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FAQ by Go1die

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/01/2007

 _____  _          ___   _                     ___       _      
(_   _)( )        /  _) (_)              __   (   )     ( )     
  | |  | |_  ___  \_"-.  _  __  __  __  |_ |  | O  |___ | |  __ 
  ( )  ( _ )( o_)  __) )( )( _`'_ )(_'   /(_  ( __/( o_)( _)(_' 
  /_\  /_\|| \(   /___/ /_\/_\`'/_\/__) /___\ /_\   \(  /_\ /__)
                     For Nintendo DS

Welcome to my guide for The Sims 2: Pets for NDS. I hope you'll find
everything you need within this FAQ. :)

                     Copyright Notice
             ©2006 - 2007 Go1die, All Rights Reserved.
   This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
 distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
     strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

                      VERSION HISTORY

2.0 - Phew, I haven't updated in a while. I got lazy with writing this.
But, we all have lives, as you know. Anywho, I will just need to add
a few more things after this version and I'll probably be done. 

1.5 - Updating for the Second Time; I've added the Copyright notice
and also updated the Illnesses List (I forgot worms). I've also
created an Illnesses List and how to cure them thread in the S2P Message
Board. I did not submit this section.

1.0 - I just started this FAQ, it won't have everything but I think
it should be done within 1 - 2 months - I'll just have to see.



1.0. Introduction
  1.1. Controls
  1.2. A little about the game
  1.3. Your Sims' Needs

2.0. Playing the Game
  2.1. Opening Day to-do List
    2.1.1. Fill out Personal Info
    2.1.2. Create new outfit
    2.1.3. Pickup new pet
    2.1.4. Move into new home
    2.1.5. Treat first patient!
  2.2. Finding the Status of your Patients
    2.2.1. Health
    2.2.2. Social
    2.2.3. Hunger
    2.2.4. Hygiene
    2.2.5. Energy
    2.2.6. Appearance
  2.3. Your First Patient
  2.4. Illnesses
    2.4.1. Flu
    2.4.2. Fleas
    2.4.3. Worms
    2.4.4. Filthy
    2.4.5. Ugly
    2.4.6  Broken Bone/Limb
    2.4.8. Lodged Item

3.0 Pets in General
  3.1. Types of Dogs
  3.2. Types of Cats
  3.3. Other things to do with your pets
    3.3.1. Teaching them Tricks
    3.3.2. Playing
    3.3.3. Going to the Park

4.0. Extras
  4.1. Hillary Duff
  4.2. Mini-Games
  4.3. Catalog
    4.4.1. Stores and what they carry
    4.4.2. Master Item List

5.0. Other Stuff
  5.1. FAQ
  5.2. Contact Me
  5.3. Legal Stuff
  5.4. Thank Yous
  5.5. Bye bye


1.0. - Introduction

Again, welcome to my FAQ of The Sims 2: Pets for NDS. If you're looking for
answers about TS2: Pets for Nintendo DS, you're at the right place. If you're
here for questions about any other console or game, you better go back and do
another search, because you won't find them here. Anyhoo, let's get started!


1.1. - Controls

Coming Soon!


1.2. - A little about the game

This game is about your Sim starting a new life as a Pet Doctor and running your
own Pet Clinic. People who have problems with their pets will visit you - some
for reasonable reasons, and some are just right-out weird. Pets, in this game,
have a mind of their own - so expect the unexpected!


1.3. - Your Sims' Needs

Unlike the Sims 2 for NDS, your Sims have needs rather than a Sanity Bar,
which is much more convienent. Here you'll find what your Sims needs are and how
to treat them.

Hunger - When your Sim is hungry you'll have to feed them by playing the Cooking
Mini-Game (see Mini-Game section for more info.) - but make sure to use a Recipe
or your food might turn out weird.

Hygiene - Keep your Sim smellin' good by taking a shower - or washing your hands
at a sink if you're in a bind.

Energy - This is pretty much easy need to fill - and you probably won't need to
fill it all day. But, if your Sim for some reason has a low Energy Level in the
middle of the day, go and relax or sleep on your bed. I'm not sure if there
is Espresso in this game.

Social - Talk with the local residents at the Park or play with your pet to fill
this need up.

Comfort - This goes down a lot. Sit on a Couch or chair to bring this Need up.

Bladder - When your Sim's gotta go, there's no way around it. Get'em to a toilet
ASAP unless you want them to suffer the consequences.

Fun - This isn't really a factor in this game. Play with your pet, or talk with
someone at the park. This may also be treated by treating a Pet - I think.

Room/Environment - Stay in spacy and clean rooms to keep this Need high.


2.0. - Starting the game

This is like a Quick-Start guide just to get you going. Skip this if you're
used to the game.


2.1. - Opening Day to-do List

  2.1.2. - Fill Out Personal Info.
Here you will name your Doctor, select their Gender, and you may also
change their appearance - face, Weight (finally a game where you can have
a fat sim!), skin tone, and their hair style and color. When you're ready
to move on, click the arrow in the corner (-->).

  2.1.3. - Create new outfit
Well, it's kinda self-explanatory - choose your outfit!

For Girls:
There are two different styles, and you can even choose your Sims
breast size (o.O). There are 11 different "Variations" for the Tank-Top
style and 6 different "Variations" for the Coat style. There are 17
different patterns to put on your shirt. Once you're done, choose your

There are 6 different Styles of pants (capris, dress, beat-up jeans, skirt,
and shorts). I will not list the rest because it will take to long (I'll post
them later).

For Guys:
There are 4 different shirt Styles (t-shirt, coat, vest w/
t-shirt, and overcoat), and 12 different shirt "Variations".
There are 17 patterns.

There are 2 different styles of pants (jeans and shorts).
I will not list the rest because it will take too long
(I'll post them later).

  2.1.4. - Pickup new pet
Yay! We finally get to have our own pet. You can choose
from a cat or a dog (11 different dog breeds and 9 different
cat breeds (for In-depth descriptions see Pets In General - 
Types of Dogs/Cats). You may also choose their name, parents and
who it looks like more - mom or dad (appearance will not change
if parents are the same). You can also choose their Fur and who
it looks like - mom or dad (appearance will not  change if parents
are the same), and how big/small their head, rear, tail, and ears are.

  2.1.5. and 2.1.6. - Move into new home and Treat First Patient!
Your sim will move into their home by themselves. You cannot
choose your own house but you will be able to buy one in the
future. Once you have completed the above tasks, your Sim will
be shown in their Bedroom dancing and celebrating. They will say:

"Oh! My very first morning in my new home!
And the very first day of my new job too.
I wonder how I'll do?
I'd best freshen up first.
And I'd better hurry too, I think that's my first
customer waiting!"

You then will have control of your Sim. You'll wanna
take a shower, and then meet and greet your patient.


2.2 - Finding the Status your patients
Many people who play this game are stumped when trying to find
the general health of their patient. Here you can see how to find
out the Status of each category of your patient.
NOTE: Some patients that enter your clinic may already have their
Status revealed - in this case, brush it with a comb, and feed it
a snack incase it has Fleas or Worms.


2.2.1. - Health
To find out a patients health, use the stethescope and
hold your stylus down on your patients head. As the green
health bar goes faster on the top screen, thecloser you 
will be to being finished.

2.2.2. - Social
To find a patient's Social Status, rub it with your hand. This also
increases it's mood.

2.2.3. - Hunger
To find out a patients hunger, feed it a snack. As it
eats, it's Mood will go up as well.

2.2.4. - Hygiene
To find out a patients hygiene take the comb and stroke your
patient from it's neck to it's rear. Look at the top screen and
look at the 5 stars - the more stars, the closer you are
to being finished.

2.2.5. - Energy
To find out a patients health, use the stethescope and
hold your stylus down on your patients head. As the green
health bar goes faster on the top screen, the closer you
will be to being finished.

2.2.6. - Appearance
To find out a patients appearance take the comb and stroke your
patient from it's neck to it's rear. Look at the top screen and
look at the 5 stars - the more stars, the closer you are to
being finished.


2.3. - Your First Patient

Here is a guide on treating your First Patient - and, in most cases,
can be used when treating any patient. First, click the patient's
owner, or the kennel, by the front door. There will be an option
under both which will say 'Examine Pet'. Once you do this, take a quick
look at your patient's status and press the Green plus (+)
sign to examine your patient. A conversation will start.

Doctor - "Hello" (Tek Tek)
Patient's Owner - "Yo", "Hello", "Hi" (Soon Soon)
Doctor - "How are you doing?" (Ee Sha Boe Lah Toe)
Patient's Owner - "I'm alright", "Horrible","Great, you're
very efficient", (Oh, zhash), etc.
Doctor - ""Can I help your pet?" (Blas Im Too Bwad)
Patient's Owner - "My pet looks ill/is ugly/stinks" (Ooh zha bolanto!)
Doctor - "Let's have a closer look", "Let's see what we 
have here" (Zah bah too)

Your patient will be shown on your table, and you have four
tabs on the left of the Touch Screen: A hand, a Stethescope, a comb,
and snack (hold your stylus on the tab to see what it is). First, 
stroke your pet to make it's mood and Social go up. Now, click the
stethescope and hold your stylus on your patients head until Health is
determined. Bring it's Mood up again and then click the Comb Tab,
and bring the comb from it's neck to it's rear until Hygiene is 
Determined. Then click the Snack tab and feed your patient some Yummy Bites.

During one of these activities, you may find that your patient has
one of the Illnesses, listed in the next section. If not, it either
has a broken bone or a Lodged Item inside of it. You will need
to buy the X-Ray no matter what, and maybe even an Extractor.

Once your Doctor has discovered the Illness, it will tell the Patient's
owner what is wrong with it. The patient will respond, and then you will
be able to Finish Treating it, and/or click the X in the 
top-right corner of the screen and Treat it Yourself or 
Send it off to a Specialist. If you send it off to a Specialist,
you will gain anywhere from 1 - 50 Simoleans. If you treat it 
yourself, put it in your Space-Age Kennel and then you will have
the option to treat your pet.


2.4. - Illnesses

There are a number of illnesses in this game, and from
what I see, people are always asking questions on how to
cure them. Here, you will find a small description about
the virus, how to find out if your patient has it,
and then how to cure it, ouf course.

NOTE: These descriptions are taken from the S2P Forum, which
was written by me. So I'm not copying/plagiarising.

2.4.1. - Flu

Also known as the "Influenza" Virus, is a contagious
respiratory illness. It causes mild to severe illness,
and can sometimes even lead to death. The way to dodge the
flu is to get a Flu Shot each year.

How to determine if your patient has Flu: When examining 
patient successfully examine it with the Stethescope and it
will alert you if it has the Flu.

How to cure: Buy 'Pet Medicine' from the Catalog (Vets B Us)
and diagnose the sick patient with the medicine. Repeat for 3 days.

2.4.2. - Fleas

Fleas are not only a nuisiance to humans but to pets as well. They cause
medical problems including Tapeworms, secondary skin irritations and rarely
anemia (Low Count of Red Blood Cells). Fleas that bite on pets are rarely felt.

How to determine if your patient has Fleas: When examining patient
brush it with the comb and it will alert you if it has Fleas.

How to cure: Buy 'Flea Shampoo' from the Catalog (Frugal Felines)
and wash the sick patient with the Flea Shampoo. Repeat for 3 days.

2.4.3 - Worms

There are several types of worms - roundworms, hookworms, whipworms,
tapeworms, and heartworms - that can live inside of your pet for
days without anyone knowing - such as a latent virus. They cause
anemia (Low Count of Red Blood Cells), poor eating habits, and somtimes
even death.

How to determine if patient has Worms: When examining patient,
feed it a snack and a message will alert you if it has Worms.

How to cure: Buy 'Worm-b-gone' from the Catalog (Bone Cheap or
Frugal Felines) and feed your patient this food for 3 days.

2.4.4 - Filthy

When a pet is filthy, well... it's filthy. I have no idea why the
patient's owner just didn't give it a bath instead of wasting 250 -
2000 simoleans to give it a bath. o.O" but whatever.

How to determine if patient stinks: When patient's owner
visits, he/she will tell you "My pet smells".

How to cure: Give the patient a good bath with shampoo
correspoding to what animal your patient is (Dog or Cat).
When examining the patient, be sure to use the comb as it
may have fleas (to cure Fleas please look above).
If it is just filthy, keep it for 1 day.

2.4.5. - Ugly

The most ridiculous "Illness" in this game. Why does your
patient's owner bring in their cat or dog to get clothes
put on it when you can just give it a bath or buy clothes
yourself? Yet another weird illness...

How to determine if patient is ugly: When patient's owner
visits, he/she will tell you "My pet is ugly".

How to cure: Buy clothing corresponding to what animal your
patient is (Dog or Cat) and use a Grooming Table to wear
clothing. A message will tell you that it is no longer ugly
and is pretty as a picture. This only has to be done once,
so you only must keep it 1 day.

2.4.6. - Broken Bone/Limb

When your patient has a broken bone/limb, then it's pretty
obvious that you feed it Worm-B-Gone. ... Why am I even
telling you? I'm sure everyone knows what a Broken Bone is...

How to determine if patient has Broken Bone/Limb: Using an
X-Ray Machine, succesfully take an X-Ray of your patient.
The X-Ray will show on the top screen, and on the bottom screen
it will tell you if it has broken a bone or limb.

How to cure: Buy bandages from the Catalog (Bone Cheap,
Frugal Felines) and, if you'd like, a Neck Cone to keep your
patient from bothering the fractured bone. Keep the patient
for 5  days to ensure the fracture heals.

2.4.7 - Lodged Item

The first time I extracted an item from a patient, it seems to
have swallowed... an Ant Farm. AN ANT FARM. What kind of pet
swallows an ANT FARM?! I dunno, but they sure have some weird
things your pet swallows... oh. Anyway, when your pet has what
Maxis calls a "Lodged Item", it means they swallowed something
they weren't supposed too. Duh.

How to determine if patient has Lodged Item: Using an X-Ray Machine,
successfully take an X-Ray of your patient. The X-Ray will show on
the top screen, and on the bottom screen it will tell you if it has
a Lodged Item inside of it.

How to cure: Buy the Extractor from the Catalog (Vets B Us)
and succesfully grab the Lodged Item from the patient's body.
Keep the patient for 1 day, but make sure you
extract the item within the first day.


3.0. - Pets In General

In this Section you can find all of the different kinds of breeds
of dogs and cats, and other things besides taking care of them
that you can do with them.


3.1 - Types of Dogs

These descriptions are taken from the Descriptions in the game.

The Beagle is full of energy, an all around happy dog that makes
a wonderful companion.

This is a big dog in a small dog's body, making him very sturdy
and very devoted.

Boxers carry themselves with pride, but are never arrogent.
They are intelligent, loving, and delightful companions.

Border Collie
The Border Collie is athletic, possesses great endurance,
and is devoted to his master.

English Terrier
The English Terrier MUST have regular opportunities to vent
their high energy and to use their busy minds to do
interesting things.

The Chihuahua is a true lap dog, alert, active, happy
temperament, loyal and devoted to their owners.

Poodles are a breed of distinction, elegance, and dignity,
with a true love of life.

King Charles Spaniel
The King Charles Spaniel is gentle, happy, playful, loving,
and sweet.

Springer Spaniel
Most English Springers are intelligent, skillful, willing and
obedient. Playful, energetic and a quick learner.

Shiba Inu
The Shiba is a very intelligent dog and a quick learner.
They are active outside, but they are calm and quiet indoors.


3.2. - Types of Cats

These descriptions are taken from the Descriptions in the game.

Their sleek lines, striking color contrast, deep blue almond eyes,
and short silky coats make them living art.

Persians, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces
are the number one breed in popularity.

They will follow you from room to room just to be nearby.

Maine Coon
Myths, legend and lore surround the Maine Coon Cat.

Abys today still retain the jungle look of felis lybica,
the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats.

"I'd love to own a panther."

This magnificent spotted cat never fails to steal the
show, not to mention the heart

Egyptian Mau
The Egyptian Mau is a fascinating cat, because of its
delightful personality and striking appearance.

Japanese Bobtail
Japanese Bobtails are strong and healthy cats: they are
active, intelligent, talkative cats.


3.3. - Other things to do with your pets

Here you'll find a few other things than curing your pet
and patients after you get tired of being a Vet.


3.3.1. - Teaching them Tricks

I will consider this a Mini-Game and describe how to play
it in the next section.


3.3.2. - Playing

You can play with your pet at the park or in your home. To
play with your pet, look for the dog house in your home and
touch it with the stylus, and select the 'Play' option.

You will start off with one toy and you will be able to buy
more from the store. Select your toy and hold down your stylus
on it. Let your pet chase it for a few seconds, and throw it
by pushing your stylus up and releasing it at the same time.
Your pet will chase the toy and bring it back to you.

When you play with your pet you can also pet it, and a few
other things as well.


3.3.3. - Going to the Park

You can take your pet to the park by selecting it in your
kennel, and selecting the 'Go To Park' option. Once your
there, you can chat with other sims and play with their pets.
To play with yours, look for the dock, and it will have a dog
house on it. Select the 'Play' or 'Tricks' option to do either.

Each of these are basically the same as when you're at your house,
so the park, in my opinion, is pretty pointless.


4.0. - Extras

Here you  will find extras such as mini-games, the stores,
etc. If you think anything should be added, email me.


4.1. - Hillary Duff

In my opinion, she's stupid. But, EA needed someone to be in
their game, so they chose her. Her dog Lola looks like a monster,
but you can treat her.

So far, Hillary has only came once to me and I think that is
the only time she will come is at the beginning, gathered from
people at the Message Boards.

Hillary is no different from anyone else in the game. She doesn't
pay any more money than anyone else, and she doesn't even look
like who she is. Lola has no special disease (they should have
put in the Hillary-is-my-owner disease), and is also the same as
all other pets.


4.2. - Mini-Games

There are a few mini-games in TS2:P. The first one, diagnosing
your patient, I'm sure you already know how to play. If you don't,
then read section 2.2.

Mini-Game 2 - Item Extraction

Extracting lodged items from patients are actually not hard.
First, buy an Extractor so you can extract the item... duh.
Now all you have to do is guide the crane over the small
blotch under the x-ray thingy, and guide it down to it. If
you did it correctly, you will pull out an item. They sure
have some pretty weird ones like Ant Farms (o_o")...

Mini-Game 3 - X-Ray Game

First, buy an X-Ray, and then put your patient on your
examination table. There will be a new option on the
left of the touch screen - X-Ray. Select it, and on
the top screen you'll see your patient, or your table,
and on the bottom, a ball. Roll the ball in the direction
where your pet is, you'll probably be chasing your patient
around a bit, but when you catch it, quickly press the Camera
button on the touch screen. If you succeeded, it will show an
X-Ray of your pet. It may show a broken limb, or whatever,
and sometimes it won't even have anything. If you missed, it
will say 'You Completely Missed the X-Ray!' or something
like that. If your patient has a broken bone or Lodged Item,
refer to either section that you need.


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