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Cube FAQ by WiiBoy123

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/07/07

Cube FAQ
By: Steven Dancer
Version 1.1
Thursday, June 7th 2007

Table of Contents

1. Introduction [INT]
2. Cube List [CUB]
3. Update Info [UPI]
4. Contact info [CON]
5. Special thanks [TY]

Introduction [INT]

Hi, my name is Steven and I haven’t ever wrote a FAQ before,
so I thought I would give it a try, so please bare with me here.
I hope this will help you.
It’s not complete yet but I hope this Cube Guide will help some people.
If you have any info I don’t have,
please e-mail me with the subject “Cube Guide”.
Even the smallest help is appreciated.

Cube list [CUB]

1. Alpha - Awakening
Location: Daichi
Info: Awakening refers to restoring a fossilized Spectrobe to child form.
The trick to awakening Spectrobes is using the right voice level for
the fossil you’re trying to awaken.
If a line with an arrow appears in the voice gauge, your voice must make the
meter cross the line.
If a bracket appears in the voice gauge, your voice must make the meter stay 
within the bracket.

2. Beta - Training
Location: Daichi
Info: Spectrobes must undergo training in the Lab System's incubator.
Spectrobes undergo training, as well as grow, when they obtain the minergy 
contained in minerals.
A Spectrobe's abilities and rate of growth vary based on the amount and type
 of minerals it is fed.

3. Gamma - Leveling up
Location: Daichi 
Info: Feeding minerals to Spectrobes raises their minergy levels.
The minergy gauges show these levels. When a Spectrobe’s Attack, Defense,
or Health gauge max out, it will level up.
Each Spectrobe has 128 levels.

4. Delta - Evolving
Location: Daichi
Info: Evolving refers to the changes a Spectrobe undergoes as it grows
from Child Form into Adult.
A Spectrobe must be placed in one of the incubators and trained for a
certain period of time to evolve.
The exact time depends on the Spectrobe. Some need to attain a certain level,
or ability to evolve.
If you put two Spectrobes in the same incubator at the same time,
they will become friends.
Once two Spectrobes have become friends, their combo attack will
become much stronger.

5. Epsilon - Custom Parts
Location: Genshi
Info: Custom parts are attachments that can be used to modify
a Spectrobe's body.
Attaching custom parts to a Spectrobe will also change it's name.
You can only attach custom parts to Adult and Evolved Spectrobes.

6. Zeta - Evolved Form
Location: ?
Info: When an Adult Spectrobe evolves, it becomes an Evolved Form Spectrobe.
Spectrobes evolve through three forms: Child, Adult, and Evolved.
The Evolved Form is the strongest.

7. Eta - Battle
Location: Genshi
Info: You can set up to six Spectrobes in the Prizmod, two of which can
emerge to fight during battle.
The remaining four Spectrobes lend support to the two doing battle by
lending them their strong points.
You give orders to the Spectrobes during battle by pressing the
L Button and the R Button.
Some Spectrobes have battle command options that are shown
on-screen during battle.

8. Theta - Charge
Found:  Ziba
Info: During battle, press the A Button to charge the CH energy of
the Spectrobes fighting with you.
You can use the CH energy to make the Spectrobes do CH techniques,
which have stronger effects.
When you have enough CH energy press the Y button to
display the CH command screen.
Next, press the L Button or R Button to select the Spectrobe you want
to do the CH technique. 

9. Iota - Terrain
Location: card code input 
Info: It is important to select a terrain that matches the properties of
the Spectrobe that you are training.
There are terrains for each of the three Spectrobe properties:
Corona, Aurora, and Flash.
Selecting the proper terrain for a Spectrobe will
dramatically increase it's evolution speed.

10. Kappa - Searching
Location: Ziba Area 3
Info: Only Child Spectrobes can search for items buried in the ground.
Some have wider search ranges than others,
ands some can find things that others can’t.
Some can find fossils, some can find minerals and some can find items with
other special properties.

11. Lambda - Properties
Location: Ziba
Info: Each Spectrobe has one of three properties: Corona, Aurora, or Flash.
Corona is stronger than Aurora. Aurora is stronger than Flash.
And Flash is stronger than Corona.

12. Mu - Combos
Location: Nessa Area 2
Two Spectrobes can use CH energy to combine forces and launch
a spectacular combo attack!
Two Spectrobes trained in the same incubator have even stronger combo attacks!
When you have enough CH energy saved, press the Y Button to
display the CH command screen.
Next, press the L Button and the R Button at the same time and
the Spectrobes will do a combo attack.

13. Nu - Partnering
Info: A key to fighting with Spectrobes is effectively partnering with them to
create the strongest attacks.
Try to lure an enemy directly in front of a Spectrobe and then attack
with a powerful technique.
Charge up your CH gauge and use a powerful CH tech or
combo attack for the best results!

14. Xi - Types
Location: Himuro
Info: There are 22 types of Spectrobes.
Each has Child, Adult, and Evolved Forms.
Each of these forms has three color variations.
Each Adult and Evolved Form has two types of custom parts. 

15. Omicron - Support
Location: Nessa
Info: The four Spectrobes that remain in the Prizmod during battle
are called Support Spectrobes.
There are four types of support. They are ATK, DEF, Speed, and CH Speed.
Make sure to consider the abilities of the Support Spectrobes when setting
Spectrobes in the Prizmod.

16. Pi - Special minerals
Location: Table Top Mountain Cave
Info: There are some minerals called special minerals that
cause unique things to happen to Spectrobes.
For example, there is a mineral called the Evolve Mineral,
that can instantly evolve any Spectrobe.
There are also three types of Chroma Minerals,
which can change the colors of a Spectrobe.

17. Rho - Color Awakening
Location: Ziba area 3 (blue moon)
Info:  Color awakening refers to altering a Spectrobe's color
by changing your voice when you awaken it.
Check the color on the voice meter and adjust the level of your voice to
match the color you want.
You can switch between normal and color awakening modes.

18. Sigma - DS wireless play
Location: Genshi
Info: This cube allows you to use the DS Wireless Play feature
of your Nintendo DS.
To engage this feature, face the machine to the left of Aldous'
capsule and press the A Button.
This will allow you to exchange Spectrobes and items with friends,
and have DS wireless play battles!

19. Tau - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Location: Rocky areas in area 3 of Nessa
Info: This cube allows you to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
feature of your Nintendo DS.
To engage this feature face the machine to the right of Aldous'
capsule and press the A button.
You can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to download
Spectrobes and custom parts.

20. Upsilon - card input
Location: Under the trees near the Kollin Museum
Info: This cube allows you to run the card input system on your Nintendo DS.
To engage it, face the card machine to the left of Aldous' capsule and press
the A Button.
You can use it to input codes from cards that you have.

21. Relic Crystal - Ultimate Form
Location: Himuro
Info: An Ultimate Form Spectrobe can not be attained by merely
evolving an Evolved Spectrobe.
The power is so awesome that it was locked away,
inside a red stone called the Flame Geo. 
The Flame Geo slumbers deep in a red spring atop the highest mountain
of the innermost planet.
The Relic Crystal must be taken to the spring to unlock the powers,
stored within the Flame Geo.

Neo Crystal - Ultimate Info
Location: Story line, can't miss
Info: There are seven geos representing seven Ultimate Form Spectrobes.
They are scattered about Nanairo. The Ultimate Spectrobes are known as 
Tindra, Zorna, Fulvina, Larrup, Voltron, Artezza, and Shulla.
Those who seek the Ultimate Form Spectrobes must locate
the Great Black Hole and acquire the geos.

Update Info [UPI]

Version 1.0
Submitted guide with main info

Version 1.1
Corrected A few typos

Contact Info [CON]

You can contact me by e-mail at nekosan_boi@hotmail.com

If you wish to post this on other sites (though I’m not sure you’d want to XD)
Just e-mail me and I’ll give you permission =D

Special Thanks [TY]

Well… here’s my very short (for now) Thanks list

First I’d like to thank my friend Bradley who helped get A LOT of this info
I'd like to thank Roosterofdoom for pointing out That it wasn't "Lota" Cube
Also I’d like to thank you for reading this and baring with me XD

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