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FAQ/Walkthrough by snkupo

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/30/13

,--.  ,--.           ,--.           ,--.   ,------.                    ,--.
|  '--'  |  ,---.  ,-'  '-.  ,---.  |  |   |  .-.  \  ,--.,--.  ,---.  |  |,-.
|  .--.  | | .-. | '-.  .-' | .-. : |  |   |  |  \  : |  ||  | (  .-'  |     /
|  |  |  | ' '-' '   |  |   \   --. |  |   |  '--'  / '  ''  ' .-'  `) |  \  \
`--'  `--'  `---'    `--'    `----' `--'   `-------'   `----'  `----'  `--'`--'


                       A walkthrough authored by snkupo
                    Document Version 1.1 - January 04, 2008


                             - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
| NAVIGATION: Each section has a [code] tied to it in the table of contents.  |
| Press CTRL + F to bring up a search box, then type the code of your choice. |
| Now hit ENTER on your keyboard to jump down to the section itself.          |


 Controls & Overview....................................................[be002]
 Gameplay Basics & Hints................................................[be003]
 Frequently Asked Questions.............................................[be004]


 Chapter I - 5:00 - 5:30 PM.............................................[wa100]
 - Checking in at Hotel Dusk............................................[wa101]
 - Examining the Vending Machine........................................[wa102]
 - Central Hallway......................................................[wa103]
 - 2nd Floor Hallway....................................................[wa104]
 - Here I Am in Room 215................................................[wa105]
 - A Package For Mr. Hyde...............................................[wa106]
 - Mysterious Girl at the Front Desk....................................[wa107]
 - Asking Jeff Angel About His Relationship to Mila.....................[wa108]
 - Writing Genius Knocking on My Door...................................[wa109]
 - Chapter I Summary....................................................[wa110]

 Chapter II - 5:30 - 6:00 PM............................................[wa200]
 - Rosa is Cleaning the Hallway.........................................[wa201]
 - Louie and the Pinup Magazine.........................................[wa202]
 - Helen in the Hallway.................................................[wa203]
 - Hanger Goes Thick Wire...............................................[wa204]
 - Paying Dunning.......................................................[wa205]
 - Searching the Main Office............................................[wa206]
 - Louie in the Lobby...................................................[wa207]
 - Calling Red Crown....................................................[wa208]
 - Louie and Nile.......................................................[wa209]
 - Chapter II Summary...................................................[wa210]

 Chapter III - 6:00 - 7:00 PM...........................................[wa300]
 - The Restaurant.......................................................[wa301]
 - The Dining Room......................................................[wa302]
 - After Dinner.........................................................[wa303]
 - Pen and Flour........................................................[wa304]
 - Delivering Melissa's Doll............................................[wa305]
 - Searching For the Bookmark...........................................[wa306]
 - Weird Noise From Room 218............................................[wa307]
 - Electrical Room......................................................[wa308]
 - Talking Things Over With Melissa.....................................[wa309]
 - Chapter III Summary..................................................[wa310]

 Chapter IV - 7:00 - 8:00 PM............................................[wa400]
 - Inside Room 217......................................................[wa401]
 - Toilet Cash..........................................................[wa402]
 - Getting Coins........................................................[wa403]
 - Rosa Cleaning the Central Hallway....................................[wa404]
 - Another Set of Stairs................................................[wa405]
 - Getting Summer's Autograph...........................................[wa406]
 - Giving the Autograph to Rosa in the Kitchen..........................[wa407]
 - Fake Writer..........................................................[wa408]
 - Chapter IV Summary...................................................[wa409]

 Chapter V - 8:00 - 9:00 PM.............................................[wa500]
 - Dunning Has Weird Feelings About Jeff................................[wa501]
 - Mila is Not Feeling Well.............................................[wa502]
 - Fixing a Doll........................................................[wa503]
 - Looking for Jeff.....................................................[wa504]
 - Distraction..........................................................[wa505]
 - The Truth About Jeff.................................................[wa506]
 - Chapter V Summary....................................................[wa507]

 Chapter VI - 9:00 - 10:00 PM...........................................[wa600]
 - Hyde Wants Firewater.................................................[wa601]
 - Summer in the Bar....................................................[wa602]
 - Perfect Rosa.........................................................[wa603]
 - Searching for Helen's Wine Label.....................................[wa604]
 - In Helen's Room......................................................[wa605]
 - Chapter VI Summary...................................................[wa606]

 Chapter VII - 10:00 - 11:00 PM.........................................[wa700]
 - Down to the Bar for Another Belt.....................................[wa701]
 - Writer in the Bar....................................................[wa702]
 - A Sad Christmas Story................................................[wa703]
 - Decorations..........................................................[wa704]
 - Dunning's Room.......................................................[wa705]
 - The Dynamic Drinking Duo.............................................[wa706]
 - Chapter VII Summary..................................................[wa707]

 Chapter VIII - 11:00 - 12:00 PM........................................[wa800]
 - Garbage Tape.........................................................[wa801]
 - Sing for me Iris.....................................................[wa802]
 - Hyde the Bowling Pro.................................................[wa803]
 - Rosa's Bedroom.......................................................[wa804]
 - Chapter VIII Summary.................................................[wa805]

 Chapter IX - 12:00 - 2:00 AM...........................................[wa900]
 - Apple Paintings......................................................[wa901]
 - Rosa at Midnight.....................................................[wa902]
 - She Talks............................................................[wa903]
 - Phone in 215.........................................................[wa904]
 - Chapter IX Summary...................................................[wa905]
 - Louie! Are you Dead?.................................................[wa906]

 Chapter X - 2:00 AM....................................................[waX00]
 - Secret Basement......................................................[waX01]
 - Breaking Bricks in the Underpass.....................................[waX02]
 - The Smell of Wet Paint...............................................[waX03]
 - Dunning Spills It....................................................[waX04]


 Kyle Hyde's Chapter Summaries..........................................[ex001]
 Star Stickers..........................................................[ex002]


 Greetings and Thanks...................................................[en002]
 Version History........................................................[en005]

                                Introduction                            [be001]

Hello. How are you? Fine? Nice! I figured I would tell you some things about
the document you're viewing right now, so that there will be no
misunderstandings between us. Ok, this is a walkthrough for Cing's Hotel Dusk:
Room 215, which is a game developed and released for the Nintendo DS. The game
is kind of an adventure game, where the focus is set on solving mysteries and
interacting with other characters. There are already several walkthroughs out
there for Hotel Dusk, since the game has been available in North America for
several months. I did however, get the European version just recently. You know
how it is here in Europe -- games don't come as fast as in the US.

Oh well, yeah, this walkthrough can be used to to guide you through the whole
game -- from beginning 'til end. It does not however, contain the whole game
script, and it does not list all the conversations that were crammed into the
game by the developers. You see, sometimes, there are several things you can
ask a person in Hotel Dusk. This walkthrough doesn't list all of the choices -
it goes with the ones that won't get you a nasty GAME OVER screen. Sometimes
there are several correct choices, sometimes not. In other words, this
walkthrough guides you from the beginning 'til the end in a fashionable way.
In many situations there are alternate ways of doing things, but as said above,
the goal I've set with this walkthrough is not listing every single bit of
information that can be found in the game. You can of course, reach me at mail
if you've got something you think absolutely has to be added to the document.

With that said, I'll recommend checking out the next two sections - Controls &
Overview and Gameplay Basics. If you haven't been playing Hotel Dusk a lot
earlier, some hints and tips should be at their place.

                             Controls & Overview                        [be002]

There is one very big difference between Hotel Dusk and most other games
released for the Nintendo DS. It's the way you're supposed to hold the system
while playing. While in most games, you hold the DS in your hands so that the
touch-screen is placed below the upper screen. In Hotel Dusk however, you will
be holding the DS so that the touch-screen is placed right of the other screen.
Just like when you're holding a book -- the touch-screen will, if we think
about the DS as a book, be your right page, while the other screen will be your
left page. You walk around by holding your stylus in the direction you want to
walk in, and you interact with people and objects by touching them.

When talking to someone, Hyde will appear on one of the screens, while the one
he is talking to will appear on the other screen. When walking around, you'll
see a map on the touch-screen and a three-dimensional overview on the other
screen. Both screens are used all the time, so keep an eye on both of them!

Also, if you're left-handed you can also play the game without problems, as the
main menu lets you select a 'left-handed' option. So, the bottom line is, that
Hotel Dusk can be played by using the stylus, and nothing else. If you want to,
you can move around using the directional pad, but doing so is honestly less
comfortable, considering the way you need to hold  the Nintendo DS while
playing the game. Read more about icons/actions in the next section.

                            Gameplay Basics & Hints                     [be003]

- WALKING AROUND: On the right screen you will at all times, when not talking
  to someone, see a map with icons on. The red icon is Hyde, while other
  persons get other colors. The map covers every single object, like tables,
  beds, lockers and vending machine. On the left screen, things are all 3D.
  While the map is well-structured, and makes it easy to navigate, the
  inclusion of 3D graphics on the left screen is a nice feature. You will be
  using your stylus to walk around at all times, by simply pressing the map.

- TALKING TO PEOPLE: When you touch somebody on the map, you will start talking
  with them. In most cases, there will be questions that you can ask the
  persons you are talking to. Most questions can only be asked once, so make
  sure you read everything that's being said. Also, when talking to people,
  Hyde will also get new questions, who quickly fly over his head, then
  disappears. These questions can either be asked to the person you are
  currently talking with, or to someone else when you meet them later on.

- PRESSING PEOPLE FOR INFO: A lot of times, triangles will appear while you're
  talking with people. If you press this triangle, you will usually get to ask
  the person a question. Usually, you can choose one out of several questions.
  If you chose the 'wrong' one, you might get a GAME OVER screen, so try to
  avoid that. Also, small things might change depending on what questions you
  ask the characters in the game. This walkthrough does not list the outcome of
  every single question -- it takes you from the beginning to the end in a
  reasonable way, without going into details like giving you all the dialog in
  the game or anything like that. I will however, never lead you to GAME OVER.

- EXAMINING THINGS: You should always examine things like lockers, papers and
  machines. To examine something, touch it's icon once on the map, then the
  game will zoom onto the item in a 3D perspective. Touch the object you want
  to examine in this 3D view to find out if there is something you can do with
  it, if you can grab it, or interact with it in any other way.

- USING ITEMS: You will use a lot of items in Hotel Dusk. For example, if you
  see a locked suitcase, you should try using a suitcase key on it. To use
  items, simply select the bag icon on the right screen to get an overview over
  Hyde's inventory. From there, you can select whatever item you feel like
  using. You can also take a look, or read about some of the items this way.

- NOTEBOOK: Hyde has a notebook with him at all times. There is a icon for this
  notebook, next to the bag/inventory icon. In the notebook, you can draw and
  take notes of anything. Stuff like dates, names, deals you want to remember
  and so on should be noted down. In some cases, NPCs will use your notebook to
  show you drawings or notes they've made themselves. You seldom need to use
  the notebook, but I recommend taking notes of stuff often.

- QUESTIONS, ITEMS, BRACKETS: In this walkthrough I've put some brackets around
  questions that you can ask, and items that you find for the first time.
  Questions you can ask people {look like this}, while first-time items are
  marked [like this]. See? Two different kind of brackets. This is just to make
  it easier to find important stuff without having to read every single bit of
  text I've typed down. Easier for you, easier for me. We both win ;D

- MAPS IN THIS WALKTHROUGH: Each time you enter a new area, as in a room or
  corridor you have not been in before, you will see a map at the top of the
  section describing what you need to do in that area. The maps are rough
  sketches made with ASCII, showing you what important things can be found in
  each area. The important items, objects etc. have been given letters. The Map
  Legend which is included near each map explains what each letter means. The
  maps might not look fancy, but should help you a lot! I think!

                          Frequently Asked Questions                    [be004]

Q: First of all, does this walkthrough contain spoilers?
A: Yep, but in the main walkthrough, I won't spoil anything before it happens.

Q: Tell me what the number on the torn memo I found in the Main Office is.
A: You got to draw the lines on the memo manually to find out, since the
   number you get by doing this isn't always the same.

Q: What's the number I get when I add all the star sticker numbers together?
A: Again, this number isn't always the same -- start counting sticker numbers.

Q: Where are the seven star stickers located?
A: Front Desk, Lobby, Central Hallway, Dining Room, Restaurant, Bar, 2nd Floor
   Hallway. Take a look at the 'extras' section for more specific locations.

Q: Tell me how to get all of the endings!
A: This game is filled with different endings -- most of them aren't very
   different from each other. Depending on your actions during the main
   game, you will get one out of several endings. Explaining how to get all
   of them is out of this walkthrough's scope.

Q: How do I get the coins that are needed to operate the vending machine?
A: In Chapter IV, show Dunning your cash after Jeff has stopped talking about
   something that has been stolen from him. Dunning will give you the coins.

Q: What happens when I enter the star stickers number on the vending machine?
A: On your first playthrough you get a pinkie rabbit doll. On subsequent
   playthroughs, you will get a lipstick. Give these items to people to make
   them either happy or irritated.

Q: Dunning gives me game over when I run downstairs in Chapter IV!
A: You need to put the three tools back into the toolbox in the linens room,
   and leave the Room 217 Key, Small Red Box, Stack of Cash and Memo in Hyde's
   suitcase. Now you won't meet Dunning when running downstairs.

Q: How do I get more pages in my notebook?
A: By making progress with the storyline. You start out with only a few pages,
   but as you play, you will get more and more of them.

                                  Characters                            [be005]

 Kyle Hyde (Room 215)
 This guy is you, and you are him. Kyle Hyde is the main character in Hotel
 Dusk. Being an ex-cop, Hyde now works for a company named Red Crown. He's a
 salesman, but also helps his boss Ed find things that don't want to be
 found. Hyde's real goal is to find his partner from the force Bradley, who
 betrayed him several years ago. Hyde arrives at Hotel Dusk after being told
 to go there and pick up some things for Red Crown. Things get complicated,
 and suddenly, he's in the middle of a noir detective story. Kyle likes strong
 beverages, doesn't let anyone get too close to him, and sneaks around a lot.

 Louis DeNonno (Has his own room in the left hallway)
 This chap is usually called Louie, and works as bellhop, receptionist and
 bartender at Hotel Dusk. Hyde knows him from earlier, when he was a street
 punk robbing people back in the city. Louie says he's clean these days, and
 that he's stared a new and better life. The other hotel employees does
 however think that Louie is a lazy, hopeless slacker. Louie likes young
 girls, and  falls in love with Mila the instant he meets her.

 Dunning Smith (Has his own room in the right hallway)
 Dunning is the hotel owner. He bought Hotel Dusk some years ago, after the
 place went bankrupt because of some bad rumours that were going around at
 the time. Dunning is a penny-wise man who loves hockey games, but hates
 guests who sneak around in corridors. Dunning doesn't spend a lot of money
 on keeping the equipment in the hotel rooms up to date. Dunning can bust you
 for a lot of stuff, so you'd better watch out for him. When he's in a good
 mood, Dunning is  a great guy to have a chat with, though.

 Rosa (Has her own room in the right hallway)
 Maid and cook, Rosa knows a little bit of everything. She takes Mila under
 her wing when the poor girl arrives at the hotel, and makes great steaks.
 Rosa is also a huge fan of Martin Summer, and collects autographs. She's got
 about fifty of those. Rosa often has to do Louie's tasks, but manages to
 cope with it. Cleaning and cooking are Rosa's two specialties. Rosa's weak
 spot is that  she tends to run her mouth, saying things about people,
 spreading rumors that aren't always of the good kind.

 Mila (Stays in Rosa's room)
 A mysterious girl with long black hair and a cute face. She seems to be mute,
 but attracts both Louie and Jeff. Mila arrives at Hotel Dusk without any
 luggage or money, after being picked up by Jeff. Jeff leaves Mila once they
 arrive at the hotel. Rosa takes Mila under her wing, and lets her stay in her
 own room. Since Mila doesn't speak, Hyde communicated with her by letting her
 draw and write in his notebook. Hyde believes Mila is somehow connected to the
 man he has been searching for all these years, Bradley.

 Martin Summer (Room 211)
 A man that doesn't introduce himself before Hyde realizes that the package
 Louie brought him from Red Crown isn't from Red Crown at all. Summer is the
 one that got Hyde's package. He might not look like it, but Martin Summer is a
 novelist and the author of one of the best-selling books ever released in the
 states. Martin has a thing for trying to find out what kind of persons the
 people around him really are. If he's good at it or not, you'll see yourself.

 Helen (Room 212)
 An old lady with a patch over one of her eyes, Helen wants to stay in Room 215
 when she arrives at Hotel Dusk. Unfortunately for her, Hyde is already
 occupying the room. This old woman likes to take a drink, and enjoys speaking
 with Hyde about various subjects. She's not very good at walking anymore, and
 needs help to get up and down the stairs leading to her room. Once a master in
 her profession, Helen doesn't have a good relationship to her family.

 Jeff Angel (Room 213)
 Mister Angel is a man in his twenties, and pretty good looking. He picks up
 Mila when he sees her walking on the road, and brings her to Hotel Dusk, which
 is where she was walking to in the first place. Jeff is a little weird in
 Dunning's opinion, since he doesn't always react when people talk to him. In
 addition, he is short-tempered and seems to avoid talking with Hyde. The other
 guests don't like Jeff a lot, but he doesn't seem to mind that a lot.

 Melissa (Room 219)
 This is one of the first persons Hyde meets at Hotel Dusk. Melissa is a little
 girl that is staying in the hotel along with her daddy, Kevin. Melissa likes
 playing with puzzles, but seems to have a lot on her mind, and cries pretty
 often. She doesn't think Hyde is a bad person, and asks him for help many
 times throughout the game. But what is Melissa really doing at the hotel? She
 doesn't even seem to know herself.

 Kevin Woodward (Room 219)
 Kevin is a surgeon -- a real sawbones. He's a pretty pale man, and seems to be
 worrying a lot about something. He doesn't let his daughter Melissa walk
 outside of the hotel room without being accompanied by himself, and doesn't
 have a very long fuse. Kevin is your typical nervous guy, and would have been
 a perfect addition to a dark, scary horror movie. But is he really a bad guy?

 Iris (Room 216)
 This woman is also staying at Dusk. She's got a special attitude, and thinks
 that she's a little more worth than everyone else. Iris easily gets upset, and
 believes that Hyde is a rude fellow, talking too much and asking too many
 questions. While it's sure that Iris likes to take a good drink, no one seems
 to know why she is staying at Hotel Dusk, or where she comes from. Did I
 mention that Iris looks better than anyone else in here? I did? Good!

                          Chapter I - 5:00 - 5:30 PM                    [wa100]

It's been three years since Kyle Hyde quit the police force in New York. Now
he's working as a salesman for a company named Red Crown. In addition to
selling, Hyde helps his boss finding certain items -- items that don't always
want to be found, as Hyde calls them. As you might have guessed, our friend
Hyde is the main character in this game. You are him, and he is you. It's going
to be this way throughout the whole game, so you'd better get used to him.
Anyway, Kyle has been assigned to check up on an old hotel named Hotel Dusk. On
his way there he sees a beautiful girl walking on the road all alone, but
doesn't stop to ask her about anything. Instead, he drives directly to the old
hotel. Tap the front door to enter the hotel.

                       5:00 PM - Checking in at Hotel Dusk              [wa101]

 Area: Front Desk

 +-------- L --------------+-------------+
 |                         |             |
 |                         |     R       |
 |                         +-------------+
 |                                       |
 |                                       |
 |                                       |
 |                                       |  Map Legend
 |                                       |  -----------
 |                                       |  S - Star Sticker
 |                                       |  E - Hotel Entrance
 |S                                      |  L - Lobby
 |                                       |  R - Reception
 |                                       |
 |                                       |
 +----------- E -------------------------+

As you can see above, I've made a map that shows you what is placed where in
the Front Desk area. If you're using this walkthrough to lead you through the
game, you'll find a map like the one above each time you enter a new area. It's
much easier to lead readers to the right places when showing them a map in
addition to telling them where to go, don't you think so too? But let's get
this started, shall we? On your left side there is a dart board, a pinup poster
and a star sticker. The only important thing here is the star sticker, since
all star stickers are related to a sidequest where you need to find all the
stickers in the hotel and add the numbers on them together. But hey, we'll get
back to that later. Right now, you want to play the main game, right?

Walk over to the reception, and examine the television there. There is a note
hanging on the TV, saying that it is operational between 7 and 9 PM. This
means that you can't watch television right now. Instead, examine the bell on
the counter. Tap it with your stylus a couple of times to call the owner here.
As you can see, a yellow triangle icon appears when the owner starts talking.

Later in the game, you should try touching these triangles. When you do, and if
you do it before the icon disappears, you will be able to ask the person you
are talking with one of several questions. Try it on the owner when the
triangle icon appears. You can either ask the owner, who says his name is
Dunning Smith, about the maid Rosa, so do that. Continue talking to him until
he offers you a suite. It doesn't matter what you tell him here -- you will end
up in the same room no matter what. Dunning gives you a pen so that you can
register yourself as a hotel guest. Take his pen and use the stylus to fill out
the form. Don't worry though, no real names are used here!

Dunning seems surprised by Hyde's name. Try asking him {What's your Problem} to
find out that there was a guest with the same name staying at Hotel Dusk some
months ago. Weird, isn't it? Anyways, take the [Room 215 Key] that Dunning
gives you after he's stopped talking. Now, try asking Dunning {What Story} to
find out that there is a rumor going on about Room 215, which is where Hyde
will be staying. Apparently, people have had their wishes granted while
staying in Room 215. Grab the [Hotel Brochure] that Dunning gives you. Now
you've got three main questions that you can ask Dunning:

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - DUNNING      |
 |  {I'm waiting for a package}        +-----------------------------------+
 |  ---------------------------                                            |
 |  Dunning hasn't seen any package yet, but will tell the bellboy to      |
 |  take a look  for it, and give it to Hyde later on, when the package    |
 |  has been found. Dunning also says that there better not be anything    |
 |  troublesome about the package. If you ask him {What trouble?},         |
 |  Dunning explains that there was an incident some time ago, with        |
 |  policemen, a gunfight and so on.                                       |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {What won't you talk about?}                                           |
 |  ----------------------------                                           |
 |  Dunning talks about the other guest who had stayed here at Hotel       |
 |  Dusk with the same name as Hyde. This dude was tall, thing and         |
 |  blond. Hyde thinks this sounds like his old partner, Bradley. The      |
 |  thin man stayed here six months ago, Dunning recalls.                  |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {My room grants wishes?}                                               |
 |  ------------------------                                               |
 |  There's been several people who have changed totally after staying     |
 |  just one night in Room 215. Is the wish-granting rumor not fake        |
 |  after all?                                                             |
 |                                                                         |

Alright, take a look at the map above. Your next destination is the Lobby, just
left of the counter where Dunning is standing. Try heading over there now.
Someone stops you. This someone is an old lady with a patch on her right eye.
The old lady doesn't want to talk with Hyde right now, so head north to the
Lobby instead. Getting familiar with the controls yet? I hope so!

                    5:00 PM - Examining the Vending Machine             [wa102]

 Area: Lobby

 +------- 111 ---------------------------+
 |                                       |
 C                                       |
 |                                       R
 |                                       |     Map Legend
 |                                       |     -----------
 |                                       |     S   - Star Sticker
 |                                       |     V   - Vending Machine
 |                                     S |     111 - Room 111
 |                                     V |     F   - Front Desk
 |                                       |     M   - Main Office
 |                                       |     R   - Right Hallway
 |                                       M     C   - Central Hallway
 |                                       |
 |                                       |
 +----------- F -------------------------+

Examine the vending machine in the right corner of the room, close to the door
leading into the main office where Dunning has been watching TV. You will need
some coins to actually operate the vending machine, and you don't have those
right now. You'll get them later in the game, but don't worry about them for
now. Also, on the back of the vending machine there is another star sticker, as
well as a note explaining that there are seven different star stickers in the
game. If you find them all, and add the numbers on them together, the note says
you should return here and input the number to get a prize. You don't have to
do this, but it could be fun, don't you think? Now go left from the vending
machine. Hyde starts thinking about what Dunning said earlier. Thinking is
good, but what you need to do now is go left into the Central Hallway.

                         5:00 PM - Central Hallway                      [wa103]

 Area: Central Hallway

 |              |
 LH             |
 |              |
 |              |    Map Legend
 |              |    -----------
 |              L    S   - Star Sticker
 M              |    M   - Moonlight Grill
 |              |    LH  - Left Hallway
 |              |    L   - Lobby
 |              |    2F  - 2nd Floor
 |              |
 |              |
 |              |
 |      S       |

As you can see on the map, there is a sticker on the wall in the southern part
of the central hallway. West from the hallway, there is a restaurant named the
Moonlight Grill, and a hallway. Those two doors are locked, by the way, and you
can not open any of them right now. So, after examining the sticker, and maybe
noting down the number on it if you have already started getting serious with
them, head north to the stairs there. Start walking up to the second floor. A
little girl is blocking the path though. She's completing a puzzle in the
middle of the stairs. Wow, kids and their toys never learn.

Start talking to the girl, asking her if {something's wrong}. The kid doesn't
really feel like talking, so ask her {why won't you tell me} when you get the
chance. The kid says that her mom told her not to speak with strangers,
especially not jerks like Hyde here. Now, choose to {give her a break}. The kid
says that her mom isn't here and that she can't finish her puzzle. Ask her
about {a puzzle, huh?} then tell her that you can help her with the puzzle.

Now you will enter puzzle mode! There are arrows in the left and right corners
of the screen. Those are used to rotate the currently selected jigsaw puzzle.
There are just a few pieces you need to rotate and place at the correct
location, so this is not hard or anything like that at all. The final result is
supposed to become a pink rabbit, fantasy-animal, or.. some creature.

This kid is fantastic though; she's still not satisfied even though you helped
her. She gets mad and runs away. In her hurry, she drops a [puzzle piece]. Pick
it up and walk to the top of the stairs to arrive at the second floor, where
almost all of the guest rooms are located. Well, yours is, at least!

                         5:00 PM - 2nd Floor Hallway                    [wa104]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

 |                                                                       |
 |S                                                                      |
 |                                                                       |
 |                                                                       R
 |                                                                       |
 |                                                                       |
 |                                                                       |

 Map Legend
 U  -  Star Sticker
 R  -  Moonlight Grill
 L  -  Left Hallway
 RH -  Right Hallway
 PA -  Painting of Apples &  Wine
 1F -  1st Floor, Central Hallway
 S  -  Star Sticker

Walk around a little until someone comes out of Room 213. It's a man that
looks a little confused. A young dude. Ask him if {he's ok} to find out that
his name is Jeff, and that he stays at 213. He's one of your neighbors, yeah.
To top it all, his surname is Angel. Jeff Angel, wonderboy deluxe! Ask him
about why he has {no choice} but to stay here. Jeff doesn't want to answer.
You can however, and should, ask him about some other stuff:

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - JEFF         |
 |  {Who's the kid on the stairs?}     +-----------------------------------+
 |  ------------------------------                                         |
 |  Jeff has heard that the girl's name is Melissa, and that she stays     |
 |  at Room 219 with her father.                                           |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {Is it too bad I'm not cop?}                                           |
 |  ----------------------------                                           |
 |  Jeff thinks it would be cool to have a cop here at Hotel Dusk. Ask     |
 |  him why he thinks that would have been cool. After all, Jeff just      |
 |  meant that it would be trilling if something happened, and a real      |
 |  gumshoe tried to solve the case afterwards. Useless thoughts.          |
 |                                                                         |

Now, if you want to, take a look at the star sticker in the far western end.
Knock on Room 219 to meet Melissa's dad. He says he is busy right now, and
locks the door again. Gah, what a geezer! No fun! Go to Room 215 then, which is
where Hyde has been assigned to by Dunning. Use the key you got from Dunning to
unlock the door, then head inside.

                        5:00 PM - Here I Am in Room 215                 [wa105]

 Area: Room 215

 |           |                       |  Map Legend
 |   BT      |                     W |  -----------
 +-----------+                       |  S   - Suitcase
 |                                   |  2F  - 2nd Floor Hallway
 |                                   |  P   - Phone
 | BR                        ,---.   |  W   - Wire Hanger
 | P                        /     \  |  B   - Bed
 |                         (   S   ) |  BT  - Bathroom
 +--------+                 \     /  |  BR  - Brochure
 |  B     |                  `---'   |

So, what is so special about Room 215, you might say. The answer is that there
is nothing very special about it. Right now there isn't at least. Hyde leaves
his suitcase at the table in the middle of the room, then the phone near the
bed starts ringing. Answer the call like a normal gentleman, ok? Great! The one
calling is Rachel, the secretary of Hyde's Boss, Ed. Rachel isn't sure about
what kind of guy Hyde really is, but still likes him. What a lovely girl.

After Rachel is done talking, Dunning calls the phone as well. Have a chat.
The old man says he wants Hyde to pay for his room -- pay now. Hyde remembers
that he tosses his cash into his suitcase. The suitcase is lying on the table,
so why don't you examine it and use your Suitcase Key to try and open it?
Use the stylus to put the suitcase key into the lock. Unfortunately for Hyde,
the key breaks when you try opening the suitcase. Too bad! Walk around in your
room for some second until someone knocks on the door. Who might that be?

                       5:10 PM - A Package For Mr. Hyde                 [wa106]

 Area: Room 215

The bellhop that was knocking on Hyde's door wants Hyde to help him take care
of the package he is carrying, so grab it using the stylus. There is something
about the way that the bellhop talks, Hyde thinks. Ask the bellhop {you sound
familiar!} then grab his face using the stylus, so that Hyde can get a good
look at the mysterious bellhop. Turns out that Hyde knows the bellhop from
earlier -- his name is Louis DeNono, also called Louie. Hyde hasn't seen him
for three years, then Louie was a thief in Manhattan. Louie says he started to
remember a lot of shit now that Hyde is here, so ask him about {bad memories}.

Louie tells Hyde about how he always used to search the guest lists for names
of people he knew from earlier. He was a real freak show, he says. But, enough
about Louie. Now he wants to ask Hyde about some stuff. Tell him  the whole
thing is {kind of complicated}, since that's the truth.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - LOUIE         |
 |  {You're doing better?}             +------------------------------------+
 |  -----------------------                                                 |
 |  Louie says he's stopped picking pockets, since it's too risky and he    |
 |  is getting too old to live as a punk. Ask him what happened, only       |
 |  to find out that he won't tell a cop. Too bad -- you'll have to tell    |
 |  him that Hyde quit the force years ago sometime later.                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |  {I have a different vibe?}                                              |
 |  --------------------------                                              |
 |  Hyde has changed his way of clothing since quitting the force, and      |
 |  looks a little tired. Hyde doesn't rule the streets anymore.            |
 |                                                                          |
 |  {No guests had my name?}                                                |
 |  -------------------------                                               |
 |  When Hyde checked in, Dunning recognized his name, since there was      |
 |  another guest using the same name six months ago. Louie however, says   |
 |  that no guest has used Hyde's name at all. At least, he can't remember. |
 |                                                                          |
 |  {What won't you talk about?}                                            |
 |  ----------------------------                                            |
 |  He still doesn't want to talk. Louie, Louie, Louie..                    |
 |                                                                          |

Before leaving, Louie wants to know why Hyde changed gigs. Tell him that you
just {hung it all up}. Hyde explains how he shot his partner Bradley and --
that's where he stops explaining. The bellhop leaves after asking Hyde to keep
all the stuff he has been doing earlier a secret from the others at the hotel.
Now that he has left, examine the brochure that is lying next to the phone.
Pick up the [Paper Clip] that is holding the brochure together. Now examine the
paper clip from your inventory and use the stylus to bend it all out, so that
it comes to look more like a stick than a clip. Bending it slowly is most
effective. Now the clip transforms into [Thin Wire].

Put the thin wire into the lock on your suitcase. Start fiddling around with it
inside the lock only to find out that the wire is too thin, and won't be able
to pick the suitcase lock open at all. Oh well, let's think about that later.
Take a look at the package that Louie left on Hyde's bed. There is nothing but
a notebook inside -- turns out you got the wrong package. Well, take the
[Old Notebook] from the package. The notebook has some letters on the outside.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

With the notebook in your inventory, head out to the 2nd floor hallway  again,
and run over to the stairs. Melissa comes out of Room 219. Melissa  is all sad
because she's lost something important, and says that she won't  be able to
see  her mom now. Interesting.. Ask her {why can't you see Mom?}  to find out
that  her dad is pretty strict and that he won't take Melissa  to her mom
unless she  behaves nicely. Put a question to {Going to see your  mom, huh?}
then ask her  where she lives. Turns out Melissa lives in Santa  Monica with
her dad.

After getting all that info out of her, give Melissa the Puzzle Piece she
dropped  while playing in the stairs earlier. Once there's no more  questions
to ask,  head downstairs. If Hyde wants to ask Melissa more  questions, go
back up and  see her again. The whole thing ends with Melissa  saying that her
dad is a  surgeon and that her mother is missing. Also, her  mother's name is
Grace. After Melissa has drawn a picture of her mom in  Hyde's notebook, her
dad comes  to get her. Watch them head inside Room 219  again. If you take a
look at the  notebook, fourth page, there is now a  drawing of Melissa's
mother. Try drawing something of that quality yourself, if you wanna. Head
downstairs and go over to the Front Desk.

                   5:10 PM - Mysterious Girl at the Front Desk          [wa107]

 Area: Front Desk

There is a girl standing near the hotel entrance. Tap her back to have her look
at you. When Hyde gets a look at her face, he realizes that this is the girl
that was walking on the road when he drove here. The girl doesn't want to talk,
but the maid Rosa, who has appeared behind Hyde, says that the girl does at
least hear what other people are saying to her. Rosa explains that the girl's
name is Mila. Talk to Rosa again. She thinks Hyde looks like a salesman, so ask
her about {I look like a salesman?}. Rosa has figured out that Hyde is a
salesman that doesn't really sell way too much. Ouch, that hurts!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - ROSA         |
 |  {I got the wrong package}          +-----------------------------------+
 |  -------------------------                                              |
 |  Rosa says that Louie is a dolt, since he brought Hyde the wrong pack.  |
 |  She also says that she will have Louie look into the whole thing, and  |
 |  that Hyde doesn't have to worry about a thing.                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {Her name's Mila?}                                                     |
 |  ------------------                                                     |
 |  There is a bracelet on Mila's left arm, where her name, or at least,   |
 |  someone's name is inscribed. The name is Mila, so, yeah, that is       |
 |  most likely the girl's name, according to Rosa. Hyde thinks that       |
 |  the bracelet looks the same as a bracelet that his partner Bradley     |
 |  used to wear back in the day.                                          |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {You're going to drop her?}                                            |
 |  ---------------------------                                            |
 |  Mila doesn't have any money, so Rosa has decided to let her stay in    |
 |  her room for some time. Rosa says that Mila hitchhiked with Jeff Angel |
 |  to get here, since Mr. Angel saw her walking on the road.              |
 |                                                                         |
 |  {What guy brought her here?}                                           |
 |  -----------------------------                                          |
 |  You already know the answer to that question, but ask anyways.         |
 |  Mr. Jeff Angel brought Mila here, then he left her alone. Tell Rosa    |
 |  you've met Jeff, then let her answer the Front Desk phone.             |

The one calling the front desk phone is a guest who has received a package that
contains something different from what he was expecting to get. Sounds like he
got the stuff from Red Crown which Hyde was supposed to receive, right? Right.
After Rosa and Mila have left, Hyde remembers that Bradley's kid sister was
named Mila as well. Is this girl the same person? We'll find out!

       5:20 PM - Asking Jeff Angel About His Relationship to Mila       [wa108]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Plod upstairs to the 2nd floor hallway again and knock on Room 213's door. Jeff
Angel is staying there, you know. He might wanna talk to you about Mila, since
he picked her up in his car earlier today. Jeff doesn't know, or rather,
remember who Mila is, since he's too cool for his own good. No matter how cool
he is, ask him if {he didn't know her name}. Jeff explains that he brought her
here because she asked him to. But, as far as Hyde knows, Mila can't speak!
Something weird is going on here. Try finding out about all this by asking if
{She ASKED?}. Apparently, Mila had a Hotel Dusk Brochure, and didn't ask Jeff
by using words. This has to mean that Mila {knew about this hotel}. Mr. Angel
now locks the door and leaves you all alone in the huge hallway. Head left
towards Room 215 now. You'll meet someone before arriving at 215.

The person's name is Iris, and she's living at Room 216 for the time being.
Iris asks for Hyde's name, and says that she just wanted to confirm a hunch.
Ask her what {she's confirming} to find out that she just wanted to find out
what kind of man her neighbor Hyde really is. Tell Iris that Hyde is
{a salesman} when she asks. Iris is relieved, as she doesn't think Hyde will
try and take a picture of her. Weird, huh? Is she some kinda celebrity? Oh
well, someone calls Hyde after Iris has left. It's Louie. Hyde tells Louie
about the package mixup. Louie leaves just as fast as he came. Well, go into
Room 215 now. Maybe Hyde can actually get a rest or something.

                5:20 PM - Writing Genius Knocking on My Door            [wa109]

 Area: Room 215

The moment after Hyde has arrived in his room, someone knocks on his door. Open
the door. The one knocking is a man named Martin Summer. He says that he is
lodged in Room 211 for the time being. Martin says he received Hyde's package,
and saw Hyde's name on it. Ask him if he {likes your name}. He does indeed like
Hyde's name, and has brought the package with him here. Tell Martin that you've
{heard about him} earlier. Summers thinks that Hyde might have read one of his
books, so ask him if {he's a writer}. You can tell Martin that you've read one
of his novels to continue the conversation, or say that you haven't, to get
this over with a little faster. No matter what you tell him, he will take the
notebook from Hyde, and you will be taking the package he brought here.

Hyde now puts the package from Red Crown on the bed, left of Martin's package
which contained nothing but the notebook. Examine the new package to find out
that there's a bunch of stuff inside, like an order sheet, some products and a
client list. Grab the [Order sheet] from the package. On the sheet, the things
that Ed wants Hyde to find are listed:

 1) A Small Red Box
 2) The December Issue of a Magazine With Cecily Lee on the Cover

The [Client List] can also be found inside the package from Red Crown, so make
sure to snag that one with you as well. After getting those two items, use the
phone near the bed to call Rachel, the secretary working at Red Crown. Rachel
says she does not know what's inside the box that Hyde is supposed to look for.
Hyde hangs up, and reminds himself of his boss Ed, who was a cop in Los Angeles
that worked like a hound before he was forced to retire. Ed used to be friends
with Hyde's daddy, who died when Hyde was ten year old. That's it -- now Hyde
wants to ask himself some questions about what has happened this far. Quiz!

                             Chapter I Summary                          [wa110]

 - At the end of each chapter there will be a quiz like the one below. You need
   to use the correct answers to progress to the next chapter. Questions and
   answers are listed below -

 The reason I'm here is................................To find certain items
 The story he told me about the room was...............That it grants wishes
 The name of my partner was............................Bradley
 The weird thing when I talked with Mila was...........She wore a bracelet
 One is a pinup mag, the other thing is................A small red box

                          Chapter II - 5:30 - 6:00 PM                   [wa200]

 Area: Room 215

Hyde wonders about what he should do now that he's got the package and all. He
finally decides to start searching for the red box and the pinup magazine that
Red Crown wants him to find. Head outside to the 2nd floor hallway to find
Rosa. It looks like she's cleaning or something.

                     5:30 PM - Rosa is Cleaning the Hallway             [wa201]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Rosa is complaining about that she has to clean, since this is really Louie's
task. She says Louie always disappears when he's supposed to work. In addition,
Louie has told Rosa that he has fallen in love with Mila, the silent girl.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - ROSA         |
 | {Tell me about Louie}               +-----------------------------------+
 | ---------------------                                                   |
 | Rosa does not like Louie at all, and says that she has asked Dunning    |
 | about getting a replacement for him several times. There are however,   |
 | nobody else who wants to work at Hotel Dusk because of some stories.    |
 | Put a question to these stories to find out that the stories date       |
 | back to when Hotel Dusk had another owner.. Ask Rosa is she can't talk  |
 | then tell her that you won't push her if she doesn't feel like telling. |
 |                                                                         |
 | {How is Mila Doing?}                                                    |
 | ---------------------                                                   |
 | If you told Rosa that you won't push her to tell about the hotel        |
 | rumours, Rosa will then ask you why you are so interested in Mila.      |
 | Tell her it's because of the bracelet she is wearing, that reminds      |
 | you of Bradley from the police force. Rosa says that you can talk       |
 | with Mila in her room anytime after 8 PM. Rosa's room is located        |
 | east of the Lobby area. Write that down in your notebook, ok?           |
 |                                                                         |

Run right after Rosa has left. Hyde hears someone whistling from somewhere. Run
to the eastern end of the corridor and open the door leading into the Linens
Room. Louie is inside, reading a magazine.

                     5:30 PM - Louie and the Pinup Magazine             [wa202]

 Area: Linens

 |                        |
 |                       L|
 |                        |
 |                        |   Map Legend
 |                        |   -----------
 |                       S|   L  - Locker
 |                        |   S  - Shelves
 |                        |   2F - 2nd Floor Hallway
 |                        |

That slacker Louie hasn't noticed Hyde yet, so talk to him. He puts the
magazine away, and prepares for answering questions. Ask him if this is Louie's
{hiding spot}, since Rosa told you Louie usually runs away from work. Louie
says he has already cleaned the hallway. Tell Louie that he {is lying}. Louie
now mentions the stories that Rosa was talking about earlier. Maybe you can get
some information out of him? Who knows? Let's try!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - LOUIE         |
 | {Stuff gets left behind?}           +------------------------------------+
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Many things get left behind by the guests at Hotel Dusk. Dunning keeps   |
 | most of it in his office at the Front Desk, Louie says.                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What stories did you mean?}                                             |
 | ----------------------------                                             |
 | A long time ago there was an incident where some guests had heard a      |
 | little girl crying. When they talked to her, the girl vanished!          |
 | Louie has never seen this girl, who is said to be a ghost, himself.      |
 | When it comes to Mila, Louie is all lovey-dovey, saying that she is      |
 | an angel that has gotten lost.                                           |
 |                                                                          |
 | {When was this incident?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Ten years ago, ten years ago.                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about the incident}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Louie says a man and his girl stopped at Hotel Dusk for a night 10 years |
 | ago. In the middle of the night, the girl vanished. Poof, into the air.  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {A girl disappeared?}                                                    |
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | The girl was only ten years old, and her father didn't find her again.   |
 | Not even the next morning. Later, the cops received a mysterious letter, |
 | which told them where they could find the girl's body.                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Did they find the body?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Even though the latter said where the girl's body could be found,        |
 | the police never found it. No crook, body, no nothing. The case          |
 | was left unsolved, and stories about Hotel Dusk started running.         |
 | Ask Louie if the hotel went bankrupt because of the stories. Dunning     |
 | picked up the place about five years ago, and that's all Louie knows.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What's Mila like?}                                                      |
 | --------------------                                                     |
 | Louie starts blushing, since he likes Mila so much. Louie says Hyde      |
 | never had an eye for the ladies, so ask him {no eye for the ladies?}.    |
 | Louie says that Hyde doesn't know about girls being beautiful, and Hyde  |
 | says that he doesn't care about small girls.                             |
 |                                                                          |

Hyde tells Louie that he moved to New York with his mommy after hid dad passed
away, and that he is looking for someone -- Bradley. Louie says he understands
how Hyde is feeling, about dead compadres. Ask him if he {understands?} to find
out that Louie also had a buddy who died three years ago. But, Bradley isn't
dead, or is he? Wanna find out? Continue playing.

Examine the shelves to find the magazine that Louie was reading before talking
to Hyde. The dame on the cover is Cecily Lee. Good match -- this is the
magazine that Red Crown wants! Take the [Men's Magazine] with you. Next up is
the locker near the door. Open it and examine the red box inside. This is not
the small red box that you are looking for, but a toolbox that contains some
stuff you need to take with you: [Pliers], [Crowbar] and [Screwdriver]. Now
that you've got your stuff, head back outside to the 2nd floor hallway.

                        5:40 PM - Helen in the Hallway                  [wa203]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Hyde wants to check out the office to search for the little red box, but is
stopped by Helen in the 2nd floor hallway. She asks Hyde if he knows when the
restaurant downstairs is going to open. Hyde says it'll open at six. Helen says
that she is staying in 212, but that she wanted to stay in 215, because of the
rumours about people getting their wishes granted and so on. Helen leaves and
walks into 212. Knock on her door to ask her a couple of questions. Ask her why
{stay here?} to find out that Helen has dear memories of this hotel.
Interesting, ask about these {memories}. She doesn't want to talk about them.
Ok, we'll have to dig into that later. So, hop over to Room 215 again, then.

                       5:40 PM - Hanger Goes Thick Wire                 [wa204]

 Area: Room 215

Now that you've got the pliers from the Linens area, use them on the metal
hanger near the door leading out of Room 215. You need to cut the hanger two
places using the pliers. Like on the sketch below. Oh, and please don't diss my
ASCII art skills, I know I'm not the best in the world, but I'm helping, eh?

                          /   \
                   ______/     \______
                  /                   \
                 /                     \
                /                       \

Now you will have a [Thick Piece of Wire], and the hanger will be pretty much
broken because of you mad pliers-using skills. Put the thick wire into the lock
on Hyde's suitcase, which can still be found on the nearby table. Fiddle around
with the thick wire inside the lock until the three squares inside the lock
have been pushed away. Doing it slowly is recommended. Now, the suitcase will
finally open up. There are lots of things in the suitcase, but the only thing
you will need right now is the [Cash]. Grab the cash, then close the suitcase.
Now, select your client list and leave it in the suitcase. Rachel told you to
do this earlier, and we don't want to disappoint such a lovely woman, do we?
With the cash in your pocket, head down to the Lobby to pay Dunning.

                            5:40 PM - Paying Dunning                    [wa205]

 Area: Lobby

Knock on the main office door. Dunning comes out. Give Dunning your cash.
Dunning starts talking about the package mixup that Louie is all behind. Tell
him that {I don't follow you}, just to play it all safe. Dunning wants to make
the whole thing up to Hyde, by giving him free dinner and desert tonight. The
deal isn't bad either. Dinner tonight is Rib Eye Steak with Fresh Garlic
Butter! Rosa is making it -- she's supposed to be a good cook, so you can't
pass this offer. Dunning now leaves the office. Great chance, great chance!
Open the main office door, and head inside to search for the small red box.

                       5:40 PM - Searching the Main Office              [wa206]

 Area: Main Office

 +--------------------------RH------+    Map Legend
 |                                  |    -----------
 +----+                             |    L   -  Lobby
 |    |                        +----+    MO  -  Main Office
 | D1 |                 +---+  |    |    RH  -  Right Hallway
 |    |                 |T  |  | S  |    S   -  Sofa
 +----+                 +---+  |    |    T   -  Table
 |                             +----+    D1  -  Drawers 1
 L                                  |    D2  -  Drawers 2
 |        +------+                  |    N   -  Notebook Log
 |        |  D2  |       N C Y      |    C   -  Birthday Card
 +---MO---+------+------------------+    Y   -  Calendar

First of all, the doors leading into the main office and right hallway are
locked, so you can't open them. Examine the southeastern part, where the
birthday card, log and calendar can be found. Take a look at all the three
objects I just mentioned. The log says that lost and found things are kept in
one of the drawers, the birthday card is addressed to someone named Jenny, and
on the calendar, December 5th has been marked with a red pen.

Now take a look at the Drawers in the western part of the office -- the ones
with a TV ontop of them. There are many drawers under the TV, but the upper
right one is the only open one. Take a look at the files inside the drawer to
find out that someone calling themselves Kyle Hyde stayed at Room 217 at June
30th, 1979. Some months ago, in other words. Now, head over to the drawers in
the southern part of the room. Examine the paper that is lying on the ground,
with the drawers ontop of it. Try pulling the paper out, only to tear it apart.

Hyde gets the ripped apart [Memo]. Now, use your crowbar to lift the drawers,
so that you can get the other part of the ripped memo. You need to lift the
drawers very, very slowly, if you don't want Dunning to come and paste GAME
OVER onto Hyde's face. So, be careful while using the crowbar. Now that you
have the whole memo, you need to use the stylus and draw a line, connecting the
similar icons on it with each other. In the end, when all the similar icons
have been connected, you will have three numbers. The three numbers are seldom
the same, so you'll have to draw the lines yourself, without help from me.

Start with the lowest number, then draw a line to the next number. Once you get
to the last icon of a shape, you should have one digit. Get all three digits,
and input them at the locking mechanism that is found on the upper right
drawer. The drawer opens, so now you can grab the [Small red box] in there.
With the box in your inventory, and the other objects I mentioned examined,
head out of the office, into the Lobby again.

                         5:40 PM - Louie in the Lobby                   [wa207]

 Area: Lobby

Oh no! Did Louie see you when you came out of the office? Does he know you've
looked at Dunning's stuff, and stolen the red box? Tell Louie you were in the
office because of {well..you know, work}. Louie is worried Hyde might have told
Dunning about all the bad stuff he did back in the day. Calm him down by saying
{nah, it wasn't about you}. Tell Louie that {you can trust him}. Hyde starts
explaining how he and Bradley were investigating some art thieves from an
organization named Nile. Louie goes mad when he hears the name, so tell him
that you think he {knew about that, huh?}.

Hyde also says that it was Bradley who was out running after Nile, while Hyde
himself was working at the office. Louie seems to have realized something now,
so ask {that's how what was?}. Before Louie gets to speak, Rosa runs into the
lobby. She tells Louie to start working at once. Well then, have a chat with
Rosa now that Louie has gone away to the restaurant.

Ask Rosa {what's wrong?}. Rosa says that she thinks Hyde knows Louie from
earlier. Smart woman. Tell her that {yeah, I know him}. Now Rosa starts getting
interested in hearing about Louie's past. Now you need to {not tell her
anything} since ratting him out would put Louie in trouble. Tell Rosa that
{she is crazy}. Hehehehe, cool, eh? But seriously, tell her she is crazy. Hyde
now lies about Louie to protect him, saying he used to work at a shop before
coming here to Hotel Dusk. Now, ask Rosa about {Jenny} and {December 5th}. Rosa
does not know anything about either of them. Well, no problem there. After Rosa
has left, Hyde's pager starts beeping. You'd better get back to Room 215.

                          5:50 PM - Calling Red Crown                   [wa208]

 Area: Room 215

Use the phone in Room 215 to call Red Crown. Rachel answers Hyde's call, and
puts Ed on the line. Ed starts asking about Louie, and says that he has been
talking to someone in LAPD. Turns out that Ed knows someone who is working on
the Nile case. For some reason, Ed believes that Louie is somehow connected to
Nile, and that he was friends with someone named Danny. Of course, Danny is
dead now -- killed by Nile. In addition to all this mess, Nile seems to think
that Louie has a lot of money belonging to themselves. Is Louie in danger? You
should definitely have a chat with Louie now, if you can find him, that is. Go
downstairs again. Dunning stops you before you reach the restaurant entrance.

 Area: Central Hallway

Now, there are three questions that you can ask Dunning, but only one will
prevent you from getting GAME OVER. Ask Dunning {where is Louie} to find out
that Dunning thinks Louie is relaxing in his room. Now head into the Left
Hallway behind Dunning -- the door is unlocked.

                             5:50 PM - Louie and Nile                   [wa209]

 Area: Left Hallway

 |         |
 |         B      Map Legend
 LO        |      -----------
 |         E      LO -  Louie's Room
 |         |      B  -  Boiler Room
 |         |      E  -  Electrical Room
 |         L      L  -  Laundry
 P         |      P  -  Pantry
 |         |      C  -  Central Hallway
 |         |
 |         +------------------------+
 |                                  |
 |                                  C
 |                                  |

Louie's room can be found in the upper left part of the hallway. Knock on his
door to have him open it. Hyde starts asking Louie about Nile, but Louie does
not want to talk about it. Ask Louie {why not?}. This doesn't give any results,
so tell him {oh, you'll talk to me}. Louie totally breaks, and starts talking
about his friend Danny. Hyde explains that {LAPD says} that Nile is after him.
Hyde explains how Nile thinks that Louie has their money, but Louie says that
this is all impossible. Hyde asks Louie if he {took the money} or not. Louie
screams that he didn't do anything about Danny's money at all!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - LOUIE         |
 | {Who killed Danny?}                 +------------------------------------+
 | --------------------                                                     |
 | Tell him that you don't think Louie was the one that killed Danny-boy.   |
 | Louie says that the murderer was called J. Who might that be?            |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who's J?}                                                               |
 | -----------                                                              |
 | Louie says that J was an insurance-fraud professional working for Nile.  |
 | He used to run together with Danny, stealing art and stuff as well.      |
 | When Danny was killed, he was working together with J.                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why was Danny killed?}                                                  |
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Danny was going to steal the angel painting. Or, at least that was what  |
 | he called the painting. Weird name, yes? It was however, J's idea to     |
 | steal this painting from Nile's hideout, not Danny's.                    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What's this angel painting?}                                            |
 | ------------------------------                                           |
 | The angel painting was a painting that Danny and J found in Nile's       |
 | warehouse. The painting was worth lots of money and Danny was crazy      |
 | about stealing it -- he just had to try, since if he got it, he would    |
 | be set for life, with cars, babes, everything. A real dream painting.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who stole the money?}                                                   |
 | -----------------------                                                  |
 | Tell Louie you don't think it was him who stole Danny's money.           |
 | Louie just says that it was the guy who killed him who stole them.       |
 | In other words, J was the one that stole Danny's cash.                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why did you leave the city?}                                            |
 | ------------------------------                                           |
 | Say that you think Louie left town because Danny got killed.             |
 | Louie says that it's correct. Danny and him were going to blow outta     |
 | town if Danny could steal the angel painting. None of them had family    |
 | or anything, so Danny bet everything on one card -- one last big job.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What was the job?}                                                      |
 | -------------------                                                      |
 | The job was stealing stuff, like the angel painting from Nile's          |
 | warehouse. This was J's plan, and Danny got sucked into it.              |
 |                                                                          |

Louie starts explaining that the night Danny died, he went over to Nile's
warehouse because he thought he'd might find Danny there. Louie heard a gunshot
inside the warehouse. He peeked in and saw Danny lying on the floor -- shot by
his partner in crime, J. This was three years ago, December 24th, 1976. Louie
got to talk to Danny before he died. Danny's last words were that J was a cop,
at the same time as he was a criminal. Is this connected to Bradley?

Take a look at the picture that Louie hands out. The guy in the middle is
Danny, and the guy on the right is J and Bradley. Yes, J and Bradley is the
same person. What a crock. Louie thinks that Nile was the one that shot Bradley
because they figured he was a cop. But, he's wrong.. The one who shot Bradley
was no one else than Kyle Hyde. When hearing about this, Louie gets more
friendly, asking Hyde if he wants to team up with him in the search for
Bradley. You'll talk to Louie about this later on.

                            Chapter II Summary                          [wa210]

 Louie's fallen hard for a dame...........................Mila
 The story got its start about............................Ten years ago
 The thing I found in the cabinet was.....................A small red box
 The new thing about Louie was............................Nile was after him
 The name of Louie's pal was..............................Danny

                       Chapter III - 6:00 - 7:00 PM                     [wa300]

 Area: Room 215

At the beginning of Chapter III you will find yourself in Room 215 again. There
is nothing do do here, so try exiting the room, only to receive a call from
Rachel and Red Crown. Rachel asks about who Bradley really is. Tell her that
you {can't talk right now} to make her forget about it. Rachel hangs up the
phone. Huh, wasn't that a weird thing to call for? Asking about Bradley? Oh
well, now you should head out to the 2nd Floor Hallway. Hyde is hungry, so run
down to the restaurant entrance down in the Central Hallway.

 Area: Central Hallway

Melissa and her dad are fighting -- well, verbally at least -- down here. When
the little girl says that she hates her dad, ask her if {everything's ok}.
Melissa leaves, and you get to talk to her papa. Tell him that scolding Melissa
is {nothing to apologize for}. The man says his name is Kevin Woodward. He is
working as a surgeon in Santa Monica. When Hyde introduces himself, Kevin seems
to remember something. Ask him {what is it} to find out that he think he's head
the name 'Kyle Hyde' before, some other place. Kevin wonders about what you've
talked with Melissa about earlier. Tell him that you {don't follow}, to find
out that Kevin was worried about Melissa telling stories about her mommy.

 |                                       | MAIN QUESTION TIME - KEVIN       |
 | {Why are you asking about her mom?}   +----------------------------------+
 | -----------------------------------                                      |
 | Kevin is a little disappointed when you tell him that Melissa did        |
 | in fact talk about her mom. Sounds like there is something going on..    |
 | When you get the chance, ask Kevin what it is. Kevin says that all       |
 | families have their own problems, and that you shouldn't think too       |
 | much about what Melissa is saying, since she's just a kiddo.             |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Someone has my name?}                                                   |
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | The surgeon thinks that one of his patients has a name similar to Hyde's |
 | and that he is just confusing the two of them. Kevin leaves.             |
 |                                                                          |

Now open the restaurant door, in the western part of the central hallway.

                           6:00 PM - The Restaurant                     [wa301]

 Area: Restaurant

 |                     |    |  |
 B                     | S  |  |
 |                     +----+  C
 |                             |
 |                             |
 |             +---------------+
 |             |
 |             |
 |             |  Map Legend
 |             |  -----------
 |             D  C  -  Central Hallway
 |             |  S  -  Star Sticker
 |             |  K  -  Kitchen
 |             |  B  -  Bar
 |             |  D  -  Dining Room
 |             |

Louie will greet you as you enter the restaurant. He is the one taking orders
from the guests, you know. Hyde orders steak with garlic butter. Louie starts
talking about some of the guest rooms who are messed up, and says that no one
has been in them for six whole months. Ask Louie about {six months}. The rooms
that have been, and are still out of order are 217, 220 and 218.

 |                                       | MAIN QUESTION TIME - LOUIE       |
 | {Where's the bar?}                    +----------------------------------+
 | ------------------                                                       |
 | The bar is straight down the hall. Louie says that there is lots of      |
 | good booze there, if not much else.                                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Room 217 isn't being used?}                                             |
 | -----------------------------                                            |
 | No one has been staying in 217 for six months, Louie says.               |
 | Hyde explains how the man that was using his name stayed in 217 when     |
 | he was at Hotel Dusk earlier. Hyde then asks Louie to let him into 217   |
 | in one way or the other. Louie says he's going to help Hyde to get in    |
 | there later on. Good job persuading!                                     |
 |                                                                          |

The desk that Louie is standing behind has a star sticker on it, but since
Louie is standing here, you can not examine it right now. You can do it
later, though, so you might want to take a not of that in you notebook.
Well, follow the restaurant corridor so the southwestern part where the
dining room door can be found. Iris is standing outside, looking a little
shocked. Since she seems so shocked, ask her {what is it?}. Iris says that
something terrible has happened, something that's made her go all depressed.

Go the gentle way and say {depressed? you?} to our little princess.
Apparently, someone has told Iris they hated her. Gosh! Mad stuff! Ask Iris
about {who said she hated you?} to find out that the person Iris is talking
about is Melissa. Melissa has thrown her rag-doll at Iris because of
something. Iris had just asked Melissa who made her doll, then Melissa went
nuts. Tell Iris that you think {she hates kids}, since that's how it sounds.
Keep talking with Iris until she leaves the place. Now Hyde can get his
grub. Head inside the dining room.

                          6:00 PM - The Dining Room                     [wa302]

 Area: Dining Room

 |     |               |      |
 |     |               |      |
 +-----+   +-----+     +------+    Map Legend
 |         |     |            |    ----------
 R         | E   |       +----+    P - Piano
 |         +-----+       |  P |    S - Star Sticker
 |                       |  S |    E - Hyde's Table
 +-------+               +----+    D - Melissa's Doll
 |    D  |                    |    R - Restaurant Corridor
 |       |                    |

As you can see on the map, there is a Star Sticker on the piano in the eastern
part of the dining room. Take a look at it when you're done eating. Is that ok?
There is a doll lying near the south-most table in the dining room. This has to
be Melissa's don't you think? Take the [Rag Doll] with you. Gotta give it back
to your favorite little girl later on, you know. Now sit down at the table in
the middle of the room. Rosa comes with Hyde's food. Eat dinner, then wait for
the desert to arrive at your table. Martin Summer suddenly pops up. He wants to
know if Hyde has seen anything that might have dropped out of the notebook that
Hyde gave him earlier. Looks like Martin is missing something important. Gotta
ask him a couple of questions now, to find out what this is all about.

 |                                       | MAIN QUESTION TIME - MARTIN      |
 | {What am I looking for?}              +----------------------------------+
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | The thing Martin wants Hyde to find is a small bookmark.                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What kind of bookmark?}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | The bookmark is supposed to be small, and have an angel on it.           |
 | It's a blue bookmark with a ribbon.                                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What was in that notebook, anyway?}                                     |
 | ------------------------------------                                     |
 | Martin asks Hyde if he saw fit to read what was written in his notebook. |
 | Tell him you just saw the front cover.                                   |
 |                                                                          |

Rosa shows up again after Martin has walked away. She thinks that he looks and
sounds familiar. Tell Rosa that Martin {is a writer}. Ask Rosa if she {knows
this guy} since she's so interested. Rosa says that she is a huge fan of
Martin, but that at first, she thought he was just a guest with the same name
as the real Martin Summer. Or, not real, but the famous one, rather.

 |                                       | MAIN QUESTION TIME - ROSA        |
 | {You're a fan of Martin Summer?}      +----------------------------------+
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Rosa says that Martin's first book was released about ten years ago.     |
 | She says his first book was named 'The Secret Word'. Ask Rosa about      |
 | the title of that book. Hyde now remembers that this was the title       |
 | written on the outside of Summer's notebook.                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What's the book about?}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | The Secret Word is a book about a man who commits the perfect crime!     |
 | He does so to get revenge on a friend that once betrayed him.            |
 | The Secret Word was Summer's debut novel, and sold lots.                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What about the guy with my name?}                                       |
 | ----------------------------------                                       |
 | Strangely, just like Louie, Rosa does not remember a guest signing into  |
 | the hotel using Hyde's name. The only one who seems to remember is       |
 | Dunning himself. Why is this? Why is Dunning the only one who remembers? |
 |                                                                          |

 Area: Restaurant

Hyde is pretty filled, so a little walk should do him good right now. Head out
of the dining room, check out the star sticker on the desk that Louie was
standing at earlier. Mila is standing near the desk, talking to Louie. Ask
Louie what's going on to find out that Mila wanted to help Rosa in the kitchen.
Rosa didn't need help right now, though, so Mila is just standing around here
doing nothing at all. Try talking to Mila now. She leaves. Talk with Louie
again. The clock moves to 6:10 PM.

                           6:10 PM - After Dinner                       [wa303]

 Area: Central Hallway

Out in the central hallway again, Hyde sees Mila standing in the southern end,
looking at the painting hanging on the wall there. Go talk to her about not
understanding art. Rosa appears behind Hyde. She takes Mila back to her room.
Now try walking up the stairs to the 2nd Floor Hallway. Helen stops you, asking
Hyde to escort her down to the dining room, since she wants to eat something.
Tell Helen that {well.. maybe...} you can take her there. Helen says it's
settled, so now, you'll have to walk her over to the dining room.

 Area: Dining Room

Helen wants to take a drink with Hyde in the bar tonight. Tell Helen that you'd
like {a free drink} a lot. Now try leaving the restaurant again, only to be
stopped by Louie. He's found a pen in the dining room, and thinks that the pen
is Hyde's. It is not, though. Anyway, take the [Fountain Pen] that Louie hands
out to you. Louie has to leave again. Follow him into the kitchen, just north
of the dining room entrance.

                           6:10 PM - Pen and Flour                      [wa304]

 Area: Kitchen

 |                                 |
 |-                                |
 |F|      +-------------+          |
 |_|      |             |          |  Map Legend
 |        |             |          |  -----------
 |        |             |          |  FL  -  Flour Bag
 |        +-------------+          |  R   -  Restaurant
 |                             FL  |  F   -  Fridge
 |                                 |  P   -  Pantry
 |                                 |

Rosa and Louie are working in the kitchen. There is nothing they can do for
you, so just ignore them. Examine the bag of flour in the eastern part of the
kitchen. Use the fountain pen on the flour that is coming out of the bag. Use
the stylus to cover the pen in flour. Now use the stylus to slowly rub the
flour off the pen. Do it very slowly, or you won't be able to see what is
inscribed on the then: TO ALAN, WITH LOVE. There is also an alternate method to
find this inscription on the pen. This is done by using the chalk outside of
the restaurant entrance in the central hallway.

Anyway, with the letters on the pen seen, head into the restaurant corridor
again. Louie is waiting at the desk where he was standing earlier. He doesn't
know of anyone named Alan. Go back upstairs to the 2nd Floor Hallway.

                      6:20 PM - Delivering Melissa's Doll               [wa305]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Knock on Room 219 to make Melissa come out. She says that her dad is not here
right now. Give her the doll that you found in the restaurant. Melissa says
that her mom was the one that made her the doll. Now, after giving the doll
back to her, ask Melissa about {where her dad went}. Melissa wants Hyde to stay
with her until her daddy returns. Aww.. cute! Hyde agrees to watch Melissa.

 Area: Room 219

Speak with Melissa again now that you're inside Room 219. It doesn't look all
that different from your own room, and since there are no special objects here,
I won't bother with a map for his room. Melissa wants Hyde to try out the
puzzle that us lying on the table in the eastern part of the room. Examine the
puzzle now. You gotta listen to kids when they ask you to do stuff, you know.
Well, now you need to put all the jigsaw pieces to their correct positions.
This is pretty easy, and its done the same way as when you helped Melissa with
her puzzle when she was playing in the stairs during Chapter I.

When you've placed all the pieces, Melissa gets very happy! Hyde tells Melissa
that the rabbit on the puzzle is named Pinkie Rabbit. This rabbit used to be on
the television when Hyde was a little kiddo. Melissa says that her birthday is
June 29th, and that her mom once gave her this Pinkie Rabbit puzzle as a
birthday present. Her mom also left her at her birthday, though. Melissa starts
crying because she wants to see her mom again.

Hyde starts thinking about what he saw on the back of the puzzle piece that
Melissa lost back in Chapter I. He examines the puzzle again. Close your
Nintendo DS now. When you fold the Nintendo DS up again, the puzzle will be
laying backside-up on the table. There is a message written on the backside.
It says 'GOOD BYE MELISSA'. Looks like her mother wrote this.

This is getting really interesting for Hyde, but unfortunately, everything is
stopped when Kevin comes running into the room. He starts scolding Melissa for
letting Hyde into the room while he was away. Mean Kevin! Mean Kevin! Ask the
meanie why {his wife left}. Kevin goes all nervous, so tell him that he should
try and not {scare Melissa}. Now you have to leave Room 219. Outside of the
room, Hyde remembers that he promised Martin to look for his bookmark.

                      6:40 PM - Searching For the Bookmark              [wa306]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Run back into Room 215. Once there, examine the Martin Summer's box. It's the
one lying on the western part of the bed. Now, use the stylus to turn the box
around. Then tap the back of the box a couple of times. Turn it around again
and check inside of the box. The bookmark is now in there. Use the stylus to
pull it out of the small crack it's half-stuck in. Ok, now you have the
[bookmark] in your inventory. Good going! Head out to the hallway again, and
knock on Room 211, which is where Martin Summer is staying.

Give Martin the bookmark, then ask him {who painted the bookmark}. Martin says
that the bookmark's painting is a reproduction of a very famous painting. The
original was made by a man called Osterzone. Martin wants to use Osterzone's
life as basis for his upcoming novel. Hyde wonders about {who Osterzone was},
so Martin tells him that Osterzone was a British painter from the late
nineteenth century. The angel painting on the boomark is considered to be his
very best work -- a real pinnacle, and it's rumored to have been Osterzone's
last work before he died. The painting is titled 'Angel Opening a Door'.

Ask about the title of the painting, {Angel Opening a Door}. Summer doesn't
have a lot to say anymore, and closes his door after thanking Hyde once again.
Out in the 2nd Floor Hallway, Hyde hears a weird noise coming from Room 218.

                       6:40 PM - Weird Noise From Room 218              [wa307]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Knock on the door of Room 218. You'll hear someone sniffing inside. It's
Melissa. She says she is very, very scared. The door is closed, so you can't
get in. What is Melissa doing in there? Head downstairs to the restaurant.

 Area: Restaurant

Louie is standing behind the desk at the restaurant entrance. Hyde asks him if
Room 218 is vacant or not, since that is where Melissa is. Louie says that the
room is indeed vacant and that there is no power in there, because of a broken
switchboard. Hyde tells Louie about Melissa, who is trapped in 218. Louie asks
Hyde if he knows anything about power and electrics. Tell him that you
{know enough}. Louie will now follow you to the electrical room, which is found
in the left hallway, close to Louie's own room. Go there right away.

                            6:40 PM - Electrical Room                   [wa308]

 Area: Electrical Room

 |  L    |            S1 |
 |       |               |   Map Legend
 +-------+               |   -----------
 |                    S2 |   L   -  Locker
 LH                      |   S1  -  Switchboard 1
 |                       |   S2  -  Switchboard 2
 |                    S3 |   S3  -  Switchboard 3
 |                       |   LH  -  Left Hallway

Examine Switchboard 1, which is the only switchboard that does not have a
cover. Now, use both your hands to flip the two switches inside the
switchboard. When you do, the light will turn on in Room 218, and Melissa will
get happy again. Yahoo! Light's back! Head back upstairs.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

When Hyde knocks on Room 218, Melissa says that the door doesn't want to open.
Hyde will now try picking the lock open with his thick wire that he made out of
the metal hanger from Room 215. Picking the lock open is very easy -- just push
the metal knobs slowly, until they are all gone from inside of the lock. Now
head inside and talk to Melissa about what happened.

                  6:40 PM - Talking Things Over With Melissa            [wa309]

 Area: Room 218

Melissa says that she is in Room 218 because she does not want to hang out with
her daddy Kevin anymore. Ask her if {things aren't going well} with her daddy.
Melissa explains that her dad is lying all the time, and that she won't be able
to see her mommy after all, even if Kevin promised earlier. Hyde says that it
is Melissa's fault that she got locked up in the room -- she reaps what she
sows. Melissa does not know that that saying really means, and thinks that her
daddy doesn't know either. Ask her {why do you think that}.

Turns out that Kevin told his daughter he doesn't know anything anymore. Not
even where Melissa's mommy is or why she went away. Sounds weird. Ask Melissa
if her daddy {knows this place} from before. By the sound of things, Kevin has
been really obsessed with finding Hotel Dusk -- he really wanted to go here,
and searched for the place on a map and everything. Kevin said to his daughter
that they had to go to Hotel Dusk in order to find out where her mom is.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - MELISSA       |
 | {Know why your dad lied?}           +------------------------------------+
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Kevin lied because he hates to see his daughter sad. Tell Melissa.       |
 | Hyde gives Melissa a lesson about white lies.                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Know why your mom left?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Her mom left, but it wasn't Melissa's fault. Tell her. Melissa           |
 | explains that Kevin and her mom were always fighting with each other.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Your parents argue a lot?}                                              |
 | ----------------------------                                             |
 | When they argued, Kevin always said it wasn't his fault, and Melissa's   |
 | mother ended up crying, saying that they had to fix the fighting issue.  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Let's talk about your mom leaving}                                      |
 | -----------------------------------                                      |
 | Tell Melissa that you think her daddy knows about where her mother is,   |
 | and that he most likely has a plan.                                      |
 |                                                                          |

Melissa says that she once told her mom that she didn't need her, and that she
hated her a lot as well. She said it because she was always fighting with her
daddy, Kevin. Now she tells Hyde about the day that her mom left. Afterwards,
she leaves the room, going back to 219. Head out to the hallway again

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Kevin is waiting for Hyde in the hallway. He doesn't know about how Melissa got
locked up a few moments ago. Ask Kevin about {where he was} when Melissa got
locked up in 218. Kevin says that he was on the roof, then he leaves. You can
access the roof from the eastern end of the hallway, so go there right now.

 Area: Roof

Iris is standing on the roof. Maybe Kevin has been talking with her? There is
nothing else on the roof, so just go over and have a chat with her. Tell her
that you {just needed some air}. Ask if Iris {needs air too}. Iris leaves.

                             Chapter III Summary                        [wa310]

 Kevin asked me about..........................................Melissa
 Summer yapped at me about.....................................A bookmark
 It was based on a painting by.................................Osterzone
 The room Melissa was locked up in was.........................Room 218
 I found Iris..................................................On the roof

                         Chapter IV - 7:00 - 8:00 PM                    [wa400]

Still out on the roof, Hyde's pager starts beeping. Go back to Room 215 and
give Rachel a call. She must be dying to talk to someone as handsome as Hyde.
Rachel says that Ed has a message. The message from Ed says that it's going to
be some hours until he gets back at the Red Crown office. Hyde asks Rachel to
try and find some information about that painter, Osterzone. Someone knocks on
the door just after Hyde has hung the phone up.

 Area: Room 215

Louie is the one knocking on your door. He's borrowed, or stolen the
[Room 217 Key] from poor old Dunning. Now you can sneak in there and see if
there are some clues in that room. Louie has still not heard anything about a
guest named Alan, so he gives the [Fountain pen] back to Hyde again. Head out
to the 2nd Floor Hallway now. Jeff Angel is standing outside of his room.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Talk to Jeff only to have him leave. You don't want him seeing you open Room
217, do you? Thought so, yeah. Well, use the key you got from Louie to open
Room 217 now that Jeff has gone back to his room.

                           7:00 PM - Inside Room 217                    [wa401]

 Area: Room 217

 |PO                 | TB    |
 |PA                 |       |   Map Legend
 +-------+           '-------|   -----------
 |  B    |                   |   T  -  Television
 |-------'                 __|   D  -  Dresser
 |                         | |   TB -  Table
 |                         |T|   B  -  Bed
 |                         '-|   PA -  Painting on the Floor
 |                         |L|   PO -  Old Photo
 |                         '_|   2F -  2nd Floor Hallway
 |                           |

This is the room that the 'other' Kyle Hyde stayed at some time ago. Let's see
if we can find anything out of interest in here. First of all, take a look at
the dresser close to the television. Examine the lighter in there to find out
that this is the same lighter that Bradley always used while in the force. Hyde
takes [Bradley's Lighter]. Examine the two papers that are also found in the
drawer, only to find out that they aren't important at all.

Now then, head over to the northern side of the bed. Examine the painting that
is sitting on the floor all alone. There's four apples and a bottle of wine on
the painting. Take a close look at the right side of the painting. There is an
[Old Photo] lying on the floor. Can be hard to see, but it is indeed there.
There is a man and a girl on the old photo. Run out to the 2nd Floor Hallway.

                               7:00 PM - Toilet Cash                    [wa402]

 Area: Room 215

The door is half-open and there is water on the floor -- someone has broken
into Room 215 while Hyde was sneaking around in 217. Examine the toilet in the
bathroom and pull the handle on it. It doesn't work! See the square toilet
cover above the handle? Use your stylus to remove it. There's a
[Stack of Cash] inside. Haha, a stack of cash in your toilet! Lucky! Hyde's
phone starts ringing, so answer it right away. It's Rachel. Tell her about the
dirty cash you just found, then hang up the phone as usual. Run down to the
Front Desk where Jeff Angel is standing.

 Area: Front Desk

Talk to Jeff and ask him if he {needs Dunning}. Right on. Jeff doesn't wanna
talk with Hyde anymore though. Now that you're at the Front Desk and the clock
is 7 PM, you can examine the TV that is standing on the desk. You turn on the
TV by using the rightmost button, and switch channels with the leftmost one.
Right now, there's only a Pinkie Rabbit cartoon and some news airing. Don't
worry about the TV though -- these programs are only small features that don't
have anything with the main game to do. Top top it all, they're not even funny!
Run upside to the 2nd Floor Hallway again.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Rosa is standing outside of Room 211, waiting for Martin Summer. Ask her about
{why she needs Summer} to find out that Rosa wants Summer's autograph. She then
gives you [Summer's Novel] which is a book our little, famous author has
written. The title of the novel is 'The Secret Word'. This was Summer's first
novel, remember? Rosa wants Hyde to get Summer's autograph for her, signed onto
her novel. Heck, the novel wasn't a gift after all. Boohoo! Rosa goes back down
to the kitchen before Hyde gets to tell her he doesn't want to help her. Run
down to the Front Desk to meet Jeff Angel and Dunning.

                             7:20 PM - Getting Coins                    [wa403]

 Area: Front Desk

Jeff and Dunning are talking about something that has been stolen from Jeff.
None of them wants to tell you what the stolen thing really is, and a few
moments later, Jeff runs away. Show Dunning your Cash that you found
in your suitcase earlier. Do NOT show him the Stack of Cash that you found in
your toilet some minutes ago, as doing that will result in GAME OVER. Dunning
gives you some [Coins] back in change. These coins are needed for you to
complete the star sticker sidequest, as you'll need them to operate the vending
machine. So, whenever you've found all the star stickers and noted down the
numbers on them, you can use your coins to operate the vending machine and
input the total you get when adding all the star sticker numbers together.

Since Jeff was shouting at Dunning some seconds ago, ask Dunning
{what was that all about}. Dunning does not want to talk about it, but try
asking him {what happened} anyway. Our man says that it's just another 'fire'
that he has to try and put out. Suddenly Martin Summer pops up, asking for a
newspaper. Dunning gives Martin a paper. Ok, after Marin has left, ask about
{why Jeff was so angry}. Dunning says that Jeff told him he went down to eat,
and when he returned to his room, something had been stolen.

Hyde wonders about {what was stolen} from Jeff, but Dunning thinks that Hyde
might be the thief! Ouch, such manners, old man. Not good at all. Well, ask him
if he is {gonna play cop}. Dunning ends the conversation now. Still at the
Front Desk, talk to Martin Summer, since he's standing here still. Martin says
that he read that someone named Mr. Damon was robbed in Beverly Hills last
night, and that Damon is a friend of his. Hyde explains that Rosa wants
Summer's autograph, but Summers says that you won't get an autograph if you
don't go see him at his room later. Well, no problem, you can do that! Go over
to the Central Hallway to see Rosa.

                    7:40 PM - Rosa Cleaning the Central Hallway         [wa404]

 Area: Central Hallway

Rosa is cleaning in the central hallway and stops Hyde when he gets there,
asking if he's managed to get Summer's autograph for her yet. Hyde says that he
doesn't have it yet, and that Martin Summer just walked through the central
hallway. Funny as it is, Rosa says that Summer hasn't passed here at all --
she's been cleaning in the hallway for quite a while and hasn't seen anything
of Martin Summer at all. Rosa thinks Summers might have used the other set of
stairs. Ask her about these {other stairs}, then ask about if {there are more
stairs} here in Hotel Dusk. Rosa explains that you can find the other stairs by
using the right hallway door that is accessible from the Lobby. She does
however say that it's no possible to walk down from 2nd Floor using these
stairs, only up from 1st Floor. This is because the door leading to the stairs
from the second floor is locked on one side. Try to remember, ok? Head over to
the right hallway then, right of the Lobby.

                       7:40 PM - Another Set of Stairs                  [wa405]

 Area: Right Hallway

                       |           |
                       |           S
                       |           |
                       |           |
                       |           |
                       |           R
                       |           |
                       |           |                Map Legend
 +--------2F-----------+-----------+-------------+  -----------
 |                                               |  S  -  Storage
 |                                               |  R  -  Rosa's Room
 L                                               |  D  -  Dunning's Room
 |                                               |  M  -  Main Office
 |                                               |  2F -  2nd Floor Hallway
 +-----------M-----------------------D-----------+  L  -  Lobby

Hyde gets to see the stairs that Rosa were talking about. Run up the stairs to
arrive in the 2nd Floor Hallway. See? It's possible to get up from the Right
hallway, but it's not possible to go directly from 2nd Floor Hallway to the
right corridor. Tricky to remember, eh?

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Dunning comes out of the Utility Closes in the eastern part of the hallway. He
looks grumpy, but have a chat with him anyway. Dunning says he was just trying
to find something in the utility closet, but doesn't say exactly what it was he
has been looking for in there. After a while, he mentions that some hotel
equipment has gone missing recently. Ask {what's missing} from the hotel to
find out that Dunning is missing some tools from a toolbox that was kept in the
linen closet. Ooops, we both know what he's talking about, don't we? Dunning
says that some things have been stolen from the main office as well.

On top of it all, there is something else bothering the hotel owner as well.
Ask him if he's thinking about {Jeff}. You were right -- Jeff is the one
Dunning is thinking about. Ask Dunning {what was stolen} from Jeff. Dunning
says that some cash was stolen from Jeff's room a little earlier. Hyde starts
talking about the guest that Dunning said used the same name as him six months
ago. Hyde doesn't get a lot of info from old man Dunning though. After the old
man has left, walk into the Linens room.

 Area: Linens

Deliver the Crowbar, Screwdriver and Pliers back into the red toolbox in the
locker. The locker is placed in the northeastern part of the Linens room. Now
leave the linens room and knock on Martin Summer's door -- Room 211.

                     7:40 PM - Getting Summer's Autograph               [wa406]

 Area: Room 211

 |              |  B   |
 |              |      |
 |              +------+
 |                     |   Map Legend
 |                     |   -----------
 | TV                  |   2F  -  2nd Floor Hallway
 |                     |   B   -  Bathroom
 |                     |   TV  -  Television
 |   ,---.      -----  |   BD  -  Bed
 |  ( N   )       BD   |   N   -  Notebook
 |   `---'      -----  |

Talk to Summer about the autograph that Rosa wants. Ask him if he
{likes signing} stuff. Keep talking to Summer and ask him why some things
{never change}. Show him the novel you got from Rosa. Summer says he can't seem
to find his pen right now. Show him the fountain pen that Louie gave you
earlier. Summer says that this pen belongs to him. Ask if {it was his pen}.
Summer says that it indeed is his pen. Weird, you remember that the name
written on it was Alan, right? Ask about {what his name is}. Summer explains
that his real name is Alan Parker, and that Summer is just a fake name.

Now that Summer has his pen, give him the novel again to have him sign it.
Summer now goes to the toilet. Still in 211, take a look at the table in the
middle of the room. There is a notebook there -- the one from earlier. Read
what's written in it. Hyde leaves Room 211 when Summer gets back from the bath.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Try running downstairs to meet Iris in the stairs. She says that Dunning just
searched through her stuff, suspecting her for stealing Jeff Angel's cash. Run
back to Room 215 and leave your Stack of Cash, Room 217 Key, Small Red Box and
Memo in your suitcase. It is also important that you've put the three tools
back into their toolbox in the Linens room. Now try and run down the stairs in
2nd Floor Hallway again. If you forgot to leave the items I mentioned, you will
meet Dunning and get a GAME OVER screen. If you remembered to leave all the
stuff, you won't even meet Dunning. Run into the kitchen now.

          7:40 PM - Giving the Autograph to Rosa in the Kitchen         [wa407]

 Area: Kitchen

Talk to Rosa who is standing in the kitchen. Ask her why she {is so trilled}
about getting Summer's autograph. Rosa explains that she collects autographs,
and that now, she has fifty of them. Give her Summer's Novel with the autograph
on. Rosa says that Summer has a special way of writing signatures. Ask her
{how is his signature special} to find out more in regards to that statement.

Rosa says that the special thing is the 'ER' in 'SUMMER. She now shows you the
signature. Nice handwriting, Summer. Hyde asks Rosa when Summer's book was
first published. Rosa says that it was released in 1969, ten years ago. She
also says that Summer's other novels never really took off, compared to his
first one. Hyde asks if Martin Summer is a pen name, or if it's real. Rosa is
sure that Summer is the writer's real name. Go back up to Room 211.

                         7:40 PM - Fake Writer                          [wa408]

 Area: Room 211

Hyde starts asking Summer about how to write a best-selling novel. Summer says
that this is something completely impossible. Tell Summers {but you did it..}.
He now gets angry because Hyde read his notebook earlier. Hyde points out that
the handwriting in the novel isn't Summer's own writing. Tell Summer once more
that this is a {different handwriting} to make the conversation continue. The
next thing you need to tell Summer is that you don't think {his name is Alan}.
Summer goes on about how hard it is to make a novel. Time for more questions!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - MARTIN         |
 | {Why are you so angry?}             +-------------------------------------+
 | -----------------------                                                   |
 | Tell Summer that you think he is so angry about Hyde looking at the       |
 | notebook because the handwriting exposes him. Summer says that he had     |
 | someone send him the notebook.                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | {Who sent the notebook?}                                                  |
 | --------------------------                                                |
 | Summer has no answer. No answer at all.                                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | {Who is Alan?}                                                            |
 | ---------------                                                           |
 | Still no answers.                                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 | {Who wrote the novel?}                                                    |
 | -----------------------                                                   |
 | Ask him who really wrote the novel. Summer says that he wants Hyde to     |
 | come up with proof on the fact that Summer isn't the real author of the   |
 | novel. Hyde asks Summer for his signature. After Summer has written down  |
 | his signature, Hyde takes a look at the notebook. Use your stylus to      |
 | draw a circle around the 'ER' parts of 'SUMMER'. There are two signatures |
 | so you will have to make two circles. Back to questions.                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | {Who wrote the novel - redux}                                             |
 | ------------------------------                                            |
 | Summer goes all 'gaaaaah' (no, really, he does). On to the next question. |
 |                                                                           |
 | {How do you know Alan?}                                                   |
 | -----------------------                                                   |
 | Summer asks Hyde who has hired him. He thinks it might be someone named   |
 | Dan, or maybe his publishing company. Summer admits that the novel        |
 | was not written by himself. Summer now tells a long story about how he    |
 | wanted to be a novelist when he was young. He soon found out that this    |
 | dream was about to slip away, since he didn't have the talent required.   |
 | This was when he met the man named Alan. Alan and Martin were the same    |
 | age, and got to be good friends with each other after a short while.      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Alan also wanted to write novels, but unlike Summer, he hadn't abandoned  |
 | his dream just yet. Alan was good at writing, and one day he gave Summer  |
 | a manuscript he had written for a contest. Summer stole the novel, and    |
 | submitted it under his own name. He won prizes, and was now called a great|
 | novelist by magazines, television and papers. Alan vanished after this.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Years later, Summer's assistant Dan realized that Summer had stolen       |
 | Alan's work, and that he started blackmailing Summer. The package that    |
 | Summer got was from Dan. It contained the notebook, in exchange for money.|
 |                                                                           |

                            Chapter IV Summary                          [wa409]

 Along with the lighter I also found..................An old photo
 She insisted that I..................................Get an autograph
 Summer had dropped...................................A fountain pen
 She talked about.....................................Summer's real name
 The big secret was...................................He stole a friend's book

                        Chapter V - 8:00 - 9:00 PM                      [wa500]

 Area: Room 215

Back in 215, Hyde starts wondering about what he should do about all his loot
that he hid in the suitcase at the end of Chapter IV. The phone suddenly ring.
The one who calls is Rachel -- she says she has found some info on Osterzone.
Turns out the man was born in England during 1875. Died in 1910 when he was
thirty-five years old. Didn't get old, no. No one knew about him when he lived,
but forty years after his death, ten of his painting showed up. The most
valuable Osterzone painting is named Angel Opening a Door. Heard that name
before, that's for sure. Heard it from Martin Summer. Rachel says that someone
has stolen Angel Opening a Door. The painting's gone, stolen from Travis Art
Museum, three years ago. Hang up the phone. Hyde wants to go and see Rosa.

               8:00 PM - Dunning Has Weird Feelings About Jeff          [wa501]

Area: Central Hallway

After making your way down to the central hallway at the first floor, you'll
run into Jeff Angel. Dude looks pretty lost, so ask him {what's wrong now?}.
Wonderboy wants to know if Dunning has talked to you. Tell him that Dunning has
talked to you about Jeff. In fact, he's {talked plenty}. Inquire about what is
was that {got taken from} Jeff. You already know that it was Jeff's cash that
got stolen, but you won't want to blow your cover, since you've got the cash in
your suitcase back in 215. So, ask Jeff to {tell you} what was stolen. Jeff
says that Dunning is currently searching all the rooms in the Hotel!

Old man Dunning pops up behind you. Jeff runs off, but Dunning stays for a
quick chat. Inquire about {why not call the cops?}. Now walk some meters away
from Dunning until Hyde remember that he wants to ask Dunning about more stuff.
Head back to Dunning and ask what's {bothering him}. Dunning answers that he
has got some bad feelings about Jeff Angel, for some reason. Interesting. Try
digging about {what makes Jeff off-kilter}.

Dunning says that sometimes, Jeff doesn't even reply when he tries talking to
him. Almost like he doesn't hear people talking to him. Dunning says that Jeff
has lost his money, but that he is more like acting than really being angry
because his stuff got stolen. Was it Jeff that placed the Stack of Money in
your toilet? Was it? Play on to find out. Dunning mumbles about thinking
everything over before an hour has passed, then he leaves. Remember where
Rosa's room is located? It's in the right hallway, accessible from the Lobby.
Go there right now, since Rosa told Hyde he could meet Mila there at 8 PM.

 Area: Right Hallway

Rosa is waiting outside of her room, where Mila is resting. She says that Mila
is not feeling all that good right now, running a fever and all. Rosa is going
to run over to the front desk where she has some medicine, and asks Hyde if he
can watch over Mila in the meanwhile. Be a gentleman and say {sure}. Open the
door to Rosa's room and head inside to see Mila.

                      8:20 PM - Mila is Not Feeling Well                [wa502]

 Area: Rosa's Room

Mila is sleeping on the sofa in Rosa's room. Touch her and wake her up. Mila
can't talk, but she nods, telling Hyde that the bracelet she has on her hand
was a gift from someone, and writes down the name of the person she got it from
in Hyde's notebook. The name she writes down is 'Papa'.  Then, she writes down
the name of her daddy -- Robert Evans. Not Bradley? What's going on here? Hyde
now asks Mila to write down where the dad lives and what he does for a living.
Mila doesn't feel like writing that down right now. Rosa comes back. Rosa says
that Mila is tired and has to rest. Hyde leaves the room in anger.

 Area: Right Hallway

Dunning is waiting outside of Rosa's room. Dunning doesn't like that Hyde is
wandering around in the hallways like some spook, and tells him to go back to
his room and take a breather. Listen to what he said and go back to Room 215.

                           8:20 PM - Fixing a Doll                      [wa503]

 Area: Room 215

Someone knocks on Hyde's door. It's Melissa, saying that one of the wings on
her doll has fallen off. She wants Hyde to help her fix the doll. Melissa says
that her old man isn't able to fix it, and that Martin Summer told her that
Hyde would be able to put the doll together again for her. Weird, huh? Why
would Summer say something like that? When Melissa starts to cry, take a look
at the box from Red Crown -- it's placed on Hyde's bed. Pick up the little
[Mini Sewing Machine] that is lying in there. Talk to Melissa again once the
sewing machine is in your inventory. She gives Hyde the doll.

Now you will enter a sewing minigame. What you need to do is to follow the red
line that is flashing with your stylus. Once you've followed the whole flashing
line, the minigame will end and the doll will be fixed! Melissa asks Hyde if he
is friends with the man in Room 213, Jeff Angel. Hyde says that Angel is a
chump. Melissa says that she saw Jeff Angel come out of Hyde's room some time
ago! Holy Pikachu! This must mean that Jeff Angel planted the Stack of Cash in
Hyde's toilet to make Hyde look guilty!! Melissa takes her stuff and leaves.

                          8:40 PM - Looking for Jeff                    [wa504]

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Knock on Room 213, which is where Jeff is staying. There is no answer. Hyde
starts thinking about when he saw Jeff at the central hallway, complaining
about his stolen stack of cash (that wasn't stolen from him after all). Hyde
remembers that Jeff came out of the left hallway, which is where Louie's room
is located. What was he doing in there? Head down to the Left Hallway now, and
walk into the laundry. Why head in there you ask? You'll find out soon!

 Area: Laundry

Examine the yellow linen cart in the southern part of the laundry. A minigame
will be initiated. Use the stylus to throw all of the white sheets out of the
cart. Once they are all gone, rub the upper part of the linen cart bottom.
There is a [Pistol] here! Louie enters the laundry. Tell him that you just
{found something good}. Louie freaks out, so ask him {who did the laundry}.
Louie says that Jeff Angel did some laundry today. Hyde tells Louie about how
he found Jeff's cash in his toilet. Louie has a plan!

The plan is that Louie gets Jeff to come out of his room, and in the meantime,
he says that Hyde can try and sneak into Jeff's room, taking a look at things
in there. Tell Louie that he needs to {create a distraction} to get Jeff out of
his room. Louie says that he will go to Room 214, which is Jeff's neighbor
room, and make some noise there or something, then he'll try and keep Jeff busy
with one thing or the other. Great plan, Louie! Head over to Room 217 and wait
for Louie's plan to take off. Wooh, this is exciting, isn't it?

                            8:40 PM - Distraction                       [wa505]

 Area: Room 213

 | C                             |
 |                               |
 ||    |                         |
 || BG |                         |  Map Legend
 ||    |                      TV |  ----------
 |                               |  B   -  Bed
 |                               |  BG  -  Bag
 |                               |  TV  -  Television
 |                       +-------+  C   -  Jeff's Coat
 |-----------            |       |  2F  -  2nd Floor Hallway
 |   B                   |       |
 |-----------            |       |

Louie will start with his distraction right away, so head into Room 213 while
Jeff is away, checking up on what Louie is shouting about. Take a look at the
bag in the western part of the room. The [Room 215 Key] is lying there, so take
it with you. Aha, so this was how Jeff got into Hyde's room. Now, take a look
at Jeff's Coat which is hanging just north of the bag. In the pocket you will
find [Jeff's Student ID]. Grab it with you. The name on the card is Jeff Damon.
Do you remember where you've heard the name Damon from? You heard it from
Summer, who had an attorney friend named Larry Damon. This friend was robbed
some time ago. Is Larry Damon related to Jeff? You'll find out, as usual.

Try exiting the room now that you've got the key and the ID card. Jeff stops
you, saying he's going to call the front desk. Hyde doesn't think that is a
good idea. Tell Jeff that he {hid cash in your john}. When Jeff asks for proof,
tell him that you've got an {eyewitness}. Now you need to talk to Jeff about
the three subjects below, and show him the stuff you've found (mentioned below)
that links him to all the weird things that have been happening.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - JEFF           |
 | {Your real name is.....}            +-------------------------------------+
 | ------------------------                                                  |
 | Jeff Damon is the name that Hyde saw on Jeff's student ID card.  Jeff     |
 | denies the whole thing, and says that his second name is Angel, not Damon.|
 | Show Jeff the student ID you found in his coat. Jeff talks a little,      |
 | but does not reveal anything. Go on to the next question.                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | {I know about the gun}                                                    |
 | ----------------------                                                    |
 | Hyde believes that Jeff hid the gun in the laundry cart because he wanted |
 | to make it look like someone else did it. Does Jeff get a kick out of     |
 | framing other people? Jeff tells Hyde to prove his words. Show Jeff the   |
 | pistol you found in the laundry. Jeff talks, but does not reveal anything |
 | Go on to the next question                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | {I know about the cash}                                                   |
 | ------------------------                                                  |
 | Hyde says he knows why Jeff hid the cash in his room -- Jeff wanted to    |
 | see Hyde take a real hit. Jeff says that Hyde needs to prove that he      |
 | was able to enter Room 215. How did Jeff manage to get into Hyde's room?  |
 | Show him the duplicate room 215 key you found in his bag. Just like       |
 | before, Jeff talks a little, but doesn't say anything important.          |
 |                                                                           |

Turns out that you got no real information out of Jeff. Leave his room. Hyde
now starts thinking about Summer, who talked about the article with the
attorney Damon who was robbed some time ago. You need to gather some evidence
now. The first thing you need to do is go down to the Front Desk.

 Area: Front Desk

Examine the small table in the middle of the room. There is a paper on the
table, so take it with you, since it describes the Damon robbery. The article
says that 20,000 dollars were stolen, and that a pistol was used during the
robbery. Take the [Lobby Newspaper] with you. Now, you need to grab all the
remaining evidence with you. Some of the evidence might still be in your
suitcase if you left them there earlier. Make sure you have the following items
in your inventory before going back to see Jeff in 213:

 - Pistol
 - Stack of Cash
 - Lobby Newspaper
 - Jeff's Student ID Card
 - Duplicate Room 215 Key

                        8:40 PM - The Truth About Jeff                  [wa506]

 Area: Room 213

With all the evidence in your inventory, go see Jeff again. Jeff will only open
his door if you have the evidence with you. Now it's shakedown for real! Show
Jeff the following things:

 - Newspaper (show him this one first)
 - Pistol
 - Stack of Cash
 - Duplicate Room 215 Key
 - Jeff's Student ID Card

Now you can ask him about the real important questions. Make sure you follow
what I've written below, or you will get a nasty GAME OVER screen. There's not
many different correct answers this time - gotta stick with the few right ones.

|                                      | MAIN QUESTION TIME - JEFF            |
| {I know about the cash}              +--------------------------------------|
| -----------------------                                                     |
| Hyde says that there is a reason Jeff hid the cash in his toilet. The       |
| reason is that Jeff simply wanted trouble. Tell him that. Hyde continues    |
| yelling at Jeff about trying to make him take the hit for all of Jeff's bad |
| actions. Hyde finally tells Jeff to grow up, but then, Jeff gets angry,     |
| saying that everyone calls him a kid all the time -- telling him to grow up |
| and be like his dad. This makes Jeff so mad! He thinks Hyde sounds exactly  |
| like someone. But who is this someone? Continue to the next question.       |
|                                                                             |
| {Who do I sound like?}                                                      |
| ----------------------                                                      |
| Jeff says that the one that Hyde sounds like is his poppa - the attorney    |
| that got robbed some time ago. Jeff explains that his poppa is a lawyer,    |
| and that he is a total scumbag.                                             |
|                                                                             |
| {Your old man that bad?}                                                    |
| ------------------------                                                    |
| In Jeff's eyes, his daddy is an arrogant scumbag that does not trust anyone |
| but himself. He doesn't even trust his own family. No wonder Jeff is so     |
| angry, is it?                                                               |
|                                                                             |
| {I know about the gun}                                                      |
| ----------------------                                                      |
| Tell Jeff that he hid the pistol because he wanted it to be found; he       |
| wanted to cause a big ruckus. Jeff admits that he stole the gun from home,  |
| then zips his mouth up. On to the next question. Lots of talking today,     |
| isn't there?                                                                |
|                                                                             |
| {Why put the gun in there?}                                                 |
| ---------------------------                                                 |
| The reason Jeff put the pistol in the laundry was that he just wanted       |
| someone to call the cops real fast. For whatever reason, that is.           |
|                                                                             |
| {Your real name is...}                                                      |
| ----------------------                                                      |
| Jeff Damon. That's right, not Jeff Angel, but Jeff Damon. Jeff is the son   |
| of the lawyer that got robbed some time ago. No big surprise, is it? Jeff   |
| says that he does not want to be named Damon, since that's the name of his  |
| dad. Jeff hates his poppa.                                                  |
|                                                                             |
| {You hate your dad's name?}                                                 |
| ---------------------------                                                 |
| Since Jeff thinks hid dad is a jerk, he doesn't like the Damon name at all. |
|                                                                             |

If you chose the answers I told you about just above, Hyde will say that he
does not care what Jeff's real name is. If you got it wrong, you will get the
GAME OVER screen that you hate so much. If you got it right, Hyde continues
about how he thinks Jeff wanted to put a scare into hid daddy. Jeff stole the
money from his dad, and ran away. The fact that Jeff ended up at Hotel Dusk was
just a coincidence, since he saw Mila's brochure and thought he'd might as well
follow her to the Hotel that Mila wanted to go to. Jeff had no real plan after
he had stolen the money from his lawyer daddy.

Jeff planted the money in Hyde's room to make it look like Hyde was the thief.
If the plan had worked out, daddy wouldn't get angry at his son. However, Hyde
has just figured it all out -- daddy's going to be angry at his boy now! At
least, according to Hyde's theory, that is. Jeff admits everything and starts
telling Hyde about how smart his daddy really is. The problem is however, that
Jeff's poppa doesn't care who he has to protect in court, as long as he gets
paid. He's gotten all sorts of people clean. The dad's a real genius.

Now the real interesting thing comes! Jeff says that currently, his dad is
working for a group called NILE! Jeff has overheard some conversations and
knows that hid dad is working for Nile, no doubt about it. He also says that he
is absolutely not going to crawl home with his tail between his legs. Instead,
he is planning on embarrassing his dad in some way. The plan is that Jeff wants
to be arrested. This is because there will be lots of ruckus if the son of a
famous lawyer gets arrested for theft! Crazy plan, but it might work!

Hyde gets mad because he thinks the plan is way stupid. He throws the cash,
student identification and pistol on the floor. Hyde tells Jeff to go home and
never do anything even remotely similar to this again. Jeff listens to Hyde and
leaves the room -- leaves the hotel.

                               Chapter V Summary                        [wa507]

 Jeff asked me.......................................If Dunning said anything
 I learned that her father's name is.................Robert Evans
 What I found in the laundry was.....................A gun
 I patted down Jeff's jacket and found...............Jeff's Student ID
 Larry Damon makes a living as a.....................Lawyer

                           Chapter VI - 9:00 - 10:00 PM                 [wa600]

 Area: Room 215

The clock is now nine, and the bar has opened. If you don't remember, the bar
is located close to the dining room. Try running out of 215. The phone rings.
You've gotten used to that now, eh? Rachel is on the phone, and hands it over
to her boss Ed when Hyde answers. Hyde tells his boss that Louie was not
involved in Danny's murder, and that it's Danny who took the money that Danny
had. Hyde also explains that he found Bradley's lighter here at Hotel Dusk.

Ed says that Hyde might have to hand the stuff he found for him (red box,
magazine) over to his client directly. He'll call about it later on. Head down
to the bar now -- Hyde wants a drink.

                           9:00 PM - Hyde Wants Firewater               [wa601]

 Area: Bar

 |J                           |
 +--+                         |
 |  |                         R  Map Legend
 |  |                         |  ----------
 |  |                         |  R  -  Restaurant Hallway
 |  |                         |  J  -  Jukebox
 |  |                         |  S  -  Star Sticker
 |  |                         |  M  -  Matches Minigame
 |  |                       M |
 |  |                         |
 |  |                         |

Hyde orders Bourbon from Louie, who is the bartender. Hyde drinks a glass, then
he gets to hear about the jukebox from Louie. The jukebox can be found in the
bar, but right now, you'll wanna keep talking with your friend Louie. He says
that the day the other Kyle Hyde was at Hotel Dusk, both he and Rosa were out.
Ask him if he and Rosa {had a vacation} that day. Correct Mister Hyde, correct.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - LOUIE         |
 | {Tell me about the jukebox}         +------------------------------------|
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | Good question. Louie explains that there is a jukebox here in the bar.   |
 | He also says that he doesn't feel like charging money for music, so      |
 | using the jukebox is completely free. Hot deal, isn't it?                |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about the matches}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Louie says that the place has got matches, and that they're a DeNonno    |
 | original. The place didn't have 'em before Louie got here. Wow.          |
 |                                                                          |
 | {So only Dunning saw him?}                                               |
 | --------------------------                                               |
 | Since Dunning is the only one who has seen the other Kyle Hyde, Louie    |
 | suggests showing Dunning a picture of Bradley. Hyde thinks it's a good   |
 | idea, so Louie says he'll take care of it.                               |
 |                                                                          |

After all the questions, Hyde takes another strong one. Helen enters the bar.
Helen orders a gimlet, which is a mixture of half gin, half lemon juice. Don't
ask me about how all this stuff tastes -- beer is all I drink. Well, go have a
look at the jukebox in the upper left part of the bar. There is a star sticker
hanging on it too. Listen to the music if you want to, then talk to Helen.

She says that she is all alone, without a family or anything like that. Helen
says that she has a wish that simply must come true, and that this wish made
her come to Hotel Dusk. She wanted to stay in 215, the wish room! Ask Helen
about {how long she has been alone} to find out that there was someone that she
cared about a long time ago. Ask her if {she had family once}. Helen doesn't
want to talk about that right now, so try her about {what her wish is}. After
Helen has said that her wish is a secret, Louie brings her a new drink.

Helen challenges Hyde with a game. She says that she has some coins in front of
her. Hyde needs to arrange them so that there are four in a row both vertically
and horizontally. And, Hyde can only move one single coin! Madness! The coins
are placed like this:

                           (     )
                           (     )
                   ,---.    ,---.    ,---.
                  (     )  (  2  )  (     )
                   `---'    `---'    `---'
                           (  1  )

What you need to do is to move Coin 1 ontop of Coin 2, then press the V icon in
the lower left corner of the screen. Mini-game solved! Helen now says that this
is not her first stay at Hotel Dusk. Ask her {when she was her} before to find
out that Helen stayed her once twenty years ago, then returned ten years ago
for another stay. This is her third time at Hotel Dusk. She says that back
then, she was working in Las Vegas.

Ask Helen about what {she did} in Las Vegas. Helen says that before she lost
her eye, she was a magician, entertaining people. Grab another drink from
Louie. Helen leaves with Louie, who has to carry her back up to her room.
Examine the bottle of bourbon on the desk. Iris comes into the bar. When she
asks if you'd like to drink with her, say {no thanks}.

                          9:20 PM - Summer in the Bar                   [wa602]

 Area: Bar

After refusing to drink with Iris, examine the glass near the bottle of
bourbon. When you do, Summer comes into the bar. Summer says that he wants to
starts on new terms with Hyde, after the secret he confessed back up in his
room. Hyde isn't acting friendly though. Iris decides to leave the bar. Hyde
tells Summers what Iris is named. Summer reacts in a weird way, so ask him
{what's not right} about Iris' name. Summer says that he has a feeling he's
seen Iris before somewhere. Summer starts talking about the Angel painting by
Osterzone that was stolen three years ago, and is surprised when Hyde tells him
that he knows the painting got nicked from the Manhattan art museum. Just
before Hyde leaves Summer, Summer says that now, everything makes sense!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - MARTIN        |
 | {How do you know Iris}              +------------------------------------|
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | Summer says that he thinks he's seen Iris around before, but that now,   |
 | he can't seem to remember exactly where it was he met her. Weird.        |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What all makes sense?}                                                  |
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Summer says that he's managed to grasp Hyde's true nature. Summer says   |
 | it's time to lay his cards on the table, and continues, explaining       |
 | that he believes Hyde has been hired to track down the painting that     |
 | got stolen three years ago. Hyde tells Summer he's got it wrong, and     |
 | now, the writer gets even more interested in finding out what kind of    |
 | man Hyde really is. Summer leaves the bar.                               |
 |                                                                          |

Once again, examine the glass on the counter. Louie enters the bar. Now leave
the bar to find Rosa standing in the restaurant hallway.

 Area: Restaurant Hallway

Rosa complains about how she has to clean when Louie is just relaxing in the
bar, and says that the bar was opened to celebrate Hotel Dusk's 10th
anniversary. Ask Rosa to find out {when the anniversary was}. Rosa explains
that since the hotel was built in 1959, the bar was opened in 1969. Now have
Rosa tell you the {story} about the incident that happened ten years ago. Rosa
says that the whole thing about the girl and the ghost is just a rumor, and
that Hyde should try asking Dunning about it if he's so interested. Run into
the dining room to find Dunning.

 Area: Dining Room

Dunning is looking at the piano. Talk to him and ask if the {name of the hotel}
has changed. Dunning says that the hotel has been named Hotel Dusk since day
one, and that he considering renaming the place when he bought it. He didn't
change the name however, because changing signs was too expensive. Ask about
when Dunning {took over} the hotel to find out that Dunning bought it about
five years ago. He regrets it now though, saying his {old job} was much better.

Dunning does not want to talk about what he did before, so tell him that you
are just {curious}. Now, ask about {what Dunning was looking at} when you
entered the dining room. Wasn't it the piano after all? Turns out Dunning was
looking at the pictures above the piano, not the piano itself. Dunning leaves
after telling you that he got a call from Jeff, who said that he sorted the
mess with the stolen money out. Heh, we know what happened there, don't we?

                            9:20 PM - Perfect Rosa                      [wa603]

 Area: Restaurant Hallway

Back in the hallway, you'll meet Rosa, who is talking about something that's
just about perfect! Ask her {what's perfect} to find out that Rosa wants you to
bring a guest a wine label. Rosa says that she will give Hyde a free breakfast
if he accepts. Rosa says that the label has to be delivered to Mrs. Parker in
Room 212. That's Helen. Ask Rosa {who Helen came here with} last time she
visited Hotel Dusk. Rosa thinks it was her son, but isn't sure at all. Ask Rosa
why she thinks Helen is {just like herself}. Rosa explains that her son lives
far away, and that she believes Helen's son does as well. Rosa says her boy
lives somewhere in Manhattan. Inquire about {what her son's like}.

Apparently, Rosa's son works at Wall Street. Her son wants her to quit her
job and come live with him in Manhattan. Rosa says that there are two wine
labels in the kitchen and one in the restaurant. Rosa does not remember what
bottle it is that Helen drank from.

                 9:40 PM - Searching for Helen's Wine Label             [wa604]

 Area: Dining Room

Head into the dining room and examine the bottle at the northwestern table. The
bottle had rosé wine in it. Now, walk into the kitchen. In the kitchen there is
one bottle in the western part near the microwave ovens. This one had red wine
in it. The third bottle is also in the kitchen, on the bench in the middle.
This last bottle in the middle of the kitchen had white wine in it when it was
full. What you need to do now is walk up to the 2nd Floor Hallway

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Knock on 211 and ask Summer about {what wine he drank} earlier this evening.
Summer says he had white wine. Now knock on 216 and ask Iris what {wine} she
drank earlier. Iris says she drank rosé wine. This means that the only
remaining wine bottle is the red wine bottle in the western part of the
kitchen. Before you go down there, you need to bring the [Adhesive Remover]
with you. This one can be found in the Red Crown box in Hyde's room, 215.
Now that you have the adhesive removes, run down to the kitchen and use it on
the bottle in the western part, near the microwave ovens.

 Area: Kitchen

First cover the whole wine bottle label in the adhesive remover liquid. Once
you've done that, tear the label off slowly. You'll get the [Wine Label]. head
upstairs and knock on Room 212 to meet Helen. She tells Hyde to come inside.

                           9:40 PM - In Helen's Room                    [wa605]

 Area: Room 212

Helen says that Hyde makes her happy, and that she feels like she did ten years
ago. Ask her {what happened back then}. Helen doesn't want to talk about it.
Now give Helen the Wine Label you got in the kitchen. Try leaving the
conversation to have Hyde ask Helen about the wine that she shared with someone
here at Hotel Dusk ten years ago. Tell her that you're {curious} on who it was
she drank the wine with. Helen says it was a man, then shuts up. Tell her that
you think she {doesn't know what happened} to the man. Helen says that she
doesn't know, because she hasn't seen the man for ten years.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - HELEN         |
 | {Who was this person?}              +------------------------------------|
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | Tell Helen that you think she cares about the person she met ten years   |
 | ago. Helen says that Hyde is right, but that she betrayed the person     |
 | she cared about for some reason.                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | {How did you betray him?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Helen says she left the person behind because she was selfish, thinking  |
 | only about herself.                                                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why don't you contact him?}                                             |
 | -----------------------------                                            |
 | Say that you think Helen hasn't contacted this person because she        |
 | is missing him too much. Well said. Next question, please!               |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who is this mystery person?}                                            |
 | -----------------------------                                            |
 | Hyde says that he thinks the person Helen is talking about is her son.   |
 | Helen explains that Hyde is 100% correct. Her son's name is Alan. Wow,   |
 | Alan was also the name of Summer's friend!                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Your son's name is Alan?}                                               |
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | Hyde's hunch is confirmed -- Helen's son is named Alan Parker! Helen     |
 | says that she gave her son a fountain pen at Hotel Dusk. This is the     |
 | pen that you gave back to Martin Summer earlier.                         |
 |                                                                          |

Hyde tells Helen to wait for a second while he goes to check up on something.
What you need to do is knock on Room 211 and tell Summer that you need his pen.
Gotta show it to the old gal, you know. Go back to 212 where Helen is waiting.
Show Helen the pen that you got from Summer to find out that this pen really
does belong to her son.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - HELEN         |
 | {It's your son's pen, huh?}         +------------------------------------|
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | Helen says that this is her son's pen, and that she was the one that     |
 | gave him the pen when the two of them reunited ten years ago.            |
 |                                                                          |
 | {You had to be reunited?}                                                |
 | --------------------------                                               |
 | Mom and son had to be reunited, since Helen had left him earlier.        |
 | Hyde now explains that Summer was the one that dropped the pen, and that |
 | her son Alan isn't here at the Hotel after all. Hyde explains to Helen   |
 | about how Summer stole Alan's novel. Helen now wants to tell Hyde a      |
 | story. Listen to what she has to say.                                    |
 |                                                                          |

Helen's story is about how she was once  a magician, but settled down and got
married. Got a kid and everything. She did however, soon decide to leave her
family and go back to show-business. Helen got famous, but felt more and more
empty inside not matter how successful she was as a magician. She once met her
son at a show. Her son forgave her, and the two promised that they would meet
each other in ten years, at Hotel Dusk. This was when Helen gave Alan the pen.
Summer doesn't know that Helen is his friend Alan's mom. Oh well, think about
that later. Now it's time for a quick summary.

                               Chapter VI Summary                       [wa606]

 The next person to stumble into the bar was..................Helen
 Dunning took over the hotel..................................Five years ago
 The kind of wine she was drinking was........................Red wine
 Her companion's name was.....................................Alan
 Helen left her son to become a...............................Magician

                        Chapter VII - 10:00 - 11:00 PM                [Hyde700]

 Area: Room 215

Hyde is back in his room, but wants to go down to the bar to take another drink
or nine. No one can stop you, so head down there at once.

                   10:00 PM - Down to the Bar for Another Belt          [wa701]

 Area: Bar

There's no one but Louie in the bar, so ask him if you can have a {scotch} from
him. Hyde tells Louie how everyone have laid their problems on him, and Louie
responds by saying that this isn't weird at all, since everyone wants to talk
with guys like Hyde. Ask what he means with {a guy like me} to find out that
Louie thinks Hyde is a man that doesn't care -- a guy that won't tell anyone
about other people's problems. When Louie says that Hyde has secrets hidden in
his heart as well, respond with {I might...}. After drinking his scotch, Hyde
remembers how Bradley once told him that after the Nile case was over, the two
of them would need to have a chat with each other.

When it comes to bars, Louie takes everything more seriously than usual, and
says that one of his dreams is getting his very own, and that he started
thinking about bars after hearing a story from Hyde back in Manhattan. Ask
Louie {what story} he's talking about. Louie starts yapping about how Hyde once
told him that he should aim for a real job instead of stealing from people.
Tell Louie that you {don't remember this} at all. As the conversation goes on,
Louie starts talking about Hyde's pops, so ask him if Hyde really did tell him
{about his father}. Louie breaks, and says that Hyde once told him his dad was
a genius safe-cracker or something -- a real pro.

Put a question to if Louie really did {believe the story}. Tell Louie that the
story Hyde told him ages ago {was true}. Before giving Hyde another drink,
Louie says that pouring drinks isn't the only thing that gets his attention
these days. Louie tells Hyde to look around, so tell him you {don't get it}.
The thing Louie is talking about is bowling, and you know what? Hyde is into
bowling as well. Louie challenges Hyde, and tells him to come to the bar at 11.
Summer comes into the bar and orders a gin and tonic.

                        10:00 PM - Writer in the Bar                    [wa702]

 Area: Bar

Summer sits down in the southern end of the bar. Talk to him to find out that
he was hoping to run into Hyde, and that he has news for him. Wait with those
news, and ask him about {Alan} instead. Summer explains that tomorrow, he will
head over to a local newspaper and tell them everything about how he's a fake.
This way, he will be able to search for Alan through the media. Hyde explains
that he told someone about Alan's secret already. When Summer asks who it was
he told it to, you should {tell the truth}.

It's time to listen to Summer's news, so ask him {what he wants to talk about}.
Turns out Summer has remembered where he thought he had seen Iris before. He
says she looks just like Cecily Lee. Ask him who {Cecily Lee is} to find out
that Cecily is a famous actress that started out in a soap opera. She was also
a model before she started acting. Exit the bar after the talk is over.

                        10:00 PM - A Sad Christmas Story                [wa703]

 Area: Restaurant Hallway

Melissa is standing in the hallway, and says that she is looking for her father
again. Hyde tells her about the star on the bar's door, and Melissa starts
wondering if Hyde got a lot of presents for Christmas this year. Hyde is of
course {not a presents guy}. Melissa says she doesn't get a lot of presents
either, and shouts that her dad is a Jerk. {Dad's a jerk, huh}. Yeah, he's a
big jerk, since he didn't even buy a Christmas tree for Melissa this year.
Little girl goes back to her room to wait for her daddy. Poor Melissa. Run
right to the central hallway to meet your favorite maid.

 Area: Central Hallway

Doesn't look like Rosa is ever going to stop cleaning. She says that Melissa
just ran upstairs, and asks why she looked so sad. Tell Rosa that she
{misses her mom}. Try leaving Rosa now, only to have her stop you and explain
how Melissa asked her if this hotel had a Christmas tree. Tell Rosa that the
little girl {didn't get a tree} for herself this year. Rosa says that the tree
and decorations are in the storage room in the right hallway. Go there now --
it's just north of Rosa's room, where Mila is resting.

                             10:00 PM - Decorations                     [wa704]

 Area: Storage

 | L2  | L1   |     Boxes     |
 +------------+     Boxes  T  |
 |                  Boxes     |       Map Legend
 |                  Boxes     |       -----------
 R                  Boxes     |       R   -  Right Hallway
 |                  Boxes     |       L1  -  Locker 1
 |                  Boxes     |       L2  -  Locker 2
 |                  Boxes     |       L3  -  Locker 3
 +-------+          Boxes     |       T   -  Christmas Tree
 |  L3   |          Boxes     |

Look at the map above. Examine Locker 1 to find a [Black Light]. Now take a
look at all the boxes in the eastern part of the room. A mini-game will be
triggered. What you need to do here is to move all the boxes from left to
right, since there is a Christmas tree box behind the boxes on the left side.

Melissa comes into the room after you've found the tree box. Another mini-game
will get triggered; this time you have to decorate the tree. On the bottom of
the screen there are several items. Green, yellow, red and blue ones. What you
need to do is to take yellow items and hang on the yellow hooks on the tree,
and take the red items and hang them on the red hooks -- just match the colors.
Once you've used all the items, a yellow star will appear. Place it at the top.

Suddenly, Mila and Louie comes into the storage. Talk to everyone. Melissa
falls asleep because it's getting late and she's tired from all the running
through the hotel. Hyde commands Louie to take Melissa back to her room. Ouch,
poor him if he meets Kevin! Now you're alone in the storage with Mila. Her
fever's gone now. She writes in the notebook that she didn't spend Christmas
with her family. She also writes that she doesn't know where her dad is now.
The next thing she writes down is that her dad lives in Santa Monica. She also
writes about 'Gallery May' which is where her dad works, or, at least he is the
one that owns the gallery there. Rosa comes to pick up Mila. Head back to the
right hallway and enter Dunning's Room in the southern end.

                            10:20 PM - Dunning's Room                   [wa705]

 Area: Dunning's Room

 |            TV          F  |
 |                           |
 |                           |
 |                           |  Map Legend
 |                           |  -----------
 |                           |  RH  -  Right Hallway
 |                           |  TV  -  Television
 |                           |  F   -  Fireplace
 |                           |  YP  -  Photo of Young Girl
 |                           |
 |   YG                      |

There's no one in here right now, so why don't you have a look around? Check
out the photo of the girl in the southern part of the room. Dunning busts Hyde
and throws him out of the room. Don't worry though, this is supposed to happen.
Head back to the Lobby where the vending machine is to meet Kevin.

 Area: Lobby

Kevin is drunk like hell and says that his daughter Melissa hates him. Kevin
gets mad and stumbles off towards the front desk. Follow him there and ask him
if {he's ok}, then ask him about {who he was drinking with}. There is no clear
answer to get from Kevin, so head back to the bar. You'll meet Iris there.
Remember that you met Iris back on the roof after Kevin had been there as well?
What is going on between Kevin and Iris?

                        10:40 PM - The Dynamic Drinking Duo             [wa706]

 Area: Bar

Iris leaves the place when Hyde enters. Talk to Louie to find out that there
was someone here a moment ago -- a real dynamic drinking duo, as he calls 'em.
First ask Louie about {who the girl in the photo} you saw in Dunning's room is.
Louie has no idea about the girl, so dig about {who was drinking here} earlier.
Turns out that the ones drinking were Iris and Melissa's daddy, Kevin. Ask
{what they were talking about} to find out that Louie overheard something about
Gallery May in Santa Monica. That's the place Mila's dad owns!

Hyde wonders {about the gallery}, but Louie didn't overhear anything more about
it. Hyde tells Louie about Mila's dad. Now you'll need to have a talk with the
dynamic drinking duo -- Iris and Kevin. Head up to the 2nd Floor Hallway and
knock on Room 216 to have a chat with Iris.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Iris says that Kevin just mentioned the gallery in Santa Monica as a
coincidence. Follow Iris inside her room now. She starts talking about
something odd. Ask her {what's odd} to find out that she thinks someone has
been in her and searched through her suitcase.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - IRIS          |
 | {Was anything stolen?}              +------------------------------------|
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | She doesn't want to report the theft to the front desk, because she      |
 | hates all sorts of questions, so Iris asks Hyde to help her instead.     |
 | The thing that has been stolen is a small envelope.                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What was in the envelope?}                                              |
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | Iris promised the person that gave her the envelope that she would never |
 | tell anyone what's inside it. Tricky situation.                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who gave you the envelope?}                                             |
 | ----------------------------                                             |
 | At first, the dame won't tell Hyde who gave her the envelope, but when   |
 | Hyde says he won't be able to help her this way, Iris breaks. Someone    |
 | named Grace gave her the envelope, she says.                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who is Grace?}                                                          |
 | -----------------                                                        |
 | Grace is a friend of Iris. More than that, she doesn't want to explain.  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What about the gallery?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Name of the gallery is of course 'Gallery May'. Ask Iris if she knows    |
 | who the owner is. She does not. Now you can leave her room.              |
 |                                                                          |

Still in the 2nd Floor Hallway, you will meet Kevin. He's just standing around,
looking at the wall, then he leaves. Follow Kevin down to the front desk.

 Area: Front Desk

Kevin gets a little mad when Hyde asks him what's he doing with Iris. Ask him
if he has {business} with her. When Kevin tells Hyde that he has had enough of
him asking so many questions, tell him that you {have reasons for asking}. The
doctor loosens up a little and says that his wife used to work at Gallery May.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - KEVIN         |
 | {Talk about Iris}                   +------------------------------------|
 | -----------------                                                        |
 | Tell Kevin that you believe he and Iris just met. Kevin says that        |
 | this is correct, and that he got interested in talking more with her     |
 | since Iris said she knew Grace, the person who gave her the envelope!    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who's Grace?}                                                           |
 | ---------------                                                          |
 | Grace is Melissa's mother, Kevin says. His wife, in other words.         |
 | Kevin starts to cry, saying it's his fault Grace left him.               |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why did Grace leave you?}                                               |
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | No answer. Silent doctor.                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about Gallery May}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Tell Kevin that you do not think he's worked there. Kevin says that      |
 | Grace worked at the gallery when she married him, and that she took      |
 | some years off when Melissa was born.                                    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about Grace}                                                       |
 | ------------------                                                       |
 | Say to Kevin that you think the thing that went wrong was himself.       |
 | Kevin agrees, and says that everything was his own fault.                |
 |                                                                          |
 | {How was it your fault?}                                                 |
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Kevin decides to tell Hyde his story. Turns out that two years ago, doc  |
 | lost a patient in the operating room. The family sued Kevin for          |
 | malpractice and won big time. The price Kevin had to pay the family was  |
 | so much that his insurance couldn't cover it at all. He broke up with    |
 | Grace because he didn't want her to have to pay the prize. Grace did     |
 | however not agree, and somehow got all the money that Kevin needed.      |
 | Kevin started asking Grace about where she got all the money. This was   |
 | what Melissa said her parents where fighting about all the time. One     |
 | day, Grace got enough of the questions and left her family.              |
 |                                                                          |

                              Chapter VII Summary                       [wa707]

 After leaving the bar I ran into..........................Melissa
 The room where I found the tree was.......................Storage
 First was Mila and then...................................Louie
 The name of the business was..............................Gallery May
 The thief made off with...................................A small envelope

                        Chapter VIII - 11:00 - 12:00 PM                 [wa800]

 Area: Room 215

Phone rings, Rachel's the one calling. She says that she has heard a lot about
Hyde and his relationship to Bradley (no, not a romantic relationship) from Ed.
Ed comes on the phone, and Hyde tells him to try and find some info on Gallery
May, which is where Grace was working before she left Kevin and Melissa. Head
out to the 2nd Floor Hallway. Hyde hears some footsteps, but sees no one. Go
downstairs to the Front Desk and tell Kevin to get back to his room. Now go
back upstairs to the 2nd Floor Hallway again, and head into the Utility Closet.

                            11:00 PM - Garbage Tape                     [wa801]

 Area: Utility  Closet

In the southeastern part of the closet there is a trash bin. Examine the bin
and take the [Cassette Tape] that is in it. There is also a [Discarded
in the trash bin, so take that one too. The envelope is addressed to Iris, so
this must be the one that was stolen from her room. Since Iris is not in her
room, head down to the bar. You promised to bowl at 11, remember?

 Area: Bar

Hyde asks Louie if he has a cassette player, so that he can listen to the tape
found in the utility closet. Ask Louie if {someone else wanted} the cassette
player, since there seems to be demand for it tonight. Louie says that the one
that borrowed it earlier was no one other than Dunning himself. Anyway, the
deck should be in Louie's room right now, so head over to Louie's room in the
left hallway right now.

 Area: Louie's Room

The cassette player itself is located close to Louie's bed. Put the cassette
found inside the player. Or, at least try to, only to find out that the tape is
unwound and needs to be fixed. Ok, now pick up the [Ballpoint Pen] in the lower
left corner of Louie's room. It's on the small shelf there. Use the pen on the
tape to trigger a mini game. Use the stylus to put the pen into the rightmost
hole on the cassette. The pen is however too round to use -- it can't get a
grip on the tape hole. So, head back to Room 215. Take the [Pencil] that can be
found in Hyde's suitcase. This pencil can be used to fix the cassette. Back in
Louie's room, fix the cassette using the pencil. Put the cassette into the

You will get to choose between SIDE A and SIDE B of the cassette tape. On side
there is some useless music, and on side b there is someone talking about a
painting. Listen to all of side b, then wait for Louie to come here. Hyde lets
Louie listen to the tape and tells him where it was he found it. Now head back
up to Room 216 and tell Iris you found the envelope.

                         11:00 PM - Sing for Me Iris                    [wa802]

 Area: Room 216

Hyde wants Iris to sing like a canary -- sing about what the stuff on the tape
was all about. Ask her {why she had the tape}. Exit the conversation to have
Iris beg you to come into her room. Talk to her again to find out that Grace
asked Iris to bring the tape to Hotel Dusk. Ask Iris why {bring it here}. Iris
had made a deal with Grace -- if she didn't hear from Grace by Christmas, she
was to take the tape to Hotel Dusk. Ask Iris if she {did not know} that Kevin
is Grace's husband. Looks like Iris didn't know about that. Well, at least she
does now. Time for more questions.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - IRIS          |
 | {Let's talk about the plan}         +------------------------------------|
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | Tell Iris that you think Grace's tape is some kind of insurance. Iris    |
 | doesn't know, and says that she is supposed to hand the tape over to     |
 | a man that is supposed to meet her here.                                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who gets the tape?}                                                     |
 | --------------------                                                     |
 | Grace told Iris that she were to give the tape to 'the man who painted   |
 | the angel' and said that Iris would understand what that meant when she  |
 | arrived at Hotel Dusk. Iris doesn't know what it means at all though.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Let's talk about Grace}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Say that you think she is looking for Grace because she vanished.        |
 | Hyde tells Iris about the lawsuit against Kevin. Iris says she does      |
 | not know where the money Grace gave Kevin came from.                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Where did Grace get the money?}                                         |
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Iris has no idea.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Let's talk about the doll}                                              |
 | ---------------------------                                              |
 | The doll we're talking about it the one Melissa threw at Iris back       |
 | in the dining room. Tell Grace you think she recognized the doll when    |
 | she saw it in the dining room. Iris says she did not know that Grace     |
 | was the one who made the doll, but says it looks similar to "our dolls". |
 |                                                                          |
 | {You had that doll?}                                                     |
 | --------------------                                                     |
 | Iris says the doll looks like the ones she and Grace used to have when   |
 | they were kids. Iris now says that she is Grace's little sister. Or,     |
 | Grace is Iris' half-sister. Iris can't remember who Grace's dad is.      |
 | When their mother died, the sisters were separated. Iris says her mom    |
 | died in a Las Vegas plane crash in 1960. Two years ago, Grace tracked    |
 | Iris down, but her eyes were very sad. Grace told Iris she needed money  |
 | badly, for her husband Kevin. Later Iris received the envelope from      |
 | Grace, and was told to give it to the man who painted the angel. This    |
 | man is supposed to be staying at Hotel Dusk.                             |
 |                                                                          |

Run back down to Louie's room and tell Louie that you need him to look through
the guest log from about two years ago, since that was when Grace stayed at
Hotel Dusk. Follow Louie outside of his room and talk to him again in the left
hallway when he stops you. This is in fact where you're supposed to bowl!

                         11:20 PM - Hyde the Bowling Pro                [wa803]

 Area: Left Hallway

Use your stylus to roll the bowling ball into the poles at the end of the
hallway. Keep on rolling balls until Louie breaks a pot plant. Hyde finds
something in the broken pot. It's an [Old Key]. Rosa comes running, saying that
Mila has gone missing. Hyde gives the old key to Louie and tells him to search
for Mila on the first floor. Hyde himself wants to search second floor. Mila
can be found up on the roof, that is accessed from the eastern part of the
2nd Floor Hallway. Go there right now, officer Hyde! Or, salesman Hyde!

 Area: Roof

Hyde gives Mila his notebook and Mila writes something in it. Turns out that
Rosa asked Mila who she was looking for. That's why Mila escaped from Rosa's
room -- she got uncomfortable when Rosa asked that question. Rosa said to Mila
that she knew her father. How could Rosa possibly know Mila's daddy? Mila has
no idea. Anyway, follow Mila back to Rosa's room in the right hallway. Knock on
the door to have Rosa open it. She lets both Hyde and Rosa into her room. Now,
there is a red door in Rosa's room. Open it to find Rosa's bed. Examine the
pictures that are hanging right of the bed. There's a family on the picture at
the bottom and a married couple on the upper one.

                             11:40 PM - Rosa's Bedroom                  [wa804]

 Area: Rosa's Bedroom

After examining the pictures of the family and the couple, take a look at the
picture that is sitting on the small desk on the right side of the bed, just
below the two pictures hanging on the wall. Rosa is on the picture and a man is
with her. Try leaving the bedroom through the door you came from. Rosa stops
you and says that Mila is feeling much better now that she has had some tea.
Rosa says that the lady on all of the pictures is herself. She says that the
man that was with her on the pictures is her husband. Her husband is a sailor
she says, and she hasn't seen him in a very long time, she says. It's been at
least five years since she saw him. When Hyde asks Rosa what she said to Mila
earlier, Rosa tries to avoid answering. Tell her that {not to lie}.

Rosa still does not want to say what she told Mila. Go with {come on now, Rosa}
to find out that Rosa knows something about Mila's father. Rosa says that she
has promised not to talk about this!

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - ROSA          |
 | {Talk about Mila's father}          +------------------------------------|
 | --------------------------                                               |
 | Tell Mila that she was talking about Mila's brochure earlier. Rosa       |
 | says that the moment she saw Mila's brochure, she remembered something!  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about Mila's father again}                                         |
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Say that you think Rosa DOES know something about Mila's daddy.          |
 | Rosa says that she might know something, but doesn't say what.           |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What did you remember?}                                                 |
 | --------------------------                                               |
 | Still no real answer from Rosa.                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Talk about the promise}                                                 |
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Tell Rosa you think she made the promise to someone you know from        |
 | before. Rosa says that this is correct. She says that this person        |
 | trusted her with a secret.                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | {So what's the big secret?}                                              |
 | ----------------------------                                             |
 | Hyde says that Rosa can trust him, Rosa remains quiet.                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What did the pamphlet tell you?}                                        |
 | ----------------------------------                                       |
 | Rosa thought that Mila had to be looking for someone who stayed          |
 | at Dusk a long time ago, since the brochure she had with her is old.     |
 | Rosa once saw the same brochure in Dunning's private room. The           |
 | brochure Mila had is much older than the ones that are used these days.  |
 | Rosa says that Dunning once told her that he has a daughter. Turns out   |
 | that Rosa told Mila she knew her father because she thought Dunning was  |
 | her father. She was wrong, though. Now exit Rosa's room.                 |
 |                                                                          |

Try to run upstairs now. Hyde's pager beeps, so head back to 215. Call Red
Crown using the phone. Ed says that he has investigated Gallery May like Hyde
told him to earlier. He says that the gallery closed down seven years ago. Ed
says that apparently, Evans (Melissa's daddy) was great at finding rare
paintings and stuff, and that he earned lots of cash because of it. Ed does not
know why Evans closed the gallery, but now he has disappeared for some reason.

                             Chapter VIII Summary                       [wa805]

 I asked Ed to check...........................................Robert Evans
 The person who sent the tape to Iris was......................Grace
 The thing we found was........................................An old key
 When I found Mila she was.....................................On the roof
 Evans went missing about......................................Seven years ago

                        Chapter IX - 12:00 - 2:00 AM                    [wa900]

 Area: Room 215

Hyde is in 215 again. Try leaving the room to trigger a short scene where Hyde
starts thinking about all the apple paintings in the Hotel. What you need to do
now is to find all the apple painting and look for secret letters on them.
I've explained everything in the next section.

                          12:00 AM - Apple Paintings                    [wa901]

 Apple Painting I - Letter Y
 The first apple painting is in Room 215, just above Hyde's bed. Examine the
 apple painting and look at the second apple from the left. There is a 'Y'

 Apple Painting II - Letter E
 This one can be found in the middle of the 2nd Floor Hallway. The letter 'E'
 is located in the upper right part of the painting -- in the sky.
 written on this apple.

 Apple Painting III - Letter N
 Second painting can be found in Room 217. The letter 'N' can be found on the
 left part of the painting that is lying on the floor near the bed.

 Apple Painting IV - Letter N
 Found in the central hallway. You will find an 'N' on the second apple from
 the left on this painting.

Now that you have found four paintings, there is only one remaining. Head
over to the lobby to meet Louie. He's a little angry because Hyde did not
tell him that he found Mila on the roof earlier. Louie says that he has
gotten some info on the old key that you found after the bowling incident.
Louie has also taken a look at the guest log like Hyde told him to do. Ask
Louie {where the last apple painting} is. Louie only knows of the four
paintings you have already found, unfortunately.

Well, then ask ask about {what the old key is for} to find out that the key
is for the booze cellar. Then ask Louie about {the story with Grace}. Louie
says that the guest logs only go back one year, and since Grace was here two
years ago, there was no log of her staying at Hotel Dusk in the office.
Dunning comes and tells Louie to return to the bar. Louie does so, and
Dunning leaves. Now Hyde is all alone.

                         12:20 AM - Rosa at Midnight                    [wa902]

 Area: Rosa's Room

Head over to Rosa's room after Dunning and Louie have left the lobby. Ask Rosa
if she knows where the {last apple painting} is. Rosa does indeed know where
the fifth ones is. She says it's placed in a special room. Ask her about the
{special room} she's talking about. Rosa explains that the special room is
Room 111, the one you can access from the lobby. You've seen the door earlier,
but it has been closed all the time. Rosa says that she will snap the key from
Dunning's office and wait for Hyde in 111 later on. Rosa leaves, and Mila tags
along with Hyde. Now, DO NOT RUN INTO THE LOBBY directly, as that'll give you a
nasty GAME OVER screen. Instead, run up to the 2nd Floor Hallway using the
stairs leading up from the Right Hallway.

 Area: 2nd Floor Hallway

Run over to the stairs leading down to the central hallway. From there, head
into the lobby, then open Room 211. Dunning won't spot you this way.

 Area: Room 211

Rosa lets you in. There is a door in the northern part of the room. Open it to
find the fifth apple painting in a bedroom.

 Apple Painting V - Letter J
 Yeah, found in the bedroom of Room 211. The letter 'J' can be found on the
 left side of the only apple that is on this painting. Now you've got all five
 letters. Hyde takes a look at the letters he has noted down.

 All Letters - J E N N Y
 Touch the letters starting with J and ending with Y. You're supposed to spell
 'JENNY' so do that.

Hyde remembers that Jenny is the name he saw on the birthday card in Dunning's
office. Head back to Room 111 where Mila and Rosa are waiting. Mila has fallen
down onto the floor and has stopped breathing. Touch her cheek several times
using your stylus to wake her up again (alternatively, close and open your DS).
Once she's wake again, she can talk! She says "Don't....take....Jenny..."
Now she can talk as much as she want to! She says that she remembers something.

                             12:20 AM - She Talks                       [wa903]

 Area: Room 211

Since Mila can speak, you need to ask her about some stuff.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - MILA          |
 | {What did you remember?}            +------------------------------------|
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Girl says that she remembered that she used to play with someone here    |
 | in Room 211. The one she used to play with was named Jenny! Mila says    |
 | she played with Jenny while waiting for her father.                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Who's this Jenny?}                                                      |
 | -------------------                                                      |
 | Jenny is Mila's friend. Mila's dad told her to stay and play with Jenny  |
 | until he returned to Mila again. Apparently, someone, a man with a       |
 | scary face, took Jenny away.                                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Where's your father?}                                                   |
 | ----------------------                                                   |
 | She says that she does not know where her dad is right now. Once the     |
 | gallery got closed, Mila came here with her father. She has been looking |
 | for her dad ever since she 'woke up'.                                    |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why couldn't you speak?}                                                |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Mila lost her voice because she was scared when Jenny was taken away.    |
 | She was so scared that her voice went missing!                           |
 |                                                                          |
 | {When did you wake up?}                                                  |
 | ------------------------                                                 |
 | Mila doesn't seem to know when it was she waked up. Someone told her     |
 | that she had been asleep for a very long time.                           |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What do you mean 'like that time'?}                                     |
 | -------------------------------------                                    |
 | 'That time' refers to the time when everything went dark for Mila, she   |
 | says. This was when Mila was nine years old. Now Mila is nineteen.       |
 | Apparently, Mila didn't know how old she was -- someone told her.        |
 | Mila says she doesn't know a lot, because she was 'over there' for a     |
 | very long time.                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Over there?}                                                            |
 | --------------                                                           |
 | The place Mila was talking about is Robbins Hospital. When she woke up   |
 | she was in a bed in this hospital. No one was in the room, so she tried  |
 | to call for her daddy, but to Mila's surprise, her voice was gone!       |
 | Mila's mom was not there either, as she died in a plane crash. Mila      |
 | returned to Hotel Dusk after she realized her dad wouldn't come and get  |
 | her at the hospital after all. Rosa takes Mila to her room again, so     |
 | that she can get a little rest after all the talking. Return to the      |
 | lobby now. Kevin is waiting there.                                       |
 |                                                                          |

 Area: Lobby

Kevin says that he overheard Hyde talking with Mila. Kevin does not know Mila's
name, but recognizes it when Hyde tells him. Ask Kevin if he {knew about Mila}.
Kevin remembers Mila -- he even remembers her surname, which is Evans. Ask him
{how come he knows Mila} to find out that Mila was a patient at the hospital
were Kevin worked -- Robbins Memorial Hospital. Inquire about {why Mila was in
hospital} to see if doc knows something about it. Kevin does know, indeed. He
says that Mila was brought to the hospital with no visible injuries, and that
she spent ten years at the hospital in a coma! She woke up six months ago.

Doc says the hospital had trouble contacting her family once Mila had woken up
again. Ask him if he managed to {reach her family}. Kevin says that no one
managed to get in touch with Mila's family. Her father did however visit her
every single month for ten years, but never appeared after Mila had waked up.
Kevin has remembered something else as well -- he's remembered where he had
heard the name Kylde Hyde before. Turns out that Mila once had a visitor with
that name! This is getting more and more mysterious, isn't it? Sure is.
Hyde's pager beeps after Kevin has gone back to his room. Back to 215 you go.

                             12:40 AM - Phone in 215                    [wa904]

 Area: Room 215

Get back up to 215 and call Red Crown using the phone. Ed answers, and says
that he's found some info on Robert Evans. Turns out that ten years ago, he
bought Hotel Dusk! He bought in in 1969. Owned it for three years, then sold it
away again. Ed also says that Hotel Dusk used to be a real party joint before
Evans bought it, but that all the partying stopped when he got it. Someone
knocks on your door now. It's Rosa. She says that Dunning took Mila away and
that he hasn't returned with yet yet! Turns out that Rosa told Dunning that
Mila could speak. When Dunning heard this, he said that he need to chat with
the girl, and took her away. Head down to Dunning's room now.

When you try opening the door, Louie stops you. Hyde tells Louie to go and look
for Mila and Dunning in the wine cellar. Now run into Dunning's room. There's
no one in here right now it seems like.

 Area: Dunning's Room

Examine the fridge in the lower left end of Dunning's room. You will find some
[Old Paint] inside. Now, head into the bedroom in the lower right end. Take a
look at the old brochure that is lying on Dunning's desk. It's the same kind as
the one that Mila had with her. Under the brochure there is a sketch of the
wine cellar, and in the upper right end of the sketch there is a circle. Hyde
takes the [Old Brochure] with him. Now, on the desk there is a paper as well.

Examine it to find out that it's about Osterzone. Hyde thinks a little and
end up taking the [Osterzone Article] with him. Now open the drawer under the
desk. There's a bunch of birthday cards inside. All of them are addressed to
Jenny. Exit Dunning's room now. Go to the kitchen and head north to the pantry.
In there you will find a white door that has been locked earlier. Open it.

                              Chapter IX Summary                        [wa905]

 The last painting on the 2nd floor was in.....................Room 217
 When I finished collection letters I spelled..................JENNY
 When Mila and her father came here, she was...................Nine
 The name of the hospital was..................................Robbins
 I found something in Dunning's drawer.........................Birthday cards

                              Louie! Are you Dead?                      [wa906]

After opening the locked door in the pantry, Hyde finds Louie on the floor.
Touch him to try and wake him up, only to get hit in the head by a masked man.
This is where Chapter IX ends.

                              Chapter X - 2:00 AM                       [waX00]

 Area: Wine Cellar

 |      |           |                |
 |      |           |              C |
 +------+           +----------------+
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |   Map Legend
 |                                   |   -----------
 +----+                         +----+   PA -  Pantry
 |    |                         |  W |   C  -  Case of Whiskey
 |    |                         |    |   W  -  Half-Full Bottle of Whiskey I
 | L  |                         |    |   L  -  Half-Full Bottle of Whiskey II
 |    |                         |    |
 |    |                         |    |

Rosa has found Hyde in the wine cellar and wakes him up. Louie is back up too.
Louie says he didn't see who the one hitting the two of you was. Hyde tells
Louie and Rosa everything he has found out about Mila. Once you get back in
control, take a look at the Case of whiskey in the upper right end of the room.
This is the location that was circled on the sketch in Dunning's bedroom. There
are three bottles of whiskey in the case. Now, take the [Half-Full Bottle of
Whiskey] from the eastern end of the room, like marked on the map above. Now
you will need to combine the half-full bottle with the other half-full bottle
in the western part of the room. Again, as shown above on the map. With the two
bottles combined you will get a [Whiskey Bottle]. Put this full bottle of
whiskey into the case in the upper right corner of the room. Hyde hears a
sound once he puts the bottle into the case. Examine the shelf that the case of
whiskey is sitting on. It moves away and reveals a secret path! Madness!!

                                  Secret Cellar                         [waX01]

 Area: Underpass

The underpass is a corridor that isn't looking all that special. Run to the end
of it and open the basement door.

 Area: Basement - Do not fool around in here, as Hyde will get choked because
                  of too little air if you mess around too much, doing things
                  you aren't supposed to do. Follow the walkthrough -

 |                D  P   |
 |                  M    |
 |                       |
 |                       |
 |                       |   Map Legend
 |                       |   -----------
 |                       C   C  -  Cellar
 |                       |   M  -  Machine
 |                       |   D  -  Drawers
 |                       |   T  -  Trivia
 |                       |   O  -  Osterzone book by Evans
 |                       |   G  -  Guest Register
 | G   T O               |   P  -  Power Chord

Take a look at the drawers on the computer table. When you do (or if you
examine any other object) someone will lock the door to the basement from
the outside. Head over to the southern part and read the trivia, which is
the red book on the shelf. Then, grab the blue [Osterzone book]. Hyde finds
a [Photo of Dunning] inside the book. On the back of the photo, the date May
18, 1967 is written down. Now touch the boxes on the rightmost shelf to find
a guest register from two years ago. This register proves that Grace was at
Hotel Dusk two years ago. Go north and examine the computer. Press the POWER
button on the right side of the computer to find out that it won't work. Turn
the camera to the right and examine the computer's power chord. Tap it to find
out that the chord is connected, but that it still does not work.

Grab the [Hammer] from the toolbox under the computer table. Ok, now, in the
drawer on the computer table there is a locked box. The code to unlock it is
'518', which is written on the back of your photo of Dunning. There is a letter
addressed to Dunning inside. It says 'This is your last job. Finish it and
you're free'. The letter also tells Dunning that he must not reveal a secret.
This letter was sent from Evans to Dunning seven years ago. Note that there are
some letters on the bottom of the paper. These letters are not always the same,
so note them down. The ones I got were:

  Wabmzhwvm qa
  Lcvvqvo Auqbp

Hyde takes the [Letter from Evans]. After getting the letter, take a look at
the drawer below the one where you found the letter. There's a pair of scissors
and a file.

Use the pencil from your inventory on the file in the drawer. If this doesn't
trigger anything, you haven't done all the actions mentioned in the two
previous paragraphs. When you do get the pencil to trigger a minigame with the
file, just move the pencil up and down so that the lead grinds off towards the
file. Take the [Graphite Powder] once you're done grinding the pencil. Use the
graphite powder on the computer's power chord. Now you can turn on the
computer, but don't do it just yet. Instead, take a look at the piece of paper
on the right end of the computer table. Use your Black Light on this paper to
find a number. This number is also random, but mine was '18'. Note it down like
you did with the the letter from the drawer.

NOTE: If you do not have the black light, you can tilt the screen and looks
very carefully. You will be able to see the hidden number this way, even if
you do not have the Black Light!

With the letters and the number noted down, use the Letter From Evans on the
computer. That's right -- before turning the computer on, use the letter. The
letter will now appear on your left screen, while the computer is on the right
screen. Turn the computer on using the POWER button.

  |                                           |
  |  +-------------------------+    +-----+   |
  |  |                         |    |     |   |
  |  |                         |    | NR. |   |
  |  |                         |    |INPUT|   |
  |  |       SCREEN            |    |     |   |
  |  |                         |    +-----+   |
  |  |                         |              |
  |  |                         |    [POWER]   |
  |  +-------------------------+              |
  |                                           |       <----- Computer
  |                                           |
  |   ---------------------------------       |
  |   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  [Backspace]     |
  |   I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q               |
  |   R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z               |
  |                                           |
  |          [Spacebar]  [Enter]              |
  |                                           |
  |                                           |

Above, you can see how the computer looks like. After turning it on, enter the
number from the paper you found on the computer table into the NR. INPUT. Then,
once you've entered the number, type the mysterious letters you found in the
drawer using the keyboard. The keyboard is not case sensitive. To give you an
example, on what to enter, take a look at what I entered below. This
combination will most likely NOT work on your savegame.


 Wabmzhwvm qa
 Lcvvqvo Auqbp

Once you are done, press ENTER. The computer now says 'Osterzone is Dunning'.
This was the secret that was not supposed to be revealed. Someone knocks on the
door. Examine the door to have Louie open it for you. Back in the Underpass you
will need to activate a secret switch. Look at the map in the next section to
find out where it is.

                         Breaking Bricks in the Underpass               [waX02]

 Area: Underpass

                        |           |
 +--------+             B           V
 |   W    |             |           |    Map Legend
 +--------+-------------+-----------+    ----------
 |                                  |    W  - Wine Cellar
 |                                  |    W  - Basement
 |                                  |    X  - Switch
 |                                  |    D  - Secret Room
 +------------------------------X---+    V  - Secret Room II (used later)

Head over to the switch marked as a 'X' on the map above. When you do, some
bricks will fall off the wall. Use the Hammer you found in the toolbox under
the basement computer to destroy the wall completely. Keep on destroying the
wall until you hear a sound and find a door behind the bricks. Open the secret
door and head inside. It smells paint in here, since someone has been painting
here. Hyde tells Louie about who Osterzone is and that he has a daughter named
Jenny. Hyde explains that Dunning is Osterzone, and that he was the one who
made the angel painting that got stolen from the Gallery May.

                              The Smell of Wet Paint                    [waX03]

 Area: Secret Room

 |                              |
 |                              |
 |                              |
 |\                             |
 | `.                           |
 | A \                          |   Map Legend
 |    ::                        |   -----------
 |  .'                          |   A  -  Angel Painting
 |.'                            |   K  -  Knife
 |                              |   U  -  Underpass
 | ,---------.                  |
 |(    K      )                 |

Take the knife from the lower left end of the room and use it on the Angel
Painting in the left end. The angel painting looks like a painting with
nothing on, but after scrapping the painting with the knife, you'll get to
see the angel on it. Beautiful. This is the valuable painting that Danny was
after! Yeah, it's the painting that this game has been all about! Hyde
explains to Louie that everyone thinks the artist named Osterzone made this
painting many hundred years ago, but that the one that made it was Dunning.

In other words, there has never been any Osterzone. It's all fake! Hyde
thinks Bradley returned the painting to the one who made it -- Dunning. Hyde
thinks Bradley knew the truth about Osterzone being a fake all the time.
Hyde also explains that no one knew of Osterzone before Robert Evans made a
book about him. This book was of course, nothing but a big lie. What Hyde
does not know is WHY Dunning and Evans created Osterzone in the first place.

                               Dunning Spills It                        [waX04]

 Area: Secret Room II

Head out of the Secret Room again and look at the wall just right of the
basement where the computer is. There are some strange lines on the wall. Turns
out this is a door. Dunning and Mila are waiting inside. Dunning says that
he'll talk to Hyde, but not to Mila and Louie. When he hears about Mila looking
for her dad and Louie's dead mate Danny, though, everyone gets to stay. Dunning
says that he took Mila down here because he wanted her to see it. This was the
the place that Dunning and Evans saw each other for the last time. Ask Dunning
if he {talked to} Evans here. Dunning says the two of them talked about Jenny.

Dunning says that the angel painting was in his secret room because someone
left it. This someone is {Bradley}. Dunning says that this is correct, and that
Bradley told him something. Dunning explains that he has no idea where Evans
is, and that all he can do is to sit around at Hotel Dusk and wait for him to
turn up along with Jenny.

 |                                     | MAIN QUESTION TIME - DUNNING       |
 | {What did you and Evans discuss?}   +------------------------------------|
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Evans and Dunning discussed Jenny. Evans told Dunning that he took       |
 | Jenny away because Dunning didn't want to paint anymore. If Dunning      |
 | took the brush back up, Evans said he would return Jenny to him. Tell    |
 | Dunning that you think Nile organized the kidnapping. Dunning says       |
 | that Hyde might be right, and that he didn't want to listen to Evans     |
 | when he threatened with sending Nile on him.                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What did Bradley say?}                                                  |
 | -----------------------                                                  |
 | When Bradley was here he invited Dunning to drink with him. The two      |
 | of them drank lots, and Bradley managed to sneak out of Dunning some     |
 | info on Evans. Say that you think Dunning lied about Evans when he       |
 | talked to Bradley that night. When Bradley realized that Dunning was     |
 | lying, he said that he was being chased by Nile, because he knew         |
 | what Evans' secret was.                                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why did you stop painting?}                                             |
 | -----------------------------                                            |
 | Dunning stopped painting because he felt lousier and lousier each        |
 | time Osterzone got more popular, and that he felt like he would have to  |
 | bury who he was himself. Simply put, Dunning got tired of painting.      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Is Evans going to contact you?}                                         |
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Dunning says that some time ago he got real mad and slashed one of       |
 | his painting to bits in front of Evans eyes. Evans saw how mad           |
 | Dunning was, and promised him that he would return Jenny to him, and     |
 | that all Dunning had to do was wait for Evans to get in touch again.     |
 | Hyde wonders if a guy like Evans told Dunning about his own daughter.    |
 | Say that you think Evans didn't say a thing about his own daughter.      |
 |                                                                          |
 | {Why did he keep Mila a secret?}                                         |
 | ---------------------------------                                        |
 | Dunning has no idea.                                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | {What is Evans' secret?}                                                 |
 | -------------------------                                                |
 | Dunning says that what Bradley told him was that Evans actually chose    |
 | to work with Nile, but Nile knew him as Norman.                          |
 |                                                                          |

If you've got all the answers right, like I've described above, Dunning decides
to tell Hyde everything. He doesn't want to hide anything from Hyde. Dunnings
says that he and Dunning were reunited because of the plane crash in Las Vegas,
1960. Evans wife died in the crash, and so did Dunning's. Dunning and Evans
used to go to the same college, and met each other again at the airport. After
college, Evans took over his dad's art gallery, Gallery May, while Dunning
tried his luck as a painter. He didn't earn a lot of money though, as no one
cared about his paintings, no matter how good they were looking.

Now Evans and Dunning spent three years on creating Osterzone and his first
paintings. They made him up out of nothing -- except for Dunning's paintings
and Evans' plans that is. Evans wrote a book about how he discovered Osterzone.
Of course, this book was all lies. It all took off, and suddenly, wealthy
collectors started buying the paintings that Dunning had made. This was when
Evans started to deal with other scams as well -- he didn't stop with the
paintings. Dunning however, thought that the whole thing had gone too far, and
said that he wanted to stop painting. One day, Evans invited Dunning to his
hotel, Hotel Dusk. Dunning took Jenny with him and let her play with Mila.

Evans took Dunning down to the secret room in the cellar, and said that this
was a room he had built just for him, so that he could hide and paint without
anyone bothering him, or finding out about the Osterzone scam. Evans basically
told Dunning that he had to start painting again. He had to say this, since
Nile had sunk its claws into his back. Yep, Evans had gotten himself mixed up
with some heavy hitters -- Nile. Nile came to the hotel and took Jenny away.

Evans said that what Dunning had to do was start painting again, then Nile
would return Jenny to him. Dunning moved to the hotel and started painting.
Jenny didn't come back though, even thought Evans had promised she would.
Three years passed, and one day Dunning told Nile and Evans to go to hell.
This was when he received the letter Hyde found in the basement room where the
computer is. The letter said that Dunning just had to do one more job, then he
would be set free, and Jenny would return to him. When dunnint opened Hotel
Dusk as the new owner, he made up the 'crap' about wishes coming true, simply
to get people to stay at the hotel. Dunning did not know where Evans was, but
two years ago, he got a visit from a girl who used to work at Gallery May.

This girl was of course named Grace, and is Melissa's mother. Out of the blue,
she told Dunning she knew he was Osterzone. She said that Dunning had to paint
a piece for her, or else she would reveal the secret. As you know, Grace needed
money for Kevin's lawsuit.

Six months ago, Bradley showed up at Hotel Dusk. Bradley told Dunning that
Evans was deep in with Nile, calling himself Norman. Bradley also said he knew
everything about Osterzone. Bradley now said that he had made a deal with
someone in Nile.. A man named Norman. He said that Nile had his sister
(Bradley's sister) taken hostage. When Norman (Norman is Evans) wanted Bradley
to do was telling Nile everything that the police knew about them. If Bradley
did this, Nile would give him his sister back. This was why Bradley betrayed
Hyde -- to save his own sister from Nile. Bradley made the deal and betrayed
everyone, but when he got to find his sister, she was already dead.

Bradley now decided to trace Evans down and kill him. Bradley left the angel
painting at Hotel Dusk. He also left a key. Dunning gives Hyde the key. Take
the key. Dunning says he has no idea what it is for. This is it. The next
morning Hyde calls Red Crown and tells Ed everything he has found out. Ed says
he has been talking to the client who wanted the red box and the men's
magazine. Turns out that the client doesn't need the items after all. The
client is... Bradley. Hyde now takes the key he got from Dunning and opens the
red box. It actually works. Inside there is a letter written in a hand Hyde
knows well -- Bradley's handwriting.


    Hey, partner. I'm writing this in the hope that you'll find it
    and give it a read. Six months ago, I heard that you turned in
    your badge and left Manhattan. I figured it was my chance, so I
    arranged for you to be here. You know why I did it, don't you,
    partner? Because I know you. Because I knew you'd solve all the
    riddles hidden in this dump of a hotel. I knew you'd discover
    what happened here, and what happened to me. You're a damn
    bulldog, Hyde. I knew you wouldn't let it go. I had to believe
    that. Three years ago, I betrayed you. I put your finger on that
    trigger, and I made you pull it.

    You know Hyde, I can still hear your voice. Asking me why... Do
    you have any idea how angry you sounded? Of course, you always
    were the crazy one. But every time I hear it in my head, I see
    Mila. I see the way Evans killed my baby sister. And I remember
    the day six months ago when I took my revenge. I know you
    understand, Hyde. And so I'm on the run now. Nile wants me dead.
    Cops want me dead. Some life, huh, partner? Stop looking for me,
    Kyle. My way is a dead-end street. Let me go. I'm a ghost now.

    -- Bradley


The next morning, Rachel calls and Hyde tells her that he is going to hit the
road and take a vacation. Now, before leaving the hotel, you can talk to the
guests, as a final goodbye. Their locations are as follows.

 Jeff Angel - Outside of Room 215
 Jeff says that he is going to turn himself in to the police, and gives
 Hyde a letter from Summer. In the letter, Summer says that he has met
 Helen and talked about her son, Alan. He promised Helen tha the would
 find Alan, and that he is going to write a new best-seller, featurin
 Hyde as the main protagonist. This time, he won't steal anything.

 Helen Parker - Outside of Room 212
 She thanks Hyde for drinking with her last night, and says that she is
 going to return to Hotel Dusk sometime, staying in Room 215. Helen does
 not know about Dunning just making up the rumor about the wish room.

 Iris - On the Roof
 Iris says that she talked to Kevin and told him she was his wife Grace's
 sister. Iris has a photo shoot tomorrow, and is going to leave Dusk too.
 She believes that Grace is going to return one day.

 Kevin / Melissa - Central Hallway
 Melissa says that Kevin is much friendlier now, and that the two of them
 are going to the beach today. Kevin told Melissa that her mom loves her
 very much and that she is going to come home someday. Kevin thanks Hyde
 for everything, then he takes Melissa and leaves the hotel.

 Louie - Lobby
 Man says that it sounds weird with Hyde wanting a vacation, and explains
 that he thinks Hyde should go and see Mila before leaving the hotel.

 Mila / Rosa - Rosa's Room
 Try opening Rosa's room to overhear a conversation between Mila and Rosa.
 Rosa says that Mila can stay at the hotel for as long as she wants, but
 Mila doesn't sound like that is what she wants. Leave the two of them
 without opening the door.

 Dunning - Front Desk
 Hyde gives Dunning the key to Room 215 back. He wishes you happy new year,
 then says goodbye for now. Walk out of the hotel's main entrance now. Save
 your game after watching the credits.

                         Kyle Hyde's Chapter Summaries                  [ex001]
| NOTE: You'll find these summaries on the pause screen as well. Each time    |
| you complete a chaoter, a new summary will be added to the pause screen.    |

 |                       Kyle Hyde's Chapter I Summary                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | The name's Kyle Hyde. I used to be a New York cop, but three years ago   |
 | I gave up my badge and became a salesman with a joint called Red Crown.  |
 | I use the gig to search for a man named Bradley. Bradley was undercover, |
 | investigating a crime syndicate known as Nile, when he sold us out.      |
 | I found him, put a bullet in him and sank him down into the Hudson. Now  |
 | he's missing. But back to the present. It's December 28th 1979, and my   |
 | boss Ed told me to get my butt to a dive named Hotel Dusk. I help Ed     |
 | with a side business which is finding things that don't wanna be found.  |
 |                                                                          |
 | I arrive, check in and get the key to Room 215. A guy named Dunning      |
 | Smith, the owner, tells me that Room 215 grants wishes. I also learn     |
 | that a guest using my name stayed at the hotel some while ago. On my     |
 | way to the room I met a kid named Melissa. She tricks me into solving    |
 | a jigsaw puzzle for her, but once it's done she throw it down the        |
 | stairs. I make her pick the puzzle up, but she forgets a jigsaw piece.   |
 |                                                                          |
 | I get to Room 215 and take a breather, but trouble won't leave me be,    |
 | and I break my key when trying to open my suitcase. I need to pay        |
 | up front so I need to get the thing open and find my cash. Ed's package  |
 | shows and the bellhop brings it up. Bellhop turns out to be a street rat |
 | I know by the name of Louie DeNonno. He says he's clean now, but I've    |
 | got a hunch telling me there's more going on here. Louie brought me the  |
 | wrong package, so I head down to the front desk to straighten things     |
 | out. Near the desk, I see a girl I passed coming here. Name's Mila, and  |
 | she's wearing Bradley's bracelet on one of her hands.                    |
 |                                                                          |
 | Guy in Room 213 named Jeff Angel gave Mila a lift. Problem is Mila's     |
 | got no luggage and seems to be mute. The maid Rosa feels sorry for her   |
 | and takes Mila under her large wing. A guy named Summer calls the front  |
 | desk and tells them he has my package. He drops it at my room, and after |
 | lots of hand-wringing and fifty-cent words, I finally get the stuff that |
 | Ed sent me. Inside the box is a list of items I'm supposed to find and   |
 | some new products. The items are a small red box and a men's magazine.   |
 | I give Rachel a buzz and tell her I got the goods, then I go to work.    |
 |                                                                          |

 |                       Kyle Hyde's Chapter II Summary                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | I hear whistling coming from the linen room and catch Louie slacking.    |
 | He tells me a hotel ghost story, that lost and found stuff is kept in    |
 | Dunning's office, and that his pal Danny got iced three years ago.       |
 | After Louie has left for work, I toss the linen room and find one of the |
 | items I have been looking for: the men's magazine. While Dunning is out  |
 | of the office, I wander in and confirm that a Kyle Hyde stayed in Room   |
 | 217 six months ago. I also get a file cabinet open and find the small    |
 | red box that was on my wish list. I'm feeling good about finding items   |
 | on my order sheet, but my mood sours when Ed calls.                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | He tells me that when Ed's pal got killed, Nile's money went missing...  |
 | And now, Nile wants Louie. I press Louie about Danny's murder and learn  |
 | more than I bargained for. Seems Bradley was using Danny to try and      |
 | steal a painting from Nile's warehouse. After spilling his guts, Louie   |
 | offers to help me search for Bradley. Thing is, I want answers, and      |
 | Louie wants Bradley's blood. Bad things are in the air, I can feel it.   |
 |                                                                          |

 |                      Kyle Hyde's Chapter III Summary                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | On my way to dinner, I catch Melissa's old man, Kevin, giving her an     |
 | earful. Guy's some kind of sawbones and seems really worried that        |
 | Melissa said something about his missing wife. Louie is playing host     |
 | at the restaurant entrance. He tells me that the other Kylde Hyde        |
 | stayed in Room 217 six months ago. No one has been there since then.     |
 | I ask him to lift the room key for me, then I go to dinner.              |
 |                                                                          |
 | Before I get inside I meet Iris from Room 216. She says that Melissa     |
 | smacked her with a rag doll. When I get inside I find the rag doll in a  |
 | chair and take it with me. When I finish stuffing my face with Rosa's    |
 | home made cooking, Summer shows up. He asks me if there was a bookmark   |
 | in the package Louie brought. Then Rosa tells me he is actually a        |
 | best-selling novelist. After dinner, Louie shows me a fountain pen he    |
 | found. The words 'To Alan with love' are engraved on it, but there is    |
 | no one named Alan in this place.                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | I bring the doll up to Room 219 and give it to Melissa, who makes me be  |
 | her patsy again. Seems the puzzle's a gift from her missing mom, and     |
 | she left a good-bye message on the back of  it. I search the box in my   |
 | room and find the bookmark Summer was looking for. There is an angel     |
 | picture on it. I bring it to Summer and learn that the picture is An     |
 | Angel Opening a Door, which was painted by someone named Osterzone.      |
 |                                                                          |
 | More problems with Melissa. She and her old man get into it, and she     |
 | runs to Room 218. Problem is, the room's got no power and she gets       |
 | locked in. I fix the switchboard and get her out in one piece. Melissa   |
 | tells me her parents fought like cats in the rain, and that this is why  |
 | her mother split. Kid seems pretty torn up, but I don't blame her.       |
 |                                                                          |

 |                     Kyle Hyde's Chapter IV Summary                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | After I get the key to 217 from Louie, I go in and give it a once-       |
 | over. I find Bradley's lighter and a photo of a man and a young girl.    |
 | Now I've got proof that Bradley really was here. I return to 215 and     |
 | find the floor soaked. I check the bathroom and discover a plastic bag   |
 | full of loot in the toilet tank. No way it got there by magic, so        |
 | that's one more problem. I head down to the Front Desk.                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | I find Jeff telling Dunning he's been robbed. Punk demands that the      |
 | old man search every guest's belongings. From my end, it sounds like     |
 | he's missing some cash. Rosa waylays me and gets me to secure Summer's   |
 | autograph for her. I take the book to Summer and learn that he has       |
 | lost his fountain pen. I show him the pen Louie found, and he says       |
 | that it's his. I notice that a passage from Summer's book is identical   |
 | to what was written in the old notebook. Then Rosa tells me that         |
 | Summer's real name is not Alan. I decide that we need to have a chat.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | Summer folds like a card table and tells me that his debut novel was     |
 | stolen from a friend of his named Alan. Before he went missing, Alan     |
 | told Summer that Hotel Dusk was special to him.                          |
 |                                                                          |

 |                     Kyle Hyde's Chapter V Summary                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | I talk to Rachel and she gives me the goods on Osterzone. She also tells |
 | me that Angel Opening a Door was swiped from a Manhattan art museum      |
 | three years ago. I drop by Rosa's room and use my notebook to have a     |
 | quick chat with Mila. She tells me that her old man's name is Robert     |
 | Evans, and that the bracelet she is wearing was a gift from him. Melissa |
 | comes calling and asks me to fix her doll. While I play Betsy Ross, she  |
 | tells me that Jeff Angel was in my room.                                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | He was also in the linen room (this is supposed to say laundry), and     |
 | when I check it out, I find a hidden pistol. To get the skinny on Jeff,  |
 | I team up with Louie and have him get the punk out of his room. While    |
 | he is distracted I take a buzz and look through the things in his room.  |
 | I find his student id card, which is how I learn his last name is        |
 | actually Damon. I confront the kid, but he's harder than I thought, and  |
 | won't crack about hiding the cash in my john.                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | I remember a story in the newspaper about a Beverly Hills lawyer whose   |
 | home was ransacked. It said the thieves got off with cash and a piece.   |
 | With that info in place, I decide to question Jeff again. Jeff comes     |
 | clean, and admits hiding the loot in my room. He also tells me his old   |
 | man's a crooked lawyer working for Nile. He took his stuff so he could   |
 | get arrested and spill his family's secrets.                             |
 |                                                                          |

 |                     Kyle Hyde's Chapter VI Summary                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | I set Jeff straight and head for the bar to join Louie for a belt. We    |
 | get to talk about the Hyde that was here six months ago. Louie says      |
 | both he and Rosa had the day off when he was here. Helen comes into      |
 | the bar and we share a round. She shows me a coin trick and I learn      |
 | that she used to be a magician. I also find out that she's stayed        |
 | here twice in the last twenty years. I leave the bar and bump into       |
 | Rosa who asks me to run around the hotel and fetch a label off a         |
 | bottle of wine. Seems that Helen wants to keep it as some kind of        |
 | memento. As a favor to Rosa, I peel the label off of Helen's bottle      |
 | and bring it to her.                                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | I press Helen about her previous stays and she opens up and tells me     |
 | all about her past. Seems Helen spent her youth dreaming about the       |
 | spotlight. After she had a kid, she abandoned him to make it as a        |
 | magician. After regret set in, she bumped into him here twenty years     |
 | ago. Helen learned that her son wanted to be a writer, so she gave       |
 | him an engraved fountain pen. Turns out that her son is Alan Parker,     |
 | the guy whose book Summer stole.                                         |
 |                                                                          |

 |                    Kyle Hyde's Chapter VII Summary                       |
 | I'm still in the bar when Summer rolls in and tells me that he thinks    |
 | Iris is really an up-and-coming actress named Cecily Lee. I leave the    |
 | bar and run into Melissa, who is looking for her old man. Melissa        |
 | tells me she didn't get a Christmas tree this year, so I dig a tree      |
 | out of storage and decorate it for her. Mila and Louie swing by, and     |
 | well all have us a belated Christmas party. Melissa conks out, so        |
 | I get Louie to take her back to her room again. Mila and I keep          |
 | talking, and I find out that her father owns an art gallery called       |
 | Gallery May. Seems like Mila came to Hotel Dusk to look for her dad.     |
 | I meet Kevin in the lobby and tell him to go find his kid, but the       |
 | good doctor is three sheets to the wind. I return to the bar where       |
 | Louie tells me the doc was talking about Gallery May with Iris. I'm      |
 | curious about the gallery, so I find Iris and ask her about it.          |
 |                                                                          |
 | I learn that a friend of hers used to work there. Then, in a panic       |
 | she tells me that her envelope was stolen from her suitcase. I want      |
 | to know what's in the envelope, so I tell Iris I'll shake the trees      |
 | and see what falls out. I find Kevin trying to sober up. I wave away     |
 | the fumes and ask him some questions. He's belligerent, but he           |
 | eventually tells me why his wife left him. Seems he screwed up and       |
 | got sued for malpractice. Grace somehow came up with the money to        |
 | settle the lawsuit, but wouldn't tell Kevin where she got the money      |
 | from. With all trust gone, they start fighting all the time, and         |
 | Grace eventually hit the road. Kevin also tells me that Grace worked     |
 | at Gallery May before they were married and that she stayed at Hotel     |
 | Dusk two years ago.                                                      |
 |                                                                          |

 |                   Kyle Hyde's Chapter VIII Summary                       |
 | After I ask Ed to look into Robert Evans and Gallery May, I find Iris'   |
 | stolen envelope in a utility closet trash can. I also find a cassette    |
 | tape that was in the envelope. I borrow Louie's cassette deck and listen |
 | to the tape. It's some sort of shady deal recorded on the sly. I don't   |
 | know why Iris has this kind of tape, so I decide to press the lady for   |
 | more details. I press the right buttons and Iris comes clean. She said   |
 | that Grace sent her the tape and told her to come to Hotel Dusk if she   |
 | didn't hear from her by Christmas. Seems Iris and Grace are sisters who  |
 | were separated when they still were kids. Now Grace is on the lam, and   |
 | Iris is looking for her. Apparently, she's supposed to give the tape to  |
 | a man who painted the angel.                                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | Louie and I have an impromptu bowling match, and he ends up breaking a   |
 | potted plant. But that turns into a piece of good news, because we find  |
 | the wine cellar key inside. Rosa hears about Mila's missing father, and  |
 | thinks it's Dunning. She tells Mila she knows her father, but turns out  |
 | she's wrong. Her mistake reveals that Dunning has a daughter of his      |
 | own. After all that, Ed rings up and lets me know that Robert Evans      |
 | closed up Gallery May seven years ago and vanished off the face of the   |
 | earth.                                                                   |
 |                                                                          |

 |                     Kyle Hyde's Chapter IX Summary                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | Something Rosa said got me interested, and I take a look at the apple    |
 | paintings in the hotel. I discover that a letter of the alphabet is      |
 | hidden on each of them. There are five apple paintings in all. Rosa      |
 | tells me that the last one is hidden in Room 111. She gets me inside     |
 | to take a look and I figure out the code hidden in the paintings. I      |
 | arrange the letters in the paintings and spell the name Jenny. That      |
 | name and Room 111 makes Mila remember something, and she faints dead     |
 | away. I use mouth-to-mouth to revive Mila, and she comes around and      |
 | starts talking. Who knew? Mila finds her voice and tells us how she      |
 | came to the hotel ten years ago with her old man.                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | She says she and Jenny were playing in 111 when a goon came in and       |
 | took Jenny away. Kevin sees Mila run out of 111, and tells me that       |
 | she was a patient at his hospital until six months ago. Seems she was    |
 | in a come for ten years and her recovery is some kind of miracle. Doc    |
 | tells me that Mila's old man stopped seeing her just before she woke     |
 | up. Also tells me that a guy named Kyle Hyde came to see her. I talk     |
 | to Ed, and get to know that ten years ago, Robert Evans owned Hotel      |
 | Dusk. Then seven years ago, Evans passed the hotel to Dunning. I'm       |
 | still thinking this over when Rosa pops in and tells me that Dunning     |
 | ran off with Mila. I check Dunning's room, but no one is there.          |
 |                                                                          |
 | I do find some interesting things though. Dunning had a collection of    |
 | birthday cards addressed to Jenny, an old hotel brochure and a           |
 | newspaper article on Osterzone. I head down to the wine cellar to        |
 | meet Louie, but find him unconcious on the ground. When I go to check    |
 | up on him someone comes up from behind and puts my light out.            |
 |                                                                          |

                                 Star Stickers                          [ex002]
| NOTE: There are seven hidden star stickers in Hotel Dusk. On each sticker,  |
| there is a number, either a positive one or a negative one (plus or         |
| minus). The goal of this sidequest is to find all the stickers and add all  |
| the numbers together. Once you've done that, you can head over to the       |
| Vending Machine in the Lobby, put some coins into it, and enter the number  |
| you got. The number isn't always the same, so I can't just tell you what    |
| the number is here.                                                         |

 How to get the coins needed to operate the Vending Machine
 In Chapter IV, Jeff and Dunning will be talking about something that has been
 stolen from Jeff. This happens at the Front Desk. After Jeff has left Dunning,
 show Dunning your Cash (not the Stack of Cash) to receive some coins. These
 coins are needed for you to operate the Vending Machine in the Lobby.

 Star Sticker Locations
 Star Sticker I   -  Front Desk - Hanging on the wall
 Star Sticker II  -  Lobby - Hanging on the Vending Machine
 Star Sticker III -  2nd Floor Hallway - Western end of the hallway
 Star Sticker IV  -  Dining Room - On the piano
 Star Sticker V   -  Central Hallway - Southern end of the hallway
 Star Sticker VI  -  Bar - Hanging on the jukebox
 Star Sticker VII -  Restaurant Corridor - Hanging on the podium

 Vending Machine Prizes
 During your first playthrough, you will get a Pinkie Rabbit doll by entering
 the number from the stickers at the Vending Machine. During subsequent
 playthroughs you will earn a lipstick instead. There is no big thing about
 these items -- you can give them to some of the characters to make them happy
 or angry. It's all up to you, so have a good time!
                            Greetings And Thanks                       [en002]

I will, of course, have to thank Cing, the developers behind Hotel Dusk.
Compared to their last game, Another Code, they've really gotten things to work
this time. I wonder what the next game from them will be like. Got to mention a
band too, you know. They're named 10-FEET. See you around.

                                   Legal                               [en003]

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 permission from me, the author. Breaking these rules can get you into legal
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 ~ This document is copyright (c) 2012 snkupo
                               Version History                         [en004]

 Version 1.0 - May 12, 2007
 Walkthrough is finished. Hope you like it. If you don't, I'll cry. A lot.

 Version 1.1 - January 04, 2008
 I gave the design, and the search codes an overhaul today. Looks better, and
 as far as I know, it should also be easier to read now. Happy? At least I am.

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