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FAQ by kyoboy

Version: 1.73 | Updated: 11/24/11

SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters DS FAQ

Written by: kyo-boy
E-mail:     dani.villena1 [at] gmail.com
Version:    1.73 (24-11-11)

Table Of Contents:

0.  Disclaimer & Revision History
1.  Introduction
2.  How to Play
3.  The Card Tower
4.  Card List
5.  Decks
6.  Battle Mode
7.  Shops
8.  FAQs
9.  Bugs / Glitches & Mysteries
10. Credits


|0. Disclaimer |

Hi, and welcome to my SNK Vs Capcom FAQ. You're free to use this guide
for personal use, and if you feel like reproducing it elsewhere, ask for
permission first (it's common courtesy) or else I'll own you with a
"Hadoken Geyser"! There, I said it.

Revision History

v1.73 - Added the differences in codes between fixed/glitched cartridges
        (thanks to B. Bem)
v1.72 - Added some info on the recall, some in the Bugs & Mysteries section
        and the purple energy effect
v1.70 - Corrected latest info on the recall
v1.69 - Corrected Kido in Battle Mode (and getting multiple cards there)
v1.68 - Added the Recycle Machine's secret in the Card Tower section
v1.65 - The glitch has already been fixed
v1.63 - The recalling by SNK Playmore started
v1.62 - Added some statistics on scratch cards (in the Shops section)
v1.60 - Added some statistics on the Recycle Machine
      - Added the Bugs / Glitches & Mysteries section
v1.55 - Added some tips on deck-making in How To Play
      - Corrected CEO Rip's gender (she's a girl ^^U)
v1.50 - Added some more basic explanations in How To Play
      - Added the Card Tower section
v1.41 - Announcement of SNK replacing the glitched copies
v1.40 - All cards listed
      - Added the cards given by the one-kind packs
      - Explained all random encounters in the Decks section
v1.30 - Added Battle Mode section
v1.15 - Corrected some mistakes, confirmed last deck
      - Listed all Action cards (almost)
v1.00 - Listed all Capcom and Counter cards (almost)
v0.70 - Listed all the SNK character cards
      - Improved the How to Play section
      - Finished the Decks, Shops and FAQs sections
v0.40 - Started the FAQ

|1. Introduction |

This game is the third instalment in the Snk Vs Capcom card battle games (the
two first ones came out for the deceased Neo Geo Pocket Color), and it's a
nice effort, with all the new characters and rules. But unless you have a
partner to play with, the game system and the dumb AI won't let you enjoy
the game at its fullest.

Let's go!

|2. How to Play |

The game consists on climbing the floors of the Card Tower, beating all the
opponents you find at card battles.
In these, you start with 6 cards and 3 white Forces. As in several other CCGs,
you have to use those Forces to bring out characters, action or counter cards
or to use abilities, in order to bring the opponent's life bar down.
The game explains quite well how to play (and you can find further info in the
Special Terms submenu), but I'll give a quick explanation on the game system:

Your turn

-For every character card in the ring, you gain a new Force (corresponding to
 that character's "trait"). You also draw a card and gain a white Force.
-With the cards in your hand you can:
 a) discard cards to get a Force (its color depends on the card's "trait")
 b) use Action cards
 c) if you have injured characters in the ring, you can perform a back-up.
    To do this, you need to have a character card with the same "trait" as the
    injured one, and then pay a Force of that color. With this, you can heal up
    to 300 HP off an injured character (but the character card in your hand gets
    discarded, of course).
 d) bring out characters. These characters come into play LOCKED, so you can't
    attack (nor defend) this turn using these.
-If you have unlocked characters, you can use them to:
 a) get new Force (you win the Force indicated in its "Output Force", also
    pictured as a square with a number in the card face)
 b) use a "square-type" ability (if the character has one), paying its use cost
 c) do a normal attack
 d) use a Fusion Attack. To do this, you must have two unlocked characters in
    the ring with the same "trait", and then spend 8 Forces on it. The
    advantages of a Fusion Attack is that you attack with two characters but
    only one character can defend it (and the remaining damage gets
    overcarried to your opponent) and that it improves the "effect" of a
    character's attack (i.e, if Ralf "burns" the opponent, in a Fusion Attack
    he creates a "fire torrent").
-After declaring the attack, the opponent chooses who to defend with, and the
 battle starts. Then, each character fight "one vs one" battles, as each
 character damages the other with the BP shown in its card info. This damage
 reduces the another character's HP accordingly, and if the HP drops to 0, the
 character gets discarded.
 *If there's a Fusion Attack, it's a "two versus one" battle: the first
  character receives ALL the damage from the opponent's character, and this
  one receives the damage of BOTH your characters. If the damage is greater
  than the opponent's HP, the remaining damage gets overcarried to your
-After the battle, your turn ends.

Opponent's turn

-When your opponent attacks, you can use Counter cards.
-To defend against the attack, select each unlocked character and choose the
 character you want to defend against. After the defence has been declared and
 the battle ended, your turn starts again.

Types of effects

Like I mentioned before, not all the characters attack in the same way, mainly
because of the elemental abilities some of them have. So here's a list of the
attack effects:

-Normal hit (most weak-looking characters)
-Big hit (most tough-looking characters)
-Fire (Ralf, Chin Gentsai)
-Flame (Dhalsim, Wolfgang Krauser)
-Blue flame (Rock Howard, Captain Commando)
-Green flame (Ash Crimson)
-Purple flame (Iori Yagami, Orochi Chris)
-Gust of wind (Mei Ling, Goenitz)
-Tornado (Joe Higashi, Wyler)
-Explosion (Rolento, Huitzil)
-Ice (Rimururu, Sasquatch)
-Water (Rikuo, Sogetsu Kazama)
-Thunder (Benimaru, Blanka)
-Energy (Mignon Beart, Tung Fu Rue)
-Purple energy (Rose)
-Horizontal slash (Leona, Jubei Yagyu)
-Diagonal slash (Trish, Rosa)
-Cross Slash (Mack the Knife, Malin)
-Claw (Vega, Choi Bounge)
-Gun (Axl, Mars People)
-Big Gun (Fio)
-Machine Gun (B.B. Hood)

How to make a good deck

In the two previous games, 3 available slots for characters, only one
character summoning per turn and a challenging AI asked for you to
fill your deck with sturdy characters and some weak characters
related to them to perform handy back-ups (one character could only
be back-upped by a couple of characters related to him).
On the other hand, with the 8 available slots for characters, no amount
limits for summoning, the "character summoned can't defend this turn" rule
and, especially, the dumb AI, this game is practically screaming for you
to load your deck with hard-hitting characters (300-500 BP) of low
summoning cost (1-3 Force) to beat the CPU in less than 5 turns. This is 
especially true at the beginning of the game (before floor 10), since you
can't get enough CP to buy good cards and must settle with the default deck
to advance in the game.
Once you get enough cards, and if you feel like trying a more "righteous"
approach (or if you need a good deck to fight against a friend), another
strategy is limiting your deck to a couple of colors, instead of having
cards from every color.
Try several configurations to see which one fits you best, and be sure
to choose one that allows you to play at least one or two characters every
turn (remember that discarding a card nets you one Force of its color;
the CPU abuses that all the time).

|3. The Card Tower |

In your first playthrough, you'll climb the Card Tower while fighting
the card players brainwashed by the CPU controlling the tower, MAX.
Once you beat MAX, you'll start a New Game+, where you'll be able to
see the rankings (previously locked) and, by beating the same enemies
all over again, you'll make it to the first place.
Here's a rough sketch of the Card Tower, where the whole action in
this game takes place:

   SNK side   ||   CAP side
  |          21F           |   - - - > Final Floor
  |          20F           |
  |          19F           |   - - - > Trading Floor, Kido's Shop,
   ------------------------               Recycle Machine
  |          18F           |
  |   17F     ||     17F   |
  |          16F           |   - - - > Shiho's Shop
  |   15F     ||     15F   |
  |          14F           |
  |          13F           |
  |   12F     ||     12F   |   - - - > Snk & Capcom Shops
  |          11F           |   - - - > Trading Floor, Kido's Shop,
   ------------------------               Recycle Machine
  |          10F           |   - - - > Las Vegas Floor
  |    9F     ||     9F    |   - - - > Restriction Floor (only SNK/CAP cards)
  |    8F     ||     8F    |   - - - > Snk & Capcom Shops
  |    7F     ||     7F    |
  |    6F     ||     6F    |
  |           5F           |   - - - > Trading Floor
  |    4F     ||     4F    |   - - - > Snk & Capcom Shops
  |    3F     ||     3F    |
  |           2F           |  
  |           1F           |   - - - > Kido's Shop

-To go into each side of the building you have to enter one of the two elevators
 (for example, at 2F you choose a elevator to go to floors 3 and 4 with). Once
 you have chosen and climbed on an elevator, you can't go down and choose the
 other elevator (because of the plot; your friend Kaito climbs the one you don't
 choose), so to clear the other side of these floors that are left, you must
 climb the other elevator in the New Game+ (i.e. if in your first playthrough
 you choose to climb 3F and 4F on the SNK side, climb them on the CAP side when
 in New Game+).
 Note that you can choose which elevator to climb at every floor (at 2F, 5F,
 11F); you don't have to "stick just to one side" necessarily, though the card
 quests can get VERY HARD if you switch sides carelessly, as you need to buy
 certain SNK or CAPCOM cards (see the FAQs section) and you might not be able to
 access the required shop.
-The Trading Floors are floors where the card players will offer you to trade
 certain cards for other cards (you need to have one instance of the card
 outside of your deck to be able to trade it). These cards use to be rarity
 C or D cards, and every card player will offer to trade around eight different
 cards (the only exception is the 5th floor, where a rarity A "Hayate" card can
 be gotten).
-The Las Vegas Floor is a special floor where you must "bet" in order to play:
 a) Miki, Card Battle. You have to bet a card, whose rarity will be randomly
 b) Gina, Pack Battle. You have to bet a pack (buy any pack from any shop and
    choose NOT to open it. Then, you'll automatically keep it in your pack
    folder, and will be able to bet it against her)
 c) Kei and Jennifer, CP Battle. You have to bet a certain amount of CPs (after
    the first time you defeat them, it's 1000 and 2000 CPs respectively).
    Playing against Jennifer is the easiest way to get CPs in the game.
-To use the Recycle Machines, insert 8 cards you don't want, and you'll get a
 card of a random rarity.
 The results of using it 100 times for me were as follow:
 ->A cards: 6 out of 100
 ->B cards: 5 out of 100
 ->C cards: 32 out of 100
 ->D cards: 57 out of 100
 Just like the game hints, there is a secret in the Recycle Machine, and it's
 that you can get 1 S card if you input 8 specific cards:
 -> The one at 11F gives you the card "Mano e Mano" with:
    Evil Ryu (C), Gai Tendoh (C), Gao Kyougoku Hinowanokami (B), Gen (C),
    Ghouls' Curse (C), Revenge x 2 (B), Sokaku Mochizuki (D)
 -> The one at 19F gives you the card "Guardian Angel" with:
    E.Honda (D), Goro Daimon (D), Mike Haggar (B), Raizo (C),
    Saisyu Kusanagi (B), Takuma Sakazaki (B), Tizoc (D), Zangief (C)

|4. Card List |

The real core of the game. The cards you choose to use in your deck of 50
cards will lead to your victory or defeat in the battles.
So, here's the list of all the cards in the game, and their rarity, so if you
want to get any of them, you know what pack to get (see the Shops section).
Besides, in the S and A character cards, I'll note who is the artist behind
the work.

SNK Characters

-Adelheid (Rarity: B)
-Ai (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Akari Ichijo (Rarity: A) [By yoshinoya]
-Alba Meira (Rarity: S) [By Falcoon]
-Andy Bogard (Rarity: B)
-Ash Crimson (Rarity: S) [By Hiroaki]
-Asura (Rarity: B)
-Athena Asamiya (Rarity: S) [By Kitasenri]
-Atomic Gai (Rarity: D)
-B. Jenet (Rarity: A) [By Takkun]
-Benimaru (Rarity: C)
-Billy Kane (Rarity: B)
-Blue Mary (Rarity: B)
-Carol (Rarity: C)
-Chae Lim (Rarity: C)
-Cham Cham (Rarity: B)
-Chang Koehan (Rarity: D)
-Charlotte (Rarity: B)
-Chin Gentsai (Rarity: D)
-Choi Bounge (Rarity: D)
-Chris (Rarity: B)
-Clark (Rarity: C)
-Cyber Woo (Rarity: D)
-Duke (Rarity: B)
-Duo Lin (Rarity: C)
-Eagle (Rarity: D)
-Eiji Kisaragi (Rarity: C)
-Elizabeth (Rarity: C)
-Eri Kasamoto (Rarity: B)
-Fio Germi (Rarity: A) [By yoshinoya]
-Fuma (Rarity: B)
-Gai Tendoh (Rarity: C)
-Gaira Caffeine (Rarity: D)
-Galford (Rarity: C)
-Gao Kyougoku Hinowanokami (Rarity: B)
-Gato (Rarity: C)
-Geese Howard (Rarity: S) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-General Morden (Rarity: D)
-Goenitz (Rarity: B)
-Goro Daimon (Rarity: D)
-Hanzo (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]
-Hanzo Hattori (Rarity: B)
-Haohmaru (Rarity: S) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Hayate (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Heidern (Rarity: B)
-Hibiki Takane (Rarity: C)
-Hinako Shijo (Rarity: C)
-Hotaru Futaba (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Hyo Amano (Rarity: C)
-Iori Yagami (Rarity: S) [By Tonko]
-Iroha (Rarity: A) [By Takkun]
-Janne (Rarity: C)
-Jin Chonrei (Rarity: B)
-Jin Chonshu (Rarity: B)
-Jivatma (Rarity: B)
-Joe Higashi (Rarity: B)
-Jubei Yagyu (Rarity: C)
-Juzo Kanzaki (Rarity: C)
-K' (Rarity: S) [By Tonko]
-Kaede (Rarity: A) [By Hideaki]
-Kain R. Heinlein (Rarity: C)
-Karmen Kole (Rarity: D)
-Kasumi Todoh (Rarity: C)
-Kazuki Kazama (Rarity: B)
-Keiichiro Washizuka (Rarity: C)
-Khushnood Butt (Rarity: D)
-Kim Kaphwan (Rarity: B)
-Kim Sueil (Rarity: D)
-King (Rarity: B)
-Kisara (Rarity: C)
-Kojiroh Sanada (Kaori)  (Rarity: C)
-Kouryu (Rarity: C)
-Kula Diamond (Rarity: A) [By Takkun]
-Kyo Kusanagi (Rarity: S) [By Hiroaki]
-Leona (Rarity: C)
-Li Xiangfei (Rarity: C)
-Lien Neville (Rarity: C)
-Lin (Rarity: C)
-Lordran (Rarity: C)
-Luise Meyrink (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Mai Shiranui (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]
-Malin (Rarity: D)
-Marco Rossi (Rarity: B)
-Mars People (Rarity: D)
-Maxima (Rarity: C)
-Mignon Beart (Rarity: D)
-Mina Majikina (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]
-Momoko (Rarity: C)
-Moriya Minakata (Rarity: B)
-Mr. Big (Rarity: C)
-Mudman (Rarity: C)
-Mukai (Rarity: C)
-Nagase (Rarity: C)
-Nakoruru (Rarity: S) [By Tonko]
-Neo-Dio (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Nicotine Caffeine (Rarity: D)
-Ninon Beart (Rarity: C)
-Omega Rugal (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Orochi (Rarity: A) [By Wah & Fai]
-Orochi Chris (Rarity: B)
-Orochi Iori (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Orochi Leona (Rarity: B)
-Orochi Shermie (Rarity: B)
-Orochi Yashiro (Rarity: B)
-Oswald (Rarity: B)
-Ralf (Rarity: C)
-Ramon (Rarity: C)
-Rera (Rarity: B)
-Rimururu (Rarity: B)
-Robert Garcia (Rarity: B)
-Rock Howard (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Rosa (Rarity: C)
-Rose (Rarity: C)
-Ryo Sakazaki (Rarity: A) [By Wah & Fai]
-Ryuji Yamazaki (Rarity: B)
-Saisyu Kusanagi (Rarity: B)
-Sasuke (Rarity: C)
-Setsuna (Rarity: C)
-Shen Woo (Rarity: C)
-Shermie (Rarity: B)
-Shiki (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Shingo Yabuki (Rarity: C)
-Shinnosuke Kagami (Rarity: C)
-Shiro Tokisada Amakusa (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Shishioh (Rarity: C)
-Shizumaru Hisame (Rarity: B)
-Sie Kensou (Rarity: D)
-Silber (Rarity: C)
-Sogetsu Kazama (Rarity: B)
-Soiree Meira (Rarity: B)
-Sokaku Mochizuki (Rarity: D)
-Super Zion (Rarity: D)
-Takuma Sakazaki (Rarity: B)
-Tam Tam (Rarity: D)
-Tarma Roving (Rarity: C)
-Terry Bogard (Rarity: S) [By Hiroaki]
-Time Buttermitt (Rarity: C)
-Tizoc (Rarity: D)
-Tung Fu Rue (Rarity: C)
-Ukyo Tachibana (Rarity: B)
-Vanessa (Rarity: C)
-Whip (Rarity: B)
-Wolfgang Krauser (Rarity: C)
-Wyler (Rarity: D)
-Yashiro Nanakase (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Yoshitora Tokugawa (Rarity: A) [By Kitasenri]
-Yuki (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]     [From Neo Geo Battle Colisseum]
-Yuki (Rarity: B)                  [From Last Blade]
-Yuri Sakazaki (Rarity: A) [By yoshinoya]
-Zankuro Minazuki (Rarity: A) [By Wah & Fai]

Capcom Characters

-Ada Wong (Rarity: C)
-Adon (Rarity: D)
-Akira (Unmasked Ver.)  (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Akuma (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Al & Evan (Rarity: B)
-Albert Wesker (Rarity: B)
-Alex (Rarity: B)
-Amingo (Rarity: D)
-Anakaris (Rarity: C)
-Anita (Rarity: B)
-Arthur (Rarity: B)
-Axl (Rarity: D)
-B.B.Hood (Rarity: B)
-Baby Head (Rarity: D)
-Balrog (Rarity: D)
-Bass (Rarity: C)
-Batsu (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Bilstein (Rarity: C)
-Birdie (Rarity: D)
-Bishamon (Rarity: C)
-Blanka (Rarity: D)
-Blodia (Rarity: B)
-Cammy (Rarity: A) [By Takkun]
-Captain Commando (Rarity: C)
-Charlie (Rarity: B)
-Chun-Li (Rarity: S) [By Kitasenri]
-Cody (Rarity: B)
-Cyber Akuma (Rarity: C)
-Dan (Rarity: B)
-Dante (Rarity: B)
-Dee Jay (Rarity: B)
-Demitri Maximoff (Rarity: A) [By Wah & Fai]
-Devilotte (Rarity: B)
-Dhalsim (Rarity: D)
-Dr. Wily (Rarity: C)
-Donovan Baine (Rarity: B)
-Dudley (Rarity: D)
-E. Honda (Rarity: D)
-Eagle (Rarity: D)
-Ele (Rarity: C)
-Elena (Rarity: B)
-Evil Ryu (Rarity: C)
-Fei Long (Rarity: B)
-Felicia (Rarity: A) [By yoshinoya]
-Fiona Belli (Rarity: B)
-Franziska Von Karma (Rarity: B)
-G. Kaiser (Junpei)  (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Gen (Rarity: C)
-Gill (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Ginzu (Rarity: C)
-Guile (Rarity: B)
-Guy (Rarity: B)
-Hayato (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Hinata (Rarity: B)
-Hsien-Ko (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Hugo (Rarity: C)
-Huitzil (Rarity: C)
-Hyo (Rarity: B)
-Ibuki (Rarity: B)
-Incho (Rarity: C)
-Ingrid (Rarity: S) [By Takkun]
-Jedah Dohma (Rarity: B)
-Jill Valentine (RE3)  (Rarity: S) [By Takkun]
-Jin Saotome (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Jon Talbain (Rarity: B)
-Juli (Rarity: B)
-June (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Juni (Rarity: B)
-Karin (Rarity: B)
-Ken (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Kenji (Rarity: C)
-Kyoko (Rarity: C)
-Kyosuke (Rarity: C)
-Leo (Rarity: B)
-Lilith (Rarity: A) [By Kitasenri]
-Lord Raptor (Rarity: B)
-Lucia (Rarity: C)
-M. Bison (Rarity: S) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Mack the Knife (Rarity: D)
-Mai-Ling (Rarity: C)
-Maki (Rarity: C)
-Makoto (Rarity: B)
-Marionette (Rarity: B)
-Mary Miyabe (Rarity: C)
-Mega Man (Rarity: S) [By yoshinoya]
-Mega Man X (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Mei Ling (Rarity: D)
-Metal Zangief (Rarity: D)
-Mia Fey (Rarity: C)
-Mike Haggar (Rarity: B)
-Miles Edgeworth (Rarity: B)
-Morrigan (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Morrigan (Lilith Ver.)  (Rarity: C)
-Morrigan (Nurse Ver.)  (Rarity: C)
-Morrigan Aenslaed (Rarity: S) [By Falcoon]
-Necro (Rarity: D)
-Nelo Angelo (Rarity: C)
-Nemesis (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Nina (Rarity: C)
-Oro (Rarity: D)
-Phoenix Wright (Rarity: S) [By Tonko]
-Poison (Rarity: C)
-Protoman (Rarity: C)
-Pyron (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Q (Rarity: D)
-Q-Bee (Rarity: B)
-R. Mika (Rarity: C)
-Rain (Rarity: C)
-Raizo (Rarity: C)
-Red Arremer (Rarity: A) [By Hiroaki]
-Regina (Rarity: B)
-Remy (Rarity: C)
-Rikuo (Rarity: D)
-Rolento (Rarity: C)
-Rose (Rarity: B)
-Ruby Heart (Rarity: B)
-Ryu (Rarity: S) [By Hiroaki]   [From Street Fighter]
-Ryu (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]   [From Breath of Fire]
-Ryu (SSF2T Ver.) (Rarity: C)
-Sagat (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]
-Saki (Rarity: A) [By Tonko]
-Sakura (Rarity: S) [By Tonko]
-Sakura (Swimsuit Ver.)  (Rarity: C)
-Sakura (Tanned)  (Rarity: C)
-Sasquatch (Rarity: B)
-Sean (Rarity: C)
-Servbot (Rarity: C)
-Shadow Lady (Rarity: C)
-Shin Akuma (Rarity: S) [By Wah & Fai]
-Sodom (Rarity: D)
-Sonson (Rarity: A) [By yoshinoya]
-Strider Hiryu (Rarity: B)
-T. Hawk (Rarity: D)
-Tessa (Rarity: A) [By Falcoon]
-Thrasher (Rarity: C)
-Ton Pooh (Rarity: C)
-Trish (Rarity: C)
-Tron Bonne (Rarity: C)
-Twelve (Rarity: D)
-Tyrant (Rarity: A) [By Wah & Fai]
-Urien (Rarity: D)
-Vega (Rarity: C)
-Vergil (Rarity: C)
-Victor von Genderheim (Rarity: C)
-Yang (Rarity: B)
-Yun (Rarity: B)
-Zangief (Rarity: C)
-Zero (Rarity: C)
-Zero (Rarity: A) [By Ogura Eisuke]
-Zero Akuma (Rarity: C)

Action Cards

-3 Point Shot (Rarity: B)
-A Secretary's Lot (Rarity: D)
-Across Borders (Rarity: S)
-Antiseptic Spray (Rarity: B)
-At One with Nature (Rarity: C)
-Bio-Weapon (Rarity: A)
-Brainwash (Rarity: C)
-Cat Fight (Rarity: A)
-Chow Time! (Rarity: A)
-Concentration One (Rarity: A)
-Dark Force (Rarity: B)
-Death Blow (Rarity: A)
-Death Wish (Rarity: D)
-Diversionary Attack (Rarity: C)
-Dramatic Battle! (Rarity: B)
-Duck Dance (Rarity: D)
-Enja's Immolation (Rarity: S)
-Fate's Arrow (Rarity: C)
-Fix-it Shop (Rarity: C)
-Game Over (Rarity: B)
-Go-ooooh Team! (Rarity: C)
-Heroes Never Die (Rarity: B)
-Holy Star (Rarity: D)
-Honey Bee (Rarity: C)
-Hyena Funfest! (Rarity: B)
-Imprisoning Maiden (Rarity: D)
-Invitation (Rarity: C)
-Kill Them All (Rarity: B)
-Loki's Rage (Rarity: C)
-Lord's Way (Rarity: C)
-Magic Meds (Rarity: C)
-Mano e Mano (Rarity: S)
-Miraculous Magic (Rarity: D)
-Moronic Mix-Up (Rarity: D)
-New Image? (Rarity: C)
-Next Generation (Rarity: A)
-Nirvana (Rarity: D)
-Noblesse Oblige (Rarity: C)
-Out of Order (Rarity: S)
-Pao Pao Cafe (Rarity: B)
-Pathetic Puppet Show (Rarity: A)
-Placid Prayer (Rarity: C)
-Shadow Warrior (Rarity: C)
-Shape Shifter (Rarity: A)
-Smite of Swirl (Rarity: C)
-Sorry! (Rarity: D)
-Soup's on! (Rarity: C)
-Subjugation Day (Rarity: B)
-Swig o'Courage (Rarity: C)
-Sword Lord's Slash (Rarity: C)
-Talking Trash (Rarity: C)
-This's War (Rarity: B)
-Tight Fix! (Rarity: C)
-Time Warp (Rarity: B)
-Treasure Hunt (Rarity: C)
-Universe Distortion (Rarity: C)
-Wag The Dog (Rarity: D)
-Wild Fussilade (Rarity: C)
-Worker Bees (Rarity: D)
-You're Grounded (Rarity: C)

Counter Cards

-Battle Download (Rarity: C)
-Battle Stations! (Rarity: C)
-Blessed Rain (Rarity: B)
-Brocken Bomber (Rarity: B)
-Can O'Energy (Rarity: A)
-Card Shark (Rarity: C)
-Center of Attention (Rarity: C)
-Camomile (Rarity: C)
-Charge! (Rarity: D)
-La Ka Cho La (Rarity: C)
-Colossal Cleave (Rarity: C)
-Cosmo Disruption (Rarity: C)
-Explosive Blowback (Rarity: A)
-Final Judgement (Rarity: S)
-Free at Last (Rarity: C)
-Ghouls' Curse (Rarity: C)
-Green Orb (Rarity: D)
-Guardian Angel (Rarity: S)
-Hanzo's Help (Rarity: D)
-Hostage (Rarity: C)
-Hypnotized! (Rarity: D)
-Ice Crusher (Rarity: C)
-Irresistible Agent (Rarity: C)
-Lap of Luxury (Rarity: D)
-Mongolian Tiger Flash! (Rarity: D)
-Music Magic (Rarity: S)
-Nature's Pain (Rarity: S)
-Noh Cry (Rarity: C)
-Oncoming Kamikaze (Rarity: D)
-Primo Jackpot (Rarity: A)
-Recurring Nightmare (Rarity: B)
-Revenge (Rarity: B)
-Revolution Francaise (Rarity: B)
-Saving Shift (Rarity: B)
-Scarfing Sushi (Rarity: B)
-Scoop Artist (Rarity: D)
-Seizing Fate (Rarity: B)
-Shooting Star (Rarity: C)
-Supply Run (Rarity: C)
-Ultimate Guard (Rarity: A)

|5. Decks |

Here are all the decks used by the computer bosses, that you can use after
defeating them AND after getting all the cards that deck includes.
I'll include whose boss that deck belongs to, the floor where can you find
that boss and if he changes location after your first playthrough (that is,
in the New Game+).

-Pure Saotome-deck (Rico's deck)
-Sad Silver-deck (Card Hermit's deck, 2F)
-Dead Ender-deck (Genji's deck, 3F-SNK)
-Egghead-deck (Kyoko's deck, 3F-CAP)
-Hot Maid-deck (Honoka's deck, 6F-SNK)
-Pouty Pants-deck (Rei's deck, 6F-CAP)
-S Side Brain-deck (S-Max Jr's deck, 12F-SNK)
-C Side Brain-deck (C-Max Jr's deck, 12F-CAP)
-Spunky Snk-deck (Asami's deck, 4F-SNK)
-Adult Snk-deck (Rumi's deck, 8F-SNK)
-Gogo Capcom-deck (Aya's deck, 4F-CAP)
-Adult Capcom (Natasha's deck, 8F-CAP)
-Wild West-deck (Shiho's deck, 16F)
-Wise Hawk-deck (Kei's deck, 10F)
-Stormy Bunny-deck (Miki's deck, 10F)
-Beast Lover-deck (Gina's deck, 10F)
-Cool Elegant-deck (Jennifer's deck, 10F)
-Babe Bunch-deck (Takumi's deck, 17F-SNK)
-Beef Cake-deck (Yui's deck, 17F-CAP)
-Mad Power-deck (Quatro's deck, 13F, unknown afterwards)
-Diamond-deck (Tress' deck, 15F, unknown afterwards)
-Narcissist-deck (Dos' deck, 18F, unknown afterwards)
-Dark Agent-deck (Shar's deck, 3 encounters in first play)
-Ruler's Pride-deck (Jiro's deck, 20F, unknown afterwards)
-Doomsday-deck (Max' deck, 21F)
-Victor's brain-deck (Makito's deck, 21F in first play, 1F in New Game+)
-Gushing Zeal-deck (Kido's deck, 19F)
-Loving Shrew-deck (Haruna's deck, anywhere in New Game+)
-Mysterious-deck (CEO Rip's deck, anywhere in New Game+)
-Wild Maze-deck (Germont's deck, anywhere in New Game+ after beating
                 Haruna and CEO Rip 3 times)

In the New Game+, there are several "random encounters":
-To find the four Card Kings again, beat the pallette-swaps in the
 floors they used to be, and you'll face a random Card King there (maybe you
 need to clear floor 20 first). Beat them to get one of the S cards
 "Athena Asamiya", "Mega Man", "Ryu" or "Terry Bogard".
-To find Haruna, CEO Rip and Germont, go to any cleared floor (16F or 12F
 work fine) and move to the elevator, then move to the boss (don't fight),
 then move to the elevator again and so on. Beat them to get the cards
 "Oncoming Kamikaze" (D), "Primo Jackpot" (A) and "Iori Yagami" (S).
 *Note that Germont is the least likely to encounter out of them three.

Decks you can't seem to use:

-Cute Emerald-deck (Treia's deck, 15F in first play)
-Noble Sapphire-deck (Trell's deck, 15F in first play)
-Boy Brainiac-deck (Kaito's deck, 21F in New Game+ before being #1 in
                    the ranking)

|6. Battle Mode |

You unlock this mode after completing the 13 floor in the first playthrough.
Here, you can battle against all the CPU bosses you have fought.
What matters the most in this mode is that, once you battle each
boss a number of times, you get an S or A card, hard to get otherwise.
Also, after defeating them that number of times, you get that same card
if you fight one more time against them (and so on, I guess).
Here's a list of all the bosses in Battle Mode, the way to make them
show there and the card you get after beating them.

-Kaito (beat him in New Game+ / complete New Game+ successfully)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Next Generation" (A)

-Shar (beat him the 3 times in the first playthrough)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Chun-Li" (S)

-Rico (unlocked by default)
 *Achieve 20 wins to get "Alba Meira" (S)

-Max (complete your first playthrough)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Phoenix Wright" (S)

-Makito (complete your first playthrough)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Concentration One" (A)

-Jiro (beat him at 20F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "M. Bison" (S)

-Dos (beat him at 18F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Across Borders" (S)

-Tress (beat her at 15F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Sakura" (S)

-Treia (beat her at 15F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Explosive Blowback" (A)

-Trell (beat her at 15F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Cat Fight" (A)

-Quatro (beat him at 13F)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Shin Akuma" (S)

-Card Hermit (unlocked by default)
 *Achieve 20 wins to get "Chow Time!" (A)

-CEO Rip (find and beat her 3 times in New Game+)
 *Achieve 5 wins to get "Nakoruru" (S)

-Haruna (find and beat her 3 times in New Game+)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Pathetic Puppet Show" (A)

-Germont (find and beat him 3 times in New Game+)
 *Achieve 5 wins to get "Kyo Kusanagi" (S)

-Kido (beat him 3 times at 19F in New Game+)
 *Achieve 10 wins to get "Can O'Energy" (A) 

|7. Shops |

While you climb the tower, you'll find different shops (depending on the
side of the building you climb). These shops are almost the only way you
have to collect all the cards, so choose carefully where to spend your
hard-earned CPs:

-Kido's Shop 1F:
 a) Kido's Special A pack  (C and D rarity characters) [800 CP]
-Capcom/Snk Shop 4F:
 a) Basic Capcom/Snk pack (C and D rarity cards, rarely a B) [500 CP]
 b) Middle Capcom/Snk pack (C and D rarity cards, usually a B) [800 CP]
 c) 1 Bonus A pack in New Game+ (S and A rarity cards) [12000 CP]
-Capcom/Snk Shop 8F:
 a) Middle Capcom/Snk pack (C and D rarity cards, usually a B) [800 CP]
 b) High Capcom/Snk pack (B and C rarity cards, rarely A) [1300 CP]
 c) Support Pack (C and D rarity Action and Counter cards, rarely B) [800 CP]
-Kido's Shop 11F:
 a) Kido's Special B pack (B and C rarity cards) [1500 CP]
-Shiho's Shop 16F:
 a) High Capcom/Snk pack (B and C rarity cards, rarely an A) [1300 CP]
 b) Expert Capcom/Snk pack (B and C rarity cards, usually an A) [2500 CP]
 c) Support pack (C and D rarity Action and Counter cards, rarely B) [800 CP]
 d) 1 Bonus B pack in New Game+ (S and A rarity cards) [12000 CP]
-Kido's Shop 19F:
 a) Kido's Special C pack (B and C rarity cards) [2000 CP]
 b) 1 Special pack in New Game+ (1 card of each type) [250000 CP, not a typo]

*At all the shops you can also find the "Scratch" option: for 300 CP, you
 can scratch a card (using the stylus) and get a random card. You might get B
 (or even A) rarity cards this way, so it's up to you whether to use scratches
 or buy packs.
 To clear out any doubts about the "randomness" in the scratch cards, I used
 it 100 times and I got these results:
 -S cards: 0 out of 100
 -A cards: 11 out of 100
 -B cards: 28 out of 100
 -C cards: 37 out of 100
 -D cards: 24 out of 100
 It seems the possibility of getting an S card is not a sharp 0%, as there
 have been reports of people getting some by scratching.
*In the New Game+, you can find 3 new one-time decks, which have the
 following contents:
 -Bonus A pack: Geese Howard, Enja's Immolation, Final Judgement,
                Kula Diamond, Sagat
 -Bonus B pack: Haohmaru, Jill Valentine (RE3), Out of Order, Ai, Morrigan
 -Special pack: Simply put, the 400 different cards in the game

|8. FAQs |

Q: What was that about a glitch in the game?
A: When this game came out, it had a freeze-stopping glitch. It happened when
   you talked to a guy named John, in the 9th floor, after beating him for the
   first time. So, the New Game+ couldn't be completed (you couldn't progress
   past the floor 9).
   Fortunately, SNK took action and recalled the glitched copies, though the
   exchange program only lasted for some months.
   Currently, you can find both glitched and unglitched copies in any store.
   To tell them apart, look at the cartridge label: if it has a color
   background, it's defective; if it's grey, it's good.
   However, even if you have a glitched copy, you can try contacting SNK-
   Playmore, as there's a good chance they'll agree to exchange it.
   *Additional info on telling them apart: the fixed cartridges have the code
    1842 (for both USA and Europe) printed on its spine, while the bugged ones
    have 0755 (Japan), 1039 (USA) or 1220 (Europe).

Q: How can I get the cards this Takumi/Yui character asks me?
A: There are three (annoying) card quests in the game:
   a) SNK "Hayate": Go to the floor below and get it from the german guy.
      Or, you can trade in the 5th floor until you get it.
   b-1) SNK "Leona", SNK "Janne", SNK "O.Shermie": two of them are Rarity C,
        so abuse the Basic Packs. For O.Shermie, maybe Middle Packs will do.
   b-2) SNK "Ukyo", CAP "Thrasher", CAP "Bass" : if you can't buy Middle Snk
        Packs, do Pack Battles with Gina (10F) to get Ukyo. For the other
        ones, abuse the Basic Packs.
   c-1) SNK "Kasumi", SNK "Hibiki", CAP "Ton Pooh", SNK "Malin",
        CAP "Morrigan (L.V.)": abuse the Basic Packs for the Rarity C and D
        cards. Again, to get Kasumi use Middle Packs.
   c-2) CAP "M.Edgeworth", CAP "Protoman", SNK "Robert Garcia",
        CAP "Dee Jay", CAP "Guile": mostly Rarity B cards, so try your luck
        with Middle Packs.

Q: So, what are the differences between this game and the previous ones?
A: They are:
   a) New characters. For SNK, characters from the new KOFs, Neo Geo Battle
      Colisseum, Twinkle Star Sprites. For Capcom, characters from the new
      REs, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry. Also, the cards now have a
      "realistic" art to them.
   b) A new system of battling, somewhat reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering,
      with 5 types of Force and costs for summoning and abilities. Also, now
      cards have HP besides having BP, so they always do the same damage no
      matter how hurt they are.
      While this new system might be more balanced (save for the "characters
      can't defend on their first turn" rule), it's not necessarily a change
      for the better.
   c) Some disappointing let-downs, such as the poor storyline and the
      inability to move around (you're always at the Card Tower).

Q: Does this game have Wi-Fi?
A: No, it only has a wireless local network. You can trade cards or play
   against a friend.

|9. Bugs / Glitches & Mysteries |

Apart from the main game-stopping glitch in the first version of the game
(covered in the FAQs section, already fixed by SNK), there are more of them
that don't quite hinder the gameplay, but are there nonetheless:

-Bug 1 ("Card Eating Glitch"): When trading cards with a friend, there might
 occur a glitch where you don't find the card you've traded (so, this might
 render the card trading useless).
-Bug 2 ("Where's Gina?" Bug): in New Game+, you can see the rankings, and
 after you beat every person in the game, you get to see their pic. All
 the card players in the ranking can be viewed like that... except for Gina,
 the girl at 10F with the Pack Battle, that doesn't show in the ranking.
 This bug has already been fixed in the unglitched version, it seems.

Since the Recycle Machine's secret has been found, there is only one mystery or
unanswered question in the game, and that's getting the S card "Ingrid". It's
common knowledge that the special 250000 CP pack nets you all the cards,
however, most of the S cards can be gotten through battles or the two special
packs (much cheaper), and since the Recycle Machine's secret gives you 2 out
of the 3 missing S cards... how are we expected to get Ingrid's card in a
normal playthrough?
*It seems Ingrid's card is handed by Kido at floor 19, in the New Game+. Most
players (including myself) report him handing out "Music Magic" cards, so the
requirements for him to give the Ingrid card are still unknown.

|10. Credits |

-SNK, for making this great game
-Capcom, for collaborating at it
-B.Bem, for the difference in codes between bugged/not bugged cartridges
-bakaorochi, for scratching S cards and the possibility of recalling even now
-eclipseline, for finding the way to get Ingrid
-sanguinedream, for the latest info on the recall
-fairyland, for the info on the Recycle Machine's secret
-bruteforce323, for the way to get S and A cards in Battle Mode
-n8nmonster, for the info on the cards asked in the c-2 card quest (Yui's)
-animedude35, for the easiest way to complete the first card quest
-all the people who conveyed us the news on SNK recalling copies
-crash_override9, for reporting the "Card Eating" glitch
-d_snowmanfrost, for bringing up the "Where's Gina?" bug
-alexlj, for the news on the recall starting
-me, for writing this

Well, that should be it.
As always, if you got any corrections or suggestions to make, send me a
e-mail with a subject similar to: "SVC FAQ" to the address written
at the top of this FAQ, and you'll be credited.
Please don't ask me questions about the companies or characters (use Google).

Thank you for reading (or simply scrolling) this far!! See ya!

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