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My IQ +1 10/02/06 Arkrex
Brain Age :: Perfect for 'yeu' ! 12/18/07 AskaLangly
Meh.. Ive seen worse 08/31/09 Chainsaw_ninja
A good thinking game, but will it work for you? 06/26/06 DanteRules
Fun way to use your mellon! 04/26/06 dotsjr
"I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix." 07/25/06 dougmoto
Video Games Aren't Bad For Your Brain... 01/02/07 dragoon6181
Good Evening to You to, Big Head. 12/20/09 EJRICH
Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue. BLUE. BLUE. BLUE. BLUE!!!!!! ... blue? Screw this game. 03/06/07 ElDudorino
A video game parent's will buy! 07/24/06 Flame060
Another quirky DS addition 06/01/06 friedbats
Review for a great, yet flawed game. 04/24/06 Geelee
Sudoku and US$20 is reason enough to own this, the rest is just gold topping 11/20/07 mikaa
Nintendo's newest nerdy innovation 04/18/06 MrMooTooBooHoo
A Brain Strainer 03/28/07 OutOfRange
A fun little game that is best played with many people. 05/30/06 PoPPiP
Have fun with a little brain workout! 04/17/06 Reverent
It's just like homework, but you get INTO trouble for doing it too much 03/27/07 robogord2000
One heck of a way to workout that ol' prefrontal cortex. 05/18/06 Soldier_0_Cross
Want to increase your IQ? BUY THIS GAME!! 08/01/06 swordfish_eater
Get Smarter At The Cost Of $20 And A Few Minutes Each Day! 07/27/06 tectactoe
Training your brain a fun way can be cool. 06/13/06 Thorpe
How old is your brain? 04/24/06 VashYsk
Shallow and repetitive gameplay make this title easy to pass by. 10/23/07 wordsbecoming
Brain Age is no renaissance. 05/04/06 zelgamer

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