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Wizardry has evolved into a game that can be enjoyed by many, making full use of the functions of the DS. Of course, there are plenty of elements that will satisfy traditional "Wizardry" fans, such as intricately intertwined mysteries and mysterious and beautiful characters.

Fights can be carried out quickly by touching the command icon. Even in the city scene, you can enter a building by touching the building you want to enter in the panoramic view displayed on the lower screen, creating an immersive feeling when opening the door.
Even in the dungeon, the faces and status of party members are always displayed on the lower screen, so you can grasp the status of your party at a glance. Moreover, since the created characters exceed 100 patterns for each race, you will be even more enthusiastic about your own original party.

The world of "Wizardry", which is developed with the image of dark red, has been rendered into a mysterious and charming story by introducing mysterious characters. In addition, you can enjoy it smoothly and without stress with the touch pen.

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