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Guide and Walkthrough by SammieHernandez

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 12/14/2005

 Nintendogs Best Friend Edition
 FAQ/Walkthrough (DS)
 Version: 2.3
 Author: SammieHernandez
 E-Mail: the_future_mrs_hernandez@yahoo.com
 Trainer Points at time of Upload: 35,727

                                   |    Table of Contents             |
                                   | 1. 6 Starter Breeds              |
                                   | 2. Unlocked Breeds               |
                                   | 3. Interior Decorator            |
                                   | 4. Items Found So Far            |
                                   | 5. Item Descriptions and         |
                                   |    Re-sell Price                 | 
                                   | 6. Trainer Points/Unlocked Items |
                                   | 7. Frequently Asked Questions    |
                                   |    (FAQ)                         |
                                   | 8. Version/Updates               |
                                   | 9. Copyright                     |
                                   | 10. Credits etc.	              |

 | 1. 6 Starter Breeds                                                  |

  Minature Dachshund (Costs $540.00)
   Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short legs of this
   breed give it a comical air.

  Labrador Retriever (Costs $545.00)
   Originating in England, this breed is highly intelligent, kind in nature,
   and great as assistance dogs.

  Yorkshire Terrier (Costs $600.00)
   This English breed is commonly called a Yorkie, and is alo nicknamed the 
   "walking jewel."

  Beagle (Costs $510.00)
   Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a densely 
   muscled frame.

  Golden Retriever (Costs $550.00)
   This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely, wavy coat 
   and a fine temperament.

  German Shepherd Dog (Costs $580.00)
   This herder hails from Germany. Its high intelligence makes it a good 
   rescue dog, among other things.

 | 2. Unlocked Breeds                                                   |

  2,000 Trainer Points - Shih Tzu (Costs $585.00)
   This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favored by Chinese 
   royalty for its refined posture.
  4,000 - Shetland Sheepdog (Costs $518.00)
   Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired coat and 
   kind face make it a popular breed.

  8,000 - Toy Poodle (Costs $595.00)
   French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and physically capable.
   They make excellent show dogs.

  10,000 - Boxer (Costs $520.00)
   A valiant German breed, the boxer's muscular frame was used to its 
   advantage as a fighting dog.

  14,000 - Pug (Costs $590.00)
   This breed originated in ancient china. Its wrinkly face and curly tail
   are its identifying features.

  16,000 - Miniature Schnauzer (Costs $525.00)
   Originating in Germany, this breed carries itself with dignity. 
   Its beard and eyebrows define the breed.

  20,000 - Siberian Husky (Costs $528.00)
   Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls its ancestor, the wolf. 
   Its trademarks are power and stamina.

  22,000 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Costs $530.00)
   This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by English royalty. It
   has stamina on par with larger breeds.

  30,000 - Miniature Pinscher (Costs $565.00)
   This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.

  35,000 - Cavalier K.C Spaniel (Costs $599.00)
   Thought to be the oldest breed in all of Britian, the cavalier is a 
   knight among dogs.

  45,000- Shiba Inu (Costs $560) (Submitted by Anna)
   A breed orginating in anicent japan, its small, muscular body and curly
   tail are its best features.

  50,000- Chihuahua*
   Desc coming soon!

  Jack Russel Terrier (Unlocked when you find the JRT Book) (Costs $725.00)
   Another breed from England, these dogs hide in their diminutive frames 
   the speed and energy of a horse.

  (Note: Items with * have not been found by me but by other sources, in 
  this case the gameFAQ messageboard. No description available as of yet.)

 | 3. Interior Decorator                                                |

  Designer Condo (Costs $500.00)
   With its sun-bathed white walls and simple layout, this room offers 
   the ultimate in hip, modern urban living.
  Early American (Costs $1,000.00)
   Reminiscent of a classic American home, this living space offers a
   friendly patchwork feel.

  Tatami Room (Costs $5,000.00)
   This simple, Asian-themed space is the perfect place to pass the hours 
   in simplicity and style.

  Desktop - Unlocked at 6,000 trainer points (Costs $20,000.00)
   With a view that everyone is familiar with, this space makes the perfect
   playground for puppies.

  Seaside - Unlocked at 12,000 trainer points (Costs $50,000.00)
   Sunlight pours down onto the white sands and blue waters of this private 
   seaside paradise.

  Outer Space - Unlocked at 18,000 trainer points (Costs $100,000.00)
   Stretching out below is the blue planet, but the rest of this room feels

  Urban Living - Unlocked at 25,000 trainer points (Costs $1,500.00)
   With the feel of a classy cafe, this style of house is perfect for 
   retro-themed relaxation.

  Northern European - The default house (Costs $0.00)
   Surrounded by peaceful forests, this soothing style balances comfort and 
   nature perfectly.
  Ranch House - Unlocked at 40,000 trainer points*
   Desc coming soon!

  (Note: Items with * have not been found by me but by other sources, in 
  this case the gameFAQ messageboard. No description available as of yet.)

 | 4. Items Found So Far                                                |

  - Sports (21 items found so far):

  White Rubber Bone
  Red Rubber Bone
  Blue Rubber Bone (submitted by Monkeydo29)
  Tennis Ball
  Bark Ball
  Rubber Mushroom
  Soccer Ball
  ? Block
  Dice Cushion
  Terry Cloth Cube
  Red Flying Disc
  Blue Flying Disc
  Yellow Flying Disc
  Blue Camo Disc
  Khaki Camo Disc
  Yellow Sponsor Disc
  Green Sponsor Disc
  Pink Aerodisc
  White Aerodisc
  Shower Cap

  - Toys (9 items found so far):

  Bubble Blower
  Pull Rope
  Jump Rope
  Windup Toy
  Talking Bird
  Mario Kart
  RC Helicopter
  Combat Copter (submitted by Tineshinya)

  - Accessories (52 items found so far):

  Red Leather Collar
  Black Leather Collar
  Purple Leather Collar
  Green Leather Collar
  Pumpkin Leather Collar
  Blue Leather Collar
  Dot Collar
  Camo Collar
  Rainbow Collar
  Denim Collar
  Platinum Collar
  Woven Collar
  Lucky Collar
  Flower Collar
  Spiked Collar
  Japanese Print Collar
  Red Ribboon
  Yellow Ribbon
  Checked Ribbon
  Striped Ribbon
  Red Polka-Dot Ribbon
  Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon
  Tricolor Ribbon
  Purple Pearl Ribbon
  Green Pearl Ribbon
  Hibiscus Flower
  Pair of Scholar Glasses
  Pair of Business Glasses
  Pair of Huge Sunglasses
  Pair of Sport Sunglasses
  Pair of Party Glasses
  Pair of 3-D Glasses
  Pair of Star Sunglasses (Special Halloween Gamestop item)
  Ten-Gallon Hat (submitted by Tineshinya)
  Yellow Cap
  Red & Blue Cap
  Straw Hat
  Newsboy Hat
  Red Hat
  Green Hat
  Knit Hat
  Pirate Hat
  Graduation Cap
  Viking Hat
  Santa's Hat
  New Year Tiara
  Rainbow Wig
  Lion's Mane

  - Care (11 items found so far):

  Dog Biscuit
  Jerky Treat
  Water Bottle
  Milk Carton
  Dry Food
  Dog Food Can
  Natural Dog Food Bag
  Short-Hair Shampoo
  Long-Hair Shampoo
  Rubber Brush
  Wire Brush

  - Music (16 items found so far):

  "Dog's Theme" Box (submitted by Tineshinya)
  "Dictionary" Box
  "Street Marker" Record
  "Growler" Record
  "Smilin' Dog" Record
  "Friendly Whiff" Record
  "Chow" Record
  "Surprise" Record
  "Naptime" Record
  "Colonel Bogey" Record
  "Toreador" Record
  "Flower Waltz" Record
  "Nintendogs" Record
  "Waves" Record
  "Giant Socks" Record
  White Record

  - Clock (6 items found so far):

  Marine Clock
  Modern Clock
  Clover Clock
  Marble Clock
  Silver Clock
  Smart Clock

  - Etc. (23 items found so far):

  Tissue Box
  Dog Photo
  Disposable Camera
  Juice Bottle
  Leather Shoe
  Black Boot
  White Boot
  Lisa Doll
  Stuffed Dog
  Stuffed Bear
  Moai Statue
  Shuttle Model
  Jack Russell Book
  Piggy Bank
  Fine Vase

  Weird Alien (submitted by Tineshinya)
  Globe (submitted by Akkhima)
  Vase (submitted by Akkhima)
  Promise Ring (submitted by Margot)
  Gold Bar (submitted by Fred)
  Very Fine Vase (Submitted by Fred)
 | 5. Item Descriptions and Re-sell Price                               |

  - Sports:

  White, Red and Blue Rubber Bone ($1.60)
   This toy is great for strengthening a puppy's jaw and helping it 
   relieve stress. 

  Tennis Ball ($2.00)
   This toy is great for games of long-distance fetch.

  Bark Ball ($3.00)
   This ball makes noise when it bounces. Rambunctious puppies love it!

  Rubber Mushroom ($4.00)
   When thrown or chewed, this delightful little toy makes a lot of noise.
   (Do not eat.)

  Soccer Ball ($6.00)
   Dogs that like soccer are sure to love this ball.

  ? Block ($6.00)
   Even if you hit it, nothing pops out. Too bad!

  Dice Cushion ($5.00)
   This convenient cushion doubles as a die.

  Terry Cloth Cube ($4.00)
   This cubic cushion made out of towel fabric feels great on the gums. 

  Red, Blue and Yellow Flying Disc ($2.40)
   This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. The Basic model comes
   in three colors.

  Blue and Khaki Camo Disc ($4.00)
   This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. There are two camouflage

  Yellow and Green Sponsor Disc ($5.00)
   This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. The official disc comes
   in two colors.

  Pink and  White Aerodisc ($6.00)
   This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. Aerodiscs come in two 

  Shower Cap ($2.00)
   This bizarre little shower cap keeps it shape, even when thrown.

  Dartboard ($10.00)
   You can't throw darts at it, but you can throw it like a disc!

  - Toys:

  Balloon ($0.10)
   It's fun to watch puppies interact with this floating toy. 
   (Note: It may pop)
  Bubble Blower ($1.00)
   Dogs of all breeds will enjoy this fun little toy.   

  Pull Rope ($3.20)
   This light, yet sturdy bone-shaped rope is ideal for dogs that like 
  Jump Rope ($4.00)
   This toy is great for playing with multiple dogs simultaneously.

  Windup Toy ($12.00)
   This retro toy is highly collectible and valuable among toy collectors.

  Talking Bird ($16.00)
   This simple toy is good at mimicking things.

  Mario Kart ($100.00)
   This radio-controlled car is straight out of one of Mario's most 
   popular games.

  RC Helicopter ($200.00)
   This radio-controlled helicopter lets you fly in your own living room.

  Combat Copter($300.00) (submitted by Tineshinya)
   This radio-controlled helicopter boasts a camouflage paint job.

  - Accessories:

  Red, Black, Purple, Green, Pumpkin and Blue Leather Collar ($4.00)
   This ageless design of rich leather is perfect for pets. It comes in 
   six colors.

  Dot Collar ($10.00)
   This colourful, pop-art-style collar is perfect for adding a flair to
   your puppy's neck.

  Camo Collar ($10.00)
   This collar is for the puppy that wants to show the world its tough

  Rainbow Collar ($10.00)
   This saucy collar is perfect for dogs with colorful personalities.

  Denim Collar ($10.00)
   This durable collar survives the wear of everday use and shrinks to fit!

  Platinum Collar ($10.00)
   The platinum buckle on this collar instantly boosts the wearer's cool 

  Woven Collar ($10.00)
   This collar is made of woven strands of supple leather.

  Lucky Collar ($10.00)
   This collar features a special stone that brings good luck.

  Flower Collar ($10.00)
   This pink-and-white design is very popular with female puppies.

  Spiked Collar ($10.00)
   This collar is a must-have for all wild, punk-rock puppies.

  Japanese Print Collar ($10.00)
   This collar is popular among Japanese dog breeds.

  Red and Yellow Ribbon ($2.40)
   This simple design suits boys or girls. It comes in two standard colors.

  Checked Ribbon ($4.00)
   This red gingham check pattern is popular with female puppies.

  Striped Ribbon ($4.00)
   This gorgeous ribbon is perfect for taking your pup out on the town.

  Red and Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon ($7.00)
   This plain design recalls simpler days. The polka-dot design comes in two
  Tricolor Ribbon ($10.00)
   This fashionble multicolored ribbon gives off a distinctly French flavor.

  Purple and Green Pearl Ribbon ($18.00)
   This high-quality ribbon lends class to its wearer. Pearl ribbons come
   in two colors.

  Rose ($10.00)
   This decorative flower helps set a romantic mood.

  Hibiscus Flower ($10.00)
   The perfect flower for giving you and your puppy a tropical air.

  Lily ($10.00)
   This beautiful flower is very eye-catching.

  Pair of Scholar Glasses ($9.00)
   Just wearing these handy glasses makes your puppy look much smarter.

  Pair of Business Glasses ($12.00)
   These glasses leave a real impression. People will know your pup is 
   all business.

  Pair of Huge Sunglasses ($15.00)
   These huge retro lenses are back in style. They're for only the hippest

  Pair of Sport Sunglasses ($19.00)
   These sporty, futuristic-looking glasses made their wearer look 

  Pair of Party Glasses ($7.00)
   Put these on a puppy that longs to be the life of the party and
   let it rock!

  Pair of 3-D Glasses ($9.00)
   These groovy glasses boast different-colored lenses. 
   For adventurous types.

  Pair of Star Sunglasses (Special Halloween Gamestop item) ($9.00)
   These ultracool sunglasses are all the rage with celebs and their 
   pampered pups. (Submitted by Conker_128)

  Ten-Gallon Hat ($14.00) (submitted by Tineshinya)
   Put this on to experience the rootin', tootin' atmosphere of the old 

  Red & Blue, Yellow Cap ($8.00)
   A standard baseball cap, this timeless design is available in
   two different colors.
  Beret ($10.00)
   This European hat instantly gives your pet a sassy, Parisian feel.

  Straw Hat ($9.00)
   This hat is perfect for a dog that longs for country life.

  Newsboy Hat ($16.00)
   This classic pauper's hat is a timeless piece of headgear.

  Red Hat ($20.00)
   This hat is standard gear for mustachioed master plumbers.

  Green Hat ($20.00)
   This hat is standard gear for mustachioed apprentice plumbers.

  Knit Hat ($10.00)
   This warm little hat and its decorative pom-pom bring back memories of
  Pirate Hat ($24.00)
   Put on this hat to make your puppy feel like the scourge of the high seas!
  Tiara ($30.00)
   Who doesn't love princesses? With this bejeweled tiara, your pup can 
   feel like one!

  Graduation Cap ($18.00)
   Just wearing this cap makes your pup look much smarter.

  Sombrero ($10.00)
   Pups who have a fondness for siestas in the sun will have to have 
   this hat!
  Viking Hat ($40.00)
   The perfect hat for the puppy who loves to pillage and rampage all 
   over town.

  Santa's Hat ($18.00)
   The perfect accessory for a puppy who wants to stay up waiting for 

  New Year Tiara ($12.00)
   Ring in the new year with the perfect headgear for your own party 

  Rainbow Wig ($20.00)
   This is the headgear of choice when you really want to stand out 
   in a crowd!
  Lion's Mane ($20.00)
   With this fabulous head of hair, your pup will feel like the king of 
   the jungle

  - Care:

  Dog Biscuit ($0.10)
   This low-calorie digestive treat makes for the perfect doggie snack.
   (Single Count)

  Jerky Treat ($0.20)
   This chewy dried beef makes for a delicious snack. (One Serving)

  Water Bottle ($0.20)
   This distilled water is easy on a puppy's digestive tract. 
   (Single-Use Bottle)

  Milk Carton ($0.40)
   This milk is very easy on a dog's stomach. (One Serving)

  Dry Food ($0.60)
   This is a well-balanced meal with all necessary nutrients. 
   (Single-Use Pack)

  Dog Food Can ($1.20)
   This delicious food includes real meat to whet a dog's appetite.
   (One Serving)

  Natural Dog Food Bag ($2.00)
   This all-natural dog food uses no artificial additives or preservatives.
   (One Serving)

  Short-Hair Shampoo ($0.50)
   This gentle, all-natural shampoo is great for short-haired dogs.
   (Single Use)

  Long-Hair Shampoo ($0.70)
   This treated shampoo is great on long-haired coats. (Single Use)

  Rubber Brush ($12.00)
   This brush removes dirt and pretties up your dog's coat. Ideal for 
   short-haired dogs.

  Wire Brush ($16.00)
   This brush removes dirt and pretties up your dog's coat. Ideal for 
   long-haired dogs.

  - Music:

  Keyboard ($80.00)
   This electric piano boasts impressive functionality for those who 
   enjoy music

  "Dog's Theme" Box (6.00) (submitted by Tineshinya)
   This song sounds oddly familiar. There are four music boxes in all.

  "Dictionary" Box ($6.00)
   You've heard this sound before somewhere... There are four music 
   boxes in all.

  "Street Marker" Record ($5.00)
   The walking theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack.

  "Growler" Record ($5.00)
   The fighting theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack.

  "Smilin' Dog" Record ($5.00)
   The playing theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack.

  "Friendly Whiff" Record ($5.00)
   The meeting theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack.

  "Chow" Record ($5.00)
   The eating theme from the five-song Nintendogs soundtrack.
  "Surprise" Record ($9.00)
   Composed by Haydn, this is one of six mystical records that evoke

  "Naptime" Record ($9.00)
   Composed by an unknown, this is one of six mystical records that evoke
  "Colonel Bogey" Record ($9.00)
   Composed by Alford, this is one of six mystical records that evoke 

  "Toreador" Record ($9.00)
   Composed by Bizet, this is one of six mystical records that evoke

  "Flower Waltz" Record ($9.00)
   Composed by Tchaikovsky, this is one of six mystical records that 
   evoke nature.

  "Nintendogs" Record ($9.00)
   The Nintendogs theme song, this is one of six mystical records that 
   evoke nature.

  "Waves" Record ($10.00)
   This song sounds oddly familiar... It's one of Archie's four secret 

  "Giant Socks" Record ($10.00)
   This song sounds oddly familiar...It's one of Archie's four secret 

  White Record (Can't Sell)
   Use this record to record any message you like.

  - Clock:

  Marine Clock ($16.00)
   With a cool-blue color tone, this clock helps create a simple yet cool 

  Modern Clock (Can't Sell)
   This clock features a simple, modern design that works in any home.

  Clover Clock ($16.00)
   This four-leaf-clover clock and its leaf green color brings luck to 
   the unlucky.

  Marble Clock ($16.00)
   The purple numbers get swallowed by the clock's psychedelic design.

  Silver Clock ($16.00)
   The sleek, metallic look of this clock highlights its slick high-tech

  Smart Clock ($16.00)
   This compact digital clock makes efficient use of the dead space in any

  - Etc.:

  Stick ($0.50)
   This is just a broken branch from a tree. It appears to be of little 

  Tissue Box ($1.00)
   This is just a boy of tissues. It's good for runny noses, not wet
   puppy noses.

  Dog Photo ($2.00)
   Dogs apparently don't really care much for this photo.

  Disposable Camera ($2.40)
   It appears to be broken. And there's no film left, anyway.

  Juice Bottle ($0.80)
   This is just an empty bottle that once held juice. It has virtually
   no value.

  Leather Shoe ($6.00)
   This shoe's leather makes for satisfying chewing.

  Black Boot ($9.00)
   This stylish boot must have been worn by a beautiful leg.

  White Boot ($9.00)
   This fashionable boot must be from a spring line. It looks quite fancy.

  Lisa Doll ($30.00)
   This cute doll is all the rage with young pups!

  Stuffed Dog ($50.00)
   This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for a lonely puppy.

  Stuffed Bear ($60.00)
   This stuffed animal makes an ideal playmate for a lonely puppy.

  Moai Statue ($100.00)
   Nobody knows when or why these mysterious statues were created.

  Globe ($30.00) (Submitted by Akkhima)
   This academic token of appreciation must have made its recipient quite 
  Shuttle Model ($50.00)
   This model was released to herald 20 years of shuttle flight, making 
   it a collectible.

  Meteorite ($150.00)
   This space rock most likely contains rare metals not found on Earth.

  Jack Russell Book ($3.60)
   The Jack Russell Terrier is now available at the kennel in your 

  Piggy Bank ($2.00)
   This cute little piggy is full of happiness.

  Vase ($20.00) (Submitted by Akkhima)
   This simple vase is not very valuable.

  Fine Vase ($100.00)
   This beautiful vase is fairly valuable. 

  Very Fine Vase ($200) (Submitted by Fred)
   Description unavailab.e Please e-mail if you have it.

  Weird Alien-($600.00)
   Its large, pale eyes are enchanting. It looks like a doll, but maybe 
   it's real...

  Promise Ring ($1000) (submitted by Margot)
   Description unavailable. Please e-mail if you have it. 

  Gold Bar ($2000) (submitted by Fred)
   This bar is made of 99.9% pure gold, making it quite valuable.

 | 6. Trainer Points/Unlocked Items                                     |
   *See the corresponding section for more details  
  250 - Milk Carton and Dog Food Can
  300 - Jump Rope, Pull rope and Balloon
  2,000 - Shih Tzu
  4,000 - Shetland
  6,000 - Desktop Room (Interior Decorator)
  8,000 - Toy Poddle
  10,000 - Boxer, Natural Dog Food Bag and Talking Bird are available 
           after reaching 10,000 points
  12,000 - Seaside (Interior Decorator)
  14,000 - Pug
  16,000 - Miniature Schnauzer
  18,000 - Outer Space (Interior Decorator)
  20,000 - Siberian Husky
  22,000 - Welsh Corgi
  25,000 - Urban Living (Interior Decorator)
  30,000 - Miniature Pinscher
  35,000 - Cavalier K.C Spaniel
  40,000 - Ranch House (Interior Decorator)*
  45,000 - Shiba Inu*
  50,000 - Chihuahua*

  (Note: Items with * have not been found by me but by other sources, in 
  this case the gameFAQ messageboard. No description available as of yet.)

 | 7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                  |

  1. I already own an earlier version of Nintendogs, do I have to buy this
     one too?

   You do NOT need to buy another DS or buy the Best Friends Version if you
   already own a copy of Nintendogs. All versions contain every breed. The
   only thing that makes the Best Friends version different are the starter

  2. Such-and-such breed isn't on your list! Does that mean I can't get it?!

   See above. All breeds are available in all versions!

  3. What does the Best Friends version come with?

   The Best Friends version comes with the following:

   Either a Teal or Pearl Pink Nintendo DS
   2 x Stylus
   AC Adapter
   Recharagable Battery Pack
   Nintendogs DS Skin (can be found inside the white cardboard)
   Nintendogs Best Friends Edition Game Card
   Soft Bone Shaped Screen Cleaner
   Wrist strap

  4. Where can I buy the special edition DS? (Brian)

   According to the Nintendogs website the Pearl Pink version is only 
   available at Target and Toys R Us. However, stock generally appears to
   be low so as time goes on E-Bay may be your best bet. 
   The Teal version is available at most good electronics stores (if they
   have it in stock)

  5. Can you make two save games to share with your 
     friend/mother/sister/pet iguana etc.? (Submitted by dominican2456)

   It isn't possible to make seperate save games for each person. However,
   using the Dog Hotel facility (found under the shopping section) you can
   swap your puppies and each have one or two pups of your own.

  6. How do I obtain trainer points? When something is unlocked how do I
     know? (submitted by Fred)

   Trainer points are obtained by taking general care of your puppy 
   (i.e feeding, watering, bathing etc.) but also by taking them for walks
   and earning placements in competitions. When breeds or interior
   decorations are unlocked, a message window will pop up and announce what
   you have unlocked. Other items such as the jump rope will not be
   announced but instead will be found randomly in the discount shops. It
   may take one or two visits to the store until you find the item you're 
   looking for but keep trying! Also, I only found the jump rope after 
   adopting my 2nd dog, I assume this is because a minimum of 2 dogs are
   required to play with the jump rope.
  7. I can't teach my puppy tricks/walk them/enter them into competitions 
     anymore! (Submitted by Mebi)

   This could be because you have reached your daily quota. Puppies can only
   learn 3-4 tricks a day and only enter 3 competitions a day, try waiting 
   until tomorrow.  You can walk your puppy every 30 minutes so try waiting 
   a while before you try again.

   If you are certain that this is not the problem, have you recently changed
   the time or date on the DS? Have you used the DS card in another DS? If 
   yes, this could be causing slight problems with your DS. Don't panic, 
   just wait a day or two and all should be okay. Try not to use your card 
   with more than one DS.

  8. My dog keeps forgetting it's name! (Submitted by LvrofGames)

   Try petting the dog continually until you hear a tone and see a 
   sparkle appear.
  9. My puppy gets scared when it's on the see-saw. How do I get it to 
     walk across? (Submitted by tbearkakeyere)

   This happens when your puppy is inexperienced at the obstacle. To get 
   your puppy to walk across tap or drag the stylus to the middle of the 
   see-saw. This may take a number of tries and encouragement but it will
   work eventually. When your puppy reaches the white block on the other
   side of the see-saw, press behind your puppy to stop it from jumping 
   off before the board has tipped to the otherside.

   If it doesn't work straight away don't worry, it will eventually as your
   puppy gets more confident and practises.
  10. How do I make my puppy run faster? (Submitted by v0mitd0ll)

   Practise. Practise. Practise. In addition to this you could try getting
   your puppy to chase a kart around the room (once you have found one!)

  11. I keep seeing presents on my walk but I can't pick them up! 
      What do I do?
   You can indeed pick up presents that you find on the street (not marked
   in ? boxes). To pick them up gently tug the leash to the left and your
   puppy will automatically pick them up.
   A tip to make sure you don't miss a present is to watch the dog icon on
   the top screen when walking your dog. If the icon stops and your dog does
   not (i.e to scratch or use the bathroom etc.), this is a sign that either
   a present or some garbage is about to appear, so be ready! I find it 
   easiest to see the dog icon stopping when my puppy is running. 
   Don't forget! Don't let your dog eat the trash it finds on the street!
   Tug the leash to the right to get it to leave it alone.

  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
 | 8. Version/Updates                                                   |
 December 14th - Version 2.3 - Sorry about the wait before update! 
  Additional items - Jack Russell Book, Blue Rubber Bone, Promise Ring,
  Gold Bar, Very Fine Vase
  Descriptions added for - Star Sunglasses, K.C Spaniel, Shiba Inu.
  New Breed - Jack Russell Terrier 
  Interior Decorator - Northern European room added

 December 2nd - Version 2.2 - Additional Items - Dartboard, Smart Clock,
  Ten-Gallong Hat, Tiara, "Dog's Theme" Box, Combat Copter, Weird Alien.
  Added descs for Urban Living Room and Miniature Pinscher. 

 November 29th - Version 2.1 - New Trainer Unlocks (45,000 and 50,000)
  Additional Items - Sombrero, "Toreador" Record.
  Added descs for Husky, Corgi and Space Room

 November 23rd - Version 2.0 - New Trainer Unlocks (250, 300 and 
  18,000 - 40,000)
  Additional items - Globe, Vase, Pink Aerodisc, Woven Collar, "Nintendogs" 
  New Section - 7. FAQ

 November 17th - Version 1.4 - New Trainer Unlock (Miniature Schnauzer breed)
  Additional items - Lion's mane, "Street Marker" Record, 
  "Flower Waltz" Record. 
  New Section - 9. Copyright

 November 16th - Version 1.3 - New Trainer Unlock (Pug Breed)
  Additional Items - Rainbow Collar, Green Hat, Pirate Hat, Marble Clock,
  Fine Vase.

 November 14th - Version 1.2 - Additional items - talking bird, 
  meteorite,"Growler" record, windup toy and silver clock. 
  New Trainer point unlock (seaside room).

 November 11th - Version 1.1 - New sections - Interior Decorator, Item 
  Descriptions and Re-sell prices, Trainer Points/Unlocked Items.
  Also added -  various new items and descriptions for all.

 November 5th - Uploaded Version 1.0

 | 9. Copyright                                                         |

 This guide is copyrighted (C) 2005, SammieHernandez. 
 All rights reserved.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
 guide are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Do 
 not use this guide without first contacting me. The following sites are 
 allowed to post my FAQ:


 | 10. Credits etc.                                                     | 
  Information gathered by Sammie Hernandez. Thank you to those who have 
  made contributions.

  If you have any additional information or questions please feel free to
  email me at:

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