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WiFisland Guide by logic_resistant

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/12/2008

by logic_resistant
July 12, 2008


I. Introduction.......................................................[XINTROX]
II. How It Works: It's not what you think...............................[XHOWX]
III. Rewards........................................................[XREWARDSX]
IV. Step-by-Step Instructions.........................................[XSTEPSX]
V. What transfers when I upload my character?......................[XTRANSFERX]
VI. The Almighty Bunny & Infinite Roses...............................[XBUNNYX]
VII. Training on WiFisland.........................................[XTRAININGX]
VIII. Cheating the System.............................................[XCHEATX]
IX. FAQ.................................................................[XFAQX]
X. LEGAL STUFF & VERSION HISTORY......................................[XLEGALX]
XI. CONTACT INFO & THANKS............................................[XTHANKSX]

I. Introduction                                                      [XINTROX]

This guide is intended to help explain how WiFisland works and to record what
is known and what is unknown about the mechanics of connecting and transferring
your character.  Since Wifisland is one of the most commonly asked topics on
the board, I know it will at least be of some use.

The search codes to the right of each entry in the table of contents are
intended to help you quickly locate the section of the guide you wish to refer
to.  For most browsers, this means pressing CTRL + F and typing in "XFAQX" in
the search box without the quotes will take you quickly to that section of the

II. How it works:  It's not what you think                             [XHOWX]

The back of Contact's box says it is 2-8 player through Wireless Multi-Card
Play.  First of all, that is a foul and odious lie.  Connecting doesn't allow
direct contact with any other players and there is no way to play the game
simultaneously with another player.  What connecting allows you to do is to
upload your character's stats to another player's game, and to download their
character's stats to yours.  These stats take the form of an AI controlled
"villager" of sorts that will live on WiFisland.  WiFisland can only be
accessed by connecting to at least one other player, then sailing there with
the ship just like any other island.  The island, and the villager with the
downloaded stats, will remain on your save file, meaning that you do not have
to be connected to WiFi to access the Island.

Again, connecting only downloads stats to your game and uploads your stats to
theirs.  This is the most common misconception about WiFisland.  After the
transfer, you will be disconnected from WiFi and the transfer takes less than
a minute.  In your Friend Roster, you'll find 8 slots total.  What slot the
player you connected to is in determines where the villager that contains that
player's stats will appear on WiFisland, as well as what reward you'll get for
the transfer.

III. Rewards                                                       [XREWARDSX]

Add a Friend to your Friend Roster and it will be placed in the topmost empty
slot in the Roster.  When you connect, the slot of the player you connected to
determines what reward their AI counterpart will give you when you meet them
on WiFisland.  Here is a simple list of the rewards for connecting to a player
in the corresponding slot.

Slot 1: +5 Water*
Slot 2: +5 Earth*
Slot 3: +5 Wind*
Slot 4: +5 Fire*
Slot 5: Boxing Gloves
Slot 6: Tuna Sushi
Slot 7: Blue Eyes v.14
Slot 8: The Almighty Bunny

*As far as the data on Slots 1-4, these are the stats I got and when I was told
by FemmefromMars what stats she got, they were exactly the same.  They can't be
completely random.  If you get stats different than those four elements listed
above, please email me and let me know what four stats you got.

IV. Step-by-Step Instructions                                        [XSTEPSX]

For the sake of simplicity, this is a step-by-step outline of exactly how to
connect to someone on WiFi.  The only requirements are access to the SeaNavi.
I realize how daunting the instructions look, but it's actually very simple,
and I just wanted to be as detailed as possible to anticipate any problems you
could have.

1. Equip your character with whatever outfit and weapon you wish to be
transferred to the other player's island.  For details on what will be
transferred, refer to the next section of this guide.  After you're equipped
to your liking, save the game, then turn it off and back on to return to the
main menu.

2. On the main menu, press F3 for CONTACT, then press F1 or F2 to choose which
character you'll be transferring.  This will take you to the WiFi Connection
Menu with the options of WiFi Connect, WiFi Settings and Friends.

3. *If you have already set up your WiFi settings for your DS*, then press F3
for FRIENDS and disregard the rest of this step.  If not, then press F2 for
WiFi Settings.  Remember that these connection settings are for ALL WiFi DS
games, not just Contact, so if you've set them up for another game already,
then they should be ready to rock and you can press F3 instead and move to Step
four.  Otherwise, inside the Connection Setup screen, tap the big blue button
labelled "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings".  Now tap any of the boxes that
say "None".  (If they're all labelled "Ready" but you still can't seem to
connect to the WiFi Network, then tap "Erase Settings" underneath one of the
slots and press OK, and then click the box labelled "None".)  Click the large
blue button labelled "Search for an Access Point."  (If nothing is found then
there is a problem with your Wireless Router or you're out of range.)  Once it
appears, click the Access Point you wish to use.  It may require a WEP key if
it is locked.  Hope you know it.  After all this, the connection will be tested
and you can now back out to the Friend contact screen (with the B button) and
finally press F3 for FRIENDS.

4. You should now be in the Friend screen with the options for a DS wireless
Connection, View/Add Friends and Nintendo WiFi Connection Menu.  Press F2, for
View/Add Friends, then F1 for New Friend.  Enter your buddy's 12 digit Friend
Code.  Your friend code is now on the bottom of the top DS screen.  Give it to
your buddy and have him add you as well.  After it's been entered, the game
will save automatically.  If you press F2 to view your Friend Roster you can
see what slot your friend is in so you'll know what prize you'll be getting
from him.

5. Back out with the B button twice, back to the Nintendo WiFi Connection Menu.
Press F1 for WiFi Connect and choose yes.  If there is an error here, return to
step three to set up your Access Point again.  It should connect and take you
to a screen with 8 slots.  If your friend is signed on at the same time you'll
see their name on-screen.  If you see a name flashing, it means they're trying
to connect to you and you should grant their wish by selecting their name.  If
not, select them to make your name flash on their screen.  If there are no
names, it means no one on your Friend Roster is signed in.

6. After selecting their name and connecting to your friend, a short download
will take place, you'll be disconnected and you'll hear some nifty victory
music.  You've now downloaded their stats to your save file and they've 
downloaded you.  You can now back all the way out with the B button and load
your game like normal.

7. Use the SeaNavi to sail to WiFisland, a small island located East of Ft.
Eagle.  Look for your new AI friend in the caves to the west.  Talk to them to
receive your prize.

V. What transfers when I upload my character?                     [XTRANSFERX]

There is still some confusion as to what all aspects of your character are
passed on to the AI version of you that appears in someone else's game.  Here
are the things I have personally confirmed to transfer:

   -Base stats
   -Max HP (After any and all boosts)
   -Equipped weapon strength
   -Equipped weapon elemental attribute
   -Bonus stats from equipped Weapon

These are the things that I have confirmed do NOT transfer:

   -Active skills (the AI doesn't use active skills)
   -Passive skills that don't provide stats (Nullify Heat, Armor Break, etc.)
   -Added weapon effects (like Stun +10% on the Knockout Hammer)
   -Bonus stats from Outfits (that are NOT passive skills)
   -Bonus stats from Passive skills
   -Bonus stats from Decals

As far as bonus stats go, for a long time I was unsure if they transferred.
Thanks to Striker500, I was finally able to get some hard evidence. I connected
with the knuckle mole outfit on and the golden hammer equipped.  After all the
Stamina bonuses, I had 642 HP.  I asked him to report how much HP I had, and
he estimated it at 630.  From this, it seems like HP will transfer as is.  All
other research I've done with FemmefromMars and KungFuPhil suggests that only
equipped weapon bonus stats will transfer.

For example, if you have 50 base Agility and equip the Flyboy outfit and the
Boxing Gloves, (and assuming you've learned both Passive skills) your stats
will appear on your file as:

 50 Base
+20 Boxing Glove boost
+5 Flyboy Passive skill (adds 10% of base agility)
+5 Punching Passive skill (adds 10% of base agility)
+ any Agility-boosting Decals
=80 Agility (+ your Decals)

But when you transfer your character to someone, they will recieve a character
that has:

 50 Base
+20 Boxing Glove boost
=70 Agility

VI. The Almighty Bunny & Infinite Roses                               [XBUNNYX]

When you connect to the eighth person on your Friend's Roster, they will be
transferred in the form of a pink bunny located in the deepest part of
WiFisland's cave.  This bunny differs in that it does seem to have an inhuman
attack speed that I don't think can even be achieved with max agility.  I could
be wrong though, maybe FemmeFromMars just developed her character that well.
Regardless, when you talk to this bunny, you will anger him.  It's inevitable.
The door will then shut behind you and you'll be forced to kill the bunny to
leave alive.  If you can, the bunny will compliment your strength and give you
a Rose.  It seems like it always gives you a Rose and it also seems like this
can be done an infinite number of times.

Also, concerning the super-bunny, I was able to get it to raise my Agility to
67 and my Stamina to 100.  Again, I'm unsure if this is because it is the power
of the bunny or the power of FemmeFromMars' character.  If anyone can confirm
if their version of the bunny also raises their Agility to 67 and/or has an
inhuman attack speed, please do.

And lastly, FemmefromMars reminded me of the practical use for the roses:
After beating Ft. Eagle, a man appears that wants to buy roses from you.  He
will buy all the roses you have in stock, BUT HE WILL ONLY BUY THEM ONCE!
That being said, the best thing to do is to not sell to him until you get 99
roses... or at least as many as you can tolerate collecting, then selling them
for big bucks.

VII. Training on WiFisland                                        [XTRAININGX]

Thanks to FemmeFromMars, darklao and godspower for helping with research for
this section.

This aspect of the island still requires a good amount of research, but you
can actually raise your stats by fighting the AI characters that appear on
WiFisland pretty effectively.

One of the few things that I have confirmed is that you can use Wifisland to
raise your Anti-Element attributes if the AI character that is attacking you
was transferred with an elemental weapon equipped.  Although it is a very slow
process, it can be done, which proves that weapon elemental attribute is
transferred over WiFi.  I imagine this feature is best used to train the
corresponding Anti-Element while training Anti-Strike or Anti-Slash.

Also, according to FemmeFromMars, your Anti-Slash cannot be leveled as easily
if your Slashing skill is too high.  I've got 100 Slashing skill and I am
unable to find any enemy in the game capable of raising my Anti-Slash above 11.
An unfortunate side-effect of over-training too quickly.  Fortunately this
doesn't seem to apply to Striking.  Anyhow, how this affects WiFisland is that
you can get your Anti-Slash trained even if your Slashing is maxed as long as
you're getting attacked by a transferred character that has max Slashing as
well, and has a Slashing weapon equipped when transferred.  It's not easy, and
you'll probably die in one or two hits, but with max Slashing it may be the
only way to level anti-slash.  Thanks to godspower for helping me confirm this.

You may already know that fighting the post-game Superimp in the Deed Pyramid
is the easiest way to raise dexterity, however this can only raise dexerity to
90.  At 90, the Superimp will no longer raise your dexterity at all, that's
where Wifisland comes in.  Research done by FemmefromMars, darklao and myself
has confirmed that you can raise Dexterity to 100 by fighting an AI character
on Wifisland that has 100 Agility.  100 Agility, however is far from easy to
reach.  I'll go into detail on how to do that next.  Recent research with
FemmefromMars and KungFuPhil has suggested that since you can boost Agility
with weapons, you could feasibly use a character with only 80 Agility as long
as he has the Boxing Gloves equipped (they add +20, making it a nice, round 100

Striker500 was kind enough to inadvertantly transfer me a character that raises
my Agility much more effectively than anything I've seen so far.  It's mainly
because he's not an elemental god.  For now, I'm speculating that it's his
high Dexterity (i think it's at 79+7) that is allowing my agility to raise.
The topic is highly unresearched, but I'll post more info on it as I gather it.
For now, raising Agility is done primarily off of Wifisland, using this long
but effective method: First, Use whatever you're willing to boost your agility.
Popular methods are the Boxing Gloves, the punching skill "Agility Up" (level
43 punching), the flyboy skill "Agility Up" (level 12 wind) & Speed Decals.
You can layer all of those methods, or just use a combination of them, but the
higher your agility is, the more times you'll dodge attacks and the more times
you dodge, the more times you'll get agility experience.  Now go and fight the
final form of the final boss with plenty of potions in stock.  Let it take
swings at you and pray for misses.  Once you're tired of it, or at agility level
65 in Agility, you'll need to use the elemental gods to get agility to 100.
According to FemmefromMars, the blue superworms seem to be the easiest to do
this with.  They're found outside of the cabin near Ft. Eagle.  They will raise
Agility to 100... eventually.  As you may know... they are gods and therefore
very very strong.  Expect to die a few times and lose some Fame in the process.
This is why I'm researching Agility training on Wifisland.  It's much less
dangerous and since you can request your friend wear an element that you're
strong against, you won't even need half as many potions.

VIII. Cheating the System                                             [XCHEATX]

What's cheating the system, you ask?  It allows you to get all 8 prizes from
Wifisland with only one person to connect to.  What you'll need:

-One person to connect to.  You'll connect to them up to 8 times.
-Seven other valid Friend Codes.  I've provided them below, and you only need
the codes.  You'll never actually connect to them.  For this reason, I call
them "placeholder codes":

Placeholder Codes:
-1590 1309 5290
-3050 4151 1788
-1890 7689 8574
-0859 9768 3432
-0774 0218 4232
-0301 6130 5343

You'll be using these codes to move one person (I'll call the person you'll
connect to multiple times your "buddy") around your Friend Roster.  Remember,
different place on the Roster = different prizes.  The game's only rules for
adding friends are:

1) you can only enter VALID Friend Codes, you can't make them up.
2) you can't add a Code that is already on your roster.

If you don't see how this will get you all 8 prizes, then go through the
following steps:

NOTE: If you're the type of person who wants to get all his stats to 100, then
you'll want to wait on getting the first four prizes until later, preferably
until those four stats that you'll get are level 95.  Then the boost will take
you through the last 5 levels to 100.  If you'd like to do this instead, jump
down to part B of this section and follow the instructions to claim only the
last 4 prizes.

1. Enter your buddy's Friend Code and connect to him.  Your roster will now
look something like below, with your buddy's name at the top and no other
codes entered.  If you have other codes entered, it's no big deal as long as
they are other people you've actually connected to, not just saved FCs.


2. After the transfer, load your file, sail to Wifisland and get your prize
from your buddy's AI counterpart in the caves.  Save the game.  Don't skip this
step or you won't get the prize.

3. Turn the game off and back on to get back to the main menu.  Return to your
Friend Roster and DELETE your buddy from your roster.  Do this by going into
"View Roster," highlighting your buddy's name and pressing X. (This will REMOVE
his AI counterpart from Wifisland in your game, which is why Step 2 was

4. Select one of the seven Placeholder Codes that I've supplied above and enter
it into your Friend Roster.  The game will place this Code into the slot your
buddy was just deleted from like this:

159013095290    <~ this is one of the codes from above

5. Enter your buddy's friend code again.  This will place him in the slot just
below where he previously was.  Connect again.  After the connection, your
roster will look something like this:

159013095290    <~ this is one of the codes from above
Buddy           <~ your buddy's now in slot 2, so the game will think he's
------------       someone completely new.

6. After the transfer, go to Wifisland again and claim your next prize from
your buddy's NEW AI counterpart in the caves.  Since he was in a different slot
this time, he'll be located in a new part of the caves, look different and
[trumpet fanfare] give you the next prize in the sequence.

7. Now return to Step 3 and repeat as many times as you need to get all the
prizes.  Remember that with each connect your buddy will be in a different
place in the caves and will look different.  If done correctly, your buddy will
never be in the same place (or appear in the same form) twice.  Here's how the
roster in the above example would look after the next go-round:

159013095290    <~ the code from before
305041511788    <~ another one of the codes I provided above
Buddy           <~ your buddy's now in slot 3, so you'll get the next prize.

The best part of this process is that you and a friend can both do it at the
same time, using each other's single code to get all 8 prizes, then for the
last prize, leave your buddy in slot 8 as the Superbunny incarnate.

Since the first four prizes are a random +5 on stats, some people may not want
to claim these prizes immediately, but instead hold off and wait until level
95 to claim them, bypassing the last 5 annoying levels and jumping to 100.  It
should be mentioned that no matter how hard you try, you can't change what
stat will be randomly boosted.  That being said, you can see what stat it is,
then reset the game and train that stat to 95 before going to claim the +5 for
real.  How this applies to this method is you can claim prizes out of order.
Just use the placeholders above to bypass the first four slots and you can
hold off on claiming those +5 boosts.  Before claiming prizes 1-4, just make
your roster look like this:

159013095290  <- These are the first four placeholders that i mentioned above.
305041511788  <- They'll let you hold off on the first four prizes but still
515494768025  <- claim the last four.  Any four valid codes will work.
------------  <- Your buddy will be placed in this slot once you add him.

Now just add your Buddy and he'll go into slot 5 and give you the boxing gloves
even though he's technically the first person you've connected to.  When you're
ready to claim prize 2, for example, then just delete the placeholder out of
slot 2, along with your buddy's FC, then add your buddy again.  It will look
like this after you've connected with him again:

Buddy         <- Here he is, the guy who will give you prize 2.

Thanks to Ipergorilla and Andi for helping me confirm that this method works.
If you have any problems with this method or there is any part of the process
that is unclear, feel free to contact me at cyberpenguin82@yahoo.com.

IX. FAQ                                                                 [XFAQX]

Naturally I made up most of these questions, cuz what would an FAQ be without
some fake questions?

Q. Where do I find my Friend Code?

A. In short, you'll find it on the BOTTOM of the TOP screen when you're in
the View/Add Friends section.  To get to that screen, from the main menu press
F3 for CONTACT, F1 or F2 to choose your file, F3 for FRIENDS and finally F2 for
View/Add Friends.  Again, it's the 12-digit number on the BOTTOM of the TOP
screen.  It's not a bad idea to put this Code in a more convenient place,
so you don't have to go through all that each time someone asks you for it.
I keep mine in a text file on my compter (with my other DS FCs), in my sig on
the GameFAQs board, my quote in the GameFAQs board and a slip of paper with my
DS games with my other FCs.  There are probably a few other places too that I
can't recall at the moment...

Q. What name will my AI counterpart be going by?

A. Thanks to nado and FemmefromMars, I was able to confirm this.  The villager
representing you will refer to him/her/itself as the name you give yourself,
not the one you give Terry.  By default, this is the name you've entered in
your DS setup screen.

Q. Do the questions that the Professor asks you at the beginning of the game
do anything when your character is transferred?

A. Sure do.  All your answers are transferred along with your stats and the
AI villager that represents you may make mention of your answers.  Even your
secret will be posted on WiFisland's beach for all to see.  Hope it wasn't too

Q. What's the wish for?

A. I have no idea.  If you're wondering what the imaginary person asking this
question is referring to, examine the slab just outside your ship on WiFisland.
It will ask you to make a wish.  I wished for cash.  Then I came back later and
I was able to make another wish.  If anyone can shed some light on this, please

Q. What else is on the island?

A. Don't forget to fish in any one of the bathtubs in the caves to find 
Map Piece 3.  This is one of the four Map Pieces that the treasure hunter on
the Deserted Island wants.  He'll give you a Battle Rod if you collect them
all, and he's located in the room where you found the game's first Cell.

Q. Can I connect to someone with a different version of Contact?

A. Thanks to Ipergorilla and Andi, I can say with complete confidence that you
are able to connect to someone playing the European version of Contact just
fine.  I can't confirm the Japanese version, but I don't imagine it would be
any different.

Q. Can I connect to the same person multiple times to get more prizes?

A. You cannot enter the same friend code twice into your roster, and no matter
how hard you try, there's no way to get the same prize twice, even if you
change out who is in that slot.  But if you can only find one person to connect
to, and you want all 8 prizes from them, then see the new section called 
"Cheating the System".

Q. Should I give up my boxing gloves?

A. NO!  There is a boy in Aegis' town that will ask you for your boxing gloves.
He's located in the Southeast of the first area of the town.  If you give them
to him he'll take them and disappear.  He even mentions something like "I hope
you're there for my first fight!" but I've heard no reports of anyone ever
seeing this kid again... anywhere.  Even if he did, the best thing he could
possibly give you is your own boxing gloves.  Just don't give them up.  If
anyone has given him the boxing gloves, then seen him in his "first fight" then
please contact me and let me know what happened.

Q. Can I use the info from your guide for my own?

A. Probably, but you'll have to contact me through email and ask me yourself.
I can't think of any reason I wouldn't allow it as long as you gave me proper
credit.  I won't, however, allow this guide or any part of it, to be posted on
any site other than one of the "allowed sites" in the LEGAL STUFF section.
I just like to keep a close watch on where I post my stuff and that's difficult
to do if its in too many places.

Q. Can I connect to you?

A. I used to allow this.  As a matter of fact, it used to be the only way I
played Contact for a good year after I completed this guide.  Now my policy
has changed for one main reason:  I no longer own Contact, or even a DS for
that matter.  (At least it's a good reason.)  I went on a trip to Germany and
I brought both the DS and all my games along.  Idiotically, I left them on the
plane.  One day, I will replace my DS, but most likely not Contact.  It was a
great game, but like I said, I wasn't playing it much after I completed my

Q. Well you're an idiot then, but I still need a Contact.  Where can I go?

A. If you want a Contact, the only place I can suggest is the Message
Boards at GameFAQs.com.  If you're not reading this guide there, then you may
not be aware that it exists, but occasionally you can find people on those
boards, mainly for the purposes on connecting.  Just make a post there that
you need to connect with someone.  Set up a time with someone if you keep
missing each other, but the best option is always to exchange messenger info.
Having an instant messenger is good for two reasons.  1) you don't have to
schedule the date, just exchange your names with each other and when you see
each other online one day and you're not busy, connect.  2) it's MUCH MUCH
easier, and MUCH MUCH faster to use my method of getting all 8 prizes from a
single Contact if you're talking through an instant messenger than through
message board posts.  They just take too long, and that method requires some
back-and-forth dialogue.  If you can work around that, then it's all you.

Q. Can I expect a good challenge from transferred Wifisland characters?

A. Yes and No.  While they will likely be among the strongest (if not the
strongest) enemies you fight, it seems like the fighting engine in this game
highly favors Attack over Defense.  As such, I've never met a Wifisland
character that I couldn't easily kill.  Since they don't use active skills,
and short of the Superbunny you ALWAYS get the first attack on them, it's not
usually an epic battle.  Whoever is stronger will win very quickly.

The bunny has always been a different story though.  That thing can murder and
depending upon whose stats are loaded into it, it can be a very interesting
fight.  I currently have the FemmefromMars' stats loaded into it and I never
have an easy victory over that bunny.

Q. Did you know that you can move the professor around while you're connecting
to a friend?

A. No, I did not, but thanks to Striker500... now I do.

Q. Can I miss out on a reward?

A. No, as far as I've heard you can't do anything to actually miss one of the
four rewards on Wifisland.  Even if you transfer someone into a Slot, then
delete them without collecting their prize.  If that's the case, the next time
there is someone transferred into that Slot, that person will give you the

Q. I keep getting error #[whatever] when I try to connect.  What's wrong?

A. To answer questions like this, the best I can do is give you this link:

X. LEGAL STUFF & VERSION HISTORY                                      [XLEGALX]

This guide is copyrighted to me, logic_resistant, and is only permitted for use
on one of the allowed sites listed below.  Any other usage is prohibited.  If
you'd like to use this information for your own guide, then please contact me
first.  I doubt I'll say no.  However, I will not permit this guide to be
posted on any site other than these allowed sites:

-GameFAQs.com (will have the most recent updates)

July 12, 2008
Version 1.1- Added oneclickwifi.net to the allowed sites section.

June 11, 2008
Version 1.1- Been a while.  Changed the response to the "Can I Connect to you?"
question in the FAQs section so that it matched my idiocy more accurately.
Also added a handy follow-up question, further insulting my intelligence.
Seriously, I'm stupid.

July 10, 2007
Version 1.1- Added some questions to the FAQs section and added some new info
into the Rewards section.  Also added some new info to the training section,
and some new discoveries to the "Transferred stats" section.  That section is
still pretty sloppy and I'll clean it up pretty soon.

July 2, 2007
Version 1.0- Added a question to the FAQs section.  Added info on Wifisland
Agility training.  Thanks to Striker500 for the FAQ addition and for
inadvertantly transferring me a character that raises my agility like I've
never seen before!  Thanks to him I was also able to finish off Section V as
well.  I also added a great deal to the "cheating process" in hopes that it
would clarify how it works... I fear that I just made that section more
confusing though.  If I get too many complaints, I'll change it back.

June 27, 2007
Version 0.97- Added the method to get Dexterity to 100 that FemmefromMars and
darklao developed into the Training section, as well as Femme's method for
getting Agility to 100.

June 3, 2007- Just reworded the "Cheating the System" section a little to
clarify the process and explain it a little better.  Not even worth a new
version number, really.

May 30, 2007
Version 0.96- Added a question to the FAQs section, and fixed some typos.

May 25, 2007
Version 0.95- Added the "Cheating the System" section, and added a few new
questions, some fake some real, to the FAQ section.'
Left to complete: The "What transfers..." section and I'd like to make a map
of Wifisland showing where each of the villagers appears and who gives you
what prizes.

May 24, 2007
Version 0.93- Added the confirmation of what your AI counterpart refers to
itself as.  I apparently forgot to add that in the last update.  Random small
edits in some sections.

May 18, 2007
Version 0.92- Thanks to bearquat and smlvalentine, I was able to confirm the
prizes for linking to a player in the third and fourth slots of the Friends
Roster.  Connections to them also raised the question about whether or not the
four "random" stats you get from connecting may not be quite so random, since
I just happened to get the four elements as my four random stats.

May 17, 2007
Version 0.9-  Created the guide.  Need to confirm what transfers when a
character is uploaded, and I will consider drawing a makeshift map of WiFisland
so you'll know where your friends appear and who will be giving what prize.

Version 0.91- Thanks to godspower, I was able to confirm that a 100 slashing
transferred character can raise your anti-slash even if your slashing is
already 100.  Updated the Training section accordingly and added credit info.
Also was able to confirm the prize for connecting to a player in slot 2 of the
Friend Roster.

XI. CONTACT INFO & THANKS                                           [XTHANKSX]

I can be reached at cyberpenguin82@yahoo.com.  Feel free to contact me with any
corrections, contributions or criticisms.  Although if you insist on sending me
a "Your guide sucks" email, please include why or I'll be forced to assume that
you were just bored and felt like bothering me, at which point you'll likely 
just be blocked.  Any additions or contributions are more than welcome and will
be credited to the first person who sends the info in.

I'd like to thank the creators of this game and the GameFAQs site itself.
Without the wonderful message boards of GameFAQs, not only would I still be in
the dark on many aspects of the game, but I never would have even been to 
WiFisland.  On the same note, thanks to everyone who has helped me learn about
WiFisland and that has connected to me and answered my insane questions, along
with everyone who helped me with research on this guide, whether they knew it
or not:


I'd also like to thank darklao for his awesome guide that helped me through
several sticky sections of the game.  Without him, I'd have put this game down
long before writing this guide.

-=IT's OVER!=-

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