I 
always seem to miss when my opponent crouches. And I think range is a factor.
Too complex for my style. That goes to the damned "RF Special B, Super A"
combo. Is there any other option to do it 100% without the fear of missing?!

A: For the first question, make the combo as follows:

- Crouching YX, standing A, Shunpo (repeat all)

  Now you will not miss. Crouching X has range and won't miss. Or you can ditch
it and continue without it. Your choice. Also sometimes it depends on the 
range. So your reflex is needed. But if you really want a 100% sure hit combo,
then use this:

- Jumping XA, crouching YX, standing A, up-forward Shunpo, jumping A, Shunpo
  (still in the air), jumping A, crouching YX, standing A, Shunpo, crouching Y,
  standing A, RF Special B, Super A

  That will work charmly. Practice it a lot to get used to it. That should
cover your 2nd question as well.

Q: I'm stuck with this game. I'm having fun, no doubt, but I want to try other
fighting games. I only know JUS and this! 

A: This is off a bit, but answering this question is a must to let the other
fighting game fans know. So far, these are the fighting games for the DS:

1- Draglade
2- Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei
3- Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem
4- Jump Super Stars
5- Jump Ultimate Stars
6- Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
7- Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden
8- Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! DS Frame Rumble Gaikyoushuu
9- One Piece: Gear Spirit

  O.P. will be be released soon. Graglade is a MUST have. Some guys complain
about its WiFi, but in fact its WiFi is better than Bleach DS 2nd's. All of 
the listed games are good except NSR, KHR & GGDS.

Version & Same Character
Q: Really, Basel, why don't you write version for the FAQ. I can hardly notice
the updates!

  Also, how can people still enjoy the character with "slight" changes?!

A: Yeah! I never did that. Mostly because I update the FAQ a lot, so it does
not matter to me. Try to see the date. Also, when I update the FAQ, I change
minor things in the MA section, put new tips from the players and add new
questions asked from the players. Sometimes I change things heavily in the 
strategy section, but that only happens when I actually have to. 

  As for the second question. Well yeah! This is the second time I use a 
character with some changes. Kinda strange, if you ask me. I am used to
characters with big changes in every sequel. Anyway, enjoying the character
has nothing to do with anything. Ukitake just happens to be a fun character to
play as.

Bad Player
Q: I used to only use "Ichigo & Friends," but I got bored and wanted to try
something new. Something fresh. I saw a couple of FAQs about some characters,
but Ukitake got me interested. I wanted to know how can a character with a big
flaw (coughing) compete with the other characters! So I gave him a shot. I am
really, really bad. I do fine with the others, but Ukitake just does not cut 
it for me. He is like a character who is willing to help if you try, but if you
do not, you can easily screw up. I am a bad player in short. How can I be good
with him, Basel?

A: So in short you are asking, how can I be good with any character?

  Know the basics and everything about him. Do not get lazy to know anything.
Know the character's ins and outs. Try to practice a lot when you use him. Like
doing his combos and trying to figure out the timings to his Normal, Special
and Super Moves. Know the game's system very well. Try to not let the 
character's flaws get in your way by taking advantage of the character's pros.

  By reading the FAQ, you will get a complete idea of the said areas you are 
lacking in. Then, play against good players. Playing against the CPU will not
make you any good, it will only slow the process rapidly. Even if you lose a
lot, play and keep playing. If the opponent's character is giving you a hard
time, then try to know the character you are facing. Know his/her pros and 
cons. You will do much better by then. Needless to say, when you keep playing 
with good players, you will get good sooner or later.

  If there is anything complicated to you that you cannot figure out, try to 
ask them about it... or ask a player who is good with the character you are 
using. Sometimes you face good players who know jack about your character and 
still tell you complete, utter nonsense about your character as if they ever 
played him right. So, try to ask the right players.

  Just understand that sometimes, against some characters, you will still not
do that good. Not your fault. The game's balance fault. So do not fret. Just
keep on using your character... or any other one. ^_^

Infinities & Tier List
Q: Does Ukitake have an infinite? What are the infinities in the game?! Can you
give me a Tier List, please?!

A: There is one, but Ukitake will ruin it anytime by coughing. That is why I 
never wrote it.  

  There are no infinities in the game. So long there is Damage Cancel, such a
thing will be hard to exist. People use the term "infinites," because there are
combos that can be done over and over again unless the opponent Damage Cancels
or drops dead. So instead of saying long combos, they use the term 
"infinities." But if you want the right usage of the word in fighting games, it
is a combo which cannot be interrupted until the player stops or the character 
gets knocked down. Most of the time, a combo which is very short, but can be 
done repeatedly.

  As for the Tier List. I will not write one. Unless I use all the characters
equally, I am in no position to write it. Most of the time, we figure out the
tier list by tournaments. Or when a character has better pros than the others
(priorities, invincibilities, infinities, range, less recovery, no startup,
easy to use, hard to punish, easy to punish others, etc...). But not always
the top tier characters are easy to use. Some are not... like Geese in RBFF2.
You can check somewhere else about it. Just be careful, some people tend to 
make up their own tier lists. Also the tier list differs from JPN's to US' or
any other countery/yours/your friend's/message board tier list.

No Damage
Q: Special Move A does no damage at all in my game. WHAT THE HELL?! Is there
something wrong with my game or the character is just THAT retarded?

A: I mentioned this very same question in the 1st FAQ. I mentioned it in Moves
Analysis section. I mentioned it AGAIN in the Damage Chart section. If you 
bothered to read the FAQ at all, you would have noticed but I guess not.
Therefore I am not going to bother to say why.

  Just before you doubt your game AGAIN, Ikasoruk Ogihci's Special Move E does
no damage as well. Please, do not break your game.

Q: I am writing a long tip about Ukitake for you, but I included a lot of
abbreviations. Is it okay to use them or you cannot understand them since you
do not follow? I could use names instead.

A: Write your combos or your tips in any way you can. I will understand them.
I will just adjust the combo abbreviations to match mine. Better for me and
easier since the readers will read mine as well. If you want to use QCF, HCF,
FBF instead of saying Special A or whatever, use it. I do not mind at all.

  Other than that, I will not force you to write anything in my way. Write them
any way you want. Even if you want to use the Moves' names. I do not mind. I am
quite used to anything. I do not want to force anyone to follow me. Just try to
use the "comas" instead of "directions" (like => or ->) when you want to write
combos. It is the most used/common method for fighting game guides. Even 
Arcadia/Gamest use them as well. Thank you!

Bad Game
Q: By the sound of your FAQ, you are VERY disappointed with the damage he can 
deal in this game. No? Then maybe this is a bad game and we should stick with 
the 1st game?!

A: Of course NOT! The first game is PATHETIC compared to this game. Even if
they nerfed Ukitake to hell, the fact will still remain that this game tops the
1st game in EVERYTHING. The 1st game has nothing better than this game. Not
even one thing (well, maybe Challenge Mode but got boring after two days).

  They balanced the characters. Nerfed a lot of characters to give the other
characters a chance. Redrawn many things. Look at Kenpachi, he looks fantastic
and plays 100% better than the cheap scrub-friendly Kenpachi in the first game.
Hell, I never liked using Byakuya in the first game and now he is so fun to 
use. They gave us good choices for Vs. Mode and eliminated some crappy things 
from the 1st game, like Guard Cancel from the Touch Screen and abusing the 
Touch Screen with many moves like there is no tomorrow. They even had the 
decency to notice the spammable/abusive Special Moves and Super Moves and toned
them down (good morning, Soi Fon).

  Not to mention they added hollows, other vice-captains and everyone's 
favorites, Urahara & Kanonji. :p

  I never judge a book by its cover. I fully play the game then decide. 

Part D, Mission C-3
Q: I am really getting pissed right now. I cannot complete Mission C-3 in Part
D. Menos-Grande's and Byakuya keep beating me like there is no tomorrow! Any
advice to beat them using Ukitake or any other character?

A: I recommend Komamura for any difficulty. Just try to get the First Hit to
get one stock for the Super Guage. Then slash or get hit until you get 3 
stocks. Use your Ban Kai and look at the damage... you will be surprised.
Then try to hit and get hit until you get another 3 bars... use your Ban Kai
and that's it. The Super Guage in this game fills up REALLY fast compared to
the first game. This should help you in every mission.

  Komamura and Urahara make Story Mode ultra easy.

Online/IRC/Message Board
Q: How come I do not see you online/IRC/message board?

A: Heh! Easy. That's because you/most of the MB/IRC guys live in the US. I do 
not. Why would I join and share FC when we will be lagging badly?! I hate lag
and despise it especially in fighting games where every second counts. In 
short, I do not know any of you either since I have never played against any 
of you.

  Moreover, I am focusing on VF5/HnK/GG:AC, so I do not join online much 
anyways. I just play wireless with some good players at the Aracdes or use FC
to play with some unique players I have known since the first game. That's 
pretty much it.

  Ahh, just to add... if you know me or near me then by all means add me or
E-Mail me. I use Ukitake, Kyoraku, Kenpachi, Kanonji, Aizen, Gin and Tousen.
Most of the players underestimate Ukitake... so you will be surprised if you
still think so. ^_^

Poor Ukitake
Q: Is Ukitake the only one with such a flaw (coughing)? Why do they have to
put such a harsh flaw? Cannot they do something unique to the characters 

A: Actually he is not the only one. Some have ups, others have downs. Let's 

1. Ikkaku    - EX Moves (cancels a Special Move into another)
2. Byakuya   - Special B canceling (you can teleport and perform Super A or C 
               before he hits the opponent, which means eliminating the slash
3. Kyoraku   - Jumps more than twice using the PG.
4. Ukitake   - Coughing issue.
5. Yachiru   - Tripping issue.
6. Kanonji   - Rating (down) & getting tired animation if you have no stocks 
               for Shunpo and you keep pressing B. Hitting with his Taunt.
7. Ogihci    - Doing better Damage than anyone and taking 1.3 damage.
8. J.K.      - Double Damage
9. Inoue     - 1.6 damage. Also Hanataro, Yachiru and Ururu
10. Ururu    - Charging Specials and Supers.
11. Shrieker - 1.7 damage.
12. Komamura - Best defense in the game.

  To top it all, Kenpachi got the best reward... best sprite in the game. None
comes close. All those frames fit Kenpachi REALLY well. A real beauty. Poor
Ichigo. ^_^

This or JUS?
Q: I'm really confused here. Should I buy this or JUS? I have heard quite good
things about this game being the best handheld fighting game and all! Care to
advice me?!

A: There are tons of topics about this that you might want to read. 

  Frankly, I do not care what you want to buy. I cannot advice you to buy 
anything. I do not even know why people care so much as to ask this question
over and over again. 

  And no. This is not the best handheld fighting game ever. This is the best 
DS fighting game. The best handheld fighting game (excluding ports like SFA3,
Tekken DR, etc...) goes "easily" to SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium on
Neo Geo Pocket Color. I hope SNK Playmore will port it over to the DS so then 
the others that missed it (about 70%) will be able to try it out. BEST. 

Q: Where is -insert here any character-?

A: Again, I do not care. This FAQ is about Ukitake, not whining over any 
character that did not make the cut. I bought it because it is a fighting
game... not just Bleach (I do read the manga and watch the anime though).

  To tell you the truth I think some of Bleach characters (hell, most of other
anime characters) look and act bleh compared to characters like Kenshiro (most 
of HnK characters), Saeba Ryo, Gutts and some others. Do you think I cared when
Shin did not make the cut in JUS? No! That alone should tell you something very
simple... gameplay ===> characters. But I admit that characters do matter at 
some point (when it involves characters with deep personality/background/impact
to the anime/manga). I mean, who gives a rat's @$$ about Bonnie or Shibata?! I

P.S. No offese to those who like Bleach characters, of course. Do not take
     my opinion personally.


12. Credits & Acknowledgement

Last Word:
  It is finished. Hope I was helpful and useful to you. 

Special Thanks:
- To Treasure
- To Sega
- To Gamefaqs
- To all Ukitake fans
- To all my friends for the encouragement
- To Freenhult
- To KOFan
- To Gichin... now my nickname is in Kanji, so no one can confuse us, eh? ^_^

Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem is Copyright Treasure Crop. This document
Copyright 2007 Basel Al-Shehab

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or Mr_Geese@hotmail.com

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