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Files FAQ by theblueottsel

Updated: 12/06/06

                   Resident Evil DS Files

There are three books in the "files" section of this game's menu. The three
books are File 1, File 2 and File 3. Files 1 and 2 have six different memos,
notes and things that you can find for them, while file 3 has only three
files, and they are biblical passages used as codes for something in the last

File 1

1. Botany Book

    "About Medicinal Herbs"

Page 2: As you may know, there are many plants that have medicinal qualities.
Since ancient times, humans have been healing wounds and diseases using
various plants.

Page 3: In this book, we're going to explore three such herbs that grow around
the Arklay mountains and provide information on those plants with medical

Page 4: Each herb has a different color and a different effect as a medical
plant: the green one recovers physical strength, the blue one neutralizes
natural toxins, while the red one does not have any effect by itself.

Page 5: The red herb is only effective when it is mixed with other herbs.
For example, if you mix this herb with the herb that recovers physical
strength, the recovery effect will be tripled.

Page 6: By adjusting the ammount and experimenting with these three herbs,
you can create various kinds of medicines but I'll leave the details in
your hands, because that's the best way to aquire true knowledge.

2. Keepers Diary

Page 1: Keeper's diary

Page 2: May 9, 1998

At night, I played poker with Scott the guard, Alias and Steve the researcher.
Steve was really lucky, but I think he was cheating. What a scumbag!

Page 3: May 10, 1998

Today, a high ranking researcher asked me to take care of a new kind of
monster. They look like gorillas without any skin.

Page 4: They told me to feed them live food. When I threw in a pig, they were
playing with it...tearing off the pig's legs and pulling out the guts before
they actually ate it.

page 5: May 11, 1998

Around 5 o'clock this morning, Scott came in and woke me up suddenly. He was
wearing a protection suit that looked like a space suit. He told me to put
one on as well.

Page 6: I heard there was an accident in the basement lab. It's no wonder, 
those researchers never rest, even at night.

Page 7: May 12, 1998

I've been wearing this annoying space suit since yesterday. I feel all musty
and my skin is very itchy. By way of revenge, I didn't feed those dogs today.
Now I feel better.

Page 8: May 13, 1998

I went to the medical room because my back is all swollen and itchy.

Page 9: They put a big bandage on my back and the doctor told me I didn't
need to wear the space suit anymore. I guess I can sleep well tonight.

Page 10: May 14, 1998

When I woke up this morning, I found another blister on my foot. It was
annoying and I ended up dragging my foot as I went to the dogs' pen.

Page 11: They have been very quiet since morning, which was very unusual.
I found that some of them had escaped. I'll be in real trouble if the
higher-ups find out.

Page 12: May 15, 1998

Even though I didn't feel well, I decided to go see Nancy. It's my first
day off in a long time. But I was stopped by the guard on the way out.

Page 13: They say the company has ordered that no one leaves the grounds.
I can't even make a phone call. What kind of sick joke is this?!

Page 14: I heard a researcher who tried to escape this mansion was shot
last night. My entire body feels burning hot and itchy at night.

Page 15: When I was scratching the swelling on my arm, a lump of rotten flesh
dropped off. What the hell is happening to me?

Page 16: May 19, 1998

Fever gone but itchy. Hungry and eat doggie food. Itchy itchy Scott came.
Ugly face so killed him. Tastey.

Page 17: 4. Itchy. Tasty.


3. Researcher's Will


Page 2: My dear Alma,

The fact that you have recieved this letter is both a joy and a sorrow for me.
I could not even talk to you because of that guy in the sunglasses.

Page 3: Alma, be calm and read this. I think I told you that I moved to a
pharmaceutical company's lab. They headhunted me.

Page 4: Last month, there was an accident in the lab and a virus they were
studying escaped. All my colleagues who were infected by the virus are dead.
Well, to be more acurate, they've become the living dead.

Page 5: They still wander around. Some of them are knocking on my room door
desperatly right now. But there's no sign of intelligence behind their eyes.

Page 6: That cursed virus takes away all humanity from the victim. Love, joy,
sorrow, fear, humor...all erased. And Alma, even the memories of the days
I spent with you...

Page 7: Yes, I'm infected. I did everything I could, but I could only delay
the process by a few days. The most frightening thing is that I forget more
about you with each passing day.

Page 8: So I'm choosing a peaceful death, rather than becoming the living

Page 9: Within an hour, I will have entered my eternal sleep. I do hope
you'll understand my decision...

Goodbye and forever yours,

Martin Crackhorn


4. Orders

Page 1: ORDERS

July 22, 1998   2:13

To the head of Security

"X-Day" is approaching. Complete the following orders within the next week.

Page 3: 1. Lure the members of S.T.A.R.S. into the lab and have them fight
with the B.O.W. in order to obtain data of actual battles.

Page 4: 2. Collect two embryos per B.O.W. type, making sure to include all
species except for the Tyrant.

Page 5: 3. Destroy the Arkley Lab including all researchers and lab animals
in a manner which will seem accidental.


5. Pass Number


Page 2: (Shows a piece of paper with "Pass No. 8/083/0" on it)


6. Plant 42 Report

Page 1: Plant 42 Report

Page 2: 4 days have passed since the accident and the plant at Point 42 is
growing amazingly fast. It has been effected by the T-Virus differently than
other plants have been and shows unique shape in addition to its size.

Page 3: Looking at the way it behaves, it is now difficult to determine what
kind of plant it was originally. There are two ways in which Plant 42 gathers

Page 4: The first one is through its roots that reach into the basement.
Immediatly after the accident, a scientist went mad and broke the water tank
in the basement. Now the basement is filled with water.

Page 5: It is easily imaginable that some chemical elements were blended in
the water which presumably promoted the incredibly fast growth of Plant 42.

Page 6: Another part of Plant 42 has grown through the air ducts and is now
hanging from the ceiling of the first floor.

Page 7: This part of Plant 42 contains various vines and bulb-like structures,
which it uses for its second method of gathering nutrition.

Page 8: Upon sensing movement, Plant 42 shoots its vines around it's prey
and restrains it. It then begins leeching the victim's blood, by using
suckers located on the back of its vines.

Page 9: It also appears to have some intelligence. It has been witnessed
using its vines to block doorways when it has either captured prey or is
in a state of rest.

Page 10: Several staff members have already fallen victim top this.
May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton

File 2

1. FAX

Page 1: FAX

Page 2: To: General Manager, Sanitation Division
From: Special committee on Disasters Racoon Special Research Department

page 3: This memorandun is strictly confidential and must be destroyed as
soon as it is understood.

Page 4: Regarding the "T-Virus" outbreak which occurred recently, the
Committee conducted a field survey.

Page 5: According to the survey results, estimateds on the ammount of damage
caused by the accident are considerably greater than reported earlier.

Page 6: First, although it is very difficult to obtain accutate data
in terms of actual numbers, it is thought that more than half of the
researchers died after exposure to the " T-Virus".

Page 7: The body count will most likey increase since nearly all of the
survivors show symptoms associated with the "T-Virus".

Page 8: Second, our security system is still in operation. However, our
special security guard squad has been nearly wiped out.

Page 9: Because of that, research information considered by our company
to be top secret has been leaked to outsiders. Counter-measures should be
taken as soon as possible.

Page 10: Lastly, many of the "subjects" from the experiment have escaped
and are out of control. We believe that some researchers were killed by these
"subjects" and their bodies were mutilated.

Page 11: By curious coincidence, these events are proof of the success of our
research. However, there is also a very high risk that this news may be
leaked it the press if we don't act immediatly.

Page 12: The condition is very serious. Our operation to cover-up the
situation is difficult to attain, however we hope the problem will be
solved quickly.

Page 13: We are especially concerned that the State Police and S.T.A.R.S.
are intervening too quickly. We need to act on this situation as well.


2. Scrapbook


Page 2: RACOON TIMES   May 27, 1998


Page 3: May 20th. Around 10pm, a 20-year-old young woman's body was found by
a passer-by on the left bank of Marble River in the Cider District of Racoon

Page 4: Racoon police assume it to be a grizzly or other animal's doing due
to teeth marks along the woman's arms and a severed left foot which suggests
considerable power.

Page 5: Police speculate that the woman was hiking in the Arklay mountains
when the attack occoured. Police have no leads on the identity of the woman
at this time.

Page 6: RACOON WEEKLY   June 16, 1998


Some people claim they've seen monsters in the Arklay mountains.

Page 7: These "monsters" are allegedly about the same size as large dogs and
usually run in packs as wolves do. It may sound like a group of wild dogs,
but these "monsters" are supposedly very fierce and very resistant to attacks.

Page 8: It is said that they won't bother people unless they are provoked, so
it may be advisable to remain out of the Arklay mountains for the time being
until this issue has been cleared up.

Page 9: But for all you thrill-seekers out there, this may be your chance for
some adventure!

Page 10: RACOON TIMES   July 9, 1998


Due to successive disasters in the Arklay mountains, the city...

Page 11: ...authorities have decided to block the road leading to the
foothills. At the same time, Racoon police intend to begin the search for
the lost people with the help of S.T.A.R.S. team members.

Page 12: They expect great difficulty because of the vast size of the Arklay
mountains and the primeval forest that covers most of the area. People are
still reporting sightings of grotesque monsters in the mountains.


3. Eric's Letter


Page 2: David, I have a favor to ask. Can you look for a book I misplaced?
Actually, it appears I lost it somewhere around the...

Page 3: ...Guardhouse Quarters when I had a little too much to drink. It's
very important to me. Please find it. Thank you.


4. Security System



Helicopter port restricted to Executives and Government Officials only.

Page 3: This restriction may not apply in case of an accident.

No one is allowed to enter unless they are accompanied by a Research
Consultant or Security Director. All others will be shot on site.

The elevator stops during emergencies.



The Visual Data Room is within the control of the Special Research Division.

Page 7: Keith Arving, the Room Manager, has jurisdiction over room usage.



The Sanitation Division controls the usage of the prison.

Page 9: Consultant Researchers(E. Smith. S. Ross. A. Wesker) must be present
if virus is used.


No one is allowed to enter unless they present all three pass code documents.

Page 11: Pass code documents must be created on the specialized output machine
by the Chief Researcher of each block.


Only Headquarters Supervisors may enter. This restricion may not apply if the
Consultant Researcher has recieved special instructions.


No one is allowed to use the pass code output machine except the Chief



Regarding the progress of "Tyrant" after the use of t-virus...(Remaining
document is unreadable)


5. Researcher's Letter


Page 2: June 8, 1998

Dear Ada,

By the time you read this, I'll be something...different. Today's test
turned out positive, just as I expected.

Page 3: I feel like going crazy when I think about becoming one of them.
Ada, you're not infected and I hope you never will be. Unless you're the
last one left, take the material in the Visual...

Page 4: ...Data Room and go to the Power Room to operate the Triggering
System before you escape. And please don't let them get away with this, let
the world know.

Page 5: If everything is in order, all the locks can be opened by the security
system. You can access the system if you log in with my name at the terminal
in the small lab and enter the password. The password is your name.

Page 6: To unlock the door on B2 where the Visual Data Room is located, you'll
need to access it with our names first and then enter another password. I've
written the code below, I'm sure you'll understand it.

Page 7: And this is my last request - if you find me completely changed,
please kill me yourself.

Password= |><|  <>  |\  |\/|
                /\  |   |  |

6. "V-Jolt" Report


Page 2: As I stated in the last report, there are some common features found
in the cells of the plant infected by the Tyrant virus. We have also found
another interesting fact through some experiments.

Page 3: We found an element that destroys these plant cells rapidly in
"UMB No. 16", one of the series of UMB chemicals that we used for that

Page 4: WE named this "UMB No. 16" "V-JOLT". According to our calculations, it
will take less than 5 seconds to destroy Plant 42 if we put the "V-JOLT"
directly on it's roots.

Page 5: You need to mix some of the UMB series chemicals in a specific order
to create "V-JOLT". But the UMB series chemicals may generate a poisonous gas
which is harmful to the human body.

Page 6: Extreme caution should be taken when handling these chemicals.
Following are the types of UMB series chemicals and their brief

Page 7:  UMB No. 2 Red    NP-003
         UMB No. 4 Green  Yellow-6
         UMB No. 7 White
         UMB No. 13 Blue   (Stimulating
         V-JOLT (UMB No. 16) Brown

File 3

1. Pass Code 01

Page 1: PASS CODE 01

Page 2: "I swear by myself", declares the Lord,"that because you have done
this and have not withheld your sun, your only son,...

                                 (Genesis 22:16)        
2. Pass Code 2

Page 1: PASS CODE 2

Page 2: ...I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as
the stars in the sky, and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will
take possession of the cities of their enemies,...

                                     (Genesis 22:17)
3. Pass Code 3

Page 1: PASS CODE 3

Page 2: ...and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed,
because you have obeyed me."
                              (Genesis 22:18)

Well, thats pretty much everything. Hope you enjoyed reading this more than
I did typeing it.

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