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by Elranzer

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Heart Container FAQ by Elranzer

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/04/10

WARNING: This guide contains minor spoilers. You have been warned.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Heart Containers are available for Link?
    • 16 total: 3 starting, 7 bosses, 6 must be found.
  • How many Heart Containers are available for Linebeck's Ship?
    • 8 total: 4 starting, 4 more from ship part upgrades.
  • Are there any Heart Pieces in the game?
    • No, there are only full Heart Containers (much like Zelda 1 and 2). They have come up with the extensive Power/Wisdom/Courage Gems quest to fill in this gap (60 total).
  • How do I find (specific ship part)?
    • Ship parts are randomly placed where you would find them. Nintendo has done this to encourage online gaming via the WiFi trading feature.
  • Do I have to do anything special for the Golden ship parts to appear?
    • No, they are random like the rest of the ship parts. However, their randomness variable is higher than the other parts (less likely to appear, but random nonetheless).

Quick List

#TYPEHow to Get
1StartingYou start the game with this
2StartingYou start the game with this
3StartingYou start the game with this
4BossDefeat the boss of the Temple of Fire
5BossDefeat the boss of the Temple of Wind
6BossDefeat the boss of the Temple of Courage
7BossDefeat the boss of the Ghost Ship
8BossDefeat the boss of the Goron Temple
9BossDefeat the boss of the Temple of Ice
10BossDefeat the boss of Mutoh's Pyramid
11HiddenPurchase from Beedle's Masked Ship (1500)
12HiddenComplete the "Romantic Fishing" side-quest
13HiddenComplete the "Prince of Red Lions" side-quest
14HiddenAchieve 2000 points in the Bow Shooting Range mini-game
15HiddenPurchase from any island store after buying Bombchu bag
16HiddenComplete the Treasure Maze mini-game on Expert

You begin the game with these.

These are the seven dungeon boss Heart Containers. Simply open the chest that appears after beating each boss.

First Availabile: After getting Linebeck's Ship

Immediately after you can access the sea, Beedle's Ship is available to sail to. Randomly, each time you go to sea, Beedle may be wearing a mask and the icon will be labeled as "Masked Ship". This is when he will sell the Heart Container as well as a Courage Gem. You'll need 1500 rupees.

Rumor has it that Beedle's Masked Ship appears specifically between 10:00PM-12:00AM on weekdays (Mon-Fri), and between 10:00AM-12:00PM on weekends (Sat-Sun). This is based on your Nintendo DS internal clock. I believe I have seen the Masked Ship appear at other times, but hundreds of gamers claim that this is a guaranteed method to get it. If you are already out to sea when you enter this two-hour time block, you must dock somewhere and then go back out to sea for the ship to change.

First Availabile: After getting access to the Northwest Territory

Once you reach the Northwest Quadrant, you can access Bannan Island. Talk to the Old Wayfarer here to hear about the mermaid. Go outside to find her and hit her with your boomerang. Talk to Old Wayfarer, then to Linebeck then to Old Wayferer again. The Mermaid should be in his hut now and he'll give you the fishing rod.

Go out and fish for the first three types of fish on the Collection Screen. Old Wayferer will reward you each time you return, and will give you the Big Catch Lure once you catch a Loovar. Now go back out to sea and catch a Rusty Swordfish. Return it to Old Wayfarer and he'll tell you about Neptoona.

Neptoona is a legendary fish and has its own icon on the map (a swordfish) that can appear separately than the regular fish icon. Fish when this icon appears and catch Neptoona (note that sometimes a regular swordfish can appear on this icon rather than Neptoona). Bring Neptoona to Old Wayfarer who will declare you a true romantic, and give you the Heart Container.

First Availabile: After getting access to the Northwest Territory

Once you reach the Northwest Quadrant, you can go to the Traveler's Ship on this map, which the owner has named the Prince of Red Lions. Play his game of hitting him and he'll give you treasure. Leave, and come back and play again. Eventually, he will ask you to hit him 100 times. Do so, and you will be rewarded with the Heart Container. Further plays will get you treasure and ship parts.

First Availabile: After acquiring the Sun Key

Once you acquire the Sun Key, return to Molida Island. Romano's Hut has become the Shooting Range. Score at least 1700 points to get the Bow Quiver Upgrade. Score at least 2000 to get the Heart Container.

An easier way to go about this game is to always just aim towards the center of the gallery, and wait for the targets to cross your path, rather than to aim individually at each target. Then you only have to concentrate on when to let go, rather than the timing as well as the accuracy of your shots.

First Availabile: After acquiring Bombchus

There is a series of upgrades you can buy at the island shops, which is the same at each island (not Beedle's Ship). First you must buy the Bomb Bag upgrade, then the Quiver upgrade, and finally the Bombchu Bag upgrade. Since the Bombchu Bag upgrade must be purchased in order for the Heart Container to appear, you must wait until you acquire the Bombchu item from the Goron Temple to be able to buy this.

First Availabile: After getting access to the Northwest Territory

Once you reach the Northwest Quadrant, you can go to the hidden Maze Island and attempt this challenge. You must complete the Beginner and Normal modes to unlock the Expert mode. One of the Expert mode's prizes is the Heart.

Heart Containers :: Ship

Linebeck's Ship can acquire a total of 8 Heart Containers.

#TYPEHow to Get
1StartingYou start the game with this
2StartingYou start the game with this
3StartingYou start the game with this
4StartingYou start the game with this
5UpgradeAttach 3 matching set parts
6UpgradeAttach 6 matching set parts (or 4 Golden parts)
7UpgradeAttach all 8 matching set parts (or 6 Golden parts)
8UpgradeAttach all 8 Golden parts

Version History

  • Version 2.0
    • Formatted using the GameFAQs Wiki style.
  • Version 1.2
    • New user-submitted corrections added.
  • Version 1.1
    • Typos and formatting mistakes corrected.
  • Version 1.0
    • Just started. It's complete, in some sense that you can locate all Heart Containers for Link and the Ship using this guide. I am figuring out what more to add to this guide for the future.

Help Wanted

As the guide is pretty much done, all I need now are things that could improve it. Look at the list and contribute anything if you have something.

  • Any Heart Container secrets, etc
  • Tips/strategies for the Mini-Games
  • Spelling, grammar or information corrections
  • FAQ questions (answers, too)

Special Thanks

  • Nintendo: for bringing us this great game
  • C-NET GameFAQs: for hosting this FAQ
  • The Contributors: for reasons below
  • MANY PEOPLE - Beedle's Masked Ship times (sorry, cannot list you all)
  • Julian B Smith - Pointing out you only need to catch a Loovar to get the Big Catch Lure
  • Marco Verbane - Pointing out that the swordfish icon can contain just a normal swordfish as well as Neptoona
  • Anuraag Nalluri - Bow Shooting Gallery tip

Contacting Me

If you would like to submit new information, inform me of typos or wrong information, or anything else that would fit here, please don't hesitate to email me via faqs-(at)-elranzer-(dot)-com. You will be listed in the Contributors section if I add anything you sent to me.


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