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Spectrobe/Fossil FAQ by elven_mage757

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/26/2007

To find a certain Fossil Hit ctrl+F and then type [F(fossil number here)]


#. Name (Evolution Stage) Size Weight Type
Database Entry: 
Cutom Parts P1: (Part name), (Spectrobe name) P2: (Part name), (Spectrobe name)
To Evolve: (Incubator time); (Stat); (Requirment)

------------------------------Normal Spectrobes-------------------------------

[F1] Fossil 1- Vilapod found on Daichi(Second Planet)

1. Vilar (Child) Size 4'2" Weight 68 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Vilar has a hard shell constructed of external skeletal pieces.
He resembles a green caterpillar. He has standard search capabilites and is 
rather easy to control.
To Evolve: 15 minutes

2. Vilamasta (Adult) SIze 4'9" Weight 639 lbs. Corona
Databas Entry: Viamasta's primary weapon is the sharp set of horns atop his
head. They give him great close range battle abilities. He also has a hard
exoskeleton for protection. 
Custom Parts P1: Vilagrisp, Vilamasta Sissa P2: Vilacrimp, Vilamasta Thrusta
To Evolve: 2 hours; Level; 48

3. Vilanox (Evolved) Size 11'1" Weight 3747 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Vilanox is equipped with a huge movile cannon. He's a defense 
type Spectrobe, so he serves as great protection during battle, but he also 
has great offensive skills. 
Custom Parts P1: Vilablast, Vilanox BUsta P2: Vilaball, Vilanox Balstoy.
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F2] Fossil 2- Segupod found on Daichi (Second Planet)

4. Segu (Child) Size 1'6" Weight 24 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Segu is encased in a brittle shell of armor. He likes to play 
tricks on other creatures by making them hink he's an egg. He's a lttle shy, 
but he's also a real prankster.
To Evolve: 30 minutes

5. Segulos (Adult) Size 5'5" Weight 352 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Suglos is a defense Spectobe. He has two large shoulder shields
that he uses for protection during battle. He also uses them as weapnos whe he
attacks enemies.
Custom Parts P1: Seshield, Segulos Sheldo P2: Sestar, Segulos Propos
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; DEF; 380

6. Segulara (Evolved) Size 6'5" Weight 51 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry:Segulara has intense electrical currents running all over its
body that he uses as a weapon during battle. He uses this same electricity as
a defense barrier.
Custom Parts P1: Seguslice, Segulara Tridos P2: Segustar, Segulara Octaos 
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F3] Fossil 3- Harupod found on Himuro (Sixth Planet)

7. Harumi (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 37 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Harumi uses his big claws to dig up minerals buried in the 
ground to eat. He usually eats until he's full and then let's a huge burp. 
He also has a develpoed sense of touch.
To Evolve: 45 minutes; DEF; 175

8. Harumite (Adult) Size 6'2" Weight 440 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Harumite has two thorn-like prongs attached to his body.
He also has scissor-like pincers that make suitable weapons. His defense skill
are his specialty.
Custom Parts P1: Harucleft, Harumite Dizer P2: Haru , Harumite 
To Evolve: 2 hours; DEF; 400

9. Harumitey (Evolved) Size 6'8" Weight 837 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Harumitey has two large claws that he uses to scare and fend
off enemies. His shell guards his body well. He's a very well-balanced ally
and quite easy to control.
Custom Parts P1: Harushiv, Harumitey Lanza P2: Haru , Harumitey 
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F4] Fossil 4- Spipod found on Daichi (Second Planet)

10. Spiko (Child) Size 2'9" Weight 37 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Spiko has thick hair all over his body. However, it's actually
softer than itlooks. He uses the hammer attached to his tail to bust open rocks
when searching for minerals.
To Evolve: 45 minutes; ATK; 120

11. Spikan (Adult) Size 7'2" Weight 374 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Spikan is a very useful power type Spectrobe. His specialty is
close-range compbat. When he flickes his flexible mace-like tail, he can do
incredibly destructive damage.
Custom Parts P1: Spincher, Spikan Angot P2: Spinker, Spikan Metra
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; ATK; 320

12. Spikanor (Evolved) Size 8'2" Weight 947 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Spikanor is a power type Spectrobe and displays unparalleled
strength during close range combat. His spiked tail and claw combination
attacks are amazing battle assets.
Custom Parts P1: Spippond, Spikanor Conker P2: Spilash, Spikanor Casta
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F5] Fossil 5- Nagupod found on Daichi (First Planet)

13. Nagu (Child) Size 3'6" Weight 13 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Nagu is prtty laidback and usually just floats around in the
air. He stays airborne by using tow fin-like wings. His solitary eye looks
like a colorfully painted lens.
To Evolve: 1 hour

14. Naguryu (Adult) Size 8'2" Weight 462 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Nagurya attacks with an intense barrrage of combination
punches. He's a power type Spectrobe and a very dependable ally. He moves by
darting along low to the ground.
Custom Parts P1: Nagulb, Nagurya Powpow P2: Nablock, Nagurya Powa
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; Level; 48

15. Naguzoro (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Naguzoro abuses enemies with his mighty combination punches.
He can also spit an intense ball of flames form is mouth. He's a power form
Spectrobe and he's proud of it.
Custom Parts P1: Nagucube, Naguzoro Blox P2: Naguhunk, Naguzoro Nailer

[F6] Fossil 6- Inkapod found on Genshi (First Planet) Area 2

16. Inkana (Child) Size 1'3" Weight 39 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Inkana is a guard type Spectobe. He fuels himselft with energy
dervied from magma. His hard fossil-like shell serves as excellent defense
against attacks.
To Evolve: 45 minutes; DEF; 140

17. Inkanapa (Adult) Size 7'8" Weight 1565 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Inkanapa is an extrememly robust Spectrobe. He uses his weight
to ram into enemies. He's also able to battle attackers with the flame throwers
on his shoulders.
Custom Parts P1: Inscron, Inkanapa Splay P2: Inguard, Inkanapa Spado
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; DEF; 350

18. Inkaflare (Evolved) Size 8'5" Weight 3306 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Inkaflare is energized with magma power. He's a gurdian type
Spectrobe and makes a worthy ally. He has a wicked boos punch that he uses to
fend off enemies.
Custom Parts P1: Inkalade, Inkaflare Grippa P2: Inkascrew, Inkaflare Auger
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F7] Fossil 7- Dongopod found on Nessa (Fourth Planet)

19. Dongor (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 70 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Dongor is a fairly quiet Spectrobe. He obeys orders without
questoin. He's a playful sort and likes to get around by curling into a ball
and rolling from place to place.
To Evolve: 1 hour; HP; 200

20. Dongora (Adult) Size 8'8" Weight 2160 Corona
Database Entry: Dongora is a power type Spectrobe with a very bulky, heavy 
body. His specialy is charging enemies and knocking them back using the 
mighty horns he has on his head.
Custom Parts P1: Dongigger, Dongora Jabbit P2: Donbore, Dongora Jabb
To Evolve: 4 hours; HP; 470

21. Dongiga (Evolved) Size 12'4" Weight 280 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Dongiga is one of the heaviest Spectrobes of all. He uses his
mungo body to make shock waves that repel enemies. He can also spit coloassal
magma balls at foes.
Custom Parts P1: Dongagore, Dongiga Gigusto P2: Dongrippa, Dongiga Gigas
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F8] Fossil 8- Bartopod found on Nessa (Fourth Planet)

22. Bartor (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 39 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Bortor likes to live in the woods. He uses his propleller-like
tail to cut down  bushes and twigs that he uses to make nests. He has a hard
shell the provides fine protection.
To Evolve: 45 minutes; Level; 15

23. Bartolor (Adult) Size 5'2" Weight 507 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Bartolor may be a power type Spectrobe, but he also has superb
defence capabilites. He attacks enemies by ramming them with his sharp horns 
and massive body.
Custom Parts P1: Barskap, Bartolor Arken P2: Barkelmit, Bartolor Helma
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; Level; 50

24. Bartolosa (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Bartolosa looks like a connon and moves like one too. He's a
power form Spectrobe with incredible strength. He uses his shields and whopper
horn to attack enemies.
Custom Parts P1: Barspeak, Bartalosa Shasta P2: Baripoka, Bartalosa Shappa
To Evolve: Doesn't
[F9] Fossil 9- Aopod found on Gengi (First Planet)

25. Aoi (Child) Size 2'9" Weight 11 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Aoi sails throught the sky with exellent speed and skill. He's 
very intelligentand when he finds fossils or minerals, he spins in circles at
hight speed.
To Evolve: 15 minutes

26. Aoba (Adult) Size 7'2" Weight 132 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Aoba is a velocity type Spectrobe. Hight speed air combat is 
his specialty. He can also attack enemies using the energy that he stores in
his majestic tail.
Custom Parts P1: Aocrest, Aoba Zenis P2: Aotwist, Aoba Zane
To Evolve: 2 hours; Level; 45

27. Aobasar (Evolved) Size 8'8" Weight 286 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Aobasar's air combat skills are second to none. He's a velocity
Spectrobe and uses his wings to knock foes about. His Tenpinspin is truly his
offensive specialty.
Custom Parts P1: Aobiscus, Aobasar Apex P2: Aobertex, Aobaser Crest
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F10] Fossil 10- Komapod found on  (  Planet)

28. Komainu (Child) Size 1'6" Weight 22lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Komainu has extremely advanced intuition which makes him quite
useful when searching. He's a truly faithful ally and loves having his soft 
curly ears petted.
To Evolve: 30 minutes; Level; 10

29. Komanoto (Adult) Size 6'2" Weight 507 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Komanoto uses his long fangs to chomp into his enemies. He may
be heavy, but since he's a velocity type Spectrobe, he' also notably fast. He's
a finely balanced ally.
Custom Parts P1: Komahalo, Kamanoto Aura P2: Komarupin, Komanoto Betho
To Evolve: 2 and 1/2 hours; Level; 50

30. Komadoros (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Komadoros moves like a massive tank- a really fast massive tank.
He can emit lethal flaming balss from his body, but his ferocious bite is his
most lethal attack.
Custom Parts P1: Komacurf, Komadoros Pharos P2: Komaspur, Komadoros Bitho
To Evolve: Doesn't 

[F11] Fossil 11- Shapod found on Daichi (Second Planet)

31. Shakin (Child) Size 2'2" Weight 52 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Shakin may look like a dangerous fighter, but he's actually
very calm and gentle. His body is constructed of an extremely hard metal that
will never break.
To Evolve: 30 minutes; ATK; 120

32. Shakor (Adult) Size 11'8" Weight 815 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Shakor is a bizarre fish-like Spectrobe and he swims throught
the air. He combines his lightning speed and thunderous power to attack with
his knife-like head.
Custom Parts P1: Shasharp, Shakor Bolo P2: Shaspear, Shakor Bristle
To Evolve: 2 hours; ATK; 280

33. Shakoblad (Evolved) Size 18'0" Weight 2866 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Shakoblad has a bladed tail and head. He looks like a water
dragon and sails effortlessly through the sky. He has excellent attack range
and easily defeats lesser enemies.
Custom Parts P1: Sashuslice, Shakoblad Brand P2: Sashuscar, Shakoblad Blade
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F12] Fossil 12- Zozapod found on  ( Planet)

34. Zoza (Child) Size 1'3" Weight 15 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Zoza can actually fly using his large ears as wings. He's a 
very determined creature and loves to search for things. He gets a little hyper
when he finds cool stuff.
To Evolve: 1 hour

35. Zozane (Adult) Size 7'2" Weight 242 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Zozane is a velocity Spectrobe and takes great pride in his
amazing speed. He can bend his body like a spring and demolish enemies with
his high-speed rotation attacks.
Custom Parts P1: Zozitike, Zozane Spike P2: Zozitank, Zozane Shank
To Evolve: 2 hours; Level; 45

36. Zozanero (Evolved) Size'" Weight  lbs. Corona
Database Entry:
Custom Parts P1: Zozitmas, Zozanero Sevasa P2: Zozibind, Zozanero Seva
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F13] Fossil 13- Grilpod found on  ( Planet)

37. Gilda (Child) Size 2'6" Weight 57 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Grilda resembles a young three-headed dragon. These three heads
don't always get along... When one head finds an item, all three will quickly
let you know about it.
To Evolve: 1 Hour; Level 15

38. Grilden (Adult) Size 6'8" Weight 705 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Grilden may be a velocity type Spectrobe, but he has awesome
attack power. His body blades can plow through groups of enemies and his
Hurlicane attack is nasty.
Custom parts P1: Gristar, Grilden Biblatz P2: Grispit, Grilden Biblad
To Evolve: 4 hours; Level 60

39. Grildragos (Evolved) Size 21'9" Weight 3527 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Grildragos is a velocity Spectrobe. He can sail smoothly
through the sky. His whip flick actions send enemies flying and his Rapidretch
attack flame-fries foes real fast.
Custom Parts P1: Grilorb, Grildragos Draflo P2: Grilzore, Grildragons Drafly
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F14] Fossil 14- Genjipod found on Gengi (First Planet)

40. Gejio (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 48 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Gejio is a bit strange. The way he moves looks a little funny.
He has multiple eyes that act as sensors. Therefore, he has amazing search
abilities and a wide search range.
To Evolve: 15 minutes; Level; 12

41. Gejigen (Adult) Size 5'9" Weight 352 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Gejigen is a unique Spectrobe. He has the power to mentally
perpley and confuse enemies. After he puts foes in a spell, he uses his 
pincers to toss them around.
Custom Parts P1: Gejidicer, Gejigen Tirox P2: Gejicrown, Gejigen Tiara
To Evolve: 1 hour; Level; 45

42. Gejigage (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Gejigage possesses bizarre powers in his multiple red arms.
He uses this power for his wicked Ringarune attack. IT puts enemies in a trance
and then he inflicts injury at will.
Custom Parts P1: Genscythe, Gejigage Sickle P2: Genscapel, Gejigage Skiver
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F15] Fossil 15- Kasupod found on Ziba (Fifth Planet)

43. Kasumi (Child) Size 1'6' Weight 0 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Kasumi is absolutely weighless. He drifts through the air like
smoke. He has a friendly nature, enjoys being around people, and really like 
magnetic places and things.
To Evolve: 1 hour

44. Kasumite (Adult) Size 4'5" Weight 0 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Kasumite is a unique Spectrobe. He weighs nothing and is able
to float around in the sky. He is able to wield a magical attack that he uses
to knock his enemies out.
Custom Parts P1: Kasukite, Kasumite Spanga P2: Kasugong, Kasumite Spana
To Evolve: 3 and 1/2 hours; HP; 200

45. Kasumire (Evolved) Size 6'2" Weight 0 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Kasumire is a mystical Spectrobe. He can issue incantatinos 
that hound and daze his foes. He can also command his three soldiers to carry
out offensive attacks.
Custom Parts P1: Kasumibreak, Kasumire Sparta P2: Kasumicase, Kasumire Spo
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F16] Fossil 16- Samupod found on  ( Planet)

46. Samkabu (Child) Size 1'3" Weight 59 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Samkabu is a unique Spectrobe. His whole body is covered with
a hard shell. He tries to act tough in order to hid the fact that he's actually
rater timid.
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; Level; 10

47. Samurite (Adult) Size 5'2" Weight 485 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Samurite is one of the most reliable Spectrobes. He has an
imposing air and great determination. The crescent swords attached to his
arms can mince most anything.
Custom Parts P1: Samuspire, Samurite Votar P2: Samuaxe, Samurite Vorto
To Evolve: 4 hours; Level; 50

48. Samugeki (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Flash
Database Entry:
Custom Parts P1: Sastriker, Samugeki Expite P2: Sastumer, Samugeki Expa
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F17] Fossil 17- Kubapod found on  ( Planet)

49. Kubaku (Child) Size 0'9" Weight 2 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Kabaku is a truly rare Spectrobe. He's three creatures in one!
The one with hair is the leader. The three are very close friends and like to
meet other cool Spectrobes.
To Evolve: 60 minutes

50. Kuganon (Adult) Size 7'5" Weight 617 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Kaganon's specialty is obviously long range attacks. He's able
to pulverize targets with his massive cannon. However, he's weak when in comes
to hand-to-hand combat.
Custom Parts P1: Kozonic, Kuganon Shojet P2: Kobuckler, Kuganon Shesho
To Evolve: 3 hours; Level; 55

51. Kugaster (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Kugaster is a remote Spectrobe. His body is basically a fully
loaded bazooka. He's capable of wiping out whole groups of enemies. If he can
see it, he can destroy it.
Custom Parts P1: Kubiboost, Kugaser Sonica P2: Kubidart, Kugaster Sonara
To Evolve:Doesn't

[F18] Fossil 18- Masepod found on Himuro (Sixth Planet)

52. Masetto (Child) Size 1'6" Weight 63 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Mesetto is a guardian Spectrobe. He stores energy in the
crystals situated on his shoulders. He uses this energy for various useful
tasks. He's a very reliable ally.
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; Level; 15

53. Maserobo (Adult) Size 4'9" Weight 881 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Maserobo is a guardian Spectrobe. The crystals on his shoulders
give him mysterious powers. He can fire a lethal laser from his mought that
has amazing long range accuracy.
Custom Parts P1: Masecrysta, Maserobo Shospy P2: Masedrum, Maserobo Shoda 
To Evolve: 5 hours; Level; 45

54. Masetosu (Evolved) Size 8'2" Weight 2138 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Masetosu is a superior gaurdian Spectrobe. He can acurately
fire deadly long-range beams from both arms. He's very loyal and dutifully
obeys all commands.
Custom Parts P1: Masetobit, Masetosu Daidril P2: Masetogrip, Masetosu Daite
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F19] Fossil 19- Danapod found on Nessa (Fourth Planet) Area 3 Ruins

55. Danawa (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 19 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Danawa is a suppor Spectrobe with superior search capabilites.
His body is hollow and he's very light. He's a priceless ally when it comes to
excavating buried items.
To Evolve: 45 minutes; HP; 180

56. Danapix (Adult) Size '" Weight lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Danapix can emit a huge shockwave perfect for long range 
attacks.His rotating Voltbolt attack is also extremely effective. He's a 
fine ally to have in battle.
Custom Parts P1: Daglob, Danapix Haball P2: Dagflare, Danapix Habba
To Evolve:2 and 1/2 hours; HP; 500

57. Danaphat (Evolved) Size 9'5" Weight 3968 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Danaphant is a massive recovery Spectrobe. The acients used him
mainly for defense and excavation. However, he can also use his huge body to 
attack enemies if needed.
Custom Parts P1: Danilob, Danaphat Tuskit P2: Danitusk, Danaphat Tuska
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F20] Fossil 20- Tenkropod Found on Daichi (Second Planet)

58. Tenkro (Child) Size 1'6" Weight 13 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Tenkro has wings, but he hasn't learned how to fly yet. The
four red crystals on his chest possess amazing powers, but he won't realize
it until he gets a bit older.
To Evolve: 1 and 1/2 hours; Level; 15

59. Senkro (Adult) Size 5'5" Weight 154 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Senkro is a nimble, agile Spectrobe. His Jogjibjab attack is
very hard to even see. He runs straight forward and then emits a shock wave
that damages distant enemies
Custom Parts P1: Senbrace, Senkro Winkut P2: Senvane, Senkro Winko
To Evolve: 3 and 1/2 hours; Level; 50

60. Gekikro (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Gekikro has great speed in the sky and is also a master of 
magic. He's also a recobery Spectrobe. He's ecellent at hand-to-hand combat
and is a well-balenced, loyal ally.
Custom Parts P1:Gekikite, Gekikro Pogaso P2: Gekihorn, Gekikro Pegas
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F21] Fossil 21- Mossipod found on Daichi (Second Planet) Boss area *RARE* 

61. Mossari (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 35 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Mossari is on of the rarest Spectrobes of all. He looks tired
and lazy, but many say that's just a diguise he maintains until he needs to do
To Evolve: 15 minutes; Level; 12

62. Mossarito (Adult) Size 5'2" Weight 66 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Mossarito is an extremely rare recovery Spectrobe and very
little is known about him. It's siad that he uses his long trunk as a weapon
to attack enemies during battle.
Custom Parts P1: Mossajabot, Mossarito Habatsu P2: Mossaflap, Mossarito Batsu
To Evolve: 1 hour; Level; 50

63. Mossax (Evolved) Size 11'1" Weight 132 lbs. Flash
Database Entry: Mossax is rarely if ever seen. He has a mysterious beauty and
very impressive recovery capabilites. It's hard to believe, but he has amazing
hand-to-hand combat skills.
Custom Parts P1: Mostealth, Mossarito Jetspa P2: Mosphan, Mossarito Jassa
To Evolve: Doesn't

[F22] Fossil 22- Mesapod found on Daichi (Second Planet) Boss area *RARE*

64. Mesa (Child) Size 1'9" Weight 46 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Mesa is another of the extremely rare Spectrobes. He's said to
have excellent battle and recovery capabilities. He may be a child, but he's
very brave and very bold.
To Evolve: 1 hour; Level; 15

65. Mesabone (Adult) Size 6'2" Weight 1190 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Mesabone's lifestyle is a mystery. It's said that he uses the
claws on his front legs as battle weapons and that he can fire beams of energy
from a spot on his back.
Custom Parts P1: Mesaspuna, Mesabone Gaborn P2: Mesadome, Mesabone Gaba
To Evolve: 2 and 1/2 hours; Level; 50

66. Mesathorn (Evolved) Size 10'8" Weight 1499 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Mesathorn is a radically advanced Spectrobe and extremely rare.
It's said that he stores potent energy in his body which he uses during battle
for his Catabolt attack.
Custom Parts P1: Mesasabre, Mesathorn Gablade P2: Mesacutter, Mesathorn Gablar
To Evolve: Doesn't

----------------------------------SPECIAL SPECTROBES---------------------------

Species 23

Windora (Evolved) Size 7'8" Weight 903 lbs. Aurora
Database Entry: Windora possesses the power to materialize out of thin air.
He drifts throught the air like the wind and is always acompanied by a breeze.
Very little is known about him.
Custom Parts P1: Windalo, Windora Ortex P2: Windino, Windora Sordina
To Evolve: Doesn't

Species 24

Thundora (Evolved) Size '" Weight  lbs.
Database Entry:
Custom Parts P1: Thedge, Thundora Hashak P2: Thisel, Thundora Sundra
To Evolve: Doesn't

Species 25

Vilkaroma (Evolved) Size 11'1" Weight 3747 lbs. Corona
Database Entry: Vilkaroma is a rare and unique mutant Spectrobe. He's basically
a mobile canon. His shell is constructed of hard metal which gives him superior
defense abilities.
Custom Parts: None
To Evolve: Doesn't

----------------------------Card Diagrams ------------------------------------

----[ I ]--[J]--[K]--[L]----

2134 DAL = Aobasar Apex
1243 AHE = Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK = Danilob
2134 BGJ = Emerald Mineral
1243 BED = Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG = Grildragos Drafly
2134 AFJ = Gristar
1243 AHD = Hammer Geo (must beat game)
3412 DAG = Ice Geo (must beat game)
(1243 or 1234) ECD = Inkaflare Auger
1243 CHL = Inkalade
1243 KDA = Iota Cube
3412 DIF = Komainu
1243 AFI = Naglub
2134 LJE = Rho Cube
3412 BGK = Ruby Mineral
1243 KHE = Samukabu
2134 HDI = Samurite Voltar
1243 BFK = Sapphire Mineral
3412 CGL = Seguslice
4123 IHG = Shakor Bristle
3412 LIH = Sigma Cube
2143 DEI = Spiko
4123 HEB = Tau Cube
4123 IAH = Thunder Geo
4123 AEJ = Vilagrisp
3412 HFE = Vilakroma
2134 JHI = Vilakroma (Red)
4123 ACL = Vilakroma (Gold)
1243 ICL = Windora
3412 FLI = Windora (Green)
1243 ILD = Windora Ortex
4123 ICD = Windora Ortex (Dark Green)
2134 IKD = Windora Sordina
1243 HAJ = Windora Sordina (Green)
3412 LAK = Windora Sordina (Red)
4123 IJL = Wind Geo

and if you don't know where to tap:

A - The end of the upper left arrow
B - Above the word "the" on the first line of text
C - Above "port" of the word "portion" on the first line of text
D - The end of the upper right arrow
E - To the left of the first "the" on the second line of text
F - The letter "d" of the word "card" on the second line of text
G - The second "the" on the second line of text
H - The letter "s" of the word "arrows" on the second line of text
I - The end of the lower left arrow
J - Below the "T" of the word "Touch" on the third line of text
K - Below the "een" of the word "Screen" on the third line of text
L - The end of the lower right arrow

----------------------------------Special Thanks------------------------------

Disney for making this game.

God because God is awesome.

The members of the gamefaqs forums for the card diagrams.

Nightmare_zo, Maguns_Dragon64, ultron, Lostmagicman, The_Who_Skyn for fossil

Lostmagician and Kraid999 for info.

The Brady Games guide for info on Thudora (NOTE: I do not have Thundora) and
custom parts I didn't have.

----------------------------------Update List---------------------------------
Version 0.95- Included all the information that I had.
Version 1.00- Added How to evolve and added more info.
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