1. Steve Morrison Art Director
  2. Peter Clark Art Team
  3. Mathew Cooling Art Team
  4. Donald Robertson Art Team
  5. Barry Sheridan Art Team
  6. Eros Tang Art Team
  7. Peter Shea Creative Director
  8. Vernon Victory Lead Animator
  9. Robert Jeffery Lead Artist
  10. Karin Griffin Lead Audio
  11. Bryan McPhail Lead Engine Programmer
  12. Ewan Dennis Lead Programmer
  13. William Docherty Project Manager
  14. Callum Hay QA Team
  15. Neil McPhillips QA Team
  16. John Christie Software Team
  17. Christian Erskine Software Team
  18. Steve MacPherson Software Team
  19. Stuart McDonald Software Team
  20. Catherine Cavadini Voice: Blossom
  21. Tara Strong Voice: Bubbles
  22. Branda Vaccaro Voice: Bunny Bravo
  23. EG Daily Voice: Buttercup
  24. Charles Adler Voice: Chicken
  25. Marty Grabstein Voice: Courage
  26. Charles Adler Voice: Cow
  27. Kat Cressida Voice: Dee Dee
  28. Candi Milo Voice: Dexter
  29. Arthur Anderson Voice: Eustace
  30. Tom Kane Voice: Him
  31. Michael Dorn Voice: I.M. Weasel
  32. Charles Adler Voice: I.R. Baboon
  33. Jeff Glen Bennett Voice: Johnny Bravo
  34. Mae Margaret Whitman Voice: Little Suzy
  35. Eddie Deezen Voice: Mandark
  36. Roger L. Jackson Voice: Mojo Jojo
  37. Thea White Voice: Muriel
  38. Tom Kane Voice: Professor Utonium
  39. Charles Adler Voice: The Red Guy


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Blueberry Buttface, KeeperBvK, oliist, and Queso.

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