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Boss FAQ by KKpizzas

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/12/07

D    D    I     D    D   D    D   Y   Y
D    D    I     D    D   D    D    Y Y
D    D    I     D    D   D    D     Y 
D    D    I     D    D   D    D     Y 
D    D    I     D    D   D    D     Y

K  K    OOOO    N     N   GGGG
K K    O    O   NN    N  G    G             FAQ by
KK     O    O   N N   N  G                  SHOVELDUDE!!!
KK     O    O   N  N  N  G
K K    O    O   N   N N  G  GGG
K  K   O    O   N    NN  G    G
K   K   OOOO    N     N   GGGG

RRRR       A        CCCCC   IIIII   N     N   GGGG
R   R     A A      C     C    I     NN    N  G    G
R   R    A   A     C          I     N N   N  G
RRRR    A     A    C          I     N  N  N  G
RR      AAAAAAA    C          I     N   N N  G  GGG
R R    A       A   C     C    I     N    NN  G    G
R  R  A         A   CCCCC   IIIII   N     N   GGGG

D    D  S
D    D  S
D    D   SSSS
D    D       S
D    D       S

|I: Overview & Legal Info|
|II: Dino Domain         |
|III: Snowflake Mountain |
|IV: Sherbert Island     |
|V: Dragon Forest        |
|VI: Wizpig 1st Time     |
|VII: Wizpig 2nd Time    |
|VIII: FAQS              |
|IX: Contact             |
|X: Credits              |
|XI: Version Info        |

This guide is to serve mainly as a guide for those times you just
can't seem to beat a boss. Hey- I played through the game already,
so all bosses are possible. It's just a matter of the character you
are using along with items you use.

I, the creator of this work, give rights for anyone to use this guide.
Share it with your friends, post it on other websites, whatever. Just
PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT: Shoveldude on gameFAQS. My email is
shoveldude@gmail.com if you have any questions. If I find it and there
is no credit given, I'll give you a friendly warning, and if that isn't
enough, legal action will be taken.

This boss is basic enough: you race up a mountain with a triceratops
and whoever gets to the top first wins. There are speed boosts and
missles as items, and there are some trees as obstacles.

*First Time*
Suggested Characters: Your Pick :) I bet you're glad to hear that.

Item strategy: If the boss gets ahead of you, pick up a missle and hit
him. Otherwise, just keep on picking up speed boosts and use them right
away. Don't upgrade them. BANG! You're done. Easy, huh? Oh! As I play 
through this again, I won and I didn't even use items... Oh wait. I'm
Taj. Never mind... :)

*Second Time*
Suggested Characters: Your pick....unless you can't beat him. Then go 
with Timber.

Item Strategy: Same as the first time, only you'll have to execute it
better because he's faster this time.

*Touch Challenge*

Suggested Characters: Taj (Beat the game to unlock him)

Item Strategy: DON'T USE ITEMS!!! It's a waste of time and will mess 
you up... You can beat him without any.

*NOTE* Unless you are in desperate need of money, just don't do it... 
I mean, it's fun and all, but you may stress out over it too much. If 
you have been playing through the game and are used to the button 
contols, it will be more difficult.

Congratulations! You've beaten the first world! Now it's time to step
it up a notch.

You know, the first time I played this boss, I was like "What the heck?
How am I supposed to beat that?" granted I didn't have a nice little
guide to help me out. Anyway, after a while I got smart and started
to use the right items, but that's beside the point. This boss is a 
Seal-Walrus type thing. You race down an icy mountain on a hovercraft,
and whoever gets to the bottom first wins.

*First Time*
Suggested Characters: Timber, Krunch... ah... not Bumper...

Item strategy: DO NOT make the same mistake I did by trying to use
boosts to beat him. The only way I've beat him is by sheer speed, 
and without Taj, using missiles. OK- here's what you do: right when
you start, there should be a red balloon on the left. Grab that and 
fire it UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES! If he passes you, it's fine for now.
After the little section with rolling snowballs, there is another red 
balloon. Get that, and fire ONE at him if he passed you previously.
Then, after the second cave thingy, fire about every other second.
BANG! You won again! ... I have been emailed that if you jump during 
the icy tunnels (like drifting, but not actually doing the drift), you 
will go faster, which will make it much easier to beat. 
I haven't confirmed this yet, though.

*Second Time*
Suggested Characters: Same as first time.

Item Strategy: Same as first time. Once again, you will need to
execute it better because he will be faster.

*Touch Challenge*
OK. Here's the concept: You race down the hill again only this time
with random, assorted, winter-themed projectiles coming at you and you
tap them with the stylus to make your path much more easy. You
pretty much steer with the buttons...*hehehe* Yeah. It's odd.
Wait until the end of the game to do this after you have TT. He's the
best hovercraft racer so... yep.

Suggested Characters: TT or maybe Taj and Wizpig

Item strategy: Strange enough, there are no items on this course.

Congrats! On to World Three!

I beat this boss on my first try. You probably will too, but I'm still
gonna write the guide about him for consistency's sake. You race around
on a watery track in a hovercraft, and avoid the octopuses mines that
he has previously set there on other laps.

*First Time*
Suggested Characters: Any, although go to Timber if you are having 

Item Strategy: Keep a supply of five missiles ready at all times in 
case he passes you. Avoid the mines he has set on the second and third
laps. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

*Second Time*
Suggested Characters: Any or Timber if you have problems

Item Strategy: Essentially the same only now there are mines AND
bubbles to slow you down. Still easy enough.

*Touch Challenge*
Same again... Steer yourself like in the Dino Domain Boss. The boss 
still drops mines and bubbles, only this time you can pop the bubbles
by tapping them.

Suggested Characters: TT

Item Strategy: Don't use items.

On to World Four!!

Call it what you will, I'm calling it a dragon. Not a wyvern or something
dumb like that. Anyway, here's another easy boss. You're in an airplane
and you race the dragon three laps around a track.

*First Time*
Suggested Characters: Drumstick or Timber if you don't have him 

Item strategy: Keep five missles on you at all times and fire at him if
he passes you. Easy.

*Second Time*
Suggested Characters: Same as first time.

*Touch Challenge*
My favorite touch challenge. You have a little airplane driving thingy
on the bottom screen and you use items by tapping the center of it. 
You'll get the hang of the controls eventually.

Suggested characters: Drumstick or Timber

Item strategy: Since all of the missles are homing from the first
pickup, just keep a homing missle handy at all times. Shoot if he passes

Nice job so far! Now on to Wizpig.

On a course with a bunch of water in which you can fall into, you fight
the enemy of wich the game is based on: Wizpig! It's a fairly easy race,
and there should be no huge problems doing it.

Character Suggestions: Anyone! :)

Item strategy: No items here! Sheer speed will win the race. Just make
sure to hit all of the ground boosters and aviod that water.

Wow! That was easy, right? Anyway, now all you have to do is complete
Future Fun Land and fight Wizpig the final time!

Wow! This may be the easiest final boss ever! This Wizpig race has items,
and you are in a plane instead of a car. It's also on a different course.

Character Suggestions: First choice is Drumstick, otherwise, anyone!

Item Strategy: Keep five missles handy, unless you have problems hitting
things with non-homing missles in airplanes. If so, keep a homing missle
at all times. Shoot when he passes you. On the wide open part with that
UFO shooting at you, fly directly under it so you don't get caught shot
(Hey- that rhymes :) ) and fall under that oh-so-crucial entrance to the
cave. Otherwise, no worries here! Easy right?

Wow! That was easy- now all you have to do is unlock everything and
you've beaten the game 100%! Then you can go and own at wi-fi! Have fun!

Q: Where do I get the keys to unlock the Wish Doors?

A: *In Dino Domain, on the Ancient Lake course, after the first straight-
away, there is a ramp on the right side of the road. Just collect three 
blue balloons and boost up the ramp to get the key.
*In the Snowflake Mountain area, you go to Snowball Valley and directly
to the left of the finish line, there is a little inlet. Inside that 
inlet, there's a key.
*In Sherbet Island, you go the the Crescent Island course. Go through 
the first tunnel and on the left side, there will be a little watery 
inlet. The key is in the center of there.
*In Dragon Forest, go to Boulder Canyon. When you get across the bridge,
collect three blue balloons and then hit the bell. This will raise the 
bridge and then you drive up it about halfway and then use the boost. 
This will put you up on a ledge of which the key is on.

All these are just received by doing a regular race. It doesn't matter 
what place you get, you just have to finish. 

Q: When I go to beat Wizpig the second time, I get a message saying 
"No entry! Sorry, you need to get the Future Fun Land Trophy and win every 
balloon. Good Luck!" but I have gotten all the balloons and got the trophy!
What do I do?

A: You probably don't have all the balloons. There are secret balloons 
scattered throughout the world, and you need to find them all to gain 
access to Wizpig 2.  One of them is by Snowflake Mountain. There's a little
ridge that you  go up. On top of that ridge is a balloon frozen in ice.
You'll need to tap that until it reaches the river below. When it gets 
there, it will float down to the shore near Sherbet Island. It will be 
awaiting you to pick it up. The other one is on a different shore near 
the same world. There's a circle of rocks, and once you tap on it, a 
drawing screen will come up. Draw a balloon and it should pop up with a 
balloon outside the drawing screen. Don't be discouraged. This can easily
take a long time. The game doesn't recognize a good drawing of a balloon
when it sees one... *mumbles*... But eventually if will register. Also, 
make sure you've completed all of Taj's challenges. That should be it.

You can send FAQS, friend code requests, and guide corrections to me at
shoveldude@gmail.com. Be sure to include "Diddy Kong Racing" somewhere
in the subject so I don't delete it right away.

ME :)

Nintendo for making such a fun game! Great Job!

Roger F. for giving me the email tip on jumping to speed up in World 2.

1.0-- Created the guide! It's my first one! HOORAH! Put on web.

1.2-- Fixed some details and also put the content #s in the guide.

1.3-- Added another FAQ and a tip in the guide. Detail corrections.

1.4-- Added where to find the secret balloons. Typo corrections.

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