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FAQ/Walkthrough by Wyrlwynd

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/30/06

Lego Star Wars II:  The Original Trilogy 
Walkthrough for the Nintendo DS

Table of Contents

1.  Version History
2.  General Info
3.  Mos Eisley Cantina
4.  Chapter IV:  A New Hope
4a.  The Blockade Runner
4b.  Mos Eisley Spaceport
4c.  Rescue the Princess
4d.  Death Star Escape
4e.  The Trench Run
5.  Chapter V:  The Empire Strikes Back
5a.  Hoth Battle
5b.  Escape from Echo Base
5c.  The Asteroid Field
5d.  Betrayal Over Bespin
5e.  Cloud City Trap
6.  Chapter VI:  Return of the Jedi
6a.  Jabba's Palace
6b.  The Great Sarlacc Pit
6c.  The Speeder Chase
6d.  Battle on Endor
6e.  Heart of the Death Star
6f.  Destiny
7.  Missing Unlockables
8.  Thank you's and Legal Info

1.  Version History
Version 1.0
Submitted to GameFAQs 10/2006.

2.  General Info
First, yes, this game is VERY glitchy, and yes, as of this writing, there 
Are 2 Minikits I still can't get. One of them is possible to get, but I 
did something wrong somewhere in that level and messed it up.  If you 
follow my advice, you'll get every Minikit except 1 in the Speeder Chase 
level where I must not have activated something correctly (which seems to 
happen to everyone), and you may get the last Destiny `kit if you get 
luckier than I did or don't make the same mistake I did.  


Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, we'll get on to the 
general info.  There are two modes of gameplay:  Story Mode and Free 
Play.  Story Mode is just what it says; you follow the story of the 
movies with some necessary modifications in who does what for gameplay's 
sake. Your characters are pre-selected for you, and while you may find 
other members for your party as you move through the storyline and switch 
freely between them, you cannot choose other characters not listed in your 
party on the Touch Screen.  

As you complete each chapter in Story Mode, Free Play will be unlocked 
as will the Story Mode of the next chapter.  In Free Play, you can choose 
ANY unlocked character (or vehicle depending upon the chapter) to start 
the level and switch to ANY unlocked character (or vehicle depending 
upon the chapter) during gameplay to help you find secret areas and 
collect Minikits.

Minikits are the white cylinders scattered throughout each chapter.  There 
are 10 per chapter, and collecting all of them in each chapter will unlock 
additional characters and vehicles.  Some `kits can be collected in Story 
Mode, but many of them can only be reached in Free Play.

Additionally, there are "coins" to collect which you can use to buy other 
unlockable characters and Extras.  These "coins" are the little studs on the 
top of a Lego piece, and they are scattered all over for you to pick up.  You 
can also gain Lego studs by destroying certain plants, trees, boxes, 
canisters, computers, etc., or you can get them by building a pile of Legos 
you see lying on the ground or Force-moving things that glow for a Jedi.

Collecting 10,100 studs on each chapter will grant you true Jedi status for 
that level.  The stud meter will cycle yellow when you have enough studs 
to indicate you have reached 10,100 or more.  Getting true Jedi status on 
all chapters (either in Story Mode or Free Play) will unlock the Sandbox 

You will need to utilize the special abilities of several different characters 
and vehicles to complete both the Story Mode and find everything in Free 
Play.  The different types are:

Rebel and Imperial Blasters:  These are good or bad guys who have 
blaster pistols or rifles.  Their most important use is almost certainly their 
ability to use a grappling gun.  You'll see a glowing red circle on the 
ground.  Step inside this, press the A button, and your character will 
activate the grapple and be pulled to a new location.

Rebel and Imperial Jedi:  These are good or bad guys who have 
Lightsabers.  Their most important function (besides being unbearably 
cool) is their ability to use the Force to leap over large gaps and up to 
higher platforms, to build items, to move items, and to open secret 
passages.  If you see an item with white sparkles, that means a Jedi could 
use the Force to do something to it.  Unfortunately, your current character 
isn't the right kind of Jedi, so either switch to one if you have one in your 
party in Story Mode or come back later in Free Play.  

If you see an item glow green or blue, a Lightside Jedi (Luke and his pals) 
can alter it somehow.  Just press and hold A until the glow goes away.  If 
you have a Lightside Jedi, and you see white sparkles, you need a 
Darkside Jedi (Vader and his pals) to alter that item.  The same thing is 
true if you have Vader, and you see sparkles.  NOTE:  Lightside Jedi can 
become Darkside Jedi by buying the Extra "Pink Mode" and activating it.

Small Characters:  These are smaller characters who can crawl through 
tight spaces and get to areas taller characters can't reach.  Jawas, Ewoks, 

Droids:  These are robots (duh) who are needed to activate certain 
computers and accessways that humans cannot.  R2-D2 can also fly 
across open spaces using his hoverjets.  The Gonk Droid is also especially 
useful since it can walk up a slide that no other character can climb.

Stormtroopers:  The bad guys don't shoot at their friends, so playing as a 
Stormie in either mode helps you hold onto your hard-won studs and avoid 
time-consuming battles.

Bounty Hunters:  Boba Fett and Jango Fett allow you to fly to certain areas 
using the jetpack.  Leia Bounty Hunter and 4-LOM allow you to throw 
bombs that can open some blocked passages.

Small Vehicles:  The Speeder Bikes and Probe Droid, among others, can 
fit into small openings.

Tie Fighter:  Some portions of the vehicle levels have access panels that 
only open for a Tie Fighter.  And just like playing as a Stormie, if you pilot
a Tie ship, the bad guys won't shoot at a fellow pilot.

Y-Wing/Tie Interceptor:  Some levels require you to bomb various rock and 
ice formations that cannot be destroyed with lasers.  The Y-Wing/Tie 
Interceptor both have this capability.

Slave 1:  Boba Fett's ship also provides access to some areas of vehicle 

Throughout the levels, you will run across piles of Legos that jiggle as you 
walk through them.  Press and hold the A button, and your character will 
build something out of the pile.  You will usually be rewarded with Lego 
studs, and occasionally, these built items will be trigger events to unlock a 
door or a different part of a level.

You will also run across doorways that flash a certain character's face or 
vehicle's shape when you approach.  If Boba Fett's face appears, ANY 
Bounty Hunter will activate that doorway.

The character you control has 4 Hearts of life.  If you take 4 hits, your 
character shatters into its component Legos but immediately respawns.  
So, don't worry about dying often unless you hate losing some of your 
Lego studs.  You can usually pick them up again if you're quick.

3.  Mos Eisley Cantina
There are 3 main areas to the Cantina:  The Cantina itself, the Chapter 
Selection room, the Vehicle Hangar/Bounty Hunter Wireless/Sandbox 

The Cantina
There are plenty of opportunities to gain a few measly studs (about 10,000 
if you do everything in the main Cantina and in each Chapter Selection 
lobby) by building broken furniture or Force-shaking other items.  One of 
the light blue machines is the Character Builder.  The other is for hosting 
Wireless games with others.  The bartender behind the counter is who you 
talk to to buy unlockable characters and Extras. If you're a complete 
newbie to these games, I'd buy the Hints.  They're cheap and mostly 

The Chapter Selection room
Head to the room with 3 doorways labeled IV, V, and IV.  Go in any one, 
and you find chances for studs as mentioned above and more doorways.  
Approach an unlocked doorway, and choose Story Mode (or Free Play if 
you've unlocked it) to enter and play.  You'll see how many `kits you've 
collected as well as a notation of whether you've achieved true Jedi status 
on that level.

The Vehicle Hangar/Bounty Hunter Wireless/Sandbox room
Head the other way to the room with 3 doorways.  One has a ?.  One has 
an X-Wing, and the last has Boba Fett's face.  The ? is the Sandbox room.  
This appears to be an incredibly rushed and utterly unfinished level that is 
unlocked when you get true Jedi status in all chapters.  As far as I know, 
there is no way to complete it.  I suppose I could be charitable and say that 
it was simply poorly conceived, but it smacks of a rush job that was tacked 

The X-Wing room is a vehicle hangar.  You can see the vehicles you've 
unlocked.  That's all.  Really.  Although, using Jango or Boba Fett's jetpack 
can show you a surprise up above.

The Boba Fett room is the Wireless battle room.  You'll see statues of the 
Bounty Hunters and the console you activate to host a wireless battle.

NOTE:  Minikits will be numbered by the order in which you get them first 
in Story Mode and then again in Free Play after you've either just replayed 
the level and gone to a previously unavailable area or unlocked a 
necessary character and replayed with that character.  Additionally, don't 
buy the Minikit Detector or any other Extras for that matter until you've 
first purchased Invincibility (since you won't need the Detector if you're 
using this walkthrough).  You'll need Invincibility to unlock the Emperor, 
so only buy characters with your studs, but definitely feel free to buy any 
and all characters as they become available.

4.  Episode IV:  A New Hope
4a.  Chapter 1:  The Blockade Runner
You'll start the level playing as Leia with a Rebel Trooper as your 
companion.  As a general rule, I won't mention any studs you can collect 
either lying around on the ground or created when you destroy something, 
but you need studs to buy Extras, so collect, collect, collect.  You'll see 3 
doors.  One requires C-3PO to open.  Come back here later in the level.  
Another opens into a room with a `kit (#10) locked in a tube.  We'll have to 
come back later in Free Play with a Jedi to open it.

The remaining door requires you to pull a switch (and your buddy should 
help) to open the door.  Blast the Stormies and make sure you get the 
camera up and to the right of the Turbolift door so that more Stormies don't 
come after you.  Kill the Stormies in the control room area and build a 
bunch of consoles for studs and to unlock a `kit (#1) floating above a 
console.  Go up the ramp and around to the door.  You'll enter a dark 
corridor which leads to a room where a bunch of Stormies and an Imperial 
Officer wait to be exterminated.  

Two more doors here.  One requires R2-D2.  We'll come back in a bit.  The 
other opens into a large hangar area where we'll grab Artoo and Threepio.  
You'll find a number of blocks and holes as well as a door which requires a 
Bounty Hunter to open.  We'll come back in Free Play later and go 
through.  Pushing all the blocks into the holes lowers a force field leading 
to a grappling hook pad as well as bringing more Stormies to obliterate.

Grapple up 2 levels, grab the `kit (#2), and find the pile of Legos to build. 
Build the spinning lever, and spin it around to form a bridge over to where 
Threepio is waiting.  Grab the `kit (#3) after Threepio takes the elevator 
down.  Kill the Stormies, and use Threepio to open the force field.  Kill 
some more Stormies, touch Artoo to add him to your party.  Push the 
blocks into the holes to reveal another `kit (#4).  Switch to Artoo and head 
directly across the hangar to the deadfall.  Use Artoo's jets to hover over 
and grab the `kit (#5).  Kill more Stormies, and head back out to the room 
that had the Imperial Officer and his troops.  Grab the `kit (#6) in the 
corner of this room.  (I'm honestly not sure if it was there originally, 
but it's there now, so take it.)

Go back to the room you started the level in, use Threepio to open the 
door, and grab the `kit (#7).  Return to the Artoo door in the Imperial 
Officer room.  Kill the Stormies and follow the corridor until you reach the 
Escape Pod hatches.  One requires a Bounty Hunter.  Blah blah come back blah 
blah Free Play.  One requires Threepio.  One opens to anyone.  Go here, 
kill the Stormies, and grab the `kit (#8).  Have Threepio open the door to 
end the level.

Free Play should unlock as should Episodes V and VI and the next 
chapter, and you also unlock Artoo and Threepio for Free Play.  Also, 
when you return to the Cantina, you can purchase the Imperial Officer and 
a Stormtrooper for use in Free Play from the bartender. You should buy 
the Stormtrooper at the very least as it makes replaying a level easier and 
gives you access to Stormie-only rooms in Free Play.  You can also buy 
the Bith band members too.  If you didn't get enough studs for true Jedi 
status, don't fret.  It's easy to get in Free Play.

You can immediately replay the level in Free Play mode as Greedo and go 
through the Bounty Hunter door in the hangar area to get `kit #9.  
Remember, now that you've unlocked the 2 droids you can switch to them 
on the fly and not even worry about freeing them as you did in Story Mode.  
When you get to the Escape Pod room, you can open that other Bounty 
Hunter door, and see two Stormies making out.  Once you've seen that 
little gag, you can choose Threepio and end the level again.  You will have 
to completely enter the Escape Pod and perhaps wander around in there a 
bit to get the level to end.

I've found that even though you can exit a level during Free Play without 
finishing it and have the `kits you've collected and studs you've found 
added to your total, it is almost always necessary to finish the level and 
have your studs totaled and your `kit pieces assembled for the game to 
register a character unlocked via 10 out of 10 `kits.  In fact, you may have 
to completely replay the level in Story Mode AFTER you've collected all 10 
`kits for the unlocked character to register.

Current Status = 9/10 `kits for Dengar (another Bounty Hunter) + Threepio 
& Artoo unlocked for Free Play. 

4b.  Mos Eisley Spaceport
The chapter starts with a short cutscene of Luke being ambushed by 
Tusken Raiders (Sand People).  If you look behind Luke to the left, you'll 
see a `kit (#7) which we'll get later in Free Play.  Luke is then sliding down 
a long ramp.  If you smash through the few rocks (I assume they're rocks 
anyway), you will lose a Heart each time but also get some studs.  After 
Luke wears a hole in his pants, you'll reach the bottom where you have to 
blast two platforms back to their Lego parts and a few Sand People you 
must kill.  You will have to jump and shoot to hit the platforms.  Suddenly 
Obi Wan Kenobi comes somersaulting out of the air laying waste to Sand 

Switch to Ben (Obi Wan), and Force-assemble the two Lego piles to a set 
of stairs to climb the ramp.  Grab the `kit (#1) at the top.  You can use Ben 
to do a Jedi flip straight onto the ridges that run along the valley, or you 
can use the Force to make the green flowers grow, jump on them, and 
then jump up.  Or you can switch back to Luke and grapple up.  Either 
way, kill the Tuskens.  As soon as you pass through the cut in the cliff, 
you'll hear Artoo's tweet.  You'll need him in a few.

Switch to Luke, jump across the gap to the platform on your left (their 
right).  Jump one more platform over.  Ben should follow.  Grapple up, and 
push the Lego box off to left (their right).  Kill the Tuskens and hop back 
down to where Ben and the pile of Legos are.  Switch to Ben, and have 
him Force-assemble them into a platform.  Switch back to Luke, grapple up 
and grapple up again, and Ben should follow.  Keep climbing/grappling up 
and to the left (their right).  When you're one level below the main platform 
leading into another canyon, switch to Ben, and do a Jedi flip up to the 
platform on the high right (their left), and grab another `kit (#2).  There is 
yet another `kit (#10) here, down a few platforms, but it requires a bombing 
Bounty Hunter, so Free Play later.  If you do happen to fall down to the 
platform where you see a wee little cleft with the `kit spinning behind it, 
you can Force assemble a bridge to get back or do a leaping dive with Luke 
over to the right (their left).

Get back up to the main platform where you can add Artoo to your party.  
It's not really vital, but make sure all 3 of your members are with you.  
Don't leave Luke or Ben behind.  Force-assemble the Lego pile into a 
platform in the quicksand.  You can Jedi flip up onto the ridge and then 
spire-hop using Jedi flips to get studs.  You will notice a black Lego door 
hiding a `kit (#8) which sparkles when you approach it with Ben.  This 
means you need a Dark Jedi.  When we get Vader, we'll come back in 
Free Play.

Switch to Artoo, hover to the platform, and then hover over to dry land. 
Your buddies should follow.  Find the flower, Force-grow it, hop on it, and 
then jump up to platform-hop, and clean up in both senses of the word. 
Follow the canyon, hop onto a couple of ridges/platforms and touch 
Threepio.  Switch to Threepio, and have him drain the next quicksand lake.  
Switch back to either human, grab the `kit (#3), and exit the canyon.

You're now in Mos Eisley itself.  You'll never find a more wretched hive of 
scum and villainy.  Or so I'm told.  Basically everyone wants you dead.  So 
kill everyone.  Even the seemingly harmless Jawas (they have the second 
best death rattle in the game).  You'll see a red rotating watering can which 
indicates the Cantina.  Go in and meet Chewbacca.  Artoo and Threepio 
get the bum's rush out the door.  Apparently, they don't serve their kind 
there.  Leave with Chewie and see the droids get hustled through a 
Stormtrooper-only access door.  To keep more Stormies from harassing 
you, destroy the arches over the doors.

Clean house in this next courtyard, and work your way over to the arch and 
the stairway.  If you had a Dark Jedi, you could climb the stairway, hop 
from balcony to balcony, and Force-open the black doorway to snag 
another `kit (#9).  Free Play.later.  Find a trail of studs leading to a hatch 
into another courtyard.  Up a short flight of stairs is another `kit (#4). 
Work your way into a new courtyard.  You'll find more blocks to be pushed into 
some machine slots and a door only Artoo can open.  

Push the 3 blocks into the 3 slots to move the huge satellite dish.  Clean 
up a new courtyard.  Jedi flip onto the roof of the first entranceway, and 
jump again to get a `kit (#5).  And enter yet another courtyard through a 
ring of silver studs.  Climb the stairs, stand on the railing, Jedi flip onto 
the balcony, and go down the hallway to grab another `kit (#6).  Enter the 
door to the jail.  Jump onto the red platform that is partially lowered (it's 
near the half open cell door).  Assemble some Legos and free Artoo and 
Threepio.  Touch them to add them to your party, again.  You can also open the 
other cell the same way and assemble the bones.  I'm not sure what he does for 
you, but it's kind of cool to watch him fade away when you kill him.  Go 
back to the Artoo door, open it and go in.  Approach the Millenium Falcon 
to end the level.  You do get a decent sight gag cutscene of Han Solo 
playing, "Watch the left hand while the right hand blows you to pieces."

You've now unlocked Han Solo, Chewie, Tatooine Luke, and Obi Wan.  
Replay Chapter 1, and use Ben to open the tube in the room off the 
starting chamber.  Remember to finish the level just to make sure you get 
Dengar complete.  Replay Chapter 2 on Free Play, and grab that very first 
`kit we saw in the cutscene at the beginning behind Luke.  After you get the 
`kit, just use the Start menu to return to the Cantina.  We can't get the 
other 3 until we get Vader and a bombing Bounty Hunter, so unless you want to 
play through this level again, there's no need to finish it once you have the 
seventh `kit.  You can also now buy a Gonk droid, R5-D4, a Jawa, Wuher 
(the bartender), a Tusken Raider, and a Sandtrooper.  Get a Jawa so you 
can get into small places and a Gonk droid so you can climb slides in Free 
Play mode.

Current Status = Dengar complete.  7/10 `kits for Zuckuss + Han Solo, 
Chewie, Tatooine Luke, and Obi Wan.

4c.  Rescue the Princess
The Level starts with a cutscene with the Falcon being jerked into the 
Death Star by a tractor beam.  You start the level with Chewie and Stormie 
Han and Stormie Luke minus helmets.  There's a panel only a Jedi can 
move, and in Free Play you can get a `kit (#7) here.  You  enter a room 
with 2 doors.  One requires a Stormie and the other requires Artoo (Free 
Play.later).  The sparking machine on the right side of the room as you 
enter is a Stormie helmet disguise machine.  Use it to get the helmet and 
open the door.

You'll enter a corridor with two turbolifts disgorging Stormies.  Go through 
the end door.  You'll enter a room with 3 Lego piles to build.  Building them 
unlocks a `kit (#1) I think.  I'm almost sure it wasn't in the room when I 
first entered.  You can blow up the controls below the louvered windows and 
get another glimpse of the Falcon which remains tantalizingly out of reach.  
There are 2 tubes only Jedi can open.

Go through another corridor with Jedi-only switches.  You'll enter a curved 
walkway with a turbolift, a Stormie, and a `kit (#2).  Go through the door, 
you'll get a quick cutscene of Ben deactivating the tractor beam, so the 
Falcon can escape later.  You'll also see a `kit to your left (#9).  Cross the 
bridge to the door.  You can come back later and Force-move the bridge 
parts that sparkle if you want.  Follow that corridor to the end and enter the 
door.  More Jedi-only switches and then a door leads you into a room with 
platforms over a deadfall.  Jump over to the platforms and keep grappling 
up until you can enter a door leading out of the deadfall room.

You'll enter a command center of sorts with a turbolift you can't shut off 
disgorging Stormies.  You'll also see a Stormie disguise machine.  Build 
the consoles and pull the 2 switches to unlock the door to enter the 
cellblock.  Open each cell by pulling a switch (one of your party members 
should pull the other.)  The 2nd set of cells on each side hide `kits (#4 & 
#5).  Open the last cell of the left first and get another `kit (#6).  Open 
the last cell on the right to find Leia and end the level.  You'll get a short 
cutscene of Leia bitchslapping Han (really) and taking his blaster.

You should unlock Stormie Han and Stormie Luke.  Immediately replay the 
level with Ben to pick up a few Jedi-related kits. 

In Free Play w/ a Jedi, Force-move the Legos to open up `kit #7.  Go into 
the room with the Artoo door, and switch to him.  You'll enter a corridor 
with two turbolifts and the associated Stormies plus a small accessway in 
gray on the right side on the ground.  I hope you bought that Jawa.  Crawl 
in and get `kit #8.  Enter a room with some weird kind of dance floor. 
Activate all the circles by stepping on them.  Don't know why, but do it 
anyway.  Double flip over the gap and a walkway should shoot out.  Switch 
to Artoo and open the door.

Force-shake the switches if you want and go through the door.  If you go in 
the door to your right and immediately turn right, you'll get that `kit (#9) 
we saw when Ben did his mojo on the tractor beam.  Return to the corridor 
you were just in.  Hop up the platforms to another curved walkway.  You 
can Force-spin the wheels if you want, and then enter the doorway at the 
end of the walkway on the left.  You'll see a doorway that opens 
immediately to a deadfall, and you'll get a quick flash of the last `kit (#10) 
above you and to the left (their right).

If you do a Jedi flip up to that platform, you can grab the last `kit.  Hop 
off to the left (their right), down to the platforms you walked on before, 
and work your way by grappling or flipping up and back to where you were when 
we came through before.  Repeat everything as before and finish the level.  

You've now unlocked 4-LOM (a bombing Bounty Hunter), and you can also 
purchase a Death Star Trooper and a Tie Fighter Pilot.  Replay chapter 2 
in Free Play and get the `kit (#7) behind the rock wall and then just use the 
Start menu to get back to the Cantina.

Current Status:  4-LOM complete.  8/10 `kits for Zuckuss + Stormie Han 
and Stormie Luke.

4d.  Death Star Escape
The level starts with a cutscene showing Chewie, Leia, and Han and Luke 
trapped in the garbage compactor.  You then are given control of Artoo 
and Threepio in a room with two Jedi sparkles, a few consoles, and a door 
only Threepio can activate.  A `kit (#6) is hidden behind the righthand set 
of blue Legos which we'll get in Free Play.  Artoo can activate the blue 
console, and you'll see a shot of Alderran being blasted by the Death 
Star's superlaser.

If you hadn't already figured this out, Artoo can destroy things with his arc 
welder, so you can get a few studs as well as revealing a grappling hook 
circle for later use.  Ignore the Stormie-only door for now.  Use Artoo's 
hoverjets to cross the deadfall and activate the blue console so Threepio 
can come across.  Have Threepio open the door into the hangar with the 
Falcon.  Have Artoo hover over the next deadfall and activate the blue 
console to open the door in the garbage compactor area.  The action 
switches to the compactor.  Use Luke or Han or Leia to jump up onto the 
brown platform that you can see kind of up and to the right of the door.  
Jump up and around to the platforms in a circle that runs clockwise until 
you're on a platform high in the corner where you can see a machine you 
can blast.  

Blast it, and slide back down to the muck.  Blast the red box to reveal a `kit 
(#1).  Jump up into the open door.  You must build the 2 Lego piles to open 
the door.  There are also two tubes requiring Jedi (later if you want in Free 
Play).  As soon as you enter the corridor, Han and Chewie go nuts and 
chase some Stormies away leaving you and Leia to kill some Stormies and 
an officer.  First go down the silvery corridor on your right that opens when 
you walk in front of it.  Kill some Stormies, and enter a room with a few 
Lego piles.  

Building the right hand pile will reveal a `kit (#2).  You'll notice a 
Stormie-only door which will lead to Minikit heaven in Free Play.  Pull the 
switch to  lower the force field in the previous corridor.  The door on the 
right won't open yet.  Go back to the reddish corridor, grab the `kit (#3), 
kill some bad guys, and find a door.  Go through.

You'll enter another platform room.  Go up to your right (their left) until 
You can grapple.  Now head back left, blast the boxes, and jump over.  Keep 
working your way up.  You will see a platform too high to reach now which 
will lead to a `kit (#10) in Free Play with Jango or Boba Fett.  You'll also 
see a pile of Legos which will create a grappling circle.  Your companion 
has probably deserted you by now since you've been playing monkey.  But 
when you grapple across, he/she rejoins you.

You'll come out the Stormie-only door you first saw with Artoo and 
Threepio at the beginning of the level.  You'll notice a `kit (#4) floating 
above and to the right of the walkway across the deadfall.  We'll get it in a 
bit.  If you grapple up using the one Artoo revealed, you can reach another 
`kit (#7), but I needed a Jedi to complete it in Free Play, and even then it 
frustrated me.  There must be a pattern, but I haven't figured it out.  But 
for now head back into the hangar, so Ben will join your party.  Switch to 
Ben, and get the minikit floating over the deadfall in the corridor using a 

Vader will harass you a whole bunch, but you can get another `kit (#5) right 
now.  Go into the hangar and pull the switch to drop some heavy 
containers on those ground switches.  You'll notice one space between the 
first two, two spaces between the next two.  This means you leave three 
spaces and step on the FOURTH one away from the last container.  A red 
canister will drop which you can destroy to get `kit #5.

Defeat Vader to reveal a cutscene in which Ben gives himself to the Force 
so Luke and his pals can escape in the Falcon.  Vader is now available for 
purchase for 100,000 studs as is the MSE-6 droid.  Immediately replay in 
Free Mode with a Jedi.  Force-move the blue Legos on the right to reveal a 
crawlspace.  Use a Small character to get the `kit (#6).  Reveal the grapple, 
go up, and use a Jedi to time your jumps across the moving platforms to 
the left working your way up and right until you reach the top one and you 
leap to get the `kit (#7).

Continue to run through the "story" by using Artoo to release the others 
from the garbage chute.  Repeat all the corridor stuff until you get to the 
room that has the Stormie-only door on the left.  I had to build and destroy 
everything in the room for it to allow my Stormie to open the door. Go 
down the ramp.  Build the pile to reveal a cannon (I think this is the fabled 
e-Web blaster) which you can fire for amusement and destroy all the boxes 
to get a `kit (#8). 

Go through the door and down another ramp into a Stormie bunk area.  
Blast the bunks and take the `kit (#9).  Use the Start menu to return to the 
Cantina since we can't get `kit #10 yet.  You should now replay chapter 2 
to get those last 2 `kits using Vader to open the black Lego walls.  In the 
first one in the canyon, you'll need to switch to a Blaster so you can light 
the torches in the room to reveal that `kit.  The second black Lego door in 
the city itself is a no-brainer.  Remember to finish out the "story", so 
Zuckuss will completely register.

Current Status = Zuckuss complete.  9/10 `kits for IG-88.

4e.  The Trench Run
The level begins with a cutscene showing the X-Wings approaching the 
Death Star.  You gain control of your X-Wing in the Trench.  You'll pass by 
a door that can only be opened with Slave 1, so save that for later.  You 
can prevent more Ties from bothering you by blowing up the radar dishes 
over the underground hangars.  On your right, you'll see an opening.  Blow 
it open and go in.

There are two openings in here we can't access yet also.  One is a small 
aperture (requiring a Speeder Bike or something), and the other requires a 
Tie.  You'll also find a `kit (#1).  You'll have to blow your way out.  You'll 
want to backtrack up the Trench and pick up `kit #2.  You'll go a little 
farther and see another small opening and a large one.  Pass by the large 
one to grab `kit #3, and then come back and enter the large opening.

Inside is another Tie-only door and a `kit (#4).  You'll reach yet another 
large opening, and you'll find yourself locked in by a force field.  Go in the 
opening and grab another `kit (#5).  You'll also see a squadron of ships.  
One of which is Vader's Tie Advance which you have to destroy to end the 
level.  Once you do, you get a cutscene of the Luke's proton torpedo 
blowing the Death Star and the celebration on Yavin's moon.

You should unlock the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and Hoth Leia.  You should be 
able to purchase a Tie Fighter and Biggs Darklighter (Luke's friend from 
Tatooine who dies in the Trench Run in the movie) as well.  Buy the Tie for 
sure.  Replay the level on Free Play using the Tie.  Go in the first large 
opening on the right, and fly your Tie over to the Tie-only door.  Press A 
when your ship is over the hologram of the Tie.  Grab `kit #6.  Get back to 
the main trench, and enter the second large aperture.  Find the second 
Tie-only door, enter and grab `kit #7.  You can exit the level via the Start 
menu if you wish.  It is kinda fun to just let your Tie hover by the opening 
Vader's squad comes out of and just snipe while they completely ignore 
you if you wish to finish out the level.

Current Status: 9/10 `kits for IG-88.  7/10 `kits for the Tie Advance + X-
Wing, Y-Wing, and Hoth Leia.

5.  Episode V:  The Empire Strikes Back
5a.  Hoth Battle.
The level begins with a cutscene showing the Rebels trying somewhat 
futilely to thwart the Imperial invasion of Hoth.  You are eventually given 
control of a Snowspeeder.  The A button will activate the tow cable which 
can be used to trip up the AT-AT's if you really wanna play Wes Janson.  
Blast the AT-ST's, and grab the `kit (#1) over to your right.  Come back to 
the left, and blast the ice Legos to reveal a cave with another `kit (#2).  
Exit the cave and head back to the right.  Blast your way into a tunnel.

You'll find some Probe Droids which you can slag and another pile of ice 
Legos on the right you can blast.  Inside are 2 more Probes and a kit (#3). 
You'll reach what looks all the world like a spinning stoplight in front of 
an icewall and a corridor running to the left passing a Slave 1-only door and 
leading to another stoplight.  Blast the stoplight on green.  Blasting it on 
red triggers a big blast that will slag you.  Inside is a `kit (#4) and 
another Slave 1-only access which leads to the same place the other one did.

Head to the next stoplight and just barely enter the passage.  If you turn 
right you'll be in a narrow corridor leading to a `kit (#5).  Leave the little 
corridor and enter the new cave.  You'll see some Probes and a trail of 
gold studs off to the right.  Don't go that way just yet.  Open the stoplight 
door on the left side to get another `kit (#6).  You'll see a Tie-only door 
which we'll get later.  Head for the gold studs, and you'll pass over an icy 
patch on the floor you can bomb later in Free Play if you want.  Blast the 
stoplight door and enter the AT-AT area as they assault the Rebel's shield 

Apparently it won't be too long for Lord Vader to start his landing.  Head 
over behind the shield generators, and duck into the areas between each 
disc, and you'll find another `kit (#7).  Fly around blasting stuff until the 
AT's reach the generators.  You'll see a cutscene of them blowing it, and 
the level ends.  You'll unlock the Snowspeeder.

You can buy a Probe Droid (and you should so we can get a few `kits in 
the Trench Run and one here).  Replay the level in Free Play, and enter 
the Tie-only door to get `kit #8.  Find the little room that had `kit #5 and 
look for the little hole in wall on the right hand side, go in as a Probe 
Droid and get `kit #9.  Return to the Cantina from the Start menu. Replay the 
Trench Run in Free Play and enter the two small openings with the Probe Droid 
and get `kits #8 and #9.

Current Status = 9/10 `kits for IG-88.  9/10 `kits for the Tie Advance.  9/10 
`kits for X34 Land Speeder + the Snowspeeder.

5b.  Escape from Echo Base
You begin the level with Hoth Han Solo and Hoth Leia as the Imperials 
assault the base and cause ice to fall blocking a passage.  You are then 
given control of Han.  You'll see the blocked passage behind you.  Go 
forward and blast the Snowstormies.  The door on your right won't open 
just yet, so pass it by.

Go in the second door on the right.  Build the consoles, and kill the 
Snowies.  Exit this room by the other door to bypass another icefall 
blocking the corridor.  Go through the open door ahead of you and enter 
the door on the right.  Kill the bad guys, build the consoles, and head back 
out in the corridor for a second.  Follow it down and you'll see a slope we 
can climb later with the Gonk droid in Free Play.  Enter the doorway at the 
end, build the console, and return to that door that wouldn't open at the 
very beginning of the level to grab a `kit (#1).

Return to the room that has the red grapple circle.  Grapple up and up and 
jump across to the door.  You'll come sliding down the a long ice slide.  Go 
in the door straight ahead of you, kill the Snowies, build the console, and 
get `kit #2.  Head in the other door.  You'll pass a door on your left; you'll 
see an icefall on your right; and you'll see an e-Web blaster about to 
pulverize you.  Destroy it first.

Go into the door on your left, blow up some baddies, and find another door 
on your left.  Go in there, and you'll find what I assume is the bathroom.  
We'll come back in here in Free Play and get a `kit floating above the third 
stall from the left, but we need a Jedi. Head into the room that was behind 
the e-Web.  Build the console if you want.  Go through the door on the 
right.  You'll see the typical red canisters and a yellow.  The yellow one is 
a bomb we'll be able to use in a different scene when we run into it again.

Go through the door.  You'll enter a room w/ another e-Web and Threepio.  
Get him.  You have to blast the stalactites to prevent more Snowies from 
attacking you.  Head through the door at the opposite end of the room from 
the e-Web.  You'll see another protocol droid (similar to the one that tells 
Threepio to cram it (Echuta!) on Bespin.)  Blast it for me.  Please.  Go 
around to the left.  Blast the yellow box to destroy the icefall and reveal 
a doorway.  Go in and the action shifts to an overhead view.

Pull the switch ahead of you to lower the boxes on the left.  Jump on them 
and walk across them now.  Blast the red canisters to reveal a grapple 
circle.  Use it.  You'll land on a platform and see a switch ahead of you.  
Pull it.  Drop back down to the floor.  The boxes have dropped far enough 
for slowpoke Threepio to walk across them  If he doesn't join you shortly, 
he may be stuck.  Just find him in the "maze" and push him out of trouble, 
and he should follow you.  If you blast the canister by the red force field, 
you'll reveal a small crawlspace for Free Play fun later.

Use Threepio to lower the field.  Go through the door and down a slide.  
You'll see a short cutscene of Chewie complaining about something.  To 
your right is an icefall.  Straight ahead is a slight slope anyone can climb, 
but we'll need a Jedi in Free Play to get anything (a few studs.hooray) 
out of this.  Go down the corridor to the left.  There's a Threepio only door. 
Open it and go through.  

You'll see a series of structures with switches you can pull to eject yellow 
boxes.  These must be pushed into the receptacles.  Just so you know 
which is which: There's a receptacle right by an Artoo-only force field door. 
(Free Play!)  Locking the second box in its receptacle revealed a `kit (#3). 
To get it, I had to climb on one of the receptacles and jump up on top of a 

Locking in the 3rd block dropped a bomb canister back by the icefall we just 
saw.  Return there now.  Blast the yellow canister to clear the ice and 
reveal a door.  Enter a serious light-fight.  Destroy the e-Webs and the 
Snowies first.  Build the Legos second.  Use the block you built to jump up 
into another light-fight.  If you stay the edges of the room, you can get a 
few studs.  Approach the Falcon to end the level.  You'll see Vader carping 
about the Falcon blasting out of Echo Base.

You'll only unlock Hoth Han.  Immediately replay the level in Free Play with 
4-LOM and a Jedi as directed below.  Using the A button w/ 4-LOM allows 
you to blow up icefalls by tossing bombs.  Bomb the icefall right behind you 
as you start the level.  Use a Blaster to light the torches and destroy the 
box.  Build the pirate/skeleton guy and kill him to reveal a `kit (#4).  Make 
your way to the icefall blocking your way and blow it.  Follow the corridor 
around to the steep slide no one can climb.  Switch to the Gonk droid and 
walk up the slope to get `kit #5.

Return to the area where you grapple up twice to jump to the high door 
and then go down the slide.  You'll see an icefall.  Use 4-LOM to blow it to 
reveal an Artoo-only door.  Switch to Artoo and open it.  In the room, you'll 
see 3 guys in stasis and a switch you can pull.  Pulling it will release them. 
The lights will go out.  Kill these 3 guys and enter the room right next to 
this one and kill those guys.  When you finally kill them, the lights will 
come back on, and you'll get a `kit (#6).  Find your way to the bathroom.  
Destroy the doors, and Force-shake the toilets especially the third one 
from the left. Hop on the ice platform (I guess.) and do a Jedi flip with the 
lightsaber attack to make you go high enough to get the `kit (#7).

Go back to the room that had `kit #4, and go through the door on the right. 
Make your way to the "maze of boxes" room.  Just use a Jedi to flip over 
the boxes.  If you work your way over to a corner of the room that has 2 
white radiator-looking things you can Force-shake, you may see a `kit 
hiding way up high on the icy slope under the platform  We'll get it later 
when we have Jango or Boba.  Go over to the red force field, destroy the 
canister next to the Threepio-only switch and get a Small character to 
enter the crawlspace.  Get the `kit (#8). And exit the room through the 
crawlspace on the other side.

You'll find yourself above the Falcon on some platforms.  Get some studs if 
you like.  Exit the room by going out the door you would normally enter this 
room from.  Go back to the Threepio-only door that leads outside.  Open 
the Artoo-only force field.  Go back and eject a box and push it into the 
receptacle in the new area to reveal a `kit (#9).  Return to the Cantina via 
the Start menu if you want.

You can buy K-3PO (the rude protocol droid), a Rebel Snowtrooper, and a 

Current Status = 9/10 `kits for IG-88.  9/10 `kits for the Tie Advance.  9/10 
`kits for X34 Land Speeder.  9/10 `kits for Bossk + Hoth Han Solo.

5c.  The Asteroid Field
This level starts out with some Ties chasing the Falcon into the asteroid 
field.  You're eventually given control of the greatest starship in science 
fiction history (IMO, of course).  And just so you know, the odds of 
successfully navigating an asteroid field are 3720 to 1.  You can blast 
asteroids that have blue parts to them for studs if you wish.  At the very 
start, you want to try and go to the left whenever possible.  You'll swing 
around some large asteroids.  Keep bearing left trying to turn left whenever 
possible.  If you see an arrow (?) made of gold studs, you're on the right 
track.  Eventually you'll work your way into what almost looks like a notch 
or tunnel through an asteroid with gold studs leading the way.

Come out of the notch and bear left again following the gold stud arrows, 
and you'll find a `kit (#1) eventually.  Return to the beginning of the level 
back the way you came.  Now follow the V's made of silver studs with a 
blue stud at the notch of the V.  This time try and go right as much as you 
can.  Eventually, you'll fly over a big flat area cut out of an asteroid that 
another `kit (#2).  You'll soon see a long trail of gold studs leading to a 
hole in an asteroid which takes you to a different part of the level where 
Han moves in closer to the big ones.

Watch for falling rocks.   Right off the bat, the stud V's point you right.  
Goleft instead and get a `kit (#3).  You can blast those towers you see on the 
canyon wall and make the rocks fall.  Come back so you can take the right 
fork.  Stay to the right.  Keep taking the right forks, and you'll be led to 
another `kit (#4).  Return to the beginning of this fork.  You'll know you're 
at the beginning because the Falcon will reach a "wall" it can't climb and 
immediately on your left, you'll see a little notch in the canyon wall you 
could fly off and down.  

Go down this fork again (skip that first drop off).  And instead of taking the 
right fork at the next junction (you just got a `kit using that right fork), 
the left and you'll find another `kit (#5) along the right wall of the canyon. 
Return to the beginning of this series of forks again.  Take the first 
left-side notch and grab the `kit (#6) floating right there.  Follow that 
corridor beyond the right hand tunnel you followed to `kit #4 until you see a 
2 way fork.

Go left for yet another `kit (#7).  Return and take the right fork.  You 
Should see a silver stud arrow to point the way.  Look for a tunnel heading 
left and down.  Take it.  Hug the wall of the large circular area you enter, 
and you'll get another `kit (#8).  Go back to the entrance of the tunnel and 
take the right hand path.  A new part of the level will start.  You'll find 
yet ANOTHER forked pathway.  Take either fork (they both take you to the 
same huge circular area kind of a like a divided highway), but make sure 
you FULLY traverse BOTH pathways since a `kit (#9) is in one of them.  

Enter the circular area, but hug the right hand wall until you find a tunnel 
you can enter to get `kit #10.  All 10 in Story Mode!!!  Sweet!!!  Follow the 
tunnel back out and fly right toward the huge hole in the middle of that 
area.  The worm will come out and flop around and the level will end.  
You'll unlock the Falcon AND you should have Slave 1 from minikits now.

Immediately replay the Trench Run in Free Play and use Slave 1 to get 
that last `kit behind the Slave 1-only door.  Remember to finish out the level 
so the game fully registers the Tie Advance.  Also replay Hoth Battle and 
get the last `kit behind the Slave 1-only rock pile.  Blah blah finish the 
story so it registers.

Current Status = Slave 1 complete.  Tie Advance complete.  X34 Land 
Speeder complete.  9/10 `kits for IG-88.  9/10 `kits for Bossk. + Millenium 

5d.  Betrayal Over Bespin
The level begins with a cutscene showing the Falcon landing at Cloud City 
and Lando, Lobot, and a hapless crewman meeting Han, Leia, Chewie, 
and Threepio.  You are given a party of Lando, Leia, and Chewie.  Look 
immediately behind you to the left for a `kit (#1)  Build tables if you want, 
but go through the door ahead of you.  Kill the Stormies in the next room 
which has 3 doors.  A Bounty Hunter door for Free Play, a Threepio-only 
door for later, and one that opens freely.  Go through that door to find a 
stairway leading down.  Kill the Stormies at the bottom.  Again, you're 
confronted with 3 doors.

A Lando-only door, one you must blast open, and one that opens freely.  
Go straight ahead, kill Stormies, and build if you want.  We'll come back 
here later with a Jedi in Free Play.  Go back and head to the other non-
Lando door.  Kill the Stormies and grab a `kit (#2).  Go back to the Lando-
only door and go through.  Push the yellow box into the receptacle and pull 
the switch on the wall.  This reveals a dismembered Threepio.  He got 
Echuta'd by some Stormies offscreen and ended up here.  Build him and 
touch him to add him to your party.

Go back up the stairs to the room with the Threepio-only door and go 
through.  Kill the Stormies as you navigate the "maze".  Turn right down 
the corridor with the red canisters, blast them, and grab a `kit (#3).  Go 
back so you can go through the door.  You'll find yourself in a large room 
with a walkway circling a huge structure in the center.  There are turbolifts 
all around the room spewing out Stormies, so go around shooting Stormies 
and blasting the turbolift controls.  There's a Jedi sparkle we'll take care 
of later in Free Play.  

Now, Threepio may have gotten dinged in the battle and won't be able to 
activate the platform you'll see on the walkway.  If he did get dinged we'll 
come back in a bit and fix it.  If he didn't get dinged, get one member of 
your party on the platform with Threepio and activate it.  Switch to the 
other person, blast some red canisters to reveal a grapple circle, grapple 
up, and grab a `kit (#4).

Find the exit to this room.  Kill some Stormies.  You'll enter a room with 3 
turbolifts which you should disable, a Threepio-only door, a `kit (#5) which 
you should grab, and a locked double door.  If Threepio was dinged up, he 
won't be now.  He must be part salamander droid or something, and you 
can go back to the walkway room and get that `kit.  Return to this room, 
and go through the Threepio-only door.  Kill Stormies and go straight 
ahead.  Build tables to get a `kit (#6).  Blast the strange box on the wall.

Go back out of this room and head to the other door.  Kill bad guys.  Blast 
another one of those weird boxes, and go up the stairs.  Blast the strange 
box and the canisters to reveal a grapple circle.  Grapple up, and blast yet 
another box.  Jump over to the left where you see more canisters.  Blast 
them and grab `kit #7.  Go back to the room with the locked double doors.  
They are now open.  Go through to end the level.  You'll get a cutscene 
with Leia fleeing some Stormies to the safety of the Falcon.  

You unlock Lando and Cloud City Leia.  Immediately replay the level in 
Free Play.  Go through the Bounty Hunter door in the second room.  Grab 
the `kit (#8).  Go down the stairs as before, and enter the door straight 
ahead.  Kill bad guys and Force-shake the red and blue tables to reveal a 
`kit (#9).  Make your way to the walkway room with the Threepio platform.  
Use a Jedi to Force-open the doorway that sparkled.  Go down the stairs, 
kill Stormies, and flip up over the sculpture/fountain thing to get the last 
(#10)  You can head to the left and grab studs galore if you want.  Try to 
finish the level if you can, but I NEVER can in Free Play.  So if you can't, 
get back to the Cantina and just replay the level in the Story Mode.  Sucks, 
but what can you do.  Now you have Boba Fett.

Replay Death Star Escape and Escape from Echo Base in Free Play and 
get those last `kits I mentioned in each one using Boba Fett.  I have found 
that you must replay Death Star Escape in Story Mode also to get it to 
finish correctly.

Current Status = Boba Fett complete.  IG-88 complete.  Bossk complete + 
Lando and Cloud City Leia.

5e.  Cloud City Trap
The level begins with a cutscene of Luke's X-Wing dropping down at Cloud 
City.  You're given control of a Jedi Luke (finally!) with Artoo accompanying 
you.  You're on a balcony outside the Cloud City complex.  If you walk to 
the back corner you'll see a lamp which you should NOT destroy.  Jump on 
it and flip up to the notch to get a `kit (#1).  If you peek in the window as 
you walk by it, you'll see another `kit we'll get in Free Play.  Go through 
the door and kill the Stormies.  Flip up and over and kill the Stormies and 
then build the Lego pile.  Get Artoo on the platform and Force-lift it so he 
can join you.  That Bounty Hunter door leads to that `kit we saw.  Make sure 
Artoo follows you down the ramp.  Force-pull the switches if you want.  Go 
through the other door and kill more Stormies.  There's a Lando-only force 
field switch for Free Play.  Have Artoo hover over, and activate the 
platform and the door from the switch.

You'll enter a room with a `kit (#2) in the middle and a weird red striped 
force field next to a series of 3 green and/or blue dots.  REMEMBER the 
order of blue and green!  Go through the door that opens on the left.  Kill 
the Stormies.  Artoo can hover over to that area beyond the grapple circle, 
but he can't do much more there, so save it for later.  Besides, when I go 
over there, my touch screen goes blank for the whole rest of the level.  I'm 
going to choose to think that this "feature" adds excitement to the game 
since I have to guess what's going on down there, so my blood pressure 
won't get too high.

Follow the path around to another door.  Inside is another striped force 
field with a `kit (#3) inside and another blue/green "key" and 3 computers.  
Luke can make them green by using the Force, and Artoo can make the 
blue by using the A button on them.  Set the computers to the pattern by 
the `kit force field, grab the `kit, and then set the computers to the OTHER 
force field key from before.  Return to the room that had `kit #2.

Take the now opened door out onto another walkway.  Kill the Stormies 
and Jedi-flip over to the hovering platform with another `kit (#4) and some 
studs.  Enter the room at the end and kill Stormies.  Enter the door to find 
yourself in what I assume is the Carbonite freezing chamber where you'll 
find Vader.  There's a `kit hidden way up high that we'll need Boba or 
Jango for in Free Play.  Enter the corridor that opens.

If you go left, you meet a dead end.  If you go right, you go through another 
hatch.  If you go right, you get a `kit (#5) and find a dead end.  If you go 
left, you go through another hatch.  Left is a dead end.  Right is another 
hatch leading to Vader again.  Defeat him.  Go down the slide to Luke's 
appointment with the butcher.  If you can work your way around the 
floating platforms, you'll find another `kit (#6).  Defeat Vader to show the 
cutscene of Luke losing his hand and Vader telling him the dreadful news.
"Luke, I am your momma's baby daddy!"  You'll unlock Cloud City Luke 
and Dagobah Luke.

Replay in Free Play mode.  Go through the Bounty Hunter door to get `kit 
#7.  Go out and open the Lando-only force field to reveal a kind of creepy 
scene with some Stormies and a dancer (stripper) who all try to kill you. 
There's also a `kit (#8).  Make your way to the grapple circle on the 
walkway.  Grapple over.  Grapple up and activate the floor switch.  Grapple 
up and do the same for the other floor switch.  Now do some very careful 
jumping across the deadfall to land on the grey walkway.  Grapple up.  
Keep grappling up and activating switches until you can grapple up to 
where `kit #9 is.  You can use that last grapple up high to make your way 
back across.  Now get down to the Carbonite freezing chamber.

Defeat Vader so you can play unmolested.  Get Boba and jump on the 
small platform to the right of the door.  Jetpack yourself over to the 
platform on the right, and jetpack up to the platform above the door for the 
last `kit (#10).  Finish the level to register Obi-Wan Force.

Current Status = Obi-Wan Force complete + Cloud City Luke and Dagobah 

6.  Return of the Jedi
6a.  Jabba's Palace
The level starts with a cutscene of Leia Bounty Hunter leading Chewie into 
Jabba's throne room where you see a fairly amusing shot of Carbonite Han 
wiggling around behind a series of force fields.  You're given control of 
Leia Bounty Hunter (she can throw bombs like 4-LOM) and Chewie facing 
the door to Jabba's.  Go to the right, build the Legos into a block and blast 
or bomb the other pile of Legos to reveal a `kit (#1).  Push the block under 
the switch and pull the switch.  This reveals a console which you should 
activate by pressing the A button.  Do the same on the left.  No `kit over 
there though.

After you activate the second dropped console, the door opens to reveal 
the Gamorrean Guards.  My favorite thing in the game (after the Jedi-flip 
downward lightsaber stab thingee) is tossing a bomb at a GG and listening 
to the great squeal they make when they blow up.  Best death noise ever.  
Kill the GG's and add another Jedi Luke to your party.  Three possible 
doors.  Yellow on the right, green in the middle and blue on the left.  Go in 
the right hand door.

You enter a room with 3 exits.  A Small character door (Free Play) and a 
regular sized one on the same wall and a down ramp anyone can take.  
Take the regular sized door.  Assemble the Legos and push them onto the 
receptacle.  This will bring some GG.  Bomb them for oodles of fun.  Take 
the downward ramp to build some Legos to push onto the square to reveal 
a `kit (#2).  Return to the 3 lighted door room, and take the left hand one. 
2 more doors and a ramp.  One of the doors is Stormie-only (Free Play).  
Take the door on the same wall as the Stormie door.  Pull the 3 blue 
switches to release more studs and 2 more GG's.  Did I mention I love 
having a bomber here?

Take the ramp now to reveal a Bounty Hunter door Leia can open.  Hop up 
on the lightpole to get a `kit (#3) on the big block.  Return to the 3 lighted 
door room.  Go through the middle door.  Have Luke go up the left hand 
side and Force-pull the switch at the top.  Go off to the right hand platforms 
for a `kit (#4) and a pile of Legos to destroy.  Inside is a green switch you 
must activate.  We've now disabled the "security" on the door as well as 
the force fields around Han.

Kill the 3 GG's and touch Bounty Hunter Lando to add him to your party.  
Enter Jabba's throne room.  You'll see red searchlights crisscrossing the 
floor.  If one touches you, you get sent back out to kill the 3 GG's again 
and start the throne room part over.  Grab the `kit (#5) on the right and on 
the left (#6) and then go touch Han.  This activates a short cutscene where 
Leia's Bounty Hunter lovin' frees Han from the Carbonite, and Jabba tries 
to turn you into Bantha poodoo by tossing you to the Rancor.

There are two `kits (#7 & #8) located in here.  One requires you to do a 
Jedi-flip with the lightsaber stab downward to achieve enough height to 
grab.  To kill the Rancor and end the level, you need to use the Force on 
the switch kind of in the middle of the 2 rooms to drop the door on the 
beastie 4 different times.  It takes a little while for the door to retreat 
and the switch to reset itself.  You unlock Jabba's Palace Luke, and you can 
buy Salacious Crumb, Han in Carbonite, and a Gamorrean Guard.

Replay in Free Play.  Get to the 3 lighted door room.  Go right and enter 
the Small Character door.  Grab the `kit (#9).  Go to the left hand lighted 
door.  Enter the Stormie-only door.  Force-move the big block and flip up 
onto the structure.  You'll see a band playing and a girl dancing and the 
last `kit (#10).  Now I have NEVER been able to finish this level in Free 
Play, so return to the Cantina, and replay in Story Mode if the same 
happens to you.  My favorite glitch (and by favorite I mean most frustrating 
while at the same time most comical) is going through the door to Jabba's 
throne room in Free Play and seeing whatever characters I have 
automatically turn into Leia Bounty Hunter and Chewie.  And when I look 
around.no Han in Carbonite.no force fields.a wire-frame Jabba with 
no coloring.and a white floor.  Sweeeeeet.

Current Status = Leia Bounty Hunter complete + Jabba's Palace Luke.

6b.  The Great Sarlacc Pit
The level starts with a cutscene of Artoo shooting Luke's lightsaber out of 
his innards off of Jabba's Sail Barge down to the skiff where Luke and Han 
were about to walk the plank into the Sarlacc where they were going to 
experience a new definition of pain.  Lucky for us, Luke thought ahead.  
Anyway, use Luke to kill the baddies, pull the switch to extend a platform, 
and assemble the deck gun.  Use the deck gun to kill everyone on the 
other skiff.  Use the platform to cross to the other skiff.  Boba Fett will 
fly up.  Assemble the deck gun here, and use it to blast Fett.  He'll fall 
into the Sarlacc Pit, and then fly out destroying the platform.  

Pull the switch to extend another platform back towards the first skiff.  Go 
back over.  Use Luke to Force-assemble two platforms and build the Lego 
piles.  Grab `kit #1 floating above the railing on the front of the first 
skiff.  Have Luke cross to the Sail Barge to end this portion of the level. 
The action switches to Artoo and Threepio in the hangar area of the Sail 
Barge.  Switch to Artoo, and go in one of the doors on either side of the 
elevator.  You'll see a red force field blocking your way to a `kit we can 
only get in Free Play.  Head back out.  Each side of the hangar area has a 
different kind of "puzzle".  One side has platforms that flip up and down.  
The other side has a long open space.  We're going to work on the open space 

Use Artoo to hover along this wall over the deadfall until you reach a 
platform with an Artoo-only switch.  Activate it to extend a platform that 
Threepio can walk across.  Have Artoo hover farther along the side to 
another platform.  Hover across the short distance to activate a floor 
switch.  Hover farther across along the wall and activate another floor 
switch.  Take Artoo back far enough so you can bring Threepio over to 
activate the Threepio-only switch on the back wall.  There was a minikit in 
here, but we need a human to pull a switch to free it, so Free Play later.  
The action should flip back to Luke, Lando, and Han.

Have Luke hop up onto the window ledge and then onto the grey platform.  
Force-lift it so you can leap to the platforms above you.  Move to the 2 
striped platforms on the right, and the other 2 should join you.  Do a Jedi-
flip out to the large grey steering vane.  Force-lift the grey platforms.  
Jump across until you reach a platform with a grapple circle.  Switch to Han 
Or Lando and grapple up and then jump back to the left.  Kill the baddies, and 
take the `kit (#2).  Go back across to where you just were.  Jump over to 
the right and fall down to find a platform with a switch.  Pull it so the 
other two will join you.  Switch to Luke, jump across, and Force-lift 
another platform.

Kill the baddies and work your way around the ship on the platforms.  
Grapple up again.  Move across and fall down to another platform with a 
switch to pull that raises the walkway for Luke.  Force-lift another platform, 
jump across, and Force-lift 2 more platforms above you.  Have a blaster 
grapple back up, jump across, and pull the switch which opens a whole 
mess of platforms.

Drop back down, and get Luke again.  Have Luke flip up and up and up 
until he reaches a platform just below the railing on the upper deck of the 
Sail Barge.  Pull the switch to extend a grey platform.  Jump across to this 
to end this portion of the level.  You switch back to Threepio and Artoo in 
the main compartment of the Sail Barge.  Go back into those two small 
doors for a mess of silver studs and a GG-only door for Free Play.  Go 
back to the main chamber, find Slave Leia, and touch her to add her to 
your party.

This next part can be done now or in Free Play.  Switch to Leia, and go to 
the elevator towards the back where the two small doors were.  You'll end 
up in the hangar area where Artoo and Threepio began the level.  On the 
side with only moving platforms, jump across to the last one, and pull the 
switch.  This frees the `kit (#3) a little father along that side.  Return to 
the elevator and Jabba's room.

Go up the stairway behind Jabba to another elevator which takes you to 
the top deck.  Build the deck gun, and hose everyone down to end the 
level.  I think you really only need to drill Fett, but why not use the 
firepower when you've got it.  You unlock Sarlacc Pit Han Solo.  Replay in 
Free Play.  As soon as you get control of Artoo and Threepio in the hangar 
area, go in the back room with the red force field.  Either bomb the GG's or 
Force-choke them with Vader.  When they die, the switches for the field 
deactivate.  Grab `kit #4.

When you get control of Luke and the others outside the barge, and you're 
on a platform just under the railing at the top with 2 grapple circles, switch 
to a Jedi and do a Jedi-flip to the left to land on a small grey platform.  
Force-lift it up, and jump over more to the left to get a `kit (#5).  Continue 
your way into the barge.  When you get Artoo and Threepio again, go in 
the back room, switch to a GG, and go through the door for another `kit 
(#6).  Switch to Vader.  Force-lift the huge statues on either side of the 
room near Jabba's platform to reveal a dance floor.  Activate all the circles 
by stepping on them to release a dancer.  You may have to touch the other 
circle that turns back to blue to release the `kit (#7), but I'm not sure 
since I was already standing on it at that point.

Force lift Jabba's fat ass with Vader to reveal a small hatch.  Switch to a 
Small character to get a `kit (#8).  Go up and out the elevator behind Jabba 
as before.  Go to the railing behind the elevator you just came out of.  Jedi-
flip up onto the top of the elevator, and build the grapple circle.  Get a 
Blaster, and grapple up to get a `kit (#9).  Go to opposite end of the deck, 
and use Vader to Force-assemble the black and red Legos to reveal the 
last `kit (#10).  Finish the level to have the game register it.

Current Status = Lando Jabba's Palace complete + Sarlacc Pit Han Solo.

6c.  The Speeder Chase
I'll say it again.  I CAN'T GET THE TENTH `KIT HERE.  I DON'T HAVE IT 

There.  I feel better.  You start the level with a cutscene showing Han 
sliding down a slope and alerting a Speeder Trooper.  You're given control 
of a Rebel Speeder.  Since this one doesn't have many different pathways 
you can choose, just follow the path unless otherwise directed.  You'll see 
a river up ahead and a ramp-like log.  Ride the ramp up and get the `kit 
(#1).  Hop down in the river, and go to the right for another `kit (#2).  Get 
back on the forest path.  Eventually you'll see a ring.  I think you should 
go through.  I don't know why, but it's there and it's a ring, so do it.

Blast the force field generator.  Wait a tic for it to drop the field.  You'll 
find a ledge with two cannon and another ring.  Fly up on the ledge and back 
down through the ring.  Blast the generator on the right and go through.  
Another log ramp and another river and another ring.  Fly through.  Hop 
back in the river and go right.  Take the right fork (it doesn't matter 
really) to a dead end with a `kit (#3).  Go back the other way down the river. 
You'll reach a waterfall with a `kit (#4).  This will take you off back to the 
first river crossing.  Just make your way back to the second river crossing 
with the ring.  Cross the river and blast another generator.  Going through 
gets you to another part of the level.  You'll enter a clearing with a ramp up 
the middle, two cannons, and a huge rock fall off to the right which can 
only be accessed in Free Play.  Head up the ramp.

Go through the huge log tunnel for another `kit (#5).  Fly through the ring. 
Beyond the log, there's a clearing off to the right with studs.  Back on the 
main path there's another log ramp and a ring.  This is the one `kit I can't 
get.  Head straight and hop over a log.  Grab the `kit (#6) hidden right 
behind the log kind of out of sight. Blast another generator.  Work your way 
to another river through a force field.  Go left and enter a cave behind a 
waterfall for a `kit (#7).

Work ahead more to the last area of the level.  Don't shoot the AT-ST yet.  
That will end the level.  Find the log ramp, and ride it up to the walkway 
inside the structure.  Follow it around and fly across the gap into another 
structure.  You should see `kit (#8).  Blitz the AT-ST to end the level.  You 
unlock the Rebel Speederbike, and you can buy the Imperial Speeder 
Bike.  Replay in Free Play.  Play as the Imp Speeder.  The Speedies won't 
shoot you, but the few cannons will.  Work your way to the place with the 2 
cannons and the ramp up the middle.  Switch to Y-Wing and bomb the 
huge rockfall on the right.  Switch back to the Imp Speeder.

Make your way over the river to a place where another rockfall blocks the 
entrance to a clearing.  Bomb it and get `kit #9.  Finish the level.  No AT-ST 
for me.

Current Status = 9/10 `kits for the AT-ST + Rebel Speederbike.

NOTE:  The Speeder Chase is the level to replay if you need studs to buy 
anything.  Played right, you can easily get in the neighborhood if 150,000 
studs per Free Play.  Too bad that watching the AT-ST never get 
completely built each time you play through is a kind of haunting torture.

6d.  Battle on Endor
I should warn you that this part of the walkthrough is one big pile of out-of-
order, confusing poo, since I was completely muddling my way through 
finding the `kits.  I'd never have even gotten this far if it wasn't for the 
level walkthrough posted on GameFAQs, so thank you whoever you were.  
Consider yourself warned about how poorly I mapped the `kits out.  You 
see a cutscene of Luke and Han finding Leia's helmet and those insipid 
Ewoks capturing you.  The action switches to high in the trees where two 
Stormies are leading 2 Ewoks off in different directions.  We have to 
rescue the little twerps to get to the other portion of this level.  Welcome 
to frustration-land.  You're given control of Han, and Chewie is in your 
party.  We'll have to ditch him for most of the level.  Shoot all the torches. 
I THINK someplace later here, we need all the torches lit, so just do it.  
Head over kind of to the left.  You can make the jump without using the 
pulley system.  The floor switch you see resets the pulleys.  Keep going 
left.  Build the Legos into a block.  Jump across.  You'll see a hut with a 
floor switch inside.  Don't worry about it now.  I actually did get Han in 
there once, but his tall ass was stuck inside.  Keep going left.  Hop on the 
pulleys to cross the gap.  Leave Chewie behind.  Keep going left.  Jump 
the gap, and kill the Stormies.  Keep going left.  Build the Legos.

Keep going left.  Kill the Stormies, and grapple over.  More Stormies, 
another hut with a floor switch and a MSE-6 droid that flees out.  Keep 
going left.  Jump across, go down the ramp, kill the Stormies, and build the 
Lego block.  Jump on it and then jump across to where the Ewok is held 
captive.  Kill the Stormies.  This will show a cutscene of the Ewok 
grappling away.  Jump back over.  Keep going left. You'll see a swinging 
log.  Find a way to jump on it and jump across to the logtop.

Grapple over.  You'll land on a logtop with 2 grapples.  Use the other one. 
Now you get 3 grapples.  The top one swings you straight "out of" the 
screen to a logtop with 4 grapples.  The lower one swings you farther to 
the left to a logtop with 2 grapples.  Take the other one and you end up on 
the same 4 grapple logtop.  The bottom left grapple takes you to the right 
where you see a pulley floor switch.  The top right grapple takes you to a 
platform WAY over to the left towards where the second Ewok is hidden.  
Go this way left grapple, and follow the ramp down to a logtop.  

Kill the Stormies, and jump to the next logtop to kill the Stormies and free 
the second Ewok.  Cutscene of him fleeing.  You'll see a series of 3 logs 
swinging to the left.  Cross them to a platform.  You'll see a Jedi-only 
platform, a high swinging log, and if you look carefully, a `kit off in the 
distance for Free Play.  Build the Legos on the left into a block, and jump 
over.  Blast the switch to reveal a grapple build which you should build.  
Also pull the switch on the left side of the tree.  This lowers a log.  If 
you go left, you'd end up just to the right of where we started on that first 
platform at the beginning, but I don't think Han can make the leap even if you 
dive unless you blasted the box in front of the tree on the other side to 
release a log by going right first thing in this level.

If you grapple, you get back up to the platform with the 3 swinging logs.  
Work your way back across to the logtop with the 4 grapples.  Use the 
bottom left one.  You should now be on a logtop with two grapple circles 
and a pulley floor switch.  Don't take the left hand grapple.  It just takes 
you back to the ramp leading to the second Ewok we already saved.  This is a 
double pulley jump and frustrating as heck.  When you make it over (if?), 
you reach a logtop with 2 grapples.  The left one takes you where you want 
to go eventually.  The right one takes you straight across to the logtop in 
the distance with 4 more grapples.  Take the top left over to a log that has 
a `kit (#1)  return to where you were with the lower left grapple.  And take 
that left grapple like I mentioned 2 sentences above.

Go right, right, right.  You may even have to die or activate an Extra you 
have purchased to reset the camera angle.  Work your way right until you 
get back to the original platform the level started on.  Once you reach the 
platform, you should see a load of hearts, studs, and a `kit (#2).  Switch to 
the Ewok, and jump the frustrating 4 log swing ride.  On the last log, stand 
on the far left of the log and wait until it is on the far left hand side to 
the leap to dry land.

Move ahead a few steps, and then switch to Chewie.  If you move back at 
all, you'll be back across the 4 swings and have to do it again.  As you 
move forward, you'll see two wooden walls blocking the way.  Just keep 
moving forward.  Sooner or later, you'll enter a clearing with those same 
structures we saw in the Speeder Chase.  Work your way to the grapple 
circle, and ride up to the walkway.  Enter the hub to find an overhead view 
where you must spin the locking mechanism to open different hatches.  
First open the right hand passage and go through to get `kit #3.

The annoying little twerp may have blocked your way.  Switch to him via 
the Touch Screen, open the way for Chewie, and then switch back to 
Chewie.  Don't even bother with the top passage.  Go through the left one.  
Assemble the Legos to activate a platform.  There's a `kit right above you, 
but you need a Jedi or a high flyer.  Continue through to another spinning 
lock.  Take either the down passage or the left passage to get in an AT-ST 
(which apparently we can't have for our own.Jerks).  Work your way out 
of the clearing.  Work your way through those wooden gates kind of up 
until you find a path you can follow to a new portion of the level.

You'll see a cutscene of Artoo getting fried when he tries to stick his 
dataport where it doesn't belong.  Take control of Luke here.  Kill all the 
baddies.  Go around to the left side of the bunker.  The camera angle 
thwarts you here, and I can never get it to reset no matter what little trick 
I try.  Destroy the red canisters you can't see.  When you hear the Lego-
build jiggle, build.  Find a way to get Luke to jump on the platform you can't 
see.  Use the Force to lift the platform you can't see.  Eventually you'll see 
Luke pop up into view.  Jump onto the roof to get a `kit (#4).  
Jump down over to the wooden wall on the left.  Have Luke flip over this. 
And go through the hole cut in the tree.  Kill the baddies, and you'll see a 
stud arrow pointing to the upper right tree.  Go through.  You enter a maze 
that will only allow you to go through the upper left tree.  You can hack and 
slash for studs, but ONLY go through the upper left tree.  You'll see a 
bunch of plants Luke can Force-grow.  Grow them all and destroy all the 
"fake" plants.  There's a Force-plant hidden in the upper right hand corner, 
don't forget it.  Once you've grown them all, an Ewok will come out of 
upper left and go lower left.  Follow him lower left.  You'll enter an area 
with 4 Rebel forest troopers.  One will have different colored pants.  Go 
through his passage.  You'll enter a clearing with a cutscene of some 
freakazoid Black Knight character right out of Monty Python.  Switch to 
Chewie and blast him to reveal a `kit (#5).

Take the bottom left door to return to the wooden wall.  Have Luke flip 
over, kill the baddies, and work his way over to the back of the bunker.  
You'll enter a new portion of the level.  Switch to the Jerkwok and have him 
crawl though the small accessway.  You have to touch the white floor 
switch and then play Whack-a-Mole until you get 10 in a row to open the 
door and let your buddies through.

Destroy the round switch to reveal the platform.  Use the sparking Stormie-
disguise machine to get Luke a new helmet.  Go around to the front.  
Activate the Stormie-only door to end the level and see a cutscene of Han 
and the boys entering the bunker, planting their charges, and blowing the 
thing to shreds.  You've unlocked Wicket, Endor Luke, and Endor Han 
Solo.  You can also buy the Shuttle Pilot, Scout Trooper, Leia Endor, and 
generic Ewok.  Replay this beast in Free Play.

Use a Jedi or Boba Fett for almost everything.  Walk ahead to access the 
Ewok tree portion of the level.  Go off the Ewok platform to the right.  Work 
your way around to the right.  Blast the box to release a swinging tree or 
Jedi-flip or fly over the huge gap to that platform we were at earlier that 
had the switch to pull.  Pull it again.  Work to the right to the platform 
with the pile of Legos to build to a block.  Build them.  Go around to the 
right side where you see a platform on the ground.  Have Luke stand on it and 
Force-lift it.  Jump onto the log and across to the next platform.

Go around to the right (my camera would NOT move for me) behind the 
tree, do a Jedi-flip across the gap to the logtop with the `kit (#6).  Retrace 
your steps back to the starting platform.  Go over to the left to the first 
hut that had a floor switch.  Have a Small character slide in and activate the 
switch.  Keep going left until you find the second hut that has the MSE-6 
droid flee out of it.  Have another Small character activate the floor switch. 
Free the first Ewok as before.  Have a Small character in the hut here and 
activate the floor switch.  Free the second Ewok too.  Get back to the 
original starting platform.  You should find another `kit (#7) (from the 3 
floor switches you activated towards the front of the platform).  Cross the 
4 logs to the overhead view of the forest.  Work your way kind of to the left 
until you flip over a couple of wooden walls to find a tall tree stump with 
two grey platforms one on the ground and one higher up.  

Get Luke on the ground one. Force-lift it, flip over to the other one, Force-
lift that one, and jump up top.  Grapple for a bit.  You'll reach a tall stump 
that has only one grapple.  You should see a swinging log.  Jedi-flip to it.  
You'll land on a floor switch with another grapple.  The floor switch put a 
grapple circle here, so if you fall off, you don't have to go back to the 
beginning.  Grapple across to another single grapple top.  Jedi-flip to the 
log.  Do this a couple of times, and you'll eventually get a `kit (#8).

Continue ahead to the bunker area.  Go to the wooden wall, and enter the 
tunnel in the tree.  Go upper right the first time then upper left and the 
upper left to end up on a logtop back in the Ewok tree-top scene.  Force-
build the Lego pile.  Shoot the torches to reveal a `kit (#9) on this logtop. 
Hop on the platforms you assembled to get back to where you saved the 
second Ewok.

Go back to the Ewok platform, cross the 4 swinging logs AGAIN.  Get all 
the way to the structures with the walkways.  Grapple up there, and use a 
flier or a Jedi to get the last freakin' kit (#10).  There's no AT-ST to 
finish the level, but you can walk there.  You'll know you're going the 
right way when you walk under the swinging logs and pass through 2 long 
strings of silver studs.  Finish the level by just switching to a Stormie 
and activating the door.  BLEH.  I HATE this level.

Current Status = Jango Fett complete.  9/10 `kits for the AT-ST + Wicket, 
Endor Luke, and Endor Han Solo.

6e.  Heart of the Death Star
The level starts with a shot of the second Death Star, and quickly you're 
given control of the Millenium Falcon.  You'll see 3 Star Destroyers.  The 
one to the extreme left has a `kit (#1) right behind it.  Off to the right of 
the rightmost Imp Star is another `kit (#2) floating between two bunches of 
blasted Tie Fighter parts.  Once you've gotten them, head for the top of the 
Death Star to the copper circle to enter the innards.

You'll find yourself inside a red and grey corridor.  Follow it down for a 
bit.  At the bottom of the corridor, you'll see a Lego wall on your right you 
can blast.  Do so, and go through just for the studs.  Return to the "main 
tunnel".  Follow it downward again.  You'll see two blue towers running a 
serious amount of current between them.  Shoot ONE tower ONE time to 
turn it off.

Go through the deactivated lightning towers, and follow the corridor back 
up.  On your left you'll see a Tie-only door for Free Play.  Continue 
following the corridor.  You'll see a small opening for Free Play.  Keep 
going.  Ignore the opening on your right as that was the end of the fork we 
explored at the beginning.  You'll pass another small opening for later.  
You'll also pass another Tie-only door.  You'll go up a corridor to another 
set of lightning towers.  Remember to blast ONE tower ONE time to turn it 

You'll enter the main reactor chamber.  There is a Tie-only door, a Slave I-
only door, and a door that will open when we blast the main reactor.  In the 
center is a double set of rotating force fields.  Blast each panel once to 
turn it red.  Get them all red, and the field drops.  Do the same on the inner 
set. Blast the reactor now to head out.

As you fly into the now open door, you'll pick up another `kit (#3).  There 
will be a corridor on your right with a double set of lightning towers.  
Between them is another `kit (#4).  As you fly through, you'll see little 
pentagonal consoles on the wall which you should blast.  I believe these 
open various doors on your way out.  Follow the "main tunnel" again and 
when you reach a fork, go left.  Go left again when you reach another fork 
and you'll find `kit #5.  Make your way out into space to see the Death Star 
get slagged and end the level.  You can now purchase the T-16 Skyhopper 
(in case you want to bullseye some Womp Rats back home).

Replay in Free Play.  Use the Tie so you don't get shot at.  Find the first 
Tie-only door and go through.  Inside is a `kit (#6).  Go back to the "main 
tunnel", and find the first small opening.  Switch to a Speeder Bike or 
something, and get another `kit (#7).  Enter the main reactor chamber.  
Open the Tie-only door.  I have SERIOUS camera angle issues here.  I 
have to switch to a Probe Droid, activate an Extra, switch to a full size 
ship, activate an Extra.eventually you get a forward view.  You'll see a bunch 
of pentagonal consoles to blast.  But work your way around in a spiral to 
the right for `kit #8.  Enter the Slave I-only door. Pray you get a good 
camera angle or play the same game as above until you get one. On the 
right is a little accessway with a `kit (#9) floating inside.  Work your way 
around to the left.  Shoot the lightning towers so that all the lightning 
stops.  They must all be shut off to lower the red force field around the `kit 
(#10).  Finish the level to register your Tie Interceptor.

Current Status = Tie Interceptor complete.  9/10 `kits for the AT-ST.

6f.  Destiny
You jump right in to the action fighting the Imperial Guards and the 
Emperor.  Kill the Imp Guards and the go after the Emperor.  The REALLY 
expensive Extra, Invincibility, makes this level REALLY easy.  I would also 
turn off the Minikit Detector if you've been using it.  Might not be a bad 
idea to replay the Speeder Chase over and over until you get enough studs to 
buy it.  Battle the Emperor until he opens the way into the next room.

You enter a room with some platforms running around above you with 
some Legos you can Force-move for studs.  The Emperor is also Force-
assembling anvils and snowmen to toss at you.  If you have Invincibility, 
just let him blast you with them and collect studs to get enough to get True 
Jedi status.  It'll take a while, but so be it.  Work your way to the middle 
platform up above.  Do a Jedi-flip lightsaber stab to get a `kit (#1).

When you have enough studs, defeat the Emperor, so you can go into 
another room.  The Emperor will remove the walkway using the Force and 
leave you on a circular platform with an energy beam sweeping around 
that will slag you in one shot if you aren't using Invincibility.  You'll 
also see a `kit (#2) in the middle and a Threepio-only door and a Bounty 
Hunter-only door for Free Play.  It's kind of fun to switch to Vader and 
Force-choke the Emperor until he dies.

You'll get a cutscene of Anakin (he ain't Vader no more) tossing the 
Emperor into the abyss and then croaking in Luke's arms.  The cutscene 
switches back to the celebration on Endor where Luke sees the Force-
ghosts of Anakin, Obi Wan, and Yoda.  Yoda, Yoda Force, Emperor's 
Guard, and the Emperor are all available for purchase (the Emperor being 
available is based on your getting True Jedi status in that level due to 
Invincibility).  Immediately replay the level in Free Play.

You'll get ONE shot at one of these `kits.  If you leave the room without it, 
you will NOT get it.  I'll let you know when it's time to be persistent.  
Work into the second room.  On the right side of the stairs leading down, 
there's a crawlspace.  Use the MSE-6 droid to get `kit (#3).  Work your way 
into the circular platform room.  Go through the Bounty Hunter-only door.

You'll see a `kit hidden behind a red force field and a forking corridor.  Go 
right.  Play Tie Pilot chess and push the pieces on the receptacles.  As you 
place pieces, red force fields will drop around a new kind of canister.  
Eventually you'll awaken all the Pilots.  Kill them and you can grab another 
`kit (#4).  These canisters require you to blast them repeatedly to get them 
to blow.  But do blast them all.   Go back and head into the left hand fork.  
You'll enter a 3D puzzle room.  Pull the switch on your right, blast the 
canister, and build the Legos on your left to reveal a lift.

A Fett will help a little here.  Stand on the lift, and it should raise you 
up.  You should see a `kit kind of behind you to the left which is blocked for 
now.  Fly up to the little grey platform and then up to the top of the blue 
blocks.  Fall off to the right.  Blast the red canister until it blows.  Work 
way opposite of where the red canister was.  You'll have a choice of falling 
down, going straight, or going up a level to a switch.  Go down and blast 
the red canister.  Go back up and pull the switch.  This lowers the wall that 
is one level below the switch.  Go through this now open access.

Fall onto the red canister.  Switch to a Bombing Bounty Hunter and toss a 
bomb straight ahead of you.  It should blow the canister and reveal a 
grapple build.  Build it.  Blast another red canister at the end of this row. 
Return to the grapple circle and grapple up.  Walk off the edge.  You'll see 
a red grapple circle, a closed door, and a switch.  Pull the switch.  This 
should open the door.  Go to the end through the now open way and fall 
off.  Pull the switch.  Use the grapple circle farther on this same row to 
grapple up to where the `kit (#5) is.  Blast the red canister just to be 
complete about this and fall off where you saw the `kit to find the door you 
came in through.

The force field is gone now, so grab `kit #6.  Now make your way to the 
Threepio-only door and go through.  If you look up in the right hand corner 
of the room, you should see a 3 tiered platform.    To get it, blast the 3 
Grab the `kit (#7) on the right that is just sitting there for you to grab.  
There is an Artoo-only switch and a Threepio-only switch.  Activate each one 
through the flukey camera angle to reveal another `kit (#8) kind of floating 
over vat of goo between the switches.  Use a Small character to crawl 
through the space into a room with `kit (#9) and a Force switch.  Use the 
Force on it.  Now I think this is supposed to reveal the last `kit on top of 
that three-tiered shelf.  I could SWEAR it was already up there the first time 
I played this through when I first got the game before I even pulled the 
switch, and consequently, since I didn't know how to get up there I left 
assuming I could come back and get it later.wrong.

On this playthrough as I made the walkthrough, it still wasn't there either at 
the beginning or after I pulled the switch.  I KNOW it's possible to get it. 
I just don't know as of yet what I did wrong.  I suspect it was having 
Invincibility and/or the Minikit Detector on at the beginning of the level. 
IF the `kit is there, have Fett or a Jedi destroy all 3 Lego walls of the 
tiers.  Stand a little to the right of the middle, and keep flying up or Jedi-
flipping with the lightsaber stab towards the left wall until you land on a 
wee ledge on the second shelf up.  Then just fly or jump up to the top to get 
the `kit.

You can't finish this one in Free Play either, or at least I never could.  So 
replay the Story Mode to register all the `kits if you got them.

I'm going to replay the game on my third file and try not to have either 
Invincibility or the Minikit Detector on to see if that was the problem.  If I 
discover what I did wrong, I'll post an update.

Current Status = 9/10 `kits for Anakin Force (or complete if you had it work 
out for you).  9/10 `kits for the AT-ST.  

7.  Missing Unlockables
There are 4 characters I can't get.  The aforementioned AT-ST and Anakin 
Force are minikit characters.  In addition, I also never managed to unlock 
Slave Leia and a mysterious Jedi who I've heard is Mace Windu.  Now this 
seems really odd since he's been dead for 18+ years in the Star Wars 
timeline, but then again Jango has been dead even longer, and he's in 
there, so what do I know.  As I get solid info on how to get any of these, 
I'll post back with an update.

8.  Thank you's and Legalities and Copyright
Biggest thanks go to George Lucas who started it all.  Best story ever.

Also huge thanks to the person who posted the Battle on Endor 
walkthrough on GameFAQs.  I'd credit you, but I couldn't find the post or 
the name anywhere.But thank you.  I think I'd have given up on that one.

This guide was written by Wyrlwynd copyright 2006.

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respective copyright and trademark holders. No infringement of 
copyright is intended. 

This document may be printed in part or in whole, for personal use 
only. You may not take any part of this document and display it 
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