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Battle Mode FAQ by Windfall3332

Version: v1.1 | Updated: 09/16/07

by Windfall3332
1:How to get Battle Tracks
2: The Weapons
2-1: Red Rockets
2-2: Green Droppers
2-3: Yellow Shields
2-4: Purple Magnets
3: The Stages
3-1: Fire Mountain
3-2: Icicle Pyramid
3-3: Darkwater Beach
3-4: Smokey Castle
4: Tactics of Battle
5: Upgrades and Characters
5-1: Recomended Upgrades
5-2: Character Stats and Tactics
6: Contact
7: Legal Information
8: The Boring Credits
CHAPTER 1: How to get Battle Tracks

To get Battle Tracks all you have to do is purchase them from Taj's tent for 
30 coins each.Coins can be found throughout the racetracks and in the 
snowflake mountain lobby's trees. Also keep in mind that these battle tracks 
can't be played with AI (computer players).
CHAPTER 2: The weapons

2-1: Using Red Rockets

The Rockets are a very good weapon to have, and can hurt an  enemy from afar. 
To use them is one thing, but to use them effectively is another. Picking up 
one red balloon gives you a simple rocket. Not much to say about this one, 
except to upgrade this next, although don't be afraid to run away with this if 
the enemy is getting a little too close cause you can always upgrade later. 
The next level of the rockets is a pack of 5, slightly homing rockets. These 
are very useful in almost any situation,  and if you miss then you can always 
fire another one. Some persons like to fire all of them at once. DON'T do 
that. It will waist your ammo, and ammo is very valuable.  The last level of 
rockets is a single homing rocket. Now I know what you're thinking.Why have a 
single homing  rocket when you can have 5 of them? The answer is this: with 
this rocket, you can shoot around corners, and even  behind you! This is a 
deadly weapon on any occasion.

2-2: Using Green Droppers

Ah, the droppers. One my favorites. The dropper can be used to intimidate your 
foe, stall your foe, and trick your foe. The first level of the dropper is the 
oil slick/smoke bomb depending on if you are in the hovercraft or car. The oil 
should be used differently than the smoke. Oil is a great suprise for persons 
coming around corners, and is sometimes almost invisible depending on were it 
is put. The oil also makes the opponent swerve around. It also looks like it 
has a greater range than it actually has, meaning that you can drive on the 
edges of the oil and not get hit by it. The smoke bomb, compared to its oily 
counterpart, is a not-so-great weapon of choice like the level 1 rockets. I 
suggest you upgrade it. The second level of the droppers is the mine-bomb. 
Looks pretty bad don't it? Wrong you are! It has a longer range than you 
think, so when it blows up you'll be caught in its wake! The bad thing is, is 
that it's easier to see and still has the same range as an oil slick. The 
bubble is the final level of the droppers. These have a greater range than the 
mines and oil slicks, and make a battlefield look more intimidating than it 
actually is. Bubbles are the better of the droppers simply because they cannot 
be destroyed by shields, however bubbles are the only dropper that will wear 
off after roughly 5 minutes. There is also a trick to putting balloons inside 
bubbles. If you back up and line the string of the balloon to the tip of the 
rear side of your car and fire, then the balloon will be inside of the bubble. 
This can be used if you get tired of shield campers.

2-3: Using Yellow Shields

I really despise this weapon, and if you know how cheap they can be then you 
do too. All levels of the shields do exactly the same thing: protect you from 
harm and hurt enemies that touch you. Higher levels last longer than the lower 
ones so the last level is obviously the best. As soon as you touch that yellow 
balloon press the fire button! If you don't, then I guarantee you'll be shot 
by a rocket 70% of the time. No matter what your goal may be with the shields; 
the 3rd level is always best so upgrade while under the protection of the 
first shield. Once your shield fades out, fire the next one addmediatly 
afterward. Then proceed to one of these tasks or shield tactics, if you will. 
A) Sweep up an enemy's dropper. Don't want to run into these later on do you? 
Also be warned that the shield can't destroy bubbles. B) Grab some rockets and 
hunt persons down! The problem with shields is that you have to be close to 
your enemy to attack. If you have rockets and a shield up, then you'll be 
invincible while shooting your foes! C) Continue to get more shields. Why 
move? Your invincible remember! Just stay put and wait for the heat of the 
battle to die down before you go and get yourself all sweaty and bruised. The 
shields are the best weapon to have most of the time simly because you are 
invincible while you have it. Because of that, many persons consider this 
weapon cheap and dishonorable. Be warned that if you use this to much then 
persons may disconnect.

2-4: Using the Purple Magnets

Not really much to say about these, other than they can only be found on 
Smokey Castle stage. I haven't found these useful at all. You're better off 
grabbing some rockets. The first 2 levels pull your car towards the foe, but 
the last level pulls the foe's car towards you. Either way, this still isn't 
very useful compared to the other weapons you can get.
CHAPTER 3: The stages

3-1: Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain is a stage in which you collect eggs from the lava crater in the 
center, and bring them back to your base. These eggs take about roughly half a 
minute to hatch. To win you must hatch 3 eggs. The number of eggs in the 
crater is 2 if there are 2 or 3 persons playing, but 3 if there are 4 persons 
playing. To grab an egg all you have to do is fly over an egg that hasn't 
hatched. This mean you can swipe your foe's egg before it hatches. You can't 
use items while holding an egg because you have to press to fire button to 
drop it. 

Balloons allowed:
Red rockets allowed
Green Droppers removed
Yellow Shields allowed
Purple Magnets removed

Battle Tactics: You don't want to be the yellow player. He starts right in 
front of the dinosaur. Right when you start you should fly towards the crater, 
and fire a level one rocket straight forwards. This will probably hit even 
though it doesn't home in on the foe. After you get your egg into your base go 
for shields, rockets, or another egg. Don't be afraid to grab one from the 
crater, rather than stealing one. The crater is closer. A cheaper tactic is 
stay in a foe's base and wait for them to drop an egg. I suggest you carry a 
pack of 5 rockets to shoot a foe that's about to steal from you, about to drop 
an egg in his hole, or about to grab an egg from the center. Don't shoot them 
if they aren't doing these things as that waits ammo, and ammo is vital. 
Shields are useful if you keep on getting shot at, but just make sure that you 
use them before you grab the egg. If a foe is about to win steal from them, or 
even better steal from the guy that's stealing from the winning person! Follow 
these tactics and you'll win in no time. Ah, sweet victory!

3-2: Icicle Pyramid

This is an old fashioned battle-to-the-death. The last man standing wins!  You 
start with 4 balloons, and each time you get shot, run over a dropper, or get 
shield-rammed you lose one balloon. Once you have lost all your balloons then 
you are dead, and are forced to watch the others battle it out to the death.

Balloons allowed:
Red Rockets allowed
Green Droppers allowed
Yellow Shields allowed
Purple Magnets removed

Battle Tactics:
Depending on your weapon preference, you should go for the shields or the 
rockets first. Going for the droppers first isn't wise, as you'll  probably 
get shot so just use them later. The best rockets to have at the start is the 
5 pack. Because you'll have many foes, you'll need many rockets. Later on, 
when everyone is more spread-out, go for the homing rocket. With it, you won't 
have to put yourself in much danger. This is the BEST stage to use droppers 
on. The oil is invisible on the ice bridge in the center of the middle floor, 
and on the cage-fence in the center of the bottom floor. Bubbles on the top of 
the bridges on the out side of the pyramid (the middle to topfloor bridges)
make for a great suprise! If someone is being cheap with the shields, find 
time to put the 2 only yellow balloons in bubbles.

3-3: Darkwater Beach

The rules are the same as Icicle Pyramid's rules. The vehicle you drive in 
though, is very different.

Balloons Allowed: 
Red Rockets allowed
Green Droppers allowed 
Yellow shields allowed
Purple Magnets removed

Battle Tactics:
Wow, just wow. There is only ONE shield balloon on the map, meaning whoever 
can get the shields and camp, can be safe without any competition. If this is 
used against you, find some place to safely camp until the shield-guy gets 
bored and comes after you. Since Darkwater Beach has few walls, rockets can be 
shot from long distances. Pick off the foes that are out in the open!

3-4: Smokey Castle

Get coins marked with Taj's hideous face, and bring them back to your base. 
Easy really. Just don't get shot or else you'll lose your precious coins. You 
can hold up to five at a time, but the longer you stay out you risk being shot 
be another player.

Balloons Allowed:
Red Rockets allowed
Green Droppers allowed
Yellow Shields allowed
Purple Magnets allowed

Battle Tactics:
This is the only stage with all of the balloons are allowed, and the one where 
stats count the most. Grab as many coins as you can before the enemy. At the 
start grab some rockets to shoot your foes with. If you keep getting shot 
yourself, then grab some shields so you can safely gather coins. And if 
someone is about to score then shoot them down!
CHAPTER 4: Tactics of Battle

Ok, now for the fun stuff.  The information on the tactic will be displayed as 

Name: Basicly whatever name I give it. Not to important, just what it will be 
reffered as.
Level of difficulty: How hard it is to perform this tactic. Most will be easy.
Best Stage: The stage I found this most usefull.
How to do: Do I need to explain what this is? Ah, fine. This is how to do the 
tactic named above.
Description: What you should use this for.

Ok got that? Good! Let's begin!

Name: Sniping; shooting for distance.
Level of difficulty: Easy. But you have to take the effort to look at the 
bottom (map) screen.
Best Stage: Darkwater Beach and Smokey Castle.
How to do: Grab a level 2 or 3 rocket. Look at the map and position your 
Car/hovercraft in the derection a far away enemy is and press L. You want to 
hit the blip on your map.
Description: This is a LIFE SAVER on Darkwater Beach. Look at the map.  If 
they are in the open, point your vehcile in their derection and shoot a level 
2 or 3 rocket at the blip on the map. It WILL hit. This should be common sence 
if you are looking at your map like a good little boy. 

Name: Shield-ram.
Level of difficulty: So easy even a caveman could do it.
Best Stage: Icicle Pyramid.
How to do: Grab a shield and shield-ram others.
Description: Not really a tactic, more like an attack method. A good shield-
rammer needs speed and control to do could, and Taj/Wizpig both do this really 
well.  Use Taj's (or Wizpig's) mach speed catch up to your foe. Use their 
weird turning style to make sure that you colide with the other character. 
WARNING: Some persons might shield-ram other sheild users just so they won't 
get a 'cheap' win. When facing one of these guys try to use sheild lag to your 

Name: Shield shooting.
Level of difficulty: Somewhat hard.
Best Stage: Darkwater Beach and Icicle pyriamid.
How to do: Launch a level 3 sheild, pick up another level 3 sheild to launch 
after the first one has faded. Once you can grab items again, get level 2 
rockets and run around shooting. Keep in mind that your sheild can fade at 
inapropriate times, so be prepaired.
Description: Well this is the cheaper side of DKRDS battling. Watch out for 
the occasional suicider. You won't get hurt by other's rockets or droppers so 
take full advantage of that. On Icicle Pyrimad you should try to stay within 
easy reach of the sheilds just in case yours fades and someone wants to take 
his vengeance. On Darkwater Beach this is truly the best way to fight. You can 
snipe those out in the open without worry of being sniped yourself. WARNING: A 
lot of persons call this unfair and cheap (I am one of them). Please remeber 
that others may disconnect from you if you use it repeatedly.

Name: Slow-treading.
Level of difficulty: Easy, but you probably haven't done this until now.
Best Stage: Icicle Pyriamid.
How to do: You see that button below the 'a' button with the letter 'b' on it? 
Hold that and 'a' at the same time. Now you're going slow!
Description: Sometimes driving slow is better than stopping or going fast. Say 
you are about to turn a corner on the bottom level of Icicle Pyriamid. An 
enemy is about to pass the very same corner. Now let's review the options you 
have shall we? Either stop, slow or keep accelerating. If you keep 
accelerating then you won't be able to shoot the foe if you pass first, and 
you risk getting shot.  If you stop then you'll be able to to shoot, but you 
risk your own health too. Slow-treading will give to a chance to shoot the 
enemy and drop out of their range at the same time. Also it becomes easier to 
dodge shield-rammers while slow-treading.

Name: U-Turn
Level of difficulty: Hard to do perfectly in an enclosed space, but fairly 
easy to do perfectly in an open area. Perfect stopping is hard at first.
Best Stage: Icicle Pyramid & Smokey Castle
How to do: Slow-tread (hold 'a' and 'b') and do a sharp turn. 
Discription: Want to turn as sharp as tiptup and pipsy without the crappy 
speed? Then do a U-Turn! This can be useful for changing derections in the car 
quickly. When you spin, release 'b' before you get to the direction you want 
to be pointing. If you don't stop at the right time then you could end up 
pointing a bit off of your destination. So your thinking "Only a bit off? Wow 
how horible." right? Well it's not such a big deal in an open area, but within 
the coridors of Icicle Pyriamid the walls can be quite close. You may have to 
get to one side of the wall and U-Turn to the other and make a good stop.  If 
you don't stop or start right then you'll end up on the wall and vunerable. 
Actually U-Turning into the wall isn't a bad idea if you're being chased by 
someone with shields. It will quickly get you out of harms way. 

Name: Shield Jumping.
Level of difficulty: EXTREME difficulty.  And if you fail to do it correct 
then you get hurt!
Best Stage: Darkwater Beach. Don't try this anywhere else.
How to do: Press 'R' to jump in the hovercraft. Now add that to moving. You 
can now jump a fair amount of distance. Someone has to be shield camping to do 
this. What you want to do is to jump over them and snatch a yellow baloon from 
them. You have to have perfect timing.
Description: This is VERY hard to do. Not only that, but if you don't do it 
right then you will take damage.If you mastered it then you now have access to 
the best counter in the game. I myself have only been able to do this a few 
times. If you can't jump over them you can jump and stop at the yellow 
balloon, eat a hit, then grab the shield and quickly launch it while still 
blinking. Jumping on them somewhat pushes them so you can grab the balloon.  
In my opinion your better off just not dong either of these, unless mastered.

Name: Shooting around a corner.
Level of difficulty: Easy. Very.
Best Stage: Every single one. It's always a good idea to shoot around a corner.
How to do: Get a level 3 rocket and look on your map. Ask yourself: Is the 
enemy around a corner? If you answered yes to this question then press 'R'. 
Description: You'll be suprised how much range a homing rocket has. Shooting 
around corners can suprise your enemy, which is always good. Shooting around 
corners is a good counter for persons who camp with rockets and droppers. 
While flying in the skies of Fire Mountain you have a 3rd demision to worry 
about so if you have 1 level 2 rocket left, go upgrade it. You have nowhere to 
hide on Fire Mountain so a level 3 rocket is a never-miss hit.

Name: Invisible oil slick
Level of difficulty: Easy.
Best Stage: Icicle Pyriamad. You can do this on Smokey castle, but it is a 
complete waist of your time.
How to do: Get an oil slick and put it on the middle level's ice bridge, or 
the bottom level's cage-floor under the red balloon. 
Description: Not much here. Uh...I guess have fun with this, it's risky, but 
fun to watch your victim run into your trap. Oh, and if someone does this to 
you, get some shields and sweep the oil out.
CHAPTER 5: Upgrades and Characters
**Major thanks to Drea and his FAQ. Without his enduringly hard research I 
would have misleading stats!

First of all, some things here may shock you. Rare did not give acurate stats 
to the characters, and some upgrades are useless. 

5-1: Recomended Upgrades

Recomended upgrade for the plane: Air

Air upgrade is clearly the best in a race or a battle.  The Downforce upgrade 
isn't as good Air because in Fire Mountain you'll want to get those eggs as 
fast as you can. Sprint Is absolutly useless in a plane because everyone 
accelerates at the same rate in a plane for some odd reason. Custom would be 
my second choice, but it lowers handling. But you really wouldn't be shooting 
yourself in the foot for using custom, as handling isn't THAT important in the 
plane due to the 'R' button.

Recomended upgrade for the car: Depends on character.
Each upgrade has a place in strategy here. If you are going to choose Tiptup 
or Pipsy the use the Air or Custom. The kongs, Timber, Bumper, and T.T. are 
the balnced bunch so it depends on your playing style. Giving them an Air or 
Downforce would be my recomendation.  Sprint to get a quick counter attack in 
if you find yourself in the line on fire a lot. Krunch and Drumstick are both 
characters with poor handling, but can avoid that with a Downforce. Air isn't 
a bad idea either. Taj and Wizpig are characters with high speed and are so 
fast, they can outspeed most persons without using the Air upgrade. Giving 
them a sprint upgrade can give them a quick 0-60 acceleration.

Recomended upgrade for the hovercraft: Air or Custom
The Hovercraft has very weird controls. Lowering handling can often be a good 
thing. You need speed to get out of the open waters of Darkwater Beach. 
Downforce is a very poor choice as you may end up flying everywhere. Sprint is 
somewhat good, but speed is better in a situation like this.

5-2: Character Stats and Tactics

This suprised me when I got the information from Drea's FAQ. Soooo many of the 
characters give false readouts, and there is even a hidden stat called weight!

Pipsy & TipTup     Recomended Upgrade: Air A/B  Recomended Weapon: Rockets
|Top Speed  1/5   |Handling 5/5   |Acceleration 5/5   |Weight  1/5             

The lackingness of there weight make them a bad choice for shield users. They 
are great at using rockets and droppers, and can get out of harm's way 
quickly. They aren't exactly the best at dodging droppers though, in fact they 
hit oil quite often. 

The Kongs          Recomended Upgrade: Air A/B  Recomended Weapon: Rockets
|Top Speed  2/5   |Handling  4/5   |Acceleration  4/5   |Weight  1.5/10  

The Kongs have very simalar stats to Pipsy & Tiptup, so use them like you 
would Tiptup and Pipsy. The Kongs are slightly better at using droppers than 
Tiptup & Pipsy and can avoid droppers a lot better. The kongs also have low 
weight and do not make good shield campers.

Timber               Recomended Upgrade: Depends  Recomended Weapon: All
|Top Speed  2.5/5   |Handling  3/5   |Acceleration  3/5   |Weight  2/5

Timber is one of those variataty characters. Always keep your foe guessing. 
Timber doesn't seem to have any major weakness, but a major strength. He is 
very good with droppers and has enough acceleration to leave the sence when 
the going gets tough. He also is a great character for dodging droppers. 
Timber is good with the rockets and shields too, so make use of them.

Bumper              Recomended Upgrade: Depends  Recomended Weapon: All
|Top Speed  3/5   |Handling  2.5/5   |Acceleration  3/5   |Weight  2.5/5

Bumper is a lot like timber, but a bit more suited for using the shields than 
Timber. Use him the same way.

Krunch Recomended Upgrade: Sprint/Downforce  Recomended Weapon: Shields/Rockets
|Top Speed  4/5   |Handling  1.5/5   |Acceleration  1/5   |Weight  4/5

Using Krunch takes a bit of practice but he is a great shield camper, and a 
shooter if equiped with a Downforce. Droppers can be hard to avoid, and you 
may have trouble getting back up on your feet without the Sprint.

Drumstick           Recomended Upgrade: Sprint  Recomended Weapon: Shields
|Top Speed  4.5/5   |Handling  1/5   |Acceleration  1/5   |Weight  4.5/5

Drumstick's girth makes for a great shield camper. His stats look simalar to 
Krunch's but Drumstick has a loose-turn ability, meaning he is bad at 
turning.  Sprint helps him to get going fast as he does NOT have 5/5 

T.T.                Recomended Upgrade: Air  Recomended Weapon: All
|Top Speed  3.5/5   |Handling  3/5   |Acceleration  4.5/5   |Weight  2/5

This character is a little liar. His stats arn't nearly as what they claim to 
be! Still, he does have pretty good stats and kinda handles like Timber. Know 
where your enemy is going to put their droppers, because you're going to have 
a hard time looking past T.T.'s big head er...body, whatever it is. T.T. makes 
for a good shield camper, and shooter.

Taj & Wizpig        Recomended Upgrade: Sprint  Recomended Weapon: Sheilds
|Top Speed 5.5/5   |Handling  ?/?   |Acceleration  1.5/5   |Weight  5/5 

Taj & Wizpig are the ultamate shield campers. They have a speed over the limit 
of the bananas on the stat screen. Their speed alows them to catch up to thier 
prey aand shield-ram him. With the Sprint upgrade, they can get out of there 
area and into the opponent's quickly.  Taj and Wizpid also have a tight-turn 
abilily earning them the handling rank of '?'.
CHAPTER 6: Contact

If you have a tip, trick, or just wanna point out a typo you can contact me at 
windfall3233@aol.com. I'll like any kind of e-mail exept spam. I don't want 
CHAPTER 7: Legal Information

GameFaqs and SuperCheats are the only websites that curently have my 
permission to use this FAQ. 
DO NOT reproduce this FAQ anywhere on any other site. If I find this FAQ 
hosted by any other site without my permission then I can and will take legal 
action. However if you wish to host this FAQ on your site you can contact me 
at windfall3233@aol.com I'll probably say yes.  Just give me credit. Please.
CHAPTER 8: The Credits

Thank you Drea for researching on the characters stats. A whole section of my 
FAQ is corect because of you.
Thank you Koopa64, XDefiant6X, brian sulpher, and KRATOS215 for helping me 
with the pesky margins.
Thank you GameFAQs for (hopefuly) accepting my FAQ.
And last but not least, i thank myself for typing this up. What? Can't a guy 
thank himself once and a while?

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