Review by bigfoot12796

Reviewed: 12/17/07

Hotel Dusk is a Boat Load of Text with a Mystery within itself!

Hotel Dusk is a great game but is loaded up with text.

Story: Well the game starts off with a cut scene of Kyle Hyde, and you see he was a police officer at one point. He then goes off to Hotel Dusk to search for his ex-partner when he was on the NYPD (New York Police Department) Bradley. After leaving the NYPD Kyle becomes a Salesman, and it leads him to Hotel Dusk. The plot is very strong throughout the story, and will want to keep you for playing more of the game until you reach the end. As with any mystery story that is the way it usually works out. And if you like a mystery story then you will love the plot.

Characters: The characters are very well developed in the story, and you will be seeing many a lot. The good thing about this game too is that you see the characters grow throughout the game. And there will be a lot of interaction, and talking with them so you will get to know them well and their histories.

Gameplay: Now this is where the game will seriously turn off many people. The game is heavily made up of reading. You will find yourself reading A LOT! Since this game is a mystery you will be questioning people throughout the game, and then they will tell you about their past. While there is some gameplay parts such as trying to find out mysteries, and items to help you progress. The game is made up for reading a lot. The game also plays holding the DS right side up so its like your holding a book in your hands. On the left side of your screen you will see the hotel, and doors etc. And on the right side which you use the stylus to control you will see a red circle with an arrow which is yourself, and doors with the names on top. The game is basically a point and click type of game. There is a few mini games though along the way.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are as good as they should be. Its not full blown out 3D to blow your mind away or anything like that though. But when you see the characters talking they are very sketched out, and the artwork is very well done on the characters. When you go through the hotel though the graphics are 3D in some parts when looking at the left side of the DS screen which is nice. Overall this game has a very nice look to it.

Music: The game has some very nice music in it, and you will want to keep on the volume for the most part. I liked a few tunes personally more then others but I kept the music on most of the time. The music fits in very well with the story too.

Replayability: This game is a ton of text as I said before. What draws you into the game is wanting to know what will happen next. If you do play through the game and do everything though you can get special endings and stuff. So that might want to keep you to try again. But I found that once I played this game once, and knew the story I wasn't interested in playing it again. I think partly the reason for its lack of wanting to play it again is because there is a lot of reading. But if you love mystery and a point and click type game you might want to keep going back.

Rent or Buy: I rented this game and I am very glad I did. I found that due to the lack of wanting to play again this game wasn't worth the money to buy it. There isn't much wanting to go back again and play and it isn't very long of a game. If you could rent it for a week or so then you could most likely beat the game. Unless you are really into this type of game then I would say to rent it as you won't want to go back to playing it again and again like other games out there.

Overall: Overall I would say this is a solid game. I never played a game like this on the DS before, and I really enjoyed it. I think though this game would've been stronger though if there was a bit more gameplay in it. The puzzles were solid, and there is times when you do get stuck. The difficulty is very well done too. I would say unless you don't like to read a whole lot of text to check out this game first before you buy it.

Overall Score: 8/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (US, 01/22/07)

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