Review by DaWhiteMage

Reviewed: 05/29/07

You'll Want to Stay all Night

Hotel Dusk : Room 215 is much unlike many games for the DS so far. With the main character, Kyle Hyde, you'll relive much of Kyle's past, and help guide his future. With an all star cast of characters, you will feel like your in a novel, as you discover the mysteries of room 215...

Story 10/10
As you might have guessed, Hotel Dusk is a detective/mystery game, where you play as ex detective, Kyle Hyde. Theres lots of characters to meet in this game. You'll meet quite a few in the first and second chapters, and the cast will keep expanding from there. Lots of things in Hotel Dusk seem to lead Kyle on the path to destiny. He went there for a job, but might come out a better man.

Music/sound 6/10
The music is pretty repetitive, but some good stuff is in there too. With drama, poppy, and elevator-like music, you will most likely find a track you enjoy. There are only a few sound effect, but they are good none the less.

Gameplay 9/10
Lots of clicking and dragging is involved, ala old school PC mysteries. You have Kyle's point of view on the top screen, and your map on the bottom. Lots of puzzles are involved. Most aren't too hard to figure out, but others require some form of thinking, but you can handle it! Searching around for clues and items is definitely a big thing.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in this game are very unique. They look very sketchy, like they were done in pencil. The facial expressions look very real on the characters. The back ground, however, are just like a regular game. Very seldom will you see a person colored, and when you do, its only slightly.

Replayability 9/10
Theres all kinds of endings to get, depending on what you do in Hotel Dusk. Although its the same game over again, you'll still enjoy going back to old conversations and jokes.

Overall 8/10
The games a pretty innovative game and a good one to pick up. If you can find it used, even better! So, if you like noirs, novels, or just cool games in general, you might want to add this to your games collection on your next visit to a game retailer!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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