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A collection of 2000 Puzzles! 2000 mind-boggling challenges to overcome!
- Can you solve them all?
- Are you the one to solve all of them?
- 1000 picture puzzles and 1000 number puzzles for you to look through.
- Start off simple and work your way up to more complicated brain-teasers.
Write in numbers with the Nintendo DS stylus!
- Use the Touch Screen feature to write numbers or paint colours with the Nintendo DS stylus!
- And if you make a mistake...you can simply erase it and start over, allowing you to enjoy a totally stress-free experience!
Compete against other players!
- Use the DS wireless communications to play picture and number puzzles with up to 3 additional players...and you can do it all with just one Nintendo DS game card!
- Savour the thrill of wondering who will come out on top!
A simple yet informative tutorial mode!
- Access the easy-to-understand Tutorial Mode to learn how to play the game. You will figure it out in no time!

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