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Guide and Walkthrough by FemmeFromMars / darklao

Version: 3.11 | Updated: 08/07/2008
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January 5, 2007
by "darklao"
revised by FemmeFromMars
Version 2.0 - July 7, 2007
Version 3.0 - Oct. 7, 2007
Version 3.1 - Oct. 12, 2007
Version 3.11 - Aug. 7, 2008


There are at least two ways to play Contact. First, you can play the Story,
going through things in the traditional way, following the plot, slaying
enemies, beating the boss. You can have a lot of fun and if this is how you
want to play, you can stop reading right now, go play and consult the
walkthrough when you get stuck. Class dismissed.

The second way is to play the Game itself. By this I mean collect every
item, complete every quest, max every stat and figure out a bunch of things
about how the game works. Why would you want to do this? I don't know - because
it's there? I'll warn you right now, it's a big time commitment!

In any case, if this is how you want to play, if you are a completionist or
even if all you want is just to max those stats, skip directly to the stat-
maxing section and read Chapter 11, Main Quest Stat-Maxing, at least the
Anti-Slash section. This is because it's been discovered, since this guide was
first published, that development of that stat gets cut off at a certain point.
If you just grab a sword and slash away, you risk making some of your stat
development difficult or even impossible in the normal game. While you're
at it, you might want to read Chapter W, Caveat Gamer.

But not to worry too much. If you start playing the story and decide you want
to be a completionist later, you have a couple of options. One, you can start
over. The main story, although long enough, isn't intimidatingly complex,
especially on a second run-through. Two, you can get some of the things you
miss in-game through Wifi contact, although it's more of a headache. In fact,
one stat appears to require Wifi contact to get maxed out. Anyway, it's your
call, but you have been warned.

Version 2.0 included new sections on Mochi and in-game stat maxing, some major
revisions to reflect new knowledge, some assorted gaps filled, and some minor
changes, corrections and clarifications. 

Version 3.0 included a completed stat-maxing section and a new section on food
and nutrition. Some gaps have been filled and there have been some minor
changes, corrections and clarifications.

Version 3.1 includes the Caveat list and a few things I forgot in Version 3.0.

Version 3.11 includes new information about the ? trick decal, provided by
coolcat00011. A more extensive revision is in the works.


PART I - Basic Information
-Battle Mode/Battle
-EP and Techniques
-Stat Growth
-? Decals
-Trick Decals
-Food and Nutrition
   Healing foods
   Strength-boosting foods
   Defense-boosting foods
   Dexterity and agility-boosting foods
   Wisdom-boosting foods
   Stamina-boosting foods
   Speed-boosting foods
   Anti-Element-boosting foods
   Defense-building foods
   Dexterity-building foods
   Aglity-building foods
   Wisdom-building foods
   Stamina-building foods
   Other nutrients

PART II - Walkthrough
Chapter 1 - Deserted Isle
Chapter 2 - La Chef Beach
Chapter 3 - Caldoaxa Ruins
Chapter 4 - Ft. Eagle
Chapter 5 - Aegis
Chapter 6 - Fisher King, Shadow Thief, and Level 1 Lockpicking
Chapter 7 - Habara
Chapter 8 - Rizo Island
Chapter 9 - Akumojo Castle
Chapter 10 - Post-game, WiFisland, Sidequests and Level 2 Lockpicking

PART III - Stat-Maxing
Chapter 11 - Main Quest Stat-Maxing
Chapter 12 - Post Game Stat-Maxing
Chapter W - Caveat Gamer: Some Things You Should Know
Chapter X - Skills and Stats
Chapter Y - Lists
Chapter Z - Frequently Asked Questions




This guide is intended to be comprehensive. I generally avoid mentioning any
plot specifics, so it should be spoiler free as long as you don't look ahead
to see, for instance, boss names in later parts of the walkthrough than you
are at. The walkthrough is broken up into chapters based on which island
you're on, with an additional chapter for the Fisherman and Thief outfits,
and a final chapter that discusses the post-game, WiFisland, and sidequests.
The lists at the end of the guide may also contain spoilerish things,
possibly, but that's why we put such things at the end.

With the exception of the sidequests, the walkthrough covers things in the
order they appear in the game. Sidequests for a particular island usually
appear as soon as you've completed the plot on that island, and sometimes
before, so you can do most of them at any time, though if you go digging
around in the last chapter, you may see spoilers. Just so you know.

In creating this walkthrough, I did some things that will have an effect on
how you may use it:

About stats and fighting:

First, I didn't want to assume anyone had access to WiFisland, so I didn't get
any of the items or stat boosts you get from adding friends. So if you don't
have it, don't worry about it.

Second, I was generally annoyed by complaints that the game required grinding,
so I didn't. At all. In fact, I barely fought anything that wasn't absolutely
required: a boss, or blocking the path. I did this to ensure that whatever
your stat levels are, mine were lower, so the boss fights should be easier
than described in this guide. Basically, it doesn't matter what your stats are.

No grinding of any kind, for money, items or stats, is necessary to beat the
game. Period. What this means is that if you play the game naturally, the
bosses should take fewer than the recommended potions. The low end suggestion
is always how many it took me when I was severely underpowered. On the other
hand, if you fight everything you can possibly fight, twice, then you're going
to be using more potions generally than I talk about in the guide--though
you'll have much, much more money to spend on potions... so it all balances.
If you want my honest advice, you should just ignore the numbers and stock up
as much as you can whenever I suggest stopping for potions.

Finally, I recommend in some situations a specific outfit and weapon. You
don't have to wear or use those things. In the last half of the game, not
wearing the recommended outfit will mean passing up some special items or
pickable treasure chests, or using keys on chests that could just be picked
for free... but what outfit you're wearing at any given point (except the one
door that requires you to wear the elemental outfits) and what weapon you
choose to fight with is entirely up to you.

About cooking and stealing:

There is a point in this guide where I recommend getting your cooking skill to
10 and your thievery to 8. Both take at most fifteen minutes, given that both
start at 5 as soon as you obtain the outfit. Just do it. Getting your cooking
to 10 allows you to reduce your outlay for potions from 80 to 30. Getting your
thievery to 8 allows you to pick most of the chests and doors in the game, so
you don't have to skip them and return, or bother with extra keys.

About money and shopping:

I never once used a weapon from a shop. You can use the Rusty Knife until you
get the Fruit Knife, the Fruit Knife until you get the Saber, and the Saber
against everything in the last half of the game, including the final boss, and
be doing plenty good damage. Use a stick (drop from the yellow worms) or your
bare fists if you don't want to use a slashing weapon. There is just no reason
to buy the crap weapons they sell in the stores. Leave it for the post-game
completionist roundup. If you're fighting anything, like, at all, you should
have plenty of money for potions and the few unique or required purchases--as
long as you don't waste it on crap. There are a couple boss fights where a
specific weapon is mentioned, but it's always something you get from a chest or
the plot.

Battle Mode/Battle
Hit B to enter Battle mode. On activation, you will usually target the closest
enemy character, but not always. To retarget, just tap your preferred target
with the stylus and select the attack option (crossed swords). Or just push
the left shoulder button to cycle through available enemies.

During battle mode, your character will hit automatically when he's in range
of the enemy after the weapon's charge time is complete. If you hold the D-pad
to face away from the enemy, your character will strike in the indicated
direction, rather than at the enemy. If your character is in the general
attack activation range, but not in range for his weapon, whether because
you're using a short-range weapon (Punching, Slashing types) or chasing a
fleeing enemy, you can miss the enemy and be forced to wait through the charge
time again.

You can activate battle mode prior to closing with an enemy and the game will
burn the charge time and hold the strike until you're in range, so you can
almost always get an immediate strike on any enemy that isn't fleeing.

Enemies seem to flee based on some or all of your stat strengths, but
different enemies will flee at different levels. Villagers and other "good"
monsters, like the farm animals, will begin to flee (or even begin to initiate
combat, depending on your strength) if your karma drops low enough.

Attack range is a very exploitable aspect of the game. The longer weapons
(Striking weapons, followed by Slashing weapons) will often allow you to hit
without taking counter-hits, though this usually requires you to trap the
enemy against some environmental feature. The range of a weapon is offset
by its charge time. Punching weapons charge faster, striking weapons more

Attacks and techniques (yours and the enemy's) can be cancelled by an attack
that lands (misses and blocked or sword-catch hits don't count) just before
it would normally activate. Generally it is best to fire off techniques
immediately after the enemy lands an attack, just to avoid the technique being
cancelled. Cancelled techniques still cost EP (usually), but have no effect. It
is also best to avoid being crowded by many enemies as, if their attacks are at
all staggered, they can cancel everything you try to do and prevent you from
hitting at all.

EP and Techniques
EP is used to power techniques you gain as you level the techs associated with
the outfits and weapon types. EP charges as follows:

1 EP: Three kills since last tech use.
2 - 5 EP: Two kills since last tech use.

If you kill with a tech, your EP will charge as if the tech came before the
kill, so you can, for instance, use a 1 EP Tech on every second enemy, as long
as you never let your EP drop to zero and don't use it on two enemies in a row.

If you kill only halfway to the next EP and use a tech, any half-charges will
be lost. Example:

-Start at 3 EP. (3.0)
-Use Gut to kill enemy one. 2 EP after tech, 1/2 charge for the kill. (2.5)
-Use Gut to kill enemy two. 1 EP after tech, 1/2 charge lost, gain 1/2 charge
 for the kill. (1.5)

So, essentially, you can charge EP faster and use techs more often if you keep
those partial charges in mind.

Stat Growth
Your stats increase as you use them, mostly in proportion to the stats of the
enemy you are interacting with. You can beat the game with a few potions and
the stats you gain from bosses and the few enemies you are required to fight.
If you spend more time fighting, you will have higher stats and have less
trouble with enemies and bosses, but the returns are diminishing. Most
enemies in the game will stop developing your stats after a certain point, so
there's no particular reason to spend any extra time killing for stat growth,
especially when heading to the next island, which will have stronger enemies
that will develop your stats higher and faster.

? Decals
During the course of the game, many enemies will drop ? Decals, and most
enemies have them as a possible steal. You can also find them in a few
treasure chests. To use them, enter the menu and go to the ? page. Tap the
? Decal and then peel it with the stylus. You can then stick it into one of
four slots. You can choose to replace a current sticker if your slots are
full, but stickers replaced this way are lost forever. In fact, once you look
at a sticker, it's use it or lose it.

Stickers can modify as many as three stats in the category they cover, and can
have modifiers as high as +10. It seems to be the case that the more stickers
you peel, the higher the modifiers and the more stats per sticker (although
you will still get onestat +1 stickers, even after you've peeled hundreds).

Decal types and the stats they can modify:

Defense Decal  - Anti-Element Defenses
Weapon Decal   - Slashing, Striking, and Punching
Job Decal      - Thievery, Fishing, and Cooking
Personal Decal - Fame, Courage, and Karma
Wisdom Decal   - Wisdom and Elemental Attack
Battle Decal   - Strength, Defense, and Stamina
Quick Decal    - Dexterity, Agility, and Speed

Your modified stats only affect actions that use the stats for a calculation,
like damage, chance to hit/dodge, or job skill failure rates. The modifiers
will not open new techniques early, and have no effect on your stats' growth

Trick Decals

As the game progresses, the professor will give you various Trick Decals. You
can use them by hitting R or tapping the green box in the top left of the
screen with your stylus. To use, just peel them off the menu page and stick
them (usually anywhere, except with the cell sticker--for cells you must place
the sticker on the cell) to activate.

All decals are one-shots. You can reload the decals at any time by talking to
the Professor in his room on the ship. He will automatically reload them any
time you arrive at a new location on the world map.

? Decal - Converts all on-screen enemies to farm animals. If you were in
combat with any of them, you will remain so. Useful for clearing big
rooms and solving crowds of enemies that might be cancelling you. If you are
stat-maxing, it's good for keeping combat to a minimum. Turning an enemy into
a farm animal makes the game think that you've killed it, although it gives
no drops. If you use the ? decal on a creature that gives negative karma when
killed (such as farm animals and people), the trick decal changes it over to
skeletons instead. Has no effect on bosses. (Thanks to coolcat00011 for this

Mochi Decal - Looks like a paw print. Stick to the screen to have Mochi drop
in and variously do nothing, deal some damage, or add statuses to one or more
enemies on screen. It increases in power and usefulness as you play with Mochi
more and more during the save/sleep time. For best effect, use the stylus to
draw tight circles around Mochi to flip him on his back and scratch back and
forth across him for MASSIVE DAMAGE. For more information, see the Mochi
section below.

Ship Decal - Allows you to teleport back to the ship. Probably the most useful
decal. Doesn't work from certain rooms and locations, usually boss rooms and
weird locations where you're not in the, ah... real world. >_>

Cell Decal - Must be used to capture the cells. Unlike other decals, you must
tap the cell with the stylus to properly start the decal.

Constellation Decal - Looks like a galaxy. Fully heals you. Might be useful in
dire situations, but at once per trip, you're not going to be depending on it.
Its usefulness increases with your hit points, obviously, and it's helpful in
stat-maxing to save potions.

Balloon Decal - Stick the decal, then when the balloon is on screen, blow
repeatedly into the DS mic to expand the balloon. When it pops, it does decent
damage to everything on screen. Works on bosses. Good for keeping combat to a
minimum if you are stat-maxing.

Sun and Moon Decal - Stick it to activate. If the Sun shows, it does
damage. If the Moon shows, it puts on-screen enemies to sleep. The sun is more
useful for avoiding combat if you are stat-maxing. Works on bosses.

UFO Decal - Requires completion of a sidequest (see Chapters 6 and 10 in the
walkthrough). Disappears all on-screen enemies into the ether. Good for crowd
control, and for keeping combat to a minimum if you are stat-maxing. Does not
work on bosses.

Isn't he cute? Mochi can be a powerful ally in stat maxing or combat if you
take the time to train him correctly. You train Mochi, first of all, by
calling him out to help you, starting as soon as you get your Mochi decal. It's
tempting not to bother with this, because frankly, at first Mochi is pretty
useless. Call him out against the yellow worms and he does 1 damage! But you
can't expect him to know everything right away, can you?

The second way you train Mochi is when you pay attention to him after you
save, while Terry is sleeping. I think of it as rewarding him for a job well
done, or at least for trying. There are two types of activities you
can use. The first we'll call "light training," which means you point the
stylus at the food bowl and he eats, or at the computer and he punches the
keyboard, or at his scratching post or his bed. This kind of training will
give you little smiley face icons one at a time. You can also give Mochi a
little pat on the head or back scratch, which will usually give you a little
smiley face but sometimes an orange frowny face and a noise like when your
karma drops. I take this to mean Mochi didn't like that, so just feed him a few
more times to get him over it.

The second kind of training is the tummy rub. To do this, take your stylus and
slowly circle it around Mochi. If you do it right, he will flip over on his
back and give you multiple smiley faces, large and small, as you continue to
circle the stylus around his body. Yes, he really really likes it!

Remember these two styles of training because you will want to use the right
method depending on what you want to accomplish.

Mochi has four levels that he moves through in sequence, although some are
sometimes skipped:

1. Starts out very weak, attacks a single enemy with minimal damage, gradually
gets a little stronger. This is where most people write him off, poor puppy!

2. He appears to attack Terry, but causes damage to all enemies on screen. Can
be pretty strong and wipe out a whole screenful. This is where I like to keep

3. Attacks Terry, but only stuns all enemies on screen, causing no damage.
Almost useless, in my opinion.

4. Attacks a single enemy, usually causing significant damage (supergods are
affected much less). Not as good as stage 2, but still helpful in battle.

What moves Mochi through the levels are the tummy rubs. In fact, it's
possible to bypass at least level 1 altogether if you train Mochi enough
before you get his decal. On one of my files, he started out on stage 2
the first time I used him, after I had given him lots of belly rubs. Also, on
my very first file, I didn't know about tummy rubs, and used only light
training. That Mochi moved from stage 1 directly to stage 4.

Once he's at stage 2, extensive tummy rubbing will move him into stage 3 and
then 4. But - you might not want to do this! Stage 2 can be very handy.
Mochi gets powerful enough to wipe out or seriously weaken multiple enemies on
screen. If you are trying to max your defensive stats (see Part III - Stat
Maxing),it can help you avoid combat. You can even gather a bunch of enemies
together on a crowded screen, call him out and collect your drops to raise
money. What Mochi does stays with Mochi and doesn't affect your stats.

To keep Mochi at stage 2 once he gets there, STOP the tummy rubs! Use only
light training from now on, and you might even want to avoid patting him on
the head. Watch carefully to make sure Mochi doesn't arch his back and hiss at
you! This means he has now moved to stage 3, stun. You can confirm
this by calling him out and seeing how he behaves. But there is a safety net
built into the game. You train Mochi AFTER your save is complete; for the
training to be recorded into the game, you must save again. If you find Mochi
has been set to stun (the stages do NOT reverse!), it might be a good time to
turn off your game. 

NOTE: A user named Goldom reported a variation on stage 2, where Mochi
attacked all enemies but dealt only 1 damage to each. A few more tummy rubs
and Mochi was a true level 2, dealing higher damage. If this happens to you,
just be careful to take Mochi out for a test before saving after every set of
tummy rubs, to make sure he hasn't passed into stage 3. Once he reaches a true
level 2, stop rubbing.

A couple of other points about Mochi: First, he seems to be somewhat stronger
against fire enemies, somewhat weaker against water and wind enemies. I guess
that makes sense, given his method of attack.

Second, he has a moral sense. Call him out against helpless villagers and farm
animals and he'll attack you, causing no damage to anyone but making a point,
I guess. He will, however, attack the soldiers at Fort Eagle, the evil sheep,
or farm animals or villagers IF they are attacking you.

Food and Nutrition 
With proper meal planning, food can be used to heal, to boost your stats, or
to grow your stats. You can eat a good meal of long-lasting, stat-boosting or
stat-building food. You should always save some room, however, for a
quick-burning healing potion or herb.

If you look at a food's information screen, you will see
what it can do for you. Take, for example, Tropical Fruit, probably the first
food you will pick up on Deserted Isle. If you eat it, it will cure 20 HP, and
will also give you a +1 strength boost for 50 seconds, the digestion time,
which is how long it will stay in your stomach. Stamina: 20 means each fruit
will fill up 20 percent of your stomach. (Thanks to Stepswordsman for
figuring that out!) You can fit 5 tropical fruit into your stomach at a time,
and the effects will stack, meaning if you eat 5, your strength bonus will be
multiplied by 5. However, I would recommend not filling yourself up completely,
because you always want to save room for at least one potion. The effects will
also stack on top of decal or other bonuses you might have.

Another example is the Cheeseburger. Terry starts the game with three of them.
Each one will give him a +2 stamina bonus. This means more hitpoint capacity,
although if your health is low, you will still have to fill the hitpoints up.
The cheeseburger itself will restore 30 HP. You also get a +2 strength bonus.
Finally, do you see the red arrow by the defense icon? This means it is a
stat-building food, increasing the rate at which your defense grows. In this
case, it is a +10, which seems to translate into a 10 percent faster growth
rate. This too will stack, and the effect will also last for the digestion
time, in this case, 3 minutes 20 seconds. Cheeseburgers have a Stamina of 40,
so you can eat two and still have room for a Stamina 10 food and two potions.
So, things to consider are: stat effect, digestion time, space it
takes up in your stomach, and hit points restored. Cost and availability of
the food are also worth considering. Following are some examples of foods
I like to use. Capacity is the number you can eat while still allowing room
for at least one potion. For recipes, see Chapter Y. Foods with a "+" by their
name are my favorites.

Healing Foods - 

Potions and plus potions of course. They restore 80 and 200
hit points, respectively, and are digested in just 10 seconds, so you can eat
another one fairly quickly. Although Plus Potions are more expensive per hit
point, they have the advantage of not taking up any more room in your stomach
than a regular potion. So if you're in a heated battle with an elemental god,
for example, you can heal that critical hit all the way back up without having
to avoid another swipe for 10 seconds. Also good for healing are herbs, which
restore 30 HP and are digested in 15 seconds, or even water to top off your
HP. Tropical fruit and coconuts are good in the early stages of the game.
Note: Save your healing foods until after you have eaten a base meal of
stat-boosting or -building foods, because they will do some healing also. If
you still need more healing after eating your base meal, then take a potion.

Strength-boosting Foods -

+ Tropical Fruit - Adds +1 strength and restores 20 HP. Digestion time 50s.
Free and available. This is also your healing food until herbs become
available. You can eat up to 4 and still have room for a potion or herb.
It's the only strength-boosting food that doesn't require cooking.

Fruit Juice - +1 strength, restores 20 HP. It lasts only 20s, but you can eat
9 of them. Good for tough, short battles. Requires water and level 0 cooking.

BBQ Meat - +1 strength, +2 stamina, restores 50 HP. It lasts 6m40s and you can
eat only two. Easy and cheap with level 0 cooking skill.

Savory BBQ - +2 strength, +1 stamina, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 6m40s.
You can eat two. Because wild game comes from evil animals, it's a little
harder to obtain than meat, but still easy and available. Level 0 cooking.

Mystery BBQ - -5 strength, +10 stamina, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 6m40s.
Capacity: 2. Level 0 cooking. Yes, there might be a time in the game when you
want to decrease your strength, although when I tested it, I couldn't really
see an effect. It might be that it was at a low level and just not noticeable
for me.

Rotten BBQ - +3 strength, -5 stamina, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 6m40s.
Capacity: 2. Free but tougher to obtain. Level 1 cooking required.

+ Kebab - +3 strength, +5 stamina, restores 60 HP. Digestion time 8m20s.
Capacity: 1. Cheap and available ingredients. Level 1 cooking.

+ Hamburger - +2 strength, +5 stamina, restores 75 HP. Digestion time 6m40s.
Capacity: 2. Cheap and available ingredients. Level 1 cooking. A good choice.

Cheeseburger - +2 strength, +2 stamina, also builds defense. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 3m20s. Capacity: 2. Available and cheap ingredients but requires
Level 2 cooking. I'd recommend it only if you want the defense-building along
with the stat boost.

Steak - +5 strength, +6 stamina, restores 100 HP. Digestion time 10m.
Capacity: 1, but there's probably also room for another food as well as a
potion. Requires Level 3 cooking as well as butter, a medium-difficult
ingredient to come by. You probably won't be able to make this until late in
the game, and by then you probably won't need to bother with it.

Defense-boosting foods -

+ Coconut - +1 defense, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 50s. Capacity: 4.
Free and available on Aegis. The only defense-boosting food that doesn't
require cooking.

Coconut milk - +1 defense, restores 10 HP. As with fruit juice, you have a
short digestion time (20s) but a large capacity (9). Free and available.
Requires level 1 cooking. Coconut and coconut milk are the only defense-
boosting foods that don't require fishing.

BBQ Killifish - +2 defense, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 1m6s. Capacity: 9.
Cooking level 0, fishing level 1. A good way to give a big boost to your
defense early in the game.

BBQ Bass - +2 defense, +1 wisdom, restores 20 HP. Digestion time 3m20s.
Capacity: 4. Cooking level 0, fishing level 0. Another good choice early in
the game.

BBQ Carp - +1 defense, +2 wisdom, restores 20 HP. Digestion time 2m13s.
Capacity: 4. Cooking level 0, fishing level 1.

Cajun Catfish - +2 defense, +3 wisdom, restores 30 HP. Digestion time 3m20s.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 1, fishing level 1. If you're fishing for the King,
you'll catch a ton of these, so you might as well use them.

BBQ Snapper - +3 defense, +3 wisdom, restores 30 HP. Digestion time 3m20s.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 1, fishing level 1.

BBQ Salmon - +3 defense, +4 wisdom, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 4m26s.
Capacity: 2. Cooking level 1, fishing level 2.

BBQ Piranha - +4 defense, +5 wisdom, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 5m, 33s.
Capacity: 1. Cooking level 2, fishing level 2.

BBQ Tuna - +4 defense, +3 wisdom, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 4m26s.
Capacity: 2. Cooking level 2, fishing level 2.

BBQ Swordfish - +5 defense, +4 wisdom, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 5m33s.
Capacity: 1. Cooking level 2, fishing level 2.

+Swanky Soup - +10 defense, +5 wisdom, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 3m20s.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 2. Requires flour and any kind of fish. This is
one of my favorite recipes, and almost as good a reason as plus potion to
raise your cooking level.

Bass Stuffing - +8 defense, +10 wisdom, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 3m20s.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 3, fishing level 0. With the high cooking level
required, you probably won't bother with this complicated recipe.

Dexterity and agility-boosting foods -

Lettuce - +3 dexterity, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 25s. Capacity: 9.
Expensive and short-lived. Not worth it IMO.

Tomato - +5 agility, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 25s. Capacity: 9.
The unpredictability of getting misses makes the usefulness of this even more
chancey than lettuce, unless you want the agility to increase weapon speed.
Still, not one you're probably going to use a lot.

Salad - +4 dexterity, +4 agility, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 50s.
Capacity: 4. Cooking level 1. Again, an expensive boost.

Wisdom-boosting foods -

Wisdom "affects magical techniques," according to its information page, and,
according to Stepswordsman, "does absolutely the same thing Elements do -
increases spell damage." It looks as though there is some variation in the
precise formula for the way Wisdom affects different Elements and spells,
but the nice thing is that a boost in Wisdom will assist all your
Elemental attacks, strong and weak.

It's said that fish is brain food, and appropriately, all wisdom-boosting
foods are fish except for Cola, which is really a wisdom-depleting food.
Most also carry defense boosts and are treated in that section. Three
foods affect wisdom only:

BBQ Sardines - +2 wisdom, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 1m6s. Capacity: 9.
Cooking level 0, fishing level 0.

Tuna Sushi - +10 wisdom, restores 30 HP. Digestion time 2m30s. Capacity: 3.
Cooking level 2, fishing level 2. Tuna are hard to come by.

Cola - -5 wisdom, restores 20 HP. Digestion time 20s. Capacity: 9. I tried
lowering my wisdom with these to see whether it would weaken my magic attacks,
but I noticed no effect. It might be that the effect is subtle and that my
wisdom and elemental magic power were already too strong.

Stamina-boosting foods -

This is a little confusing because the word "stamina" is used two different
ways in the food descriptions. As noted above, "Stamina: X" indicates what
percentage of your stomach one serving of the food will fill (thanks again to
Stepswordsman). When a food boosts your stamina stat, however, it will show a
little icon of the guy squatting and curling his biceps, just as it appears
on your menu screen.

Many of the foods that boost stamina also boost strength and were treated in
the strength-boosting section above. They include: BBQ Meat, Savory BBQ,
Mystery BBQ, Rotten BBQ (depletes stamina), Kebab, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, and
Steak. The following foods are stamina-boosters also:

+ BBQ Chicken - +2 Stamina, +5 Speed, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 5m.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 0. Easy and cheap. I like this as much for the
speed boost in the early part of the game as for the stamina boost.

+ Ham - +4 Stamina, restores 25 HP. Digestion time 4m10s. Capacity: 3.
Cooking level 1. Meat + coal = good use for cooking failures.

Chicken Bites - +4 Stamina, +5 Speed, restores 40 HP. Digestion time 5m.
Capacity: 3. Cooking level 2.

+ Mystery Herbs - +10 Stamina, restores 75 HP. Digestion time 6m40s.
Capacity: 2. Cooking level 3. Good for fighting those elemental bosses.

Speed-boosting foods -

In addition to BBQ Chicken and Chicken Bites, discussed above, speed is
boosted by Melon and Melon Bun. Both are quite expensive, since Melons cost
600g at the Aegis food shop. Even if you get free Melons dropped by soldiers
at Ft. Eagle, you will have to decide whether to cook them or sell them for
300 gold. Still, I'll include data on them here for completeness.

Melon - +4 speed, restores 50 HP. Digestion time 1m2s. Capacity: 3

Melon Bun - +8 Speed, also builds defense, restores 25 HP.
Digestion time 1m40s. Capacity: 4. Cooking level 2. To save money and time,
make this with bought bread rather than making your own dough.

Anti-Element-boosting foods -

Juice - +5 Anti-Fire, restores 10 HP. Digestion time 10s. Capacity 19.
This is not the Fruit Juice you cook up from Tropical Fruit; this is the
canned juice you buy from the vending machines on Ft. Eagle and Habara for
120 gold per can. With only a 10-second digestion time, it's not very
useful, and is very expensive.

+ Canned Stew - +10 Anti-Water, restores 20 HP. Digestion time 1m23s.
Capacity: 3. Quite helpful in post-game leveling against the Blue Worms on
Ft. Eagle. Sold in the Habara vending machine for 120 gold.

Defense-building foods -

Cheeseburger - Increases rate of defense growth by 10 percent per serving. See
Strength-boosting foods section.

Melon Bun - Increases rate of growth by 20 percent per serving.
See Speed-boosting foods section.

Milk - Increases defense growth rate by 20 percent. Also increases stamina
growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 10 HP. Digestion time 20s. Capacity: 4.
With its short digestion time, you'll be needing milk quite often. Too bad it's
not at any of the shops.

Bread - Increases defense growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 25 HP. Digestion
time 1m40s. Capacity: 4. Cooking level 1, although it's cheaper to buy than
to make.

+ Raisin Bread - Increases defense growth rate by 20 percent. Restores 25 HP.
Digestion time 1m40s. Capacity 4. Cooking level 2. Doubles your growth rate
over plain old bread, and much more affordable than Melon Bun.

Dexterity-building foods -

+ Apple - Increases dexterity growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 10 HP.
Digestion time 25s. Capacity: 9. A bit expensive but highly effective,
especially if you have trapped the Supercow, or an opponent with agility of at
least 80 in rooms 4 or 5 on WiFisland. Just eat some apples right before you
start hitting them. If they are trapped where they can't get you, you could
even eat 10 apples and completely fill up. This would double your dexterity
growth rate.

Apple pie - Increases dexterity growth rate by 10 percent, also wisdom growth
rate by 20 percent. Restores 25 HP. Digestion time 1m40s. Capacity: 4. Cooking
level 2. 

Agility-building foods -

It is risky using agility-building foods to maximize the benefits of missed
hits from opponents in building your agility. Misses are unpredictable and
frustratingly infrequent, and you might go through your entire digestion time
without experiencing one. It might be more beneficial to eat Agility-boosting
foods in the hopes of triggering more misses and just taking the normal
increase from them. Nevertheless, logic_resistant tried eating strawberries
and reported a faster-rising agility bar, so it did work for him!

Strawberry - Increases agility growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 10 HP.
Digestion time 25s. Capacity: 9. Not cheap at 200 gold each.

Strawberry milk - Increases agility growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 10 HP.
Digestion time 10s. Capacity: 19. Cooking level 1, or buy from vendor on
Habara. Doesn't last long enough to be worthwhile IMO.

Wisdom-building foods -

I wouldn't bother with these, as wisdom grows quickly enough just through using
your elemental techs. Still, if you want to maximize the benefit of using
those techs, here they are:

Pie - Increases wisdom growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 25 HP. Digestion
time 1m40s. Capacity: 4. Cooking level 2.

Apple Pie - Increases wisdom growth rate by 20 percent. See Dexterity-building
foods, above.

Stamina-building foods - 

Milk - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. See Defense-building foods,

Steamed Rice - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 1m40s. Capacity: 4. Cooking level 1. This would be great if
rice weren't so hard to come by, at least between the time you clear Ft. Eagle
and when you finish the clone quest.

Rice Pilaf - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 2m30s. Capacity: 3. Cooking level 2. Another rice dish.

Jambalaya - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 3m20s. Capacity: 2. Cooking level 3. Still another rice dish.

Loco Moco - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 3m45s. Capacity: 2. Cooking level 3. And another rice dish.

+ Thai Curry - Increases stamina growth rate by 10 percent. Restores 30 HP.
Digestion time 3m20s. Capacity: 2. Cooking level 2. Finally! No rice needed!
This uses cheap and easily obtainable coconuts and spices. Once you can make
Level 2 recipes, why would you bother with the rice dishes?

Other nutrients

In addition to healing, boosting and building stats, some foods help in other

Grapes - Critical hit +5 percent
Water - Cures burn
Canned coffee, coffee and latte - cure sleep
Raisin bread - Critical hit +10 percent
Elixer - Cures poison
Thai Curry - Cures frozen


Chapter 1 - Deserted Island

Tropical Fruit - Trees
Herbs - Treasure Chest
Rusty Knife - Treasure chest
Gold - Treasure Chest

Special Items
Bottle Letter

Fireman (Aqua Shot)

HP: 20
Drops: Water
Gut: Water

Yellow/Green Worm
HP: 20
Drops: Twig, Potato
Gut: Potato

HP: 30
Drops: Sardines
Gut: Sardines

HP: 32
Drops: Chicken
Gut: Chicken

HP: 20
Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

HP: 20
Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

Red Worm
HP: 80
Drops: Bat, Tomato
Gut: Tomato

*** Note: This chapter requires no fighting. You can fight enemies for drops
and stat experience, but you certainly don't have to. That said, fighting
grows your HP and gives you the stat experience you need to deal higher damage
and take less damage, as well as to hit and dodge more. You should try at least
to kill enemies as you go. If you need, you can always head back to the ship
(or other tub) to heal. And dying just pops you back to the ship. You don't
lose any experience or items. You do lose fame, but you are a long way from
needing to think about that now.


Start game. Poke the prof. Twice. Enter requested information. Watch plot.

Poke Terry to wake him up. Hook around east and head north to the cave
opening. Head north through the cave to the ship. Go below and head into the
northwest room to talk to the Prof. Head back out to the beach (the Prof will
interrupt with the usual introductory stuff) and follow it south and then west
to a cave opening. If you see any tropical fruit in the trees, just tap it with
the stylus to knock it out and walk across it to pick it up. Be sure Terry
isn't right there or the stylus will open the action menu.

Head into the cave and go north and east to the chest [Herbs]. Head north and
west, then south to another entrance. Outside is another chest [Rusty Knife].
Go back inside and follow the north wall east to another exit to the south.

Hook around the cave opening to either side and cross the bridge to the north.
Head north and west to another cave opening. Inside, head southeast then north
to a chest [? Decal]. Head into the menu (X) and R button over to the ? page,
peel and stick. Head west to the crack in the wall (looks light brown) and go
in. Go slightly north and enter a hidden gap in the west wall right after the
hole in the ground. Follow it southwest to a chest [64G]. Head back to the main
corridor and head north into the room with the green crystal. Head into the
south wall to collect the Fireman outfit (Aqua Shot). Go ahead and wear it.
Pop back north into the room with the crystal and hit R to bring up the Trick
Decal menu. Peel the cell sticker (with the green crystal on it) and stick it
over the cell.

Head back southeast to the entrance, then head southeast to see the white
monkey. Follow it southeast through the exit. On the beach is a letter in a
bottle [Bottle Letter]. This will open La Chef Beach on the world map. Head
back to the ship and check in with the Prof. After the plot, head into your
room (northeast door) and access the SeaNavi (globe).

*** Note: If you save here, you can add WiFisland to the map by exchanging
friend codes and connecting with another player. WiFisland offers a number of
stat boosts and rare items as you add friends, but for the purposes of this
walkthrough, I will not assume anyone has access to it, unless a sidequest
requires an item that can only be found at WiFisland.

*** Note: Before you leave the island, I highly suggest running back through
the cave to the first beach area and popping in and out of the cave to kill the
crab for Water drops and to shake the tree for Tropical Fruit. You'll get one
fruit on the lower screen and one or two on the upper screen each time you
pop in and out of a cave. Having 10 - 15 Tropical Fruit will set you up nicely
with heals you will need until Herbs and Potions become available.

When you're ready to continue, set your SeaNavi for La Chef Beach.

Chapter 2 - La Chef Beach

Gold - Treasure Chest
Fruit Knife - Treasure Chest

Special Items
Key - Treasure Chest

Chef Outfit (Mr. Cuisine)

HP: 20
Drops: Water
Gut: Water

Yellow/Green Worm
HP: 20
Drops: Twig, Potato
Gut: Potato

HP: 30
Drops: Chicken
Gut: Chicken

Pill Bug
HP: 50
Drops: Mystery Meat, Ladybug, Beetle, Stag Beetle, ? Decal
Gut: Mystery Meat

Red Worm
HP: 80
Drops: Bat, Tomato
Gut: Tomato


Head out to the beach and talk to the naked dude. After the plot, follow the
monkey into the cave to the east. Follow the monkey east and out the southern
exit. Head east, then south to the fork. Head west to the wall and pop south
to a chest [55G]. Head north through the exit and through the west wall to a
chest [Fruit Knife]. The pill bugs in this room are aggressive, and have high
DEF, so either be careful not to trigger them or be ready to heal. Head back
south to the last room, then follow the path southeast to the east exit. Hug
the south wall in the next area to enter a hidden path to a chest [Key]. Return
to the path and head north a bit to see the monkey leave north. Prepare for
a fight (I suggest two heals and fully charged EP) and follow the monkey north
into the next room.


BOSS: Red Panther
HP: 125

The red panther has three attacks: A regular attack, an attack where it swings
around you, and a ranged scream attack that will paralyze you. The scream
attack has a wind-up signaled by some yellow >> << around the panther, and it
can be interrupted by an attack. Be careful about your HP, as the panther can
land free hits when you're paralyzed, and prevent you from fleeing. There is a
little arm off of the northeast side of the hole in the floor that you can
trap the panther behind. This allows you to hit him while he can hit you only
with the paralyzing strike and his regular attack. You can also flee out of
range of his damaging strikes from there, without untrapping him, to heal/
digest. Even if you've killed nothing else, you can take him with only one or
two heals if you've trapped him. If you've got charged EP, you should be able
to take him out with a few shots of Trickle (but it's not really necessary). Be
careful not to get cancelled by an attack. You always want to use tech skills
immediately following an enemy strike.


After the fight, the monkey will follow you. Lead him back to the beach, watch
plot, then pick up the Chef outfit (Mr. Cuisine). Go ahead and change into it.

*** Note: The chef outfit, along with a chef knife and the Gut skill, is one of
the most effective offensive combinations in the game. While the suit doesn't
give the HP boost of an elemental suit, the Gut skill only costs 1 EP and
triple hits an enemy. If it finishes a monster, it forces a food drop, hooking
you up with great ingredients for cooking. At least in the early game, I
recommend you do most of your normal fighting in this suit.

If you want, you can hang around and do some cooking. The bats drop chicken,
which can be converted into BBQ Chicken, and the Pill Bugs drop Mystery Meat,
which can be turned into Mystery BBQ. Cooking failures result in either a
recipe dropped on the ground or Coal, which will also help raise your cooking
stat. Sardines from the Mushrooms on Deserted Island can be turned to BBQ
Sardines, and Meat from the pigs and sheep on Deserted Island can be made into
BBQ Meat. If you have any Tropical Fruits left, they can be combined with Water
and turned into Fruit Juice for great cooking experience.

When you're done, head back to the ship and talk to the Prof. You can now use
the SeaNavi again.

*** Note: I highly recommend you raise your cooking level to at least 10 (if
you haven't already). It's even worthwhile to head back to Deserted Isle to
gather Tropical Fruit and Gut crabs for Water in order to make the Fruit
Juices that will raise your cooking skill super fast. At level 10 you can start
to make level 1 dishes, including the all-important Potion (Herbs + Water). If
you have the patience to cook, rather than buy your potions through the course
of the game, it will save you a ton of money in addition to training your
cooking skill effortlessly.

Set your SeaNavi for Caldoaxa Ruins.

Chapter 3 - Caldoaxa Ruins

Mage's Rod - Treasure Chest
Club - Treasure Chest (Key)
Gold - Treasure Chest
Cheeseburger - Treasure Chest
Cloud Sword - Boss Fight
Gold - Treasure Chest
Spices - Treasure Chest
Herbs - Treasure Chest

Special Items
Bottle - Drink bottled food item (Water, Fruit Juice, etc.)
Key - Treasure Chest
Blue Eyes v. 1 - Treasure Chest (Key)

Monk Outfit (Knuckle Mole)

HP: 20
Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

HP: 30
Drops: Chicken
Gut: Chicken

HP: 50
Drops: Mystery Meat, Grasshopper, Dragonfly, ? Decal
Gut: Mystery Meat

Pill Bug (black)
HP: 40
Drops: Mystery Meat, Stag Beetle, Beetle, Ladybug
Gut: Mystery Meat

HP: 50
Drops: Apple, ? Decal
Gut: Apple

HP: 60
Drops: Rotten Meat, Steak Knife, Bone Stake
Gut: Rotten Meat

Clay Man
HP: 80
Drops: Rotten Meat, Knuckle, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Red Imp
HP: 80
Drops: Mystery Meat, Shiv, ? Decal
Gut: Mystery Meat


Leave the ship and head eat through town until the plot hits you. Head south
and into the building. Check out the weapon shop items (if you want), and head
up to the back of the room and talk to the half-hidden dude to sharpen your
Rusty Knife. The outcome is random, but you can end up with some decent knives.
Frankly, your Fruit Knife is good for now. The shop sells Herbs, which you can
buy and then head back to the ship to combine with any water you have left to
get potions. If you run out of water, you can convert any Fruit Juice you have
to Bottles by drinking the Fruit Juice--any time you drink a liquid in a glass
container, the game will load a bottle into your Special Item inventory, up to
a maximum of 99. If you head out of the weapon shop and north a bit, there is
a weird stone-looking thing. It's a well, and if you have bottles, you can get
free water.

I recommend you take the steps to cook up some potions. Sell any meat dishes
you've cooked (and cook the extra meat/fish you have) if you need cash for

*** Note: Most of the NPCs in Caldoaxa can be killed for some interesting
drops, but unless it gives some significant advantage, I am not going to
discuss those drops until you get the Thief outfit, later in the guide. If you
really need to know what these NPCs have and don't mind the karma hit for
killing them, skip ahead to that section (or just kill them), but beware
possible spoilers.

It is actually somewhat worthwhile to kill the old lady by the entrance to the
underground portion of the town, north of the well. She carries a Frying Pan,
another Chef-only, experience-boosting weapon (though you can't Gut with it).
It is possible that this will help your success rate with cooking. I've noticed
that higher experience-boosting Chef-only weapons SEEM to reduce failures. So,
if you want to be an evil bastard, kill the old lady for her Frying Pan. She
also has a special item, the Chicken Bites recipe. If you get it, great. If
not, don't worry about it, we'll cover that later on in the guide.

So go make your potions and then head back into the door to the underground.
Head north to the junction, then east into the room with all the people. In
front of the little wall splitting the room, there is a bookcase. Go examine
it for some plot and free Wisdom. (***Note: If you are intending to max your
stats, you might want to wait to read this and other plot documents until your
Wisdom is at 95, to get your free Wisdom at the end. However, Wisdom is not
that hard to max, so go ahead and read now if you want.) Head back to the
junction, then west and around south to a door. Examine it, then head back to
the junction and north to talk to Copper, the mayor. Head back toward the door,
meet the guy, say Yes, then follow him to the door. When the door is open, head

Head west to the last room, examine the stone in the center, turn the wheel.
Return all the way east, then head out the north door into the next room and
under the Gate. It's on a timer, so don't dawdle running back. If you run out
of time, just turn the wheel again and repeat. In the next room, head all the
way west to the chest [Mage's Rod]. Then head down the stairs in the southeast
corner, then out the west side of the next room. Follow the corridor all the
way to the end, and talk to the dude digging. Wait a few seconds, then steal
his Monk outfit (Earth Mole). Don't wear it. Head all the way back around, up
the stairs, and then head west until you see a lighted exit to the north. Pop
outside for a heal and a save.

You can, if you want, at this point take advantage of the close proximity of
enemies and bathtub to kill some stuff for experience and loots. But it's not
required. When you're ready, head out the north side of the outdoor room.

Head east and examine the first door to unlock it. Why? Why not? Then head all
the way west and use your key to open the chest [Club]. Head east to the
junction and then north to the wall. Head east and up the stairs. In the next
room, pop over to the east and open the chest [Key]. Head all the way west
through the exit. Continue west past the big stairway to the north. Right at
the shadow of the hallway, head south into the wall and down the stairs to a
chest [Gold]. Head back to the big stairs and continue north to the exit.

The Prof will interrupt you for a second, then head north through the hallway.
As it turns east and heads down the first stairs, right after the stairs, head
south into the wall for a chest [Cheeseburger]. Return to the path and
continue east, then north to the plot. Prepare for battle.


BOSS: Lester Sprawl
HP: 300

Lester is the first real break point of the game. To get him to fight, you must
first approach him and talk to him with A. After that, he won't let you leave
the room. He hits hard, often, and simply--his one attack will probably hit for
around a quarter of your HP. You have two choices, the hard way or the cheap
way. The hard way is to stand toe-to-toe, burn your EP on techniques, and heal
while you whittle his remaining HP (of which he has gobs).

The cheap way is to lead him down to the main floor, then back up the stairs
and hook yourself down onto the little balcony on either side, out of range.
Then equip either the Club, the Mage's Rod, or the Frying Pan (if you have
them--and you should have at least one if you're following this guide).
Because striking weapons have the longest range, a touch longer than swords
(Lester's weapon of choice), you can hit B to enter battle mode and then creep
forward, very carefully, until you're in range to hit him, but still out of his
range. Then just hang out while he dies. Yay for cheapness.


After the battle, slide over to pick up the nice Cloud Sword. Then head north
to the door, examine it with A, listen to the Prof, hold right on the D-pad.
Head through the door and north up the hallway. Prepare for battle.


BOSS: Golem
Right Hand HP: 280
Left Hand HP: 280
Body HP: 600

Phase one:
The golem has both hands, and executes three kinds of attack. A right hand and
a left hand punch, both of which have limited, but considerable range. You
can't be hit by either at the center bottom of the screen, but if you're much
closer to either side, you're in range of a punch. Another attack is a low
damage, unavoidable earthquake attack. The last possible attack happens after
the golem raises both hands and calls a boulder out of the sky, which is
pretty easy to avoid. Pick a hand. Doesn't matter which. When the golem does a
boulder attack, you can run in on a hand and enter battle mode, then pluck at
it for a while. Watch the golem. If it raises the other hand, no problem. If
it raises both hands to toss a boulder, get ready to dodge (if necessary) and
keep pounding the hand. If it raises the hand you're attacking, hit B to end
battle mode and run like hell to the other side. You must disengage battle
mode to make it out of range, so be prepared. When the first hand is down,
start on the other. It will take a little longer, because every attack will
raise that hand. Be paranoid, and take your time.

****NOTE: If you've been diligently training Mochi, you can call him out and
he can do significant damage, even destroy a whole hand for you! It certainly
makes things easier.

Phase two:
With both hands down, the pattern changes. The three attacks are: an upgraded
boulder drop, with three boulders; an unavoidable earthquake attack; and an
unavoidable drain attack that looks like shadows coming down out of the sky to
hit you. Unless he uses the boulder move, just stand right by his head and

If you're very careful during phase one, you can probably get through this
fight with only two potions. Three or four would probably be wise. During phase
two, you're going to be taking damage, so watch your HP, and avoid the
boulders, but don't stress about anything else.


After the battle, open the Trick Decal page (R) and peel and stick the cell
decal to nab the cell left behind by the boss. Head back through the ruins.
When you get to the east-west room with a bunch of Clay Men, in the little
room with the third Clay Man there is an exit to the south. Head out that exit
and down to the tub and save room.

Head down through the south exit, and pass through the short corridor. In the
next room, head south to the third wide spot and go into the east wall. Head
directly east through the little room and into the east wall. Follow the
hidden path north and open the door you see to the east. Return to the main
corridor. At the same wide spot, head into the west wall to the little room,
and head into its west wall, follow the path north to the door, and open it.
Head north and then east to the chest [gold]. Return to the main corridor, and
head south to the exit. Open the door, then hook around and head east and then
south to the exit.

After a brief comment by the Prof, head east to the four-way junction and
north to have a chat with the mayor. After the plot, head south to the
junction, then east to the room with all the people. From there, head to the
exit in the north wall and go talk to the spice shop lady. Plot will happen.
This next section is timed, so don't stop to fight anything.

Head through the door and run all the way east, then north and through the
door. In the next room, head east to the room and north a bit (don't bother
with the chest) then east to the next room and southeast to the stairs. In
this room, just head all the way east and then north into the room. If you
don't make it in time, don't worry. Just track back to the spice shop lady and
talk to her to start it all again. Once you've saved the dude, head back to
the shop, stopping on the way for that treasure chest we ignored [Spices].
From there, head east and south to the exit. Head immediately west in the next
room to nab another chest [Herbs], then go back to the spice shop. After the
plot, use your Key to unlock the chest in the corner [Blue Eyes v. 1].

Talk to the spice shop lady and buy enough Herbs to match your number of empty
bottles. Or buy extras and use them as mini-potions. Then head back south, to
the junction, and south again to exit. Fill your bottles at the well, then head
back to the ship, cook up your potions, and talk to the Prof.

When you're ready, set your SeaNavi for Ft. Eagle.

Chapter 4 - Ft. Eagle

Butterfly Knife - Treasure Chest
Elixer - Treasure Chest
Mallet - Treasure Chest
Gold - Treasure Chest
Army Knife - Treasure Chest (Key)
Ja Dagna - Trade with soldier
Keycard - Treasure Chest
Potion - Treasure Chest
Steak - Treasure Chest
Elemental Staff - Treasure Chest
Saber - Treasure Chest (Key)
Tonfa - Treasure Chest (Key)
Elixer - Treasure Chest
? Decal - Treasure Chest

Special Items
~Potion~ - Outdoor Shop Dude, 300G
~Fancy Soup~ - Treasure Chest
~Hamburger~ - Vending Machine, 300G
Blue Eyes v. 2 - Treasure Chest

Pilot Outfit (Flyboy)

Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

HP: 60
Drops: Water, Flowers, ? Decal
Gut: Water

Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

Drops: Meat
Gut: Meat

Evil Sheep
HP: 100
Drops: Wild Game, Claw, ? Decal
Gut: Wild Game

Snake (green)
Drops: Plague Dagger, Wild Game, ? Decal
Gut: Wild Game

Soldier (green)
Drops: Grapes

Drops: milk, meat
Gut: milk

HP: 100
Drops: mallet
Gut: mallet

Soldier (blue)
HP: 120
Drops: Melon, Tee Ball Bat, Rose, ? Decal
Gut: Melon

Drops: Lettuce, Mystery Meat
Gut: Mystery Meat

Soldier (red)
Drops: none?
Gut: none?

Soldier (brown)
Drops: Rice, Pansy, Strawberry, Butterfly Knife, ? Decal
Gut: Rice 

Cyber-dog (skunklike things)
Drops: Wild Game
Gut: Wild Game

Drops: ? Decal, coin
Gut: coin

Head all the way west through the first screen to the plot. The plot will take
you into the next screen. Afterward, you need to lead the old guy and the dog
through the forest. They can get hung up on enemies and objects, so be careful.
If you lose one of them, just head back to the campfire screen and they'll
refollow you. Just talk to the old guy to reactivate him. For the dog, you have
to stand away from him a bit and tap him with the stylus, then choose the talk
option, otherwise the campfire [!] gets in the way.

Head west to the slimes and goats, then northeast to the exit. In the next
screen, head directly west past the dude and over to the chest to nab the
[Butterfly Knife]. Talk to the dude to open his shop. Buy the one-time item
[~Potion~]. Buy potions if need be. Head east to the sheep and then north to
the chest [Elixer]. From there head west to the exit. In the next room, pop
immediately north for the chest [Mallet], then head northwest past the lake.
After the lake, head southeast along the water to a chest [~Fancy Soup~], then
west and south to the exit. Prepare for battle. (Charge EP, two potions.)


BOSS: Red Soldier, 5 Brown Soldiers
Red Soldier HP: 320
Brown Soldier HP: 40

After the plot ends, just run backward up the stairs. There's so many of them
that trying to go anywhere else is impractical, and the stairs work fine as a
bottleneck. The lead red soldier will probably be the first to engage you. If
you have EP to burn, burn it on the red soldier. After he's down, and
depending on how the brown soldiers bunched up, you should be able to take them
one at a time and possibly without return fire. Creep down the stairs toward
the south group, take them out (at 40 HP, they should only take one or two
shots--a joke), then just creep up and take the north group.

You can also use your ? Trick Decal to turn all the brown soldiers on screen
into farm animals, effectively getting rid of them. Then you can call Mochi
out to kill or greatly weaken the Red Soldier, if you have trained Mochi


After the battle, more plot. After the plot, examine the desk in the south
corner of the room for plot and free Wisdom. You can cook on the stove if you
want, and save on the bed. When you're done, head out the exit, then south. In
the next screen, head directly south to the chest [Gold]. From there, head
northeast and east to the exit. In the next screen, head southeast until you
see some drones, and then northeast to the vending machine. Examine it from
the front to open the shop, and buy one-time item [~Hamburger~], and a key.

****Note: At this point you might want to kill some drones until they drop a
mallet or two. If you intend to play the post-game, you will be glad you did.

When you're done, cancel out of the shop screen and push the vending machine to
the side to reveal a hole in the gate. Head through and go west inside the gate
along the building to a chest [Keycard]. Head back east, listen to the guard,
prepare for battle, and then go past him out the north edge of the screen.
Watch the antics, then head northwest to the gate, tree and building. From
there, head over toward the soldiers, and activate them.


BOSS: Wolf Leader (plain hat), 3 Wolf Squadron (camo hat)
Wolf Leader HP: 190
Wolf Squadron HP: 65

After you activate them, immediately run back west to the building and draw
the Wolf Leader (plain hat) back to you. The Squadron dudes are pushovers, but
the Wolf Leader can use a Wind attack that will eat you for breakfast, so you
DO NOT want to be engaged with somebody else with him in range to hit you with
it. He has a fairly weak normal attack, and that nasty wind attack. The wind
attack will both disrupt your hits, hurt you badly multiple times, and can make
it hard to pop into the menu to heal. So while you're fighting the Leader, be
careful. Burn your EP for techs against him. He'll probably require one or two
potions, or more if he goes nuts with the wind attack.

After you take him out, head back to the runway and lead one or more Squadron
members back to your building corner. One at a time is good, but if you draw
more than one, just sit on the west side of the corner and the first guy
should block the second, etc. These guys just have the basic attack, about half
the power of the Leader's. Pushovers.

****Note: If you've gone back to the ship to recharge your decals, you can
repeat the strategy used in front of the cabin. Use the ? decal to turn the
regular flyboys into farm animals, and Mochi to take down or weaken the


After the battle, watch the plot. Grab the Pilot outfit (Flyboy) off the
ground. You don't need to change into it. Unless you really tanked up on
potions, you're probably low. Anyway, we have a little back-tracking to do, and
the base proper is a killer if you're low on potions, so head back south, past
the soldier, push the vending machine out of the way, head southwest past the
drones, northwest to the exit. On this screen, head west until you can track
back southeast to the chest. Open it with your key [Army Knife]. Hit R, peel
the ship sticker, and stick it. On the ship, talk to the Prof to reload your
stickers, then do any saving, healing, or cooking you need to do.

Now, about potions. You have a couple choices here. You can run over to that
Outdoor Shop dude and buy potions for 80G. Or, you can run over to him and
stock up on as many empty bottles as you want (10G each), ride the ship to
Caldoaxa to buy Herbs (30G each), and cook your potions--cheaper by far, and it
will also train up your cooking skill. It doesn't really matter much which you
choose. Or, you could run around killing slime bubbles, which frequently drop
water. Before you leave the ship, cook up any meats you've nabbed to sell.

When you're ready, head out of the ship. In the first screen, there's an Army
dude who wants that Army Knife you picked up. Trade it to him for the unique
[Ja Dagna]. This is the only place in the game to get this weapon, and if you
don't do the honorable thing and return the Army Knife now, you won't get
another chance at the Ja Dagna (you will be able to get another Army Knife).
So get it. Even though it's mediocre. >_>

After the trade, continue west to the goats, north to the next screen, and west
to the Outdoor Shop dude. Buy either potions or empty bottles. If you opt for
the cheap way, return to the ship, head to Caldoaxa, fill your bottles at the
well, buy Herbs, cook potions, and come back. If you opt for the potions, just
head back to the base. I suggest you get a minimum of 20 potions. (Yes... 20.
At least. Seriously.) I also highly recommend you switch to the Fireman (Aqua
Shot) outfit and equip the Cloud Sword against human enemies throughout the
next section.

Head back to the base. Stop at the vending machine and buy 4 keys, then push it
aside and head through the hole and into the building. Head west, and at the
fork go south to nab the chest [Potion], then return and take the north path,
continue west to the exit. Head west (either path), and just follow the path.
Stop for the chest [Steak], then south and east to the next fork. Head east and
south into the room with the aliens. Open the chest [Elemental Staff]. Return
to the fork in the last screen and take the south path. Follow it around and
up north to the exit. Head up past the soldiers and drones into the next room.
Head all the way north along the east wall into the save room.

At this point, you can take advantage of the proximity of enemy and bathtub to
kill some soldiers for experience and loot. But whatever. When you're done,
head back out of the save room and head west then north to the door with the
brown panel beside it. Examine the [!] at the panel and use the Keycard to open
the door. Use a key on the right chest [Saber], and another key on the left to
get [Tonfa]. You can't open the top chest yet, so don't worry about it. Head
back out into the last room and head west until you meet the scientist. After
the plot, prepare for battle and head north through the door.


BOSS: Snake
HP: 600

There's really nothing effective you can do to dodge Snake. He has three
attacks (like all the other snakes), a regular strike, a poison attack, and a
wrap around attack. This battle is pretty much just a slug-fest. It's worth it
to burn any elixers you might have accumulated to stop poison once it starts,
as it will leave you wide open for a while and interrupt all attacks, but you
can just wait it out. Snake doesn't do much damage, but he has a ton of HP, so
expect the battle to take 3-4 potions. Burn whatever EP you have on techs and
just pound him down. If you need, you can pop over to the treasure chest to
nab an extra elixer, but honestly you're probably best off not bothering.


If you didn't get the [Elixer] from the treasure chest on the west side of the
room during the fight, do it now, then head north into the next room. Head
north to the open floor area and east through the cyber-dogs. At the split,
pop south to the chest [? Decal], then head north to the exit. In the next room
head west and then south, open the chest [Blue Eyes v. 2] and continue to the
exit. Head west, then north out the exit. Head all the way north, prepare for
battle, and head through the door.


BOSS: Lester Sprawl
HP: 750

This battle sucks. No, for reals. Unlike the first battle, which can be easily
cheaped out of, there's no where to go but open floor, which means this fight
is another smash-fest. Burn your EP on techs, then equip the Cloud Sword you
got from the last fight with Lester (if you aren't using it already), which
should increase your damage a bit. If you've recharged your Mochi sticker,
you can call him out to do some damage. After that, it's all just time and
potions. Watch your HP. It should take about 4-5 potions.


When it's over, more plot. After the plot, head to the east side of the room
and take the south exit. In the next room, take either path to the west side
and exit north. Head north to the plot. Then get ready for a fight and head
north through the door.


BOSS: Machine, Soldiers
Machine HP: 700
Soldier HP: 90

Equip the Cloud Sword. Tap the [-] button to change the channel on the top
screen. Basically this fight works like this: Kill the soldiers to charge your
EP and open the machine to attack. You can only attack the machine when there
aren't any soldiers. The scientists up above activate the damaging floor and
the soldiers' respawn. How fast they do this depends on what channel is on the
television. In theory... you should be able to keep the television always on
the best channel. In practice, this battle is far, far too hectic for that.

Did I say the last battle sucks? Well, compared to this one, that was a breeze.
This battle isn't really hard, but it is hectic. You have the floor hitting you
with various elemental damages, interrupting your strikes. You have soldiers
with a ranged (gun) attack, pretty weak, but it will interrupt your strikes. If
you get cornered by two or more soldiers, you'll be lucky if you get in a
strike at all. None of the damage you get hit for is that bad, but it is going
on ALL the time. And don't bother with your ? Decal, either. Yes, it will
change the soldiers into farm animals, but only once. After the next group of
soldiers spawns, you'll have to deal them with a bunch of farm animals getting
in the way.

When the three soldiers spawn, I highly recommend you disengage battle mode and
run around to the bottom of the screen, either side. On the bottom of the
screen, you can usually get the soldiers to queue up so that you aren't being
cancelled all the time. On the top and especially in the top corners, they'll
bunch up, possibly trapping you, and leaving you healing and praying for a hit
to land. So get the hell out of there when the soldiers reappear.

After you kill the three, and any others that show up while you're doing that,
run up to the machine top center and pound it. The reason I highly recommended
you switch to the Fireman outfit was because your sword strikes will not do
much against the machine unless you've been grinding. If you're at all under-
powered, you'll be hitting it for like 20 HP per strike. The 1 EP Trickle will
do about 50, even if you've barely touched the suit. (Gut will usually hit
three times, but you need to be using the fruit knife, so it will average out
to slightly less damage, usually. You *can* use the Chef outfit for this
battle, but the Fireman outfit makes it much easier.) Don't forget to engage
battle mode to get a few extra hits in. If you're lucky, and you keep hitting
those channel buttons when the TV turns off, you can pop a tech and two to four
extra attacks.

Watch your HP, of course. This battle should take around 6-8 potions - more if
you let yourself get trapped, less if you manage the chaos well. Again, you
won't be taking heavy damage, just frequent damage.


When you've taken out the machine, hit R to open the stickers, and capture the
cell, then just head out and use the ship sticker. Talk to the Prof to open the
next area. Heal, save, cook, dance a hornpipe.

When you're ready, set your SeaNavi for Aegis.

Chapter 5 - Aegis

Coconut - Trees
? Decal - Treasure Chest
Mystery Meat - Treasure Chest
Herbs - Treasure Chest
Gold - Treasure Chest
Royal Dagger - Archaeologist
Stun Rod - Treasure Chest
Jambalaya - Treasure Chest
? Decal - Treasure Chest
Potion - Treasure Chest
Cutlass - Treasure Chest
Gold - Treasure Chest
Spiked Club - Treasure Chest
Swanky Soup - Treasure Chest

Special Items
~Thai Curry~ - Treasure Chest
Car Parts - Aegis Shop
Stone Head - East Pyramid (Dig)
Stone Torso - West Pyramid (Dig)
Felio's Emblem - Treasure Chest
Worm - East Pyramid (Dig)
Stone Hand (R) - East Pyramid (Dig)
Stone Foot (R) - East Pyramid (Dig)
Thief Map - Red Bird
Stone Hand (L) - East Pyramid (Dig)
~Rice Pilaf~ - Treasure Chest
Blue Eyes v.3 - Treasure Chest

Driver Outfit (Nitro Boost)

Gold Snake
HP: 150
Drops: Wild Game, Elixer, ? Decal
Gut: Wild Game

HP: 100
Drops: Plague Dagger, Mystery Meat, ? Decal, Grasshopper
Gut: Mystery Meat

HP: 125
Drops: Rotten Meat, Knuckle, Topaz, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Skeleton (club)
HP: 120
Drops: Rotten Meat, Bone Stake, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Yellow/Green Worm
Drops: Potato, Twig
Gut: Potato

Gold Bat
HP: 80
Drops: Chicken, Gold bar, ? Decal
Gut: Chicken

Blue Skeleton (sword)
HP: 240
Drops: Rotten Meat, Ice Sword, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Sphinx Bird
Drops: Emerald, ? Decal
Gut: Emerald

Horus Guard (Hawk-faced, red)
HP: 130
Drops: Sapphire, ? Decal
Gut: Sapphire  

Drops: Ruby, Thief Dagger, ? Decal
Gut: ? decal 

Anubis Guard (Jackal-faced, blue)
Drops: Diamond, Claw, ? Decal
Gut: coin 

Red Monster
Drops: Mystery Meat, ~Steak~
Gut: Mystery Meat

Change into the Monk Outfit (Knuckle Mole).

Leave the ship and enter the desert. The desert works like this: There are two
southern desert screens. If you exit the east side of one, you enter the west
side of the other. If you leave the north side of either, you end up in the
northern desert. The northern desert has two screens, and again, if you leave
the east side of one, you enter the west side of the other. The whole area
looks something like this:

                    [West Pyramid][East Pyramid]
                                ^  ^
                                |  |
                                V  V
                   [Town 2]<->[Town 1]
[Northern Desert 1] <-> [Northern Desert 2]
         ^                       ^
         |                       |
         V                       V
[Southern Desert 1] <-> [Southern Desert 2]

Also, the trees in the desert sometimes contain coconuts. If you see them,
kock them loose with a stylus tap just like the Tropical Fruits. Free food.

There's nothing of note but enemies in Southern Desert 1, so just head east or
west to Southern Desert 2. In the southeastern corner, open a chest [? Decal].
Just northwest of there is a huge pyramid with a guy guarding the door. You
should know where this is, but you don't need to mess with it now. Head back
east or west into Southern Desert 1, and then leave that screen north to
Northern Desert 1. In the northeast corner is a small ruin with a treasure
chest [~Thai Curry~]. From there, exit the screen east into Northern Desert 2.
At the top of this screen is a shop guy. He sells a bunch of cooking staples,
none of which you need right now. Just east of him is the exit to town. Head in
and watch the plot.

From where the plot leaves you, head north past the pool and examine the empty
stall next to the shop dude for more plot and free Wisdom. The shop dude has an
upgraded Chef knife that works with Gut for 1100G, if you want it and have the
cash. The rest is crap. Head south from the shop back past the pool and head
north through the arch just east. More plot. Head north to the shop dude and
talk to him, then when he's done, talk to him again to open the shop. He has
potions, but he also sells Herbs, and there is a well just southeast of his
shop, so save your cash. Buy the Bamboo Rod, the one-time item [Car Parts], and
whatever you need for potions. Don't bother with the Deed right now. If you
need money, you can collect coconuts and sell them for 30 (not much... I know,
but you can pop in and out of Desert screens with trees nearby and have a good
chance of getting like 1 per screen without even fighting anything or leaving
the edge. And 1 Coconut = one Herbs, and the Rod and Parts are cheap anyway).
You can also cook them up into coconut milk for cooking experience and to sell
for 37 gold. Don't forget to fill your bottles at the well. When you've bought
the Rod and Car Parts, head all the way to the west side of town and exit to
the next area.

Head northwest. The pool with the chick in it is a heal spot. Talk to the gal
working on the car and give her the Parts. When she tosses her clothes, pick
them up to get the Driver Outfit (Nitro Boost). Don't bother changing into it.

If you're completely out of potions, go ahead and go cook some up. Otherwise,
head back into the first town screen and head into the east pyramid. The
entrance is in the northeast, right next to the guy who sold the Car Parts.
After you go through the tunnel, you have to pass through a courtyard of
snakes before you get to the pyramid proper. As you enter the courtyard, head
all the way west to a treasure chest [Mystery Meat]. Then head northeast until
you pass the pool in the middle, then head northwest into the far corner for
another chest [Herbs]. From there, head back east to the pyramid entrance.

Inside, pass the first set of pillars and head into the west wall to get to a
chest [Gold]. Go back to the main path, and enter the east wall right before
the door. Follow the hidden path south and east to the little room. Examine the
statue and dig for [Stone Head]. (You must be wearing the Monk outfit (Knuckle
Mole) to dig. That's why I told you to wear it. If you ignored me, ship sticker
out and come back. And let this be a lesson to you.) Return to the path and
head north into the next room. Head up past the pool and examine the yellow
tablet on the north wall. Plot.

Leave the pyramid and head back to town. Go up into the northwest corner and
talk to the dude who is now standing in front of the entrance to the west
pyramid. Offer to help and lead him into the pyramid. Be sure he follows. If
you lose him, just go back outside and pick him up again by talking to him.
In the first room, head up either side to the top center exit. In the next
room, listen to him yammer, then head to either side. Halfway up either side is
a hidden path toward the center, just hug the wall until you fall in. At the
room in the center, examine the mural in the middle of the north wall and dig
[Stone Torso]. Head back out to the edge and continue north, then head to the
middle of the north corridor. At the bird mural, head south into the wall.
Tell the dude, watch the plot, and then head south into the door he opens. Drag
him up the stairs and through the door south. He gives you the [Royal Dagger].

Head into the southernmost part of the west wall, and exit north. On the floor
are squares with weapon symbols. Equip the appropriate weapon (unarmed works
for a Punching type), and step on the square. You should get about 5 levels of
weaponskill for each square you activate. When the squares are all activated,
the north door will open. In the next room, there are four more panels. These
require you to step on them with the appropriate elemental costume. The symbols
correspond to the ones in your menu, so you can check there to see which
element each symbol stands for. Or just read this:

Southeast square = Earth - Monk/Knuckle Mole (Do this right now.)
Southwest square = Water - Fireman/AquaShot
Northeast square = Fire - Driver/NitroBoost
Northwest square = Wind - Pilot/Flyboy

After you activate the earth panel, sticker back to the ship, wear the next
costume, and run back. Enjoy the repetitive desert scenery, thrill to the
pointless trips back and forth. For the love of Mike, don't forget to reload
your stickers by talking to the Prof after each time you get back to the ship.
If you didn't stock up on potions before, take advantage of the required trips
back to the ship to change and cook some up. Once you have the door unlocked,
head into the next room and grab the chest in the top center [Felio's Emblem].
You don't need to fight anything here, but if you choose to fight the blue
skeleton, he might drop an Ice Sword for you. Sticker back to the ship and get
back into the Monk outfit (Knuckle Mole). Don't forget to reload stickers at
the Prof and heal at the bathtub. For the next section I recommend at least
15 potions.

Return to town and head into the east pyramid. Track back up to the room with
the yellow tablet and examine it to unlock the door. In the next room, head up
either side to the top center door. In the next room, hug the east wall into
a hidden room for a chest [Stun Rod]. Head back to the main room and up the
stairs just north. Head all the way east, then north to the statue. Examine it
and dig for the [Worm]. Return south and a bit west to the path north, head up
the path, up the stairs, then immediately south through the wall. Take the path
around and enter the first north door, through the hidden path to the statue.
Examine and dig for [Stone Hand (R)]. Return back through the path and door,
head west to the other opening and north to the chest [Jambalaya]. Head back
south and east and south and east across the balcony, then north to the north
exit. Follow the corridor north, and after the first sideways staircase, hug
the west wall into a hidden path to a mural. Dig for [Stone Foot (R)]. Return
and continue east. After the vertical staircase, head into the east wall and
north for a chest [? Decal]. Continue up the stairs and out the south exit.

Head straight south to the chest [Potion], then head down the east stairs and
in the exit just south. Head past the coffins and straight into the south wall
to a bathtub and bed. Go behind the coffin in this room and into the south
wall. Follow the corridor straight south to the exterior balcony. Quickly tap
the red bird to get it to drop the [Thief Map]. Hit A when it's nearby to grab

Return north to the tub/bed room, then north into the next room. Kill the
sarcophagi until you get them to drop a Thief Dagger (just use the bathtub to
heal). Once you've got it, heal and save.

*** Note: At this point you can sticker out and access the Thief outfit (Shadow
Thief) and Fisherman Outfit (Fisher King). I'll be dealing with it in the next
chapter (in the interest of not leaving the Pyramid and returning), so just
skip down and come back to this save room when you're done. In the meantime,
we continue...

Head north out of the save room and head directly west over to the south exit.
In the next room, just track all the way around to the exit north. Next head
north and west around the pools to the staircase. Head north up the stairs and
walk into the ship symbol on the north wall. In the next room, examine the
ship mural and dig for [Stone Hand (L)], then open the chest [Cutlass]. Head
back out south and in the next room head east to path south. Follow it around
to the west exit, prepare for combat, and leave the room.


BOSS: Bull Beatnix
HP: 820

Go ahead and equip the Cloud Sword. Burn any EP you have on Dual Flash. Bull
has an attack that knocks you back, so just back up against a wall and let him
come to you. He doesn't always get into range of your sword strikes, so be
prepared to shift forward after he knocks you back. This battle is really no
big deal. Maybe two or three potions, max. No problem.


After the plot, pick up the Beat Knuckle, and head west to the exit. Heal and
save in the next room, then exit north. In this room, head up the stairs to the
landing, then east down the stairs to a chest [~Rice Pilaf~]. Return north to
the landing and exit north. In this room just follow the path to the exit.
Hug the west wall until the mid-point, when the doors lock you in with four
Horus guards. You need to kill them all to unlock the way forward. Just don't
let them crowd you, and you'll be fine. Take them one at a time and when you're
done, head north. In the next room, take the west stairs down to the chest
[150G], head down the east stairs to the other chest [Blue Eyes v. 3], then
leave north. Head up the stairs. After the first vertical staircase, head into
the west wall and out a hidden west exit. In this room, you can hug the south
wall to find a red monster. It can drop the [~Steak~] recipe. Return to the
hallway and head all the way west and south to a room with a poll and chest
[Spiked Club]. Return through the east exit, head east through the hidden path
and continue east to an exit south. Watch the plot. After the plot, head east
and north to the exit. Watch more plot, nab the chest [Swanky Soup]. Return
south and take the northeast exit into the save room. Heal, save, prepare for
battle, and exit north.


BOSS: Sarcophagi (4), Pyramid
Sarcophagi HP: 240
Pyramid HP: ??? (~4 hits)

Kill the four sarcophagi. If you start with the corner and keep as far away
from the other sarcophagi as possible, you will only have to be dealing with
two at any time. No strategy, just beat them down. The Monk/Knuckle Mole outfit
should supply some decent elemental protection. 4 potions.

When they're gone, you'll be beamed up to the pyramid overhead. In this part of
the battle, there is a bouncing green ball that will hit you for minor damage
if you don't avoid it. There is also a figure of a man that will split into
four and spin around the area you're trapped in. You damage the pyramid on the
screen above by hitting these men. Just hit B to activate battle mode and track
the figure you're currently locked on. Your strike will be held until you're in
range, so you don't have to work at hitting them. When you take a figure out,
a number of effects may occur: You may be held for a time (to give the bouncing
ball time to hit you), you may take explosion damage, the figures may rejoin
and split into four targets again, or the pyramid will take damage (about 1/4
of its life bar) and the figures will rejoin.

While this is happening, the scenery will change behind the pyramid on the top
screen every half minute or so. During this change, you can't hit the figures,
so just avoid the bouncing ball.

This part of the boss fight can be really quick or really long, depending on
your luck with hitting the right figure and your skill with avoiding the ball.
I recommend 4 potions, just in case, but it could take none at all. My average
was 2.


After the pyramid goes haywire, open your sticker menu and grab the cell, then
sticker back to the ship and talk to the Prof. When the plot ends, set your
SeaNavi for Bamboo Island.

Chapter 6 - Fisher King, Shadow Thief, and Level 1 Lockpicking

Brass Knuckle - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1), Ft. Eagle
? Decal - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1), Caldoaxa Ruins
Heavy Hammer - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1), Caldoaxa Ruins
~Jambalaya~ - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1), Caldoaxa Ruins

Special Items
Cloves - Bookcase, Caldoaxa Spice Shop Dungeon
Thief Letter - During Thief Outfit Quest

Thief Outfit (Shadow Thief)
Fisherman Outfit (Fisher King)

Pillbug (silver)
HP: 220
Drops: Mystery Meat, Armor Breaker, Stag Beetle, Beetle, Ladybug, ? Decal
Gut: Mystery Meat

At Bamboo Island, enter the hut, then talk to the old dude in the bed. Agree to
learn his thieving skills. Head back to the ship and set your SeaNavi for
Caldoaxa. At Caldoaxa, head to the spice shop (all the way east, enter north
door, north to junction, east to people, out north exit). At the back of the
spice shop, walk up to the side of the guy by the door and push him aside.
Enter and proceed to the end of the path (the room where you rescued the dude
before). In the last room, open the door and head east and north to the
bookcase in the corner. Examine it to get [Cloves]. Head back to the ship (you
can sticker once you leave the spice shop) and set your SeaNavi for Bamboo

Back at Bamboo Island, head into the hut and talk to the old dude again. Return
to the ship and set SeaNavi for Aegis. At Aegis, head to the town (east, north,
north), and head up into the northeast arch. Talk to the old lady standing by
the palm tree right just north of her daughter. You naturally get the
[Thief Letter]. Return to the ship and set your SeaNavi for Bamboo Island.

Talk to the old man, then go try to open the chest. After the plot, head over
and pick up the Thief Outfit (Shadow Thief). Go ahead and change into it. If
you want, talk to the kid, then head out of the house and northeast into the
shadowed path to the next screen to visit the old guy's grave. (If a UFO shows
up, blow into the DS mic a few times. If not, don't worry about it, I'll talk
about that UFO in the last chapter.)

Head back to the ship and talk to the Prof, then set sail for Ft. Eagle.

At Ft. Eagle, follow the path through the forest until you reach the screen
with all the slimes. After you head north past the lake, exit the screen west
to a room with a couple of cows and a fishing dude. Talk to him, agree to give
him the worm. After the plot, pick up the Fisherman Outfit (Fisher King). Don't
wear it. Stay in the Thief outfit.

Equip your Thief Dagger and head to the base. You need to get your Thief skill
up to 8 to open Lockpicking... so fight some enemies on the way and burn EP on
Snatch. You should be able to easily get these between where you are and where
you're going, but if for some reason you don't, just hang out somewhere and
keep stealing/killing. When you get to the base, head inside and proceed to the
room you unlocked with the key card (north wall, west of the entrance to the
first save room--refer back to Chapter 4 if you need exact directions). Head
straight up to the chest, and pick it open for [Brass Knuckle]. If it doesn't
open on the first try, just keep at it. When you're done, sticker back to the
ship and set sail for Caldoaxa Ruins.

At Caldoaxa, head into the dungeon. In the first screen with actual enemies,
head west, then take the north exit up into the hallway with all the secret
passages. Head into the west wall of the third wide spot from the bottom, and
go all the way west. Head south and pick open the door. You can't open the
chest yet. Head north from there, pick open the door, and pick open the chest
[? Decal]. Return to the main corridor, head north to the next wide spot, and
enter the east wall. Follow the path around to the remaining door and pick it.
Head into the south wall, then west and north, pick the chest [Heavy Hammer].
Head straight south to the door and pick it. You can't open the chest to the
west yet. Return to the center corridor and head north through the save room.
In the room with the clay men, head all the way east and out the south exit.
Head west straight through the wall to a pickable chest [~Jambalaya~].

Sticker back to the ship and set sail for Habara.

Chapter 7 - Habara

Bokuto - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
Terry the Kid - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
? Decal - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
Jumping Man - Treasure Chest
Juice - Treasure Chest
Plumb Siblings - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
Cheeseburger - Treasure Chest
Ginsu - Treasure Chest
Short Sword - Treasure Chest
Evil Staff - Treasure Chest
Masamune - Treasure Chest

Special Items
Blue Eyes v.4 - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
Blue Sky March - Second Floor Shop Dude (10000G/Kill)

HP: 150
Drops: Egg, Milk, Butter, Lettuce, Tomato, Ham, Coal, Rotten Meat
Gut: Egg

Drops: F1 Racer, Jumping Man, Plumb Siblings, Terry the Kid, ? Decal
Gut: Dragons & Dragons

Drops: ~Carp Sushi~, ? Decal
Gut: ? Decal

Cell Phone (pink)
Drops: ? Decal

Cell Phone (light blue)
Drops: ? Decal

Cell Phone (dark blue)
Drops: ? Decal

HP: 200
Drops: none
Gut: none

HP: 200
Drops: Short Sword, Iron Club, ? Decal
Gut: coin

HP: 180
Drops: Maul, ? Decal
Gut: ? decal, maul

Skull Knight
HP: 880
Drops: Long Sword, ? Decal

Wear the Thief outfit for this section, and wield the Saber. I recommend you
have 20-25 potions. Though this area doesn't have a proper boss fight, there
is a long section toward the end where you must fight most enemies to pass,
including one behemoth with almost 900 HP. So, stock up.

After the plot, leave the ship, and head east on the beach to check out the
vending machine. Buy potions if you need and have the stray cash. Don't bother
with Plus Potions. Not really economical. Head inside and head north to the two
shop keepers. Check out their stuff. None of it is worth bothering with (yet).
Head back south and up the west escalator. Snake around the shelves to the
southeast corner, and head up the escalator. In the next room, head west and
examine the right side of the western magazine rack. Read it for plot and free
Wisdom. Continue around and head southeast to the chests. Pick the first for a
[Bokuto], and pick the second for [Blue Eyes v. 4]. From there head west along
the south wall to the escalator. Pop north to pick the chest [Terry the Kid],
then head up the escalator.

On the next floor, head immediately east along the north wall to a chest. Pick
it for [? Decal]. Return west and follow the arrows around to where the guy
yammers at you. After the plot, head south into the gap between two shelves,
then west to the chest [Jumping Man]. Return to the path and head southeast to
the up escalator. Upstairs, follow the path around until it bends east. Head
east into the dead end with two non-monster refrigerators and head into the
south wall. Follow it down to a chest [Juice]. Return to the path, and head
south, then east. Before the escalator, head north into the little nook and
into the east wall. Follow the path to a pickable chest [Plumb Siblings].
Return south and head up the escalator.

On the next floor, just follow the path as it winds around to the exit. On the
south side, you have to pop up into the doorway to continue east and out the
other doorway. Head upstairs to a bath/save room, then continue up to the next
floor. Follow the path around to the exit.

On the next floor, when the guy stops talking, examine the game machine to
enter F-1 Racer. Head along the path (ignore the cars following--they keep
coming forever), and continue until the course takes a south turn and splits
east and south. Take the south path down into the next screen. Slip between
the cones and west into the forest. Head up to a chest on the east side of
the building for a [Cheeseburger]. Return to the split in the track and head
east. In the next screen, take out the four racecars. You can tease them over
one by one so they don't crowd you. Also, watch your HP, because when the cars
get down to critical HP, they explode and deal damage if you're close. When
the cars are gone, listen to the announcer, then exit west into the pit and
north out of the game and into a bath/save room.

Heal and save, then head north to the next floor. Go north, take the west path,
then head south through the phones and east through the wall, all the way, then
follow the path south and west to the escalator. Continue past the escalator
and follow the path north through the wall to a chest [Ginsu]. Return to the
escalator and head up.

Again with the talking, then examine the game to enter Dragon & Dragon. Head
west to the next screen and push up at the door to the house. Inside, open the
chest for a [Short Sword], then leave the house and continue east. Keep heading
east, up and down ladders as necessary, taking out whatever gets in your way.
The skull knight has about 880 HPs and can hit pretty hard, depending on how
much fighting you've done, so be ready with the potions. After him, you'll head
into an inside area full of ghosts. Just follow through to the exit, and a
bridge with regular knights. In the next inside area, follow the path east and
south until it splits. Head west, then north and around to the "controller"
(the map is a NES with two control pads), and a chest [Evil Staff]. Return all
the way back to the split and head east, then north and around to the other
"controller." Touch the grate to exit the game and enter a bath/save room.

Heal and save, then head north to the next floor. Head aaaaall the way up the
escalator, then pop to either side and into the south wall, then all the way
down to the chest [Masamune]. Head all the way back up and exit north. Tons of
plot. After you regain control, you'll be in the ship.

At this point, you need to acquire the Blue Sky March. I highly recommend that
you head back out into Habara and up to the second floor, then head east to the
dude with the green shirt and blue apron. If you talk to him, he'll offer to
sell you Blue Sky March for 10,000G... You have a few options, here. If you
have 10K on you, or can sell stuff downstairs to pull it together, you can just
buy it from him. If you can't or don't want to do that, you can buy a Carp
Sushi for 500G from the northeastern shop dude on the first floor, then take it
to Copper (the old mayor dude) in Caldoaxa, in return for 10,000G, then come
back and buy it. Or... if you don't mind a little evil, you can kill everybody
downstairs (except the girl--don't bother with her) repeatedly... the nerds are
rich (drop 300-500G), and the shopkeepers often drop their wares, which you can
sell back to them for pretty good cash. Or... if you're evil and not into
such material gains (or too lazy), you can just kill the guy until he drops the
[Blue Sky March]. Killing NPCs will trash your karma, and if it gets low
enough they might start attacking you. But karma is pretty easy to build back
up on monsters, so. If you choose to kill him, don't expect it to drop on the
first kill. Could take one, could take 50.

I recommend the evil path. But, you know, you don't have to do it that way.

Once you've gotten it, return to the ship and set your SeaNavi for Akumojo

Chapter 8 - Rizo Island

Carbon Rod - Treasure Chest

HP: 190
Drops: Wild Game, Egg, ? Decal
Gut: Wild Game

Naked Turtle
Drops: ? Decal, Golden Mallet

I suggest you continue in the Thief Outfit, with either the Thief Dagger or

After the plot, leave the ship and enter the house on the west. Once inside,
for a laugh examine the bed (pervert). Then pick open the door to enter a cave.
If you get the turtles into critical HP, there is a chance that they'll drop
shell and run away. Once they're naked, you can either steal or kill for a
chance to get the Golden Mallet, which can be only gotten from the naked
turtles. As you continue through the cave, on the north side there is a patch
of three blue flowers. Walk south into the wall there to a chest [Carbon Rod].
Return to the path and continue east and south out the exit.

In the next screen, the evil librarian plays her devil music. Hawt. If you talk
to her, she'll push you back to the entrance. Wait until she heads over to mess
with the brown music thing, and examine her keyboard to switch in Blue Sky
March. (If you don't have it, skip back to the end of the last chapter to find
out how to get it.) After the plot, sticker (or walk) back to the ship and
talk to the Prof, then set your SeaNavi for Akumojo Castle...

Chapter 9 - Akumojo Castle

Long Sword - Treasure Chest
? Decal - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
Swanky Soup - Treasure Chest
Plus Potion - Treasure Chest
Diamond - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1)
War Hammer - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1) - Mimic #1
Pickaxe - Treasure Chest
Herbs - Treasure Chest
Plus Potion - Treasure Chest
Viking Sword - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1) - Mimic #2
Ruby - Treasure Chest
Badelaire - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1) - Mimic #3
Sapphire - Treasure Chest
Gaia Hammer - Treasure Chest (lockpicking level 1) - Mimic #4

Special Items
~Borscht~ - Treasure Chest
Blue Eyes v.5 - Treasure Chest
~Croquette~ - Treasure Chest

Purple Bird (dodo)
HP: 190
Drops: Egg, Chicken, ? Decal
Gut: Chicken

Skeleton (club)
HP: 120
Drops: Bone Stake, Rotten Meat, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Blue Skeleton (sword)
HP: 200
Drops: Rotten Meat, Ice Sword, ? Decal
Gut: Rotten Meat

Bird (flying)
HP: 200
Drops: Egg, Chicken, ? Decal
Gut: Chicken

HP: 180
Drops: Mage's Rod, Sun Cane, Moon Cane
Gut: ? Decal, Mage's Rod, Sun Cane, Moon Cane

HP: 210
Drops: Haunted Mace, Long Sword, ? Decal
Gut: Long Sword

Fire Giant
HP: 740
Drops: Flame Knuckle, ? Decal
Gut: Flame Knuckle, ? Decal

Suit of Armor
HP: 210
Drops: Element Sword, ? Decal
Gut: ? Decal

White Panther
HP: 200
Drops: Wild Game, ? Decal
Gut: Wild Game

As usual, Thief Outfit, Thief Dagger/Saber. I recommend 35-50 potions. There's
nowhere to get them at Akumojo Castle, so go buy or make them (if you don't
have enough already), then come back.

Leave the ship and head east (two screens) along the shore. Inside, follow the
path. After the east-west staircase, head into the south wall for a chest
[Long Sword]. From there, head all the way north to the next room. Head north
to the split, then take the east path. In the first north room, pop through the
wall in the northeast corner and head up to the chest. Pick for [? Decal].
head back to the hallway and go west until you see a treasure chest behind a
gate. Pick the gate, and open the chest [~Borscht~]. Continue west along the
hallway to the end, then pop south for a chest [Swanky Soup]. Head north and
east up the stairs to the north exit. In the next room, head straight into the
exit in front of you for a bath/save room.

Head south out of the save room and east. Follow the path all the way around to
the exit. In the next room, walk forward and see the monkey. Head back west a
bit and enter the south door for a chest [Plus Potion]. Return north to the
hallway and head east to the gated doors. Pick the south gate and pick the
chest [Diamond]. Pick the north gate. You can't open the chest yet. Continue
east along the hallway and take the south door. Inside is a mimic. You can kill
and steal for ordinary drops, or you can get him down to critical HP, let him
flee, and then pick him when he sits for gems, money, or a [War Hammer].

Return to the hallway and pop through the north door. The door locks behind you
and you must fight a fire giant to unlock it. If you center yourself on the
golem either directly north or south of him at point blank range, he can't land
his flame attack. After he's dead, continue east down the stairs. In the south
door is another fire giant. Strictly speaking, these battles aren't really
necessary and are big potion-sinks. But, you know, that's what's in those
rooms. >_>;; Return to the hallway and enter the north door. Pick the chest for
a [Knockout Club]. Return to the hallway and proceed to the exit.

In the next room, follow the path to the split and head north into the little
room. Head through the east wall and up to the chest [Pickaxe]. Return to the
split and head south, follow the path to the next split, head north for the
chest [Herbs], then return to the split and head east. Take the second north
up the stairs and to the exit.

Save at the bed and head north out the exit to the plot. You might have to hit
a button or tap the screen when Bull is shaking you to advance things. Before
the torture starts (zomg Rated M!!!), you can push the D-pad around to make
Terry squirm. More trivia: when the Prof speaks after Mochi is bashing the door
and the screen goes black, it's one of two times when the code on the Prof's
screen refers to the Professor and Mochi by their Japanese names. The other
time is early in the game at one of the Island arrivals.

Anyway... after the plot, you can head east to a bathtub (just so you know it's
there), and back south to save if you'd like. Back north is another fire giant,
if you want revenge. Head west and out the north exit to continue. In the next
room, the east exit leads to a balcony above the torture room (pointless), head
north up to the exit. In the next room, head north, east down the stairs, and
south to a split. Head east and south to the chest [Plus Potion], then back up
north to the second mimic. If you let it get critical, flee, sit, and then pick
the chest, you can get gems, gold, or a [Viking Sword]. Head back south, west
to the split and head south and continue along the corridor. Take the next
north door into a enemy free room. Follow the corridor north, then head
southeast to a small room with a bookshelf on the north wall and a half-hidden
table on the south. Walk through the table into the south wall to a chest
[Blue Eyes v. 5]. Head back north and west, pop up and examine the bookshelf
east of the blond dude to read some plot and get some free Wisdom, then head
back southwest to the exit.

Back in the hallway, continue west, then pop through the room north and back
south to a chest [Ruby]. Head north back into the small room and take the east
side path north to the exit. In the next room, follow the path to a split,
take the north path. Right after, head west and north to open a chest for
[~Croquette~]. Return south and east, then pop north to the next small room.
Head east to the end, and in the small room to the north is the third mimic.
As a chest it can contain gems, gold, and [Badelaire]. Head straight south
until the split, pop east slightly and take the south way around to another
chest [Sapphire]. Head back south and east, then run straight north and follow
that path east and north to the exit and a bath/save room.

The next two rooms are straight shots. Just follow them through to the exits.
After that you'll be locked in for a forced fight with a fire giant. Take him
out, then continue north. The next room is another straight shot. In the room
after, ignore the chest (level 2 lockpicking), and proceed north to the end.
The chest on the west side is the last Mimic. If you let it flee, it can drop
gems, gold, or the [Gaia Hammer]. Through the north door is the final bath and
save point in the game. Use it to save. Your post-game save reflects
everything you have up to the last time you save prior to the end fight. So if
you last saved at the ship, everything you do in Akumojo will be lost in your
post-game file. Don't get boned. SAVE. Then, you know, proceed to the final
battle. I recommend you have 12-22 potions for the last fight.


BOSS: Dragon, Bull Beatnix, Lester Sprawl, Mint
Dragon HP: 4000
Bull Beatnix HP: 800
Lester Sprawl HP: 600
Mint HP: 1200

In the first phase of the fight, you fight the dragon down to half HP.

The dragon has a number of attacks:

Tail swipe: It usually executes this immediately after it comes onto the field
from behind the wall. It can do one of these or ten in a row. It will arrive,
swipe, shift, swipe, etc. Very easy to dodge, just don't close with it when it
is on the field. Mild damage.

Grab and drop: I've only seen it do this when it first comes out from behind
the wall... and only if you just stand there and wait for it. It grabs you with
its tail, takes you into the air and drops you for Medium Damage.

Wing Flap: This is an alternative to the tail swipe. If he just hangs there on
the field for a bit, he's probably about to execute this. It fires a ton of
small cyclones directly south, and pushes you against the south wall. Easy to
dodge by running to either side, a bit past being out from under its wingspan.
Light damage, but possible multiple hits.

Fire breath: After it ducks behind the wall and pops its head up, it will shoot
fire breath from side to side. Each hit will do very light damage, but it can
hit you pretty easily 3-4 times if you dodge too late. If you head to the far
north side, or far bottom corner, it can't hit you. If it happens to be about
in the middle, don't try a side dodge.

Aerial attacks: If it flies up into the sky, it can pull off a number of types
of elemental attacks. Each amounts to the same thing: the field is randomly
peppered with damage. It ranges from easy to dodge (ice/fire), to impossible
(lightning). Again, it will do light damage, but can hit multiple times.

Once you get the hang of dodging all of its attacks, this fight is really not
difficult. The best time to strike is when it goes to hide behind the wall.
Just run up to the edge and activate battle mode and you can get in one or
two hits before you have to run to dodge the fire breath. Slow but steady wins
this race. Don't be in battle mode unless you're waiting for that easy hit, or
you'll be too slow to dodge. Just whittle him down to half HP. How many potions
this will take depends entirely on how good you are at dodging his attacks.
Two to four is probably normal. Your balloon and your sun-moon decals will work
on this boss. You can also call out Mochi, who can deal helpful damage.

After the plot comes phase two, fighting Bull and Lester at the same time.
Immediately run into the closest bottom corner so that one of them blocks the
other. This part is just a beatdown. Lester hits harder, but Bull has more HP,
so in terms of difficulty they're about the same. Two to three potions each,
call it four to six combined. Unfortunately, neither your ? decal nor your UFO
decal will work here.

After more plot you have to finish the other half of the dragon. It's the same
fight, with upgrades to his speed and all his attacks. Watch for the end of his
breath attack, also, as he zips right over to you for a tail swipe or grab. His
aerial attacks are a little longer, and the ice is harder to dodge (flies in at
an angle). Figure on about double the potions, so four to eight.

After you take him down, sticker the cell, watch plot, and fight Mint. The Mint
fight is another toe-to-toe. She has a regular strike, one that will knock you
back, and a magic strike that damages and has a chance to paralyze you for a
few seconds. Just keep advancing back into range and watch your HP. Two to four
potions. If you've been saving your trick decals for this point, you're out of
luck because your trick decal menu disappears.


After some plot, the game will save. You can shut the game off at any time
after that and be fine. But if you watch the ending, keep watching until after
the "Fin." And if things look like nothing is happening, poke Mochi. If things
look like nothing is happening and there is no Mochi, just power off.

Chapter 10 - Post-game, WiFisland, Sidequests and Level 2 Lockpicking

When you start up your post-game save, you'll be at whatever save point you
were at when you saved the time before the end. This could be the last save
point, or it could be the ship. You will have the stats and items you had then.
Yes, this means all those stat level gains in the final fight are gone.

Open your inventory to find, on the weapon screen, the [Cherry Sword]. On the
special item screen, you'll have three records. Take them to the place on Rizo
Island where you swapped the music and examine the brown box thing to listen to
them. The records are [Wild NSide], [Invader Him], and [Unlock the Real Me].

Now, on with the show. We'll take this mostly in world map order, but you
should be aware that some bouncing around will be required to open and complete
them all. Many of the quests can be activated before beating the final boss,
merely by going back to an already completed island. The elemental gods
won't be there, though.

Deserted Isle

Coral Dude - In the cove at the center of the Island (where you got the bottle
after the cell to open La Chef Beach), a guy wants 3 coral. Give it to him in
return for the [Coral Staff].

Thom the Treasure Hunter - In the room where you found the cell, Thom wants to
know about hidden treasure. Bring him the four Map Pieces and he will give you
the [Battle Rod].

 Map Piece 1: At La Chef Beach, there is a secret fishing spot at the dead end
 through a hidden wall in the red worm room. Fish from the cliff to acquire it.

 Map Piece 2: At the save room in the base in Ft. Eagle, there is a sink. Fish
 in there to acquire it.

 Map Piece 3: Requires WiFisland. Add at least one friend to open the Island,
 then fish in any of the bathtubs in the caves to acquire it.

 Map Piece 4: At Aegis, in the east pyramid, take a hidden exit off the west
 side of room 15 (very near the end) to enter a secret room. At the end of the
 hallway is a pool (and two spiders). Fish there to acquire it.

Bald Dude by Cave Entrance - At the south end of the first beach screen, this
guy appears when you activate the business man sidequest in Aegis. He wants a
Bag, a Mallet, a Bamboo Rod and a Frying Pan in return for the missing Topaz.
After you work this trade, leave and re-enter the screen to make Naked Bald
Dude appear. Note: If you talk to Bald Dude a second time before bringing him
the four items, he might ask for more stuff, including the Fish Charm. Just
ignore this. If you bring him the original four items, he'll be happy.

Naked Bald Dude - Naked Bald Dude will do various trades depending on the time
on your DS clock.

Time       Wants            Gives
---------  ---------------  ---------------------------------------------------
12a -  1a  Milk             7 Coconut
 1a -  2a  Rice             Mace
 2a -  3a  Egg              Fried Egg
 3a -  4a  Spices           Spiked Club
 4a -  5a  Milk             7 Coconut Milk
 5a -  6a  Canned Stew      3000G
 6a -  7a  Ham              Ham n' Eggs
 7a -  8a  Bread            Melon, Grapes
 8a -  9a  Pie              10 Apples
 9a - 10a  Hamburger Steak  10 Mystery Meat
10a - 11a  BBQ Chicken      10 Chicken, 10 Coal
11a - 12p  Cheeseburger     10 Mystery Meat, 10 Dough
12p -  1p  Cheeseburger     10 Mystery Meat, 10 Dough
 1p -  2p  Steak            Meat, Nonstick Pan
 2p -  3p  Croquette        10 Potatos
 3p -  4p  Fancy Soup       10000G
 4p -  5p  Chicken Bites    10 Egg, 10 Flour, 10 Chicken
 5p -  6p  Carp Sushi       11044G
 6p -  7p  Coffee           ? Coffee Beans
 7p -  8p  Thai Curry       1000G
 8p -  9p  Latte            500G
 9p - 10p  Bowie Knife      10 Rusty Knife
10p - 11p  Fruit Knife      10 Rusty Knife
11p - 12a  Pan-type weapon  30 Empty Cans

As soon as you talk to him and he asks for something, you'll be locked into
supplying it before he'll ask for something else, regardless of the time. If
you do get him what he wants, he'll ask for it again repeatedly during that
hour. You can just set the DS clock to the hour you want.

For the 11p - 12a hour, he will take your Nonstick Pan if you don't have a
regular Frying Pan, but if you have a regular Frying Pan, he'll take that
first. If you happen to lose your Nonstick to him, you can get it back with the
Steak trade during the 1p - 2p hour.

Also of note: (fast unlimited money!)
In the 5a - 6a hour, he wants Canned Stew, which you can buy in the Habara
Vending Machine for 120G, and gives you 3000G each.
   Cost = 99 *  120G =  11880G
 Return = 99 * 3000G = 297000G

In the 5p - 6p hour, he wants Carp Sushi, which you can buy at the northeast
shop dude on the ground floor of Habara for 500G, and he gives 11044G each.
  Cost = 99 *   500G =   49500G
Return = 99 * 11044G = 1093356G

If you're dirt poor, you can trade about 20 Canned Stews (2400G) to have enough
to buy the 99 Carp Sushi for the second. The whole process from 2400G to over a
million takes about 30 minutes. And of course, you can do it as many times as
you like. The maximum amount of money you can have is 9,999,999.

La Chef Beach

Francesca - The bikini chick on the beach. Get a minimum of level 30 Fame, then
give her at least one of each gem and additional gems until she joins you on
the ship. Carry at least 10 gems; 15 to be on the safe side.

Naked Chef - Snatch: ~Loco Moco~, ~Swanky Soup~, Cleaver, Frying Pan,

Map Piece 1 - At La Chef Beach, there is a secret fishing spot at the dead end
through a hidden wall in the red worm room. Fish from the cliff to acquire it.

Caldoaxa Ruins

Welcome Dude - Snatch/Drop: Blue Eyes v. 7, Bread

Bald Dude - Snatch/Drop: Potato, Rice

Amanda - Amanda requires 30 Courage, at least one of each flower, and then
additional flowers until she offers to join you. Carry at least 11 flowers,
or 15 to be on the safe side.

Running Kid - Blue Eyes v. 8

Old Lady by the weapon shop - Snatch/Drop: ~Salad~

Knife-Polisher - Snatch/Drop: Boots

Wandering Dude by the Well - Snatch/Drop: Blue Eyes v. 6, Bread

Old Lady by the entrance to the underground - Snatch/Drop: ~Chicken Bites~,
Frying Pan

Tourist Mom - A blond dude walking around by the well. Talk to him to activate
some Prof chatter and then head into the Ruins. On the first screen, head west
to the other north entrance, and straight north three screens past the save
room. Head east past the clay men and out the exit south. From there, head all
the way west and through the wall. Talk to the little dude. Lead him out the
way you came and out to his Mom for the Caldoaxa Map.

Copper (the Mayor) - Snatch: All flowers.
- The mayor talks about wanting sushi. Acquire a carp sushi from the northeast
shop dude on the ground floor of Habara (or cook one). Give it to him for
- After the sushi, he wants the Masamune. (Last treasure chest in Habara.) You
can trade it to him (though you can't get another anywhere!) for 20,000G.
- After the Masamune, he wants the Muramasa (Level 2 lockpicking, Caldoaxa).
You can trade it to him (though you can't get another anywhere!) for 50,000G.

Running Girl - Snatch/Drop: Cosmos

Running Boy - Snatch/Drop:

Bald Dude by Running Kids - After you activate the business man sidequest in
Aegis, this guy will appear. He wants 10 each of: Lettuce, Tomato, Apple,
Potato, Herbs, Coconut, Orange, Strawberry, Grapes, and Tropical Fruit in
return for the stolen emerald.

Old Lady by the tables - Snatch/Drop: Frying Pan
- She wants Bread, Butter, Egg, Milk and Coffee. Pull these together and give
them to her for 5,000G.

West Table Dude - Bread

East Table Dude - Chicken Bites

Center Table Old Lady - Frying Pan

East Table Lady - Raisin Bread, Coffee

Spice Shop Lady - Snatch/Drop: Spices, Coffee Beans, Herbs

Spice Shop Dude - Snatch/Drop: Spices

Spice Shop Kid - Snatch/Drop: Apple

Elemental Earth God (Supercow) - Head into the ruins and out the exit directly
north. Get north through the empty room. Head east in the next room to the
lighted exit to the north. Head north through the save room, then east to a set
of pickable doors, behind which is a brown cow.

HP: 7500
Drops: 10 Ton Hammer, Gaia Hammer, Milk, Meat
Gut: Meat

You have a couple of options, here. You can not pick open the second door and
draw the cow over with a ranged attack, then fight it through the door, where
it won't be able to hit you. But you won't be able to get the drops.

Or, you can clear the area of enemies, pick open both doors, and lead the cow
all the way around to the stairs by the north exit. Stand on the stairs with
the cow on the ground floor, and you can fight it with any weapon type without
being hit. This can be used to train Strength, all Weaponskills to 100,
Dexterity to 80, and even Wisdom, elemental attack power and Fishing, Cooking,
and Thievery (with the appropriate weapon attributes).

You can also fight the cow head-to-head, but this isn't recommended without
maxed Stamina and Defense, and a reasonably high (50s) Anti-Striking and Anti-
Earth. You can substitute (somewhat) use of the Wind or Earth protective
spells (though they won't last long enough).

Or, you can use the Punching skill Death Touch, and have a chance to OHKO the
cow. You won't get the huge stat gains, but you can get the drops.

Level 2 Lockpicking Chests:

In first dungeon room, take west-most north exit. Third wide spot, straight
west to edge, south to chest for Muramasa. Back to hallway, north one wide spot
and east, follow path to chest for Nonstick Pan. (You've been here twice
already, so these instructions should suffice. If you need hand-holding, just
go back to Chapter 6 and/or 3 in the walkthrough above.)

Ft. Eagle

Empty Can Dude - In the first screen outside the ship, the Empty Can dude will
buy your empty cans for 60G each. After you activate the business man quest in
Aegis, he'll ask for 100,000G in return for the stolen sapphire. Unless you
have 100K lying around doing nothing and you have a burning desire to fish up
and sell your empty cans for 60G...
Snatch/Drop: Chicken Bites, Empty Can

Blond Dude and Girlfriend (The King quest) - In the campfire screen, these two
will show up and the guy will ask you if you've brought The King. To catch the
special item The King, fish from the spot where you got the Fisherman outfit.
When you've caught The King, give it to him so he can take credit for it and
impress his girl. In return, he'll give you the Fishing Charm. ****NOTE: Once
you talk to Blond Dude and start the quest, you will not be able to do the
other Fort Eagle quests until you bring him The King. So you might want to
ignore him for awhile.
Blond Dude Snatch: Empty Can, Bamboo Rod. Girlfriend Snatch: Raisin Bread,

Bridget - Requires 30 Wisdom and one of each bug, then additional bugs until
she asks to join you on the ship. Again, carry 11-15 bugs.

Outdoor Convenience Shop Dude - Snatch/Drop: Potion, Elixer, Bottle

Rose Guy - In the northeast corner of the screen with the convenience store
dude, a guy wants Roses. Collect a bunch and give them to him for 600G each.
He will buy from you only once, whether you're holding 1 rose or 99, so you
might want to save up before talking with him. If you have Wifi, your friend
in the eighth save slot will give you as many roses as you need.
Snatch/Drop: Chicken Bites, Empty Can.

Elemental Water God(s) - Outside of the cabin are three blue worm-types. If
you're not fighting them, be very careful not to get dropped by their short-
range attack.

Drops: Spray Wand, Ice Sword

The superworms are fairly straightforward. They stand there and pound you.
They have a medium damage ranged water attack that you can stand and take to
train up your Anti-Water. Fighting them toe-to-toe is not recommended until
you have maxed Defense, Stamina, and reasonably high Anti-Strike and Anti-Water
stats. These are actually the most killable of the gods, as they have much
lower HP. Death Touch works to OHKO them. You can also get rid of two of them
by standing so only two are in the screen and using your UFO or ? decal. That
will leave only one worm to fight and collect drops from.

Sebastian Apt (old cabin dude) - Snatch: Latte

Dog - Snatch: Meat

Scientist - The scientist needs to collect venom to create some kind of super
elixer or something. Standard follow-me quest. Take him around while you kill
ten snakes. The game conveniently loads snakes in place of most of the enemies.
If you lose him, just return to where you found him at the beginning of the
forest and talk to him again. When you finish, he'll leave and give you the
special item Elixer.

Dolly - Apt will talk about how he thought Dolly was just outside. When this
quest is doable, it will automatically trigger when you walk into the forest
south of the cabin (if it doesn't activate, some other quest is blocking it).
Kill the blue and red snake. When it's dead, drag Dolly back to the cabin. If
you get killed by the water gods/superworms, just return to the screen south
of the cabin, kill the snake, and repeat the process. It helps to head west
right when you get into the worm screen so Dolly doesn't get hung up on that
southeast worm. Take her into the cabin where Apt will ask you to go check out
the base. Head to the base and through to the computer room where you fought
the snake boss. After the Prof talks, examine the second terminal from the
left. The base in now full of soldiers again, instead of snakes. Yayz.

Cooking Dude - This bald guy shows up in the campfire screen after you clear
out blondie and girlfriend from the The King quest. He gives you dough, to be
baked into bread. You can cook it into bread, buy bread, or just use some you
have lying around. If you don't have any and your attempt fails, you can buy
bread in Caldoaxa at the weapon shop, or Flour from the guy who sells food
in Aegis and mix it with water to make more dough to make bread. Give him the
bread, then talk to him again. This time he wants raisin bread. You can make it
with Dough + Grapes or Bread + Grapes. Both are level 2 recipes, which requires
level 55 cooking skill. Grapes can be bought at the shop south of town in
Aegis. Make one and bring it back to him. Talk to him again to be asked to
make Melon Bun. Melon Bun is either Melon + Bread or Melon + Dough. Both
are level 2 recipes, so you need 55 cooking skill. Melons can be bought at that
same shop in Aegis. Give him the Melon Bun to get the Baking License.

Map Piece 2 - At the save room in the base in Ft. Eagle, there is a sink. Fish
in there to acquire it.


In the startup menu, choose the third option and follow the menu to connect
to WiFi in order to get a friend code. Trade codes with another person and
connect with them to access WiFisland. The first time you talk to the person
in each slot will net you either an item or a stat increase (deleting the old
person and adding them again or someone else won't let you get items and
bonuses again).

1st Person: 5 Levels of Water
2nd Person: 5 Levels of Earth
3rd Person: 5 Levels of Wind
4th Person: 5 Levels of Fire
5th Person: Boxing Gloves (the only way you'll get this)
6th Person: Tuna Sushi
7th Person: Blue Eyes v.14 (the only way you'll get this)
8th Person: Boss Bunny - gives you a rose each time you beat it, as long as
you have talked to it first.

****NOTE: If you plan to max your stats, I recommend you wait to talk to your
friends in slots 1 through 4 until your corresponding element stat is at 95.
It is a lot harder to level from 95-100 than it is from, say 5 to 10. You can
still do battle with the NPCs.

Map Piece 3 - Requires WiFisland. Add at least one friend to open the Island,
then fish in any of the bathtubs in the caves to acquire it.

Dexterity - Requires WiFisland to max to 100. Add a friend with Agility of 80
and attack him with a weapon to raise your Dexterity. If you put this person
in the fourth slot, you can use the stairway to attack the lady NPC without her
being able to hit you, much like the cow in Caldoaxa (do you think the
developers were being misogynistic at all?). Just stand at the other side of
the stairway opening and fire Lure, Cutter, Trickle or Flicker at her (she's
too far away for Rock). She'll come straight at you to where you can hit her
but will be blocked by the rail from hitting you. The fifth slot, at the
bottom of the stairs, will also work. You'll have to stand on the stairs and
hit the NPC the way you hit the Supercow on Caldoaxa. It takes a little more
work than the fourth slot, but it can be done.


Realtor - West from the first desert screen, he requires the Deed to allow you
into the pyramid. Buy it for 10,000G from the northeast shop guy in town. You
can actually also steal it, but for the time and level investment that's going
to involve, it's easier just to pay for it. Snatch: Carbon Rod

Elemental Wind God - In Deed Pyramid. Looks like a green version of the red
imps in Caldoaxa.

HP: 6000
Drops: Storm Wand, Hunting Knife

The imp can be trapped on the north side of the water by drawing him across
the little gap and running down the side so he enters it. You can then get in
range to hit him without using his hardest attack, though he can still land a
paralyzing scream and hit you (for 24) with a ranged attack. Like the other
gods, you can OHKO him with Death Touch, and you can fight him head to head
if your stats are high enough. This is also the only enemy in the game that
can train your Dexterity higher than 80 (to 90).


Business Man - In front of the Deed pyramid. Asks you to track down stolen
jewels. You can complete this quest with one of each jewel, obtained anywhere.
In return he gives you a Flamberge. If you activate this quest, the empty can
guy in Ft. Eagle will stop buying empty cans until you buy the missing gem off
of him for 100,000G--that's right. 100K. Just say you won't track down the gems
if you want to prevent the activation, but this is the only way to get the
Flamberge. It's also the only way to get the Naked Bald Dude on Deserted

Bald Dude - On the north side of the desert, in the screen without the worms,
a bald dude wanders back and forth. He wants a Mallet, and in return gives you
a Toy Hammer. Snatch/Drop: Rice

Greeter - Snatch/Drop: Blue Eyes v. 9, Blue Eyes v. 10, Blue Eyes v. 11 (He's a
big fan... apparently. >_>)

Little Girl - Snatch: Pansy, Sunflower

Old Lady by Tree - Snatch: ~Apple Pie~

Cat - Snatch: Sardines, Meat

Northeast Shop Dude - Inventory. Including the Deed, but until your Thievery
is up around 65, don't expect to connect with any steals. It'd probably be
less time consuming to just steal/kill or otherwise acquire 10K and just buy

Hidden Dude - This guy is hidden by the wall just east of the entrance to town.
He's looking for the Boxing Gloves you get from WiFisland, the only pair
you will ever get. In return, he gives you .... Snatch/Drop: Egg

Center Shop Dude - Snatch/Drop: Same as shop inventory.

Alley Guy - Snatch/Drop: Water, Butter

Town Screen 2 Cats - Snatch/Drop: Sardines, Meat

Conspiracy Kid - Blue Eyes v.12, Blue Eyes, v.13

Baseball Kid - Wants a Bat. In return, he gives you a Glove. Both easily
obtainable otherwise. Pointless.

Bathing Beauty - Snatch: Clam Shell (zomg Rated M!)

Seashell Lady - Wants shells, gives 60G each.

Archaeologist - In western pyramid, wants all stone pieces (see Aegis
Chapter). The final piece is in the deed pyramid. Wear the Monk/Knuckle Mole
oufit and dig at the wall just east of the arch in the small space south of
the water with the coffin. The archaeologist gives you the Royal Sword.
Snatch/Drop: Knife, Gold

Map Piece 4 - In the eastearn (main) pyramid, take a hidden exit off the west
side of room 15 (very near the end) to enter a secret room. At the end of the
hallway is a pool (and two spiders). Fish there to acquire it.

Bamboo Island

Thief Kid -

UFO Decal:

At Bamboo Island, any time after you finish the quest for the Thief Outfit, you
can visit the hidden area (through the shadows on the east side of the hut). At
certain times of day, real time (so people say), the UFO has a chance of
appearing. Darklao has activated it at 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM as the time on his
DS. Femme has activated it in the evening. If it appears, blow into the DS mic
a few times. The lights on the UFO will flash and an alien will come down, give
a short speech, and give you the final Trick Decal. The Prof can recharge it.


Ayaka - Requires -30 Karma and one of each video game, then additional video
games until she asks to join you on the ship. Have 10-15 of them.

Light Blue Shirt Nerd - Snatch/Drop: 350-500G

Dark Blue Shirt Nerd - Snatch/Drop: 350-500G, Jumping Man

Black Shirt Nerd - Snatch/Drop: 350-500G, Palm Gloves, Jitte

Green Shirt Shop Dude - Snatch/Drop: Inventory

Techno-dude Shopkeep - Snatch/Drop: Inventory

Blue Sky Dude - Snatch/Drop: Dragon & Dragon

Red Bandana Nerd - Snatch/Drop: 350-500G, Jambalaya

Corner Nerd - Snatch/Drop: 350-500G, Carp Sushi

Diamond Guy - 2nd Floor, Southeast side on the way to the 3rd floor. He wants
ten diamonds. He gives you the Diamond Glove. Snatch/Drop: Bokuto, Wakizashi,
Plasma Blade.

Elemental Fire God - In F1 Racer, at the dead-end in the forest off the track,
there is a souped up version of the fire giants in Akumojo.

Drops: Flame Knuckle, Valor Sword

Like his lesser counterparts, he has three attacks: fire breath, a ground
pound, and his normal short-range nasty. He can be OHKO'd with Death Touch,
and shouldn't be fought toe-to-toe without high Defense, Anti-Fire, and Anti-
Striking. He can be trapped out of range by the trees, but his big nasty has
the range of a rod, so he can't be killed cheaply except by Death Touch. Also,
as with his counterparts, if you're at point-blank range directly north or
south of him, his fire breath can't land.

It is possible to trap him out of range of his big nasty but still in range of
both his fire breath and ground pound, or just his ground pound. Both attacks
are fairly weak. His fire breath can train Anti-Fire, his ground pound is the
best way to train Defense to 100, and Anti-Earth besides. Just tank up on
potions and let him beat on you for a while.


F1 Racer Techno-dude - Glass Rod, Carp Sushi

Dragon & Dragon Techno-dude - Strawberry Milk, Carp Sushi

Nerd by Sign - Once you activate the business man quest in Aegis, this guy
shows up by the sign at the beginning of Habara. He wants a copy of each video
game in return for the stolen ruby. No particular reason to bother with this.

Akumojo Castle

Library Dude - Snatch/Drop: Empty Can, Bamboo Rod

Level 2 Lockpicking Chests:

Midway through, in the room you saw the white monkey, with the rooms off the
north and south side of the east-west hallway, there is a chest north (visible
as you walk through the hallway). Open for a Falchion.

In the room right before the final save room, the one with the white panthers
and mimic #4, on the east side of the room as you enter is a chest. Open it for
the Famous Rod.

Blond Dude by River - In the second screen of Akumojo (the river screen with
the purple birds), this guy will show up after you activate the business man
quest in Aegis. He wants a Caldoaxa Map and a bar of gold in return for the
stolen diamond. Since he doesn't actually take the Special Item, this is
basically a gold for diamond trade.


Chapter 11 - Main Quest Stat-Maxing
If you want to max your stats, it's a good idea to start right away on Deserted
Isle, but we're going to do things a little differently from what you might
expect. First, put away that knife (once you get it), and leave the swords in
your inventory when you get them. Second, stop hitting things! Yes, I know you
need to fight a boss now and then, but keep it to a minimum. Those other
guys, leave them alone as much as you can. You do NOT want to raise your weapon
skills, strength or dexterity yet. For now, we are going to focus on
defensive skills, grasshopper. And another thing, forget, for the moment, about
fame. You do not deserve to be famous yet. If you really want Francesca (that
gold-digger), just kill blue sheep on Fort Eagle until you get 30 fame, go get
her, and then forget about it. Your fame will never drop below 0, and life will
be so much easier, and cheaper in terms of potion cost, if you let yourself get
sent back to the ship at the cost of some fame.

The Reason Why We Don't Hit Things: The defensive skills are those that are
raised by enemies attacking you. To get them to attack, you must either attack
them first or get close to an aggressive enemy that attacks you. When you hit
things, your strength and weapon skills go up. As they do, formerly aggressive
enemies will start running from you, requiring you to initiate combat. In
addition, when you do catch them, you tend to one-hit kill them after awhile,
and they don't raise your defensive stats if they're dead. Yes, you do have
to hit them to initiate combat sometimes, but don't do more than is necessary.
Stop going around killing things for their drops. When you absolutely must
fight something, keep your participation to a minimum through creative use of
trick decals (See the section about trick decals under Basic Information).

After you hit an enemy to start combat, quickly hit B to get out of combat
mode. Then just stand there and take it. Feed yourself with tropical fruit,
herbs and potions, and use your extra life decal to extend the time each enemy
hits you.

The defensive skills include: Defense, Agility, Stamina, the four anti-
elements, Anti-Strike and that bad boy, Anti-Slash, where we'll start.

Anti-Slash reduces the amount of damage you take from slashing attacks.
You develop Anti-Slash when an enemy hits you with a slashing attack. There
aren't that many of them and they aren't always what you would expect. For
example, the mimic chests at Akumojo carry little swords, so you would expect
them to develop anti-slash, right? Wrong - they actually strike you with those
swords, apparently.

Typically, when an enemy develops a certain stat such as defense or agility, it
will develop the stat up until a certain level and then stop. Not so with anti-
slash. All the enemies I've found that train it will get it all the way up to
100. However, what will cut off Anti-Slash training is your Slash level. Anti-
Slash training starts cutting off with the crabs when your Slash level reaches
25. If your Slash level is over 50, Anti-Slash will be a pain to train, and if
your Slash level is above 56, you have missed your chance to train Anti-Slash

At this point you can still train anti-slash with a friend on WiFisland. That
friend must have been carrying a slashing weapon when you contacted, and must
be fairly powerful to level your anti-slash. So powerful, in fact, that he will
probably be sending you back to the ship regularly or causing you to burn
potions to stay alive. Unless a lot of your other stats are maxed, you might
just want to start a new game now.

The following enemies will train Anti-Slash. Initiate combat with your fist
or a twig (dropped by killing the yellow/green worms). I've listed them in
the order by which training cuts off:

Crabs - Found on Deserted Island, La Chef Beach. Stop training at 25 Slash.
Also train anti-Water. You will soon get too strong for the crab and will
one-hit kill it.

Bats - Deserted Island, La Chef Beach, Caldoaxa. Stop training at 32 Slash.
Also train anti-Wind and Agility. Is stronger than the crab and you'll
also get a lot of misses when you swing at it. You can speed things up
by getting more than one to attack you at once. Get one to attack you, then
use the left shoulder button to target a different bat. Ease over to that one
slowly so the first bat follows you, then hit the second bat.

Green Snakes - Fort Eagle. Stop training at 38 Slash.

Gold Snakes - Aegis and Fort Eagle base after beating the boss there. Stop
training at 44 Slash.

Black (really Purple) Snake - Fort Eagle base mini-boss. Appears several times.
All versions stop training at 45 Slash. Disappears for good after you complete
the clone quest.

Dragons & Dragons Knights - In the game at Habara. Stop training at 45 Slash.

Gold Bats - Aegis. Stop training at 50 Slash. Also train anti-Wind and
Agility. They behave like the regular bats only stronger.

Birds - Akumojo. Stop training at 50 Slash. Also train anti-Wind.

Blue Skeletons - Akumojo. Stop training at 50 Slash. Also train anti-Water.

Sabertooth Cats - Akumojo. Stop training at 50 Slash. ****NOTE: There is a
glitch with these cats, where if you let two or more surround you to speed up
training, you might be locked out of any of your menus, including the trick
decal menu. The only way to get them back is to go save and turn off your
game. To avoid the glitch, let only one cat attack you at a time. Either kill
off the other cats or train in the last room before the last save point,
where there is only one cat.

Lester Sprawl - Caldoaxa, Fort Eagle, Akumojo. Lester in all his appearances
will train anti-slash. He stops training at 56 slash on Akumojo during the
final battle. The final battle can be repeated. To keep the anti-slash
training, you must allow yourself to be sent back to the ship.

You may wonder whether I have a preference; well, I do. I like the bats to
begin with, up until the point where they stop giving me Agility. After that
I like the gold bats; in fact, I even have a favorite gold bat. It's in the
east pyramid, the fourth room, up the stairs, second hallway going north,
just in front of the digging spot where you got the worm. The main reason
I like the bats is because I can ignore them for a long period of time. I can
read a book, cook dinner or write an FAQ and look over now and then to
administer a potion, or sometimes to revive Terry on the ship, but mostly
it's a low-attention endeavor. A good thing too, because we are talking hours
of mindless grinding here. It is only for the committed, or at least the
certifiable. Still, it can be done, and once you get your anti-Slash up to 100,
you're good to go back to following the original FAQ or skip to
Stat Maxing Part B.

***NOTE: KungFuPhil discovered a different way of leveling anti-slash,
using a technique thought up by logic_resistant, that requires almost no
attention. You must have strong defenses and an Earth level of at least 61
to do it. Also, you must be at the final battle with Lester on Akumojo.
At level 61 Earth, you gain the passive Mother Earth tech, which heals you
at a slow but steady rate. When you get to the battle with Lester and Bull,
kill Bull and let Lester hit you. If your defensive stats are strong
enough, he should be doing only 1 or 2 HP damage every hit. Make sure
that your Mother Earth skill is healing you at that rate. You could equip
a high-agility weapon to increase Lester's misses to gain a little
more healing time if needed. Once you are satisfied that you are healing
ahead of the hits, you can plug your DS into the charger and just let
the battle run. Once your anti-slash is at 100, you must let Lester or
the next boss form kill you and send you back to the ship. If you beat
the boss and finish the game, you will lose the stat boost. This method
does not give you the anti-wind or agility boost of the gold bats, and
by Level 61 Earth you will probably be too powerful to use this method
on the gold bats without one-hit killing them. However, you can get
those stats separately. 

Anti-Strike reduces the amount of damage you take from striking attacks. You
develop anti-strike when an enemy hits you with a striking attack. There's not
much to say about anti-Strike except thank goodness it doesn't cut off like
Anti-Slash. Most enemies, including villagers and farm animals, train
anti-Strike, as do the elemental gods in the post-game. Once you start
leveling your element skills, anti-strike will level right along with them.

Defense is acquired from being hit, and reduces the amount of damage you take
from being hit. Enemies can start out training defense, but that training can
stop when defense reaches a certain level, so you have to go on to find
another enemy to train you. If you run out of main game enemies to train you,
you can train defense in the post-game with the elemental gods. It's not
difficult to get 100 percent, except for being killed a lot.

Some main game enemies that train defense are: the spice room beetles on
Caldoaxa; the potion vendor on Fort Eagle; the gold snakes, mummies and
sarcophagi on Aegis; the vacuum cleaners, cell phones, racecars, and the skull
knight (in Dragons & Dragons) on Habara; the turtles on Rizo Island; and the
dodos, blue skeletons, flying birds, red ogres, knights and mimic chests on

If these enemies do not train your defense, it's probably because your defense
has already exceeded their level of training. If you find a defense-training
enemy I haven't mentioned, it's probably because my defense had exceeded its
level of training.

Stamina is acquired from being hit, and increases your total number of hit
points. Enemies can start out training stamina, but the training can stop
when stamina reaches a certain level, so you have to go on to find another
enemy to train you. If you run out of main game enemies to train you, you
can train stamina in the post-game with the elemental gods. It's not
difficult to get 100 percent, except for being killed a lot. Yes, this
sounds a lot like Defense.

Some main game enemies that train stamina are the ghost wizards and red imps on
Caldoaxa; the potion guy on Fort Eagle; the skunk-type things in the Fort Eagle
base; the light cubes in the Fort Eagle base; the mummies and the sarcophagi in
Aegis; the refrigerators and vacuum cleaners on Habara; the turtles on Rizo
Island; and the dodos, wizards, red ogres and mimic chests on Akumojo.

If these enemies do not train your stamina, it's probably because your stamina
has already exceeded their level of training. If you find a stamina-training
enemy I haven't mentioned, it's probably because my stamina had exceeded its
level of training.

Agility is your ability to avoid being hit by enemies taking a swing at you.
You acquire it from missed hits by enemies who have a lot of dexterity.

Acquiring agility is most efficiently done in steps. If your current agility
is greatly lower than your opponent's dexterity, your opponent will never miss
you, and your agility won't go up. So it's best to find an enemy to raise
your agility until training reaches its limit, then go on to the next agility-
training enemy, and so on. You can increase your percentage of misses through
agility bonus decals and carrying an agility-boosting weapon. Carry the boxing
gloves if you have them, or the royal dagger if you don't (just don't use it
until you've maxed anti-slash!).

Agility-training enemies and the levels to which they train include:

Yellow and blue worms - (Deserted Island, La Chef Beach, Aegis) - Level ??

Bats - (Deserted Island, La Chef Beach) Level 30

Lester Sprawl - (Caldoaxa) Level 35. He disappears after you beat him.

Spice Room beetles - (Caldoaxa) > Level 35. These are so tough and so
inefficient, I wouldn't bother with them, but they do raise agility and are
included for completeness' sake.

Pink bunnies - (Fort Eagle) Level 40. These bunnies get mean!

Potion Vendor - (Fort Eagle) Level 45. This guy is tough and will heal himself.

Racecars - (Habara) Level 45.

Gold Snakes - (Aegis desert) > Level 45.

Bull Beatnix - (Aegis) > Level 45. He disappears after you beat him.

Purple beetles - (Aegis desert) Level 50.

The last mimic chest before the final battle - (Akumojo) Level 55.

Gold Bats - (Aegis) Level 60

Mint in the final battle - (Akumojo) Level 65, but you only get to keep it if
you let yourself get sent back to the ship.

There might be others that I didn't detect because my agility level was too
high when I fought them. After Level 65, you'll need to beat the game and
raise agility with the elemental bosses, as described in Stat Maxing Part B.

Note: If you find you've raised your agility too high to train other defensive
stats, equip an agility-lowering weapon when letting enemies hit you. The tee
ball bat and royal sword lower your agility by 20 points. 

Raising the anti-element stats lowers the damage you take from elemental
attacks. You develop them by getting hit with elemental attacks from enemies
that have them. You can train all anti-element abilities with the elemental
gods in the post-game; however, unless you like going back and forth from the
ship A LOT, you might want to get a head start on training these abilities with
main game enemies.

You can start training all four anti-elements on Deserted Isle. The yellow
worms train anti-earth, the crabs and mushrooms train anti-water, the bats
train anti-wind, and the red worm in the upper cave trains anti-fire. Have at
it until you get bored and want to move on.

Anti-element training is discussed in more detail in the next chapter. Good
enemies for training anti-elements include:

*** Anti-Earth ***
Yellow worms (Deserted Island, La Chef Beach, Aegis)
Mudmen (Caldoaxa)
Golem (Caldoaxa) Boss. Disappears after you beat it.
Green snakes (Fort Eagle)
Sarcophagi (Aegis)
Red ogre (Akumojo)
Final boss dragon (Akumojo) You keep the stats only if you get sent back
to the ship.

*** Anti-Water ***
Crabs (Deserted Island, La Chef Beach)
Mushrooms (Deserted Island)
Slime bubbles (Fort Eagle)
Refrigerators (Habara)
Wizards (Akumojo)
Final boss dragon (Akumojo) You keep the stats only if you get sent back
to the ship.

*** Anti-Fire ***
Red worms (Deserted Island, La Chef beach)
Robot drones (Fort Eagle base) Disappear for awhile after you beat the level,
until you complete the clone quest.
Machine (Fort Eagle) Boss. Inanimate after you beat it.
Horus guard (Aegis)
Racecars (Habara, F-1 Racing game) These train anti-fire only if you attack
them and weaken them enough to explode near you.
Wizards (Akumojo)
Red ogre (Akumojo)
Final boss dragon (Akumojo) You keep the stats only if you get sent back
to the ship.

*** Anti-Wind ***
Bats (Deserted Island, La Chef Beach, Caldoaxa)
Flyboy team (Fort Eagle base) They disappear after you get the Flyboy outfit.
Gold bats (Aegis)
Flying birds (Akumojo)
Final boss dragon (Akumojo) You keep the stats only if you get sent back
to the ship.

Finally, you really don't have to max these stats in the main quest. It just
seemed convenient to put them here, because it seems to work better to have
developed some defensive skills before working on your offense. But you can
work on them any time, and as long as you don't exceed 50-56 slash before
getting 100 anti-slash, you'll be all right.

Chapter 12 Post-game Stat Maxing
This chapter assumes you've beaten the end boss and are in the post-game, and
that you have leveled your anti-slash up to 100. If you've been working on your
leveling, some of your defensive stats might be higher than what's in here; if
so, you're just ahead of the game!

Before you do anything else, go to the sidequests section and read under
Deserted Island about the Bald Dude/Naked Bald Dude. You need to activate the
business man in Aegis who wants the stolen gems returned before Bald Dude will
appear. But after you collect him some stuff, you can basically get fast,
unlimited cash to buy Potions and Plus Potions.

Strength and Slash
Start with Strength and at least one weapon skill. I suggest Slashing. Go kill
the earth god/supercow until your Strength is maxed and your slashing is up
to about 90 or 95. You can also gain a bit of job skill while you do this. I
suggest Thief, because you're going to want to open the level 2 lockpicking
chests. See the last chapter for the cow specifics. Be sure to get a Gaia
Hammer (one of the cow's drops) if you haven't already.

STR 100, SLASH ~90, ANTI-SLASH 100

Once you have 100 Str and at least 90 Slashing, stock up on potions, wear the
Monk/Earth Mole outfit and head to the fire god/supergiant in Habara. Wield the
Gaia Hammer for the extra Anti-Earth boost and trap the giant so that only his
ground pound can hit you. Heal as it damages you. It takes a while, but it
should only take 40-50 regular potions to max your Def. Just watch some TV and
pop a potion every five minutes.

STR 100, DEF 100, SLASH ~90, A-SLASH 100, A-EARTH 30

Thievery (70)
At this point, you need to focus on Thievery. Now is a great time to spend on
cleaning up sidequests, getting girlfriends, and just generally fighting and
stealing. When you run out of stuff to steal from, you can head to Akumojo and
do runs charging your EP and stealing as much as possible (this was the purpose
of maxing STR and growing SLASH--you should be one-hitting almost everything
with the Thief Dagger). It's also a good idea to get lots of ? Decals to peel
and stick. Save your ? Decals for some situations we'll talk about as the stat
maxing goes on. When you get to 70 Thievery and get Unlock Master, go get all
the level 2 chests and you can ignore the Thief outfit for a while.

STR 100, DEF 100, SLASH ~90, THF 70, A-SLASH 100, A-EARTH 30

Dexterity and Stamina
Next up is Dex to 90 and Stamina building. I recommend you fight in the Chef
outfit, with the Ginsu to start. You will burn potions for this section, cook
them up to develop your cooking. Head to the Deed pyramid, around to the north
end and then south to the wind god's room. Trap him so you only take his long
ranged 24 damage attack. You can expect to gain something like 1/2 level of Dex
and Stamina, roughly, per kill. If you run out of potions, cook more up. Keep
killing it until your Dex is 90. Your Stamina should be somewhere in the
neighborhood of 75.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, STAM ~75, SLASH ~90, THF 70, A-SLASH 100, A-EARTH 30

Cooking (55)
If you've been faithfully cooking up your potions, you should have somewhere in
the neighborhood of 40-45 cooking. Next we're going to go ahead and pop that up
to 55. Refill your potion stock, then head to Caldoaxa and buy 99 Spices. Mix
them with any Rotten Meat (Rotten Meat + Spices = Kebab). If you haven't hit
55 yet, build Hamburger Steaks (Meat + Wild Game). If you still haven't hit 55,
head over to Naked Bald Dude on Deserted Island with your DS clock between 9
and 10 am and convert a Hamburger Steak to 10 Mystery Meats, then add Spices
to your Mystery Meats to make more Kebab until you hit 55. Don't trade if you
already have 90+ Mystery Meats, as extras disappear into the ether.

After you hit 55 cooking, head to Aegis and convert all your potions to Plus
Potions (Potion + Orange). Buy oranges for 100 at the shop south of Aegis town.
And with that, you can forget about the cook outfit for now. Just keep cooking
your Plus Potions until you hit 85 Cooking. It's a pain in the butt when you
can just buy them, but you have to cook a ton of stuff eventually anyway, so.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, STAM ~75, SLASH ~90, THF 70, COOK 60, A-SLASH 100,

Anti-Striking (60) and Agility (45)
Next up is Anti-Striking. The vast majority of enemies in the game, including
the post-game special bosses, have Striking as at least part of their normal
attack type. To train it (and possibly some Agility, depending on how low yours
is), you need a crowd of enemies that don't have much more than a basic attack.
You can work this with almost any enemy in the game, but my favorite, and we'll
get to know them well, are the infinite racecars. Pretty much the only place in
the game you can find 5 enemies that will never flee and if you accidentally
kill one, it will magically reappear. Just head into F1 Racer at Habara, let
five of them crowd you, and check your HP every now and then to heal. If you're
poor, you can pick the screen before the finish and just win the race and head
out to the bathtub to heal, but it's pretty annoying, and you have cooking
skill to raise, so just burn those Plus Pots.

This comes in two phases. For the first phase, I recommend you wear the Pilot
(FlyBoy) outfit, and equip a Royal Dagger for the Agility boost, and if you
just have the base 10 Wind attack you get in the course of the game if you
never use the Pilot suit, take the time to pop two levels by killing racecars
and using Cutter, to open Agility Up. This will slow the damage, but increase
the misses enough to develop your Agility to 45.

After it hits 45, the racecars won't grow your Agility, so there's no point
trying to get misses. Just leave the F1 game and sticker back to the ship to
change to a less agile outfit. I like Monk/Earth Mole for most things, because
of the huge HP boost. You also need to pick up a Guard Dagger if you haven't
already. Probably the easiest way to get them is to fish them out of the river
by grandpa's grave on Bamboo Island. The reason you do this is for the Guard
Dagger's boost to Parry. One of the peculiarities of the system is that hits
blocked with Parry or Sword Catch will develop your stats as if they had hit,
but they don't do the damage. This holds for little racecars and big mean
bosses, so we'll be using this Guard Dagger a lot. Return to Habara, return to
the F1 Racer game, and set yourself up with five cars again.

Through about level 50, you should get half a bar or slightly more per Plus
Potion. Parry ups it a bit. By 60, that'll be down to something like 1/3rd, so
go ahead and stop at 60. Refill your Plus Potions.

*** Note: It seems that for some people, depending on who knows what, the
racecars will not develop anti-striking. I've actually gone back and tested
them after other unrelated stat development and had them inexplicably stop
growing the anti-striking stat at levels when they were previously giving some
experience. I have no idea why this happens, but if it does, here's another

Wear the fishing outfit, head to either Caldoaxa or the ground floor of Habara.
Equip a rod, lure some villagers into attacking, and then switch to the Guard
Dagger. This should develop your anti-striking at the same damage/experience
rate, though it's a little slower because you can only get usually two or three
attacking you. Again, when you hit 60, might as well move on, because much of
the other stat development (against the gods) will also train anti-striking.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS ??, STAM ~75, SPD ??
SLASH ~90, STRIKE ??, PUNCH ??, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE ??, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 65
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 60, A-EARTH 30, A-WATER ??, A-FIRE ?? A-WIND ??

Punching, Striking, Slashing, Wisdom (25), Fire (35)
For this section, you should have a Flame Knuckle, and the Moon Cane. You can
get a Flame Knuckle as a steal/drop from fire giants in Akumojo. The Moon Cane
is a steal/drop from the mages in Akumojo.

Head to Caldoaxa, wear the Driver (Nitro Boost) outfit and equip the Flame
Knuckle. Hit the supercow until your Punching skill is maxed. Should take about
half a battle. No, really. After you max it, switch to the Moon Cane and max
out your striking on the cow. While you're here, go ahead and polish off the
last few levels of slashing, if you haven't already.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS 25, STAM ~75, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 65
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 60, A-EARTH 30, A-WATER ??, A-FIRE ?? A-WIND ??

Anti-Elements, Anti-Striking, Stamina
This section requires massive Potion/Plus Potion use. Be sure to read up on
the fast unlimited money trick (see Intro of this section, and the Aegis and
Deserted Island portions of the Sidequests section).

When you're ready, suit up in the Fireman outfit (Aquashot), equip an Ice Sword
(steal/drop from sword skeletons in early Akumojo), head to Habara, and find
a room with multiple refrigerators. Get 3 or 4 crowded around you and let them
beat on you. It shouldn't take more than about 45 seconds for them to deal a
Plus Pot worth of damage, so watch that HP. Expect half a level of Anti-Water
per heal through about 40, when it drops to about a third. This will also
continue to develop your anti-Striking slightly.

Once you've got to 40ish, reload pots and head to Ft. Eagle. Again, Fireman
and Ice Sword. With your Defense maxed, Anti-Striking at 60 and change, and
adjusted Anti-Water to 80, standing toe-to-toe with the Water God/superworms
is just at the edge of doable. Their ice attack will be doing minimal damage
and train your Anti-Water about twice as fast per blast as the refrigerators,
but their big nasty will now be doing 40-60, and will train Anti-Water and
Anti-Striking fairly quickly. Taking into account healing and pot cost, this
is slightly more efficient than the refrigerators. The only problem is the
inevitable critical hits, which will still be doing 200-220ish, so that means
you'll need to keep your HP as high as possible--until your stamina maxes, this
will probably mean using regular pots as your primary heals, and Plus Pots only
after crits. As you pass 50 base Anti-Water, the hits will drop to 30-40 and
crits to 150-170. About time you burn 99 pots, it should be safe to switch
to primarily healing with plus pots, but it's a judgment call.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS 25, STAM ~90, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 75
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 70, A-EARTH 30, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE ?? A-WIND ??

After you've maxed Anti-Water, refill potions, switch to Chef outfit, equip
that Guard Dagger, and go head to head with the Fire God to train Anti-Fire.
After the Anti-Water training, your anti-striking should be up around 70, and
with a natural 20 Anti-Fire and the +50(!) from the Chef outfit, you should
be seeing hits around 40-60 and crits 200-220. Because of the Chef outfit's
limited HP, this means you'll be back to using regular pots, unless you want to
peel a bunch of stickers for stamina boosts. If you can raise your HP by 60 to
80, you can switch to Plus Pots and spend more time on a given training run.
At about base Anti-Fire of 60, even without decal based stamina boosts, you can
shift to Plus Pots anyway.

Either way, this is pretty straightforward. Be sure to line up to his left or
right so that his fire-breath can hit you. In addition to the Anti-Fire, you'll
also be getting a bit of Anti-Striking and Anti-Earth. After 85 cooking skill,
don't bother cooking Plus Pots. Just buy them with your infinite monies.

An alternative to this, if you've gone through the Ft. Eagle sidequests and
restored the soldiers to the base, is to suit up in the Fishing outfit, find a
missile drone, and Lure (and periodically reLure) it into firing at you. It's
slower, and won't develop your Anti-Earth or Anti-Striking, but the Anti-Fire
experience/Potion consumed is much better. I actually recommend switching from
the Fire God to this, if you have cleared the sidequests, once you've hit
anti-striking 75, and anti-earth 40. Just because it takes a lot less effort
and attention.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS 25, STAM 100, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 85
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 75, A-EARTH 40, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND ??

When your Anti-Fire is maxed, it's time for the good old cow. With the
Anti-Earth you've already developed from the Fire God, just equip the Monk/Mole
Knuckle outfit, reload pots, and head to Caldoaxa to fight the cow.

A note: Since your Stamina is maxed and the elemental outfits (which we'll be
using for a while) have good HP, when you do money runs to refill potions and
get ? Decals, focus on augmenting your Agility to start setting up for the
future. The natural non-god limit to Agi is 65, if you can get it above 80
with bonuses, you can start growing it beyond that on the cow (75 is enough
for the worms). We're not going to really talk about that yet, since until your
anti-element training is done, you really don't want to be dodging much, but
you can start training it now if you want.

The cows' attacks will probably be something like 60-80, but its crits are all
over the place. 200-300. Luckily, the Monk outfit puts your HP up into a range
where that's not really a problem. If you choose to fight with the Gaia Hammer,
you get a little extra damage reduction, a little Earth skill growth, but you
forego the "free" experience of parry/sword catch. If you decide to try to
start training Agi now, the Boxing Gloves, the Beat Knuckle or the Royal Dagger
are good choices. Otherwise, the Guard Dagger is probably best.

Unfortunately, the normal enemies who use earth attacks aren't really suited to
quick or reliable training. The clay men in Caldoaxa develop it pretty slowly,
need to be lured, and will lose interest often. The sarcophagi in Aegis also
need to be lured, don't lose interest as easily, but they also have an annoying
long-range attack in addition to their rock toss that is one of those weird
non-elemental magic attacks that do 24, regardless, so you end up doing a lot
of purposeless healing. The Fire God's ground pound is probably the best
non-cow option, but it uses it sporadically so it can take a long time--we got
about 60 levels of Def and probably 40 levels of A-Fire in the time it took to
gain about 30 or 40 of Anti-Earth. Slooow.

And so the cow. Luckily, it only has one attack, so every hit will develop your
anti-strike and anti-earth. It's actually comparatively quick. When you've
maxed anti-earth, your anti-strike should be around 80. Reload potions,
switch to Pilot/FlyBoy outfit, and head to Aegis.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS 25, STAM 100, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 85
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 80, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND ??

If you've been using the bats/gold bats to develop anti-slash, you've
also developed quite a lot of anti-wind. There are two other options: the birds
in Akumojo and the Wind God in Aegis. Except at extremely low levels, the birds
are incredibly slow to develop anti-wind. Since they have three attacks, they
use the wind attack only about 1/3rd of the time, and it really doesn't raise
your stat very fast when it does hit. The wind God also has three attacks, but
one of them does no damage (the paralysis scream), and the big short range
attack hits hard (at first), but will develop anti-wind incredibly quickly. I
don't recommend you bother with the birds. Your other defenses should be high
enough to take the wind god's big crits without trouble.

The disadvantage to the Wind God is its second attack, the undodgeable,
unblockable magic attack that always does 24 damage. In the beginning, its big
attack will be doing enough damage that the wasted healing won't be a big deal,
but as you hit 80 anti-wind or so, more and more of your healing will be
wasted countering those attacks that don't develop your stat. If you're also
training your agility, you'll also be getting misses off its big attack, which
will mean even less efficient anti-wind growth. I don't recommend you use an
Agility setup against the wind god. Instead, use decals that increase your
defense or anti-wind. Once you pass 80 base anti-wind, I recommend you switch
from a knuckle which will give you an agility boost to a slashing weapon which
will still parry now and then without earning you any misses. In fact, a weapon
like the Falchion, with decent damage and +8 Def will do more for you than
even the Guard Dagger.

The only upside of the tedious 80-100 grind is that as you take less damage,
the odd Hunting Knife and Storm Wand drops will begin to cover more and more of
your potion outlay. And there's really no reason not to kill the Wind God as
you go. In battle mode, you'll be taking less damage, and you can reload the
god at will. In fact, as the God's hits and crits become smaller, you can
actually double or triple him up. Just activate him, lead him out of the north
exit, and after he appears and continues to attack, lead him back south into
the room, where he'll also be. (Repeat for 3 gods.) It will basically halve
the real time you spend grinding; just be aware you will be potentially exposed
to multiple rapid crits, so watch your HP.

After your Anti-wind is maxed, you'll probably have an anti-striking around 85
or so. Go ahead and head to Habara, wear the fishing outfit, and lure some
nerds into pounding you to finish maxing your anti-striking.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 45, WIS 25, STAM 100, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 85
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 100, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND 100

If you've been developing your Agility already, you're ahead of the game. If
not, head to the last room before the final save of Akumojo. Activate the
mimic and let him pound you (and miss). Wear the Pilot/FlyBoy outfit for the
Agility Up and equip either the Beat Knuckle or Boxing Gloves (for the agility
boost from punching weapon skill), along with any decals you can peel with
Agility modifiers. More Agility = more misses = faster agility development.

You can actually double the Mimic up by leading him out the south end of the
room and then back in, but you have to be pretty careful about killing the
panthers without hurting the Mimic. It's a pain, but worth it.

After you get to base Agility 55 with the Mimic, you can head back to Aegis to
get to Agility 60 with a gold bat. By this time you are so strong the bats will
flee from you and you will one-hit kill them. Put on your Fisher King costume
and go find my favorite bat, the one in the east pyramid, fourth room, up the
stairs, second hallway in front of the worm digging spot. This bat is trapped
and can't fly away from you! Equip a fishing rod and use lure to get it to
attack you. Switch your weapon to the boxing gloves or royal dagger for the
agility boost to increase misses.

After you get to Agility 60, or if the bat won't bite, head back to Akumojo.
Load up with lots of potions, wear the Flyboy outfit, carry the boxing gloves
or royal dagger, and climb back up the tower to the final boss battle. When you
get to the final one-on-one, just stand there and let it hit you. This is very
tedious. It has two attacks, and it's the little attack you want to miss you.
Just keep drinking potions to stay alive, then when you finally get to level
65 Agility, get sent back to the ship or you will lose the boost!

Once you hit base Agility 65, regular enemies and even regular bosses can't
help you any more. At this point you need to use one of the gods. They all have
advantages and disadvantages. The worms can't be multiplied, the cow is a pain
to multiply, the giant wastes a lot of time with magic attacks... ultimately,
it's up to you. Give them all a try and see what suits you. Different gods also
have different minimum Agi requirements to even have a chance to miss, so you
might start with the worms, who require only a 75 modified Agility (55 base +
Pilot outfit + Beat Knuckle should get you there even without decals). Once
you've reached a 80 or 85 modified, I like either the cow, who uses all
dodgeable attacks, or the wind god, who uses a magical attack, but can be
easily tripled up. Your call.

Bring plenty of potions, as you'll be taking a lot of pointless damage until
your stat grows a bit (and even then). Any decals you can peel to get more
misses will only speed things up.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 100, WIS 25, STAM 100, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH ??, WATER ??, FIRE 35, WIND 12
FAME ??, COURAGE ??, KARMA ??, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 85
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 100, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND 100

Element Skills, Wisdom, Fame, Courage, Karma
With your defensive skills maxed, or at least very strong, it is time to work
on your element skills. This is fun because you finally get to pwn the element
gods. You also get to play with magic.

Element skills are raised in two ways: by using techs of a particular element,
and by wielding a weapon that gives experience with an element. Wisdom rises
as you use your elemental techs. There are also weapons and foods that raise
wisdom, but really, you'll find it's not hard to max out Wisdom once you start
working on the element skills.

Except for the Moon Cane, which gives fire experience, all weapons that give
element experience can be equipped only while you are wearing the
corresponding outfit. To use a tech, you must be wearing the right outfit also.

Here's the basic strategy: Battle an elemental God, using up techs first and
then killing it off with the elemental weapon. Then, using the elemental
weapon, recharge EPs by slaying nearby enemies. Repeat. You don't need to
battle the Gods, I suppose - just using and recharging the techs should raise
your element stats. But we are multi-tasking here. First, if you haven't maxed
your defensive stats yet, battling a God is a great way to do it, especially
after you have acquired your armor tech. Second, after a certain point, you
really need to kill the Gods to level your fame and courage in any reasonable
amount of time.

I decided to start elemental leveling with Wind. After completing the main
quest and raising my agility with the final boss, I had the following
relevant stats: Strength 60, Defense 60 (the highest the final boss will
take it), Wisdom 29, Stamina 72, Fame 6, Courage 18, Strike 36, Wind 15,
A-Strike 60, A-Earth 33, A-Water 30, A-Fire 40, A-Wind 73. The high
Anti-Wind came from leveling Agility against the gold bats in Aegis.

To level Wind, I started against the Wind God in Aegis. I battled him until
he dropped a storm wand, for a +10 agility boost. I then moved to Ft. Eagle,
to battle the Blue Worms. These guys are easier to kill, plus they build
agility faster. They also raise fame faster than even the other elemental
Gods. Wearing the Flyboy suit and carrying the storm wand helps
raise agility also. Because my anti-water was low, I ate some canned stew
(vending machine at Habara) to raise my defense. I could eat three cans of
stew (+30 anti-water total) and still have room for a potion. The stew would
generally last for an entire battle. I used 4 EPs on Cyclone Armor to increase
defense (two per battle), and hit one of the worms with a 1-point Cutter, then
recharged by hitting snakes and blue blobs with my Storm Wand in between
battles. I kept this up until I reached level Anti-Water 100. You can see
how much it raised my other stats along with it: Strength 100, Defense 100,
Dexterity - well, it was 100 because I leveled it on WiFisland, but
otherwise it would be maxed at 80, Agility 98, Wisdom 100, Stamina 100,
Fame 83, Courage 82, Karma 100, Strike 100, Wind 71.

At this point you probably do deserve to be famous, but you must pay attention
not to get killed! Getting sent back to the ship takes away about
10 percent of your fame, and it takes a long time and a lot of God-killing
to get it back! So carry plenty of potions and watch your hit points. Even
after you get powerful, a God can fool you with a couple of critical hits in a
row and knock you back.

I then went back to Aegis to fight the Wind God again. Even with my high
Anti-Wind, this guy is a lot tougher than the worms. Canned Stew will do you
no good here, so I recommend either Mystery Herbs to raise your HP, or Swanky
Soup to increase your defense. You can have two in any combination and still
have room for a potion or two. Again, hit with your Storm Wand, use your
Cyclone Armor for defense, and recharge between battles. The wind god will
max out your dexterity at 90.

After my Anti-Wind hit 100, my Agility and Fame were also at 100, but I still
had a little Wind leveling left to do. I kept my Flyboy outfit on and moved
to Caldoaxa to fight the Earth Supercow. If you don't mind spending the time,
you can use the stair slaughter technique to develop Wind and Fame. It won't
develop anti-strike or Anti-Earth, but we'll get to those. If you want to
fight her head-to-head, however, you're probably ready. Just continue eating
your Mystery Herbs or Swanky Soup and have plenty of potions handy. This
should take you to 100 Wind, or if you have someone you haven't talked to in
Room 3 on WiFisland, you can stop at level 95 and go collect your bonus.

Now that you have Wind maxed, I recommend changing into the Knuckle Mole suit
to level Earth. Stay with the cow and hit her with your Gaia Hammer. Use your
Stone Armor to use the tech points even if you're hitting her at the stairs,
and use your same food/potion combinations if you're going head-to-head. Keep
doing this until you reach level 61 Earth.

At level 61, you earn Mother Earth and you can take a little break by using
a great technique discovered by logic_resistant. Mother Earth recharges your
hit points, slowly but constantly, as long as you are wearing the Knuckle Mole
outfit. It's a passive technique, so you don't need to recharge EPs to use it.
We're going to use it to max Anti-Earth, Anti-Fire, and Anti-Strike. Wear
your Knuckle Mole outfit and carry your Tee Ball Bat. Find a yellow worm on
Deserted Isle, Aegis, or La Chef Beach. Stand next to the worm so it attacks
you. It's aggressive and dumb, so it will always attack! It should be doing
only 1 or 2 pts. damage; between that and its high rate of misses (even with
you carrying that bat), you will regenerate HP faster than it can take them
away. Now plug your DS into the charger and leave it with the cover open
overnight. By the time you come back, Anti-Earth and probably Anti-Strike
will be taken care of.

Now do the same thing with the red worms. I went to La Chef Beach, where there
are two red worms in the cave. They can both hit you at the same time, but even
so, your Mother Earth should be able to keep up with them. If you're nervous,
just drop the Tee Ball Bat, or if you're really nervous, just use the solo
worm on Deserted Isle. These guys will level up Anti-Fire along with any
Anti-Strike you still need.

Now that you have maxed your anti-elements, you can level against any God you
wish, wearing the equipment of the element you're trying to max. For Earth,
I recommend fighting the blue worms. For one thing, each time you kill one of
them, you get a stat boost for that worm; you don't have to kill all three at
a time. Each worm counts toward recharging your EPs also. If you don't want to
go out and chase snakes, you can just kill worms with your weapon and recharge
your EPs fast enough.

After maxing Earth, I recommend Water, using the Ice Sword if you need to level
any more Slash. Finally, there is Fire. Since Fire has no defensive ability,
I wouldn't start leveling Fire until after your defensive stats are maxed.
However by this time you will be glad to know that once you start leveling
Fire, it goes quickly! 

For both Water and Fire, with Agility at 100, I recommend loading up with
Agility decals and fighting the Fire God, even though he is powerful. Why?
Because I could easily set up an attack rhythm where I hit him so fast that
he couldn't charge up to hit me. The Agility decals, remember, not only
increase his misses, but also increase your attack speed. This worked both
with the Ice Sword and with the Flame Knuckle. He sometimes got in a few licks
before the rhythm got going, but with my strong defenses he didn't do much
damage. When leveling Water, just use Spirit to keep your hit points maxed.
When leveling Fire, you might need to pop a potion or take a bath every few
battles or so.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 100, WIS 100, STAM 100, SPD ??
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH 100, WATER 100, FIRE 100, WIND 100,
FAME 100, COURAGE 100, KARMA 100, THF 70, FISH ??, COOK 85
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 100, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND 100

Mopping Up
Let's see, what's left? Cook? Go cook some level 3 recipes. Fish? Go fish!
If you haven't been fishing all along, be prepared to spend some time fishing
now. Use your bamboo or battle rod to level your fishing ability the fastest.
Yes, I know the other rods say they have fishing bonuses, but they work
backwards from what you might expect! The Famous Rod, with its +20 bonus, will
barely level you at all. For variety, run around using your fishing techs, or
use one of your rods to kill the supercow on Caldoaxa. Once you get to level 71
and get Fly Fishing, go to the Piranha pond in the west pyramid in Aegis, in
the room where the archaeologist hangs out. There are nothing but Piranha, a
level 2 fish, in that pond, so you won't have to worry about wasting time with
level 1 fish or worse, junk.

For some reason, both Cook and Fish can be maxed to what I call Level 101-
(As in A- or B-). Once you reach Level 100, the red bar keeps rising until it
maxes out. It won't actually level up to 101, and it won't decrease either.
I have not found a way to get Thief to do this; it just stops at 100. 

If you need to level Thief, go Snatch things, using your Thief Dagger to
recharge EPs. Or you could have some fun running around using Sprint, which
might help with our last stat....

I really think Speed, of all things, might be the hardest of all to max
(outside of anti-Slash, which becomes impossible). It's not complicated; you
raise Speed by running around. It's just that the amount of running around you
need to get from one level to another seems to increase exponentially as you
raise your Speed higher. After all this running around, playing the quest and
maxing stats, I doubt whether you'll have even increased your speed to 60.
Probably not even 50.

So, I am going to try to explain a trick which I first saw posted on the
Contact board by Hatoritsukasa. First, plug your DS into the wall somewhere
where you can keep it on for a long time. Like 20 hours or more.

In the game, find a diagonal wall. A wall on your ship is the most convenient.
I like the south wall of the kitchen. Have Terry stand alongside it; then,
press your stylus directly below him (in the kitchen, this would be on the
black part of the screen), and find a spot where you turn Terry into sort of a
twitchy, fuzzy, glitchy-looking image of himself. He is now running, as far as
the game is concerned.

Now comes the tricky part. You have to find something to take the place of the
stylus to put pressure on that part of the screen without you having to hold it
constantly. (This didn't damage my screen but you might want a screen protector
just to be safe!) I first used the cap to an eraseable pen, held in place
vertically (eraser side down) with a little tent of Scotch tape stuck to my
DS. The eraser on the end of the pen cap applied enough pressure and had
enough friction to stay in place. Use good-quality transparent tape to avoid
sticky residue on your DS if you do it this way. I think Hatoritsukasa said he
used a pen with the Scotch tape method; godspower used a roll-on deodorant
bottle; and logic_resistant used a fork turned upside down, with one tine
acting as a stylus and the handle on the table, and something light weighing
it down.  I tried this using a pink school eraser as the weight and it worked
pretty well.  The best technique I found was using a large serving fork.
The weight and size were perfect. It's worth trying a few things you have
around the house to see what works for you.

In any case, I wasn't kidding when I said you might have to set this up for
20 hours or more total. I set it up overnight and it took two full nights and
several more hours to level from the low 40s to 100 Speed, with the final
levels taking much longer than the earlier ones.

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 100, WIS 100, STAM 100, SPD 100
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH 100, WATER 100, FIRE 35, WIND 12,
FAME 100, COURAGE 100, KARMA 100, THF 100, FISH 100, COOK 100
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 100, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND 100


Did I say Speed was our last stat? Well, it depends on what you mean by "max."
While positive Karma maxes out at 100, negative Karma maxes at -101-. That is,
the bar will rise after reaching -100 karma, and will stop when you reach the
top. You won't actually level over to -101. So, if you consider -101- to be
more maxed than +100, there is one way I've found to do this. First, get your
karma down to -100 by killing villagers and farm animals. Do not kill any
monsters. This is not too difficult by this time, as most monsters will ignore
or run from you, and those that are aggressive will not do much damage in the
time it takes you to get away from them.

Go to Akumojo. Run straight through the castle until you get to the final
battle with the red ogre, the one you can't avoid. When you get to this battle,
use your ? Trick Decal to turn him into a farm animal. The game will now
consider him dead and will raise the gate. Look at your karma. Something about
getting rid of that ogre without killing him has lowered your karma by a full
bar. As soon as you kill a monster, however, you'll be back up to -100 karma;
you can kill nice people and farm animals with impunity.

So that's that. Here's where you should be:

STR 100, DEF 100, DEX 90, AGI 100, WIS 100, STAM 100, SPD 100
SLASH 100, STRIKE 100, PUNCH 100, EARTH 100, WATER 100, FIRE 100, WIND 100,
FAME 100, COURAGE 100, KARMA +100 or -101-, THF 100, FISH 101-, COOK 101-,
A-SLSH 100, A-STRK 100, A-EARTH 100, A-WATER 100, A-FIRE 100 A-WIND 100

To get Dex to 100, you must hit someone on Wi-Fi Island who has Agility of
80 or more.

Does all this stat-maxing get you anything? Well yes, the pride of
accomplishment and getting maximum enjoyment out of the game. Bragging
rights maybe. Beyond that, I haven't found anything, which I'll admit
was disappointing. If you get to this point and find some goodies in the
game, be sure to post it!

I had a lot of fun playing Contact. I enjoyed its attitude, sense of humor,
and the way it played with gaming and pop culture cliches. I especially
enjoyed figuring out some of the complicated ways things interact in the game.
There is probably still a lot more to discover! For example, Stepswordsman
says Wisdom seems to work differently with different elements and magical
attacks. And Goldom, who had a used copy of the game, noticed an interaction
between his file and a file left over from the previous user, in the way
they affected Mochi! I hope you enjoy the game as well, and I hope you have
enjoyed this guide, and that it's helpful!

Chapter W - Caveat Gamer: A Few Things You Should Know
This is a short list of things you should know as you go through the game,
especially if you're trying to max your stats. Most if not all of this
information appears elsewhere in the walkthrough, but is compiled here to make
things easier for YOU!

1. Put down that sword! Avoid raising your slash level until you've leveled
Anti-Slash. Have I mentioned this a few times? Well, you don't expect me to
leave it out now, do you? And don't be in a hurry to max those offensive stats
in general.

2. Give the soldier the Army Knife.

3. Don't give the guy on Aegis the boxing gloves.

4. Don't sell the mayor the Masamune. Or the Muramasa. Be careful what you sell
to the shopkeepers. Many weapons are one of a kind.

5. Try to get the Ft. Eagle drones to drop an extra mallet or two before you
beat the boss there. Alternatively, ....

6. Don't talk to the guy standing by the Ft. Eagle campfire until you want
to start the King quest. Once you start the King quest, you won't be able to
go on to the quest that gets the drones back until you've caught the King.

7. The guy who buys roses on Ft. Eagle will buy them once, whether you have
one or 99. So have 99. Think Boss Bunny on WiFisland.

8. On WiFisland, if you're trying to max your elemental stats, avoid talking
to the guests in rooms 1 through 4 until your stats are at 95. You can still
fight them.

9. To get Dex to 100, you must hit a WiFisland guest who has agility of
at least 80. To avoid getting killed, put this troublesome person in room 4.
Keep the stairs between you and hit her with cutter, flicker, trickle or
lure. She'll approach you where you can hit her but she can't get you.
Room 5 will work for this also, but you'll need to stand on the stairs
and work a bit to get the guy in the right helpless position.

10. The naked bald dude will eat all your tuna sushi before he touches your
carp sushi. He's a gourmet.

11. Pick up the weapons that Lester and Bull drop or you'll lose them when
you leave the area.

12. Train Mochi with tummy rubs until he damages multiple enemies. Then stop.

13. If you use the final boss to level your stats, you must let it send you
back to the ship. Otherwise you'll lose them.

Chapter X - Skills and Stats
Many thanks to logic_resistant for sharing some of the elemental skills
and stats in this section!

Slashing - 2 (Dual Flash), 15 (Parry), 29 (Double Attack), 43 (Dexterity Up),
           57 (Drain Blade), 71 (Critical Strike), 85 (Sound Flurry),
           100 (Justice)
Striking - 2 (Power Strike), 15 (Armor Break), 29 (Brain Pounder),
           43 (Strength Up), 57 (Smash Hit), 71 (Stunner),
           85 (Megaton Punch), 100 (Urban Champ)
Punching - 2 (Body Shot), 15 (Sword Catcher), 29 (Cross Up), 43 (Agility Up),
           57 (Death Blow), (71) Counter, 85 (Rapid Strike),
           100 (Elite Master)

Earth - 2 (Rock), 12 (Stamina Up), 21 (Stone Armor), 32 (Stamina Up),
        45 (Boulder), 61 (Mother Earth), 80 (Earthquake), 100 (Metamorph)
Water - 2 (Trickle), 12 (Intelligence Up), 21 (Spirit), 32 (Rust),
        45 (Icy Chill), 80 (Whirlpool), 100 (Smartify)
Fire  - 2 (Flicker), 12 (Offense Up), 21 (Flame On), 32 (Nullify Heat),
        45 (Napalm), 61 (Embolden), 80 (Inferno), 100 (Disco Inferno)
Wind  - 2 (Cutter), 12 (Agility Up), 21 (Cyclone Armor), 32 (Ground 2 Air),
        45 (Tornado), 61 (Sprint), 80 (Lightning), 100 (Twister)

Thievery - 2 (Snatch), 8 (Lockpicking), 20 (Sprint), 38 (Thievery),
           55 (Stealth), 70 (Unlock Master), 85 (Tiptoe), 100 (Roguery)
Fishing  - 2 (Lure), 10 (Fly Fishing), 29 (Aqua Stalk), 43 (Fishin'),
           57 (Dexterity Up), 71 (Fly Fishing), 85 (Bait & Switch),
           100 (Schooling)
Cooking  - 2 (Gut), 10 (Chef Etiquette), 29? (Hunt), 38 (Flambe),
           55 (Kitchen Savvy), 71 (Ingredients), 85 (Meat Cred),
           100 (Creamsauce)

Chapter Y - Lists

For weapons, food, and items, each entry will be listed in row#-column# order.
So you can identify missing elements by looking up their position in the list.
Techniques will be listed left to right by weapontype then costume, from top
to bottom. For now, to find where to get them, Ctrl-F the walkthrough or see
unudos12345's weapons guide at:


1-01 Rusty Knife     [ 3] Slash
1-02 Paper Knife     [ 4] Slash
1-03 Knife           [ 6] Slash
1-04 Shiv            [ 7] Slash           Dex +10, Stam -1
1-05 Steak Knife     [ 8] Slash
1-06 Butterfly Knife [10] Slash
1-07 Bowie Knife     [15] Slash           +25% damage to animals
1-08 Saber           [16] Slash           Crit +20%
1-09 Army Knife      [13] Slash           Agi +8
1-10 Machete         [15] Slash           Dex +10
1-11 Royal Dagger    [16] Slash           Agi +20, Stam -4
1-12 Cutlass         [18] Slash
1-13 Wakizashi       [20] Slash
1-14 Plasma Blade    [23] Slash           Dex +6
1-15 Masamune        [25] Slash           Crit +10%
2-01 Muramasa        [40] Slash           Stam -20, Agi -10, Crit +20%
2-02 Short Sword     [23] Slash           Agi +7
2-03 Long Sword      [25] Slash
2-04 Falchion        [30] Slash           Def +8
2-05 Flamberge       [32] Slash           Dex +12, A-Fir +5
2-06 Badelaire       [29] Slash           Agi -7, Crit +30%
2-07 Guard Dagger    [ 5] Slash           Parry +25%
2-08 Ice Sword       [25] Slash, Water    Firemen only, A-Wat +20, A-Fir -20
2-09 Fruit Knife     [ 5] Slash, Cook     Chefs only, Cook +10%
2-10 Cleaver         [16] Slash, Cook     Chefs only, Crit +12%
2-11 Ginsu           [19] Slash, Cook     Chefs only, Cook +20%
2-12 Viking Sword    [26] Slash           Agi - 8
2-13 Thief Dagger    [17] Slash, Thief    Thieves only, Steal +10%, Lock +10%
2-14 Element Sword   [27] Slash           Ear +10, Wat +10, Fir +10, Win +10
2-15 Cloud Sword     [ 7] Slash           Dex+5, Agi+5, +50% damage to humans
3-01 Royal Sword     [23] Slash           Agi -20, Stam -4
3-02 Hunting Knife   [18] Slash           +50% damage to animals
3-03 Plague Dagger   [ 9] Slash           Dex +12
3-04 Valor Sword     [36] Slash           Agi -10
3-05 Cherry Sword    [38] Slash           Average Joes only
3-06 Cestus          [ 5] Punch           Agi +3, Def +1
3-07 Knuckle         [ 7] Punch
3-08 Claw            [10] Punch           Dex +8, Agi +2
3-09 Glove           [14] Punch           Agi +10, Def +3
3-10 Boxing Glove    [10] Punch           Agi +20, Def +5
3-11 Palm Gloves     [18] Punch           Agi +8, Def -1
3-12 Brass Knuckle   [27] Punch           Agi +5, Crit +10%
3-13 Beat Knuckle    [16] Punch           Agi +12, Stam +6
3-14 Flame Knuckle   [29] Punch, Fire     Drivers only, Fir +10, A-Fir +10
3-15 Diamond Glove   [32] Punch           Def +10, A-Fir -10
4-01 Twig            [ 2] Strike
4-02 Bat             [ 7] Strike          Agi -5
4-03 Club            [10] Strike          Agi -10, Crit +10%
4-04 Mallet          [14] Strike          Agi -8
4-05 Metal Bat       [15] Strike          Agi -5
4-06 Tonfa           [18] Strike          Def +2
4-07 Ja Dagna        [16] Strike          Stam +3
4-08 Mace            [20] Strike          Agi -5
4-09 Spiked Club     [23] Strike          Stam -4, Crit +10%
4-10 Bokuto          [24] Strike
4-11 Toy Hammer      [22] Strike          Agi +8, Wis -10
4-12 Jitte           [25] Strike          Def +3
4-13 Wrench          [18] Strike          +50% damage to machines
4-14 War Hammer      [34] Strike          Agi -5, Stam +4
4-15 Pickaxe         [30] Strike          ArmorBreak +5%
5-01 Tenderizer      [19] Strike, Cook    Chefs only
5-02 Frying Pan      [12] Strike, Cook    Chefs only, Cook +15%
5-03 Nonstick Pan    [31] Strike, Cook    Chefs only, Cook +25%
5-04 Holy Water      [30] Strike          +50% damage to undead
5-05 Armor Breaker   [27] Strike          ArmorBreak +20%
5-06 Gaia Hammer     [32] Strike, Earth   Monks only, Ear +10, A-Ear +13
5-07 Maul            [26] Strike          Agi +8
5-08 Heavy Hammer    [38] Strike          Agi -12, Crit +15%
5-09 Haunted Mace    [37] Strike          Stam -6, Agi -6, Dex -6, Wis +6
5-10 Hexagon Staff   [27] Strike          Dex +5
5-11 Golden Mallet   [31] Strike          Stam +7
5-12 Iron Club       [33] Strike          Agi -13
5-13 Knockout Club   [40] Strike          Stun +10%
5-14 Tee Ball Bat    [22] Strike          Dex -10, Agi -20
5-15 10 Ton Hammer   [54] Strike          Agi -25, Crit +20%
6-01 Bamboo Rod      [12] Strike, Fish    Fishermen only
6-02 Glass Rod       [16] Strike, Fish    Fishermen only, Fish +5%
6-03 Carbon Rod      [20] Strike, Fish    Fishermen only, Fish +10%
6-04 Famous Rod      [15] Strike, Fish    Fishermen only, Fish +20%
6-05 Battle Rod      [32] Strike, Fish    Fishermen only
6-06 Coral Staff     [ 9] Strike, Wis     Dex +10, Wis +8
6-07 Spray Wand      [12] Strk, Wis, Wat  Firemen only, Wat +20, Wis +10
6-08 Mage's Rod      [ 3] Strike, Wid     Wis +5
6-09 Elemental Staff [ 7] Strike, Wis     Ear +10, Wat +10, Fir +10, Win +10
6-10 Bone Stake      [ 2] Strike, Wis     Agi +8, Stam -2
6-11 Stun Rod        [ 1] Strike, Wis     Stun +20%
6-12 Sun Cane        [10] Strike, Wis     Stam +10, Wis +10
6-13 Moon Cane       [10] Strk, Wis, Fir  Wis +20
6-14 Storm Wand      [12] Strk, Wis, Win  Win +20, Agi +10
6-15 Evil Staff      [16] Strike, Wis     Stam -10, Wis +15

Inventory position, Name = [cooking level] Location/Recipe
For brevity, only the easiest/most common/most reliable locations are listed.

Credit goes to Spadgos for the Elixer recipe, and lostmuted for a number of
the recipe levels.

1-01 Chicken          = Bird/Bat types
1-02 Meat             = Good animal types
1-03 Wild Game        = Evil animal types
1-04 Mystery Meat     = Bug types
1-05 Rotten Meat      = Undead types
1-06 Killifish        = Aegis
1-07 Carp             = Ft. Eagle
1-08 Catfish          = Ft. Eagle
1-09 Salmon           = Ft. Eagle, Aegis Pyramids
1-10 Pirahna          = Ft. Eagle, Aegis Pyramids
1-11 Sardines         = Docked Ship
1-12 Bass             = Docked Ship
1-13 Red Snapper      = Deserted Island (top), La Chef Beach (beach)
1-14 Tuna             = Ocean
1-15 Swordfish        = Ocean
2-01 Lettuce          = Aegis food shop
2-02 Tomato           = Aegis food shop
2-03 Potato           = Yellow worms
2-04 Herbs            = Caldoaxa spice shop, Aegis NE shop
2-05 Coconut          = Shake from trees, Aegis
2-06 Apple            = Aegis food shop
2-07 Orange           = Aegis food shop
2-08 Strawberry       = Aegis food shop
2-09 Melon            = Aegis food shop
2-10 Grape            = Aegis food shop
2-11 Tropical Fruit   = Shake from trees, Deserted Isle
2-12 Water            = Wells in Caldoaxa and Aegis, requires empty bottle
2-13 Milk             = Cows, Habara refrigerators
2-14 Flour            = Aegis food shop
2-15 Rice             = Ft. Eagle soldiers
3-01 Egg              = Bird types
3-02 Spices           = Caldoaxa spice shop
3-03 Coffee Beans     = Caldoaxa spice shop
3-04 Juice            = Habara vending machine (beach)
3-05 Cola             = Habara vending machine (beach)
3-06 Canned Coffee    = Habara vending machine (beach)
3-07 Canned Stew      = Habara vending machine (beach)
3-08 Dough            = [1] Flour + Water
3-09 Butter           = [1] Milk
3-10 Ham              = [1] Meat + Coal
3-11 Steamed Rice     = [1] Rice + Water
3-12 Bread            = [1] Dough
3-13 Pie              = [2] Dough + Butter
3-14 Hamburger Steak  = [1] Meat + Wild Game
3-15 Coal             = [0] Any Cooking Failure
4-01 BBQ Chicken      = [0] Chicken
4-02 BBQ Meat         = [0] Meat
4-03 Savory BBQ       = [0] Wild Game
4-04 Mystery BBQ      = [0] Mystery Meat
4-05 Rotten BBQ       = [1] Rotten Meat
4-06 BBQ Killifish    = [0] Killifish
4-07 BBQ Carp         = [0] Carp
4-08 Cajun Catfish    = [1] Catfish
4-09 BBQ Salmon       = [1] Salmon
4-10 BBQ Pirahna      = [2] Pirahna
4-11 BBQ Sardines     = [0] Sardines
4-12 BBQ Bass         = [0] Bass
4-13 BBQ Snapper      = [1] Red Snapper
4-14 BBQ Tuna         = [2] Tuna
4-15 BBQ Swordfish    = [2] Swordfish
5-01 Cheeseburger     = [2] Bread + Hamburger Steak
5-02 Mystery Herbs    = [3] Myserty Meat + Herbs
5-02 Steak            = [3] Meat + Butter
5-04 Croquette        = [2] Potato + Ham
5-05 Fancy Soup       = [1] Potato + Milk
5-06 Chicken Bites    = [2] Chicken + Flour
5-07 Coconut Milk     = [1] Coconut
5-08 Strawberry Milk  = [1] Strawberry + Milk
5-09 Apple Pie        = [2] Apple + Pie
5-10 Fried Egg        = [1] Egg
5-11 Ham n' Eggs      = [2] Egg + Ham
5-12 Rice Pilaf       = [2] Rice + Butter
5-13 Bass Stuffing    = [3] Bass + Pie
5-14 Raisin Bread     = [2] Grapes + Dough, Grapes + Bread
5-15 Melon Bread      = [2] Melon + Dough, Melon + Bread
6-01 Jambalaya        = [3] Rice + Tomato
6-02 Potion           = [1] Herbs + Water
6-03 Elixir           = [1] Potion + Coal
6-04 Plus Potion      = [2] Potion + Orange
6-05 Swanky Soup      = [2] Fish + Flour
6-06 Loco Moco        = [3] Hamburger Steak + Steamed Rice
6-07 Borscht          = [3] Tomato + Potato
6-08 Tuna Sushi       = [2] Tuna + Steamed Rice
6-09 Carp Sushi       = [2] Carp + Steamed Rice
6-10 Salad            = [1] Lettuce + Tomato
6-11 Kebab            = [1] Meat + Spices
6-12 Coffee           = [1] Coffee Beans + Water
6-13 Thai Curry       = [2] Coconut + Spices
6-14 Latte            = [1] Coffee + Milk
6-15 Fruit Juice      = [0] Tropical Fruit + Water

Special Items

1-01 Key                = Ft. Eagle Base Vending Machine
1-02 Boots              = Fishing at Docked Ship, SW Ft. Eagle Airport
1-03 Empty Can          = Fishing at Docked Ship, SW Ft. Eagle Airport
1-04 Coral              = Fishing at La Chef Beach beach
1-05 Clam Shell         = Fishing at WiFisland beach
1-06 Spiral Shell       = Fishing at Rizo Island beach
1-07 Shiny Shell        = Fishing at Bamboo Island beach
1-08 Gold               = Fishing at Aegis, Ocean, Aegis Birds
1-09 Bag                = Fishing at Aegis, Ocean
1-10 Letter             = Fishing at Aegis, Ocean
1-11 Bottle Letter      = Deserted Island cove
1-12 Car Parts          = Aegis, east town screen, northeast shop
1-13 Cloves             = Aegis Thief costume sidequest (Chap 6)
1-14 Thief Letter       = Aegis Thief costume sidequest (Chap 6)
1-15 Thief Map          = Aegis Thief costume sidequest (Chap 5)
2-01 Caldoaxa Map       = Caldoaxa lost boy sidequest
2-02 Fishing Charm      = Ft. Eagle fishing sidequest
2-03 Elixer             = Ft. Eagle scientist sidequest
2-04 Worm               = Dig spot, Aegis East Pyramid
2-05 Keycard            = Ft. Eagle base, chest just west of base entrance
2-06 The King           = Ft. Eagle fishing sidequest
2-07 Deed               = Aegis, east town screen, northeast shop steal/buy
2-08 Bottle             = Fish at docked ship, outdoor convenience store guy
2-09 Felio's Emblem     = Treasure chest, Aegis West Pyramid
2-10 Blue Sky March     = Steal/buy from Habara 2nd floor north guy for plot
2-11 Storm Sonata       = Automatically acquired at Rizo Island
2-12 Baking License     = Ft. Eagle baking sidequest
2-13 Wild NSide         = Beat final boss, automatically added during ending
2-14 Invader Him        = Beat final boss, automatically added during ending
2-15 Unlock the Real Me = Beat final boss, automatically added during ending
3-01 Pansy              = Ft. Eagle Slimes
3-02 Rose               = Ft. Eagle Slimes
3-03 Cosmos             = Ft. Eagle Slimes
3-04 Sunflower          = Ft. Eagle Slimes
3-05 Sweet Pea          = Ft. Eagle Slimes
3-06 Stone Head         = Dig spot, Aegis East Pyramid
3-07 Stone Hand (R)     = Dig spot, Aegis East Pyramid
3-08 Stone Hand (L)     = Dig spot, Aegis East Pyramid
3-09 Stone Foot (R)     = Dig spot, Aegis East Pyramid
3-10 Stone Foot (L)     = Dig spot, Aegis Deed Pyramid
3-11 Stone Torso        = Dig spot, Aegis West Pyramid
3-12 Map Piece 1        = Fishing at La Chef Beach, red worm room dead end
3-13 Map Piece 2        = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, save room sink
3-14 Map Piece 3        = Fishing at WiFisland, bathtub
3-15 Map Piece 4        = Fishing, Aegis east pyramid secret room (Chap 5/10)
4-01 Topaz              = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, Aegis Mummies
4-02 Emerald            = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, Aegis Sphinx Bird
4-03 Sapphire           = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, Aegis Horus Guard
4-04 Ruby               = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, Aegis Sarcophagi
4-05 Diamond            = Fishing at Ft. Eagle, Aegis Anubis Guard
4-06 Beetle             = Pill bugs
4-07 Stag Beetle        = Pill bugs
4-08 Ladybug            = Pill bugs
4-09 Grasshopper        = Spiders
4-10 Dragonfly          = Spiders
4-11 Plumb Siblings     = Fishing at Habara bathtub
4-12 Jumping Man        = Fishing at Habara bathtub
4-13 Dragon & Dragon    = Fishing at Habara bathtub
4-14 F1 Racer           = Fishing at Habara bathtub
4-15 Terry the Kid      = Fishing at Habara bathtub
5-01 ~Hamburger~        = Buy from Ft. Eagle Vending Machine
5-02 ~Steak~            = Steal/Drop red monster, Aegis secret room (Chap 5)
5-03 ~Croquette~        = Akumojo treasure chest (Chap 9)
5-04 ~Fancy Soup~       = Ft. Eagle treasure chest (Chap 4)
5-05 ~Chicken Bites~    = Steal/drop Caldoaxa old lady by underground entrance
5-06 ~Apple Pie~        = Steal Aegis old lady by palm tree
5-07 ~Rice Pilaf~       = Aegis treasure chest (Chap 5)
5-08 ~Jambalaya~        = Caldoaxa treasure chest (Chap 6)
5-09 ~Potion~           = Buy from Ft. Eagle outdoor convenience shop dude
5-10 ~Swanky Soup~      = Steal from Naked Chef, La Chef Beach
5-11 ~Loco Moco~        = Steal from Naked Chef, La Chef Beach
5-12 ~Borscht~          = Akumojo treasure chest (Chap 9)
5-13 ~Carp Sushi~       = Steal/drop Habara vacuum
5-14 ~Salad~            = Steal/Drop Caldoaxa old lady by weapon shop entrance
5-15 ~Thai Curry~       = Aegis treasure chest (Chap 5)
6-01 Blue Eyes v. 1     = Caldoaxa treasure chest (Chap 3)
6-02 Blue Eyes v. 2     = Ft. Eagle treasure chest (Chap 4)
6-03 Blue Eyes v. 3     = Aegis treasure chest (Chap 5)
6-04 Blue Eyes v. 4     = Habara treasure chest (Chap 7)
6-05 Blue Eyes v. 5     = Akumojo treasure chest (Chap 9)
6-06 Blue Eyes v. 6     = Steal/drop Caldoaxa wandering dude by the well
6-07 Blue Eyes v. 7     = Steal/drop Caldoaxa greeter
6-08 Blue Eyes v. 8     = Steal/drop Caldoaxa outdoor running kid
6-09 Blue Eyes v. 9     = Steal/drop Aegis greeter
6-10 Blue Eyes v. 10    = Steal/drop Aegis greeter
6-11 Blue Eyes v. 11    = Steal/drop Aegis greeter
6-12 Blue Eyes v. 12    = Steal/drop Aegis conspiracy kid (west town screen)
6-13 Blue Eyes v. 13    = Steal/drop Aegis conspiracy kid (west town screen)
6-14 Blue Eyes v. 14    = WiFisland gift from friend
6-15 Blue Eyes v. 15    = Akumojo librarian sidequest, must have all 14 others

Thanks to logic_resistant for supplying some of the techniques! For more
details, see his Skill Guide:

1 = Dual Flash      
2 = Double Attack  
3 = Drain Blade    
4 = Sound Flurry   
5 = Parry          
6 = Dexterity Up   
7 = Critical Strike 
8 = Justice         

1 = Power Strike
2 = Brain Pounder
3 = Smash Hit
4 = Megaton Punch
5 = Armor Break
6 = Strength Up
7 = Stunner
8 = Urban Champ

1 = Body Shot
2 = Cross Up
3 = Death Blow
4 = Rapid Strike
5 = Sword Catcher
6 = Agility Up
7 = Counter
8 = Elite Master

Monk/Earth Mole (Earth)
1 = Rock
2 = Stone Armor
3 = Boulder
4 = Earthquake
5 = Defense Up
6 = Stamina Up
7 = Mother Earth
8 = Metamorph

Fireman/AquaShot (Water)
1 = Trickle
2 = Icy Chill
3 = Spirit
4 = Whirlpool
5 = Intelligence Up
6 = Nullify Cold
7 = Rust
8 = Smartify

Driver/NitroBoost (Fire)
1 = Flicker
2 = Flame On
3 = Napalm
4 = Inferno
5 = Offense Up
6 = Nullify Heat
7 = Embolden
8 = Disco Inferno

Pilot/FlyBoy (Wind)
1 = Cutter
2 = Cyclone Armor
3 = Tornado
4 = Lightning
5 = Agility Up
6 = Ground 2 Air
7 = Sprint
8 = Twister

Thief/Shadow Thief (Thievery)
1 = Snatch
2 = Stealth
3 = Tiptoe
4 = Thievery
5 = Lockpicking
6 = Sprint
7 = Roguery
8 = Unlock Master

Fisherman/Fisher King (Fishing)
1 = Lure
2 = Fishin'
3 = Schooling
4 = Fly Fishing
5 = Aqua Stalk
6 = Dexterity Up
7 = Fly Fishing+1
8 = Bait & Switch

Chef/Mr. Cuisine (Cooking)
1 = Gut
2 = Flambe
3 = Creamsauce
4 = Chef Etiquette
5 = Hunt
6 = Kitchen Savvy
7 = Ingredients
8 = Meat Cred

Chapter Z - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should my stats be for this boss I'm having trouble with?

Answer: Your stats, at this very moment, are more than sufficient to kill that
boss. Just be sure to take the number of potions I suggest. If you're worried
about it, double up. All of the boss fights fall into three categories:
1) You can cheese out of it by trapping the boss.
2) There's a pattern you can learn to avoid damage.
3) Toe-to-toe beatdowns.
In the first two cases, you can minimize damage simply by paying attention. In
the second, you can either spend two hours grinding to reduce the damage you'll
be taking, or five extra minutes stocking up a couple extra potions. Your call.

Question: Okay, but I'm having trouble with <monsters> in <area>. Where should
I grind to blah blah blah?

Answer: You shouldn't. But if you're, like, married to the idea of spending a
lot of unnecessary time grinding, just find a bathtub with some enemies nearby
(all of the areas after La Chef Beach have at least one), and fight as long as
you like. Or, you could just run past them, kill the boss, and continue with
the game. But like, whatever. >_>

Question: Are there any missable items?

Answer: Yes. You can lock yourself out of anti-Slash training. You will lose
the Cloud Sword if you leave the room before picking it up (probably the same
can be said for the Beat Knuckle). You can miss the Ja Dagna if you don't give
the soldier the Army Knife before beating Fort Eagle. At least, no one has
reported getting a second chance at it. And there are all sorts
of weapons you can't replace if you sell or trade them, so be careful. But
nothing that you can miss will be essential to proceeding with the game.

Question: But what about the mallet? I can't find the second mallet!
You forgot to mention the mallet! Isn't that a missable item?

Answer: Okay, okay, I'll talk about the mallet! No, it's not a missable
item, but it does go away for awhile. Mallets are dropped by the robot
drones in the Ft. Eagle base. The robots disappear after you beat the level,
and they don't come back until after you've completed the Dolly and the
clone quests. If you start the King quest, you will have to catch the King
before you can move on to the other quests.

Question: I can't catch The King!

Answer: Catching The King seems to be a matter of luck. We've each done it on
two files now, and all we can tell you is that it can take a long time. You
don't need any particular level or equipment. People have reported catching it
without having fished much at all; others fish extensively without catching it.
All you have to do to catch it is fish at the spot where you got the fishing
outfit (the Ft. Eagle cow screen). You don't have to stand in the exact spot
or cast in any specific direction. I don't know that there's a specific time
(on the DS) that is best. People seem to report good luck in the morning.
The last time darklao caught him was at 9:15 AM. Just keep fishing in that
screen. The first time Femme didn't catch it until she had 71 fishing skill;
the second time she had only 28! The third time she had 75, and caught the
King at night! Again, there is no consensus on any "easy" way to do it.
Just keep fishing.

Question: I can't find Dolly or the Scientist!

Answer: Some side quests, especially in Ft. Eagle, are blocked by other side
quests. Odds are you're in the middle of the The King quest, and the other
side quests for the area won't trigger until you complete it. Just catch The
King and finish up that quest. Yes, it sucks. What can you do?

Question: There's an outfit on the ground and I can't pick it up!

Answer: Tap it with the stylus.

Question: I forgot to recharge my ship sticker and I played a video game on
Habara and now I'm stuck with no way down!

Answer: You could let yourself be killed and sent back to the ship. Or you
could enter the video game from the back and go through it backwards to get
the stairs back when you come out the beginning of the game.

Question: What's the purpose of the girlfriends?

Answer: As far as I can tell, they're just to look pretty.

Question: I set sail for an island and it's taking forever to get there!

Answer: Go to bed. You can choose to save or not, but you'll get
there while you sleep. Wake up by tapping the alarm clock icon if you
don't want to play with Mochi.

Question: Why are some of your chapters labeled with numbers and others with

Answer: Good question! You get a bonus point for observational skills.
I don't know. The letter chapters are like appendices.


Contacting Me:

If you have any corrections or additions to this guide, please do let me know.
Send a note to <removed for now> for inclusion in the next revision.  Please
include the phrase "Contact full game guide" in the subject line or your mail
will be deleted unread.


I have removed my e-mail for the time being. Too many attempts to contribute
trivially. And I never give permission to use my guides elsewhere anyway, so.
It will be back when I've finalized the guide to the point where submissions
of missing information will be useful. Thank you for your patience.

Of course any meaningful contributions to this guide will be credited in an
obscure bit at the end of the guide that nobody will read anyway. Like right

If you have other questions about the game, please feel free to ask them on the
board at: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=930222
You stand a much better chance of getting help there than by mailing me.

Copyright Notice:

This document is Copyright 2006 Matthew "darklao" Pattison. It may be not be
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be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs. It may not be distributed
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trademarks and etc. blah blah blah belong to their respective holders.

darklao thanks Marvelous Interactive, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., Atlus,
Nancy Edelson, GameFAQs, CJayC, and all of the GameFAQs staff, his wife, his
son, Nintendo, and YOU! (Not really.) Peace. (Really.)

FemmeFromMars also thanks all of the above and in addition she thanks: darklao
for his patience, confidence and friendship; mrpants_again for telling her
about this game and persuading her to buy it; all of the people on the Contact
board who have made contact with her, especially logic_resistant; the Grups,
especially Lisa, who started it; and her husband and kids, for everything.


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