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Walkthrough by jeffayle

Version: 1 | Updated: 08/30/07

By: Jeffrey Aylesworth <jeffrey@aylesworth.ca>

| [TOS] Table of Contents |
[TOS] Table of Contents
[INT] Introduction
  [INT.1] Version 1
[UPD] Updates
  [UPD.1] Version 1
[CON] Cantact Me
[LEG] Legal

[STR] Story/Instructions
[WLK] Walkthrough
  [WLK.1] Mission 01: Daichi
  [WLK.2] Mission 02: Genshi

| [INT] Introduction |
   | [INT.1] Ver. 1 |
   I am not a big fan of spectrobes, but it's fun enough. I wanted to
   right a walkthrough for a game, so I looked at the FAQ Bounty on
   gamefaqs, and the only game on the list I owned was spectrobes, so I
   thought, What the Heck, free money :$, although I don't know if I'll
   be able to right the complete guide in a month, especially since
   school is starting next week, but I'll give it a try, so for the next
   couple of weeks you can expect an update every couple of days

| [UPD] Updates |
  | [UPD.1] Version 1 |
  |  2007/08/30       |
  First release of the walthrough, not much done

| [CON] Contact me |
You can contact me by email at jeffrey@aylesworth.ca if you have any
questions regarding this guide

| [LEG] Legal |
You may link to this guide, post it on your own site or anything of the sort
as long as the guide is unedited, except for minor changes, such as typos
corrected, and other changes of that sort, also you may not take credit for
writing the guide.

| [STR] Strory/Instructions |
Story (from instruction booklet):
  Rallen, your mission is to search for spectrobe fossils, awaken them and
  train them to defeat the monstrous krawl.

  Using Child spectrobes to search the ground for fossils, you will excavate
  the fossils and then awaken them with the lab system on board your ship.
  By feeding minerals to the newly awakened Spectrobes, you can train them
  to grow stronger.

| [WLK] Walkthrough |
Ok, on to the part that everyone came here for, start up your nintendo DS,
or the DS Lite. Once the game start you'll get a screen that says "Touch
the Touch Screen", what for? you may be asking yourself, is it just for the
entertainment of the end user, or did Disney imagine hudreds of people
bringing this game home after they bought it and getting mad, (then
entertained) at touching the screen with nothing happening? NO!
It starts the game! So go ahead and touch the screen, then that blue ship in
the background to switch to new game, sorry, those arrows on the screen do

After starting the game you'll see a nice cutscene, that has absolutely
nothing to do with the story, then your friend, jeena, will talk to you,

  | [WLK.1] Mission 1: Daichi |
  Ok, the first part of this mission could possibly be the hardest part of
  game, saving! Just do what Jeena tells you to. Nextly, go outside to find
  yourself in the rain, head left down the hill, across the road, then back
  up the hill on the other side. Go up then right and up, going down another
  hill, and continue right where you'll find a pod, or something with a
  yellow star sparkling beside it, but for now go up to the pod and press A,
  which will tell you theres a dying man inside, don't bother doing anything
  about that now, let's talk to the sparkly thing, that's more important,
  it's a watch :) YIPEE, now Jeena will talk to you again, then a weird black
  vortex will attack you, and the battle controls will be outlined.
  ,------.            ,---------.
  | BOSS |            | STATEGY |
  |      `----------. |         `------------------------------------.
  | Viblova (130hp) | | This battle shouldn't be too hard,           |
  | Viblova (130hp) | | just keep attacking with your spectrobes     |
  | Viblova (130hp) | | (L/R keys) Make sure that you don't attack   |
  `-----------------' | with Rallen, as he will do very, very little |
  ,-------------------' damage to the krawl, which are the enemies,  |
  | or the strange black vortexes in the game. Another thing you can |
  | do is press the Y button to switch to special mode, then hold    |
  | the A button until your special meter is full, from here you can |
  | do a special attack like normal, or you can press both L+R       |
  | together to do a joint attack, providing that both spectrobes    |
  | are alive, this attack will hurt all krawl, no matter where they |
  | are on the field, good luck! Though you won't need it..          |
  Beating the krawl will give both your spectrobes experience in 3 categories
  HP,ATK, and DEF, when one of these bars fills up the spectrobe will level
  up, and the respective stat will increase. You will also gain 'Gura' which
  is the currency in spectrobes. When you get further through the game you
  may also gain healing items at the end of battles.

  When you get back on the ship "Mr. X" will wake up, he'll tell you his name
  is aldous, and he's from the Giorna System, which was destroyed by the
  krawl sixteen years ago. He will also tell you some stuff about the krawl,
  and also that that nice watch you picked up belongs to him.
  Now that that's done, you can open the prozmod, your watch, by pressing the
  X button, and navigate the menu with the touch screen, much in the same
  horrible way as the main menu.

  Now you'll find yourself on the main room of your ship, let's save first,
  hopefully you can still remember how. After that's out of the way, Jeena
  will talk to you again, saying everything is working, and come down to the
  lower level. The lift to get there is to the right of the save...thing.
  When down here you'll notice that it is as plain and boring as the rest
  of the ship...Anyways head upwars and talk to Aldous, who gives you a
  fossil, called Komapod. He will also explain how to use the lab system to
  awaken it into a baby spectrobe. Go do that. Instead of talking to the
  fossil, I suggest blowing into the mic, it's easier and you will look like
  less of an idiot if you're in a public place. So now you should have a
  Komainu, which you can nickname whatever you want, or just use the default
  KO_000. Next go to line up in the lab system, switch the mode to search
  and slide your new spectrobe into the yellow frame. Now you can exit the
  lab system, which will automaticaly save your game. Back in the ship you'll
  notice your baby is following you around, if you press R, or tap it on the
  touch screen a blue circle will come out of it, you can use this to search
  for minerals or fossils. Talk to Aldous, who will tell you even more, then
  head outsie to start searching for minerals and fossils! Some tips for
  finding stuff is to always look near rock, and if you find one theres
  probably more nearby. Once you've dug up the beta cube (not telling
  where :P) go back to the ship, if you want a quick way back die. (you face
  defeat when Rallen dies) Talk to Aldous (again) back on the ship and you'll
  get a cube list. After you get 3 fossils Jeena will call you back to the
  ship to awaken them, again the fastest way is to die. Once in the lab,
  awaken your fossils, and for some reason Jeena will just send you back out
  again to find more :(. Now you'll need to find the Gamma cube (or beta,
  depending on whichever you found first) After bringing it back to Aldous,
  he'll interpret it, then you'll be assigbed your next mission

  | [WLK.2] Mission 02: Genshi |
  After talking to the commander on kollin he'll send you to the first planet
  Genshi, where there have been sightings of the black vortexes, near a
  fossil laboratory. Next, the commander grants you weapons :), so first
  things first head down to get your new weapons, which do NOTHING AT ALL to
  the kraswl! After you equip your useless weapons head back to the ship and
  fly to Genshi by activationg the moniter thing at the front of the top
  level of the ship, Jeena will explain how the navigate menu works.

  Go west then north from the ship, from te big hill you see there, talk to
  the man standing on the bottom, who will tell you the professer went into
  the woods to investigate a fossil that has a special part attched, which
  are called "Custom Parts", more on that later, he will also give you a jet-
  pack, which can be used to go back to the ship from anywhere on the field.

  At the top of the hill, continue north-east and talk to the man there,
  he'll tell you he found "a square rainbow thing", which for you n00bz is
  obviously a cube, so search around a bit for it. It's much, much away from
  him, it's in the area past him, to the north-west, at the end of a path.
  Oh, it's a sigma cube, by the way. You may as well wait untill you finish
  the mission to bring  it to Aldous. From the place you found the cube head
  east untill you get to a third area (by the way, I refer to an area ending
  when you see the screen flash white, and it reloads past a certain point)
  Make sure you take the upper path to get there.

  Continue east and you should find a man surrounded by krawl...
  ,------.          ,---------.
  | BOSS |          | STATEGY |
  |      `--------. |         `---------------------------.
  | BLOVA (150HP) | | The usual, just keep attacking them |
  | BLOVA (150HP) | | But not with Rallen, if you want to |
  | BLOVA (150HP) | | speed things up use special attack. |
  `---------------' `-------------------------------------'
  After winning the prof. will give you a rare fossil, let's go back to the
  ship to awaken it, you can use your jetpack, which is in the items pocket.

  Go and activate the nav menu to get your 3rd mission.

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