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FAQ/Walkthrough by neeker

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/18/07


                       -- H O T E L  D U S K --

                 ,---.                   ,--. '| ---.
                 |---',---.,---.,-.-.    ,--'  | `--.
                 |  \ |   ||   || | |    |     |    |
                 `   ``---'`---'` ' '    `--'  - `--'

                      Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
                       FAQ/ WALKTHROUGH v. 1.1
                             By: neeker


This walkthrough can be posted on:

- GameFAQs.com 
- Neoseeker.com 
- 1UP.com 
- SuperCheats.com

and their associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me 
at lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com for this purpose.

FAQ thieves will be prosecuted, which involve torturing their feet 
with a feather, sending them to the Blue Coral Club, or throwing them 
into a mall infested with zombies. 

Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


In fact, it's extremely spoiler heavy due to the nature of the game. 
I can't do a spoiler free guide because I just have to explain it all, 
so that I can feel good. If you're likely to get offended by spoilers, 
please don't use a guide.



1. Contact Information
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Getting Started
5. Characters

6. Chapter One - 5:00 to 5:30pm                              [ HDCHP1 ]

      - 5:00pm                                               [ CHP100 ]
        - Checking-In                                        [ CHP101 ]
        - The Old Woman                                      [ CHP102 ]
        - The Vending Machine                                [ CHP103 ]
        - Moonlight Grill                                    [ CHP104 ]
        - Puzzle Bobble                                      [ CHP105 ]
        - Angel                                              [ CHP106 ]
        - The Wish Room                                      [ CHP107 ]

      - 5:10pm                                               [ CHP110 ]
        - Louie                                              [ CHP111 ]
        - The Wrong Parcel                                   [ CHP112 ]
        - Melissa                                            [ CHP113 ]
        - Mila and Rosa                                      [ CHP114 ]

      - 5:20pm                                               [ CHP120 ]
        - She knows about Hotel Dusk                         [ CHP121 ]
        - The Dame                                           [ CHP122 ]
        - The Writer                                         [ CHP123 ]
        - The Order                                          [ CHP124 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #1                                   [ CHP1QZ ]

7. Chapter Two - 5:30 to 6:00pm                              [ HDCHP2 ]

      - 5:30pm                                               [ CHP200 ]
        - Follow-Up                                          [ CHP201 ]
        - Va-Voom!                                           [ CHP202 ]
        - The Toolbox                                        [ CHP203 ]

      - 5:40pm                                               [ CHP210 ]
        - Helen                                              [ CHP211 ]
        - The Thick Wire                                     [ CHP212 ]
        - The Suitcase                                       [ CHP213 ]
        - The Payment                                        [ CHP214 ]
        - The Office                                         [ CHP215 ]
        - The Memo Puzzle                                    [ CHP216 ]
        - Nile                                               [ CHP217 ]
        - White Lies                                         [ CHP218 ]

      - 5:50pm                                               [ CHP220 ]
        - Where's Louie?                                     [ CHP221 ]
        - Danny                                              [ CHP222 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #2                                   [ CHP2QZ ]

8. Chapter Three - 6:00 to 7:00pm                            [ HDCHP3 ]

      - 6:00pm                                               [ CHP300 ]
        - Rachel's Question                                  [ CHP301 ]
        - A familiar Name                                    [ CHP302 ]
        - Dinner                                             [ CHP303 ]
        - The Missing Bookmark                               [ CHP304 ]
        - The Secret Word                                    [ CHP305 ]
        - The Piano                                          [ CHP306 ]

      - 6:20pm                                               [ CHP310 ]
        - Gentlemenly Conduct                                [ CHP311 ]
        - The Fountain Pen                                   [ CHP312 ]
        - Return of the Doll                                 [ CHP313 ]
        - Puzzle Bobble (Redux)                              [ CHP314 ]

      - 6:40pm                                               [ CHP320 ]
        - Bookmark Search                                    [ CHP321 ]
        - Angel Opening a Door                               [ CHP322 ]
        - Locked                                             [ CHP323 ]
        - Electro                                            [ CHP324 ]
        - Good-Bye, Thick Wire                               [ CHP325 ]
        - Why do adults lie                                  [ CHP326 ]
        - The Roof                                           [ CHP327 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #3                                   [ CHP3QZ ]

9. Chapter Four - 7:00 to 8:00pm                             [ HDCHP4 ]

      - 7:00pm                                               [ CHP400 ]
        - Room 217                                           [ CHP401 ]
        - Money in the John                                  [ CHP402 ]
        - Autograph Hunter, Part One                         [ CHP403 ]

      - 7:20pm                                               [ CHP410 ]
        - Coins!                                             [ CHP411 ]
        - A Theft in the Hotel                               [ CHP412 ]
        - Today's Papers                                     [ CHP413 ]

      - 7:40pm                                               [ CHP420 ]
        - The Other Stairs                                   [ CHP421 ]
        - Autograph Hunter, Part Two                         [ CHP422 ]
        - The search goes on                                 [ CHP423 ]
        - Special Penmanship                                 [ CHP424 ]
        - The Fake                                           [ CHP425 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #4                                   [ CHP4QZ ]

10. Chapter Five - 8:00 to 9:00pm                            [ HDCHP5 ]

      - 8:00pm                                               [ CHP500 ]
        - Osterzone                                          [ CHP501 ]
        - The Actor                                          [ CHP502 ]
        - A date with Rosa                                   [ CHP503 ]

      - 8:20pm                                               [ CHP510 ]
        - The Sick Girl                                      [ CHP511 ]
        - Dunning's Warning                                  [ CHP512 ]
        - The Broken Rag Doll                                [ CHP513 ]

      - 8:40pm                                               [ CHP520 ]
        - The Search for Jeff                                [ CHP521 ]
        - The Distraction                                    [ CHP522 ]
        - Room 213                                           [ CHP523 ]
        - The Confrontation                                  [ CHP524 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #5                                   [ CHP5QZ ]

11. Chapter Six - 9:00 to 10:00pm                            [ HDCHP6 ]

      - 9:00pm                                               [ CHP600 ]
        - The Old Ghost                                      [ CHP601 ]
        - The Seven Stars                                    [ CHP602 ]
        - The Prize                                          [ CHP603 ]
        - The Coins Puzzle                                   [ CHP604 ]
        - The Matchsticks Puzzle                             [ CHP605 ]

      - 9:20pm                                               [ CHP610 ]
        - The Insurance Clerk                                [ CHP611 ]
        - The 10th Anniversary                               [ CHP612 ]
        - Dunning's Past                                     [ CHP613 ]
        - The Wine Label                                     [ CHP614 ]

      - 9:40pm                                               [ CHP620 ]
        - The Bottles                                        [ CHP621 ]
        - Removing the Label                                 [ CHP622 ]
        - Helen's Memories                                   [ CHP623 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #6                                   [ CHP6QZ ]

12. Chapter Seven - 10:00 to 11:00pm                         [ HDCHP7 ]

      - 10:00pm                                              [ CHP700 ]
        - Hyde's Dad                                         [ CHP701 ]
        - Cecily Lee                                         [ CHP702 ]
        - Melissa's Christmas                                [ CHP703 ]

      - 10:20pm                                              [ CHP710 ]
        - The Christmas Tree                                 [ CHP711 ]
        - The Tree Box Puzzle                                [ CHP712 ]
        - Decorating the Tree                                [ CHP713 ]
        - Gallery May                                        [ CHP714 ]
        - Dunning's Room                                     [ CHP715 ]

      - 10:40pm                                              [ CHP720 ]
        - Kevin                                              [ CHP721 ]
        - Grace                                              [ CHP722 ]
        - Kevin's Secret                                     [ CHP723 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #7                                   [ CHP7QZ ]

13. Chapter Eight - 11:00 to 12:00am                         [ HDCHP8 ]

      - 11:00pm                                              [ CHP800 ]
        - The Envelope                                       [ CHP801 ]
        - The Cassette Tape                                  [ CHP802 ]
        - Rendevous at 216                                   [ CHP803 ]

      - 11:20pm                                              [ CHP810 ]
        - Bowling                                            [ CHP811 ]
        - Meeting at the Rooftop                             [ CHP812 ]

      - 11:40pm                                              [ CHP820 ]
        - Rosa's Room                                        [ CHP821 ]
        - The Old Brochure                                   [ CHP822 ]
        - Robert Evans                                       [ CHP823 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #8                                   [ CHP8QZ ]

14. Chapter Nine - 12:00 to 2:00am                           [ HDCHP9 ]

      - 12:00am                                              [ CHP900 ]
        - Apple Painting #1                                  [ CHP901 ]
        - Apple Painting #2                                  [ CHP902 ]
        - Apple Painting #3                                  [ CHP903 ]
        - Apple Painting #4                                  [ CHP904 ]
        - The Old Key                                        [ CHP905 ]

      - 12:20am                                              [ CHP910 ]
        - The fifth painting                                 [ CHP911 ]
        - Room 111                                           [ CHP912 ]
        - Jenny                                              [ CHP913 ]
        - CPR                                                [ CHP914 ]
        - Holy Crap, she's talking!                          [ CHP915 ]
        - Robbins Hospital                                   [ CHP916 ]

      - 12:40am                                              [ CHP920 ]
        - Interlude                                          [ CHP921 ]
        - Birthday Cards                                     [ CHP922 ]
        - The Secret Door                                    [ CHP923 ]

      - Answers to Quiz #9                                   [ CHP9QZ ]

15. Chapter Nine - 2:00 to ?                                 [ HDCHP0 ]

      - 2:00am                                               [ CHP000 ]
        - The Wine Cellar                                    [ CHP001 ]
        - Race against time                                  [ CHP002 ]
        - A Hammering                                        [ CHP003 ]
        - The Angel Painting                                 [ CHP004 ]
        - The man who painted angels                         [ CHP005 ]

      - 8:00am                                               [ CHP010 ]
        - End                                                [ CHP011 ]
        - Jeff                                               [ CHP012 ]
        - Summer                                             [ CHP013 ]
        - Helen                                              [ CHP014 ]
        - Iris                                               [ CHP015 ]
        - Kevin and Melissa                                  [ CHP016 ]
        - Louie                                              [ CHP017 ]
        - Rosa                                               [ CHP018 ]
        - Dunning                                            [ CHP019 ]
        - Mila                                               [ CHP020 ]
        - Dunning                                            [ CHP021 ]
        - ???                                                [ CHP022 ]

16. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix 3: Credits 


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
works here:



Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is Cing's follow-up project from Trace Memory. 
The games are not related, but Hotel Dusk takes what's good from Trace 
Memory and expanded the whole premise into something larger. This 
should be godsend for many adventure games lovers.

When I started playing this game, I had no intentions to write a 
guide for it. My last exercise in writing one for Phoenix Wright: 
Ace Attorney Justice for All has taken its toll on me, and I just 
wanted to enjoy the game by playing it. Some time into it, I felt 
very compelled to write a guide anyway, so I'd say that the purpose of 
doing it is more as a form of tribute to the game than anything else.

With that in mind, what I want to do here is to provide a very 
detailed guide about progressing through the game. This means that I'll 
add in ASCII drawings when necessary to better explain the situations. 
Of course, my drawings are not to scale, but they should offer a good 
reference to solving the various puzzles and all.

Without further ado, let's go into the basic information.


I love stylus-based games, because I don't really need to spend a lot 
of time explaining the matter of CONTROLS. You can play through this 
entire game with the stylus. Use the stylus to move, examine, pick up 
items, show items, talk, advance the story and basically everything 


Some stuff that you may want to know before you begin.

This game is played with a sideways orientation. This means that you 
hold your DS sideways, like how you would read a book. This provides a 
more interactive book feel to the game, which is good in my books. If 
you've played Brain Age, you will feel immediately at home with this 

You can choose your inclination from the onset, or change it under the 
"System" option when you pause the game. The difference when playing a 
left-handed game is that the touch screen is now on the left side, 
which means you hold the DS "upside down".

Like most adventure games, moving around while gathering clues is an 
essential element of Hotel Dusk. Some areas could be out of bounds to 
you during the early parts of the game, but they will eventually be 
opened up. At times, you may need to find items, or trigger events to 
unlock these doors. And, as I mentioned earlier, moving around is a 
breeze with the stylus - just point where you want to go on the touch 
screen, and your character will move towards it.

When walking around, your touch screen will essentially be your over-
head map screen. You will be represented by a "red dot" on the screen, 
and you must guide this red dot to your desired destination. While 
walking, take note of the other screen for a 3D view of the 
environments. The DS' ability to show you two screens at once does a 
great job in blending a simplistic 2D map screen and a 3D surroundings 
screen to provide you a great view of things. 

NPCs that you can interact with are represented by a "blue dot" on the 
map screen, by the way. You can also see them on the 3D screen, even 
though when you begin talking to them, they become artistic 2D images.

The icons on the screens are self-explanatory. The "door" icons will 
zoom in onto the nearest door, and you can knock on it, use a key on 
it, or simply open it. The "magnifying glass" icon means that you can 
examine a nearby area. The "people" icon means that you can talk to a 
nearby person. It's all very easy to understand. Check your manual for 
more information if you need.

There's a notebook feature in this game that is extremely handy. It's 
represented by, you guess it, a "notebook" icon on screen. When you 
come across something interesting, you can jot it down by simply 
writing whatever you see fit into the notebook. For example, when I 
first saw the poster of a pretty girl at the front desk in Chapter 
One, I wrote "nice t*ts" into my notebook. You know, that sort of 
things. Of course, you've limited space - you begin with only three 
pages. But events in the game will lead to more pages being added by 
NPCs later. 

Solving puzzles is part and parcel of the game. The variety in Hotel 
Dusk is quite amazing. All the puzzles that you will encounter in this 
game will be covered, and explained as best as I can. Unless it's 
about this very HARD jigsaw puzzle that you encounter very early in 
the game... :)

During a conversation, you may come across some "pressable" (I made 
this word up) statements, When these appear, a yellow triangle with 
a finger pointing will appear on screen. Tap this triangle to initiate 
a pressing action. When you press, you will usually be given two 
choices to ask your subject. Be wise when you choose these options, 
because a wrong move may just end it all!

When you come across interesting stuff while talking, you will mentally 
ask yourself some questions. These are represented by the "?" symbol 
on screen. They usually "fly" across the upper screen when they 
appear. A "?" can come in three colors - white, orange and red. White 
"?s" are those that you've no idea who to ask to. Orange "?s" are 
usually related to an immediate subject that you're talking to. Red 
"?s" are mandatory to trigger events and advance the stories. 

When using this walkthrough, I'll refer to these questions as they are 
shown on screen: "?s".

True to Trace Memory fashion, at the end of each chapter, the game 
will have a 5-question quiz. The purpose of these quizzes is to help 
summarize the events in the respecitve chapters. Answers to all these 
quizzes will be provided in this walkthrough as well, but try to do 
them all yourself since the story in this game is a strong feature 


The major NPCs in Hotel Dusk - and major spoilers if you haven't 
played the game at all:

Hero of the game. An ex-cop who has left the force after an operation 
gone wrong, Hyde is searching for an answer as to why his ex-partner 
betrayed him. He arrives at Hotel Dusk with a mission to recover some 
lost items for his present employment, but ends up finding more than 
he could have bargained for.

Rachel is the secretary of Ed Vincent, who happens to be Hyde's 
current boss. Ever efficient, and very pretty. She will prove to be 
a great help in Hyde's adventure in the moody Hotel Dusk. Her 
bespectacled looks remind me of Jessie from Dead Rising.

Ex-LAPD, and a man of many resources. Ed is quite a mysterious figure, 
as his appearance is intentionally masked off in all the proceedings. 

Ex-partner of Hyde, who went undercover in an art heist criminal 
group, only to find himself killing a middleman, and making off 
with both the money AND a very expensive painting. Bradley was shot 
by Hyde, fell into the Hudson, but his body was never recovered. 
He was last known staying in Hotel Dusk, posing as Hyde, some six 
months before the real Hyde arrives at the place.

The owner of Hotel Dusk. Grumpy old man. Loves sports. Hides some 
secrets, and the frequent induction of "game overs" for Hyde in the 

Shares the same name as Bradley's younger sister. A mysterious and 
pretty girl who can't speak. She claims that her father is a certain 
Robert Evans, who owns an art gallery called Gallery May, in Santa 

Small-time crook some three years ago, who was regularly busted by 
Hyde. Is now a bellhop, waiter and bartender at Hotel Dusk. Provides 
lots of comic relief in this game. Awoooooooo...!

Super Maid of Hotel Dusk. Complains a lot. Thinks she's always right.
Her hobbies including preparing steak and cleaning up the place.

Young punk with a lot of (wrong) attitude. Turns out he was hiding a 
secret as well - I mean, his surname isn't even Angel. Busted by 
Hyde some time into the game.

A lonely, young kid who's missing her father. It doesn't help that her 
father is entirely clueless about the situation. Melissa's innocent 
nature moves Hyde's heart a lot, and the hero will end up doing a lot 
of things to make Melissa a happy kid again. Including doing a very 
HARD jigsaw puzzle. Twice.

Melissa's old man. A surgeon who lost a malpractice suit, which 
resulted in the departure of his wife. Will eventually pick himself up 
after the nosey parker called Hype discovers his secret.

An old lady with an eye-patch. She's at Hotel Dusk because of a 
promise, but she may never see the person she misses most again because 
of the following person...

... who claims to be a best-selling writer, but turns out to be a 
fraud by stealing his friend's works. Got found out by Hyde after some 
handwritng inconsistencies.

14. IRIS
In my opinion, the sexiest of the lot of ladies in Hotel Dusk. Hides a 
secret that could ruin her acting career. 

6. CHAPTER ONE - 5:00 TO 5:30PM                             [ HDCHP1 ]
After the long (but impressive) introduction, you will assume control 
of Kyle. Tap through the self-introduction, and you will hit the door 
to Hotel Dusk. Tap on the handles to enter.

Tap the handles on the door to enter Hotel Dusk.

5:00 P.M.                                                   [ CHP100 ]

CHECKING-IN                                                 [ CHP101 ]
Below is a rough sketch of the opening area:

                  ---|    N     |-------------------
                  |                 |              |
                  |                 |    Front     |
                  |                 |    Desk      |
                  |                 |              |
                  |                 |--------------|
                  |                 \--------------|
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |-------                         |
                  |      |                         |
                  S      |                         |
                  |      |                         |

N - Next Area
S - Star Sticker #1 location

During the cut-scene, you will see the front counter. Before checking-
in, however, head to the bottom left corner of this area ("S") to find 
a point of interest. Examine the stuff here (eg. dart board, poster, 
sofa, etc.). Pay special attention to the star sticker on the wall. 
You should find a number (randomly generated). Note it down into your 

NOTE: You will find six more of such numbers. You will need them to 
complete a side quest later.

Head towards the front counter now. Examine the stuff at the counter 
(eg. TV, register, bell, etc.). When you tap the bell, the screen will 
zoom in. Tap it three times, and the owner of the hotel will greet 
you... in a sort of brutal kind of way.

NOTE: The TV has a note about its operating hours, which is 7:00-
9:00pm. You may want to turn it on then to check the programmes.

Talk to him, and when given the choice to ask a question, choose:

> Did you call me Rosa?

He will explain that Rosa is the maid of the hotel. He then proceeds 
to introduce himself as Dunning Smith. Tap through the conversation. 
Soon, Dunning will offer you a suite. Regardless of whether you choose 
to accept or reject this offer, you will end up staying in Room 215, 
so just choose whichever option you like.

Dunning will then give you a pen to fill up the registration form. 
Tap the pen to get it, and then tap onto the empty spaces on the 
form - it will be automatically filled up as you tap those empty 

Dunning comments that he finds your name familiar. When given the 
choice, ask:

> What's your problem?

and he will explain that six months ago, a guest with the same name 
as you stayed in the hotel. This is an important clue, so you may 
want to note it down.

Dunning will soon hand you the key. Tap the key to take it. You will 
find the word "Wish" inscribed onto the key. Dunning goes to explain 
that the rooms in Hotel Dusk are all marked with names. Room 215 
happens to be called "Wish". 

Go through the conversation, and then choose:

> What story?

and Dunning will provide a brief history of the room - apparently, 
the room grants wishes. After the talk, he will hand you the hotel 
brochure and map. As usual, tap them to add them to your inventory. 

Take note of the information that Dunning is telling now. The 
restaurant opens at 6:00pm for dinner, and 7:30am for breakfast. The 
bar opens at 9:00pm, and check-out is at 10:00am. These timings are 
important as events will happen during these, er, events at specific 

During the conversation with Dunning, you may notice some "?s" on 
screen. These are questions that you can ask Dunning now. Ask them all 
in the following sequence:

> What won't you talk about?

Dunning will further describe this other "Kyle Hyde", whom you think 
is your missing ex-partner, Bradley.

> My room grant wishes?

Dunning will tell you a fairy tale about how guests who has stayed in 
Room 215 have had their wishes granted.

> I'm waiting for a package.

Dunning mentions about "problems" about previous packages. This leads 
to another "?".

>  What was the trouble?

It happened that some time back, a crook was staying in the hotel, 
and a package sent to him led to some severe Hollywood-style gunfight 
in place.

You're all about done here, so leave Dunning and walk towards the area 
marked "N".


THE OLD WOMAN                                               [ CHP102 ]
Just as you're about to go to the next area (lobby), you hit a cut-
scene. An old woman walks into the hotel, asking for a room. She 
specifically asks for Room 215, but since you've already gotten the 
room, Dunning will regrettably feel damn, I mean, really sorry for 

Dunning will offer another room to her, which she accepts. Approach 
her and try talking to her if you want, but she will tell you that 
she's busy checking in, and will talk to you later. 

NOTE: This lady has an eye-patch over her right eye. A weird character 
design, but I'm sure there will be some story about this when the game 
unfolds... or will there?

Anyway, go to "N" again to enter the lobby.


THE VENDING MACHINE                                         [ CHP103 ]
Rough sketch of area:

                <- C                               | R
                  -                                 - 
                  |                           ---S-| 
                  |                            |   | 
                  |                            | V | 
                  |                            | M | 
                  |                            |   | 
                  |                           -----| 
                  |                                - 
                  |                                | 
                  |                                | O
                  |                                | 
                  ---|    N     |-------------------

N - From previous area
C - Next Area
R - Locked Door to Right Hallway
O - Locked Door to Dunning's Office
S - Star Sticker #2 Location
VM - Vending Machine
101 - Locked Door to Room 101

There are three locked doors here ("101", "R" and "O"). You can ignore 
them for now. If you want, you can examine the chairs and tables and 
what have you, but the most important thing here is the vending 
machine at "VM". 

Examine the left side of the machine to find the second star sticker. 
Note the number into your notebook, and then examine the right side of 
the machine. There's a note there describing the nature of this star 
sticker side quest. If you can find all seven stickers in the hotel, 
you can come back to this machine to key in the total sum of these 
numbers to win a prize.

NOTE: Whether you do this or not is optional, but I know you want to, 

Examine the front of the machine to find that to use it, you need 
coins. There's only ONE chance that you can get coins for this side 
quest as far as I know, and it's in Chapter 4. I'll get to that when 
the time comes.

You can now head towards the area marked "C" (Central Hallway).


MOONLIGHT GRILL                                             [ CHP104 ]
Rough sketch of area:

                               | - |
                               | - |
                          -----| M |-
                          |         |
                          L       C <-
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          _ |B      |
                          | |       |
                         M|         |
                         G|         |
                          |         |
                          -         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |

C - From previous area
M - Next Area (Stairs to 2F)
S - Star Sticker #3 location
B - Signboard and Chalkboard
L - Locked Door to Left Hallway
MG - Moonlight Grill Restaurant

Head down to the end of the hallway to find the next star sticker at 
"S". As usual, note the number into your book. Check out the painting 
with the apples and wine as well. On the way there, if you examine the 
area at "B", you will find the restaurant signboard and a chalkboard. 

Tap the chalkboard to zoom in, and then take note of the chalks at the 
bottom right corner of the board. You can tap them to zoom in, but you 
can't use them now. You will come back to them later to solve a 
puzzle... or you may not.

"MG" is the restaurant itself, but it won't open until 6:00pm, so head 
towards the stairs at "M".


PUZZLE BOBBLE                                               [ CHP105 ]
Cut-scene, and your path will be blocked by a little girl. She's 
Melissa, but you won't get to know her name until later. Anyway, talk 
to her, and ask:

> Is something wrong?

She's apparently "playing" on the stairs. Continue talking to her 
until you ask for her name. She refuses, so ask her:

> Why won't you tell me?

She replies that about not talking to strangers, especially jerks like 
you (damn). You will automatically tease her about her mum, after 
which she will get all mental. Choose:

> Oh, give her a break.

It seems that she's trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle, but her dad 
finds that she's too noisy in their room, so she's doing it on the 
stairs instead. 

> A puzzle, huh?

As expected, you will get the chance to offer help, 
so, when given the chance, choose:

> Let me help.

Now, this puzzle is HARD, man. I mean, seriously, hardest puzzle I've 
experience since I started playing video games in 1986. Just crazy 
stuff. I wish you all the best... oh, wait, you mean I only need to 
rotate three pieces of jigsaw and place them into the empty slots? 

NOTE: Use the rotate icons on the top left and right of the screen to 
rotate. Click and hold a piece to move it. 

After you finish the puzzle, the girl will comment that it's not 
finished because she didn't get to do it herself (I like this 
attitude). She will then proceed to throw the puzzle on the floor (I 
don't like this attitude). After some stern warning from you, she will 
pick up the pieces and go upstairs. 

She leaves a piece behind though, and you can pick it up. Upon picking 
it up, you will find some wordings behind the puzzle. Come to that 


ANGEL                                                       [ CHP106 ]
Rough sketch of area:

   -----|216|--|217|--|218|-|  M  |--|219|--|-R-|--|220|---|-U-|--
   |S|                                                           |
   |--                                                           -
   |                                                             RO
   |                                                             -
   |                                                             |
   -----|215|--|214|--|213|--     ---|212|--|211|---------|-L-|---
                            |  A  | 
                            |     | 

M - Stairs leading to 1F
S - Star Sticker #4 Location
U - Utility Room
L - Linens Room
A - Apples and Wine Painting
R - Locked Door leading to Right Hallway
RO - Locked Door leading to Roof

211 - Martin Summer
212 - Helen Parker?
213 - Jeff Angel
214 - Empty
215 - Kyle Hyde (you)
216 - Iris
217 - Empty now, but "Kyle Hyde" six months ago (Bradley?)
218 - Empty now, but Melissa will be locked inside later
219 - Kevin and Melissa Woodward
220 - Empty

You're now at 2F. Go left a little to hit a cut-scene. You will see a 
young chap looking around, as if he's searching something. Talk to 
him (tap the yellow triangle):

> Hey, you ok?

He introduces himself as Jeff Angel. After some small talk, he will 
say something about having no choice but to come to a place like this. 

> No choice, huh?

The conversation will continue until he says that it's too bad you're 
not a cop. You can now ask him some "?" questions.

> It's too bad I'm not a cop?

This will soon be followed by another option:

> Cool?

He replies that this hotel looks like a scene for a cheap TV crime 
drama. It would be nice if a real crime really takes place here, 
blah blah. Something is wrong with this guy.

You can now ask about the girl you saw earlier.

> Who's the kid on the stairs?

He reveals that the girl on the stairs is Melissa, and she stays with 
her dad at Room 219.

Jeff excuses himself soon. Head left all the way to the area marked 
"S" to find some stuff to examine. On the side of the dresser, you can 
find another star sticker. You know what to do.

NOTE: Four star stickers now, and you will get the other three by 
Chapter Six.

You may also want to check out the apples and wine painting at "A". 
This is for a later puzzle.

Go to Room 215 now. Once there, tap the "door" icon to zoom in to the 
door. Access your inventory and choose the Room 215 Key. Use it on the 
door knob/ keyhole, and you will unlock the door. Tap the door knob 
again to get into the room.


THE WISH ROOM                                               [ CHP107 ]
Rough sketch of the room:

                      ---------------| D |---
                      |         |           |
                      |         |           H
                      |    T    |           |
                      |         |           |
                      |         |           |
                      |----------           |
                      |P|                   |
                      |--------             |
                      |  Bed  |        / \  |
                      |--------         S   |
                      |                \ /  |

D - Door
T - Bathroom
H - Hanger
P - Dresser with phone, brochure and paper clip
S - Table/ Suitcase
Bed - Er, bed where parcel boxes will be

Once in, you will automatically put your suitcase on the table at 
"T". The phone rings soon, so head to "P" and tap the dresser. The 
screen will zoom in, and you can touch the phone. Once you do that, 
you will hit a cut-scene. Oh, Rachel.

She reminds you of your task, so take down those stuff she tells you 
if you want (client list, etc.). After she hangs up, the phone rings 

This time, it's Dunning. It seems that he wants you to foot the bill 
by 6:00pm - take this down in the notebook. Now, you need cash, and 
you remember keeping some in the suitcase. Check your inventory for 
the suitcase key, and use it on the suitcase.

Touch and hold the key and move it towards the middle of the suitcase 
to slot the key in. Turn the key a few times until it breaks. Don't 
worry about this though - it's part of the story. Instead, you will 
comment that you need something to pick the lock. 

Head back to "P", and examine the hotel brochure. Once zoomed in, you 
should find a paper clip. Touch it to pick it up. Now, use the paper 
clip on your suitcase. You will activate a puzzle. Just click and hold 
the white shining spot and move the clip until it straightens into a 
thin wire. 

With the thin wire, you can have a go at picking the suitcase lock. 
Use the wire on the suitcase to activate the puzzle. You need to push 
all three pieces firmly into place. You can try all you can, but you 
won't succeed. It seems that the wire is too thin - you will need a 
thicker wire.

You won't find it now though, so don't bother. Instead, walk towards 
the door and you will hit another cut-scene. Someone's knocking on the 
door. It seems that your parcel has finally arrived.

5:10 P.M.                                                   [ CHP110 ]
Can you believe it? After all those talking, walking, puzzlings, etc., 
only 10 minutes have passed?


LOUIE                                                       [ CHP111 ]
Open the door, and the bellhop will be at the door. Click through the 
conversation with him - he seems a little uneasy when talking to you. 
He requests your help, so tap the top parcel to take it away. You will 
place the box on the bed automatically.

Now, the bellhop will try to leave, but you find something amiss. 
Click the yellow triangle and say:

> You sound familiar!

and you will eventually get a chance to grab his face. Point the 
stylus to his chin and move it. You will get to see that he's none 
other than Louis DeNonno, a small-time pickpocket that you've busted 
many times before when you were still in the force.

Turns out that Louie has left New York three years ago, and has been 
working at the hotel since. He has apparently left his past behind, 
but "three years ago" seem to give you other ideas - could he be 
connected to your leaving from the force, perhaps?

Continue talking to him until you get the chance to say:

> Bad memories of me, eh?

Seems that Louie has been checking the register and parcels over the 
past few years, hoping that he will never bump into a familiar name. 
He mentions that thankfully, he hasn't.

This grabs your attention - didn't Dunning mention earler about a 
guest called "Kyle Hyde" from six months ago?

Anyway, when given the choice, say:

> It's kind of complicated.

Louie will become a great help to you as the game progress, so no harm 
being nice. Continue talking until he says that there seems to be a 
different vibe in you. You can now ask all the "?" questions. Do so in 
the following sequence:

> I have a different vibe?

He replies that the Officer Hyde of all is no longer evident in you. 
This triggers some memories of Bradley and you.  

> You're doing better?

When he says he's too old to keep working the streets, ask:

> So what happened?

He admits that something happened in New York that caused him to 
leave, but he won't tell you what. This raises another "?", which 
you can ask right away:

> What won't you talk about?

No use. Louie won't talk. Ask about the other "Kyle Hyde" then.

> No guests had my name?

He's adamant that there was no other guest by the name of "Kyle Hyde" 
during the three years that he's here. Hmm...

The talk is still not over. Continue on, and Louie will ask about your 
changing of jobs. Reply:

> I hung it up.

You will explain that you're no longer a detective. This draws a 
hilarious outbreak from him, plus more memories from you. With this, 
this long conversation is finally over. Take note that you've promised 
to keep his past a secret.


THE WRONG PARCEL                                            [ CHP112 ] 
Go to the parcel now, and examine it. You will find a brown notebook 
inside. Tap onto it to examine it. This is not what you were waiting 
for though, so it seems that Louie has delivered the wrong package. You 
need to inform the front desk. The notebook, titled "The Secret Word", 
will be added to your inventory.

Leave Room 215 now and head towards the stairs to hit a cut-scene.


MELISSA                                                     [ CHP113 ]
Melissa has came out from Room 219. Walk towards her and talk. She 
metions that she lost something really important. When given the 
prompt, ask:

> Why can't you see Mom?

Listen to her problems with the father, and then ask:

> Going to see your mom, huh?

Another yellow triangle real soon, select:

> Where'd your mom go?

More sorrows about a missing mother from Melissa. Seems that her dad 
is clueless about finding his missing wife as well. Poor kid. 

Continue talking, and then ask:

> What's your old man do?

Turns out that Melissa's father is a surgeon, who works at some 
hospital somewhere. She also mentions that her mom works at an art 
museum, and that her name is Grace. 

Melissa will eventually tell you that she likes to draw pictures of 
her mom. You will ask her to draw one into your notebook. Tap the 
notebook when she's done to retrieve it.

You then remember about the puzzle piece that she dropped earlier. 
Select it from your inventory and show it to her. She comments that 
the puzzle was a gift from her mom, and that she treasures it very 

Before you leave the conversation, check page 4/4 of your notebook to 
find a drawing of Melissa's mom. Cool.

Once you exit the conversation, Melissa's dad will come out of Room 
219. They will both return to the room, so you can continue your long 
journey to the front counter.


MILA AND ROSA                                               [ CHP114 ]
Once you head into the front desk area, you will see a girl near the 
door. If you actually paid attention during the introduction, you will 
find her familiar - she was the pretty lass along the highway while 
you were driving here.

Go towards her and try talking to her. No response. Tap her on her 
shoulder to get her attention. She will turn around, but she won't 
reply. Soon, you will here a loud voice behind you.

This sees the introduction of Rosa the maid. Talk to her. She will 
tell you that the mysterious girl's name is Mila. After the talk, 
walk towards Rosa and talk to her again. She comments about traveling 
salesmen, which you can ask:

> A salesman, huh?

The observant Rosa has noticed the Red Crown jacket that you're 
wearing. It seems that she has bought something from your company, and 
isn't very satisfied with them. 

After the initial small talk, you can now ask some questions.

> Her name's Mila?

Rosa will bring your attention to a bracelet on Mila's left arm. It 
says: "Mila" (duh!). This is not what shocks you though - this 
bracelet looks the same as the one that Bradley was wearing when you 
shot him three years ago.

Continue the conversation until Rosa says that she will drop Mila in 
her room. Ask:

> You're going to drop her?

This simply means that Rosa will let Mila stay in her room. She also 
explains that Mila managed to make her way to the hotel by hitching a 
hike. A young man who checked in earlier brought her.

> What guy brought her?

Yes, you guess it right. It's Jeff Angel, who stays in Room 213. When 
Rosa asks whether you know him, reply:

> Yeah, we met.

Rosa doesn't have a good impression of Jeff. Me neither.

Ok, you can ask about the parcel now. 

> I got a wrong package.

Just after this, the front desk phone will ring. It appears that 
someone has found your parcel, because a wrong one has been delivered 
to him as well. He will offer to bring your parcel to your room later, 
so head up to 2F again.

NOTE: You will also comment that Bradley's kid sister is called "Mila", 
incidentally. Coincidence?

5:20 P.M.                                                   [ CHP120 ]

SHE KNOWS ABOUT HOTEL DUSK                                  [ CHP121 ]
You decide to talk to Jeff about Mila, so head towards Room 213 and 
knock on the door. Ask:

> You didn't know her name?

Jeff replies that he doesn't know Mila, but found her while he was on 
the way here. Apparently, Mila specifically asked to go to Hotel Dusk.

When given a choice, choose:

> She ASKED?

Knowing that Mila doesn't really talk, this should be the correct 
question to ask Jeff. He replies that she didn't actually ask verbally.
Instead, she was holding a brochure of the hotel. He thought that she 
wanted to come here, so he gave her a ride.

Now, ask:

> She knews about this hotel?

Jeff added that he asked Mila where she was heading, and she showed him 
the brochure. No arguments here. Mila was heading for Hotel Dusk.


THE DAME                                                    [ CHP122 ]
Jeff will return to his room soon, so go back to Room 215. When you're 
about to reach, the door opposite Room 215 opens. A pretty lady comes 
out of it, and greets you.

She introduces herself as Iris. After some small talk, ask:

> What are you confirming?

Listen to her ramble about not wanting anyone to stay beside and 
opposite her, and then reply:

> I'm a salesman.

She seems happy that you're a salesman, and comments that it means you 
won't be taking photos of her. You give her your opinion about taking 
photos of her. When she's about to leave, Louie appears. 

Talk to both Iris and Louie until she returns to her room. 

After Louie leaves, knock on Iris' door, and ask:

> Why is the princess here?

if you want. She will reject your advances and slam the door on you.

NOTE: You can skip this part if you don't feel like having a door 
slammed at you.

Go into Room 215 now.


THE WRITER                                                  [ CHP123 ]
Head towards the middle of the room, and someone will knock on your 
door. Open the door to find a bearded man with glasses. He introduces 
himself as Martin Summer. You find the name familiar, but can't recall 
anything further. He also tells you that he's staying in Room 211 

When he says that he saw your stuff in the wrong parcel, tell him:

> Don't read my stuff!

He gets angry upon hearing this, so quickly pacify him by apologizing:

> Sorry. Got carried away.

He tells you that your parcel is right beside his feet. You can now 
ask about his name:

> I've heard of you.

Seems that he's a writer. Ask:

> You're a writer?

He will eventually ask whether you've read his books. You can reply 
"nope", and you can lie to him, like me:

> Uh... yeah... Sure...

He will then ask which book have you read. The answer is pretty 
obvious, with all the angel references in the game so far:

> The Angel Whispers.

He's delighted that you've read his book, phew! You will now pass the 
notebook to him. Once he gets his hands on it, he will be heavily 
distracted. In fact, he's so distracted that he won't even bother 
looking at you anymore. 

Touch the parcel next to him to pick up your package. Now, there are 
two boxes on your bed. How do you sleep now?

Dismiss Summer, and go to your bed now for the parcel.


THE ORDER                                                   [ CHP124 ]
Examine the parcel. The screen will zoom into the contents of the box. 
Pick up the client list, and the order sheet. On the order sheet, you 
will find the items that you need to recover:

1. A small red box.
2. The December issue of a magazine with Cecily Lee on the cover.

Check out the products that you need to sell if you want, but you 
should really call Rachel now. Head towards "P" in the room and touch 
the phone to call.

NOTE: The products here are a mini sewing machine and a adhesive 

After talking to Rachel, the chapter will come to an end. Before that, 
however, you will need to gather your thoughts, much like what you do 
in Trace Memory. You will do so by asking yourself some questions, 
and then answering them...


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #1                                          [ CHP1QZ ]
1. ... to find certain items.

2. ... that is grants wishes.

3. ... Bradley.

4. ... she wore a bracelet.

5. ... a small red box.

NOTE: The questions are presented in a multiple choice format. Simply 
touch the correct answer to proceed to the next one.

                                                      CHAPTER ONE: END

7. CHAPTER TWO - 5:30 TO 6:00PM                             [ HDCHP2 ]
Wow, that was one of the longest first chapters I've ever played in a 
video game. 

5:30 P.M.                                                   [ CHP200 ]

FOLLOW-UP                                                   [ CHP201 ]
You should start poking your nose around the hotel to gather clues. 
Exit Room 215 to find Rosa along the corridor. Go talk to her.

Now, it's a little tricky, this one. You may get a "game over" if you 
piss Rosa off too much, especially when it comes to a story/ rumor 
about the hotel's past. Anyway, to get through this smoothly, go 
through the conversation by asking the following questions:

> Tell me about Louie.


> What stories?


> You can't talk?


> Ok, I won't push it.

NOTE: If you insist on asking Rosa to "spill it", she will arrange a 
date with Dunning for you at the front desk. This will lead to an 
early bath for you...

I'll leave the details/ outcome of these choices to you, since the 
bulk of it doesn't really provide much information. The general idea 
is that there's a rumor about the previous owner of the hotel - you 
will get to know more about this later, anyway.

You can also ask about Mila:

> How's Mila doing? 

When given a choice, select:

> The bracelet.

This will set up a date with Mila at Rosa's room at 8:00pm. Cool.


VA-VOOM!                                                    [ CHP202 ]
Rosa will leave to prepare dinner soon. Once she's gone, go a little 
to the right. You will hear a whistle from the end of the corridor. 
The cut-scene doesn't exactly tell you which room it comes from, but 
it's actually from the Linens Closet. 

Use the 2F sketch from Chapter One, and head towards the room marked 
"L" to reach Linens. Touch the door knob to enter. 

Rough sketch of area below:

                          -------|  F  |------
                          |               | L |
                          |               | O |
                          |               ----|
                          |                   |
                          |(T)                |
                          |---                |
                          |  |            ----|
                          | S|            |   |
                          |  |            |   |
                          |---        L   | V |
                          |               |   |
                          |               ----|
                          |                   |
                          |--------------|    |
                          |              |    |
                          |              |    |

F - Previous Area (2F Corridor)
L - Louie
V - Magazine
S - Ironing Board/ Linen Cart Area
T - Trash Can
LO - Locker/ Screwdriver/ Pliers/ Crowbar

You will find Louie here. Seems that he's taking some time off while 
reading a copy of Va-Voom, which happens to be a magazine of some 
objectional contents. 

Talk to Louie, and you should get to ask:

> This your hiding spot?

He insists that he has been working hard.


> What did you clean?

He mopped. And then, you know, dusted stuff. Sigh.

Continue talking to him until you can tackle the "?s":

> What stories did you mean?

The secret that Rosa has been trying to hide so vehemently just moments 
earlier will be unveiled. Ghosts! Louie will mention an incident 
relating to this matter, so:

> When was this incident?

This incident happened 10 years ago.

> Talk about the incident.

Seems that a girl disappeared in the middle of the night while staying 
in the hotel 10 years ago. 

Continue asking:

> A girl disappeared?

The girl was only 10 years ago. Her dad looked all over for her, but 
she wasn't found. The cops got a mysterious letter later, telling them 
where they could find the girl's body.

But amazingly...

> Did they find the body?

... no. And so, after a while, the stories about ghosts started 

You can now press:

> Dusk went bankrupt?

Yes it did, and Dunning was the one who picked the place up again, 
even though not in the most spectacular manner.

You should now ask about Mila:

> What's Mila like?

Louie gets shy, which is weird. Anyway, he will comment about your 
eye for the ladies, so press:

> Nothing changes?

Seems like you're some dinosaur from some tar pit when it comes to 
the girls. Good metaphor, Louie.

Now for the last "?":

> Stuff gets left behind?

Louie will tell you that Dunning keeps all the lost and found items in 
his office. Looks like you need to find a way to sneak in...

Continue talking to Louie. You will talk about Bradley, of which Louie 
replies that "he understands". You can press about this: 

> You understand?

He will tell you that he has a buddy who died three years ago. This 
will set up a tensed finale to this chapter, but we will come to it 

Once Louie leaves, you can finally examine this area. Check the 
shelves at "V" to find a copy of men's magazine featuring Cecily Lee 
on the front cover. That's one item down from Ed's list.


THE TOOLBOX                                                 [ CHP203 ]
Now, time to find a way to open your suitcase. Examine the locker at 
"LO" to find a toolbox (it's the red thing on the top shelf) that 
holds three items:

1. A crowbar
2. A pair of pliers
3. A screwdriver

Take them all if you want, but the pliers is the only thing you need 
at the moment.

NOTE: Just double tap on all three items to add them to your 
inventory. Precision tapping is required.

5:40 P.M.                                                   [ CHP210 ]

HELEN                                                       [ CHP211 ]
On your way back to Room 215, you will pass Room 212. The old lady 
with the eye-patch will greet you. Talk to her to find out her name - 
it's Helen Parker. 

She will excuse herself after talking to you about rooms and names. 
You've a "?" to ask her though, so knock on her door to get her to 
come out of her room again. Ask:

> Why stay here?

She replies that she has some dear memories of this place. 


> What kind of memories?

Secret, dude.

You will find out more about these memories in the later chapters.

Ok, chop chop. Room 215.


THE THICK WIRE                                              [ CHP212 ]
Refer to the sketch in Chapter One, and examine the area marked "H" to 
find a hanger. Select the pliers that you've just nicked from the 
Linens, and use it on the hanger. You will need to use the pliers to 
cut the hanger so that you can get the thick wire needed to pick the 
lock on your suitcase.

Refer to the following sketch, and point your stylus to the points 
marked "A" to cut the hanger:

                    |   | |        | |
                       -  -
                      /    \
                ------      ------
               /                  \

You get a thick wire, finally! Go to your suitcase now, and use this 
new wire on it. Push the wire into the keyhole. You will need to use 
your stylus to push all three pieces of the lock into place. It's 
actually quite easy to do - simply hold and drag the pieces down, 
piece by piece. If you take too long with a piece, an earlier inserted 
piece may "pop out" again, so take note. Shouldn't take you more than 
30 seconds to open the suitcase though.


THE SUITCASE                                                [ CHP213 ]
You will find the following items in your suitcase:

1. A pair of socks
2. A bottle of whiskey
3. A shirt
4. A tie
5. An electric shaver
6. A pencil
7. A stack of cash

You only need the cash now, so drag the pencil away (it's blocking 
your path to the cash), and double tap the money to add it to your 

You may also want to check the top segement of the suitcase to find 
the following:

1. Some receipts for claims
2. A Red Crown brochure
3. A map of L.A.
4. Yesterday's papers
5. A photograph

You can't take any of these with you, though. 

Before you leave, stash the client list into the suitcase. 

Go to the front desk next.


THE PAYMENT                                                 [ CHP214 ]
At the front desk, you can't seem to find Dunning. Instead, go back to 
the lobby area, and knock on his office's door. Check the lobby map 
in Chapter One for the location - it's marked "O", just beside the 
vending machine. 

Talk to Dunning, and pay him the forty bucks you owe him for the 
night's stay. He will apologize, but you aren't so sure why. Press:

> I don't follow you.

and he will tell you that it's about the parcel mix-up. You will get 
free dinner as a result, woohoo!

Dunning will then go to his quarters for a nap. In his haste, he 
forgets to lock his office. Time for some SPLINTER CELL action, man!


THE OFFICE                                                  [ CHP215 ]
Touch the door knob on Dunning's office door to enter. Lot's of things 
to do here, so refer to the sketch for the locations for all these 

                ----------------------|  R  |------
                |                                 |
                |                            -----|
                |                -------     |    |
                |----            |     |     |    |
                |   |            |  N  |     |  S |
                | A |            |     |     |    |
                |   |            -------     |    |
                |   |                        -----|
                |----                             |
                |                                 |
                |                                 |
                |                                 |
                -                                 |
                L                                 |
                -        |  3     |   B           |
                |        |        |               |
                --|  F  |--------------------------- 

L - Previous area (Lobby)
F - Locked door to Front Desk
R - Locked door to Right Hallway
T - TV/ Drawer A ("Kyle Hyde" Records)/ Tourist Brochure & Map
N - Newspaper Articles
S - Sofa
3 - Cabinet 3/ Memo/ Use Crowbar 
B - Calendar/ Birthday Card/ Supervisory Log

First things first. Examine the desk at "B". You will find plenty of 
examinable items here. Click them all. The important things here are:

1. A calendar - the date December 5th is circled
2. A birthday card with a message - "Happy Birthday to my dearest 
3. A supervisory log - it says that things left by guests are kept 
into drawer "3", while the guest registration is kept into drawer "A".

Now, go to "A" to find drawer "A" - it's one of the drawers below the 
TV. Tap the drawer to open it. You will find the guest log inside. 
Click the documents to find the records for a certain Kyle Hyde, 
who stayed in Room 215 on June 30th, 1979. 

That's just about six months ago - jot that down in your notebook.

Next, go to "3" to find drawer "3" - it's the top right drawer. Tap it 
to find that it's locked. Above the drawer is a keypad that you can't 
use yet, since you don't have the password.

Note the piece of paper that's stuck underneath the drawers. Tap it, 
and you will activate a puzzle. Use your stylus to glide the paper 
out - you will find that, after a few strokes, the paper will be torn. 


THE MEMO PUZZLE                                             [ CHP216 ]
You now have part of the memo. A puzzle will be triggered, but you 
can't do anything to it yet, so just get out of it. Now, you will have 
to lift the drawers so that you can get the remaining memo. Remember 
the crowbar that you stole from the Linens? Time to use it!

Select it from the inventory, and use it on the drawers. Drag the 
crowbar to the drawers until the lower end of the crowbar fits nicely 
into the base of the drawers. Now, simply hold and drag the crowbar 
downwards until you hit the puzzle solved jingle. 

NOTE: Be VERY careful when doing this. If you don't hold it firmly, 
the crowbar will give way, and the drawers will drop back to the 
ground. This will alert Dunning, thus leading to a premature "game 

You will automatically pick up the remaining memo, which leads to 
another puzzle. On the memo, you will find dots, stars and triangles. 
This is a "join-the-connectors" puzzle - simply join all the similar 
symbols together to form THREE numbers. For example, if you join all 
the dots together, you will most probably get the number "1". 

NOTE: The solution to this memo puzzle is random. I've played this 
chapter three times, and each time, the numbers are different. I've 
gotten 136, 125 and 128 during my three runs. 

Once you get the number, examine the keypad above drawer "3". Turn the 
number dials on the keypad until it matches the number on the memo, 
and you will unlock the drawer.

Inside, you will find a small red box. Hey presto!


NILE                                                        [ CHP217 ]
Once you leave the office, you will bump into Louie outside. 

NOTE: If you don't, you may have to examine every item in the office 
to trigger this cut-scene.

You've no choice but to talk to Louie. When he asks about your 
sneaking out from Dunning's office, reply:

> You know... work.

Continue talking, and when Louie thinks that you've expose his past 
deeds to Dunning, assure that:

> Nah, it wasn't about you.

The conversation will eventually lead to a test of trust - do you 
trust Louie enough to tell him the truth about yourself? Well, the 
correct choice is:

> I guess I can trust him...

This will lead to a revelation about the Nile crime ring. Upon 
hearing this, Louie absolutely freaks out. Reply:

> Knew about that, huh?

Take note of what Louie tells you now - it seems that he knows about 
an undercover detective working on the Nile case. Seems that you being 
honest to him has explained some doubts that he has been wondering 

Anyway, press:

> What makes sense now?

The conversation will be interrupted by Rosa. Louie will take the 
opportunity to leave. Once he's gone, you will have to take on Rosa. 


WHITE LIES                                                  [ CHP218 ]
Talk to Rosa, and you will find that you can't hide many things from 
her. I think she has overheard Louie calling you "officer". Anyway, 
when she says "hmm...", ask:

> What's wrong?

Aha. She's quite convinced that you do know Louie. This is quite a 
tricky choice to make, but I eventually decided to be honest with her 
as well:

> Yeah, I know him.

This makes Rosa extremely excited. She also tells you that she 
overheard Louie calling you "officer" (ha ha). 

Now, when she asks about Louie's past, choose:

> Don't tell her anything.

She insists that Louie is hiding something, and comments that he's 


> You think he's shifty?

You will eventually lie that Louie worked as a pizza boy previously. 
This seems to pacify her enough, which means you can start asking her 
some questions. 

Now, these two "?s" are white colored, so you won't know who to ask. 
Might as well as Rosa, right?

> Who's Jenny?

> What's with Dec. 5th?

You will get nothing from both questions. That's it. DO. NOT. ASK. 

Especially not to Dunning.

Your pager will beep soon after, so go back to Room 215 and pick up 
the phone to call your office. Ed tells you something important about 
Nile, Louie, and a guy called Danny. It involves some painting 
insurance scam, which inevitably links back to the Bradley case. Looks 
like a talk with the ex-pizza boy is once again required.

5:50 P.M.                                                   [ CHP220 ]

WHERE'S LOUIE?                                              [ CHP221 ]
Head back down to 1F. At the Central Hallway, you will meet Dunning. 
Approach him to talk. Now, you will get to ask three questions, but 
ask only this one:

> Where's Louie?

This will open up the door behind Dunning to you. It leads to the 
Left Hallway. As usual, click on the door knob leading to the area to 

NOTE: If you ask about Jenny and Dec. 5th, you will get a "game over".

Left Hallway sketch:

                 |         |
                 |         |
                 |         |
                 |         |
                 |         -
                 |         B
                 |         -
                 |         |
                 -         |
                 L         |
                 -         |
                 |         |
                 |         -
                 |         E
                 |         -
                 |         |
                 |         |
                 |         -
                 -         D
                 P         -
                 -         |
                 |         |
                 |         |
                 |         -------------------|
                 |                            |
                 |                            -
                 |                            C
                 |                            -
                 |                            |
                 |(P)(P)                      |

B - Boiler Room
L - Louie's Room
E - Electrical Room
D - Laundry
P - Pantry
C - Central Hallway
P - Potted Plants (note for later)

Go through the door at "P" to enter the pantryL

               |    |                |             |
               |    |                |  --------   |
               |    |                |--|      |---|
               |    |                              -
               |    |                              L
               |    |                              -
               |    |                              |
               |    |                --------------|
               |    |                |             |
               ---------------| K |----------------|

S - Locked Door
K - Kitchen
L - Left Hallway

You can't use the door at "S" until late in the game, so just ignore 
it for now. Instead, use the door at "K" to get into the kitchen:

                ----| P  |------------------------
                |            |                   |
                |            |                   |
                |            -----------         |
                |---                   |         |
                |  |   -------         |         |
                |  |   |     |         | F       |
                |  |   -------         |         |
                |  |     R             |         |
                |  |                   |         |
                |   ---------|    |-----         |
                |            | RE |              |
                |            ------              |
                |                                |

P - Pantry
R - Rosa
F - Flour
RE - To restaurant

You will find Rosa in here. She's extremely tied up, but you can still 
sneak in the question:

> Where's Louie?

Well, he isn't here. Which means, he's most probably in his room. 

Backtrack to the Left Hallway, and head to the door marked "L" to 
Louie's room. Knock on the door, and you will more or less force your 
way in.

You may also want to explore the other rooms here, like the electrical 
room and boiler room, before heading to Louie's. I won't discuss them 
until it's absolutely necessary to go to these places.


DANNY                                                       [ CHP222 ]
I won't provide a sketch of Louie's room now, since you can't exactly 
examine anything yet. I promise I'll include one later in the chapters. 

Initiate the conversation with Louie, and be prepared for a long 
session. He will initially refuse to talk. When given the chance, 

> Oh, you'll talk to me.

The name "Danny" shoots off Louie's mouth. You will also take this 
chance to  "inform" Louie that Nile is hot on his heels. Continue 
pressing by telling him that:

> That's what LAPD says.

Louie will say that the Nile case was why he left New York in the 
first place. When given the choice, ask:

> Did you take the money?

He will insist that he knows nothing about Danny's money.

You should now tap through the long conversation until you can ask 
the "?s":

> Who stole the money?


> I don't think it was you.

Yep, it was the guy who killed Danny who took the money.

> Who killed Danny?


> I don't think it was you.

Louie reveals that a guy by the name "J" did it.

Press about this "J" person:

> Who's J?

J was someone who worked for Nile. He was some kind of insurance- 
fraud pro, and Danny was collaborating with him on some scam before he 

Continue asking:

> Why was Danny killed?

The first mention of a very important "angel painting". Danny was 
about to steal an angel painting from Nile's hideout, but he ended up 
getting himself killed.

> What's the angel painting?

Unfortunately, Louie has no clue about this, except that it's worth a 

This is going to end, soon:

> Why'd leave the city?


> 'Cause Danny got killed.

Louie will tell you about this last big job that Danny was raving 


> What was the job?

This will lead to a crucial cut-scene. I'll leave it to you to check 
out the details, but the crux of it is that this "J" person was none 
other than Bradley! 

NOTE: You've got to tap a picture off Louie's hand at some point 
during the conversation.

Time to take stock.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #2                                          [ CHP2QZ ]
1. ... Mila.

2. ... ten years ago.

3. ... a small red box.

4. ... Nile was after him.

5. ... Danny.

                                                      CHAPTER TWO: END


8. CHAPTER THREE - 6:00 TO 7:00PM                           [ HDCHP3 ]

6:00 P.M.                                                   [ CHP300 ]

RACHEL'S QUESTION                                           [ CHP301 ]
Talking to Rachel upon a chapter's introduction has almost became 
mandatory now. Back at Room 215, when to the door to trigger a phone 
call from her. As usual, answer it. When she asks about Bradley, tell 

> Forget it, Rachel.


A FAMILIAR NAME                                             [ CHP302 ]
After Rachel, leave your room, and you will decide to have dinner. 
Take the stairs down to 1F, and walk towards the restaurant. You will 
trigger a cut-scene, in which Melissa is seen receiving some parental 
guidance from her father.

When Melissa says that she hates her dad, interrupt her:

> Everything ok?

After some yelling here and there, the sulky girl runs off. You will 
finally get the chance to talk to her dad. When he apologizes for 
making a scene, reply:

> Nothing to apologize for.

He introduces himself as Kevin Woodward. When you tell Kevin that 
your name is Kyle Hyde, he appears slightly startled. Ask him:

> What is it?

It seems that Kevin has heard your name before. Hmm, does this has 
something to do with "the other Kyle Hyde"?

Kevin will soon ask about Melissa's earlier conversation with you. 
Tell him that it was:

> Nothing special.

and he will take your word for it. Now, you can finally ask him about 
the "?" about your familiar name:

> Someone has my name?

Kevin thinks that one of the patients at the hospital where he worked 
(he's a surgeon, by the way) may have had a similar name, but he isn't 
entirely sure.

Kevin will leave soon after. Go into the restaurant now.


DINNER                                                      [ CHP303 ]
Poor Louie. Apart from being the bellhop and cleaner, he's now taking 
on the job of waiter at the restaurant. Damn Dunning! At the reception 
area, you will automatically talk to him. He will talk about the bar 
in this area, as well as some messed up rooms. Take the opportunity to 
press about these rooms that haven't been occupied in six months:

> Six months?

Take note of the rooms that Louie mentioned - Rooms 217, 218 and 220. 

You can now tackle the "?s":

> Room 217 isn't being used?

Louie was quite sure about that, and he warns you not to sneak around 
too much. Eventually, you will persuade him to find a way into Room 
217 for you. 

After that, ask the next "?":

> Where's the bar?

You can check the sketch below for its location, anyway. You will fix 
an appointment at 9:00pm with him - apparently, he's also the 
bartender. Duh!

                      ---|  K  |--------------------------
                      |                                  |
             ---------                            ---    -
             |                                    |S|    
             B                                    ---    C
             |                                  L        
             -                                           -
             |                                           |
             |             -------------------------------
             |            |
             |            |
             |            |
             |            |
             |            |
             |            -
             |            R
             |         I   
             |            -
             |            |
             |            |

C - Central Hallway
K - Door to Kitchen
B - Locked Door to Bar (opens at 9:00pm)
R - Door to dining area
L - Louie
I - Iris
S - Star Sticker #6 Location

After the conversation with Louie, walk towards the dining area. As 
you approach the area marked "I", you will bump into Iris. She seems 
troubled, so ask her:

> What is it?

Seems like she's depressed...

> You seem upset.

It appears that someone has openly told our dame she hate her. 


> Who said she hated you?

She will reply that it was an awful child...


> An awful child, huh?

When prompted, ask:

> You mean Melissa?

Yes indeed, and Iris reveals that Melissa actually threw a doll at 


> She threw her doll?

Iris will insist that Melissa has over-reacted to a simple question 
that she asked, about the maker of the said doll. 

Last but not least, tell Iris:

> You're nuts. (I kinda like this choice...)

Well, regardless of your choice, Iris will call you a total brute. 
Once she leaves, use the door at "R" to enter the restaurant. 

                    |  ------             ------|
                    |  |    |             |     |
                    |  |    |             |     |
                    |  ------             ------|
                    -                           |
                   R            ------          |
                                | F  |          |
                    -           |    |          |
                    |           ------         SP
                    |  ------                  PP
                    |  |  D |                  PP
                    |  |    |               PPPPP
                    |  ------              PPPPPP

R - Restaurant Area
F - Where you eat/ Summer conversation
D - Melissa's Rag Doll
P - Piano, pictures and other stuff
S - Star Sticker #5 Location

Examine "D" to find Melissa's rag doll. When you reach "F", a cut-scene 
will be triggered. Enjoy the dinner, and dessert!


THE MISSING BOOKMARK                                        [ CHP304 ]
Once the long dinner sequence ends, Summer will appear. He has some 
unfinished business with the wrong parcel earlier - seems that you may 
have overlooked something when you searched his box earlier. You will 
agree to find this missing item for him, so ask:

> What am I looking for?

Summer replies that it's a bookmark. 


> What kind of bookmark?

He replies that it's a blue bookmark with a picture of an angel on it. 
It's also blue in color, and has a ribbon.

You can now ask about the next "?":

> What was in the notebook, anyway?

Summer will become defensive, and will ask whether you saw the contents 
of his notebook.


> Just looked at the cover.

Ok, that's all from Summer for now. He will leave his beloved bookmark 
in your hands, and so begins your search for it.


THE SECRET WORD                                             [ CHP305 ]
Rosa will clear the plates soon, so take this chance to ask her about 
Summer. When prompted, tell her that:

> I think he's a writer.

But of course! Rosa will remember the name "Martin Summer", finally.

> You know this guy?

Oh yes, indeed. In fact, Rosa is a fan!


> You're a fan of Summer?

Rosa will give you some pointers about Summer. It appears that The 
Secret Word (which is the title of the notebook of his, by the way) 
was Summer's first book. Continue by pressing:

> The Secret Word?

This book is immensely popular, and has won some awards for Summer. 
Take note of Rosa's request for an autograph as well.

Keep asking:

> What's the book about?

Some perfect crime/ revenge plot, apparently. You can find those 
kind of thing everywhere nowadays.

You can now ask the last "?":

> What about the guy with my name?

Unfortunately, Rosa has no recollection. It's really strange - you saw 
the name in the guest register, but both Louie AND Rosa have no idea 
about this guest. Don't tell me BOTH of them were off-duty on that 


THE PIANO                                                   [ CHP306 ]
Once Rosa leaves, you can finally examine this area. Check the areas 
marked by "P" for the piano, speakers and photographs. Most 
importantly, you will find another star sticker on the side of the 

You should now return to the reception area. Mila is here as well, 
and it seems that she has offered to help Rosa and Louie, but he will 
ask her to return to Rosa's room. 

Go through the conversation with Louie until the next time segment.

6:20 P.M.                                                   [ CHP310 ]

GENTLEMENLY CONDUCT                                         [ CHP311 ]
Back at the Central Hallway, you will find Mila at the end of the 
corridor. Seems that she's engrossed with the painting here. Attempt 
to talk her, and tap through the monologue until Rosa appears. The 
ever-helpful maid will usher Mila away.

Go to the opposite end of the hallway, and try to use the stairs up. 
A scene will occur, as Helen belatedly comes down for dinner. She 
will ask you to help her to the dining area. Be a nice guy, and tell 

> Well... maybe...

She will take that as a "yes", so walk her all the way to where Iris 
was on the restaurant area sketch ("I"). 

In return for your help, she will offer to buy you a drink at the 
bar. Reply:

> A free drink? I'm in!

This will set up a second boozing appointment in the bar after 9:00pm.


THE FOUNTAIN PEN                                            [ CHP312 ]
When you're about to leave the restaurant area, someone will stop you. 
It's Louie, and he's stopping you because he has just found a fountain 
pen under the table you dined at. Tap the pen off him. There's 
some words carved on it, but its surface is worn down, which means you 
won't be able to read what's on it.

Rosa's incessant rants will lead Louie away, again. You can now leave 
the restaurant area.

Remember the chalkboard outside the restaurant? No? Ok, I will re-use 
the sketch - it's at "B", which you should immediately be at when you 
step out of the restaurant.

Sketch of area (redux):

                               | - |
                               | - |
                          -----| S |-
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          _ |B      |
                          | |       |
                         M|         |
                         G|         |
                          |         |
                          -         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |

B - Signboard and Chalkboard
S - Stairs to 2F
A - Apple Painting
L - Door to Left Hallway
MG - Moonlight Grill Restaurant

I mentioned about examining the chalks there earlier, which is what 
you should do now. Select the fountain pen from your inventory, and use 
it on the chalk. You will automatically find some chalkdust, and put a 
little of it onto your finger. 

This leads to a puzzle. Apply the chalkdust onto the pen, and then rub 
the dust off (thoroughly, with the stylus). Now, the words inscribed on 
the pen will be readable:

                        "To Alan, with love."

There's another way to read the words on the pen. Remember the flour 
in the kitchen? Use the pen on the flour, and go through a similar 
rubbing process to see the words.

(Thanks to Sideswipe for pointing this out.)

Once you solve the pen puzzle, return to the restaurant reception for 
Louie. You will pass the pen to him automatically, while he offers to 
find out if there's anyone called "Alan" here.


RETURN OF THE DOLL                                          [ CHP313 ]
Go up to 2F, and try going to the left. You will "remember" about 
Melissa's doll, so head to Room 219 for her. Knock on the door. When 
she answers, she will tell you that her dad's not around. 


> Where'd your dad go?

Melissa isn't sure, but she feels that he went somewhere so that he 
didn't have to see her anymore. Poor kid.

You should now show the doll to her. She will very very grateful for 
your kind gesture, since her mom made the doll for her. 

Leave the conversation now, and she will stop you. In fact, she will 
invite you into her room. Apparently she needs company until her dad 


PUZZLE BOBBLE (REDUX)                                       [ CHP314 ]
Room 219 sketch:

                |   |       | |       |    |    |
                |---|       |-|       |----|    |
                |   |       | |       |         |
                |   |  Bed  | |  Bed  |         |
                |   |       | |       |         |
                |   |       | |       |         |
                |    --------  -------   (  P  )|
                |                               |
                |  M         -----------        |
                |            |         |        |
                |          ---------------------
                |          |              |
                |          -              |
                |                 T       |
                |          -              |
                |          |              |
                --|  F  |------------------

F - 2F Corridor
M - Melissa
T - Toilet
P - Puzzle
Bed - Bed

Go talk to her, and she will ask you to do a puzzle. Yes, it's the 
same puzzle as before. This time, however, you will need to do the 
whole thing instead of just a few pieces.

The puzzle is found on the table at "P". Touch the puzzle box to 
activate the sequence. I can't help you on this one, but it's really 
easy, anyway. Just rotate the pieces and put the correct pieces into 
place. The completed puzzle will show the picture of a bunny.

Watch now as you explain a little about this rabbit to Meliisa. Dude's 
called Pinkie Rabbit, and he has his very own cartoon show back in the 
good old days, blah blah.

Melissa will then reveal that her mom gave this puzzle to her as a 
birthday present. You will remember about the words behind the puzzle. 
You job is to flip the puzzle from the upper screen to the touch 
screen, so that you can read those words. Well, if you've played Trace 
Memory, this shouldn't be a problem. 

Simply close your DS, and reopen it. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Words on the back:

                        "Good-bye, Melissa."

After this, Kevin will return. He will ask you to leave, but before you 
do, ask him:

> You worried about Melissa?

Kevin is wondering if she talked to you about her mother.


> Why are you asking about her mom?

He will become all agitated, but at least you can still ask one more 
question before he cracks:

> Why did your wife leave?

Now, he will really crack. Pacify him quickly:

> Easy! Don't scare Melissa.

Which means it's time for you to leave Room 219 now. You will remember 
about Summer's bookmark as you leave.

6:40 P.M.                                                   [ CHP320 ]

BOOKMARK SEARCH                                             [ CHP321 ]
Go back to your room, and walk towards the bed. Examine the first box 
(the one to the right), and you should activate a puzzle. This is a 
little tricky, and I remember spending 15 minutes rotating the box 
upside-down, leftside-right, etc. without ever finding that damn angel 
bookmark. The trick, however, is to simply rotate the box until its 
base is facing you, and then brushing against the middle part of it 

Keep doing so, and then turn the box up to look inside the box to find 
the bookmark stuck somewhere at the bottom. If you don't see it, keep 
rattling/ brushing the base of the box until it appears. Once you see 
the bookmark, tap on to it to activate the next puzzle. For this one, 
you can simply slide the bookmark out from the "groove" to get it.

NOTE: Be careful not to accidentally tap the "back" icon, or you will 
have to redo the box-shaking sequence again.

With the bookmark in-hand, you can now visit Mr. Summer at Room 211.


ANGEL OPENING A DOOR                                        [ CHP322 ]
Knock on the door, and Summer will greet you. Talk to him until you 
get to ask some questions:

> Who painted the bookmark?

The picture on the bookmark is a reproduction of a famous painting, 
which was painted by a painter called "Osterzone". You can now ask 
Summer about this mysterious painter:

> So who was Osterzone?

Take note of the details regarding to Osterzone, because he's an 
important character in this game... even though you don't know it now. 
When he talks about the title of the painting, press:

> You like this stuff?

Summer will give you his personal review of the painting. I kinda 
like the way he explains it... 

When the hoo-hah is over, show the bookmark to Summer, and then walk 
back to the stairs area.


LOCKED                                                      [ CHP323 ]
The cut-scene that you will get is a little spooky. Someone's crying, 
in one of the rooms. But which one? Well, it's Room 218, actually. If 
you remember an earlier conversation with Louie, it's one of the rooms 
that are left vacant for six months.

Knock on the door of Room 218, and you will find them someone's trapped 
inside. The victim is none other than Melissa. She expresses regret 
for wandering into the room, and asks for your help to get out. Time 
to go look for Louie again.

Return to the restaurant for Louie, and talk to him. Seems that he was 
the one responsible for FORGETTING to lock that door to Room 218. With 
the lights out, Melissa must be too scared to move around. He will ask 
whether you know anything about wires. Regardless of which option you 
choose, he will still suggest that you check out the electrical room 
to turn the lights on for Melissa, so head towards there now.

NOTE: The electrical room is just opposite Louie's room. Check the 
Left Hallway sketch from earlier if you don't remember the location.


ELECTRO                                                     [ CHP324 ]
Bare minimum sketch of the electrical room:

                |                          ||    |
                |                          || S  |
                |                          ||    |
                -                           -----|
                                           |     |
                L                          |     |
                                           |     |
                -                          |-----|
                |                          |     |
                |                          |     |
                |                          |     |

L - Left Hallway
S - Switchboard

Examine the switchboards at the end of the room, in particularly, the 
one at "S". This will activate a puzzle, in which you will need to 
flick the two switches up AT THE SAME TIME.

Solution? Use the stylus to drag on and hold one up, and then use your 
other hand to flick the other up.

Or, use both hands to flick both switches up.

Or, you can be like me, and use TWO styluses to flick both switches 

It's entirely up to you, really. Once done, the lights in Room 218 will 
be up. Time to go back there.


GOOD-BYE, THICK WIRE                                        [ CHP325 ]
Back at Room 218, Melissa can finally move around because the lights 
are on. However, when she tries to open the door, she will find that 
it's stuck. You decide that you should use the thick wire to pick the 

This time round, there are four pieces to press down. It's the same 
technique as before, so just drag and hold the pieces down, quickly. 
If you're too slow, pieces that are pressed down earlier will pop up 

Once you successfully pick the lock, the thick wire will be expired. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to say, thanks for the memories.


WHY DO ADULTS LIE                                           [ CHP326 ]

You can now go into Room 218 to talk to Melissa.

I won't bother with the sketch here, since there's nothing much here. 
Just initiate the conversation, and talk until you can get to ask:

> Things aren't going well?

Melissa thinks that Kevin is a liar, so press:

> Why do you think that?

Seems that Kevin has promised that if they come to Hotel Dusk, they 
will find Melissa's mom. 


> Did Dad know this place?

Continue the conversation until you can tackle the "?"s:

> I know why your dad lied.


> He hated to see you sad.

Watch Kyle Hyde, child counsellor in action.


> I know why your mom left.


> It wasn't your fault.


> Let's talk about your mom leaving.


> I'm sure your dad knows.

This will lead to a final "?":

> Your parents argue a lot?

Melissa will finally explain the events leading to her mom's 

When it's all over, Melissa will leave the room. You should as well.


THE ROOF                                                    [ CHP327 ]
You will find Kevin outside Room 219, so go towards him and talk. Our 
Dad of the Year is totally clueless to the ordeal that Melissa just 
went through, so ask him:

> Where were you?

He will reveal that he was on the roof this whole time. What? You mean 
the door to the roof is unlocked? 

Leave Kevin to rot, and use the door at "R" (refer to 2F sketch) to go 
up to the roof. The roof is just a big, er, rectangle kind of place. 
I'll include a sketch because it's easier to explain an event later:

          |                                             |
          |                                             -
          |                                             R
          |                                             -
          |                                             |
          |             I                               |
          |                                             |
          |      ====BILLBOARDS====                P    |
          |      ==================                     |

R - To 2F
I - Iris (Mila will be here a few chapters later)
P - Where your pager beeps, in the next chapter.
BILLBOARDS - Billboards

Surprisingly, you will find Iris here. She and Kevin...? Anyway, go 
talk to her. She seems rather evasive, and whatever you ask, she will 
quickly excuse herself. Just choose the following options when 

> Just needed some air.

> You need air, too?

Finally, a long chapter comes to its end.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #3                                          [ CHP3QZ ]
1. ... Melissa.

2. ... a bookmark.

3. ... Osterzone.

4. ... Room 218.

5. ... on the roof.

                                                    CHAPTER THREE: END


9. CHAPTER FOUR - 7:00 TO 8:00PM                            [ HDCHP4 ]
In this chapter, you will discover the secret of the very annoying 
Martin Summer.

7:00 P.M.                                                   [ CHP400 ]

ROOM 217                                                    [ CHP401 ]
I'm going to fast forward the action here, since there are a lot of 
talk, and very little action. Still on the roof, head to the area 
marked "P" to activate a scene (pager beeping). 

As with before, once the pager beeps, go back to your room to make a 
call. Talk to Rachel and get through the cumbersome, and somewhat 
repetitive conversation. Once done, Louie will knock on your door. He 
has brought you the key to Room 217! 

Now, we're talking. 

Finish up the conversation, and stash the small red box into your 
suitcase before you leave. In this chapter, someone will complain about 
theft, and Dunning will be searching around for clues. You would be a 
thief in his eyes, by the way, because you've the following in your 
possession now: small red box, pliers, screwdriver, crowbar, Room 217 

Anyway, you will need to get into Room 217. I know it's human nature 
to walk across to the room right away, but DON'T. If you take a look 
to your right after leaving your room, you will notice Jeff standing 
right outisde his room (213). If you go into Room 217 without talking 
to him, you will end up with a "game over" when you exit.

To make Jeff go away, just approach him and talk. Within seconds, he 
will return to his room.

Good, now you can use the Room 217 key on the door, and sneak inside 
this mysterious room. Sketch:

                    |   |                         |
                    |   A                         |
                    |   |                         |
                    |----------------|            |
                    |                |      |-----|
                    |     Bed        |      |     |
                    |                |      |  D  |
                    |                |      |     |
                    |----------------|      |     |
                    |                       |     |
                    |                       |-----|
                    |-------------------          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |         T        |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                   ----------------------|  P  |---

A - Apple painting (on ground)/ Old Photo
D - Dresser/ TV
T - Toilet
P - Door
Bed - Bed

Two points of interest here. First, check "D" for a dresser drawer. 
Examine the items inside, and you can pick up Bradley's lighter. 

Now, check the apple painting at "A". Just to the right of the 
painting, you should find an old photo.

NOTE: I'd suggest you take note of the locations of all these apple 
paintings, since you will need them later.

You're done here, so get back to the 2F corridor quickly.


MONEY IN THE JOHN                                           [ CHP402 ]
Cut-scene - seems like someone has entered your room when you weren't 
around. Your door is opened, slightly, and the floor near the toilet 
is wet. 

Examine the toilet bowl in the room, and you will activate a puzzle. 
Try flushing the water (drag and hold the handle down all the way), 
and you will find that it doesn't work. Perhaps something is inside 
the bowl? 

Find out what's inside by pushing the bowl cover from right to left - 
simply hold and drag the cover all the way left to complete the 
puzzle. Guess what? You will find stacks of cash inside!

The phone ring almost immediately after you found the cash - what 
great timing. Pick up the phone and talk to Rachel (who else?). Seems 
that she has a friend who can find out more about the mysterious 
Osterzone. Good.

Before you leave, hide your new-found cash, the Room 217 key AND that 
memo (with the dots and stars) into the suitcase. You don't want to be 
caught red-handed. In fact, since you've the time now, might as well 
go back to the Linens and put the pliers, screwdriver and crowbar back 
into the toolbox. 

You should head to the front desk now. Jeff is here, and he appears to 
be pretty agitated. Ask him to:

> Fill me in.

and he will chase you away.

If you've nothing better to do now, you may want to examine the TV. 
Just turn it on and watch the programmes on air now. I'm pretty sure 
this has nothing to do with the game's progress at all. Quite possibly 
just a red herring.

NOTE: On hindsight (that is, after playing future chapters), a re-run 
of the soap opera featuring Cecily Lee would be a nice way to tie in a 


AUTOGRAPH HUNTER, PART ONE                                  [ CHP403 ]
Go back up to 2F, and you will find Rosa. Talk to her, and ask:

> Why do you need Summer?

Remember Rosa's desire to get an autograph from Summer earlier? Well, 
she wants you to get it done for her. Damn.

7:20 P.M.                                                   [ CHP410 ]

COINS!                                                      [ CHP411 ]
Go back to the front desk now. Jeff has found Dunning, and is bitching 
about losing something. After some nasty scenes, the spoilt brat will 
storm off. Don't worry about him - you will get to him in the next 

Now, I know you've questions for Dunning. But, if you're interested in 
completing the star sticker/ vending machine side quest, show your own 
cash (those found in your suitcase earlier) to Dunning. He will give 
you four quarters in exchange.

NOTE: This is the ONLY time in the game that you can change coins. 
No, seriously.


A THEFT IN THE HOTEL                                        [ CHP412 ]
After changing the coins, you should talk to Dunning about Jeff:

> What was that about?


> What happened?

Listen to Dunning's explanation. Some time during the talk, Summer 
will interrupt the proceedings and ask for today's papers. 

Continue talking to Dunning:

> Why was Jeff so angry?

Something was stolen from him, allegedly.


> What was stolen?

Dunning refuses to say, so ask:

> You suspect me?

Not really, but he says that he will handle the situation.

Leave him be, then. Check the sketch below and go to the area marked 
"S" to find Summer, who's reading the papers with intent.

                  ---|          |-------------------
                  |                 |              |
                  |                 |    Front     |
                  |                 |    Desk      |
                  |                 |              |
                  |                 |--------------|
                  |                 \--------------|
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |-------                         |
                  |      |                         |
                  |     S|                         |
                  |      |                         |

S - Summer/ Larry Damon article


TODAY'S PAPERS                                              [ CHP413 ]
Talk to Summer, and you will eventually bring up the topic of the 
autograph. He agrees to the request, and will ask you to visit him in 
his room later for it.

Take note of the conversation, especially when he talks about the 
robbery case that he's reading about in the papers.

When he's gone, examine the papers for some interesting articles. 
There's this one about the Larry Damon robbery - some $20,000 and a 
pistol were stolen from Damon's house. On a side note, check out the 
personal ads section (right side of the papers) to find an ad that 
may interest you - someone is looking for "Alan Parker", and the 
person who's looking for him is none other than a certain "Helen". 

7:40 P.M.                                                   [ CHP420 ]

THE OTHER STAIRS                                            [ CHP421 ]
Head towards the lobby, and you will bump into Rosa again. Talk to her 
to find out that there's another flight of stairs leading up to the 
2F. Continue talking until you can ask her about:

> There are more stairs?

There's indeed another set of stairs. I'll use the earlier sketch of 
the lobby as reference:

                <- C                             --> R
                  -                                - 
                  |                           -----| 
                  |                            |   | 
                  |                            | V | 
                  |                            | M | 
                  |                            |   | 
                  |                           -----| 
                  |                                - 
                  |                                | 
                  |                                | O
                  |                                | 
                  ---|    N     |-------------------

N - Front Desk
C - Central Hallway
R - Door Right Hallway
O - Door to Dunning's Office
VM - Vending Machine
101 - Locked Door to Room 101

After talking to Rosa, head towards "R" to use the door there - 
it's now unlocked. You will find yourself in the Right Hallway. I'll 
provide a sketch of this area in the next chapter, so just bear with 
me. Meanwhile, just take the nearby stairs up to 2F.

If you refer to the sketch of the 2F from earlier, you will exit from 
the door marked "R", in between Room 219 and 220. Once you're here, 
you will bump into Dunning. It seems that he's looking for something.

Talk to him again about the theft, and ask:

> What's missing?


> You mean Jeff?

This will give you a chance to ask about a "?":

> What was stolen?

Ah, cash. 

Ok, one last time, if you haven't return the pliers, screwdriver and 
crowbar to the toolbox in Linens, do it now. Also remember to stash 
the toilet cash, Room 217 key, small red box, memo with the dots and 
stars, etc. into your suitcase if you haven't already done so. You've 
been warned.


AUTOGRAPH HUNTER, PART TWO                                  [ CHP422 ]
Time to get that autograph of Summer for Rosa. Go to Room 211 and 
knock on the door. Summer will let you in. Initiate the usual small 
talk until you can ask:

> You like signing stuff?

Oh yes, he does. Continue and ask:

> An unknown hotel?


> You just end up here?

Well, fella's lying. If he didn't plan to come to Hotel Dusk earlier, 
how would he have a parcel sent to him? 

Anyway, ignore his lies for now. Get him to sign the book for Rosa 
(show Rosa's book to him). Oh, it seems like he has lost his pen. Show 
the fountain pen to him, and he will claim that it was actually HIS.

> That was your pen?


> What's your name?

Summer will claim that "Martin Summer" is a pen name, and that his 
real name is "Alan Parker". He will also refuse to return the pen to 
you. Ok, just let him be, for now.

After some deliberation, he will finally sign the book. He will then 
excuse himself to take a pee. Time to Splinter Cell him now.

Summer's room (very bare minimum):

                   ---|  D  |--------------------
                   |             |              |   
                   |             |              |
                   |             |              |
                   |             |       T      |
                   |             |              |
                   |             |              |
                   |             |              |
                   |              -|   |--------|
                   |                            |
                   |                            |
                   |        (  N  )             |
                   |                            |

D - Door
T - Toilet
N - Notebook

Once Summer is in "T", examine the table at "N" for that old notebook 
of his. Of course, you can check all the stuff in his room, but this 
notebook is the only thing interesting. You will find something amiss, 
but can't really tell what it is. After checking the notebook, Summer 
will walk out of the toilet. You can leave him for now.


THE SEARCH GOES ON...                                       [ CHP423 ]
Take the stairs down to 1F. On the way down, you will meet Iris. She 
tells you that Dunning is now doing body-search on all the guests. 
Well, if you've already stash those items that I told you earlier, 
you shouldn't worry. Simply walk downstairs, and Dunning wouldn't even 
appear at all.

Head to the kitchen now.


SPECIAL PENMANSHIP                                          [ CHP424 ]
Rosa is in the kitchen. Go to her and let her know that you've gotten 
the autograph. She will be delighted that you've completed your 
mission. Ask:

> Are you really that thrilled?

She will reveal that she has been collecting autographs of famous 
people for over 16 years. Summer's autograph makes it 50. Great 
hobby, no?

Show her the book now, and she will tell you that there's something 
special about Summer's handwriting. Ask:

> How is his signature special?

It seems that the way Summer writes the alphabets "er" is unique - 
he tends to drag the "e" and "r" longer towards the right. Take note 
of this special way of writing, since you will need this knowledge to 
nail him later. 

Rosa will also tell you that "Martin Summer" is Summer's real name. 
So, he lied to you, eh?

Time to finish him off. Go back to Room 211 now.


THE FAKE                                                    [ CHP425 ]
This is to be a long and tedious conversation. You will begin by 
inventing an excuse to learn the trade of writing from Summer. When 
he tells you that it's impossible, reply:

> But if you can do it...

After some exchanges, the discussion will become more intense. At the 
next prompt, tell him:

> Different handwriting. 

and then:

> Your name's not Alan.

Lots of "?s" to deal with, so let's go:

> Why are you so angry?

Well, because:

> It exposes you.

Now, the truth is near. Press on with the following:

> Who wrote the novel?

And choose:

> C'mon. Who really did it?

It's quite clear now that Summer didn't write The Secret Word. When 
he asks for proof, you will ask him to sign his name into your 
notebook. This activates a puzzle in which you must compare his 
handwriting (which was "special") and the handwriting in that old 

NOTE: You will ask him to sign his "real name", that is, Alan Parker, 
even though you knew that wasn't his real name.

To solve this puzzle, simply draw a circle on both the alphabets 
"er", on both the "Parker"s. If you do so correctly, the puzzle will 

Now, press on:

> Who's Alan?

> Who sent the notebook?

After some ambiguous answers, you will finally hit the last "?":

> How do you know Alan?

Summer's secret is another sad story. Since young, he has a dream to 
be a writer, but he has limited talents. When he has all but given 
up his dream, he met a talented friend, who went on to write a 
brilliant novel (The Secret Word). Filled with jealousy, Summer stole 
the notebook with the manuscript of the story, and submitted it as 
his own. 

And this friend of his? Well, he's none other than Mr. Alan Parker. 

After the incident, Alan went missing. Summer won awards, and became 
a hit. Of course, his talents are still limited, so books that he 
wrote after the release of The Secret Word didn't really do so well. 
And, somehow, his assistant found Alan's notebook, and proceeded to 
blackmail him. 

The package that he received with the notebook would have been in 
exchange for a huge sum of money, obviously. 

After the revelation, the chapter will end.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #4                                          [ CHP4QZ ]
1. ... an old photo.

2. ... get an autograph.

3. ... a fountain pen.

4. ... Summer's real name.

5. ... he stole a friend's work.

                                                     CHAPTER FOUR: END


10. CHAPTER FIVE - 8:00 TO 9:00PM                           [ HDCHP5 ]
In this chapter, you will expose Jeff as the one who planted the cash 
into your toilet tank. Yes, it has got something to do with the Larry 
Damon robbery that you read in the newspaper earlier.

8:00 P.M.                                                   [ CHP500 ]

OSTERZONE                                                   [ CHP501 ]
The phone rings as you're about to leave the room. It's Rachel again. 
Seems like she has found some information about Osterzone. The painter 
has a career clouded with mystery - he was a complete unknown when he 
died, but some 40 years after his death, 10 or so of his works were 
discovered. Suddenly, he became popular for his distinctive brushwork. 
Needless to say, his paintings begin to command heavy prices. 

Rachel also tells you that Osterzone's most expensive work is the one 
called "Angel Opening a Door". Yes, the one that Summer's bookmark 
was based on. The painting was stolen was the Travis Art Musuem three 
years ago. 

You will now tell Rachel about Bradley. After the conversation, you 
remember your appointment with Rosa. Leave the room now.


THE ACTOR                                                   [ CHP502 ]
At the Central Hallway, you will find Jeff sneaking around, again. 
Trigger the yellow triangle, and ask:

> What's wrong now?

Jeff denies that something's wrong, but when you're about to leave, 
he stops you. He will ask whether Dunning has spoken to you. Reply:

> Like what?

You can now ask the following:

> What was stolen from you?

He refuses to tell you after stopping you. What the...? Anyway, press 
further (Phoenix Wright reference, heh):

> Come on. Tell me.

He replies that you could be the thief. It seems that Dunning is still 
searching for the loot, room-to-room, right now. Strangely, he seems 
quite sure that you've stolen his money, and asks whether you're 
worried right now. 

Just when you're about to show him some true colors, Dunning appears. 
With a serious stare from Dunning, Jeff storms off. You should now 
talk to Dunning. I mean, the loot ARE in your room, you know?

When Dunning says "but...", ask:

> What's the problem?

He replies that Jeff is off-kilter, and that he rubs him in the wrong 
way. Ask:

> What makes him off-kilter?

Dunning isn't exactly sure, but he says that at times, Jeff doesn't 
seem to hear him when he talks to him. Also, he has been over the top 
about his stuff being stolen, but doesn't seem exactly upset... more 
like it's an act.

At the end of the conversation, Dunning will tell you that he will 
need some time to think about things before he acts further.


A DATE WITH ROSA                                            [ CHP503 ]
Head towards the lobby, and use the door leading to the Right Hallway. 
I didn't do a sketch of this place earlier, so here it is:

                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     -
                      |     S
                      |     -
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     -
                      |     R
                      |     -
                      |     |
                      |     |
                      |     |
                | - | |     |
                | - | |     |                    
           -----| F |-       ------------------------------
           |                                              |
           _                                              |
           L                                              |
           _                                              |
           |                                              |
           -----------| O |------------| D |---------------

L - Previous area (Lobby)
F - Stairs to 2F (you used it earlier)
O - Main Office
D - Dunning's Room
R - Rosa's Room
S - Storage Room

Rosa is at "R". Head towards there, and talk to her. She tells you 
that Mila is suffering from fever. She will run off to get some 
medicine, so reply:

> Sure.

when she asks you to look after Mila for a while.

8:20 P.M.                                                   [ CHP510 ]

THE SICK GIRL                                               [ CHP511 ]
Go into Rosa's room to find Mila sleeping on the couch. Approach her 
by touching her shoulders. This will wake her up. 

You will ask about her bracelet, but it seems that she can't exactly 
talk. Instead, she will write in your notebook. Tap the notebook after 
she writes, and check it - she wrote "papa" onto page 5/5.

So, Mila got the bracelet from her father. But who's her father? She 
writes again. Take the notebook again, and check it - she wrote 
"Robert Evans" onto the page.

Who's Robert Evans?

Before you can ponder upon the question, Rosa returns with the 
medicine. She chases you away.


DUNNING'S WARNING                                           [ CHP512 ]
You will run into Dunning as you leave Rosa's room. He "encourages" 
you to return to your room. Ok, use the stairs at "F" to go up to 2F 
then. Head all the way left here to go back to your room.


THE BROKEN RAG DOLL                                         [ CHP513 ]
Go to the middle of the room, and someone will knock on your door. 
Open it to find Melissa. She tells you that she ripped one of the 
wings on her doll off (WHAT?), and hopes that you can help sew it 

Finally, the mini sewing machine in Ed's parcel has a role to play! 
Pick it up from the box, and go back to Melissa. She will show you the 
broken rag doll. Tap it to activate the puzzle.

Now, see the zigzag lines in red on the right? Simply run your stylus 
along the lines to sew the thing. 

YAAAAAAAY! (That's Melissa.)

In return for your help, she will tell you that she saw someone 
leaving your room earlier. Yes, it's the guy from Room 213 - Jeff.

Melissa leaves after this. Now, you've something for this Jeff guy.

8:40 P.M.                                                   [ CHP520 ]

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF                                         [ CHP521 ]
Head towards Room 213 for Jeff. Knock on his door, but he isn't in. 
You then remember seeing him coming out from the Left Hallway door 
near the restaurant earlier, so head towards there.

Jeff is still nowhere to be found, but you should go to the Laundry 
now. Rough sketch of the area:

               |                             |      |
               |                             |      |
               |                             |      |
               _                             |------|
                                             |      |
               L                             |   F  |
                                             |      |
               _                             |------|
               |                             |      |
               |      |---|                  |      |
               |      | C |                  |      |

L - Previous area (Left Hallway)
F - Washing machines
C - Laundry Cart

Examine the laundry cart (may have to adjust the camera angle to 
the right to get a full view of it) at "C" to start a puzzle. Use 
your stylus to remove all the towels out from the cart until you 
see a piece of cloth at the bottom. Touch the cloth, and then 
touch the top right corner of the linen cart:

                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |     CLOTH     |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |

to find a pistol!

Do it all add up for you now? $20,000? A pistol? Yes, the Larry Damon 

Once you pick up the pistol, Louie will come into the room. Tell that 

> I found something good.

You tell him about the gun, and he goes all freaked out. You can now 

> Who did laundry today?

Who else but Jeff? 

Long conversation about Louie's unhappiness with Jeff ensues. It seems 
that Jeff lost $20,000 (ha), but come on, who would bring so much 
money to a rundown place like Hotel Dusk? 

You will tell Louie that the money is actually in your room. More 
talk later, you will discuss about the Bradley lead. Yet more talk...

Finally! Louie and you will begin to formulate a plan to catch Jeff. 
When given the choice, select:

> Create a distraction.

Louie agrees, so here you go, partners.


THE DISTRACTION                                             [ CHP522 ]
Go to Room 217 and hide (no need to use the key, since you've already 
unlocked the room earlier). Once you're in, go to the middle of the 
room, and you will hear some loud noise. Looks like Louie has created 
some loud noise in Room 214. This will lure Jeff away from Room 213. 

Head towards Room 213 now, and touch the door knob to enter.


ROOM 213                                                    [ CHP523 ]
Layout of the room:

                 ------H--------| D |---
                 |---                  |
                 |B |                  |
                 |  |                  |
                 |  |                  |
                 |  |                  |
                 |---                  |
                 |P|                   |---------|
                 |--------             |         |
                 |  Bed  |             -         |
                 |--------                  T    |
                 |                     -         |
                 |                     |         |

D - Door
T - Bathroom
H - Hanger with Jacket
P - Dresser with phone
T - Table/ Suitcase
B - Sofa with Bag
Bed - Bed

Examine Jeff's bag at "B" to find the master key to Room 215 - this was 
why it was missing when you were at Dunning's office earlier. 

Turn the camera to the right to find the hangar with Jeff's jacket. 
Once the screen zooms in, you should notice a card sticking out from 
the jacket's right pocket. Tap it to find a student ID card - hey, 
Jeff's surname isn't Angel, but Damon!

So, Larry Damon is Jeff's father?

You can now leave the room... until Jeff stops you. 


THE CONFRONTATION                                           [ CHP524 ]
Confront Jeff now with the first of many questions:

> You hid cash in my john.

He denies it, of course. So, tell you that:

> I got an eyewitness.

It's his turn to panic now. Press further by asking:

> I know about the cash. 

He asks for proof, so show him the pistol, the Duplicate Room 215 key, 
and his student ID. No major reaction from Jeff though, so leave the 
room now. As you leave, you remember about Summer's comments about the 
Larry Damon robbery. You need that newspaper article, so head towards 
the front desk to pick it up.

Before you confront Jeff again, head back to Room 215 to pick up the 
$20,000 from your suitcase. You need to show it to Jeff.

Now, go back to Room 213, and knock on the door. Jeff will let you in 
eventually. Now, this is a tricky conversation. A wrong decision in 
any of the choices will end the game, so proceed with extreme care... 
or simply follow the walkthrough.

Initiate the conversation again:

> I know about the cash. 

Now, show him the five proofs: 

1. Pistol
2. Duplicate Room 215 Key
3. Jeff's Student ID
4. Stack of Cash (vehement reaction...)
5. Lobby Newspaper

You can finally ask about the three "?"s, properly, now:

> I know about the cash. 

You tell Jeff that he has a reason as to why he hid the cash in your 
toilet. Choose:

> You wanted trouble.

A heavy lashing later, tell him:

> I know about the gun.

You tell him that you know the reason why he hid the gun. Choose:

> You wanted it found.

Now, tell him that:

> Your real name is...


> Jeff Damon.

This isn't over. The three choices you made will lead to three more 
"?s". So, ask the first one:

> Who do I sound like?

Well, like his dad. He will tell you that his dad is a total scumbag.

Next, ask:

> You hate you dad's name?

Yeah, he hates his dad.


> Why put the gun here?

As you guessed, he wanted it found. He reckon that if someone finds 
it, the cops will be called in. 

Last question:

> Your old man that bad?

Now, this is when it everything begins to slowly fall into place. 
After some more conversation, he will spill the beans about his father. 
Like Phoenix Wright, Larry Damon is an ace defense attorney. However, 
unlike Phoenix Wright, he does stand in the way of the law when it 
comes to getting a not guilty verdict .

And it turns out that Larry is working for Nile. This is getting some-

SHAMELESS PLUG: play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, and 
use my award-winning walkthrough when you're stuck! :)

Now, more tongue-lashing from you, and the chapter will finally end.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #5                                          [ CHP5QZ ]
1. ... did Dunning say anything?

2. ... Robert Evans.

3. ... a gun.

4. ... Jeff's student ID.

5. ... lawyer.

                                                     CHAPTER FIVE: END


11. CHAPTER SIX - 9:00 TO 10:00PM                           [ HDCHP6 ]
It's 9pm! Time for a drink at the bar!

9:00 P.M.                                                   [ CHP600 ]

THE OLD GHOST                                               [ CHP601 ]
Phone rings... Rachel again. Ed is back, so get the long talk done - 
lots of information, but more or less just a summary of things you've 
found out so far. If you need to jot down anything, however, feel free 
to do so. 

Ed does tell you that he may need you to hand over the magazine and the 
red box to the client directly though, so keep that in mind.

Go to the bar now.


THE SEVEN STARS                                             [ CHP602 ]
Rough sketch of bar:

                     |--|                       |
                     |JB|                       -
                     |  |                       
                     |  |         I             -
                     |--------------            |          
                     |             |            |
                     |----------|  |            |
                     |          |B |            |
                     |     L    |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |            |
                     |          |  |         |--|
                     |          |  |    H    |MA|
                     |          |  |         |  |
                     |          |  |         |--|
                     |          |  |            |

L - Louie
H - Helen/ Coins Puzzle (later)
I - Iris (later)
B - Your bourbon
JB - Jukebox/ Star Sticker #7 Location
MA - Matchsticks Puzzle

Go through the initial conversation with Louie. Drink the Borbon, and 
then go talking nonsense until Louie interrupts you again. He tells 
you about the jukebox in the bar, and the matchsticks on the shelves. 

Louie then tells you that when Bradley (presumably) was staying in the 
hotel six months ago, both Rosa and he were off-duty (ha ha, refer to 
the Chapter Three walkthrough!). Choose:

> You had a vacation?

and he will reveal that Dunning has surprisingly gave both of them a 
day-off- a rarity, no?

Talk to Louie now about the following:

> Tell me about the jukebox.

It's FREE! Yay, go try it out later.

> Tell me about the matches.

He tells you that it's a special puzzle that he has created. You can 
have a crack at it later.

> So Dunning saw him?

Yes, Dunning was the only one who saw "Kyle Hyde" six months ago. 
Louie then conjures up a plan to show Dunning a picture of Bradley to 
test water. 

Some discussion about Bradley later, Louie will offer another drink. 
This is when Helen walks into the bar - you've a date with her, 

Before you talk to Helen, however, it's time to get the last star 
sticker. Head towards the jukebox, click it to zoom in and gain access 
to the tracks list from the game. David Vriezen has provided the list 
of tracks as follow:

Desert Highway
Play it Again
Silent Moon
On the Rocks
Violet Sky
Sunset Men
Hangover Blues
Pink Rabbit
Easy Feeling
Straight Chaser
Slow Steps
Rainy Night
Big Dreams
Drunken Waltz
Dream's End
So Noted 
High Spirits
Over Easy
Hitting the Pavement
The Long Night

After you're done with the music, rotate the camera to the right of the
jukebox to find the last star sticker. As I mentioned, the numbers are 
random, but just for your information, these are mine:

                  +10 + 14 -43 -12 +23 + 25 + 34 = 51


THE PRIZE                                                   [ CHP603 ]
With this, you can finally crack the vending machine - assuming you did 
heed my advice and changed the coins in Chapter Four. Go back to the 
lobby and use the coins on the machine. Touch the shining white 
column on the right to initiate the coin-slotting.

                        |                     |
                        | (---------   ( | )  |
                        |                     |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |  | C             |  |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |  | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |  |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |  | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |  |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |  | 9 | 0 | ENTER |  |
                        |  -----------------  |
                        |                     |

Touch the coin at "C", and it will go into the slot at ( | ). Now, 
type the total sum of the seven numbers you've got (I typed "51", 
obviously), and tap "Enter". Your reward? A Pinkie Rabbit doll! What a 
way to tie back to Melissa's puzzle! :)

NOTE: If you typed in the wrong number, you will get some junk food as 
a reward.

ALSO: It's now pretty much confirmed that on your second playthrough, 
you will get a red lipstick instead of the rabbit doll. Thanks to 
Sideswipe and the other folks at GameFAQs.com and Gamescore.com.sg for 
clarifying this.

Head back to the bar now for Helen.


THE COINS PUZZLE                                            [ CHP604 ]
Talk to Helen to find that she's all alone, without family. Continue 
talking, and you will bring up the topic of your first meeting with 
her at the front desk, where she mentioned about her desire to stay in 
the Wish Room. 

You can now ask her the following questions:

> How long have you been alone?

She replies that there was a time when she had someone in her life. 
Let me guess... Alan?  

> What's your wish?

She will politely refuse to answer this question, as she sees the wish 
as an important secret.

> You had a family once?

This questions opens up after you asked the first question. She will 
once again refuse to answer your question. As you acknowledge her 
rights to privacy, Louie interrupts the proceedings with a gimlet for 
Helen. Continue the conversation until she suggests that you play a 
little game with her. 

She will put six coins in front of you. You must arrange them so that 
four are in a row both vertically and horizontally. It's a simple 
enough puzzle. The initialy layout of the coins are as follow:

                               (   )

                               (   )

                         (   ) ( X ) (   )

                               ( Y )

To solve this, click and hold ( Y ) and place it on top of ( X ), and 
then tap the "tick" icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Winning this little game will allow you to find out more about Helen's 
past. She reveals that this is not her first stay at Hotel Dusk. Tap 
the yellow triangle, and ask:

> You stayed here before?

Helen will reply that she first stayed here some 20 years ago. She 
then returned 10 years later - which means, she has been coming to the 
hotel once every decade for the past 30 years. She tells you that back 
in those days, the stories about Room 215 didn't exist. 

She will soon tell you that during those days, she was working in Las 
Vegas. Ask:

> You lived in Las Vegas?

She will tell you that before she lost her eye, she has been working 
as a magician (wow!). Louie will interrupt the conversation again, and 
Helen will make her move. 

Well, you didn't really find out her secret, but at least you're 
finally getting some leads.

Once Louie escorts Helen away, you can move on to the next puzzle in 
the bar.


THE MATCHSTICKS PUZZLE                                      [ CHP605 ]
Examine the shelf marked "MA" to find some matchsticks. There are two 
boxes of matchsticks here. The left box has the "sqaures" puzzle, and 
the right box has the "triangles" puzzle. You can choose to do either 
one first, and the story will advance.

Let's tackle the "squares" first, then.

The goal of this puzzle is to create three squares out of five by 
taking away four of the matchsticks. 

The initial layout of the matchsticks as follow:

                            |     |
                            |     |
                            |     |
                            |     X     |
                            |     X     |
                            |     X     |
                            |     Y     |
                            |     Y     |
                            |     Y     |
                                  |     |
                                  |     |
                                  |     |

The lines represented by W, X, Y and Z are the four matchsticks that 
you should remove. Upon removing them, you will get the following 

                            |     |
                            |     |
                            |     |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                            |           |
                                  |     |
                                  |     |
                                  |     |

So, there you go. Three squares. :)

Now, the "triangles". The goal of this puzzle is to create three 
triangles by taking away six of the matchsticks. This one is tougher 
to represent in ASCII, but I will try:

                               /  \
                              /    \
                            /B     C\
                           /  B   C  \
                          /    B C    \
                        /\     XY     /\
                       /  \   X  Y   /  \
                      /    \ X    Y /    \

The lines A, B, C, X, Y and Z are the matchsticks that you remove. 
Upon removing them, you will get the following layout:

                               /  \
                              /    \
                            /       \
                           /         \
                          /           \
                        /\            /\
                       /  \          /  \
                      /    \        /    \
                     --------      --------

That's the three triangles you need.

NOTE: The matchstick puzzle changes every now and then, so if you're 
interested in solving more mind teasers, examine the shelf later. For 
now, doing these two will advance the story.

Regardless of which puzzle you do first, completing the first will see 
Iris walking into the bar. Talk to her, and she will eventually ask 
you to have a drink with her. Unfortunately, the game won't allow you 
to have a drink with this looker, so both the answers would be 
rejections. Just to be a little more polite, choose:

> No thanks.

9:20 P.M.                                                   [ CHP610 ]

THE INSURANCE CLERK                                         [ CHP611 ]
You can now do the second matchsticks puzzle. After doing that, Summer 
will walk into the bar. Talk to him for a moment, and Iris will leave 
the bar. Damn, you've chosen Summer over Iris... what's happening, 
man, Cing?

As she leaves, Summer asks for her identity. You reply that she's 
Iris, but he immediately says that that's not right. Ask:

> What's not right?

Summer replies that he has the feeling that he had seen Iris before. 

Your next conversation with Summer will be about Osterzone, and the 
stolen painting. He will be surprised that you've already found out so 

Questions time:

> What all makes sense?

Summer attempts to "deduce" your true nature, while you attempt to 
deduce your fist to his face. Nevertheless, his reply doesn't really 
shock you - he thinks that you're the insurance clerk hired to track 
the stolen masterpiece. Yeah, right.

> How do you know Iris?

Unfortunately, he couldn't remember. He promises, however, that if he 
remembers it in future, he shall notify you.

Summer leaves soon after. Walk to the point marked "B" now to examine 
your bourbon. This will trigger Louie's return. You should now leave 
the bar.


THE 10TH ANNNIVERSARY                                       [ CHP612 ]
You will find Rosa at the restaurant area. Approach her to trigger a 
conversation. She will tell you that the bar was ipened to celebrate 
the hotel's 10th anniversary. You can now ask her:

> When was the anniversary?

Rosa replies that the hotel was built 20 years ago, in 1959. Which 
means, its 10th anniversary would have been in 1969. You will remember 
the incident about the missing kid in 1969. Would there, perhaps, be 
a link?

> Tell me about the story.

She will tell you that this so called "story" is just a rumor. She 
adds that when she first asked Dunning about this, he laughed flat out 
at her. 

Rosa will end the conversation by suggesting that you talk to Dunning 
if you want to know more about the hotel's history. 


DUNNING'S PAST                                              [ CHP613 ]
You will find Dunning in the restaurant. Ask him about the hotel's 
history. When given the choice, you can ask either:

> When was it (the hotel) built?

Dunning replies that 20 years ago, the hotel was busting with life, 
but by the time he took over, the place had changed.


> Has the name changed?

Dunning will give you some tidbits about how the hotel was named by 
its previous owner. 

Both options will lead to the same "?":

> When did you take over?

He will tell about his plans for business, and then lament about his 
poor decision. He also mentions a little about his old job.

> What did you do before?

Dunning becomes all defensive. Ask:

> How'd you get this place?

He will tell about that he used to do paper work in an office, until 
he saved up enough to buy the hotel. You believe?

Now for the last question before he leaves. You noticed him looking at 
something when you came in, so ask:

> What were you looking at?

He will tell you about the pictures on the walls near the piano. He 
also informs you that Jeff has called and told him that he has found 
his missing cash, heh.

Leave the restaurant after the conversation. You will bump into Rosa 


THE WINE LABEL                                              [ CHP614 ]
Tap the yellow triangle and ask:

> What's perfect?

Looks like she needs a favor from you. She tells that at times, when 
the guests order wine, they like to keep the labels. When that happens, 
she would always deliver it to their rooms later. But she's busy (still 
cleaning, presumably), and Louie is manning the bar. 

And so, yes, she wants you to help her deliver the label. She offers to 
give you free breakfast as a reward. What? Free food? I'm on!

Turns out that it was Helen who wanted the fresh label. Apparently, 
Helen ordered wine ten years ago when she came with her friend. She 
asked for that very same bottle of wine tonight, perhaps for 
remembrance's, perhaps. 

Before you leave Rosa, ask:

> Who did Helen come here with?

Rosa has no idea, but she thinks that the person with Helen was her 

This opens up the next "?":

> She's just like you?

Rosa replies that she lives far away from her son, just like Helen. 

Another "?":

> What's your son like?

She reveals that her son works in Wall Street, and that he has 
previously requested that she quit her job to live together with him. 
Nothing wrong with that, man, but you know, my mom has the same 
response when I asked her to quit her job and live with me...

Rosa will now tell you that she couldn't remember what wine did Helen 
drink. However, she does remember seeing three bottles of wine lying 
around - two in the kitchen, and one in the restaurant. It seems 
that Helen wasn't the only one who had wine tonight - Summer and Iris 
were the other ones.

9:40 P.M.                                                   [ CHP620 ]

THE BOTTLES                                                 [ CHP621 ]
Head to the kitchen first. Same sketch from before, with updates:

                ----|    |------------------------
                |            |                   |
                |            |                   |
                |            -----------         |
                |---                   |         |
                |  |   -------         |         |
                |  |   |  W  |         |         |
                |  |   -------         |         |
                |  |                   |         |
                | R|                   |         |
                |   ---------|    |-----         |
                |            | RE |              |
                |            ------              |
                |                                |

RE - Previous area (Restaurant)
R - Red Wine Bottle
W - White Wine Bottle

Check out the wine bottle at "W". It's a white wine bottle. You will 
get a "?" about who had white wine.

Do the same for the bottle at "R". It's a red wine bottle. You will 
get another "?" about who had red wine.

Head to the restaurant next. Same sketch from previous one, with 
updated location of the wine bottle:

                    |  ------             ------|
                    |  |    |             |     |
                    |  |  R |             |     |
                    |  ------             ------|
                    -                           |
                                ------          |
                                |    |          |
                    -           |    |          |
                    |           ------         PP
                    |  ------                  PP
                    |  |    |                  PP
                    |  |    |               PPPPP
                    |  ------              PPPPPP

R - Rose Bottle
P - Piano, pictures and other stuff

Examine the bottle at "R". It's a Rose. You will get yet another "?" 
about who drank Rose.

You should now head back to Room 215, and search the package that Ed 
sent you for the adhesive remover. Pick it up, and leave for Iris' 

Knock on Iris' door, and she will come out of the room. Ask:

> What wine did you drink?

Ros¨¦, as I expected. 

Head to Room 211 now for Summer. Do the usual, and ask:

> What wine did you drink?

It was white. 

Cut him off while he explains the beauty of the wine, and head towards 
Room 212.


REMOVING THE LABEL                                          [ CHP622 ]
Surprisingly, Helen isn't in. But she can only drink red wine, since 
the other two choices have been taken. So, go back to the kitchen, 
and use the adhesive remover on the red wine bottle at "R". This will 
zoom in the screen to the label itself:

                         | /-------------\ A
                         | | Kura Valley | |
                         | |    1967     | |
                         | |             | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | |   |     |   | |
                         | |   |     |   | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | |  meet again | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | |   -------   | |
                         | \-------------/ |

Spread the adhesive remover all over the label with your stylus. Once 
done, you will find that the corner at "A" will peel off. Click at the 
corner to hold and drag your stylus downwards to remove the label.

NOTE: I heard that some people has actually TORN the label, and got a 
"game over" here, so be careful.


HELEN'S MEMORIES                                            [ CHP623 ]
Go back to Room 212 - Helen should open the door now. She invires you 
into her room. Talk to her, and she will eventually say that you make 
her feel like she did 10 years ago. You can now ask:

> What happened back then?

She seems to be hiding something. I guess it's about time to drag it 
out of her. I mean, this chapter has been running forever!

Before you proceed to dig secrets, select the label from your 
inventory and show it to Helen. After that, leave the conversation 
screen, and you will automatically ask her about the wine that she 
shared with someone a few years ago. 

When given the prompt, tell her:

> C'mon. I'm just curious. 

Helen confirms that she shared the wine with someone 10 years ago. 
When you press on about where this person is now, she appears pretty 
shaken up.  Ask:

> You don't know, do you?

She replies that she hasn't been in contact with that person since 
that fateful day. 

Now, time to tackle the "?s":

> Who was this person?

and then select:

> You care about him.

Helen will reply that despite her love for this person, she has 
actually betrayed him. 

Now, ask:

> How did you betray him?

She will say that she has abandoned him.

Next, ask:

> Why don't you contact him?

and select:

> You miss him too much.

She will finally reveal that this someone was actually a boy.

You can now ask:

> Who is this mystery person?

Helen will admit that this person was none other than her only son, 

Press on:

> Your son's name is Alan?

Alan Parker! She also confirms that she gave Alan a fountain pen on 
that fateful day. After they separated, they never met each other. 

Being a good samaritan, you want to get that pen back for Helen. If 
you didn't remember who you gave it to earlier, it's Summer. Go to 
Room 211 now.

You won't waste any time in asking for the pen from him. Tap the pen 
off his hand, tell him to buzz off, and return to Room 212.

Inside, show the fountain pen to Helen. She confirms that the pen 
belongs to her son. Ask:

> It's your son's pen, huh?

She replies that she gave this pen to her son 10 years ago, when they 
were finally reunited.

Now, ask:

> You had to be reunited?

She repeats her earlier statements that she has abandoned her son. 

Now, tap through the long conversation as you try to explain the 
situation between Summer and Alan. You won't explicitly tell her that 
Summer is the thief though. Personally, I'd love to see Helen show 
him some colors...

Finally, you will get to hear Helen's story. Sit back, relax, and 
read through the conversation until you hit the chapter's end. I'll 
leave it to you to find out her past - it has got to do with her 
previous job as a magician, and her lost-and-found relationship with 


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #6                                          [ CHP6QZ ]
1. ... Helen.

2. ... five years ago.

3. ... red wine.

4. ... Alan.

5. ... magician.

                                                      CHAPTER SIX: END


12. CHAPTER SEVEN - 10:00 TO 11:00PM                        [ HDCHP7 ]
You decide to go back to the bar for Louie.

10:00 P.M.                                                  [ CHP700 ]

HYDE'S DAD                                                  [ CHP701 ]
Back at the bar, talk to Louie. When he asks you to order a drink, 
you can choose either option. 

After some talking, you should ask:

> A guy like me?

Louie will give you some advice about secrets and all. When he prompts 
whether you've any secrets, choose:

> I might.

Continue the conversation until you begin thinking about the past, and 
about an appointment with Bradley. It seems that he wanted to talk to 
you about the Nile case after it was over, but apparently, that 
didn't happen.

Louie interrupts you from your thoughts. Continue talking to him, and 
he will tell you about his dream of owning a place like this bar. 
This will lead to a "?" about something you told him back in those 
days in Manhattan. You can now ask:

> What story did I tell you?

Louie will recall the day that you busted him for the third time. When 
playing the "good cop", you made up a story to convince him that life 
is more than just picking pockets.


> I don't remember this.

He will remind that the story is about your father.

Now, ask:

> I told you about my father?

Ah, now you remember. You told Louie that your dad used to be a thief. 
On his last job, he got bumped off. 


> You believed my story?

Tell Louie that the story about your dad:

> It's true.

Louie will then tell you about his recent interest. When given the 
prompt, tell you:

> I don't get it.

Seems that Louie is into bowling. You will reply that you love 
bowling as well. This will set up a meeting for 11:00pm - a bowling 
competition with Louie... in the bar!


CECILY LEE                                                  [ CHP702 ]
At just about this time, Summer walks in. He will be near where Helen 
was earlier, near the matchsticks. Go to him and talk. It appears that 
Summer was looking for you - he claims that he has something to 
discuss with you.

You can now:

> Talk about Alan.

He will reply that he has no idea where Alan could possibly be now. 
No clues, no nothing. When you press him further, he retorts that he 
will approach the media and tell them the truth about his plagerism 
once he checks out from the hotel - it was his plan to use the media 
to search for Alan.

You will eventually tell him that, even though you didn't mean to 
expose his secrets to others, you let it slipped. When he asks who you 
spoke to, choose to:

> ... tell him the truth.

You reveal that you've told the story to Helen, and have given the 
fountain pen to her as well. Louie will soon interrupt the talk as he 
serves Summer's drink. 

Once Louie leaves, you can ask Summer:

> What do you want to talk about?

Surprisingly, the topic that Summer wanted to discuss is about Iris. 
He reveals that Iris bears a striking resemblance to the actress 
Cecily Lee. He also tells you that there's quite a striking photo of 
Cecily's doppelganger on this month's issue of Va-Voom!

Continue asking:

> Who is Cecily Lee?

Cecily is an up-and-coming actress who has garnered increasing 
popularity recently. She started acting in a soap opera, and she has 
received rave reviews for her performance from critics and fans. It 
appears that she is scheduled to maker her debut on the movies next 
years. Summer further reveals that Cecily was a model before she 
started acting. 

Wow, how did he know about these things?

He poses a good question though: Why would Cecily Lee be staying in 
this hotel on her own?

NOTE: Could she, perhaps, be YOUR CLIENT? :)

If you want, you can show Summer the magazine to see his wild reaction. 
Otherwise, leave the bar. 


MELISSA'S CHRISTMAS                                         [ CHP703 ]
You will find Melissa in the restaurant area. You know what to do...

After some initial small talk (you will find that Kevin has gone 
missing again, by the way), tell Meliisa that:

> I'm not a presents guy. 

Apparently, Melissa didn't get any presents as well. Soon, she will 
suddenly say that her dad's a jerk (yeah, we know that). Of which, you 
can press by asking:

> Hey, calm down.

After consoling her, you will automatically give her the Pinkie Rabbit 
doll. Sigh, so much trouble to get it, and you gave it away...

10:20 P.M.                                                  [ CHP710 ]

THE CHRISTMAS TREE                                          [ CHP711 ]
Go to the Central Hallway, and take a turn up to the stairs. Before 
you reach, you will bump into Rosa. Amazingly, she's STILL cleaning.
Thankfully for her, this would be the last place that she needs to 
clean, so she seems to be in a good mood.

When Rosa asks about Melissa, reply:

> She misses her mom.

More small talk, and then you can leave the conversation screen.

Just as you're about to go, Rosa stops and tells you something about 
Melissa. It seems that the girl has asked Rosa about a Christmas tree. 
Rosa will then ask whether you know the reason for Melissa's question 
about the tree. Tell her:

> She didn't get one.

Now, Rosa will reveal that the Christmas tree and its decorations, 
which has been taken down on the 26th, are in the storage room. I 
think you know what this means...

Well, if you didn't remember where the storage room is, it's just 
beside Rosa's room. Refer to the "A Date with Rosa" segment for the 
map, and head towards there.

Boxes are aplenty here, but where's the Christmas tree? Refer to map:

               |  L  |  L* |              |         |
               |------------             ----|      |
               |                             |      |
               _                             |      |
                                             |   B  |
               R                             |      |
                                             |      |
               _                          ----      |
               |                          |         |
               |-------                   |         |
               |  L   |                   |         |

R - Previous area (Right Hallway)
L - Lockers
B - Boxes/ Christmas Tree
L* - Locker with Black Light

Check out the locker at "L*" for some ropes, a cardboard box and a 
black light. The black light is the only thing you can pick up for 
now, which you secretly thought of using it to throw a party for 


THE TREE BOX PUZZLE                                         [ CHP712 ]
Next, go to the area marked "B" and touch either of the top two boxes 
there. This will trigger a tree-searching puzzle. It's difficult to 
put this into ASCII drawings, so I'll just try my best to describe the
solution in words. 

Anyway, touch the top box to the left and drag it down to the right. 
Do so for the box below the previous box that you've just moved. Now, 
drag the top box in the middle column to the right. Next, drag the box 
below the box you've just moved to the right. 

You should be able to see the Christmas tree box at the left end of 
the room now. Toss the two boxes in front of it to the right. Now, 
check out the front row. Move the third box (from the left) up to the 
top of the right column. Then, move the second box from the front row 
and lift it on top of the fourth box. Then, move the first box on the 
front row to the right. 

You're nearly there! Now, there's this rather hidden box, which is the 
second box on the second row. Lift it up to the right. Then, lift the 
first box from the third row to the right. You should now see the 
majority of the tree box. Touch the box and viola, you've found the 
Christmas tree!

NOTE: If you still can't gain access to the tree, toss a few more 
boxes to the right. The key to this puzzle is to simply move as many 
boxes away from the tree box as possible.


DECORATING THE TREE                                         [ CHP713 ]
Once you find the tree box, Melissa will come into the storage room. 
Next puzzle coming up: decorating the Christmas tree!

Simple enough puzzle. The tree has hooks of a few colors: green, blue, 
red and yellow. The decorations at the foot of the tree are also in 
these colors. You will need to drag a decoration to match the color of 
the hooks. For example, the blue bell should go to a blue hook, and 
the red ribbon should go to a red hook.

Once you've match every decoration, a star will appear at the foot. 
Drag it and put it on top of the tree to clear the puzzle. This will 
delight Melissa, and it feels darn good to make a kid happy.

Mila walks in soon after, followed by Louie. Seems like Rosa has seen 
through you, and invited all these guests to your little storage room 
post-Christmas party. :)


GALLERY MAY                                                 [ CHP714 ]
Talk to Melissa now, and she will fall asleep - I guess she's just too 
happy. You will ask Louie to bring her back to her room. Once both of 
them leave, you can continue your unfinished conversation with Mila.

Her fever is gone - wow, what kind of antibiotics have Rosa given her?
Anyway, Mila will soon write something into your notebook. Tap to get 
the notebook back from her, and check the contents on page 6/6. It 

                           "I have no one."

Hmm, creepy. Continue talking, taking back the notebook and checking 
out Mila's next content:

                         "Where is dad now?"

Seems like Mila has no idea where Robert Evans is. More writing and 
all. Check the next content:

                            "Santa Monica. 
                             Gallery May."

This should be where Mila's dad used to live in. It appears that this 
Evans guy used to own an art gallery. Oh, gosh.

Rosa will walk in after this. Looks like you can't ask anymore clues 
from Mila at the moment. Once both of them leave, head towards 
Dunning's room - it's miraculously unlocked now.


DUNNING'S ROOM                                              [ CHP715 ]
Rough sketch as usual:

                      ---  R  --------------------\
                      |          |   T   |      \ F\
                    ---          |       |       \ |
                   |----         ---------        \|
                   |   |                           |
                   | B |                           |
                   |   |         ---------     ----|
                   |   |         |   C   |     |   |
                   |----         |       |     |   |
                   |             ---------     |   |
                   |                           |   |
                   |                ----       ----|
                   |                |SO|           |
                   |                ----           |
                   |                               |
                   |                               |
                   |                               -
                   |                               D
                   |                               -
                   |-----        -------------     |
                   |     |    ---|           |------
                   |     |    |P               |

R - Previous area (Right Hallway)
B - Bookshelf/ Hockey Stick
T - TV/ Photos
F - Fireplace/ Clock/ Photo of Woman
C - Coffee Table/ Newspaper/ etc.
D - Locked Door
P - Photo of Young Girl

You can examine everything in the room, but the only point of interest 
at this moment is the photo of the young girl at the lower part of 
the room, at the area marked "P". Once you examine this photo, Dunning 
will walk in. 

Amazing, he doesn't throw you out of the hotel. You will automatically 
leave the room.

10:40 P.M.                                                  [ CHP720 ]

KEVIN                                                       [ CHP721 ]
Go back to the lobby to trigger the next event. You will find the 
frequently missing Kevin here. Talk to him, and you will find that
he's drunk. After some arugments, he walks to the front desk.

Go towards him to trigger a cut-scene, and then go closer to initiate 
a conversation.

When he burps, ask him:

> You OK?

He tells you that he doesn't feel so good now. 


> Who were you drinking with?

He tells you that it's none of your business. 

No futher options to talk, so leave him for now. Return to the lobby 
to get a short scene. You're curious about who Kevin has been drinking 
with. Since he was drunk, you should head back to the bar now for some 


GRACE                                                       [ CHP722 ]
Once there, you will find Iris. She leaves soon after, but you can now 
drill Louie for some tidbits. He tells you about a dynamic duo here 
earlier who couldn't control their liquor. Hmm...

> Who was drinking in here?

Well, it's Kevin and Iris, of course. Looked like they were talking 
about something serious too.

> What were they talking about?

Unfortunately, Louie doesn't know... exactly. But he did overhear 
something about a Gallery May in Santa Monica. 


> What about the gallery?

This seems to tie in to where Mila's father works. Things are getting 
more and more interesting.

Now, you can ask about the photo of the young girl you saw in Dunning's 

> Who's the girl in the photo in Dunning's room?

Nope, Louie doesn't know.

It's time to go back for the drunken duo. Leave the bar for a short 
scene, which suggests that you talk to Iris first. She should be at 
Room 216 now.

You go straight to the point about Iris' boozing session with Kevin, 
as well as Gallery May. She replies that an associate of hers works in 
the gallery. Kevin then told her that he knew about it. She then tells 
you that she needs to speak with you about something.

Woohoo, you can finally get into her room.

Talk to her, and she will tell you that when she returned to her room, 
she saw an odd thing. Ask her:

> What's odd?

She tells you that her suitcase has been moved. It seems that someone 
was here during her absence. 

Now, ask:

> Was anything stolen?

Indeed, something was stolen. She hasn't contacted the front desk, 
since she hated the possible questions that she has to answer. After 
some talk, she will reveal that she has lost a small envelope. 


> What was in the envelope?

She tells you that she has made a promise to the person who gave the 
envelope to her not to divuldge its contents. You can ask her:

> Who gave you the envelope?

More will-she-will-she-not, and she will tell you that the person who 
gave her the letter is something called Grace. She tells you that 
Grace's name is written behind the envelope.

Press further about this Grace person:

> Who is Grace?

Iris hesitantly tells you that Grace is a... friend. Nothing more 
comes out from this, so ask the next question:

> What about the gallery?

The name of the gallery is indeed Gallery May. Press further about the 
gallery, but both options will lead to nowhere. Do note that she does 
confirm that her friend works in the gallery, as disclosed earlier.

Finish off the conversation with Iris. You will tell her that you've 
got a hunch about the contents of the envelope. 


KEVIN'S SECRET                                              [ CHP723 ]
Go right on the corridor, and you will Kevin along the way. Approach 
him, and he will walk away sheepishly. 

You can find him back at the front desk, so here towards there to 
drill some clues out of him. He doesn't want to talk, but press him 

> You two had business?

No, it's not against the law if you drink with Iris, Kevin.

> I got reasons for asking. 

You tell him about Gallery May, and he admits that he knows the place. 
He then tells you that his wife used to work there. 

After more conversation, you can tackle the "?s" meant specially for 

> Talk about Iris.

Tell Kevin:

> I believe you just met.

Kevin will tell you that it's true that they've just met, but Iris 
told him that she knew Grace.

Of which, you should press:

> Who's Grace?

Yes, Grace is Melissa's mother. 

Press further:

> Why did Grace leave?

Er, urm, ...

Ok, leave that topic aside. Choose the only option left:

> Talk about Gallery may.


> You never worked there. 

Kevin reveals that Grace started working at the gallery seven years 
ago. In fact, she was working there when they got married. Grace took 
a few years off after giving birth to spend time with Melissa. She 
eventually missed work life, and worked for an art musuem when Melissa 
turned two. Things were still working well for them then.


> Talk about Grace.


> It was you. 

He admits that it was all his fault, which leads to:

> How was it your fault?

Erm, argh, urgh... dude's got a headache, but soon, he will pour his 
story to you. Turns out there Kevin lost a patient in the operating 
room. He got sued for malpractice, and he lost the case. The court 
ordered him to pay an amount for damages, but it was just too much. He 
eventually asked for a divorce because he didn't want Grace to pay for 
his mistake. Grace refused the idea, and told Kevin that she would 
raise the money. 

Raised the money, she did, but Kevin has no idea how she did it. 
Despite getting through the ordeal, Kevin ended up not trusting Grace 
anymore. He kept asking her where she got the money, even though he 
has promised not to. They ended up fighting just about everything, 
which eventually led to her departure. 

And the reason he's here now? He found a matchbook from the hotel in 
her purse, so he came here hoping for a clue to find Grace. 

After the conversation, you will hit the end-chapter quiz.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #7                                          [ CHP7QZ ]
1. ... Melissa.

2. ... Storage.

3. ... Louie.

4. ... Gallery May.

5. ... a small envelope.

                                                    CHAPTER SEVEN: END


13. CHAPTER EIGHT - 11:00 TO 12:00AM                        [ HDCHP8 ]
Don't you need to sleep, or something? Anyway, you will begin in Room 
215, and you've two immediate objectives: find the envelope, and a 
bowling date with Louie.

11:00 P.M.                                                  [ CHP800 ]

THE ENVELOPE                                                [ CHP801 ]
The phone rings again when you try to leave. Amazingly, it's 11:00pm, 
and Rachel is still in the office. Doesn't she need to sleep, too? 
Anyway, Ed will take over the line soon. You tell him about Gallery 
May, and Robert Evans. Expect some breakthrough from Ed soon.

Once you leave your room, you will trigger a cut-scene. Some noise is 
coming from a room at the end of the corridor. I'm guessing it's the 
Utility Closet, so go there.


                      |     |------|    |      |
                      |  L  |      |    |      |
                      |     |      ------------|
                      |-----|              |   |
                      |     |              |---|
                      |  L  |              |   |
                      |     |              |---|
                      |-----|              (  )|
                      |     |                  | 
                      |  L  |                  | 
                      |     |           -------| 
                      |-----             |  S  |
                      |                  |     |
                      |                 -------|
                      |                   ( E )|
                      |-------                 |
                      |  L   |                 |
                      ----------|  R  |--------- 

R - Previous area (2F corridor)
S - Sink
L - Steel Lockers
E - Garbage Can/ Envelope/ Cassette Tape

Search the garbage can at "E" to pick up the following items:

1. A cassette tape.
2. A discarded envelope that is addressed to Iris, from Grace.

Ok, you've found the envelope, but Iris isn't in her room. Go back to 
the front desk for Kevin then.

Talk to Kevin, and he will eventually leave.

Remember your bowling appointment with Louie? Go to the bar now.


THE CASSETTE TAPE                                           [ CHP802 ]
Louie is eager to go, but you need to find out the contents of the 
cassette tape first. You try to borrow a cassette player, but it's in 
Louie's room. He also tells you that the deck has been in serious 
demand tonight.


> Someone else wanted it?

It was Dunning, who claimed that he wanted to listen to some music 

Anyway, Louie will give you the permission to use his deck, on the 
condition that you don't take it out of his room. So, go to his room 

When you were at Louie's room earlier, you couldn't examine anything, 
which was why I didn't provide a sketch. This is the long-awaited 
drawing of Louie's cave:

                |                 |       |       |      
                |                 |       |   G   |
                |      Bed        |       |       |
                |                 |       --------|
                |                 |           \\  |
                |------------------               |
                |  D  |                           -
                |     |
                |-----|                         L <-
                |                                 -
                |                                 |
                |--------                         |
                |   P   |      |---|          //  |
                |       |      |   |         //   |

L - Previous area (Left Hallway)
D - Cassette Deck
P - Desk/ Ballpoint Pen/ Photo of Bradley and Danny
G - Garbage on the floor
Bed - Louie's bed

First, examine the desk at "P" to pick up a ballpoint pen. Check out 
the photo there as well. 

Now, go to the wooden at "D" to examine the cassette deck there. Use 
the cassette tape on the deck, but you will find that the tape is 
unwound. You can't listen to the tape in this condition.

The tape will now be placed beside the deck. Now, use the ballpoint 
pen on the tape to activate a puzzle.

Move the pen into the right hole the tape, and start rotating it. 
Moments later, you will find that the pen is too round. You need 
something with an angle. 

Make the trip back to Room 215, and pick up the pencil from your 
suitcase. With this, you can wind the tape back. Back at Louie's room, 
use the pencil on the tape. Insert the pencil into the hole, and keep 
rotating it (keep sliding the pencil downwards with your stylus). 
Continue doing so until the tape is fully wound.

The tape will be back in your inventory now. Select it, and use it on 
the deck. Move the tape to the deck, and you can choose to listen to 
either Side A or Side B of it. Side A consists of nothing but music, 
but side B provides some juicy news - it seems like a bugged recording 
about some shady transaction. 


RENDEVOUS AT 216                                            [ CHP803 ]
Louie will walk in soon after. After some discussion with him, you 
decide that your next course of action is to look for Iris. Go to her 
room now.

Knock on the door, and she will greet you, although not in friendly 
terms. When you tell her that you've found her stuff, her attitude 
changes. You can now ask her:

> Why did you have the tape?

She expresses anger at your listening to the tape. After the exchange, 
show her the discarded envelope and the cassette tape. Leave the 
conversation screen after that, and she will invite you back into her 

Talk to her, and she will reveal that Grace sent this tape to her. 

Press further:

> Why bring it here?

Grace told Iris to wait for her to call again, and if she doesn't 
hear from Grace by Christmas, she was to bring the tape down to the 

When you mention about Kevin, Iris seems quite surprised that he's 
actually Grace's husband.


> You didn't know?

She now understands why Melissa had that rag doll with her.

After more intense questioning, Iris claims that she has no idea where 
Grace is now. In fact, she has been searching for her as well. 

"?s" time:

> Let's talk about the plan.


> The tape is insurance. 

Iris reveals that she was supposed to hand the tape to a certain man. 

Press further:

> Who gets the tape?

The person who was supposed to get the tape is the man "who painted 
the angel". Huh?


> Let's talk about the doll.


> You recognized it.

Iris has seen the doll before today, although she didn't know that 
Grace made it. Instead, she finds that the doll looks very much like 
her dolls.

Press further:

> You had that doll?

It seems that the doll looks like the dolls that Grace and Iris used 
to have when they were kids. 


> Let's talk about Grace.


> It's because she's vanished.

You will relate Kevin's story about how Grace raised a large sum of 
money to save Kevin from the lawsuit in '77. 

Press further:

> Where did Grace get the money?

Well, Iris has no idea. Finally, she will reveal the secret between 
Grace and herself to you - Iris is actually Grace's little sister. 
Now, listen through Iris' life story. Possible interesting point 
includes a plane crash in '60 that took her mother's life, her reunion 
with Grace after being separated, Grace asking for a large sum of 
money from her, and the timing when she received the letter and the 

It appears that the money that Grace raised for Kevin was from some 
illegal means, and the tape was her insurance. Hotel Dusk and the 
angel painting must be connected, somehow.

11:20 P.M.                                                  [ CHP810 ]

BOWLING                                                     [ CHP811 ]
Go back to Louie's room and talk to him. He will offer to sneak into 
Dunning's office to take a peak at the guest register from two years' 
ago - maybe Grace stayed here before, no?

Louie heads straight out of the room after the conversation. You still 
have a bowling date, remember? Go out to the Left Hallway to find him.
Yes, you're going to play bowling right HERE.

Bowling is easy enough - simply tap and hold the ball with your 
stylus, and then slowly move it towards the pins. You should easily 
hit eight to nine pins in a single roll. There will be three rounds 
to go, but on the third round, Louie will roll the ball straight into 
one of the potted plants along the corridor.

Apparently, it's "Dunning's favorite plant". Ho ho.

You will automatically find something hidden in the pot. It looks like 
a key. Tap it to add the old key into your inventory. 

The commotion is all too much for Rosa. After scolding Louie, she 
reveals a shocker - Mila is missing. She seems to be hiding something, 
and scuttles off quickly before you can ask for more information. 


MEETING AT THE ROOFTOP                                      [ CHP812 ]
You will ask Louie to take the first floor, while you hit the second. 
Before you go, you pass the old key to Louie. You know, a sidekick 
has to do what a sidekick does.

Head up to 2F for a short scene. Walk all the way to the right, and 
use the door at the end to reach the roof. 

Mila is here. Touch her shoulder to get her attention, as before, 
and talk to her. Check your notebook after she writes, and she will 
write on page 7/7:

                    "Who are you looking for?"

That seems to be the question that Rosa asked her. Mila will write 
another message into your notebook soon, which says:

                      "I know your father."

Wow, what a revelation. 

11:40 P.M.                                                  [ CHP820 ]

ROSA'S ROOM                                                 [ CHP821 ]
Time flies. It's 11:40pm now. Escort Mila back to Rosa's room, and 
she will invite you into her room.

Rough sketch, as usual:

                 |   |              |       |       |
                 |   |              |       |       |
                 |   |             -----------------|
                 -----                              -
             -> H                                   -> B
                 -                                  -
                 |                --------     -----|
                 |----            |      |  M  |    |
                 |   |            |      |     |    |
                 | T |            --------     |    |
                 |   |                         -----|
                 |----            -----------       |
                 |(  )            |    S    |       |
                 ----             |         | (    )|
                    |-----------| ------------      |

H - Previous area (Right Hallway)
R - Rosa
M - Mila
W - Window
S - Sofa
T - TV
B - Door to Back Room

Use the door at "B" to go into the back room, which looks rougly like 

                       |            |
                       |            |
                       |     T      |
                       |            |
                       |            |
                       |--|    |------------------|
                       -          |               |
                    -> R          |      Bed      |
                                  |               |
                       -          ----------------|
                       |                      | O |
                       |                      ----|
                       |                          | 
                       |                      ----| 
                       |                ----  |   |
                       |--------------| |  |  | P |
                       |              | ----  |   |
                       |              |       |   |

R - Previous area (Rosa's Room)
T - Toilet
P - Photos on wall/ 

Go to the desk at "P", and examine the photos of a couple and a family 
on the wall. 

Examine the dresser at "O" to find another photo of Rosa and a man. 


THE OLD BROCHURE                                            [ CHP822 ]
Once you're done, leave the room. Rosa is ready to talk now.

You will first ask some questions about the photos in the back room. 
She replies that those are all pictures of HER. She will then tell you 
a little about her marriage. 

You will follow up by asking about Mila. Rosa claims that she said 
nothing to Mila, of which you can object by saying:

> C'mon Rosa. Don't lie. 

You explain that Mila has written in your notebook about Rosa's 
conversation with her. Rosa will come clean, and reveal that she knew 
Mila was looking for someone because of an old brochure.

Next, ask:

> Rosa... Come on, now.

She inadvertently lets slip about Mila's father, heh. She then 
explains that she has promised not to tell...

Time for the "?s" again:

> Talk about the pamphlet.

This should be about the brochure that Mila was holding when she 
first arrived at the hotel. So, choose:

> Mila's brochure.

Rosa admits that as soon as she saw that brochure, she knew something. 
So, ask her:

> What did the pamphlet tell you?

... that Mila must be looking for someone who stayed here a long time 
ago. Ok, not helpful.

Ask the next "?":

> Talk about Mila's father.


> You DO know something. 

Rosa will say that if Mila is indeed looking for her father, then she 
may remember something.

So, ask:

> What did you remember?

Long story to convince Rosa, but she will remain silent.

Next "?":

> Talk about the promise.

You think you know whom she made the promise to:

> Someone I know.

Well, that's right, and that person has trusted Rosa with a secret.

> So, what's your big secret?

Finally, Rosa will bulge. She will reveal that she has seen that old 
brochure before, in Dunning's room. She feels that Mila must have 
stayed here a long time ago. Dunning only became the owner of the 
hotel five years ago, but the brochure is much older than that. This 
made Rosa curious, and she asked Dunning about it. 

This comes the shocker - Dunning has stayed here once with his family 
a long time ago. That was when he got that old brochure in his room. 
It seems that Dunning has a daughter, but she seems to live pretty 
far away. So, the girl in the picture in Dunning's room must be this 
daughter... Jenny, perhaps?

After the talk, it seems that Rosa has misunderstood, and thought that 
Mila was Dunning's daughter. She then gives an interesting comment - 
seems that Dunning wasn't very keen in housing Mila. In fact, he 
wouldn't get anywhere near her. 

Before this ends, you will ask Rosa about the possibility of an angel 
painting hiding in this hotel. She doesn't know about this, but she 
mentions about the abundance of apple paintings. Now, I hope you've 
examined all those apple paintings, because the next puzzle you do 
will involve them all...

Leave the back room, and promise Mila that you will find her father. 
As you make your way to the nearby stairs, your pager will beep. It's 

Go back to Room 215, and give Ed a call. 


ROBERT EVANS                                                [ CHP823 ]
Ed reveals that Gallery May has closed down some seven years ago. 
Evans has inherited the gallery from his grandfather. It seems that 
Evans has a knack of finding undiscovered works by famous painters. 
He was making the money, and then all of a sudden, the gallery shuts 
down. There was no clue as to why the sudden dismay, and Evans has 
disappeared since. 

Ed ends by saying that Evans wife, Mary, died in a plane crash in '60. 
Does this ring a bell? You know, Iris' mother died in a plane crash in 
the same year as well.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #8                                          [ CHP8QZ ]
1. ... Robert Evans.

2. ... Grace.

3. ... an old key.

4. ... on the roof.

5. ... seven years ago.

                                                    CHAPTER EIGHT: END


14. CHAPTER NINE - 12:00 TO 2:00AM                          [ HDCHP9 ]
I don't know about you, but at 12:00am, I'm usually asleep.

12:00 A.M.                                                  [ CHP900 ]

APPLE PAINTING #1                                           [ CHP901 ]
When you asked Rosa about the angel painting, she mentioned about FIVE 
apple paintings in the hotel. If you've diligently noted down the 
location of these paintings so far, you will notice that there are 
only four. Your objective now is to solve the mystery related to these 

Move towards the middle of the room, and you will hit a short scene. 
The first apple painting is in the very room you're in now, if you 
didn't already notice. It's found on the wall at "A", just above the 

Sketch redux:

                      ---------------| D |---
                      |         |           |
                      |         |           |
                      |    T    |           |
                      |         |           |
                      |         |           |
                      |----------           |
                      | |                   |
                      |--------             |
                      A  Bed  |        / \  |
                      |--------         S   |
                      |                \ /  |

D - Door
T - Bathroom
S - Table/ Suitcase
A - Apple painting on wall
Bed - Bed

Examine it - this time round, a puzzle will be activated. Your job is 
to find a hidden alphabet on the painting. For this painting, the 
letter "Y" is found on the second apple from the left. Simply move the 
cursor on the screen until you find it, and then tap on the letter to 
move on.

Hmm... five apples and the letter "Y". 

NOTE: Check page 9/9 of your notebook for an expertly drawn apple 


APPLE PAINTING #2                                           [ CHP902 ]
The next apple painting is near the stairs leading to 1F. 

Sketch redux:

   -----|216|--|217|--|218|-|  M  |--|219|--|-R-|--|220|---|-U-|--
   | |                                                           |
   |--                                                           -
   |                                                             RO
   |                                                             -
   |                                                             |
   -----|215|--|214|--|213|--     ---|212|--|211|---------|-L-|---
                            |  A  | 
                            |     | 

M - Stairs leading to 1F
U - Utility Room
L - Linens Room
A - Apple Painting
R - Door leading to Right Hallway
RO - Door leading to Roof

Leave Room 215, and go to the area marked "A" to examine the painting. 
This one has two apples. Check out the top right corner of the 
painting to find the alphabet "E".

So, it's two apples and the letter "E". Take note of that.


APPLE PAINTING #3                                           [ CHP903 ]
Go to Room 217 now for the next apple painting - this is the one on 
the ground, at "A".

Sketch redux:

                    |   |                         |
                    |   A                         |
                    |   |                         |
                    |----------------|            |
                    |                |      |-----|
                    |     Bed        |      |     |
                    |                |      |  D  |
                    |                |      |     |
                    |----------------|      |     |
                    |                       |     |
                    |                       |-----|
                    |-------------------          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |         T        |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                    |                  |          |
                   ----------------------|  P  |---

A - Apple painting (on ground)
D - Dresser/ TV
T - Toilet
P - Door
Bed - Bed

This painting has four apples. Examine the bottom left corner of it to 
find the letter "N". 

Four apples and the letter "N" - as usual, keep this in mind.


APPLE PAINTING #4                                           [ CHP904 ]
The fourth painting is found near the restaurant. Just take the stairs 
down to 1F, and go all the way to the end of the Central Hallway to 
find it ("A").

Sketch redux:

                               | - |
                               | - |
                          -----| M |-
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          _ |B      |
                          | |       |
                         M|         |
                         G|         |
                          |         |
                          -         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |
                          |         |

A - Apple Painting
M - Stairs to 2F
B - Signboard and Chalkboard
L - Door to Left Hallway
MG - Moonlight Grill Restaurant

There are three apples on this painting. Let me guess... "N"? Yes, 
it's the letter "N", and it's found on the middle apple. 

Now, question is, where is the last apple painting?


THE OLD KEY                                                 [ CHP905 ]
Go to the lobby now to trigger a scene. You will find Louie, fresh 
from discovering that Mila is back in Rosa's room. You will share the 
new information that you've found during his absence. Continue to talk 
to him until he tells that he has found something about that old key 
that you discovered after the bowling session. 

To make it a double surprise, Louie also tells you that he has checked 
the guest register, which may lead to some clues about Grace.

You can now initiate the "?s" sequence:

> What's the old key for?

Seems like the key is for the wine cellar. You mean, they have a wine 
cellar here?

One down, more to go:

> What's the story with Grace?

Unfortunately, the guest logs in the office only go back one year. 
Damn, what a trip!

Soon, Dunning interrupts the proceedings, and Louie will scuttle back 
to the bar. After both of them leave, take the Right Hallway to Rosa's 
room. Before leaving, Louie will tell you to meet him at the wine 
cellar at 1:00am. Note that down if you need.

12:20 A.M.                                                  [ CHP910 ]

THE FIFTH PAINTING                                          [ CHP911 ]
Go through the conversation with Rosa until you can ask her:

> Where's the apple painting?

You will tell Rosa about the hidden letters in the paintings. She 
replies that there are three on the second floor, and two on the first 
floor. Now, you only saw one so far...

... and she reveals that the mysterious last painting is found in a 
"special room".


> You have a special room?

She will tell you that it's the room at the back of the lobby - a one 
and only room in the entire hotel. If you refer to the early map I 
drew of the lobby, the room in question is none other than the always 
locked Room 111.

Rosa agrees to help you find a way into Room 111, by stealing the key 
from Dunning! Great. She sneaks off down the all soon after the 

Now, you're alone with Mila again. She wants to follow you, which 
makes it a tricky trip back to the lobby. If you head straight to the 
lobby from the Right Hallway, Dunning will spot you. This will lead to 
a "game over".

Instead, take the stairs at the Right Hallway up to 2F, and then use 
the main stairs to go back down to the Central Hallway at 1F. You can 
now walk to the lobby without fear.

When you reach Room 111, touch the door knob to sneak in.


ROOM 111                                                    [ CHP912 ]

                       ---|  |  |------------------
                       |             |         |  |
                       |             |         |  |
                       |---|         -------------|
                       |   |            ----- |   |
                       |   |            |   | |   |
                       |   |            |   | |   |
                       |   |        R   ----- |   |
                       |   |                  ----|
                       |----                      |
                       |                          |
                       |                  (   )   |
                       |                          |
                       |  M                       |
                       |                   |------|
                       |                   |      |
                       ---------|  ^  |------------

L - Previous area (Lobby)
B - To Back Room
R - Rosa
M - Mila

Nothing much here, just head straight to the door at "B", and go to 
the back room.

               |           |         | P  |
               |           |         |----|
               |           |   Bed   |    A
               |           |         |    |
               |           |         |    |
               |           -----------    |-------------
               |                          -            |
               |                                       |
               |                                       |
               |                          -      T     |
               |             -------      |            |
               |             |  C  |      |            |
               ---|  B  |-------------------------------

B - Door to Front Room
C - Closet
T - Toilet
P - Phone
A - Apple Painting
Bed - Bed


JENNY                                                       [ CHP913 ]
Check around if you want, but you should really examine the painting 
with one apple at "A". The letter "J" is found just under the apple, 
slightly to the left. 

The solution to this puzzle is obvious, isn't it?

Anyway, the screen will now zoom into your notebook, to the page 
where you jotted down all the five letters. Touch the letters in the 
following sequence:

                         J - E - N - N - Y

(Basically, you arrange the letters in order of the number of apples 
in each painting.)

You will now remember that Jenny was the name that you found on the 
birthday card in Dunning's room. 

When you're done, use the door at "B" to return to where Rosa and Mila 


CPR                                                         [ CHP914 ]
Shocking scene upon your return, as Mila fell to the ground, while 
Rosa lets out a terrible scream. It seems like Mila has STOPPED 
BREATHING. What? Do you have to do CPR now?

The puzzle activates immediately. Mila's face is on the touch screen, 
while yours is on the other screen. To peform mouth-to-mouth 
rescusitation (censored, by the way :), simply close your DS, and 
reopen it. 

Mila wakes up upon contact, and holy crap, she talks!

"Don't... take... Jenny..."


HOLY CRAP, SHE'S TALKING!                                   [ CHP915 ]
Continue with the tapping of screen until Mila tells you that she now 
remembers. Lots of "?s" fly across the screen now, so quickly take 
them on:

> What did you remember?

Mila remembers that she was playing with Jenny in this room, while 
waiting for her father!

More "?s"!

> Who's Jenny?

She reveals that Jenny is a friend whom she met at the hotel. She was 
told to wait and play with Jenny by her father. Someone then took 
Jenny. A strange man... with a scary face... 

> Where's your father?

She doesn't know, but she tells that after the gallery was closed, 
they came to the hotel. She has been searching for her father ever 
since she "woke up".

> When did you wake up?

She was asleep for a long time, and then someone told her that she 
just woke up. Hmm... getting no where.


> What do you mean, "like that time"?

She will mention about a time when everything went dark, when she 
was waiting for her father. She was nine years old then. She will also 
reveal that she's 19 now, which means that happened... 10 years ago?

> Over there? Where?

Mila woke up in Robbins Hospital, waited for her father, but he never 
came. It was why she decided to come looking for him.

> Why couldn't you speak?

It has to do with Jenny being taken away, I guess - seeing a friend 
got kidnapper (presumably) must have put her into a coma.

After the conversation, Rosa will bring Mila back to her room for a 
deserved rest. 


ROBBINS HOSPITAL                                            [ CHP916 ]
Leave Room 111 to trigger a scene with Kevin. He will ask you about 
Mila, of which you can press further:

> You knew about Mila?

Kevin remembers that Mila as "Mila Evans".

> How do you know Mila?

As mentioned early, Mila was a patient in Robbins Hospital, where 
Kevin worked. 

> Why was she in the hospital?

Mila was brought to the hospital unconscious, with no visible injuries.
She spent almost the next 10 years in a coma. Half a year ago, she 
suddenly woke up. Unfortunately, the staff at the hospital could not 
contact her family.


> Did you know her family? 

Seems that Robert Evans used to come in once a month to check on her 
progress. For some reasons, however, he stopped coming AFTER she woke 
up. They tried several times to contact him, but he never returned the 
calls. The bills, however, had all been paid in advance. 

After the discussion about Mila, Kevin will bring your attention to 
your first meeting with him tonight. If you remember, he mentioned 
that he finds your name familiar. Apparently, right before Mila woke 
up, she had a new visitor other than her father. 

The name of that visitor? Kyle Hyde.

Kevin leaves the lobby after this, but... what a TRIP (sorry)!

Pager beeps, and it's 12:40am now. 

12:40 A.M.                                                  [ CHP920 ]

INTERLUDE                                                   [ CHP921 ]
Go back to Room 215, and give Ed a call. 

More relevations, as Ed reveals that 10 years ago, Robert Evans became 
the owner of Hotel Dusk. He owned it for three years, and then sold it 
on the cheap to a certain Dunning Smith. Ed also adds that, strangely, 
Evans shut the hotel down almost immediately upon buying it.


Someone will knock at the door when you're talking to Ed. Leave the 
boss now, and go find out who's that. Well, it's Rosa. It seems that 
Dunning has a change of heart when it comes to taking Mila to the 
police. In fact, he has taken the girl away, and both of them have 
yet to return.

You will tell Rosa to go back to her room, while you offer to search 
for them. Rosa did mention that Dunning took Mila into his room, but 
refused to open the door. So, head there. 


BIRTHDAY CARDS                                              [ CHP922 ]
When you try to knock on Dunning's door, Louie appears. Seems that 
Rosa has also told him about the news about Dunning and Mila. He will 
leave after some talking, to check the wine cellar. You will enter 
Dunning's room automatically after the conversation.

No one's here. 

Refer to the sketch of Dunning's room in Chapter Seven of this walk-
through, and go to the door at the bottom right corner of the room 
("D"). This door can now be opened. Use it to go into the back room. 

Rough sketch of Dunning's bedroom:

                 |         |       |  P|           |
                 |         |        ---|           |
                 |         |           |           |
                 |         -           |    Bed    |
                 |    T                |           |
                 |                     |           |
                 |         -           |           |
                 |         |            -----------|
                 |----------                       |
                 |                                 |
                 -                                 |
                 D                                 |
                 -                        ---------|
                 |                 ------| T       |
                 ---|              |  B  |         |

D - Door
T - Toilet
B - Bookshelf
P - Dresser/ Phone
T - Desk with Brochure/ Newspaper/ Drawer with Birthday Cards
Bed - Bed

Check the desk at "T" to find an old Hotel Dusk brochure - it looks 
like the one that Mila was carrying. The map on the brochure will give 
you the location of the wine cellar, and some kind of symbol on it. 
You will automatically add the brochure into your inventory. 

Under the brochure is a newspaper article titled "Appeal of Osterzone". 
It's dated back to 1972, which is... oh, seven years ago. Read the 
article, and you will add it to your inventory as well.

Now, zoom out, and click on the top right drawer of this desk. You will 
find tons of birthday cards inside - the same ones like the one you 
found in Dunning's office. The cards are all addressed to Jenny. Write 
this into your notebook if you want.

You should now leave Dunning's room. You will get a short scene about 
the wine cellar once you leave. Take the path to the lobby, past the 
Central Hallway, and use the door to the Left Hallway. Your next 
destination should be the pantry.


THE SECRET DOOR                                             [ CHP923 ]
Sketch redux:

               -------| S |-------------------------
               |    |                |             |
               |    |                |  --------   |
               |    |                |--|      |---|
               |    |                              -
               |    |                              L
               |    |                              -
               |    |                              |
               |    |                --------------|
               |    |                |             |
               ---------------| K |----------------|

S - Secret Door
K - Door to Kitchen
L - Door to Left Hallway

Now, during your past visits to the pantry, you may notice this door 
at the top left corner of the room ("S") that is always locked. 
Examine it to trigger the quiz for this chapter.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ #9                                          [ CHP9QZ ]
1. ... Room 217.

2. ... JENNY.

3. ... nine years old.

4. ... Robbins.

5. ... birthday cards.

... and just when you thought you could save the game, the game resumes.
You will find Louie lying on the ground. It seems that he has been 
knocked out. When the screen zooms in to Louie, tap his face to try 
waking him up.

And almost immediately, someone came in from behind to knock YOU out. 
From the body shape, it looks pretty much like Dunning... 

That was a scare, wasn't it? You can now save your game. :)

                                                     CHAPTER NINE: END


15. CHAPTER TEN - 2:00AM TO ?                               [ HDCHP0 ]

2:00 A.M.                                                   [ CHP000 ]

THE WINE CELLAR                                             [ CHP001 ]
Thankfully, after the events in the last chapter, you're not dead. 
Looks like whoever knocked you out didn't really want your life. 
Anyhow, go through the really long conversation with Louie and Rosa 
until you can explore the wine cellar.

Rough sketch:

                      |          |       W  |
                      |--        -----------|
                      | |                   |
                      |--   L               |
                      |                     |
                      |--|               |--|
                      |  |  R            |  |
                      | X|               | Y|
                      |  |               |  |
                      |  |               |  |
                      |--|               |--|
                      |                     |
                      --------|  D  |--------

D - Door
W - Back Shelf/ Whiskey Case
X - Whiskey Bottle
Y - Whiskey Bottle
L - Louie
R - Rosa

Examine the shelf at "W", and check the bottom right corner of it to 
find a case of whiskey. One bottle is missing from the case.

Now, explore the shelf at "X", and check the top right corner to find 
a bottle of whiskey. It's the same brand as those found in the case at 
"W", but it's only half full.

You will add this half-full whiskey bottle.

Next, examine the shelf at "Y", and check the top left corner for 
another bottle of whiskey. Use the half-full whiskey bottle on this 
new-found bottle to pour the whiskey into it.

You will now have a whiskey bottle.

Go back to "W", and use the whiskey bottle on the case of whiskey. You 
will hear a strange sound. Examine the entire shelf now, and it will 
slide to its left! Hey, a secret door!

Another long conversation follows. Just tap through it and make notes 
of the details should you require.


RACE AGAINST TIME                                           [ CHP002 ]
You're now at the underpass. It's a linear path, so I won't do a 
sketch. Go all the way to the right until you reach a door. Double tap 
on the door handle to remove the bar that's blocking the way. Touch 
the handle to enter. 

                                 |        |    |
                                 | L   C  |    |
                                 |        |    |
                                 |--------     -
                                 |             U
                                 |             -
                    -------------              |
                    |        |   |             |
                    |        -----             |
                    |                          |
                    |----|                     |
                    |    |                     |
                    |---------------|          |
                    |         R     |          |
                    |               |          |

U - Underpass
R - Shelf/ Books/ Old Guest Register
C - Machine/ Power Cord/ Toolbox/ Paper with Invisible Ink
L - Locked Box

Check the shelf at "R", and tap the boxes on the rightmost shelf to 
find the old guest registers. You will find Grace's name inside. She 
was here in August, 1977.

Examine the red book in the middle of the shelf. It's called "Life 
Trivia". It consists of some random folk-wisdom, including some 
instructions on how to sharpen cutlery. Take note of the pointer on 
using pencil lead as an electrical conductor - it will save your life 

Now, examine the blue book above "Life Trivia" to trigger a cut-scene. 
Someone's here, and he has closed the door from the outside. You're 
now trapped inside an airtight room!

It's a race against time now. Quickly examine that blue book again to 
find that it's titled "Osterzone, the Phantom Painter". Surprisingly, 
this is written by Robert Evans. 

You will keep this book into your inventory. While doing so, you will 
also find something in between the pages. It's a photo a man and 
presumably his daughter. This must be a photo of Dunning and Jenny. 
Double tap to add the photo to your loot.

Note that there's a date written on the back of this photo: May-18, 

Now, head to "C" to find a machine (that looks like a computer). 
Examine it to activate a puzzle. Keep pressing the "power" button to 
try to turn it on. Unfortunately, it isn't working.

Just to be sure, turn your camera to the right to find the power cord 
connecting the machine to its socket. Double tap on the cord (it's 
rather thin, so precision is needed) to find that it's indeed 
connected. However, the connection is loose, which is why the machine 
doesn't work.

Examine the red toolbox underneath the table to find a hammer. Take 
it, you know you love hammers. 

Now, quickly examine the top drawer to the left of the machine. 
There's a box inside, but it's locked. You've the code though - it's 
"518" (from the back of the photo you just found).

You will find an old envelope in the box. Pick it up to find that it's 
a letter from Robert Evans to Dunning. At the end of the letter, you 
will find some codes. I believe these codes are randomly generated, 
so note them down if you want. 

For the record, mine is:

Xbcnaiwn rb
Mdwrwp Bvrcq

NOTE: The letter reveals that Evans is indeed the kidnapper of Jenny.
You will add it to your inventory automatically.

Examine the bottom drawer now. You will find a file and a pair of 
scissors inside. Remember "Life Trivia" and its pointers on pencil 
leads? Choose the pencil from your inventory, and use it on the file.

This triggers a puzzle. Simply move the pencil up and down until 
you gather enough graphite powder. Use the graphite powder on the 
power cord. When the screen zooms in, tap the connector on the ground 
to sprinkle the powder over it. This should improve the contacts 
on the loose plug.

Finally, you can make the machine work! Examine the table again. You 
will find a piece of paper to the right of the machine. Examine the 
paper to find that words are written with invisible ink on it. 

Now, get out of the puzzle - you can't solve it while the screen is 
zoomed in. Instead, use the black light (finally, it's of use!) on the 
paper, and you will see a number on it. The number is randomly 
generated as well, but mine's 17.

You will now need to punch in the code you found on Evans' letter 
earlier into the machine. To make things easier, use Evans' letter on 
the machine - this will make the letter appear on the other screen 
(brilliant!). Once that is done, touch the power button to turn the 
machine on.

               | ----------------------------- ------- |
               | |                           | |     | |
               | |                           | |  D  | |
               | |                           | |     | |
               | |                           | ------- |
               | |                           |   ---   |
               | |                           |   |P|   |
               | -----------------------------   ---   |
               | ------------------------------------- |
               | | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | < | |
               | ------------------------------------- |
               | | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | |
               | ------------------------------------- |
               | | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | |
               | ------------------------------------- |
               |    --------------------   ----------  |
               |    |       SPACE      |    | ENTER |  |
               |    --------------------   ----------  |

D - Dial to turn numbers
P - Power Button

Now, turn the number dial at "D" (top right corner) to the number 
that you saw on the paper. For example, I'll turn it to "17".

You should now type in the code using the keypads on the machine. Take 
note that the codes are NOT case sensitive, so don't bother looking 
for a small caps toggle. The long bar underneath all the alphabets 
is actually the spacebar, so you can use it to separate the codes. 
After you finish one line (eg. "Xbcnaiwn rb"), tap ENTER to move to 
the next line.

When successfully done, you will decipher the hidden message on the 

                        "Osterzone is...
                        "Dunning Smith."

Oh. My. God!

Right after you discover this shocking message, Louie will come to 
your rescue. Just head to the door and touch the "door" icon to get 
out of here.

NOTE: This whole sequence has a time limit. I'm not entirely sure how 
long you're given, but if you do it too slowly, you will run out of 
air and will therefore hit a "game over".


A HAMMERING                                                 [ CHP003 ]
I guess there's a need for a sketch of the underpass afterall. 

                                                |         |
                                                |         |
                                                |         |
                                                -         |
                                                B         D
                                                -         |
                                                |         |
            ----------                          |         |
            |  | --  |                          |         |
            |  | 1F  |                          |         |
            |        ---------------------------          |
            |                                             |
            |                                             |
            |                                      BB  H  |

B - Previous Area (Basement)
H - Trigger Hammering Event
1F - Stairs to 1F
BB - Fallen Bricks
D - Strange Line

Once you get out of "B", head towards "H" with Louie - you can easily 
walk past it without triggering the next event, so make sure you hug 
the right wall closely. 

During the cut-scene, you will notice that the bricks from the wall 
here have fallen. Check the bricks at "BB", and click on the gaps on 
the brick wall. 

Puzzle time! Try tapping on the brick wall continuously. After a few 
attempts, you will comment that you need a stronger tool for this. 
Now, use your hammer on the wall, and keep tapping the bricks off 
until you see a door.


THE ANGEL PAINTING                                          [ CHP004 ]
Open the door and get into this hidden room. During the scene, take 
note of the painting that's covered with white cloth. Talk to Louie, 
and you will explain to him about the Dunning situation. You're pretty 
sure that Dunning was the one who painted the angel painting that 
Bradley stole, so you will need to find it now.

Apologies for this badly drawn sketch - there are too many things 
scattered around, and my ASCII skills are truly limited:

                  ----------------------|  U  |-----
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |----                            |
                  |    |                           |
                  |     -                          |
                  |    P |                         |
                  |      -|                        |
                  |       -|                       |
                  |--------|                       |
                  |                                |
                  |------------             -------|
                  |          K|             |      |
                  |           |             |      |

U - Door to Underpass
P - Angel Painting
K - Palette/ Knife

Check the area at "K". You should find a shelf, which has nothing of 
interest on it. Tilt the camera to the right to find a palette on the 
table. Examine the palette, and you will get a palette knife.

Now, go to "P" to examine that painting you saw in the cut-scene 
earlier. You find that it's too thick for your liking. If you use the 
palette knife on it, you will activate a scrapping puzzle. 

To solve this, simply brush your stylus on the white area until the 
entire painting becomes visible. Oh yes, it's the Angel Opening a 

NOTE: When "scrapping", be careful not to accidentally touch the "back"

Very long conversation ensues. Just go through it as usual. You will 
attempt to offer an explanation to Louie about this painting. It seems 
that Bradley knew the truth about the farcade that is "Osterzone". 
Remember the book written by Evans? Osterzone, the Phantom Painter? 
It was all a hoax. There was no such person as Osterzone. The book 
only served as a tool to create the existence of such a talented 
painter, so that paintings associated to him will fetch high prices.

There are more questions left unanswered though. You will need to find 
out more from Osterzone, I mean, Dunning. 


THE MAN WHO PAINTED ANGELS                                  [ CHP005 ]
Leave this room, and walk back to the area "D", which is near the 
basement room. You find a strange line running through the wall. Looks 
like said wall is actually a door (duh!). You will open this door 
automatically, and lo and behold, Dunning and Mila have returned.

So, it all comes down to this, eh? The final confrontation, and the 
ultimate secret of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 will be revealed.

This is a long sequence of questions and answers. Do note that when 
you make a mistake in the answers, the game will end. Answer as follow 
to avoid the dreaded "game over".

Go through the initial introduction, as you spill the beans about 
Mila's and Louie's rights to know the truth. Despite not being really 
keen about it, Dunning will agree to talk. He explains that he took 
Mila down to this hell hole because this was the last place Evans and 
him ever saw each other. 


> You talked to him here.

Dunning replies that they were talking about Jenny. He will also 
reveal that the angel painting you found earlier was left behind by a 


> It was Bradley.

Yes, the other "Kyle Hyde" left the painting for Dunning. 

Continue with the conversation. Mila will chip in with some details 
about the Jenny kidnapping incident. Dunning will also explain that 
he has no idea where Evans'd went. 

So far, so good. You can now tackle the "?s":

> What did you and Evans discuss?

Seems like Evans has kidnapped Jenny because Dunning has refused to 
paint anymore. You're pretty sure who organised the kidnap. Choose:

> It was Nile.

Next, ask:

> Why'd you stop painting?

Dunning stopped because all the glory and praise for his works were 
buried under the Osterzone farcade. 

Good enough reason, I think.

Anyway, continue asking:

> What did Bradley say?

When Dunning said that Bradley asked about Evans after a drink, guess 
his response:

> You lied.

Dunning will say that Bradley knew Evans' secret.


> What is Evans' secret?

The secret is that Evans had chose to work with Nile after sinking 
too deep into the scam. 

Now, ask:

> Is Evans going to contact you?

Apparently, Evans promised Dunning that he'd get Jenny back. And then 
he disappeared. 

You will then speculate whether Evans told Dunning Mila's being in 
comatose. Select:

> He didn't say a thing.

Ok, everything's going to end soon. Just ask:

> Why'd he keep Mila a secret?

With this, Dunning will tell you about everything. I'll leave it to 
you to enjoy the explanation. Some time during the conversation, he 
will give you a key, so tap it to pick it up as usual. Towards the end 
of the scene, you will find that Bradley is actually your client (!). 
You will use the key that Dunning gave you automatically to open the 
small red box, which consists of a letter from Bradley.

And it's all over...

8:00 A.M.                                                   [ CHP010 ]

END                                                         [ CHP011 ]
... or so you think. The next morning, it's time to say goodbye to 
Hotel Dusk. After going through the conversation with Rachel on the 
phone, you can find the following people to talk to as a form of 
parting gift.


JEFF                                                        [ CHP012 ]
Jeff will knock on your door after you talked to Rachel. He apologizes 
to you, and passes you a letter from Summer before he leaves.


SUMMER                                                      [ CHP013 ]
In his letter, Summer tells you that he has spoken to Helen. He also 
promises that he will write a best-seller, featuring YOU as the 


HELEN                                                       [ CHP014 ]
Walk towards Room 212. Just as you're approaching, Helen will come out 
of the room. She will thank you for your kindness from last night. She 
also vows that on her next visit to the hotel, she will stay in the 
wish room.


IRIS                                                       [ CHP015 ]
Iris is on the roof. She has revealed to Kevin that she's Grace's 
little sister. Before she goes, she tells you that she's pretty sure 
that Grace will return to Kevin one day.


KEVIN AND MELISSA                                          [ CHP016 ]
At the 1F Central Walkway, near the restaurant, you will find Melissa. 
She will tell you that Kevin was right by her side when she woke up 
this morning. He also told her that mom will be back soon. Kevin will 
appear soon, after checking-out.


LOUIE                                                      [ CHP017 ]
Louie is at the vending machine. He's pretty bemused that you've 
decided to go on a vacation. He will then tell you that Mila is in 
Rosa's room.


ROSA                                                       [ CHP018 ]
When you touch the "door" icon on Rosa's door, you will hear a 
conversation from inside. She has offered Mila to stay with her at the 
hotel. Mila, however, seems to have other ideas. You decide that it'd 
be best for you to just leave now.


DUNNING                                                    [ CHP019 ]
Check-out at the front desk, and talk to Dunning. He decides to waive 
the phone bills for you (heh). You also comment that Room 215 could 
really be a "wish room", since your wish came true after you stayed 


MILA                                                       [ CHP020 ]
Head towards the door after you check-out, and touch the door handle 
to leave. As you're walking towards the car, Mila stops you. She wants 
to go with you, and you will agree. So, your long road trip is no 
longer lonely...

The credits will roll after that.


???                                                        [ CHP021 ]
After the credits, you will be prompted to save your game. If 
you've followed this walkthrough faithfully, you *should* get an 
additional scene after you save. In this scene, Dunning and Rosa will 
be having their usual banter when the front door suddenly opens. 
Someone walks in, and Dunning's expression changes.

Now, for all those who've been feeling sorry for Dunning, you can now 

... Jenny! 

                                                     CHAPTER TEN: END


I consider this guide completed as I write this. There are some loose 
ends that I didn't clear, like the additional matchsticks puzzles 
and all. If you really need help on those, or would like to help 
others by ASCII-ing the solution to me, please feel free to do so.

As usual, comments and feedback is welcomed. but do note that I may 
not reply to every email due to time constraints. 

Meanwhile, I hope you've enjoyed this game as much as I do. I'm glad 
that it's getting the attention that it deserves, and despite some 
illogical happenings that commonly plagued adventure games in general, 
I thought Cing has done really well with the game.

I'll look forward to their next title in anticipation. 


Version 0.5: Walkthrough for Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8 done. I only 
decided to write this guide after I completed Chapter 4, so please 
pardon me while I work backwards when working forward. (1/28)

Version 0.7: Chapters 2 and 9 added. (1/30)

Version 0.9: Chapters 3 and 4 added. Chapter 10 almost done. (2/1)

Version 1.0: Guide completed. (2/2)

Version 1.1: Added Jukebox tracks in [ CHP602 ]. (2/18)


Some stuff that I expect to encounter, based on what I've been reading 
on various forums:

Q: After getting the small red box from Dunning's office, I didn't 
encounter the cut-scene with Louie and Rosa. Why?
A: You may have missed examining something. Try checking the guest 
register, or the calendar, or the birthday card.

Q: How do I get the bookmark?
A: You don't actually get the chance to find the bookmark immediately 
after Summer asks you to. Just follow the walkthrough from [ CHP305 ] 
tp [ CHP321 ], and you should be able to get it.

Q: Why is my ending different from yours? How do I get the Mila/ Jenny 
A: Different actions that you do may impact the ending, that's as far 
as I know. As to how to get the Mila and Jenny endings, I've absolutely 
no idea. There are many theories. For example, I read that when Mila 
stopped breathing, you can wake her up by simply touching her cheek. 
But if you do that, you won't get the Mila ending. I'm not entirely 
sure how true is this, but I do think that if you do mouth-to-mouth on 
her by closing the DS, she *may* just have fallen in love with you, 
ha ha. Similarly, for Jenny, I read that you must not have gotten a 
single "game over" (which includes not hitting the "retry" button when 
you do). Again, I'm not entirely sure.

Q: How do I solve ________ puzzle?
A: All puzzles in the game, except the subsequent/ optional matchsticks 
puzzles, have been detailed in the walkthrough.

Questions? Email me at the address stated somewhere in this document. 
Spams are not welcomed. 


Those who helped on the GameFAQs boards
Edge, Sideswipe and the others on Gamescore.com.sg boards
David Vriezen
ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)

Copyright Lestor Wong 2007.

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