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FAQ/Walkthrough by Saphira_gamer

Updated: 02/26/07

System: DS

1. Introduction (Includes STORYLINE)
1a. Storyline
2. Controls
2a. Other Controls
3. Walkthrough
4. Minigames

1. Introduction
Thanks for choosing to use my guide Eragon is a great game. At first, when the 
movie was coming out (there was an ad at the movies), I thought, 'this CANNOT 
be Eragon, the one I'm reading.' turns out it was. Soon enough the Eragon game 
was out, and I was reading Eldest. The first thing that convinced me it was the 
Eragon was an ad on Neopets. I NEEDED to see the ad now. I looked on the 
internet, took too long to load... Sorry. Sorta got a bit carried away with the 
story. Lets get on with it, shall we?

1a. Storyline
Eragon is about a 15 (turning 16) year old boy who lives on a farm with his 
cousin, Roran, and his uncle, Garrow. One day while hunting, Eragon finds a 
polished blue stone which he takes into Carvahall (his home town) for meat. 
When Katrina, Roran's girlfriend buys Eragon meat... wait, don't worry 'buot 
that part. It isn't important. Oneday, the stone hacthes into a baby dragon 
which he names Saphira. A couple of days later, some mysterious creatures, 
called the Ra'zac (pronounced Razac) burn down the farm with Garrow in it. 
Eragon then sets out on an adventure with Brom, the storyteller, to get his 
revenge on the Ra'zac. To Be CoNtInUeD!!!

2. Controls
These are listed how they are in the list in Moves List.
B- Jump
B then B- Double-Jump
R- Dagger (Or Zar'roc) Block
Y- Quick Attack 1
X- Strong Attack 1

2a. Other Controls
These are other controls NOT listed in Controls.
Tap the screen- Spell time (lets you pause time for a few seconds to draw a 
Drawing a symbol- Lets you use items and spells. Listed below are the spells 
and items:
I1- Herb= Draw a straight line down, a diagonal line up-left, then a straight 
line right.
I2- Large Herb= The same thing Except draw an almost full circle.
I3- Gem= A stroke diagonally down-right.
I4- Large Gem= The same thing except draw an almost full circle.
S1- Energy Bolt= A simple thunder bolt (like Harry Potter's scar.)
S2- Repulsion= A Zig-zag.
S3- Telekinesis= A triangle with a dent in the bottom.
S4- Harden- A square. Really hard. NOT!
S5- Bone Break (For those who read Eragon- Jierda. In other words, break their 
calves.)= Like herb on a side.
P.S. Remember that you must unlock spells and find items.
Tapping the Bow/arrow icon- Gets you into bow mode. Hold L or R to Get an arrow 
ready and let go to shoot.
Tapping the dagger/sword- Gets you back into Dagger/sword mode.
Tapping the 'map'- Gets you into map. This also works using select. If you go 
into Spell time or Bow mode, this shall disappear.
Holding the big circle- Changes the camera angle.
L- L-target, just like Zelda!
Saphira travel- Once unlocked, touch Saphira travel on the start menu and you 
can access anywhere you have already been to.

Now for some of the other attacks you can learn...
Hold A- Multi-direction attack
YY-Quick attack 2
YYY-Quick attack 3
YYYY- Quick attack 4
YYYYY-Quick attack 5
YYYYYY-Quick Combe Finish
XX- Strong attack 2
XXX-Strong Combo finish move
B then Y in air- Quick Air Attack

NOW time for the good part. Do you know how LONG that took? About 20-30 minutes 
including breaks.

 Before you play a movie clip will play including urgals, Durza and Arya. You 
can skip this, how ever.
A list of moves will come up. Why do I nbother wasting my time to write down 

Explore the dangerous wilderness called the Spine.
Find someone to buy the blue stone.

1. Wolves

Press SELECT or the map icon on the touch screen to get up the map. The ring is 
where Eragon has to go. The ring with the circle is where Eragon started. The 
green arrow is Eragon. Any red or purple spots or squares are enemies. Make 
sure you kill them so you can get bow and dagger points up. For now, head to 
the ring!
Head through the path towards your first objective, hitting any bushes in your 
path. Once the deer runs off, the screen (top) will have writing PAY ATTENTION 
TO THIS WRITING! Sometimes it is very important. Now slash any bush in your 
path, except the dark green bushes, which are impossible to slash down. Once 
you find the path, keep following it. The deer will run off. Jump up the 
ledges, then proceed, cutting any bush. Around the corner shall appear a wolf, 
which you obviously must kill, so kill it before it kills you by using X and Y. 
Remember that X is strong and slow, whilst Y is weak and fast. Choose wisely! 
Remember to shield yourself using R and target with L to make it easier. After 
defeating it proceed. Pick up the green thing, which is a herb. It tells you a 
bit more about it on the top screen. It should teach you how to draw the 
symbol, so draw over the symbol twice. Hack through the bushes. If you lost any 
health while trying to kill the wolf, then pick up the herbs from the bushes. 
These are small herbs, which replenish health, but cannot be picked up to use 
later. Jump down and go close to the edge of the gap. On the other side is the 
deer. Shoot her with an arrow. From that side that you are already on. Make 
sure you lock on. The deer will run away, and a movie clip will play with an 
egg. Double jump over the gap, and some wolves will appear. Obviously kill 
them, and move on. Some more wolves will appear, so kill them. If you go right 
before the ledge, there will be some arrows. Pick them up. Go into bow mode. 
Notice the bushes at the top of the ledge? Shoot them. This will make the 
bushes disapear. Notice the blue object? Interact with it by pressing A. Go 
back to Carvahall, either following the path back or going the easier way, 
which is located by the ring. But, before that, kill the wolves. No need to 
save at the dragonhead statue, the game will autosave.

b. Carvahall

Find someone to buy the blue stone.
Complete the Carvahall Quickfind Quest.
Bring the meat back home to Garrow.
Make sure the stone is safe and undisturbed.


Find Sloan (The house with the ring) to sell the blue stone to him. But, before 
you go near there, there is a quest to be completed. Mirbell will set a 
location where you have to find the mystery item. It will be near the well. 
Make a right turn at the well. The prize is art for your gallery, Arya 
Ambushed. Now go to Sloan. His house is the closest to the well when you go 
straight forward before making the right turn. Enter the house, and talk to 
Sloan. Eragon will start talking to Sloan, starting a conversation. The 
conversation will turn into an argument. His daughter, Katrina, will give you 
some meat. Now you must go back to the farm and give the meat to Garrow. Just 
make sure it's not Roran. Garrow's the almost bald one. Talking to Garrow will 
start a conversation between all three of you. Time to go into the barn to hide 
the stone. Hide it in the loft (The upstairs. Make sure it's at the very back, 
and don't make the same mistake I did of not searching for a way through.). 
After placing it in the loft, Eragon will realise it's an egg, and it'll start 
hacthing. The hacthling is a baby dragon. In the next clip, It will show the 
gedwey Ignasia (Gedway Ignasia, just so you know the pronunciation.) Head into 
the woods. Tell you what would be really funny? Talking to someone with the 
dragon in your hands. Too bad you can't walk right past Roran. 


Find something you can use to build a shelter for the dragon.
Shoot squirells to feed the dragon.


The game will autosave, and Eragon will place down the baby dragon. Time to 
search for sticks. Don't worry, they're easy to find. All of them are almost in 
one whole path, just to make it easy. After gathering all the sticks, go back 
to the baby dragon. Eragon will start making a shelter. Time to make better use 
of your bow. It's time to shoot some squirrels! Near the shelter will be some 
arrows, which keep coming back, so fill your quiver to the max (50). Remember 
to lock on while in bow and arrow mode. Turn around the first corner. There you 
will find some more art, Alagaesia (Alagayseea) Map. After collecting, shoot 
some more squirrels. Time to talk telepathically to the dragon. The 
instructions are simple; Draw the symbols that appear on the lower screen.

b. Carvahall

Find your cousin, Roran.
Follow Brom into the tavern.
Find 10 beads for Romar.
Go home for the night.
Complete the Carvahall Challenge Course.


Now walk out of the woods, into Carvahall. Time to find Roran. So walk around 
(or simply look on the map) until you find Roran and Katrina. When you find 
them, talk to Roran. After they walk away, follow Brom into the tavern. I think 
they copied most of this story from the movie. It's faintly coming back... But 
who cares! This is a walkthrough, not a movie review! After leaving the tavern, 
Eragon will want to know more about dragons. After Brom walks away, go home. 
But there are two quests I want you to do first. First go to the back of 
Carvahall, the part that's blocked off by a wagon. Talk to the man with a hat 
on. He will want you to gather his beads. Start with the one closest to the 
tent, then go in a path from there, or you could look at the map. I was stupid 
the first time and missed the one closest to the tent. Only after I finished 
the game did I find it. A movie clip will start when you walk on to get the 
fourth bead. Sloan will be in the house with two mysterious figures. One is 
named Durza, a shade. A mysterious figure will kill Sloan. For you people who 
don't like that sort of stuff, you don't have to wacth it. Too bad for the 
people who do. Now urgals will be all over town, but continue gathering beads. 
Before you can gather all the beads, Saphira will pick you up. Another mini 
game. This one's harder; you have to control the dragon and fly through hoops. 
After the mini game, you will arrive at the burnt down farm. You can go back 
into Carvahall to complete the quests, so gather those beads. The Spine Concept 
Art is now available near Mirbell. Dragon Tower Concept Art is also near the 
burnt down farm. After gathering all the beads, go back to Romar. He will give 
you the House Interior Concept Art. Now Fae has a challenge course for you. You 
must go through every ring in the time limit. Don't worry, every ring you go 
through adds to your time. After you finish, you will recieve a large herb. If 
you have not completed the game, your reward will be a weapon book, which will 
add points onto your dagger's experience. After completing the course, go back 
to Fae and Romar, and through the exit.

d. Palancar Valley

Find your way through the forest and go to Therinsford.
Complete the Palancar Valley Challenge Course.

1. Urgals

Talk to the man on the left of the entrance. You must complete the challenge 
course, just like in Carvahall. On the way, you will find a Spine Concept Art. 
Your gift is a weapon book, and once again points go onto your dagger. Now, 
killing the urgals, go towards your destination. An easier way is to go towards 
the ring from where you are, seeming it is closer. After reaching your 
destination, Eragon will start talking to Brom, asking him what a shade is. 
Well, if you're paying attention to what Eragon and Brom are saying, you will 
see the name of the thing that killed Sloan- a Ra'zac.

e. Forest
Find your way through the forest and go to Therinsford
Find 12 urgal sashes for Bava

1. Urgals
2. Urgal Archers
3. Wolves
4. Kull (Giant Urgals)

Kill the urgals, which will come to you. Take the path to your left. A girl 
will want you to kill the two kull in front of her. Now talk to her. Bava wants 
you to find twelve urgal sashes, then she'll open the bridge for you. Now when 
you get out of the alcove, keep going straight ahead, killing any enemies in 
your path, and collecting any sashes you find from killing the urgals. You may 
want to start using your bow and arrows, to get the experience up. Remeber when 
using your bow to stand so the enemy cannot see you. When you jump down the 
ledges, an urgal and wolf will ambush you, so defeat them before you move on. 
Slash the bush in the bottom right corner to find ruby essence, then keep on 
going. At the waterfall, you must make two turns, killing the urgals and 
collecting their sashes. When you go further, the road will close, and some 
urgals will appear, so kill them to proceed. You will find one urgal and two 
wolves, so defeat them and move on. When you move near the river, a gate will 
create an arena, where you must defeat some urgals and archers. After killing 
the enemies, an urgal with a vulture will come, and you must kill both. It is 
best to kill the vulture first. There should also be another urgal, but no 
vulture. This one is in the river. You should start saving up your arrows now. 
When you arrive at the bridge with the waterfall, jump up to where the 
dragonhead statue is. Save your game, and go to the right. There should be a 
Dragon tooth, which raises your health when three have been collected. Continue 
on the adventure now. After killing all the enemies (you should always kill 
archers first in groups like that,), slash all the bushes in the next area, one 
should have cobalt essence underneath. In the next area, turn to your right 
when you enter. One bush should have cobalt essence underneath. After you 
collect your twelth sash, Bava will open the bridge for you, so go that way, 
because that's the only way I'm going to do this walkthrough for now. Trust me, 
Eragon might have to walk a long way back, but it's a shortcut. If you see any 
enemies while walking up to the bridge, don't worry about killing them, unless 
you want to. If you haven't noticed this guide does not cover any sword or 
dagger techniques. When you're about half way, collect the Forest Concept Art. 
When you walk off the bridge, pause your game to read this. Eragon will 
manually walk, and a boss will come down. Hop up onto a ledge and shoot him 
with arrows until you have nothing left, so start using the dagger. Dodge all 
of his attacks. And by dodge I mean walk out of the way... no RUN! Run out of 
the way. Keep repeating until you kill the kull. Remember to use X attacks. 
After you kill the kull, Brom will ask Eragon if he's thought of a name for the 
dragon. He will call her Saphira, wacth out, another different meaning to add 
on to the big list of the 'Eragon Calling the Dragon Saphira List'. This time 
it's because of her Sapphire eyes.After defeating the kull, you should find a 
House Interior Concept. After the mind touch mini game, go through the exit to 
the Rocky Pass. 

f. Rocky Pass
Make your way across the Rocky Pass, and towards Daret.

1. Urgals

Kill all the urgals in your path, using your bow this time as well as your 
dagger. Talk to the man you see walking on the path. He has hidden an object in 
Therinsford. Don't kill any of the urgals.

g. Therinsford
Make your way across the Rocky Pass, and towards Daret.
Complete the Therinsford Quickfind Quest.
Find 12 mugs for Lutgar. 

When you enter Therinsford, Keep on walking until you find a barn, and turn 
right. You should see Roran and his girlfriend, Katrina. After the scene, keep 
walking in the same direction. You should find a weapon book. Go back to the 
first barn, then turn right. After crossing the bridge, turn at the first 
right. Someone stole his twelve best mugs, so you have to find them. The first 
one is on the bridge. The next one is near the dragonhead statue. Now go back 
into Therinsford for the next one. Go back across the bridge. The next one is 
near a house. Then from there, go diagonall to find the next one. It's close to 
the water. For the other eight, you must go out of Therinsford.

f. Rocky Pass
Make your way across the rocky pass, and towards Daret.
Find 12 mugs for Lutgar.
Complete the Therinsford Quickfind Quest.

1. Urgals
2. Urgal archers
3. Kull

Kill the urgal and archer. Kill the archer with your bow and arrows, and defeat 
the urgal with your dagger. On the way you should find Forest Concept Art, then 
defeat the urgals. The next mug is near the man. After you collect it, talk to 
the man. He has hidden an item near the big log you had to jump over. Don't go 
through town. Go across the river. If you don't do this, you will lose like I 
always used to. There is a certain part of the river you have to cross at, 
though. On the way you should find a mug. Take a shortcut at the intersection. 
Remember not to kill any urgals. Near the log is another mug. The prize is 
Desert Concept Art. Only five more mugs to find. I purposely left one out so 
you didn't waste time in the Quickfind Quest. Near the intersection is another 
mug. At the first pine cone tree near the river, turn right. Ok, we haven't 
found all the mugs yet, but we can continue another time, unless you want to go 
on the quest without my help. Do as Saphira says, and stand on the Saphira 
symbol and press A. She will swoop out of the sky and destroy the rocks, 
revealing a cobalt essence underneath. Just one more dragon tooth for 40 more 
health points! Take the left path. Kill the kull. You should find Urgal Scout 
Study, then kill the kull. Ok, wrong way. Not a great loss of time, though. 
This time, from where I told you to take the left path. Take the forwards path. 
If your standing at the intersection, confused, it's the left path. Defeat the 
kull, and proceed. Call Saphira to destroy the rocks, and collect the Ruby 
Essence. This whole time I've been calling it Cobalt essence. Please now refer 
to it as ruby essence, 'coz I'm not fixing up all those mistakes. Wacth out, 
the next ledge is narrow. If you fall down, you'll have to get back up there. 
On the other side, there are archers, so hasten to the other side. Defeat the 
two kull and the archer. Again, call Saphira and collect the ruby essence. If 
you talk to the man, your taking up a challenge even I can't do, and I've 
completed the game. After defeating the kull, do a double jump across the gap. 
Cross the bridge, defeat the archers, and collect the large herb. If it's your 
first time, it's VERY hard to draw. After collecting the ruby essence, you 
might want to save to save your game. Take the path to your right. When you 
reach the path where the rocks seperate it, take the right course. Kill the 
kull and archer, then proceed. Jump up onto the ledge. Take the right path. 
Defeat the archer and whatever other enemy appears there. The swicth lowers a 
gate. You must find the other one, so head back down. Now head forward. Defeat 
the archers, and hit the swicth. Now go to the gate. If you fall down, taking 
the correct course, you will find NPC Concept Art. And don't even ask me what 
it is, 'coz I don't know. Time for a boss. A kull with swords. Use the same 
tactics we did as in the forest. This time dodge the birds, and just attack the 


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