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Tobira Majin Translation Guide by NessEggman

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/20/2007

~      the legendary stafy 4     ~
~           nintendo ds          ~
~       tobira majin guide       ~
~ copywright marcus hanshew 2007 ~

<version 1.00>

Pokemon is coming out on Sunday and I need something to keep me occupied or
else I will explode! So here is a guide I've been meaning to do for a while. If
I still have a lot of energy I might do a zukan guide for this game, too...

Anyway, copy and paste the little code thingies on the right side of the table
of contents into your browser's FIND function to get to that section faster.
Have fun!

// TABLE OF CONTENTS \\\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

   < WHAT IS TOBIRA MAJIN? > ------------------------------------------ [TMJ]
        This section gives a brief introduction to Tobira Majin and how
        you can start answering his riddles and journey into the extra
        areas in each stage.

   < QUESTIONS > ------------------------------------------------------ [TQS]
        This section will give translations to the questions that
        Tobira Majin asks you, stage-by-stage. The answers are not found
        here for those of you who want to figure it out for yourself.

   < ANSWER CARDS > --------------------------------------------------- [TCS]
        The translation to the answer cards that you get so you can know
        what you're answering to Tobira Majin's questions.

   < SOLUTIONS > ------------------------------------------------------ [TSL]
        The answers to Tobira Majin's riddles, seperate from the questions
        and answer cards for those of you who want to solve it on your own
        and only need the translations.

   < OTHER INFORMAION > ----------------------------------------------- [TOT]
        Contact information, copywright information, version history, etc.


 //---------------------\\                                                [TMJ]
// WHAT IS TOBIRA MAJIN? \\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Tobira Majin is a door character that is present in every stage of the game.
When you first run into him, you will not know what to do and he will not
interact with you. Once you've completed the game once, you can go find him in
the stages you have already completed and he will ask you a riddle. In order
to answer his riddle, you must give him your answer in the form of cards.
These cards are called "answer cards" and are hidden about the stages. Each
card has a picture on it of the "answer" it represents, and sometimes you will
have to give Tobira Majin multiple cards to satisfy one total answer; usually
these will go together in a theme.

Since some of the answer cards are hidden behind Tobira Majin himself in
certain stages, you will have to start off by finding the cards in stages where
they are not hidden. Try to visit Tobira Majin in every stage and figure out
his riddle. Once you've heard his riddle in a stage, you can view that riddle
(along with all the answer cards you have) at any time in Kyorosuke's House.

When you find a new Answer Card, check your Answer Cards book and read the
riddles you've heard to see if you can figure any out and go open them. This
will save you a lot of time rather than going back to every door once you have
a card and trying every combination of cards you have -- especially once you
get many cards. Luckily, you shouldn't have much trouble figuring out the
riddles because they are very easy.

 //---------\\                                                            [TQS]
// QUESTIONS \\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

These are basic translations for all the questions Tobira Majin asks. Since he
asks many of them in stylized ways (such as saying "what in the world is..." or
"please tell me...," I will just list them all as basic questions, so if you're
looking for an in-character accurate fanslation, this is not it. This is just
to help people who need to know what the questions mean and don't want to look
at a guide telling them to use their coconut card without having to read the
entire rest of the guide to figure out what the heck that means. Hopefully this
will help those of you who want to figure out the game on your own but don't
know Japanese.

A note on 2-4: The word 'PAN' can mean either "bread" or "pan" in Japanese.

[1-1] What do you put on top of a birthday cake to number the years?
[1-2] What thing do chickens give us, that chicks come out of?
[1-3] What can I use to erase the mistake I made in writing?
[1-4] I want you to bring me a very sour rice ball to eat.

[2-1] Who is the scary guy who threatens you at night?
[2-2] What is a tasty cake with a lumpy fruit that sweets-lovers like?
[2-3] I use this to give the plants a meal every day.
[2-4] What is a hard pan made of iron that you can't eat?

[3-1] I want you to bring me fresh fish on rice to eat.
[3-2] Who are the brother and sister shaped like stars?
[3-3] I want to put flowers in my new vase. Bring me flowers and water. x_x;
[3-4] Who has three siblings and a short temper but is a good clam friend?

[4-1] I want to put on a fireworks show, so bring me some fireworks. Also bring
      something to put out the flame.
[4-2] Who is the old man who brings gifts? His long beard is his charm point.
[4-3] What is an animal with a lively red nose and horns on its head?
[4-4] I want to have a tea party at 3:00. Bring me the  three things I'll need.

[5-1] It's very hot; bring me the two things to make it cooler in summer.
[5-2] What are the three things I use while studying?
[5-3] Bring me what I need to make a snow cone with red-colored syrup.
[5-4] It's hot, so I want to eat a food that's very sour, please bring me one.

[6-1] It blocks the sun on a sunny day and blocks the rain on a rainy day.
      What is this thing I'm using?
[6-2] My hobby is gardening. Bring me three things I need.
[6-3] I want to go fishing at sea; what are the three things I need?
[6-4] What can you cook that sizzles and is a perfect circle like the moon?

[7-1] What can I write to write or to doodle?
[7-2] I'm thirsty after eating. Bring me something with tea in it and a cup.
[7-3] Who are the star-shaped siblings and clam friend who are always together?
[7-4] Bring me something to protect from the rain when a lot of rain comes.

[8-1] In a hot summer, something to make it cool, something to be pretty, and
      something to look at...
[8-2] I'm having a halloween party. What are the three things I must have?
[8-3] My old bonsai pot broke. Bring me a new one. x_x;
[8-4] What can come or be made on a very cold day?

[9-1] I can't remember the three things related to Christmas...
[9-2] It's fun to make footprints in the snow so bring me snow and boots. x_x;
[9-3] I've having a birthday party so bring the three things I need.
[9-4] I want to tidy up the room. Bring me the three things I need to clean it.

 //------------\\                                                         [TCS]
// ANSWER CARDS \\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Here are the names of the answer cards. They are listed in the order they
appear from left to right, starting from the top row. While some are obvious,
some might not be so here are the translations of the names.


Umebosi (a very sour fruit)
Watering can


Frying pan
Santa Claus




Fishing rod
Boot (rain boot)
Cloth (a cloth used for cleaning)

 //---------\\                                                            [TSL]
// SOLUTIONS \\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Here are the solutions to the riddles by stage. The word in capital letters is
the title of the solution, the words in lower case are the answer cards you
must give to Tobira Majin.

[X-Y] ANSWER TITLE     answercard1 answercard2 answercard3

[1-1] CANDLE           candle
[1-2] EGG              egg
[1-3] ERASER           eraser
[1-4] RICE BALL        rice        umebosi

[2-1] GHOST            ghost
[2-2] SHORTCAKE        strawberry  cake
[2-3] WATERING         water       watering can
[2-4] FRYING PAN       frying pan

[3-1] SUSHI            rice        fish
[3-2] SIBLINGS         stafy       stapy
[3-3] VASE             water       flower
[3-4] KYOROSUKE        kyorosuke

[4-1] FIREWORKS SHOW   fireworks   bucket       water
[4-2] SANTA CLAUS      santa claus
[4-3] REINDEER         reindeer
[4-4] TEA PARTY        teapot      cup          sweets

[5-1] COOL SET         fan         windchime
[5-2] STUDY MATERIALS  notebook    pencil       eraser
[5-3] SHAVED ICE       ice         strawberry
[5-4] UMEBOSI          umebosi

[6-1] UMBRELLA         umbrella
[6-2] GARDENING        pot         flower       watering can
[6-3] FISHING          fish        fishing rod  bucket
[6-4] FRIED EGG        egg         frying pan

[7-1] WRITING SUPPLIES pencil      notebook
[7-2] DRINK            teapot      cup
[7-3] FRIENDS          stafy       stapy        kyorosuke
[7-4] RAINY DAY        umbrella    boot

[8-1] SUMMER GOODS     fireworks   fan          windchime
[8-2] HALLOWEEN        broom       ghost        sweets
[8-3] POT              pot
[8-4] SNOW             ice         snow

[9-1] CHRISTMAS        santa claus reindeer     present
[9-2] FOOTPRINTS       boot        snow
[9-3] BIRTHDAY PARTY   cake        candle       present
[9-4] CLEANING         cloth       broom        bucket

 //-----------------\\                                                    [TOT]
// OTHER INFORMATION \\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


   You can email me at


   To ask any questions about this game or any other game I've reviewed or
   written guides for.


   For strict information, see my other guides, though I don't really care who
   uses this or for what -- take it at your own free will. If you don't want to
   be a jerk, please credit me. Please don't try to sell this.


   1.00 - Completed the guide. Doubt there will be any more updates except to
          correct errors (4/20/2007)


   Thanks to Nintendo for making this game, cjay and co. for gamefaqs, and
   thanks to all the players and readers who make writing a guide like this
   somewhat purposeful. Thanks to my brother and my friends for always playing
   games with me at my command, bwaha.

The end :)

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