What is the glitch that causes the game to crash, what triggers it, and what are the effects?

  1. What are the cause and results of the infamous "Killer Glitch" in the SNK vs Capcom Card DS game?

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    mikaa - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The game didn't really "crash;" it had a programming error that made it so that the game simply could not go further beyond (I believe) the 13th floor. Nothing triggered it other than simply progressing through the game, and the effect was that your character was trapped from moving on to the next level. The game still worked and you could go backward and replay the lower levels, but of course what's the point?

    At first when the game was initially released, EVERY copy of the game had the glitch. Being that I bought the game on its release day, I (of course) got one of the glitched copies. After playing it to the point where it was unable to progress further, I began looking online to see if anyone else had the same problem, and as it turns out, EVERYONE did. On SNK's official website, a few weeks after the game's release, they posted a (snail mail) address where game owners could mail their cartridge to, and they would receive a reprogrammed, new copy of the game that worked. I did it, and within about 3 weeks I got a new cart back. It worked perfectly. SNK also recalled all the unsold retail copies and replaced the stock in retail stores as well.

    There is a way to tell the difference between the glitchy copies and the rereleased working copy. The original, glitched copy had a full-color sticker on the cartridge. The rereleased working copies were changed so people could tell the difference - aside from the logo being in full color, the background imagery is grayed-out. I made this comparison picture so it's more clear:

    When going to buy a copy of the game now, make sure you get the <B>grayed out version,</b> on the right. Unfortunately there's no way to tell from the outside of a still factory-sealed, new game package, which is why I suggest to most people wanting to buy a copy now, buy a used copy that you can see is the correct version. SNK recalled all the original carts, but I'm sure there's got to be some of the glitchy versions still out there, so be careful when purchasing. Buy from a store rather than online, or if you buy online, make sure the seller guarantees that it's the right copy.

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