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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by strawhat

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/28/2008

              |            Hotel Dusk: Room 215(DS)           |
              |      Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by strawhat     |
              |                  Version 1.01                 |
              |              Last Update: 1/6/08              |
              |  E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth{at}gmail[dot]com  |

  ~Table of Contents
{1.0} Introduction
{2.0} Basics
{3.0} Walkthrough
   {3.1} Chapter 1
   {3.2} Chapter 2
   {3.3} Chapter 3
   {3.4} Chapter 4
   {3.5} Chapter 5
   {3.6} Chapter 6
   {3.7} Chapter 7
   {3.8} Chapter 8
   {3.9} Chapter 9
   {3.10} Chapter 10
{4.0} Vending Machine
{5.0} Ending Variations
{6.0} FAQ
{7.0} Closing

Note: For easy searching, highlight a section name and number(without the
spaces at the beginning), press Ctrl + F and paste the section name in the
menu. Press find and voila! For Mac users, use the command key in place of the
control key.

Version History:

Version 1.0(1/6/08)
First version out and complete.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
violation of copyright.

Sites allowed to host this FAQ:

                             {1.0} Introduction

Hotel Dusk is a game where the story is everything. I assume that most people
who play this game don't want to be spoiled and are wary of choosing a guide.
Isn't it the worst thing when you get stuck in a game, go online to get a free
walkthrough to help you out, then find some unannounced details that ruin
parts of the game? So this guide came about to help you with the game and not
reveal any spoilers(or warns you of any, if they can't be avoided. Now
everyone is happy.

                                {2.0} Basics

This point-and-click game is controlled entirely by the touch screen. You can
use the D-pad to move around and scroll through text(A scrolls through text
too), but other than that you will need the touch screen.

To proceed in this game, you will usually have to examine certain thing in
certain locations to activate cutscenes. The game will often give you hints
and guide you through most parts. This game is separated into chapters. There
are 10 chapters in the game. At the end of each chapter, there is a small
review quiz. I never noticed until after finishing the walkthrough, but the
quiz answers are always in the same order.

The left side of the DS will be a 3D representation of the map shown on the
touch screen. On the map, you'll be represented by a red circle and other
characters by blue circles. Whenever you see another character, be sure to

There are four icons on the lower part of the touch screen. The one on the far
left is a door. If you want to go through a door, tap that icon. Next to that
is the talk icon. Whenever you see an NPC(nonplayable character), tap it to
talk to them. Next to that is the magnifying glass. Want to examine something?
Tap that icon. On the far right is a notebook. This is basically the menu.
Here, you can view your current list of items, characters you've met, a plot
summary of where you are up to, save/load, a map, and system options. There
are three save slot for this game.

System Options
You can turn on rumble if you have a DS Rumble Pack or choose the lefthanded
option(righty by default) which essentially switches the touch and top

You can scribble here. Anything the game might ask you to do or keep track of,
write down here, especially if you have a bad memory. Some events in the game
will also put drawings/writings in your notebook. The icon on the very left
eliminates all scribbles in the notebook, the one next to it switches between
an eraser and pencil when tapped. Next to that is an undo option. The page
turning is self-explanatory. Tap the left button to go back a page and the
right button to go forward. The button on the far right exits the notebook.
This icon also exits most events and menus.

This is a big element in the game. When you talk, there are three icons that
appear on the bottom which are different than when you are just walking
around. These icons are also present when examining things. The icon on the
left leads to your notebook, described above. The middle icon leads to your
item bag where you can show people the items you have, or use them when
examining things. Beware though, showing some people certain items will lead
to a game over. This especially applies to Dunning. Finally, the icon on the
right will exit the screen, returning to the map.

When talking, Kyle Hyde will usually be asking questions. A white ? means that
that question can be asked to anyone. A ? with a yellow box is a standard
question that can only be asked to that person. A gray ? with yellow box is an
old question that you didn't ask before. A ? with a red box means that you're
really trying to grill the person, usually appearing at the end of the

As you talk, more questions can appear. You can also get a "choice" question,
in which you select one out of two choices. You will also see a yellow
triangle with a pointing finger sign, where you should tap. This leads to
asking one out of two questions provided. These questions can lead to game
overs, continuation of the story, some extra information about the character,
and other questions. At times, you will be required to tap these ! signs.

                              {3.0} Walkthrough

Note: For the walkthrough, I'll try to guide you through so that you get the
most detailed answers from the people you talk to. But I haven't personally
tried every combination, so bear with me.

                               {3.1} Chapter 1

5:00 PM
Tap the door handle to enter the hotel. Head to the front desk and examine it.
Tap the bell three times to get Dunning to come. Choose whichever choices you
want, then scribble on the paper with the stylus. Ask some more questions
(doesn't really matter what you do here), then you'll get the key to your
room. Go up, then left to the hall. Head up the stairs for a scene and meet

Chat her up a bit(doesn't matter here either) and you'll be presented with
your first puzzle. Rotate the pieces so that they fit into the puzzle, then
you'll be on the second floor. As you walk past, you'll notice a young dude.
Tap the sign and meet Jeff Angel. When you're done talking to him, go over to
Room 215 on the left. Examine the door, then use the key on the doorknob.
Tap the doorknob one more time to get in the room.

Once inside, you'll get a phonecall. Answer the phone next to the bed. When
it's over, you can tap the phone again for an additional scene. When you exit
the screen, you'll get another phonecall. Answer it again. Afterwards, head
over to your suitcase by the bed and examine it. Use your Suitcase Key on it.
Drag the key into the keyhole and move it around a few times. When you finish
that, go back to the desk where the phone was. Examine the brochure, then the
paperclip. Pick it up and return to the suitcase. Use the paperclip on the
suitcase. Tap the shining spots and drag it outwards to straighten the clip
and form a thin wire. Use the new wire on the suitcase and wiggle it around in
the keyhole.

When that's finished, answer the door. If no one knocks on your door, it means
that there are still unanswered questions(go back to Dunning at the front desk
and ask away; you won't get the second phone call). In any case, answer the

5:10 PM
Tap the top box, then be sure to tap the sign when it comes up to avoid a Game
Over. Meet Louie, pick "You sound familiar!", then tap him with the stylus.
Tap the sign, then chat him up with any of the choices until you get to ask
your three questions. For the first question, tap the !, then say "So what
happened?" After you're done questioning Louie, pick "I hung it up".

Check the box in your room and pick up the brown notebook. Leave your room and
head towards the stairs. You'll see Melissa. Tap the sign when you talk to
her, then select "Why can't you see Mom?", "Going to see your mom, huh?",
sign, and "Where'd your mom go?". Follow the rest of the questions, then tap
the notebook in Melissa's hand to pick it up. After questioning, give her the
puzzle piece from your inventory, then check your notebook.

Head over to the lobby downstairs. Talk to the person in the corner, tap her
to start initiate the "conversation". Talk to the newcomer, Rosa. Any
combination of answers will do nicely.

5:20 PM
Go to the second floor and knock on Room 213. When the sign comes up, tap it.
When the conversation ends, move towards you room and a scene will begin where
you meet Iris. Head into your room to hear a knock. Open the door to meet
Summer. If you say that you've read some of his books, you'll get(imo) a
decently funny response, but other than that pick what you want to end the

Now, check out the new box in the room. Check the client list and order sheet,
then use the phone on the desk. This will end chapter 1.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.2} Chapter 2

Exit your room and find Rosa down the hall. You'll get two questions. Be sure
to tap the sign after asking the first question. Picking "shorthanded" quickly
ends the conversation. "What stories" will lead to another sign, pick "can't
talk" for more dialogue, then finally "don't push it" it avoid a game over.
As for the second question, pick either choice that comes up.

After finishing the conversation with Rosa, check the Linens closet at the
very end of the hall, bottom door. Tap the doorknob to open the door. Talk to
the guy in here and pick any of the choices that come up. None of them will
get you a game over.

When that guy leaves, check the shelf to get the magazine he was reading, then
check the locker in the corner. Examine the toolbox and pick up all the tools

As you head towards the stairs, you'll meet Helen(aka eyepatch) as she pops
out. Knock on her door again(212) and ask her the questions available, then
move on back to room 215. Check the hanger next to the door and use the pliers
you just acquired on it. Clip on both side of the straight part of the hanger
so it leaves you with one, straight piece. Go to your suitcase and use the
thick wire on it. Drag the wire into the lock and wiggle it around so that the
three "pieces" lock into place.

Look in your suitcase and take out the cash in the bottom compartment. Place
the client list in your suitcase, then exit your room and head downstairs
towards the lobby. Knock on the office door to the lower right and pick any
choice when talking to Dunning. When he leaves, open the door to his office.

Once inside, check the cabinet above the door. Look in the drawer on the upper
right and the files inside them. Now look at his desk. Check the birthday
card, the blue notebook, and the date circled on the calendar. Next, check
the other cabinet next to the door. There will be a note sticking out from the
bottom. Use the crowbar on the cabinet and SLOWLY lift it. If you're a dumbass
like me and decided to drop it, you'll get canned.(game over) The last thing
you should do is check the keys on the wall.

If you did everything right, Louie will be outside the office waiting for you.
Pick anything for the first choice, but be sure to tell Louie that you weren't
talking about him. "Trust him", then pick anything after that. When you're
done with Louie, talk to Rosa. Pick the sign that comes up and "What's wrong?"
Say you "never met him" and "don't tell her anything". When another sign comes
up, pick "shifty?".

Return to your room and use the phone.

Go donwstairs and you'll see Dunning. Ask him where Louie is(and ONLY this
question), then go through the door behind him. Follow the path until you
reach Louie's room. Enter and talk to him. Pick any of the choices and they'll
lead up to three questions. For those, say that you don't think it was him.
As for why he "left the city", say it was because "Danny got (deleted for
spoilers)". Finish the rest of the questions to end the chapter.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.3} Chapter 3

Answer the phone, then go downstairs. You'll meet Kevin. Chat him up(pick
anything you'd like), then enter the restaurant. Talk some more at the
entrance, then proceed forward into the restaurant. You'll see someone
standing in the way. Tap the sign and ask "what is it?", then tap the sign
again and say "you seem upset." The rest of the choices don't matter so trot

Pick up the rag doll that the game points you to, then approach the middle
table to take a seat. After eating, Summer will appear and talk to you. Tell
him that you did not read his little notebook, then Rosa will talk to you.
Pick anything for the first choice, for the second say "You know this guy?"
Two questions will appear. Tap the sign when asking the first question and
pick something.

When you're finally done talking, leave the retaurant. As you pass Louie,
there will be a scene. Talk to Louie once more, then exit. You'll find Mila
at the end of the hallway. Talk to her to start a cutscene, then head up the

As you go up, you'll bump into Helen. Pick any choice, then return to the
restaurant. You'll have another choice. I picked "free drink". Attempt to\
leave the restaurant again and this time, you'll be stopped by Louie. Take the
pen from him. We have to read the engraving and there are two ways to do this.

1. Head outside the restaurant and use the pen on the chalk on the chalkboard.
2. In the kitchen, examine the crap to the right. One of the bags should have
a hole in it. Use the pen on it.

Rub the pen until the game stops you, then tap it a few times to read the
engraving. Do not blow into the mic, it won't work.

Talk to Louie again to return the pen, then go upstairs. Knock on Room 219.
Talk to Melissa and give back her doll. After that scene, talk to her again,
then check the puzzle on the table. Remember this? If you can't solve this...
well, give it to your parents or something. After the puzzle is solved, close
the DS lid and reopen it to see a message. Kevin will then walk in on you.
Talk him up(pick anything), then you'll be forced out upon asking about his
wife. If you don't get all your questions answered, don't worry about it
because you'll get a chance to talk to him later.

Go to your room and examine the box on the right. This can be really
frustrating; I've heard that a lot of people just keep tapping forever and can
never get the damn bookmark out. I just rapidly tapped the box's sides and
bottom for several minutes. Eventually, you'll see it come out of a flap in
the top end of the box. Drag it out with your stylus.

Go to room 211 to see Summer, pick whichever choice you'd like, then return
his bookmark. As you head back down the hall, there will be a cutscene. Knock
on room 218, then go find Louie in the restaurant. Our next destination is
the electrical room, located in the left hallway outside the restaurant.
Inside the electrical room, examine the upper switchboard with the cover taken
off. You have to flip both switches at the same time. Just quickly take a
stylus and a hand(or use both hands, styli, etc.) and flip both switches up at
the same time.

Return to room 218. It's time to grill Melissa. Pick "Things aren't goin
well", "why do you think that", and "did Dad know this place". All the other
options will loop right back. Now you can ask three questions. For the first
question, select "he hated to see you sad". For the second, pick "it wasn't
your fault" which leads to a fourth questions, for the third "I'm sure your
dad knows".

After this, leave 218 and you'll see Kevin. Talk to him, then head out to the
roof located at the very end of the hall. You will see Iris. Select "fresh
air" and "you need air, too?".

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.4} Chapter 4

Be sure to get change from Dunning in this chapter(show him YOUR money) if you
plan on using the vending machine later on.

Return to your room and answer the phone. After that, answer the door. You'll
get the keys to room 217 and the pen back. Leave your room and talk to Jeff
waiting outside 213. Make him leave, then use your new keys on room 217.
Enter the room and take a closer look at the painting. You should see
something sticking out of the lower right corner. Grab it, then take a look at
the dresser. Examine the lighter in the top drawer, then leave 217.

Return to 215 and go in the bathroom. Examine the toilet. If you try to flush
the toilet, you'll notice that it doesn't work. Use your stylus and drag the
top off. Get the cash out, then answer another phone call. Before leaving
your room again, stuff the small red box and stack of cash into your suitcase.

Head to the front desk and talk with Jeff, picking either choice. The TV is
functional for now, if you're interested in a little easter egg. Return to
the second floor and you'll find Rosa. Chat her up. Take the book from her.

Run back to the front desk and talk to Dunning after the scene. Show him your
cash to get change for the vending machine. Not that you can ONLY do this now.
Ask him "what happened", then "you suspect me" when you get the chance. Now
move over and talk to Summer. When he leaves, check all parts of the

Return to the lobby and try to go left. Rosa will be in the way. Say "there
are more stairs?", then open the upper right door to a new hallway. Go up the
stairs to the second floor and you'll see Dunning at the end of the hall. Talk
to him and pick "what's missing" and "Jeff". Head into the linens closet and
return all the things you took out of the toolbox in the locker. Just use them
on the toolbox.

Go to room 211. Knock knock, out comes Martin Summer, and in you go. Talk to
him, and ask him the only question available. When the sign comes up, tap it
and ask "an unknown hotel?". When you're done talking, show him the book, the
pen, then the book again. After that, he should leave for a bit. Examine his
journal on the table, then you'll get booted out of the room.

Try to go downstairs to find Iris. Now, be sure to put back the three tools
you took from the locker in the linen closet, and put the small red box,
client list, stack of cash, room 217 key, and memo into your suitcase. Go
downstairs and if you put away all that stuff, Dunning shouldn't be there. If
he is, go back and double check to see if there's anything that you shouldn't
have after the game over.

Enter the kitchen from the restaurant. Talk to Rosa, then show her the book.
Return to Room 211 and talk to Summer. It's time to grill him.

For each sign that comes up, tap it and select "But if you can do it",
"different handwriting", and "not Alan" in that order. You'll then get three
questions. For the first one, say "it exposes you", and the second "who did
it"(circle the er on both papers). Ask the rest of the questions, then listen
to him spill the beans.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.5} Chapter 5

Answer the phone, then go downstairs to see Jeff. Ask "what's wrong now",
then either choice to get to a question. Picking any of the choices lead to
a chat with Dunning. Pick "what's the problem" when the sign appears, then
finish talking with him. Go to the right hallway(where the other stairs were)
and you'll see Rosa standing outside her room. Select any choice and enter
the room.

Talk to Mila and check the notebook each time she gives it to you to continue
with the conversation. Select any choice when you see Rosa, then exit the
room. You'll see Dunning. Return to your room.

As you enter, there will be a knock on your door. Answer it to find Melissa.
Go to the bed and look in your box to find a mini sewing machine. Talk to
Melissa, then draw zigzag lines on her doll. When that's finished, go to room
213 to see Jeff.

Go downstairs and enter the left hallway. Make your way to the laundry room,
then examine the yellow laundry cart. Remove all the sheets inside of it, then
lift the upper flap. Louie will then waltz in. Tell him you "found something
good", then choose either answer afterwards. Now, leave the room and go to
Room 217. Step forward and a short cutscene should follow. Now leave and enter
Room 213. Whatever you do, do NOT go into the utility closet. >_>

Examine the key on the bag and the ID in the coat pocket. As you try to leave,
you'll be confronted and another grilling session will start. Select "cash
in john", "eyewitness", and "I know about the cash". This will lead to three
questions. Ask the three questions, then exit his room. Go to the front desk
and pick up the paper on the table, then withdraw the stack of cash from your
suitcase in room 215. Return to Jeff's room.

Show him the extra set of keys, student ID, stack of cash, and pistol. Now
he'll talk. Answer "wanted trouble", "you wanted it found", and "Damon"
respectively for the first three questions. Finish the rest of the questions.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.6} Chapter 6

At this point in the game, you can actually use the vending machine if you
exchanged your cash for coins in the previous chapter. Read the extras section
for more information.

Answer the phone and finish the long conversation, then head down to the bar
which is located in the restaurant. Talk to Louie and when given the chance,
say "vacation". Finish talking to him, then move over to Helen. This will
lead to a simple puzzle. Move the coin on the bottom one space above it so it
is on top of another one. Pick any of the choices that come up from the signs
that follow.

When you're done, Iris will walk in. Pick either choice, then head over to
the matches on the lower right table. There are two puzzles and you can do
either one. I'll show you the answers for both:

The goal is to remove sticks until you make three of whatever shape is there.

Puzzle 1:                             Puzzle 2:
+-----+                                   /\
|     |                                  /  \
|     |                                 /_x__\
+-----------+                          /\    /\
|     X     |                         /  x  x  \
|     X     |                        /____\/____\
|XXXXXXXXXXX|                       /\    /\    /\
|     X     |                      /  \  x  x  /  \
|     X     |                     /____\/_x__\/____\
      |     |
      |     |              Remove all lines marked by the letter x.

After solving a puzzle, Summer will walk in. Select any of the choices to move
on with the conversation. When you're done, examine something(should be
anything, but just in case, I did the matches) and Louie will return. Exit the

You'll meet Rosa on the way out. Talk to her, then backtrack to the
restaurant. You'll see Dunning. Pick anything in that conversation, then head
back out to Rosa again. You'll have to run an errand.

First, we need to find where the three bottles of wine are. Check the first
table to the top in the restaurant, the middle counter in the kitchen, and the
counter to the left in the kitchen.

Head up to room 211 and 216 to ask Summer and Iris what they drank. Go back
to room 215 and get the adhesive remover out of your box. Find the red
wine(the third of which I mentioned above) and rub the label on the touch
screen. Afterwards, peel it off. Go up to room 212 and talk/give the label to
granny. We're going to start a grilling session, so be sure to answer the
questions correctly.

Pick "just curious" and "you don't know" and two questions will come up. Say
"you care about him" and "you miss him too much". Finish the rest of the
questions, then go next door to room 211. Knock on the door to get the pen,
then return to Helen. Show her the pen and another question will pop up.
Finish the questioning with her.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.7) Chapter 7

Go to the bar. Talk to Louie and select any of the choices to continue. Summer
will enter when you finish talking. For the first choice, pick anything, then
for the second "tell him the truth". If you lie, you'll get an extended game
over screen with Dunning.

After dealing with Summer, exit the bar to find Melissa. Talk to her and pick
anything. If you got the doll from the vending machine, you'll automatically
give it to her.

Continue out and you'll see Rosa. For the third choice, pick "she didn't get
one", then head towards the right hallway. Enter the storage room above Rosa's
room. Examine the boxes, then shove them to once side of the room. Tap the
box with the Christmas Tree, then decorate it. Drag the decorations and drop
them on a hook that is the same color. Afterwards, talk to Melisssa, then
Mila. Before leaving the room, be sure to pick up the black light lying around

Head towards Dunning's room and open the door. Head to the south wall and
examine the photograph. After that, head into the lobby to find Kevin.

Talk to him, then follow him to the Front Desk. Select anything you like, then
go to the bar. There will be a cutscene, then talk to Louie. Afterwards, head
up to room 216 and talk to Iris. Picking "odder than you?" will lead to a
lollerific scene, but pick anything to get to her over with then head back
out. You'll see Kevin, but he'll run away. Follow him to the Front Desk.

Talk to him, then say "business" and "reasons for asking". This will open up
some questions. Going in order(some more questions will come up) say "I
believe you just met", "you never worked there", and "it was you". The rest
should be straightforward.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.8) Chapter 8

Answer the phone, then head out to the Utility Closet. Check the trash to find
a tape and crumpled yellow envelope. Return to your room and pick up a pencil,
then go back to the bar. Talk to Louie, pick whichever, then go to his room.
Use the tape on the tape deck, then use the pencil on the tape. Rapidly stroke
the DS touch screen downwards to roll up the tape, then use it again on the
tape deck. Play side B.

Now go to room 216 and visit Iris. Show her the two items and ask the
question, then go inside and talk to here again. Ask "Why did you bring it
here?" and "you didn't know?". This will lead to three questions. Answer these
questions with "insurance", "you recognized it", and "she vanished"
respectively. Finish the rest of the questions.

Return to Louie's room, talk to him, then go into the hall. We're going to
play bowling. To bowl, hold the ball with your stylus and just move it in a
straight line towards the ball. You can do it slowly if you want. You'll play
three games. On the third game, something will happen. Pick up the key, then
go to the second floor.

Go to the roof to find Mila. Have a "conversation" with her.

Return to Rosa's room in the right hallway, then go into her back room. Look
at the three pictures, two on the dresser and one next to the bed. Next, try
to exit the room and you'll end up talking to Rosa. Say "don't lie" and "come
on now". This will lead to three questions. Say "Mila's brochure", "you DO
know something" and "someone I know". Finish the rest of the questions.

Exit Rosa's room and go back to yours. Answer the phone.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                               {3.9) Chapter 9

We need to find five pictures of apples. Each picture has a letter hidden
somewhere in it that you need to tap. Here's a list:

1. In your room, Y, one of the apples.
2. On the floor of 217, N, bottom left corner.
3. Center of 2nd floor, E, upper right corner.
4. Central Hallway, N, in the apples.

Find these four, then go to the lobby to have a chat with Louie. If you're
playing a starred game, he'll give you a mysterious casset as well, in which
case you should bring to his room, play on his tape deck and copy down the

Go to Rosa's room and talk to her. Now we have to go to Room 111 with Mila.
The room is located in the lobby. When you exit Rosa's room, DO NOT go
straight to the lobby or Dunning will catch you. Instead, take a detour
upstairs, then go down to the first floor and right into the lobby. Go inside
room 111 from there.

Head to the back room and examine the last apple painting to the right. There
is a J beside the apple. Tap the letters in order. Anyone with half a brain
would be able to tell that the letter spells out "JENNY". When come out, you
need to do some CPR. Close the DS, then talk to Mila. Go outside when you're
done to fine Kevin. Talk to him(pick any choice), then return to room 215.

Use the phone, then you'll get a knock on the door. *sigh* Time to find Mila
again. Go to Dunning's room and Louie will be there. Enter his room, then
check the blue paint inside the fridge. Enter the second part of the room and
go to his desk. Check out the first drawer filled with birthday cards, the
newspaper article, and the old brochure. Now head to the wine cellar. It's
located in the pantry in the left hallway. As you approach the door, the
chapter will end.

End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

                              {3.10) Chapter 10

Examine the shelf in the back of the room. Look at the bottom right corner,
the box with three bottles. Now go to either one of the shelves and pick up
the bottle on the upper right. Use it on the back shelf, then get the bottle
on the other shelf. Use the new bottle and the bottle you just put in the case
to make a full bottle. Now touch the shelf and it'll move.

Head to the basement. Examine the door at the end of the path. Unlock the
door and go inside. Go to the shelf and examine the red book and the blue
book. From this point on, you're going to have to do things quickly, otherwise
you'll get a game over.

Go towards the computer area. Examine the toolbox to get a hammer, then check
out the drawers. The top one requires a code to open. Enter 518(date on the
photograph in the blue book) and you'll get a letter. Open up the bottom
drawer now and use your pencil on the file. Rub the pencil back and forth to
create some powder. Examine the cord of the computer and use the powder on
it. Now it should turn on.

Look at the paper on the desk. If you have a blacklight, use it. If you don't,
you'll have to tilt the DS a lot. There should be a barely noticable outline
of a number. It's different in every game/file. Now use the letter you found
in this room on the computer. Turn it on. Turn the dial until it's on the
number that was on the paper. Note that if you're playing a starred game,
enter the code that you found on the Mysterious Cassete Louie gave you earlier
here, which I hope you wrote down. Otherwise, just enter the code that's given
to you on the left. If you've done it right, Hyde will react at the message
that appears.

You'll be able to exit the room now. A lot people get stuck at this part. Walk
along the outer wall into the corner. Hyde will notice some bricks fall.
Examine the wall and use the hammer on the bricks. Use the stylus to knock 'em
down. Inside this new room, examine the palette knife on the table, then look
at the blank painting. Use the knife on it and scrape away the white coat.

After the long rambling, exit the room and save before going north. You'll
find another room. Talk to Dunning and answer the following: "you talked to
him here?" and "it was Bradley". You'll then get some questions to ask. Answer
"it was Nile", "you lied", and "he didn't say a thing".

Excellent, that should be all.

Jeff will be waiting for you outside. If you escorted Helen to the restaurant
earlier, she'll appear as you approach the stairs. You can find Iris on the
roof. Go to the first floor to see Melissa and Kevin, then the lobby for
Louie. At this point, head to Rosa's room, then talk to Louie again. If you're
playing a starred game, and decoded the secret message from the tape Louie
gave you, enter room 220. Finally, talk to Dunning at the front desk before
heading out.


                            {4.0} Vending Machine

As you may have noticed, there is a vending machine in the lobby of the hotel.
It requires change and says something about a special prize if you find all
the star stickers in the hotel. The first step is to acquire change. To do
this, you must show your cash to Dunning while he's at the front desk. There
are only two opportunities in the game to do this.

1. In chapter 4 when Jeff is at the front desk demanding his money.
2. When Summer comes down to read the newspaper.

You'll get four quarters, good for four items including the secret prize.
Theoretically, you can guess every combination of two digit numbers to get
the prize, but that's a lot longer, although it's also the only way to give
doll to Mila.

Here's the locations of all the star stickers:
1. Front Desk(on the wall)
2. Left side of vending machine
3. Southern end of central hallway(outside restaurant)
4. Next to the podium in the restaurant hallway.
5. Inside the restaurant
6. Above the jukebox in the bar
7. Western end of second floor hallway

Do that math to get your special number. It differs from every game, so I
can't tell you what it is.

Here's a list of all the items you can get from the vending machine and who'll
accept them:

Potato Chips: Dunning, Rosa, Louis
Chocolate Bar: Rosa, Louis, Helen
NougaChew!: Rosa, Louis
Candy Bar: Rosa, Louis, Mila, Helen
*Lipstick: Rosa, Helen, Iris
Pinkie Rabbit Doll: Mila, Melissa

*You will get the Lipstick as the special prize instead of the doll when
playing a starred game.

                           {5.0} Ending Variations

*no spoilers*
There are a few extra scenes in the ending. Here's every combination:

(starred game)
1. Default, no game overs.
2. Default.
3. Decode the message from the tape Louie gives you.
4. Decode the message from the tape Louie gives you, no game overs.

(normal game)
1. Default
2. Default, no game overs.

Basically, don't get any game overs decode Louie's message for the best
ending and two additional scenes. There's no reason to try for all the
combinations. :)

                                  {6.0} FAQ

Q: How many endings are there?
A: Six combinations, but only two additional scenes that really mean anything.

Q: What's the difference between a starred game(New Game+) and a regular game?
A: You get the mysterious cassette tape from Louie, an additional scene in the
   ending, the special prize you get from the vending machine is Lipstick and
   not a doll, and I think a few conversations changed, but obviously not
   enough to make a severe imprint in my memory.

Q: How do I work the vending machine?
A: View the vending machine section in the walkthrough.

Q: I can't get the bookmark out!
A: Just keep tapping. Whatever you do, don't exit the screen. Tap on all sides
   except inside the box when it's facing you. You'll eventually find it
   peeking out of the front side of the box.

Q: I can't get Louie to show up after I *did some obvious event*
A: It's a glitch. What can I say? Double check to make sure you have
   everything, then go out and try again. Otherwise, I'm afraid you might have
   to restart. Make sure you have everything the first time.

                                {7.0} Closing

Thanks for reading my FAQ, I hope I helped others without spoiling the game
for them. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to send me an
E-mail and I'll do my best to answer it(no guarantees though). Just be polite.

~Thanks to CJayC of GameFAQs for the disclaimer

Copyright 2008 {c} MG(Strawhat)                                    END OF FILE

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