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FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkdoomsday

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 04/15/08

Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day
March 27, 2008
Copyright 2008 Anthony Murano

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Getting Started 
4. Walkthrough 
5. Tips
6. Unlockables
7. Contact Information
8. Legal Information
9. Credits
10.Version History

1. Introduction
Hello everyone, and welcome to Darkdoomsday's FAQ/Walkthrough for Brain Age 2:
More Training in Minutes A Day. This is my second FAQ for the site, and I 
decided to write this FAQ because there are none for this game so far. So, I
figured I would be the first one to get an FAQ up for this game. 

Brain Age 2: Train Your Brain in More Minutes A Day is a 2006 release as a part
two to Brain Age. This game takes the features of Brain Age and adds more to the
game and gives you more training. In this game, you'll do activities involved 
with mostly math and writing to figure out your brain age. According to what the
game says, an ideal brain age is 20. You can do daily training, graphs, or a 
quick check to see how your brain is.

Well, that's all I really have for the introduction. Please consult the FAQ part
of the Walkthrough and read the guide to make sure that your common questions 
are already answered in the walkthrough. If they are not answered, and you have
a question, please do not hestitate to email me. I will be happy to answer your
question, and I'm really quick when it comes to replies. That is, when my dad
remembers to forward the messages to me. However, you should get a reply within
the day. Just make sure it hasn't been answered in the FAQ already. I hope you
enjoy the FAQ as much as I did writing it, and I stress again to not hesitate to
email me with questions. 

2. FAQ
This section is the question/answer section of the FAQ. This will answer all the
common questions and clear ups about this game. Also, make sure you check the
getting started section if you are having trouble with starting your file. It
shouldn't be too difficult to get into the swing of things.

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Anthony Murano. I am 14 years old and love writing FAQs and guides
for GameFAQs. I'm a high school freshmen who does computer schooling. My main
hobbies are computering and video games, but I also like to act and sing. 

Q: What's with the floating head?
A: Ah, the floating head is there to give you tips and is the "Dr. Lobe" of the
game. For those of you who don't get the reference, play Big Brain Academy. He
will provide you with instructions, an introduction to the Brain Age game, and
he will determine your Brain Age.

Q: How do I control this thing?
A: The control system is based on the stylis. You will use the stylis to write,
tap, and draw in some challenges. One holds the DS sideways like you would hold
a book. You will also use the mic for an oral part of the test.

Q: In the Daily Training, my brain age was {insert number} but it's a different
number. What's up with that?
A: It's called Daily Training for a reason. This is your DAILY training. This 
means that your results will only be saved ONCE a day. Once you put the stamp on
the calender, that's your age for the day.

Q: How do I do.........?
A: I wrote an FAQ for the sole purpose of telling you how to do certain things 
in this game. Please consult the walkthrough in order to find the section you
need most. It'll be clearly labeled.

Q: How do I unlock the ??? areas under the Daily Training section?
A: Each time you do one activity under Daily Training, you will receive a stamp.
Once you collect a certain number of stamps, you'll be able to unlock different
modes to train in as you collect more stamps.

Q: What is the Quick Play section on the title screen?
A: The Quick Play section is to introduce family and friends to the game. I will
not be covering this section in the walkthrough because it has the same things 
as the Daily Training and Quick Check.

Q: What is the purpose of the graph option?
A: The graph is the data that is recorded from your daily training. You can
actually compare your graph of data with that of another player who has play

Q: How do I play with multiple players?
A: You should see a section labeled "Download" on the title screen. Simply
use DS Download Play from there.

Q: What can I do in other options?
A: Other options allows you to configure settings for the game. It enables you
to change game settings, your signature, design your own stamps for the 
calendar, and view tips.

Q: What is the Sudoku section for?
A: Sudoku is a fun addition to the Brain Age 2 game that is very fun. Sudoku is
a puzzle that involves the numbers 1-9. Each row and column must have #1-9 in 
them, and you can't repeat a number. Each box on the puzzle must also contain
the #1-9. 
3. Getting Started
Now that you have purchased/rented Brain Age 2, you are ready to begin training
your brain. Once you start the game, you'll be given some introductory text by a
floating head. After introducing you a little bit, he'll ask your name and other
stuff that you must enter using the stylis. Once you have set up your profile, 
you are ready to begin training your brain. There are different tasks you can 
do, so make sure you check the Walkthrough for them. 

4. Walkthrough
Alright, this is the Walkthrough section. This will go over all the activities
that you can do in this game. Please note that this is the first version of the
guide and may not cover every single activity as of right now. However, I will
try and provide updates with new games as often as I can. The tips section will
also provide you with strategies for getting the brain age you desire. Alright,
I'm going to shut up now and move on with the Walkthrough.

                        = Quick Check  =
The first option you have on the screen is the Quick Check. This Quick Check 
will consist of three tests chosen at random to decide your Brain Age. At the
beginning of a Quick Check, you will be asked whether you are in a quiet place
where you can speak. If you answer you can speak, you will initiate the Rock,
Paper, Scissors game. If you say you can't speak, you will be given another test
mode at random.

                         Rock, Paper, Scissors
The first game of every Quick Check is Rock, Paper, Scissors. This game utilizes
the use of the DS mic, and you will be given a series of scenarios. You must do
what the scenario says. For example, they may show the image paper. You will 
also see a description such as "please win" or "please lose". So, if you see the
paper symbol and "please lose", you response would be "Rock" because paper 
covers rock. You will do this for each problem they are given.

TIP: Make sure you are speaking very clearly and are holding the DS at least a
foot away from your mouth. For some reason, the game doesn't like the way I say
"Scissors". I'm always messing that one up. If you are having trouble with this
particular game, my advice is to click "I can't speak" in order to initiate one
of the easier test modes.

                          Serial Subtraction
Serial Subtracraction is, in my opinion, the easiest Quick Check mode you can 
get. If this test pops up, you are very lucky. Anyways, you will be given a 
fairly high number that you must do some subtraction from. For example, you may
get the number 95 and be asked to repeatedly subtract 7 from it. All you have to
do is continually subtract by writing the answer. So, if you had that particular
situation, it would look something like this.


If you forget the previous numbers or find yourself making subtraction errros,
just simply press the "Try Again" button at the top of the screen in order to
reset the entire subtraction.

TIP: Make sure you are writing your numbers very clearly on the touch screen. 
For some reason, the game seems to mistake 9s for 0s and 7s for 1s. The answers
you put may sometimes be confused. If you see that the game mistakes your answer
for a different number, quickly hit the "Erase" button before it marks it wrong.
                               Math Recall

This game is semi-confusing, but you should be able to get it. Math Recall has
a mixture of memorizing and adding. You will add two numbers together, but one
of them will be shaded out. You must remember the number that is shaded and 
 it to the next equation. It is easier to demonstrate rather than show.

7+5 = 12 Then the 7 is shaded and brought down
_+6 = ?

You must memorize the number that is shaded and brought to the next equation.

TIP: Make sure you memorize the numbers that haven't been brought down into an
equation. They will be the next numbers to be shaded over. If you forget what 
the number is, hit the "Try Again" button to see the shaded number again.


                            Highest Number
This is another simple one in my opinion. All you have to do is touch the number
with the highest numerical value. As you get more and more solved, the numbers
will start to move around. Just keep a type focus and tap the numbers with the
highest numerical value.

TIP: Make sure you are looking at all the numbers and not just the biggest ones.
Some of the numbers that jump out at you, bigger in size, are not necessarily 
the numbers with the greatest numerical value.

                              Number Memory
This is probably the hardest task you will be asked to do for the Quick Check.
You will be given two minutes to memorize a set of numbers. Once the two minutes
is up, you must tap the squares and write the appropriate number.

TIP: To make this game extremely easy, write the numbers down a sheet of paper.
You have two minutes to do so, and two minutes to answer them. This is the best
way to master this game. If you feel it is cheating, do the honorable thing and
memorize them by normal means. Paper and pen make this game much easier.

                        =   Daily Training     =
The next section under your file will be the Daily Training. These activities
help with training for Quick Checks. Once you complete one of the activities
under Daily Training, you will be given a stamp for the calendar. Complete more
activities to make the stamp bigger. These are the tasks you'll find under Daily

                             Sign Finder 
This is a mighty simple one. You will be given a list of different math problems
to solve. There will be additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions.
In order to get the correct answer, you must put the appropriate sign that makes
the equation true.

For example, if you saw 8 _ 8 = 16, you would put a "+" sign.

TIP: If you want to increase your fast time record, use a "/" instead of the
normal division sign to be given credit for division problems.

                             Piano Player
This is a cool game. What you must do is play through a song by tapping the
correct notes as displayed. You will see a music sheet with the notes and then
a piano on the touch screen. Tap the key that corresponds with the appropriate

TIP: If you follow along with the song and stay on tune, you will get more 
points to your score. If you can successfully tap the notes without the bar
stopping, you'll get a higher points score.

                             Word Scramble
Just as the title says, you will be unscrambling words. In this game, you will
see a group of letters moving around in a circle. You must determine the word
and then write it out letter by letter in order to solve it. As you unscramble
more and more words, they will become bigger words. If you cannot figure out a
word, hit the "Give Up" button to move onto the next word.

TIP: Write the letters of the word very carefully. For some reason, this game
seems to mistake the letters A for H and vice-versa, Y for T, and a for e. Just
be very careful about the way you write your letters. If you see the game goof
up on something you have written, simply hit the "Erase" button to erase the 
last letter you wrote.

                             Memory Sprint
I personally don't like this game because it is very hard and requires heavy
concentration. This is a race. You need to look at the dark figure on the screen
and watch him run the race. Pay attention to what places he is in throughout the
race, and enter the number for which place he comes in. This game starts of very
easy, but it get progressively harder. Soon, they have two-three people run past
him all at the same time. And on the final race, he runs extremely fast. As long
as you concentrate, you can get all 5 races correct.

TIP: Concentrate on the dark figure and count in your head the places he is in.
When they get to multiple runners running by him at a time, make sure to take
which ever place the runner is in and add 2 or 3 to the previous place.

                               Change Maker

This game is about making change. You will be given numerous money amounts and
the ammount paid. You will then have to count out the change using dollar bills,
a five dollar bill, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. 

For example, if you see $5 and then $10, the you would select the five dollar
bill and then hit enter. 

TIP: Make sure you look at the size of the coins carefully and the ammount that
they are paying. Sometimes, you won't even need the dollar bills. There are only
five of each coin, so plan accordingly on how you are going to display the 
ammount of change you want.

                               Word Blend
This is another game I personally don't like. You will need to have the volume
turned up on your DS for this one because this is a listening game. You will 
listen for a word and then write the word you here letter by letter. This game
is called word blend for a reason. Once you solve a couple, they will start 
blending two words together that you have to listen for. The final problem for
this will consist of three words you have to listen for. If you need to hear the
words spoken again, simply hit the "Try Again" button. However, use it wisely
because you can only hit it 5 times before you are given the "Give Up" option.

TIP: Make sure you volume is turned up and you utilize the use of the "Try 
Again" button because you will need to play it a couple of times. Make sure you
are writing your letters neatly and clearly as well.

                              Calendar Count
This game is okay. You will be given a series of problems that ask you about the
days of the week and dates. Make sure you write super clearly because you won't
have much time to realize the game goofed up on one of your answers. As you do
more and more, they will start asking you harder ones. Just do your best and try
to look for questions that tie in to each other. For example, they might ask you
what day will be on Thursday and then say how many days until the date on 
Thurday? Look for questions that tie together and try and work fast.

TIP: If you need to, use a calendar for this game. It will help you count out to
solve the problems they are asking you. It is okay to use a calendar because 
a lot of these problems are not head work. If you feel it is cheating, do it the
honorable way.

                              Math Recall
This game is semi-confusing, but you should be able to get it. Math Recall has
a mixture of memorizing and adding. You will add two numbers together, but one
of them will be shaded out. You must remember the number that is shaded and 
 it to the next equation. It is easier to demonstrate rather than show.

7+5 = 12 Then the 7 is shaded and brought down
_+6 = ?

You must memorize the number that is shaded and brought to the next equation.

TIP: Make sure you memorize the numbers that haven't been brought down into an
equation. They will be the next numbers to be shaded over. If you forget what 
the number is, hit the "Try Again" button to see the shaded number again.

                                Clock Spin
This game is a pain the butt and probably worse than Memory Sprint. As the name
implies, you will be working with clocks. The point of this game is to tell the
time that the clock is showing. However, the clocks need to be spun in order for
you to pick the right time. This is a very hard game, but you'll be fine if you
are good at figuring out twisted things. 

TIP: Write the numbers clearly and make sure you are paying attention the way 
the clock is portrayed. You won't get the correct time if you do, so make sure
you pay extra special attention.

                                Block Count
This game is kind of annoying, but it is much better than the Big Brain Academy
block game. For this one, blocks will fall from the sky into the different 
columns. You must pay attention to how many fall, and you enter the number for
how many fell. This game is okay, but there are better training modes.

TIP: Make sure you write the numbers clearly, and make sure you count the empty
spaces too. They will count towards the total as well.

                                Virus Buster
This is a relaxing mode according to Doctor Kawashina. In this game, you have
capsules that fall to the ground. You must match four colors on each other in
order to break the capsules and viruses on the level. Once you bust all the
viruses, you will go on the next level. You will do this until you fill up the
level and bust the level. Tap the capsules to turn them different ways, and drag
them to where you want them with the stylis.

TIP: Don't drag the capsules too fast. Once you drag a capsule down, you cannot
make it go up. It's only going to go down. Pay attention to the next capsule to
fall. You can see it. 
5. Tips
This section will just provide some quick little tips to make the game more easy
to navigate. You have seen tips for each of the games I have listed that you 
will complete in the walkthrough mode. However, I just wanted to give you some
tips that you should follow in general. 

TIP #1- Speak clearly. I know that I already pointed this out in the Rock, 
Paper, Scissor game, but I need to emphasize it again. In order to do this task,
you must speak very clearly. Make sure you are holding the DS about a foot away
from your mouth, and you shouldn't be breathing into the mic or have any 
speakers near it that could add extra/unwanted noise. I've noticed the the mic
does pick up some sounds as the correct answer, but there are a few glitches 
with the speaking system. Other than that, you're pretty much fine on the 

TIP #2- Write carefully. I know I addressed this already, but this is important.
The game tends to confuse certain things you write such as numbers and letters
for other numbers and letters. If you see this happen, try and erase it as 
quickly as possible. If you are marked wrong for it, there's really nothing you
can do about. Just try your best to make numbers and letters as accurate as you
possibly can.

Tip #3- Follow the tips that the floating head says. This is a new one. After
you do the Daily Trainings, the floating head will tell you some things about
enjoying the software. Try some of the things he says for maximum enjoyment. I 
have yet to try some of these things, but you should definitely try them out if
you want to make the game more fun.

6. Unlockables
All credit goes to the people who contributed this in the cheats and secrets
section for this game. I merely copied and pasted the list. They will be given
full credit for this, and their names will be listed in the credits section.

Block Count - Hard Mode Get 26 Stamps 

Calculate the Height Get 22 stamps 

Calculate the Height - Hard Difficulty Attain a perfect 5/5 score 

Correct Change Get 01 Stamp 

Days and Time Get 06 Stamp 

Determine the Time Get 16 Stamp 

Finish Position Get 10 Stamp 

Hard Mode - Word Blend Get 12 Stamp 

Hard Mode - Word Blend Score 100 points 

Hard Mode for Sign Finder Attain a time of 17 seconds or less 

Masterpiece Recital - Hard Difficulty Attain a perfect 100 score 

Memory Addition - Hard Difficulty Attain a time under 40 seconds 

Memory Addition - Hard Difficulty Get 24 stamps 

Memory Adition Get 03 Stamp 

Missing Symbols - Hard Difficulty Get 20 Stamp 

Select Song Masterpiece Recital Get 14 Stamp 

Stamp Designer Get 08 Stamp 

Sudoku Advanced Difficulty Solve any Intermediate level puzzle in less than 15

Tips Option Get 05 Stamp 

Virus Buster Get a stamp for the day, the go to the last selection, and select 

World Blend Get 02 Stamp 

Access Brain Tips 05 Stamps 

Block Count Game 22 Stamps 

Block Count Hard Mode 26 Stamps 

Calendar Count Game 06 Stamps 

Change Maker Game 02 Stamps 

Choose Songs on Piano Player 12 Stamps 

Clock Spin Game 16 Stamps 

Math Recall Game 10 Stamps 

Math Recall Hard Mode 24 Stamps 

Memory Sprint Game 01 Stamp 

Piano Player Hard Mode 18 Stamps 

Sign Finder Hard Mode 20 Stamps 

Stamp Designer 08 Stamps 

Word Blend Game 03 Stamps 

7. Sudoku Solutions
This section will cover all of the Sudoku puzzle solutions that are in this 
game. Both Basic and Intermediate.

                         Basic Sudoku Puzzles
This section will cover the solutions to the basic Sudoku Puzzles you'll find.
There are two pages worth of puzzles that you must solve for each section. If 
you aren't sure how to play Sudoku, try the tutorial puzzles.

                              Puzzle 1

                              Puzzle 2

8. Contact Information
If you have a question or see something I've missed, please email me at 
rjmurano@ptd.net. Like I said in the intro, I will try and answer your question
as quickly as possible. My dad has to forward the email to me first. Anyway, I
would like to point out not to email me porn, stalking messages, hate mail, love
letters, or spam. If you want to say hi, that's permitted. Just follow the rules
and everyone is happy.

9. Legal Information

1. Mom and dad for taking me to Walmart to buy this game.
2. Nintendo for making this game.
3. GameFAQs, Neoseeker.com, and Gamecheats.com for hosting this guide.
4. Me for writing the FAQ.
5. You guys for reading.
6. deathday1011, XmortalX, HarkenSlash, Arkrex, unlimitedn, mtpfreak, and 
FPSg3mer for the unlockables I took from the cheats and secrets section. Full
credit goes to them.

11.Version History
Version 0.8-This is the first version of the FAQ. It covers everything that I 
have unlocked in this point of time. I still have some Daily Trainings I need to
add, and I also might add some more sections if the need arises. I am nearly 100
percent done with the game content. Everything else you see in the table of 
contents is updated to its fullest extent.

Version 0.9-I added an unlockables section that is copied from the cheats and
secrets. All credit, again to the ones who have contributed it. I've also added
a Sudoku Solutions section for every Sudoku Puzzle in the game. Fixed credits to
credit those who contributed the cheats and secrets and the sites that are being
given permission to host this guide. Also, I completely finished the Daily 
Training section. All that needs to be done is the Sudoku section, and the guide
is then complete. 
Thank you for reading Darkdoomsday's guide for this game. I hope you enjoyed it
as much as I did writing it, and I hope you will keep a lookout for other works
by me.

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