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Reviewed: 04/06/07

Beam me out of this glitchy game Scotty!

When I first saw this game previewed at the E3 by Beretta Soft I thought the game looked horrible. The ships looked really pixely. The ship movement looked really limited too. So I wasn’t excited about this release of a new Star Trek game for the DS. I had seen some screen shots of Star Trek Encounters for the PS2, and so when that came out, I went straight out and purchased it. That game was awesome for about a month until I beat the entire game.

So a few months went by, and about 2 weeks ago, I decide to pick up a new DS game to add to the list of games that I had already beat for the DS. When I went there, they had a copy of Star Trek Tactical Assault. Now this was my first thought. Oh no, this game looked bad, BUT it is a Star Trek game, and I really like Star Trek. So I finally decided, from my loyal fan heart to purchase the game.

Let me quickly explain my beef with all the Star Trek games that have been released. They are all, in some ways good games, BUT they are in no way great games. Now I have been playing video games since the original Nintendo came out, and remember when I was a kid and bought Star Trek: The Next Generation and thought it was a great game. But once I got some more titles for my NES, I saw that it was an ok game. Same goes for 25th Anniversary for NES, Starfleet Academy, DS9 and TNG for the SNES. They are all ok, but not great games. For some reason Star Wars puts out tons more games than they do in the Star Trek franchise, but all of their games turn out to be outstanding, and really fun. Star Trek games all fail in comparison for some reason. Anyways….

I begin playing the game, and get really excited at the start. I was stunned that William Shatner’s voice was in the intro of the game. The intro video also looked really good too. Very good details were put into the intro.

So I start the game, and you are forced to pick the Federation and cannot choose the Klingon's until you pass the Federation missions. So you start out with some ship that I had never seen in any Star Trek series, a Freighter Class Starship. It was ok, the best thing was is that it was quick, and did the job for the missions that you have to use it. Then you upgrade thru the ships, and finally get an Enterprise looking starship. The funny thing about that being the last starship on the Federation side that you get is that in the Skirmish mode (basically a battle royal mode), there are 2 more powerful ships, the Dreadnaught, and the USS Excelsior. When I got up to mission 15, which is all the missions on the Federation side, I was stunned that it had ended there with no more ship upgrades. I guess everyone wants to be a Captain Kurt, and this was the way to do it. Through the entire Federation missions, I believe that I only got tripped up on 1 mission that took me a while before I defeated the enemy. The Federation missions also make you do a lot of diplomatic actions instead of fighting, just like the Federation that everyone knows. Once you complete these missions, then you can start the Klingon Missions.

All right, here is where the fun parts of the game are. Basically in every single mission, you just fly somewhere, and destroy something. Really simple. Occasionally you will call for assistance from a fellow Klingon Warrior and you will go into battle, and fight for honor, or just to complete the stage and move on with the game. But, even though the overall essence of their missions are battle, you are usually outnumbered, and the Klingon vessels do not have the ability to recharge their shields like the Federation ships do. On these missions, I got tripped up on Mission 12 for over 2 days, and Mission 13 for a few hours. I was getting so mad at Mission 12 because either my ship, or my ally’s ship would keep getting blown up. Finally, after taking a day off from the game, I returned to it, and beat it on the first try. Talk about being pissed off when I did that on the first try, and just the other day kept trying over and over for hours on end with no success. So after that mission, the next one can be a bit difficult, but after that, it is smooth sailing from there.

Once you beat the game on the Klingon side, then you get to see the credits of the people that made the game. I would like to point out the Game Testers in this game specifically. I believe that these people must have been asleep on the job over at Beretta Soft because, I suppose that they figured that after you beat the game, that you would not want to play it anymore, and just sale the game, or trade it in because once you are finished with it, the game turns into the Glitchyist game I have ever played in my life. I have played thousands of games, and this one is the worst. It started by just randomly freezing when either I was moving forward, getting ready to warp somewhere, scans the system. It was truly really random where the darn thing would freeze. Then, once I finally was able to get thru an entire mission without it screwing up, it went to the mission complete page with the picture of the captain on it. So I go into my Crew Upgrades, and hey, guess who’s picture is in the background of the already captain picture in the crew upgrade page? That’s right, for some reason, the game did not take away the Captain’s image from the mission complete page, so now there was a double image of his portrait. The same went when I switched to every other person in the crew, there he was. So I go back to the main menu, and he was now in the background of the picture of the ship. I start the stage, and hey, hey, guess what, his image is now floating in space. So I just go thru the mission with the captain’s image off the Starboard bow. Complete the mission, and it is still there. By then I was so mad at the testers, that I just turned the game off. I then played it a few hours later, and during one of the Federation missions, I was able to lock onto a cloaked Klingon ship. This game, normally when it works right, dose not allows you to do this. So I was able to put a lot of damage on that ship in a short amount of time. Good for me, but kind of killed the challenge of the game. This game honestly has the most glitches I have ever played with. It is really annoying, and all those stupid game testers should have caught all of this at Berretta Soft.

So after owning the game for 2 weeks, I had finally beat it. I was a little pissed off when I beat it in such a short amount of time. I mean come on, I spent $20 on this game over at Game Stop, and I at least want something more than just 2 weeks. But I guess that is what you get from a Star Trek Game. But I will admit, the glitches do add a new level of difficulty, if not annoyance to the game. Maybe that was why they didnt fix any of those problems.

Graphics - 9/10 (Intro) 5/10 (Game)

The intro and cut scenes at the start and finish of the missions are stunning. The actual game is ok. Very pixilated ships, and not many smooth lines.

Audio - 9/10

I actually enjoyed the audio on this game. It was very true to Star Trek. At least they got one thing right on the game.

Controls - 7/10

Very good use of the controls that are available on the DS, but sometimes you just want your ship to turn, and it wont turn hard enough. When you use the emergency turn, you are turned in a complete 180, which doesn’t help you if you only want to turn in a 90-degree angle.

Game play - 5/10

Overall game play is all right. Nothing too outstanding here. It would have been nice if they had included a Wi-Fi Multiplayer mode like almost every other DS game on the market. Would have added a new level of excitement to the game.

Replay – 4/10

The replay value is there once you complete the entire Federation or Klingon to boost your ships out to the max, if you can survive the glitches. Skirmish is ok for some quick combat, but not much more.

Glitches – 1.000.000 /10

I wish I did not have to add this to my list, but it is all too true. This game has so many at the end of the game that you want to pull your hair out. Very annoying to play the game over and over when you are constantly having to turn off the entire mission because some stupid game testers at Beretta Soft couldn’t find these very easy to spot problems.

Overall - 6/10

Missions are repetitive, but fun on occasions. Some missions are really challenging, which make the game worth wild to buy, but the glitches hurt the game more than anything. If they would have spent just one more month on the game, they could have fixed these problems before they released it to the public. This game is not worth the $20 I paid for it. But, if you could get it for $10, then it is worth the buy.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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